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Wheeeee. Won't post hog wild yet incase of initial server instability. Never know when someone will reverse the polarity, don't cha know. Yah betcha! Good to see its back up.


File: 1410490112503.jpg (153.7 KB, 1092x725, be.jpg)

Couple of not-to be completed sketches.


File: 1410490149621.jpg (242.33 KB, 1440x1440, [re;imanry-sketching.jpg)

Gi cooked by Duke Nuken in a reactor core.


File: 1410490180833.jpg (122.7 KB, 743x723, gi3.jpg)

And this one may be finished.


File: 1410490231688.jpg (170.97 KB, 507x936, bunnygirlroastedraven.jpg)

Also a maybe.


File: 1410490275510.jpg (208.64 KB, 609x972, sheeva.jpg)

Sheeva eaten by a frog thingy. Sketch commission.


File: 1410490432957.jpg (337.81 KB, 1131x1007, wogirlsgirlsgirl.jpg)

Last color commission for guro, they dropped off a bit after gurochan went down the second time, not cause people stopped asking, but cause about four commissioners for guroish stuff all contacted me, and then decided they didn't have the cash when I had an open spot for them, haha. Right now working on a commission for the same guy that asked for this one for some yuri of seras and rei, and a chocobo sex pictures of the ff7 girls.


File: 1410490514683.jpg (57.62 KB, 1080x675, leafpre1.jpg)

And a preview of my current active trade with TVB. also will have a dist trade done sometime soon of the jetset radio girls, making use of the gum skates dist that I already drew, adding another girl and background.


File: 1410543700075.jpg (86.42 KB, 612x823, generalideda.jpg)

May update this but felt like doodling elsewhere for a bit if I do.


Excellent pic!


File: 1410768149500.jpg (312.21 KB, 785x819, merylnurgers.jpg)

Thin I posted this before the board went down last time :P.


File: 1410768252918.jpg (104.99 KB, 676x676, milkingtime.jpg)

And a recent finished "freakshow-ish" picture of adventure time. Amusingly someone on rule 34 was surprised that apparently there's a "fetish for this." At which point everyone smacked their foreheads and said "your on rule 34, dude."


File: 1410768417164.jpg (208.65 KB, 731x886, kylievaccuum.jpg)

Vacuum cleaner antics.


Jim... silly question... how do your trades work with TVB? I might be slightly interested in seeing what I can drum up in that vein if what you guys have set up is something up my alley!


So glad too see the boards back up. It is a little sad we have to start all over.


File: 1411168925297.jpg (149.48 KB, 894x1037, causeiknowyou.jpg)

Modified version of a recent picture on hentai foundry.


love your art so much :)


As usual Jim, your art is excellent!


File: 1411867529844.jpg (197.57 KB, 1318x720, ver1.jpg)

Spiral, yah still need to respond to the last email about what yah wanted! Was busy so didn't pester you! Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssster!!!!!

glad yah like my stuff emiko : ). I tend to like your style as well, but yah go a little more hardcore then my interests, so I pick what I can from your thread (pretty sure yah can figure out which ^_-). By the way, raiseshipserve on tbmlr posted some of your stuff : ).

Also why I been quite, along with a few other things, but this ones the only guroish/freakshow of the bunch worth showing right now.


File: 1411870511265.jpg (122.43 KB, 609x973, Zippy2.jpg)

Also a pet project some here might like.


Good to see you and your art back on the site, Jim. Your pictures are always so much fun to look at because of the effort you put into the setup (background, situation, etc.). Also, the characters are sexy, and sexy characters getting "game over'd" is always a good thing.


hehe thanks :) yeah been slowly figuring out tumblr, felt pretty good to see my work among such other great art ^_^

Fantastic FF pic and I just love anything patchwork <3 I should make you a birthday pic sometime ^_^


File: 1412126351932.jpg (225.3 KB, 1116x821, lakill.jpg)

>>517 Hah, well i'd offer to trade, but i'm pre booked at the moment, and of all things actually now recovering from a concussion I received on monday. (I'm recovering fine, but I'm kinda limited to half hour shots at my comp right now, due to my eyes bugging out on me.) So maybe in a month or so if your interested...? Though my guro ceilings a bit lower then yours so you'd have to pick something not very organy.
>>506 Thanks :), actually hoping to design some new characters on my own as well that stand up to the gaming and anime ones, but not putting too much into it cause I kinda like working with all those backstories :P.


A concussion? Damn. Feel better soon man.


Yeah man, I hope you feel better soon. I've taken a lot of blows to the head in my life, but I've always been lucky - no concussions for me.


