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Hi, call me smithy, I've been making Guro stuff mostly games for over a decade years now. I have a site where you can view pretty much everything I've ever done.

If you've been before check out the new Gallery section for stills from my game and other images.


File: 1456412067835.gif (206.51 KB, 613x800, drop.gif)



File: 1456412120884.gif (91.44 KB, 235x604, chop.gif)



File: 1456412229336.png (197.08 KB, 1296x792, Blue 2.png)

Another Collection


File: 1456412287242.gif (425.01 KB, 582x600, punch up.gif)

Bit of the ol beatdown


hope to see some shota


File: 1456460439840.png (360.95 KB, 440x1040, test 2.png)

Man, she looks pissed


File: 1456504751990.png (287.75 KB, 360x1768, test 3.png)

A little less emotional


Is there any way to enter Lunette's in your game?


Not Yet, I was waiting to announce this, but it's interior is going to be decided by friends and supporters. I'll have a poll on the main page and a discussion in the Patron Section.


File: 1456595518028.png (18.85 KB, 600x376, 49.png)

Hove you noticed that if you try to enter Lunette's in "A Tough Road to Ho" you just get booted right out again? Well there's a reason for that... there's nothing in there (sans a quite cross bouncer), but it ain't gotta be like that. What's in there is what ever you want there to be. Vote in the poll for What Lunette's will be:


File: 1456886794734.png (68.7 KB, 497x404, 04 Debr.PNG)

Bad Bet


File: 1458303740534.png (292.99 KB, 779x597, 03 disasembily line.PNG)

So why is processed meat bad again?


File: 1459772994813.png (163.33 KB, 800x600, 01 cut.png)

Surgery time!


File: 1460723491515.png (64.83 KB, 800x1200, 00 Game Over.png)

Breastecution? Bebreasting? Um, what would this one be called?


File: 1464055478574.png (407.8 KB, 1365x1004, Penitration.PNG)

Bit of X-ray attack


So access to the new versions of Tough Road to Hoe no longer available unless you pay?


Yes, I had several posts saying this would be the case when the game neared completion. Flash Limitation with my Host Site have been an issue for weeks. What I didn't realize was that part of that was traffic.

As it turns out a program knocking at 100MB being played 40,000+ times a month eats a lot of Bandwidth.

In my defense I really had no idea just how many visitors I would get when I first built the page.

The whole site had to be overhauled because of the strain caused by traffic. I lay this out in more detail in my latest post:

If you want the short: The biggest sticking point was "A Tough Road to Ho" (which was bugging out before it hit the the 100MB limit of the site), so I had to make it download only, crafting a smaller Demo version. Currently a privet Dropbox is necessary to facilitate downloads.


File: 1464524168865.png (680.5 KB, 1247x894, Jon.PNG)

Guro is great, but sometimes it's nice to just animate a bj



Ok but how the BJ will be ending?
With sharp tooth or a kiss ;D.

regards Sto


I can't find any longer the link to the game on your site.

Is it for parteons only now?


Now that is a fun idea! Might just use that.


Yes, the relaunch of the site came with sever changes you can read more here:
>>11109 (for some reason has me under the "Anonymous" posting name)


File: 1467328431166.png (80 KB, 1289x663, Ride the Lightning.PNG)

Nothing like Riding the Lightning.


File: 1469903764466.png (226.71 KB, 934x655, Dark.PNG)

Hope your not Afraid of the Dark, because the first Dungeon is live.

This is a frankly massive update and it's all thanks to you my friends and Patrons.

At this rate "A Tough Road" will be done within the year!

There is also a new vote on what will be the next player outfit, plus you can suggest your own.

Let me know what you'd like to see!


Great, so all of your good stuff is behind a paywall now? Including all of the male animations? No fucking thanks.


The full library is, but each month one game and one animation is in the free area. This month it's The "A Tough Road Demo" which has some rapist castration and my favorite penis amputation is in the Animation for this month.

The only thing that never goes up in the free section is the beta of "A Tough Road", which if your a Patron is what the funding is going toward.


File: 1472648520171.png (143.14 KB, 1248x893, Manson.PNG)

A Tough Road Beta 0.74 is live
Who doesn't love a big ol manor house, especially one with such... interesting decor. That and more download today!



I used to use your site, but now that the good stuff is behind paywalls, I don't think I will anymore. Not all of us can give you money.



