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File: 1412599862442.png (591.93 KB, 1287x1493, Ichigo - Roasted Shinigami.png)


Male vore/gore and cannibalism.


File: 1412600228908.png (2.08 MB, 2800x2000, Ichigo - Kurosaki Family D….png)

I previosly went by "GP007" in here and I still do at some other sites.
My DA page is:
I do not own any of the characters here, they belong to their rightful owners. I only made the drawings.

Ichigo forgot to get dinner again, so his family decided to make him dinner instead.

Ichigo and Bleach belong to Tite Kubo.


File: 1412600394454.png (1.1 MB, 1177x1855, Ichiro - Farm Animal.png)

Ichiro Komaba from Silver Spoon. Now, he gets to experience what being livestock feels like.

Ichiro and Silver Spoon belongs to the great Hiromu Arakawa.


File: 1412600780347.png (1006.94 KB, 1013x1476, Leon Spit Roast.png)

Organization XIII have captured Leon and now he's on the menu.

Squall Leonhart (Leon) belongs to Square-Enix.


File: 1412601165124.png (389.45 KB, 1000x1200, Kiba Shinobi Annual Roast ….png)

Kiba Inuzuka was the unlucky pick for Konoha's "Annual Shinobi Roast" and now all he can do is look at the hungry faces of his family and friends who are looking forward to eating him. Even his dog Akamaru can't wait to get his share.

Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru and Naruto Shippuden belong to Masashi Kishimoto.


File: 1412601243969.png (369.1 KB, 1000x1200, Kiba Shinobi Annual Roast ….png)

Let the feast begin!!!


File: 1412601481873.png (221.42 KB, 800x600, Gray Cooked Fairy 01 - Rea….png)

Gray should've been more careful walking around half naked most of the time, you never know who might be watching...

Gray Fullbuster and Fairy Tail belong to Hiro Mashima.


File: 1412601628089.png (239.92 KB, 800x600, Gray Cooked Fairy 02 - Fee….png)

His ice powers won't help him now.


File: 1412601745972.png (255.44 KB, 800x600, Gray Cooked Fairy 02 Alt- ….png)

What's cooking good looking?


File: 1412601888154.png (209.15 KB, 800x600, Gray Cooked Fairy 03 - Din….png)

Dinner is served.


File: 1412602119074.png (774.59 KB, 1500x1666, Akito Fin Soup.png)

Is he happy because he's being cooked or does he not know he's being cooked?

Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima and Air Gear belongs to Oh! Great (Ito Ogure).


File: 1412602376273.png (193.32 KB, 1500x1000, Aaron Scales.png)

Roleplaying? Yeah....that's what we're doing.

The character belongs to Aaron Scales, he asked me to draw his character being prepped for the oven.


File: 1412602978287.jpg (407.83 KB, 1500x1062, Shinn Asuka's Destiny (WIP….jpg)

Something I'm currently working on. I'll try to have to have this colored soon.

Shinn Asuka has fulfilled his destiny. Now let us fill our stomachs.

Shinn Asuka and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny is owned by Bandai Entertainment.


It's good to see you back here. I love your art.


Thank you!
I knew Gurochan was back but since I wasn't sure how long it would stay I waited some time before posting again. Will try to have more done soon. For now the only new pic is Ichiro Komaba.



Oops, what I meant to say was,
"Something I'm currently working on. I'll try to have this colored soon."

Sorry, I was in a rush when I uploaded all these. Excuse the typo. I'd also appreciate any feedback or critiques.


File: 1413890856748.png (903.55 KB, 1500x1062, Shinn Asuka's Destiny.png)

The colored version of the Shinn Asuka pic. I'm not very at coloring, but I hope it looks ok. Still an amatateur who has a lot to learn, I appreciate any feedback or critiques. :D

I don't own the character.


I'm a word eater as well as a man eater. :D


This is the best candlelit dinner. It's awesome.


