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Do you ever feel nausea to your brink where you're really sick and could actually puke just thinking hack on things?
Is there anything that keeps you going?
Including even just learning things, reading about genocides and the like, what keeps you up at night?

I've had many nights without a phone to distract me from dread I didn't face.
...yet, but have now and holy fuck I hate it.
To give just an example, I've been mistreated by cops and other intense criminals.. and reading of genocides makes me ponder how I might... go...


are you still around?


>What keeps you up at night?

Existential dread some of the time, reading about geopolitics some other nights (gotta keep watch on the conflict in Syria, can't tell when WW3 will begin)

As far as memories go - can't say I have any memories that I consider are worth sharing. I've been alive for 21 years and it was all pretty uneventful and boring. I've never seen anyone die in person, never had sex, never got in a serious fight. Guess I haven't been living much, just pondering stuff and trying to realize how the world works.


https://discord.gg/B7M7QM 47 please speak with me and lmk it's you>>8218




I'm not sure about you ladies, but I kinda get off reading about how other girls want to go, so why don't we talk about our fantasies?

Who do you want to snuff you, and how? What perverted acts do you want done to your body?

I'd like something brutal and quick. I don't mind a little pain, but I don't want it long and drawn out. Shot of stabbed in the head/heart, decapitated, throat slashed, hanged, or strangled. I don't mind being shot in the breasts or pussy, just as long as I'm finished off within a few minutes.

When I die, I'd like to be close to orgasm. Doesn't matter if it's by a dick, tongue, or my own finger. Just get me close to the climax, then blow my brains out before I can cum. Mmm.

I don't care what happens after. Fuck my corpse or dispose of it; either is a turn on for me.


I´m into a lot of stuff, mostly execution style like shooting or decapitation or stuff but my favorite is totally being hanged.

Strip me naked first, then make it a short drop or just pull me up from the ground so I won´t break my neck (that´d be over far too quick). I wanna struggle and dance on the rope for a few minutes before finally running out of air and pee myself as I die.

I don´t rlly care who my killer is but I hope after I´m dead they take my body down and fuck it/use it to get off and cover me in their cum/squirt. Then either put me on display somewhere and keep making use of my body or just dump me somewhere it´s not like I can complain anymore lol


Alone cut in half and let play around


I have fantasies about my sis being snuffed on the loo. Totally out there kinda stuff, was wondering if anyone else had thoughts that sorta aligned
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Oh, definitely. I have two rather attractive sisters, and I have fantasized about them being snuffed. When I was a teen, I always dreamed of some burglar or serial killing breaking in, and killing everyone else but somehow I survive. After the creep leaves, I come out of wherever I'm hiding and play with their bodies before I call the cops.

Usually the fantasies did involve one to them being on the toilet at the time; the killer comes in and either puts a few bullets in their head or sprays their bodies with a machine gun.


Shit it's always the good stories that disappear.



Oh, it's not I story I have written. It just exists in my mind, though I could write it out at some point.


To me I like this sorta idea because girls seem so innocent and guarded about those things and to end them and to like free their bodies from their stupid brains and let them do their thing is hot


https://www.gurochan.cx/lit/res/15068.html - I have based my latest story on this thread.


There's plenty of kill-the-above, kill my character, and other threads in /RP. I know there's rules against real gore, but would using pictures of real people to represent a character's appearance violate the rules?


I don't think it is a good idea or some idiot may freak out and decide that you are planning the assassination of that person.
however, typically it is ok to use public characters just don't use someone who is not public.



That's what I was thinking when I originally posted this question; actors, models, and porn stars.


I think if you were to "draw" them super close or "render" them, but not anything real (person, background, items, etc) it would be passible. Say if you traced a picture or so and it was visibly drawn, but with high detail. That I believe would work. Or if you were able to find a good render model from 3DCG and animated it. That would be okay. There are plenty of drawing/works related to celebs all over.

But, (even though this isn't against the rules) try not to let it be someone you know. Cause fantasies can lead to action, and I would hate to lose a brothern on some bullshit.>:) Like if you really have some sort of want to harm, seek actual help. Sorry, just have to put that out there.



Makehuman is an open source tool for generating 3d models of humans.

You could even import/export the generated mesh to blender and customize it further.