I'm always open to new ideas, what would you suggest?


File: 1475543317847.png (99.89 KB, 1029x739, I Wounder.png)

A little wine,
A fine book,

... and a pair of Scissors.

A new short game at


File: 1477866210185.png (248.8 KB, 1036x800, Group.png)

Today a new Project begins, well technically it begun a few weeks ago, but today is the day I’m showing off all the new content! And I do mean content, none of this is concept art,every thing you see is/will be functional in the game.

Check out what’s to come at:

Also new Short Games and Animations will be a more regulate thing going forward, along with several improvements to the site, some of which have already been implemented.

Don't forget to take part in the new poll.

Big thanks to Queenofsmut18, Roy and all of my great Patrons, believe me wonderful things are happening.

More fun is only a few days away!


File: 1480685551232.gif (109.61 KB, 405x955, Guard A.gif)

So Blood Vixens is the winner, the runner up will be the title of the first episode. Yep Episodes, in order to keep the game files compact this game will be made in discrete Slices. This will allow for large detailed graphics without the sheer size of the game file overwhelming production and making sure it works on older systems.

Upon completion and if feasible, I will put it all together into one playable game or collection.
I'll be working on the opening this month right after the final test.



Make payment optional, and all content free. If we like your content, we'll tell you that with our money.


Perhaps we can get a GIF of this?

Also, are your games playable on mobile phones?


That's actually what I did for the original site, but after years of work I never got a single donation, nor did any one even shoot me an email. Keeping the site open simply wasn't viable.

It was only browsing the Guro Games section of this site some time ago that I learned that people had even heard of my games, liked then even. So I was just going to find a place to upload them and go back to making crappy charts from my cubical. Anyone who followed my posts from back then knows what a beast of a challenge that was, plus every one was asking for new content. So I built a new site, but I couldn't do it like before.

So yes, this time it's not free, because that model didn't work, for me and many others. I'd love to have the site open and free but it's just not practical.

That said I do prefer people be able to try before they buy. I have one Game and one Animation open to everyone and I switch them out every month.

It's certainly not perfect, but this time there's enough money to keep the site open and keep the content coming.

But again, I'm hardly married to the current model so if you or any one else has I better way I'm all ears.


That would be a bit trick as it's from a Flash Game with two different endings, it'd be a pretty long .gif and I'd have to re work it a bit, but yeah probably.

As for phones, not so much, all but one of the games is Flash based so you mobile will be unlikely to recognize the file.


Damn.... I want to play your games very badly, but have no access to a PC...


A solution for the payment system would be what the developers of simbro did at legend of krystal forum. They release a 1 month outdated version for free keeping the latest update for the patrons and, after a month, it is released for the public. That way they maneged to achive $12.000,00 a month.


Well if .gifs work on your phone I can probably set up a gallery that could work on Phones.

It seems like a good model (though what works with vanilla doesn't necessary work with niche) my new shorts games/animations every month could work with that.

Also as Pussy Shooter indicated a free .gif gallery could work as well as far as making sure people can see the work before they invest.

One other avenue I'm trying New Grounds and similar sites, if I can post some of my games there, then those that can't afford to donate can still play them. I posted "A Classy Night" just an hour ago, if it gets approved that could really make this work.


That would be awesome. From what I've seen, once I can actually pay I'll be buying some of your games.


As much as I appreciate all my supporters, I would recommend putting that money toward a PC or Laptop. There are a lot of good ones out there for not much money and they're nigh-endlessly useful.


Here's the link to the game on newgrounds, let me know if this works.

There is some chance it will be taken down as it's still under judgment, but maybe if enough grounders like it this will work.



Not all of us like girls. What about male flashes? Why do we have to wait for a special month to see a small animation?


It says it's incompatible with my device... Luckily, that computer might be on the way sooner than anticipated


I mostly picked that one for a test run because it's more, er, um, likely to be let through the Judging possess.

I'll be adding more if this works. and hey good news it's already past the first hurdles. Just need one more approval and I can start posting more.


I'm glad, for reasons I will never fail to find silly Flash Player has yet to be added to most mobile devices.

This leaves me in a bind as HTML5 is not quite ready for show time and the upgrades I would need to export games into Droid and IOS are prohibitively expensive.