Thanks I'm glad you liked it. :)


Shotas are delicious, more of them please


Thank you for the comment, I'll try having more shotas done soon. ^_^


Can you draw Dave from Homestuck being boiled by his orange Crocodiles?

like this, but naked ;)


File: 1424061702304.png (1.18 MB, 1480x2396, Makoto - Birthday Feast 01.png)

Some drawings I made for a friend's B-Day. I do not own Makoto Tachibana or the anime Free!


File: 1424061751438.png (1.23 MB, 1480x2396, Makoto - Birthday Feast 02.png)

Page 2


File: 1424061790157.png (1.3 MB, 1480x2396, Makoto - Birthday Feast 03.png)

Page 3


File: 1424061950410.png (3.84 MB, 1500x2000, Makoto - Set Free! (Clean).png)

A very old drawing I made for a friend. Just like the roasted Makoto set he allowed me to share it with everyone. I do not own Makoto Tachibana or Free!


Bloody version. I'm not very good with blood or gore.


Excellent stuff!


Very good indeed.


Oops, it seems I forgot to attach the bloody version for the Makoto pic. Here it is.


File: 1424122956212.jpg (1.11 MB, 1500x2000, Makoto - Set Free! (Bloody….jpg)

I thought I had forgotten but it seems to be the file size perhaps. Here it is again, hopefully it will work this time. If not you can find the bloody version on my Deviantart Account. Link is above. Thank you everyone for your comments.


DanAc! I love it!!!


I wish to see kagami taiga from kuroko no basuke to be your next target.


I already have plans of doing kagami but I don't know when I'll have him done. From Kuroko no Basket I'll be drawing Kuroko, Aomine, Kagami and Kise. From Free! I'll be doing Haru, Rin and Sousuke.
Are you the same Candy who did the Ichigo drawings in the old Gurochan? If you are let me say that I'm BIG fan of your work and it was thanks to you that I decided to watch Bleach. I've been hoping to see you back here again (if I'm indeed talking to the the right person). It's an honor to know you like my work. I'm not sure if it was you but were you also the one that made the Keita Tsuwabuki set? I hope we can chat someday. :)


I apologize to you because I am not the person you ask. But I'm a fan of Candy work too, I use Candy name cause hopefully Candy will show themselves. Or maybe Candy doesn't know that a new Gurochan website has opened. However your work is excellent too.


Thank you and sorry for thinking it was you. Let's hope Candy shows up eventually. :)


I am waiting for your new excellent stuff!


File: 1426000648610.jpg (362.23 KB, 874x589, 135376226931.jpg)


File: 1426000683247.jpg (250.76 KB, 1018x632, 135376240757.jpg)


yummy :D Great work, just love seeing all that meat :)


These weren't done by me. I don't know who post them here. This person probably made a mistake and uploaded them to the wrong thread. Again, I did not make the last two images that are in black in white. Sorry for the mixup.


yeah your stuff looks better, very good faces :)


Thanks Emiko ^_^


Waiting for your art.


I am working on more but progress has been slow since I've been very busy with life lately. Thank you, I'll try to have them done soon.


File: 1438121571108.png (1.5 MB, 922x1951, A Hero's Fate (Censored).png)


File: 1438121677010.png (1.48 MB, 922x1951, A Hero's Fate 2.png)

An old pic I made for a friend. Lancer from Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works. I don't own the character.


File: 1440992436268.png (1.94 MB, 1409x2317, Chrom - Spoils of War .png)

Prince Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening based on one of my friend's fantasies. To see different versions like a non-bloody one visit my Pixiv account.

Chrom, Robin and Fire Emblem belong to Nintendo. I own NOTHING.


File: 1440992521826.png (2 MB, 1409x2317, Chrom - Spoils of War (Blo….png)

Part 2


Part 3


File: 1440992774634.jpg (312.5 KB, 1409x2317, Spoils of War (Bloody) 2.jpg)

Oops, here it is, part 3.


Nice thread, but what about shota meat? Include foreskin too, please!


Thanks, I'm not a big fan of shotas but there are a few that I like so you can expect some shotas in the future. ;D


I can officially say this is the weirdest part of the internet I have ever experienced.


