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File: 1412555150388.gif (109.93 KB, 256x256, ebj.gif)


I always have a thing for willing participants artworks, but I don't really find many of those, or maybe I just don't know where to look. Eitherway I resorted to drawing some myself. sadly I'm bad at art.

This is the latest one I did, started out promising, but end up having to resort to the spray tool for the important frame.


File: 1412555315317.gif (44.09 KB, 256x256, exb.gif)

This is a older one, in some way I feel it was better than my latest. It was easier to look up refernce for exploding body compare to head.


File: 1412555392408.gif (39.35 KB, 256x256, pov2.gif)

this is the oldest one, I was into pov at the time.


Nice. Good to see some willing art.


Very nice, especially the first one.


File: 1432130068124.gif (585.17 KB, 256x256, fbs.gif)

Feels like I get into the mood to do this once a year or something.

This one was worked over somewhat long period of time, so you can see the "art style" lapse here and there. Also I'm still very bad at art.

In postmortem, I think I waste too much frames on things that are easy to draw and duplicate, resulting the gif being kinda too long.

BTW, what she said in the middle is suppose to a catchphrase for the show, but I couldn't get that across very well.


File: 1432130420178.gif (19.27 KB, 128x128, eb.gif)

Here is a quick throw away one I did long time ago. I wanted to try to do a few gifs that I can make pretty fast, so I can use them in a game/mods. Neither of those things panned out.


I like your works very much!
Keep making it!


File: 1433729082012.gif (466.06 KB, 256x256, bar..gif)

I sorta kinda both like and dislike how this one turn out.


It's really not too bad :) I like your dynamics. You should do some breast destruction if that's a niche you can appreciate!


>>4670 I really like this one.
You've got some really nice concepts here, and your art isn't too bad. Keep it up!


I fucking love rapid pregnancy burstings


I love the "fucked to death and fucking loving it" theme. Keep it up!


These are awesome do you plan on making more?
I really love the knocked up gif


File: 1437875695086.gif (81.94 KB, 256x256, guro2.gif)

I made a short little edit of one of these gifs. I hope you like it and it is ok with the OP. (Im not the same person)


Can you make a short for the belly expansion to bursting too? :D


File: 1439169046550.gif (279.9 KB, 256x256, guro3.gif)

Here you go :D
I also added some color this time


File: 1439169126018.gif (114.11 KB, 256x256, guro4.gif)

Also colored this one


File: 1439174119428.gif (733.38 KB, 256x256, reborn.gif)

I don't mind people edit my stuff, so go for it. I tend to do these whenever I have an idea and time, there really isn't any planning involve.

This one I really just don't know how to finish and end up rushing it because I was losing interest in it. The quality really suffered towards the end.

There was suppose to be some text to indicate that the second woman is a friend of the first and was called there for the sole purpose of getting what happen to her in the gif. I couldn't find short enough of words to communicate that so I just end up not bothering.


cool animation, most complex one yet :D




Thank you for your work


Is there anymore coming up?


I rather hope tha art still here, anonymous animator. These were quite nice, and I'd greatly enjoy seeing more.

Or, Bump.


there any more of these?


File: 1452483143091.gif (1.49 MB, 640x480, introOpt.gif)

Trying out new software, makes it easier to animate, but require some cleaning, Got really lazy about it in the end.

The back story for this gif is something I have bounce around in my head for some time.

Basically, aliens found earth and started sharing space colonization tech. Human population explodes in space. All a plot for aliens to have large amount of human woman for varies of use. Earth don't like it and want to be consider as a legit space sovereignty by becoming the only supplier of human woman.

So it's x-com but your soldiers are whores. You fight poachers and sell your own soldiers as products to earn Earth its sovereignty.


Any chance we could request you do stuff? Nothing too horribly detailed, just maybe making the girl look like a specific character or something?


>The classic chryssalid design

Nice, OP.


I don't mind suggestions, but I'm not going to offer any guarantees. This is mostly due to my laziness and shitty work ethics

I actually debated a good bit on what x-com creature I would use. The old design won because it has more sample image on the internet, and the iconic smile plate.


File: 1452552034876.jpg (171.94 KB, 657x890, 1443744930040.jpg)

Maybe some Valentine from Skullgirls getting her belly inflated and then blown apart by a massive load of cum


I love all these GIFs

please make moooore


That new one is awesome


Can we please have that pregnant part cut out alone and coloured too? :DDDDD


Nice gifs! What program you are using? I want to try do the same in your stile if you don't mind.


File: 1456628311107.gif (462.12 KB, 640x480, introOptPreg_C.gif)

Here I have cut out and colored the pregnancy bursting part of the last gif
I hope you enjoy and thank you OP for making these.
They are super hot




File: 1458242374174.gif (302.97 KB, 512x512, vl.gif)

took a shot at it, can't say it turn out very well. problem with taking long breaks between works is that I tend to forget any lessons I learn last time.

trying to make a head that resemble Valentine was hard.

currently, it is just Pencil2D + gimp
I had to use nightly build of Pencil2D (stable build crash too often for me) for trying to animate and gimp to clean up each frame a bit and making the final gif.