I know how you feel. I mean, mobile devices could handle flash. Why is it left out?


it's mainly because flash is absolute cancer and needs to die, most things have replaced it at this point thankfully ^_^


File: 1481420265089.jpg (139.15 KB, 1920x1080, Sample A.jpg)

Working on a new short, it'll be done before the month is out.

I'm also working on a .gif gallery for those that are using their phones... I might also have to adjust some things as the site looks kinda crap on a phone screen.


Newgrounds seems to be dicking me about a fair bit, looking into other other sites.


File: 1483138126733.png (232.46 KB, 1135x625, French Resttraint.PNG)

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!
It's been a busy December,

Got a new game posted, really went whole hog on this one.

That and more all on the main site.



Oh, one more thing, I added .gif versions of all of my shorter Animations. Given time I will also do this with the games and longer animations.

Also as of today all of my games and animations over a year old are now in the public area where any one can try them.

Have Fun


File: 1485799282646.png (321.29 KB, 1698x968, jewels.PNG)

Blood Vixens: Fool's Booty 0.1
Hey hey, Blood Vixens is here, the current version includes the opening scene as well as a chance to check out the Hold of the Vixen's Ship.

Big thanks to all my Patrons, couldn't have don it without you!


File: 1485799343550.png (97.33 KB, 954x580, 01.PNG)

Bonus Still


File: 1488314217762.png (216.4 KB, 525x612, 01.PNG)

Blood Vixens: Fool's Booty 0.15 !
Wow I really enjoyed doing some of the animations this month, especially the fire effects, more of that in the future I'm sure.
The artwork for the ship seems to be going well and I've included some hints at what the girls can do.


File: 1490913493653.png (1.92 MB, 1728x953, Court.PNG)

A Tough Road to Ho Gallery!

Yes the oft mentioned, Gallery for “A Tough Road to Ho” is live and in HD.

Nope didn’t forget the ol girl, it just need some more work to bring it up to the quality I hoped for. This is not to say I’ve changed the style of the artwork just made everything smoother and cleaner. I’ve been working on this on and off for the last few months. Let me know if you like it, these Galleries are fun to make, still collections I could make if enough people are interested.



File: 1492441456973.png (123.68 KB, 1100x800, 02 Prison.png)

Animation Update
Just started converting some of the older animations to avi video. SHould look better the gifs and work on phones, here's a sample:



It's so hot.
Although my favour were there was a femdom with in the scene (nurse, domina, police, ... ;D).
But that is only my favour.

regards St.


Very nice. Any more male stuff?


Yes in fact, I have a surgical animation and game as well as some more resent ones involving monsters, they can be viewed here:


File: 1493417113331.png (43.31 KB, 1400x200, Unsafe.png)

Blood Vixens 0.2 is up after much exciting organisation, programming and Atlasing, thrilling I know.

Still I'm not one for updates with little to look at so I wrote and illustrated a 9 Page Comic. A tale of humor heartbreak and I think their my be some maiming in their, somewhere.



I would love to see more


File: 1493440928593.jpg (205.75 KB, 2510x1993, Promo.jpg)

Sure, the comic takes place in a fun little clinic with just the most hansom Doctor, not that he charms the patients into any unnecessary procedures.


Why do we have to pay to see such basic animations? I don't want to pay just for the off chance you do more penectomy things. It's too few and far between. Stuff like this can be found for free on Swfchan.


I am very much enjoying this. Btw, how do we become knights?

Also, I watched some of your animations recent;y and i enjoy them


Is there any chance you could do a pregnant woman getting debreasted and declitted with sounds in You Bet Your Boobies style?


Even basic animations are time consuming and difficult, but I love doing it. Several years ago, when I started, I just did what appealed to me and only started sharing when I found this community. Sharing became requests, frequency of requests begot commissions and eventually I set up a Patreon so I could afford to make content more regularly and art that people wanted.

"The Hungry Hollow" and "Dickwich Horror" are both penectomy interactive animations a Patron specifically asked for in detail. Several of my works are requests, ether of an individual or collaborative.

There is naturally a lot of free content online, heck most of my work is free, but none of it is free to make, artists have to eat too. While I'd much rather be making Guro as a 9 to 5 sadly rent is a thing. My wonderful Patrons ensure I can afford to set aside time from the day job to make more art. Even so my pay wall is temporary, all my content is free after those that so kindly support my work have enjoyed it for a time. But I come out with something(s) new every month and that's possible because I am supported.