Thanks, I'll take it as a compliment. ^_^



You haven't updated this for a while, anything happen?


No, I've just been kind of busy but I'm still working on stuff. Hopefully I will be able to finish something soon. :)


File: 1471652853733.png (461.67 KB, 1200x676, 02.png)

Sorey and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria, because two heads are better than one. It wouldn't feel right to have these two apart and they should always be together no matter what LOL.


Excellent hope you make more!


Thank you, I will. :D


File: 1496293139241.png (431.27 KB, 800x1185, bakugo_s_plight_by_homuncu….png)

Kacchan from Boku no Hero


File: 1496293192333.png (349.61 KB, 1024x713, hero_course_meal_by_homunc….png)


Nice boy meat here.


Thanks, glad you think so.


Could you please cut off soras dick and cook him?
make sure he has foreskin please!


Maybe later, at the moment I don't have any plans for him but I do like Kingdom Hearts. My favorite character is Terra. :P


love your works. Are you going to do anymore Fairytail like Natsu or Laxus?


Thank you. I'm actually working on a new Gray pic and I do plan to do Natsu in the future. As for Laxus, I don't think I'll be drawing him since I'm not a fan of him. :P




File: 1527893465449.png (501.18 KB, 851x1500, 02.png)

To view the entire 25 page set and bloodier versions visit my Pixiv account.


File: 1527893499871.png (568.57 KB, 851x1500, 13.png)


File: 1527893522804.png (500.18 KB, 851x1500, 16.png)


File: 1527893548239.png (560.85 KB, 851x1500, 22.png)


File: 1527893576040.png (375.75 KB, 851x1500, 08.png)




Thw full version seems to be gone from Pixiv


File: 1528156141498.png (486.52 KB, 851x1500, 00.png)

No, it's still there.
"The World's Greatest Hero". This is what the cover looks like.


Just type: " 緑谷出久 R-18G " on the search bar and it should be the first one there. Also make sure you have your R-18/R-18G settings turned on.

"When browsing age-restricted contents (R-18/R-18G), please go to the User settings change page from the "Settings" menu and set "Browsing Restrictions" to "Show". By default, it is set to “Do Not Display” as default and for users under 18. Users under the age of 18 cannot change “Browsing Restrictions” settings."


Thanks, it is beautiful


You're welcome. I'm glad you were able to see it and thanks for your kind words. :)


File: 1532071748174.png (245.8 KB, 580x1290, 03.png)

Kirito from Sword Art Online. You can find the entire set on Pixiv. Just replace both "X" in "hxxps:"


File: 1532071791797.png (263.63 KB, 580x1290, 04.png)


File: 1532071827830.png (293.63 KB, 580x1290, 10.png)


File: 1532071847472.png (275.46 KB, 580x1290, 11.png)


File: 1532071931767.png (590 KB, 774x1497, 13.png)

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail. You can find the entire set here:


File: 1532071966317.png (562.67 KB, 774x1497, 14.png)


File: 1532071975146.png (562.67 KB, 774x1497, 14.png)


File: 1532072049058.png (595.12 KB, 774x1497, 21.png)

^sorry for double post.


File: 1532072077719.png (278.13 KB, 774x890, 24.png)


File: 1554969803978.png (523.19 KB, 1116x1604, 73215878_p1.png)

Something I made for an art contest.


File: 1554969832250.png (544.1 KB, 1116x1604, 73215878_p2.png)


File: 1554969945148.png (442.28 KB, 1116x1604, 73215878_p3.png)


Delicious triptych.



File: 1559905699519.png (521.76 KB, 1200x1000, Scooby-Doo 02 - ID.png)

Commission I did of Fred Jones and Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo.

You can find the entire set here:


File: 1559905732994.png (561.35 KB, 1200x1000, Scooby-Doo 04 - ID.png)


File: 1561095044767.png (496.82 KB, 672x1096, Bakugo - Fallen Hero - Oth….png)

Bakugo Katsuki was defeated by the League of Villains and turned into a living decoration. How long will he be able to last before he dies?

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