File: 1412341270782.jpg (213.65 KB, 848x791, tronn.jpg)

Recovering alright form it, did a day of work now :P. Though its interfering a bit with my ability to draw as I'm kinda easily tired. Still should finally have the ff picture done sometime this weekend. Thanks for the sympathy though ^_^: was not a fun three days. (< not sure if I ever posted this picture.)


File: 1412364982057.jpg (279.71 KB, 1620x810, chocobosver1.jpg)

The ff picture done. Cumless ver


File: 1412364995820.jpg (283.8 KB, 1620x810, chocobosver2.jpg)

Cum version


File: 1412365025604.jpg (244.5 KB, 1620x810, chocobosver4.jpg)

Alt version, don;t like the faces :P. But this was dragging so I added em as kinda a bit extra.


File: 1412653977236.gif (341.93 KB, 488x702, AprilStew.gif)

Hope you don't mind me re-posting this here.


I don't mind at least! Great to find you at the new g-chan!


File: 1412901067791.jpg (215.27 KB, 825x1046, ravenmilkedcow.jpg)

Nah no problem. sorry for the delay, been busy and sleep deprived and injured, and its taken its toll on my checking all my places I post ^_^:.


File: 1413240106494.jpg (184.6 KB, 1080x1152, kagsaki.jpg)

Trade with thevistorblack for quickie picture for quickie fict (which by i mean we both spent several hours.)


They both look delicious.


Is there a story that goes with this? Because it sounds awesome.


I love the way you draw really big boobs (when you have occasion to). Multiple great examples in this thread, and that Sam from the one milking contest pic was fantastic.


File: 1413637894091.jpg (94.11 KB, 966x978, ven-4.jpg)

sorry i;m not replying very quick lately, im on zip energy lately. Glad yah guys liked azumanga, as for story its basically supposed to be tomo, the idiot aggressive type of the group convincing sakaki on the left there to cook herself to get more club members, and kagura, who;s competitive deciding to offer herself on her own. The vistorblack was thinking about writing it, as it was a trade for him, but think he dropped it.

Currently working on tis for him < though its the one on the left, as he wanted a different idea then what i wanted to go for on the right.=, so i redrew.


File: 1413639076651.jpg (322.59 KB, 1168x1138, doodle.jpg)

something i;ll never finish as i;m not a fan of ranma and thevistorblack didn't want it refined. So might as well post it while i;m in my slump period.


File: 1413767989883.jpg (795.43 KB, 1080x1413, vanison1.jpg)

Not a fan of this picture :P but here's the finished version. Face is too, blah.


The candy coated nipples make me wanna bite right in.


File: 1414114840664.jpg (183.4 KB, 968x855, jetsetnew.jpg)

Improved version of the jetset picture from a distance stream. Going to be adding more girls into it, or at least one more, for a trade with someone. The original lines were so bad I wanted to clean them up, but sadly an hour and a half work seems to not have improved it near as much as I had hoped it would, but it still WAS an improvement thankfully.

Story behind it is shes a skate check in next to a rave. Glowsticks are being used to identify who's and where's on the skates.


File: 1414182243399.jpg (360.78 KB, 1331x985, jubs.jpg)

Some concepts of a jubilee idea that ultimately got dropped.


I thought we hashed it out already. Weren't you just going to do up that sample image you'd sent me? If not just pick something from one of my stories that wouldn't be too much work for you and go with it.


I thought we hashed it out already. Weren't you just going to do up that sample image you'd sent me? If not just pick something from one of my stories that wouldn't be too much work for you and go with it.


hum, it looks like that posted twice for some reason. Sorry.


File: 1414456376980.gif (207.88 KB, 877x1063, tyleetits.gif)

Nah, unless i missed a final email, or vice versa. Think yah might be one or two behind on my side or so, but this gives me enough to work off of : ).

<old picture from before the reboot.


File: 1414710286268.jpg (211.62 KB, 809x987, ravenbullhaloween.jpg)

Raven while supplying the drinks for the Titans halloween party, has Beast Boy decide he's going to have a little "cow on bull action." Unfortunately, he knocks over the drinks made so far, and even Ravens large breasts aren't going to be enough to refill another round (and it took her twenty minutes just to fill them the first go anyway.)

Note: might be hard to figure out, cause Ravens skin is so off color and light as is, shes been painted head to toe in white and black paint, and its rubbing off with all the action.

Commissioned by VividReederSeeder on hentai foundry.


The nose and shape of the face says dog more than bull to me!/image/2467088824.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/2467088824.jpg

Good picture though. Milk them titties, or make steak. Both are delicious.