Big thanks guys

Anonymous If you'd like to join I'd be happy to make whatever penectomy request you like (with legality, no under 18 please). If not those animations I mentioned will be free to watch in a few months and I'm sure there will be more, it is a poplar request.



Thanks Pussy Shooter I really appreciate that, Knights are one of the Patreon Reward levels, you can find out more here:

As for a pregnant woman getting debreasted beating her boobies, you bet and I would love to revisit that concept, and you can pick out what ever sounds you like, just shoot me a message via the Patroon Messenger system. I check that one every every day so it's the best way to get a hold of me.


>>17309 please just make the penectomy stuff available. We're bored of waiting for the only thing we're interested in. Not all of us can afford giving you money.


Will do. I suppose that will have to wait until I'm employed though. Just moved to a new town lol.


I'm sorry, but that really wouldn't be fair to my Patrons. It's because of them that these Games and Animations exist at all and early access to this content is one of their rewards for so kindly helping me out.


It's cool as I've said in the past I'd rather no one give more then they can. I'm not going any where and doing You "Bet Your Boobies 2" is not time sensitive, heck there are three Sunset Games.


I remember when I could see all your content. Like Tough Road, but now it's behind a paywall. Great job alienating the people who like your content but not paying for JO material.


Thanks. Like i said, i really enjoyed the work. I would actually like to help you out, so i plan to donate when I can afford it. Unlike some other cunts on here,I understand that this takes time and effort. And I also understand that you have to earn some cash somehow.


you really need to learn some humility. The world doesn't revolve around you.


File: 1496327088887.png (1.95 MB, 1833x859, 025.PNG)

Hope you like the armory, you might recognize a few things on the shelves. I'm eager to know which ones you'd like to see dusted off. Our girl should be arming up in a later update so feel free to look over the inventory. Just a note while your in there, might want to stay away from the great angry blond, or not... your call.

Thought I’d try screen capturing, let me know what you think:


File: 1498842132795.png (99.93 KB, 824x583, Maids.PNG)

Of Scissors and Maids

Fool's Booty now has a Gory Galley, nah, maybe, Cannibal Cafeteria, um... Lewd Lunch Room. Well point is there are some Maids in there that may or may not, indirectly help our hero. That's a good thing because the two most dangerous people on the ship are yet ahead of her.


File: 1498842175451.png (128.64 KB, 1144x564, Promo 6.PNG)

More Comics: The Scissor

It's the tale of a woman with strong drives and lots of ambition, possibly too much.



Does that gaptoothed cunt get her tits torn off?


I do love a good Debreasting, but that's not where this one is going, think lower

... though I do love the idea of a Scissor slowly sniping off some mamas.


File: 1501873771826.png (290.93 KB, 1144x820, Pop.PNG)

So sexual healing has gone new age, in Fay's continuing adventure through the Dread Pirate ship she runs into an adorable Psychic with a sketchy test to give our heroine.


File: 1502240643357.gif (763.43 KB, 900x1050, Walk.gif)

I spent a bit of time early this month learning some new tricks to up my Flash game and now I'm working on something new.
Come back later this month for the story of an unfortunate young Queen and the horror's her Aunt has pained for her.


Nice! I like the look of this!
Very interested to see what's next


Thanks TG, it's a snippet from a Flash Game that it should be done by the 30th. I hope you like it.


make the penectomy flashes available please


Sorry, we are currently experiencing sever technical issues do to the Hurricane, as such the update is running late, due to our site being inaccessible on our end.

Sadly this includes the penectomy flash animation "The Dickwich Horror" due to become public with this update.


File: 1504637122021.png (48.11 KB, 272x260, 1.PNG)

Nothing quite like the old fashion fun that comes from an afternoon with a naked lady, an axe and an expectant crowd.

This one has been done for a while... in my head. I wasn't confident enough to put this one on the page (computer) until, well, pretty much now. This turned out to be good timing, as I rather enjoyed making it rather then the constant second guessing myself I usually have when trying to do justice to a long held fantasy. To my utter shock I think I did just that.

I also made a short trailer:


File: 1505392291213.png (423.62 KB, 993x722, Processing A.png)

Got a preview for the Processing room in "Fool's Booty". This is the first stage along a bloody assembly line. One of three for those that find themselves aboard ship.