These are great! Might I request a shooting? Maybe some high caliber or full auto? You say these are bad but they look pretty good to me, if quickly done.


Thanks m8. Also, new pic very cool.



Awesome to see you're still producing. I generally love your "fucked to death" scenarios so I hope you keep doing that.


How about rapid pregnancy to birth in denim shorts but the thing inside her got stuck in the fabric so it slips back in and then she bursts? :D


we so need more of these


There used to be a save point fatal pregnancy gif. Was it not by this creator?


File: 1465439336619.gif (1.13 MB, 512x512, savegirl.gif)

the site went down and eat it, here the reupload


File: 1465439454966.gif (1.24 MB, 512x512, blinks.gif)

Here is another pov experiment
Was going to make it into a visa parody, but decide not to in the end to make it feel more like somebody's vague drunken memory.


those look fucken great, not sure if you've been asked this already, but have you considered taking commissions?




hope your working on more


File: 1471133237396.gif (256.55 KB, 256x256, lottery.gif)

This idea was so much more fun in my head than how it turn out.




Awesome animations! Glad I stumbled upon this thread. I'm just gonna throw a request at You. I would love to see Princess Jasmine getting her butthole stuffed with hotdogs, up till a point where her belly would bursts. It would be much appreciated, but if You're not up to the challenge, don't worry, I'm still looking forward to any new animations made by You.



This, as many others, was absolutely brilliant. Only makes me wish one of the other many, wonderful artists around here (preferably one of the ones who turn out highly polished works, not necessarily in full colour, but not necessarily not in full colour either, hint hint) would pick up on the concept and render it in their own style.


File: 1474388192756.gif (177.4 KB, 768x768, image.gif)

So after regularly visiting for the latest pregnant belly bursting gif, I got a little frustrated why the artist didn't post any new ones recently D: by the way I'm that one person who always went "YAAAASSS" :D

So instead of waiting, I tried to draw over one of his/her old gifs. Six frames later, I GAVE UP. It was too rigorous and tiring D: hats off to the artist for making such wonderful animation that hits my very VERY specifically niche fetish! Not wanting to let my work thrown in the trash, here is the shitty fruit of my labour.


File: 1474388285955.gif (119.81 KB, 500x500, image.gif)

Here's the slow version


Aw I thought OP was back.


any more in the works?


Love these.


Love these.


Does someone have these archived or something? I'd love to see more of them but just in case I dont want them to disappear


Think you could do one who's tits get cut off?


Really wish this guy would do more. love these.


hopefully you can do one like this for your next masterpiece....


yu shuld be banned for this so bad cartuuns


Given that you happen to lack artistic merit, perhaps you should consider leaving of your own volition.

The animator who made this thread has creativity and growing ability. Many would like to see more.


It's the return of the helpful bartender-chan

This one took forever, I actually started working on this one a month or so after finishing the last one. Sadly all that time spent did not transfer into quality. I really had problem trying to finish this one, especially the final part which I basically rushed to get it out the door.

So this whole thing kinda ends up to be a excessively long lead up to a rushed payout. I apologize in advance.


Hum... I guess the upload failed? trying again


I give up, here is a imgur link instead


This is one of your best work! amazing


Rushed or not, it's good to see more from you and it's good to see this.

Thank you again for sharing your stuff. It's appreciated.


Love it! Glad to see you're still making content!


Yeeeessss, I love these!




wow that was very nice quality


It would be really awesome if some extra giant boobs bursted in one of these, and they had big silicone implants inside.


First frame of first animation was pretty bad and you say that you are terrible so I thought that your artwork is not even worth checking but, I when I came inside I found that I was terribly mistaken.
Not only your pictures are pretty good and it looks like you found a way to make pretty good looking pictures with little effort, but also you make interesting content as well.
It is sad that you left us.

Thanks for contributing.
It would be nice to see some more of your work as well.


File: 1492124296916.gif (1.74 MB, 512x512, cgun.gif)

This was meant to be a quick one, but you know me, everything always takes longer.

In the end, there was suppose to be a bit more of dialog, where the guy ask the new girl for her name, but she just shrugs it off / told him could just call her Cherry / told him just ask the next girl. I omitted it in the end because I couldn't decide which line I wanted.


Did you think about making a series? Because now all animation are a bit random, but i assume they are all in the same universe. ;)


If it takes time, it takes time. It's still bloody glorious.



Awesome work.
I love your all works in this thread, but this one is just a gold.
It will be fun if the enemy also uses climax beam to fight with that hero.
RIP Maple but it seems like they can make her clone again. :)


Always awesome to see new work from you!


haha that's amazing, great work ^_^


preemptive imgur link due to gif size

Found the scale tool on the program I was using, it didn't seem to have uniform scale option so the result was not so hot. The "aspect ratio" went off for a good while where I used it.


It's good to see more from you.


Bwahaha! Now that's a prank for the history books!






Nice! I really like the "Barrel Girl #XXX reporting for duty!" business.


really looking forwards to your next post been a wile hope you've not given up on it

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