File: 1414780174462.jpg (291.3 KB, 1007x798, squirtlesoup.jpg)


i used that as reference, so its kinda "more the type of bull" i used. the head came out a bit wider cause the narrower version of it looks like he had stuck his head in a trash compactor.


File: 1414797797339.gif (331.17 KB, 530x776, marceline.gif)

Animooted, happy halloween.


File: 1415027912491.gif (325.78 KB, 640x474, 108041.gif)

and a bleated Animooted, happy Halloween to you too Jim. Though, I'm looking more forward towards Halloween.



would love to see her blow up as well


File: 1415065817687.gif (75.05 KB, 318x294, redraven.gif)

Animated as well.

And so never doing an exploded girl animation ^^:. Its hard enough drawign one solid body, much less 15 organs.


File: 1415065921115.gif (360.96 KB, 640x474, starfirebomb.gif)

The other explosive. Sadly I lost the psd file for this and the new version of photoshop refuses to allow you to open gifs as frames like paintshop used to.


File: 1415065976783.jpg (160.4 KB, 918x796, 126758751931.jpg)

More explosives


File: 1415066020207.jpg (123.47 KB, 809x918, gothypropanetankshootoutsm.jpg)



File: 1415754387206.jpg (94.57 KB, 612x823, mayaboo.jpg)

Trying to get back into the flow of things, still slightly "off." Maya was already lined, so used her as practice.


Looks damn good to me.


Her neck is set too far to her right, I think. The neck line usually comes down around the same point where the ears meet the jaw, inset for the width of the bone. Skoosh her head over by the thickness of that strand of hair, and it should fit properly.

Aside from that, it looks good, but bodies are weirdly holistic.


Still doing great. Love your work


File: 1417292016230.jpg (168.24 KB, 679x787, kylieconceptver1.jpg)

Kylie vored by slimer, will mess with it more probably later, though sadly saved over my larger version t_t;. still this was only at like 85% size so still salvageable

>>1959 I was more trying to mimic the series, so the necks right for the way the reference i used had it (shes got a long thiner then normal neck.) By the off comment I didn't mean the drawing I meant I'M slightly off and trying to work thru tiredness, and artist block and so on, Maya was drawn before that, all I did was color her :P.

Glad yah liked it : ).

Will likely be working on your stuff this "weekend" for me (got sunday monday off) Think I know what I want to use, I just need to look over your stuff again for physical details of your character.


File: 1417576513189.jpg (257.26 KB, 866x1004, finalnight.jpg)

Modified kylie, wasn;t clear in the first that he was pumping stomach acid into her, should be now, and it looks a little tighter and more organic. Kinda trying to just slowly work my way up to a full color.


File: 1417657376765.jpg (293.36 KB, 675x789, croppecorlainm.jpg)

Otherwise tvb will pout. Wasn't going to post this otherwise :P. (please don't ask for coraline stuff.)


File: 1418532879565.jpg (190.63 KB, 658x842, sakurapanlostbet.jpg)

*sigh* screwed up the color job on this trying a different trick with various things, but the trades pretty much fallen thru for it anyway, so i;ll chalk it up to experience and the lack of any real time off recently degrading my skills. Anyway Sakura losing a fight with Chun-li that had the loser be a dish for a chinese restaurant.


File: 1418601672095.jpg (260.05 KB, 1019x826, taliforsale.jpg)

Possible thing I might do for a trade, posting here so the afk currently tvb will spot it.


File: 1419547897303.jpg (190.9 KB, 642x1029, toothpicksv2.jpg)

Little pepper potts. Finally, finally been getting enough sleep so I can make these things start looking decent again.


I think you meant "voila" though. Viola is a musical instrument.


File: 1419552656983.jpg (190.9 KB, 642x1029, toothpicksv3.jpg)

To qoute the family guy. Can't it be both?


Hey Jim, I'm looking for something you posted on one of teh old bourds.
It had a girl being shot in the womb with an arrow, and I think she was saying something about a bullseye?
I can't find it on 34 or your HF page, could you post it here again? It was really cool


File: 1421979400734.jpg (47.08 KB, 560x575, rukiarrow.jpg)

Luckily I actually named this something I could search for, hah.

Side note: still slow getting stuff done but got two active commissions (had intended to do more, but next weeks saturday i'm getting a tooth yanked (two actually, yay for hidden wisdom teeth)) But will have a headless spit roast in the works, a lactation/inflation alien thing based off of ftl, and more on my little pony. That was just a segment I posted, done pinky pie in full color and lined twilight dash and fluttershy, but not posting till i get more done on that one.