File: 1506797985245.png (635.84 KB, 1397x718, Cannon C.PNG)

The Third and final floor is begun. Yes the cannon room is up, and packed with something big, hard and fashionable.

The Gunner

I've also done some work on the frequently eluded to Processing Room.
Big Thanks to Xelpher for offering up one of his Ladies to test out the Slicer!

There have also been several updates to the animations.
Needless to say I was a bit displeased with how these turn out originally. I've been toying with the idea of retouching some of the oldest game as well. Let me know if an updated version of "Happy Fun Time Surgery" or "You Bet Your Boobs" is something you'd like to see.


I can say I'd definitely be interested in both. BTW, I'm actually a knight now. I finally got to pledge some.


Thanks Pussy Shooter, I'm glad your enjoying it, next update will have a new death, I won't say what it is, but I will hint: Puppet


File: 1507037824320.png (79.1 KB, 460x200, 174079.png)

Vote for the Next Short
I have set up a number of options and now it’s up to you.

Which game animation or comic would you like to see next?

Vote on Patreon:


File: 1507381817977.png (858.49 KB, 1860x300, Story.png)

Chapter 2 of the Prolog is live!

For those that don’t know I’ve been collaborating on writing a Backstory for Fool’s Booty. One section every week. If that sounds appealing you can read it for free on our site:


File: 1508066714105.png (480.21 KB, 1100x800, Processing B.png)

Even seen a mammogram? Processing Step 2 will be up next update. Also Chapter 3 of the Prolog is live!



Not your standard milking machine :D


I've got high hopes next image in the series involves some bloodied breast meat splattered in-between those giant metal plates... or at least bringing us closer to that where you can see the flesh beginning to ooze through the tears in her fat tits.


One yeah, the gooey stuff gets animated today.


Tit tearing, fat oozing through, and splat! That's what's coming up this Update.


File: 1509375496102.png (114.97 KB, 430x608, Puppet.PNG)

Haft Way Home
Fool's Booty 0.5 is ready to go! The main deck is open as is one of the three locked doors on deck two.
Not that their's anything dangerous in there.
I leave you to discover the new perils, but next month, if she's clever and a bit lucky, our hereon reaches the Bridge...
Current Update
- Blood Vixens Version 0.5
- New Death
- The Deck
- Several new NPCs

Next Update
- Blood Vixens 0.55
- The Bridge! She made it... maybe

The Voting Ends November 1st
As the vote reach the end, we have:

Hang Woman in the lead with 33% of the vote
Happy Birthday at second with 27%
The Queen’s Last Walk in third with 20%

There is still a day left in the voting, so get those in and I'll announce the results on the first of November.


File: 1510448516391.png (1.61 MB, 2000x1600, Promo 1.png)

HW Preview
I can't help but feel like i'm going back to my roots with this one. Even brought back an old friend. The Game Hangwoman will be out for this Update!


Was the bloody mammogram debreasting piece completed yet? I'm very much a fan of extreme great guro / torture / mutilation and this looks to be very hot~


Yes, that isthe second part of a three stage castration line, the final bit comes out with this update.


Sorry, forgot to type in my name


File: 1512080075296.png (981.17 KB, 1000x800, Promo 1.png)

Loads of Stuff!
Thanks for everyone who participated in the poll. It's been an age since I gave a girl the swing, quite a fun return to form.
The third of the processing animations is complete.
Those wishing to play "A Tough Road to Ho" can download it and play when they like from their desktop.
And the Alpha of "Fool's Booty" v.0.55 is Up

Check it out at:

If you like what we do, please consider supporting us at:


File: 1515535240161.png (290.17 KB, 1050x1050, Heads.png)

Just thought I’d post a preview of the Beheading scene from “The Queen’s Last Walk”


File: 1517655356085.png (926.85 KB, 1050x1050, Heads2.png)

This should be interesting, I've never revisited a project before, but it feels quite the natural an addition. Thanks again for everyone who voted or gave advice on implements. Hope you really like this one.
This time Phanie is heading back to the Armory, to gear up. This can lead to nothing but good things...
There will be some fun and blood to be had here, but for today a warm up.

Don't forget to vote in the poll, "A Present Basement" is ahead, but with less then haft the votes in anything can happen.