Привет ) молодым родителям будет интересно узнать - Поэтому найдя выгодную акцию не ждите до последнего дня, а спешите в магазин за покупками, чтобы кто-нибудь другой Вас не опередил.


What is happening? Are the admins back or are we in the deepweb zone again?
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Honestly this who certificate thing is starting to get completely out of hand. Though I hope this place isn't ever abandoned.


Honestly this whole certificate thing is starting to get completely out of hand. Though I hope this place isn't ever abandoned.


It worked!
Also the older versions of Firefox like 28 and 29 let you ignore the expired certificate, they even ask you if you want 2 do so!
If the method presented by Cenobite doesn't work 4 you, grab a portable firefox version 4 this site and other without valid certificates.
Enough with the doom&gloom they are not that powerfull, no1 knows what happened 2 the admins maybe they got tired or their wives found out about their hobby! That is why you must train your family first, especialy your young lolis as soon as possible! ;)
Gurochan is not a site, gurocham is us so as long as we are here, this site will exist in a way or another!
We shall be like lions in their moral paths and split god's head with an axe! Hail Satan! ^^


I concur!


Why didn't the admins install some script which fetches new certs automagically?


As it stands there are monsters. Our "own" and our enemies among our opponents.
From censorship, to propaganda demonizing us, to hackers, etc., it has been made abundantly clear that the next eon of strife has been upon us for a generation or more.

Whilst combat is between specific subcultures in any faction, every faction must have its overall direction.

If you feel you have only a passing interest in anything, currently here Guro, and rebuke any notions of genuine effort, you have a dark reality to accept: There are those who wish and work to take away your abilities to enjoy your interests. They have no respect for you as a person and whatever your interests are, you they'll destroy them if you let them.

You must choose to ether forsake your interest, or work to protect your right in your interests.
You can pretend that just enjoying a different interest will suffice, and for some time, it may. But eventually, it will also be taken over due to complacency and apathy as much as to cancerous zealots and tyrants.


Are there any characters that you hate that you would enjoy seeing get raped/beaten/killed? I always thought Wendy from Gravity Falls was a cunt, seeing her get her shit kicked in would be great.
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Any female sideline reporter for an American football game.


Alexis Nunes from espn, Stephanie McMahon and Alexa Bliss from wwe


james moriarty


I want to see Thanos killed and everyone who pretends they're on board because resources.

Just admit you hate people and are Ok with killing them on that basis alone jeez.


I hate Sansa from Game of Thrones WITH A PASSION. I wish Ramsay was still alive to flay her while she begs for mercy


What was your fondest vore memory in any media source?

For me, it was when I watched a nature show where a pack of dingoes had brought down a female kangaroo and seemed to be using her body as a chew toy and were biting, licking, sniffing and moving around her body. When I saw her head and face and how calm she looked despite being dead and being eaten, I became quite aroused and fantasized about being one of the dingoes.

A favourite anime vore moment was in Episode 3 of Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse when the BETA's were messing around with and tearing out the intestines from Izumi Noto's dead body and she was limply moving around with her eyes and move open like she was still alive but hypnotized, mentally broken or not caring about her situation. That was a turn on for me.....

How about you guys?


just watched that muv luv scene.. both of them where the girls get ripped apart/eaten. shit was so fucking hot, damn man good call. love stuff like that

i wish i could think of some good movie related gorey vore scenes with hot girls off hand, cus thats what i like best (celebs or models getting ripped apart).. or any good gorey hot girl deaths period.

games have got plenty though, like resident evil 5-6.. especially with nude mods lol, some pretty sexy stuff there. sheva getting bit in half still one of my favorites of all time. always lookin for others tho


Slightly annoyed..D:<
Firstly, it was episode 2 (found that out the streaming lagg hard way). Second, theres another scene right behind it that was super awesome too.


Don't know why but they have it on a loop.

Welcome >:D


Supposedly there's 3 different endings uploaded by Darklust, the creator(s) of the 3 part series of "the borders of tomb raider" 3d lara croft rape video.

One of them supposedly is a "fatal ending" that may or may not contain guro... does anyone know if there's any truth to this?

Has he(they) even made more than 1 ending to this or is it just rumours?


Yes fatal end she will die its on his tumble just become his patron and the movie is 20 bucks you join his discord to see all his work.


did the fatal ending ever get released? anyone have it or a link?

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