Been a shitty three months for me health wise n-n; but least its all recoverable (well, minus a tooth.)


File: 1422208850925.gif (84.33 KB, 872x767, rukiprop.gif)

Also related.


Only bad thing about this to me? In TheVisitorBlack's Story, the Hunter who wanted to make Ruki into a gun stand, admired her small tits and puffy nipples. In that particular pose, we can not see them. :P


File: 1422300796995.gif (173.07 KB, 872x767, yeah.gif)

yeah we talked about other poses, but its pretty much the only pose that worked, as the other way looked kinda dorky.


Perhaps, spread the legs more? Or, take advantage of the fact that her hips don't actually need to be in socket. :P


Or, maybe the pose he used in the story, when she was letting the hunter "try her out".
Bent over, legs spread wide, arms wrapped around the back of her knees, with her head and tits on display?


File: 1423000694470.jpg (81.15 KB, 785x690, rukiprop.jpg)

Well this is based off a story concept so not really changing the pose, sorry man.


Oh, don't mind me. Luv what you've done. Just trying to be helpful. :P


hello Mr Sugomi I was wondering if you have or were thinking about doing any art of gravity falls the character Wendy Corduroy in particular


File: 1424025307369.jpg (244.39 KB, 884x778, catgirlspit.jpg)

Finished commission. Persons catgirl on a spit in a forest. Not much I could do with it to spice it up for the non-invested veiwers, unfortunately, the downside of oc's being no back history to draw from.


Well I think she looks super yummy :) Great work!


there is another girl in the gravity falls series that I forgot to mention called Tambry she looks like she may make good roasting fodder as well and friend to the character Wendy did you see her too


there's a good episode in gravity falls season 1 for you to see both characters in I don't remember the episode number but the title of the episode was the inconveniencing


File: 1424132952345.jpg (75.09 KB, 416x1006, anette.jpg)

Actually familair with the redhead as a concept, but I didn't see gravity falls and it was taken off netflix before I had a chance to watch it. Ah well. Did almost have a story from thevistorblack based on it, (we needed a girl to be carried off by a wolf via knot to her doom.) currently still kidna booked commission wise, and irl wise. Got two more things left on my completion list for commissions, two thigns for trades (that mlp thing and another boob bondage thing) and four more teeth to be drilled AND a trip in about month. This years been way to hectic T_t.


if you want to watch the series you can watch it on YouTube


File: 1424309774022.jpg (392.38 KB, 877x938, hucow.jpg)

(reposted from my hentai foundry post.)

Commission for a random ftl girl being done by a tentacle monster converting her into a milking and breeding slave. Sadly Ftl's bill to fame is generic-dom, so even trying to spice it up a bit with some alien slime on the wall and so on, it was kinda hard to really make much of this for a background (I kinda suck at backgrounds, due to the focus on boobs and so on) ^^:. Should have looked over some hr geiger ref or something, but for a 25 dollar image I had to also try and make it so I didn't spend 7 hours just trying to make it work right (I try and shoot for a 7 hour limit TOTAL for a 25 dollar drawings unless I like the idea alot, background usually is an hour or so of that, here it was about an hour and a half and two re-sketches with not much luck). Redesigned the girl twice also to try and mess with it a bit more (added hair highlights, uniform details etc), but the specific pose, and the uber boober part of the request, (plus the wall of text) ended up unfortunately meant it got hit with the generic stick too ^^:. Why I like to stick to predesigned characters or more characters with a jrpg, or monster-girl feel. I tend to have issues designing em from scratch and its take multi attempts before I'm happy if I don't got some "unique" flavor I can focus on, so having "girl in ftl jumpsuit" hit some walls for me. Though think some Sparrow fans will get a kick out of this one, and hopefully the commissioner as well, as this was geared to the fate of one of his ftl characters he designed up (personal investment being why fan works work so well.)


Did you ever finish this one? I'd love to see it completed.


the story it's based on actually got completely changed, so its kinda on hold for a bit. I had a series of crappy situations happen at the beginning of the year anyway, so iI' just busy keeping up with commissions and trying to finish some other projects. In the next two days, I should have two done I'll be posting here.


File: 1425073516488.jpg (370.79 KB, 1020x863, yuffiechocobobreeding1t.jpg)

Yuffie Chocobo breeding part 1.


File: 1425073779349.jpg (407.05 KB, 1020x863, yuffiechocobobreeding2t.jpg)

Yuffie Chocobo Breeding part 2.