I don't suppose you could add an additional option to debreast her in the original decunting variant, could you?


Possibly, the angle is off for a downward strike, but using the axe blade to shear her tits off could work.

I could add that to the poll for what animation/game happens next?


File: 1519575449127.png (234.94 KB, 784x682, 071.PNG)

Slapstick is better with…

As I said before I really liked working on this scene, I can already hear what sound effects I’ll use, not literally, but in my head. Gonna need to actually make those, but in the mean time the scene is complete and we’re getting very close to the time of final polish and release. Did some testing with Atlasing to make this scene possible. A few years ago this would have required a short loading scene between segments, but with modern coding and a bit of tweaking that wasn’t necessary, we’ll see what can be done with it in future.

Current Update
- Blood Vixens 0.7
- The Armory Scene Full
- Atlasing Experiment (to make this work)

Next Update
- Blood Vixens 0.775
- More Ninja/Crew Interactions
- Tech Stuff

As for that mentioned surprise, let’s call it my overeager enthusiasm.

Yes I’ve made a start on a pleasant Basement. It is very far in the lead so I don’t expect anything else can catch up, but I’ve been wrong before (as mentioned in my last post).

Rest assured if another game wins I’ll make it with the same love, but I just got so gitty to get stared.

As I’m sure you noticed this one uses an art style in between the “Sunset” games and “A Tough Road to Ho”. Many of the art assets were made years ago. When I opened the files I expected to hate them, but far from that I actually prefer them. Oh I made a change here or their (her original waist proportions where quite the eyesore), but on the whole I’m looking forward to completing this one. I expect it will give some fine closure as well as that pleasant sensation of shards of glass in the hooch.

Wana play a game?


I tried downloading the game but can't get it to work


What happens when you try to open Fools Booty 1.exe ?

What OS are you using?


I've just uploaded an general (HTML5) version of the game to the Lord's Court, if your playing on a Apple, Linux or a custom system this should work better.


I'm using Windows, I may just need to re-download


File: 1521419849907.png (629.09 KB, 2000x1600, Laser 5.png)

Lasers are a favorite of mine, especially when they land such a delicious


File: 1522431509027.png (82.16 KB, 713x630, Capture 1.PNG)

I don’t normally say this, but I this is one I can see revisiting, every once and a while I thought about it as the one I never finished. It’s nice to go home again, or at least back to the same style my earliest games were done in. I hope you all enjoy the fun little playroom and the playmate within.


Whats that one? the game above?>:)


What happened with this @Smithy (sunset)? I would love to see these tits crushed with hot titmeat and flesh oozing from between the weights~ Would love to see more extreme tit destruction


File: 1522511724923.png (344.15 KB, 1280x1120, Title.png)

Sorry sometime's I forget to type in "Sunset"

It's the new game (though more of a playroom) "A Pleasant Basement"

I love the concept XIO, maybe I'll do some more stills with ruined tits.


Release it to us poor peasants?:)


It will be eventfully, but it really wouldn't be fair to my Patrons to do so at launch. It's because of them that these Games and Animations exist at all and early access to this content is one of their rewards for so kindly helping me out.


Could have sworn I typed in "Sunset" before posting.


File: 1526261421345.png (279.2 KB, 1000x1000, Bite.png)

I’ve made a start on “One Night at Gory’s”, and I’m really getting into it! Should have some fun critters and perfectly safe facilities.

As for Booty’s of the Foolish variety, in addition to some spanking fun, I’ve been tieing up some plot threads. Also candy, there will be more about that later, also Processing.


File: 1527703584262.png (261.53 KB, 1200x1080, Icon A.png)

A new job at a cheap, but clean dungeon, working security on the day shift, what could possibly go wrong?


File: 1527951543844.png (129.7 KB, 700x100, 12.png)

Just a bit of Penis torture that entered the Public Lounge today. Give it a go if you haven't already, it's pretty fun.


File: 1532138627871.png (279.89 KB, 1084x738, 095 00.PNG)

Down to the line now. Phanny’s quest,maybe? Adventure? Let’s try “Not getting mulched on her first day on the job”, yeah that works, is nearly over. This update we get some ass cheek removal, some cunt juicing and some tit mashing. Yep those fun animations are now part of the game. Woo, next Update, the end… sort of, I mean this is episodic so it’s really just the end of day one.

In voting news Story content get’s some love with “A Pleasant Basement v2” out in front. If it wins expect the tail of a smitten coed, a thoughtfully sadistic suitor and their whirlwind courtship through flirting, sex and the spilling of blood. Please vote if you haven’t already and enjoy!

Current Update
- Blood Vixens 0.9 and 0.95
- Naughty Bit Removal
- Basement of Horrors
- Story bits
- Crates and Barrels of… well you know

Next Update
- Blood Vixens Beta (wooo!)
- Save a Friend / Gut a Friend

If you haven’t already please consider supporting my work on Patreon.
That’s how all this get’s made


File: 1532958708195.png (612.72 KB, 1920x1080, Beta.png)

There’s nothing quite like meeting a cute girl, hitting it off and then having her alter reality until only the two of you exist… wait wrong game. Still I did feel inspired by the Visual Novel format. If this goes well I might explore that further.

Some the Basement now has a lead up, endings and two new Tools, both Story based. So other flourishes in there, but I’ll leave that to you.

Some context to go with the mutilation is always nice. That said maybe next time, some kills.

It’s beta time! Yes Fool’s Booty is in it’s final form, mostly, hence the term beta. Never release a game (especially one this size) without thorough testing. So if you find any issues, please let me know. In the mean time I’ll be doing some polishing where need and of course the sound design, which still need some work. As I’ve said before my training isn’t in that area, but I think with what I’ve taught myself over the last few years, it should work out.

Current Update
- Blood Vixens Beta (wooo!)
- Save a Friend / Gut a Friend

Next Update
- Polish
- Sound Design
- Testing, lots of it

​The Poll’s still on with A Very Excessive Machine nicely out in front, that should be fun to design. Always liked mad contraptions. Of course any would be fun. Please vote if you haven’t already and Enjoy!

If you haven’t already please consider supporting my work on Patreon.
None of this would happen without your support!


We’re going to be doing something new for September, that requires some prep time so I’m giving everyone a months notice. The next poll will be fan request only and since there is only one of those on the current poll (and one being made as we speak) we need more contenders.

Submit all request at:

No reasonable request will be left off the poll, rules will be listed above the entry form.


More Collection

Bit of a mid-month update, though I'm working on four games concurrently, I still have the urge to write, so I got two more chapters of The Collector. ​Hope you enjoy them!

Also, while this has been a busy time in general, I expect the end of the month to be even more mad as I will be away until the 30th and while I could put it out then, if history is any indication, I will pass out shortly after my return home. So instead I will post this month's game on the 28th.


File: 1538148221070.png (211.95 KB, 1200x475, 04 Garrot 13.png)

Mechanical fun and D-struction

The Excessive Machine is complete! I think, is done enough, if it’s not excessively done? Done to Death? Well there is a lot of death… a question for philosophers I suppose.

Well at any rate should be fun to see if you can find all the executions, or maybe just compose a killer tune.

Continuing work on the game I mentioned last month, lot’s of painful cuts, and more to come.

As for Fool’s Booty, got something fun, I’ve narrowed down the musical tracks I’d like to incorporate to under ten. I’ve got everything from bouncy, to intense to goofy to dark and one that is down right jaunty. If you’d like to hear them and vote on your favorite head over to the Lord’s Court.


I have Fool’s Booty’s final beta ready to go! Yes it’s very nearly done!

Full release next Update!

​The third and likely final version of “The Queen’s last Walk” is up! A bit off the top and a new and exciting way!

Also both “Hangwoman” and “Queen’s Last Walk” now have cheat codes!

Check the Lord’s Court for more information!

Until then Enjoy!


Not this crap again! :P


so, how long till you release something for those who cant afford to support of patreon?


Every few months Penectomy bro.
"Pranks and Regret" went public last December and There'll be another next month.


File: 1559509585244.png (398.06 KB, 822x666, 1 3.PNG)

Hey remember how with Fool's Booty 1 I needed a few months to get up and running and then a few more to do some testing, yeah, we're not doing that again. Partly because it's an established universe, but mostly because I've been doing this for a while now and the consequence of doing a thing often is getting good at it… or at least faster. So Fool's Booty 2 has:

- An Entry Scene
- New Animations for Fay, Fey, Fae… whatever the redhead
- 4 Rooms to explore
- Last Time Screen
- Character Swapping
- Candy
- One New Death Animation

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