Second image I was working on (unrelated) kinda delayed due to spending, around 7 hours on this bloody thing :P.


File: 1425861722822.jpg (175.14 KB, 630x918, spiral.jpg)

Apparently this was "lets see how many different style's i can post on here for the last three images. This was for spiral, based off his fict, unfortuentyl not really good with the "schoolgirl, more realistic look" and it kinda got a weird mish mash of things. This was actually a long time in finishing, so sorry bout that spiral.

Anyway, this and the ftl one were both "original designs off a vague concept thing, while yuffie, is obviously something for me to focus on, can kidna see what a difference in my art that kinda makes, so if yah ever commission ov's or what not... google refs realllly useful :P.


Hope ya haven't abandoned posting more stuff! Love your works! Ever since the Digimonhentaizone days.


File: 1426015389893.jpg (156.78 KB, 725x861, hokhonkf.jpg)

This is all new stuff so, nope. I just had several issues involving dentistry, bigger commissions, and some trips out of state, so I just basically haven't had the time, or the energy, or both to draw as much as I was.


File: 1426131918261.gif (494.29 KB, 1092x725, yoko-bake.gif)

Hope you don't mind, I made a lame gif of >>22 I tried cleaning up the lines, don't think I'll be trying that again.


Don't mind at all!


My question, since I just realized this now, why is her pussy stuffed with Boota?


Well that's obvious.
Boota is canonically the Dai-Gurren Dan's emergency food source, so clearly he's delicious.


Glad to see you drawing again Jim, hope your doing better, health issues are always a pain.


File: 1427059744078.jpg (403.9 KB, 1662x1126, full-imagesofar.jpg)

Sorry, comment later, was on a trip over the weekend, then promptly got head cold thats knocking me out :P. Not very elo-eli- speaky-good now. Curiosity about program used though, looks like contrast used to fix lines?>>3667
This is kinda comical due to the above, lol. (its a minor headcold, tho, just made worse by a six day week (of which im on day five) so over tired.

< little preview of that in works project. Got a bit of work done while trying to practice to warm up for a commission, er yadda, not speaky good as said., not happy with it though sadly was first day i was sick I did it so can' fix yet (no brainy-thing.)


Looks great so far, looking forward to seeing the finished version.


I can't tell if Fluttershy is contemplating which one she wants to buy or thinking about offering herself to be next


I have adobe elements 8. It came free with my Bamboo tablet.


Mr. Sugomi did you ever finish that Danny Phantom image. I would love to see it done.



Looking good so far!

Gotta say I always wanted to see Applejack filled with apples, but for a "bob for applies" kind of thing. Her cunt's a hole and her womb can hold things, so they may as well be used accordingly.


File: 1427856626293.jpg (141.53 KB, 670x747, bettermaybe.jpg)

< some practice I did today to try and get back into shape after being sick for a week and a half, which pretty much wipes out my drawing ability for a bit afterwards. Made the mistake of making the linework to this "teen gwen" too thick for the ben ten style, so she comes in as way too dark.

>>3792 Doubt i'd ever really draw that, i'm not the mlp fan, tvb is, and he;s the thing fueling this one to be done. I still back track to digimon and pokemon, etc when I get some "me time" (I'm not really into anthro's, muzzles and lack of hands put me off) Which isn't often anymore. Actually going to be putting a halt to commissions soon so i can actually take a break and get some practice done. I take one week off now a days and half my commissioners ask me if i died :P.
>>3787 Think you mean the big one? Not yet, been busy with commissions and the dental and tvb tends to keep me busy with other things. It kinda pushed it down out of "coming across it randomly when looking for things to do" in my folder.
Ah, looked like it made a clear line thing cept for the mouth, was gonna give some tips for how to avoid that using photoshop lingo but i never used that one so i got nadda (short of manually drawing it in and erasing bits) ^^: Sure lots of people still appreciate the animation regardless : ). Sorry for delay again, sickness knocked me out so much i forgot pretty much everything i was gonna do on here >>, no joking (I slept for 19 hours straight yesterday, felt like all my muscles were jelly ^^:.).


keep up the good work man, been following your tag on r34 for ages.

any chance for breast flattening/crushing?


File: 1428087158745.jpg (87.2 KB, 714x696, crystaver3.jpg)

Don;t got any on the list to do right now but did two in the past, one was a kim possible one i was going to do a sequel too but was having issues figuring out how to draw it without it being blocked out, and the other was for spiral of his girl from one of his stories.


File: 1428087182667.jpg (195.07 KB, 764x1136, 205056.jpg)

Granted kinda "Spikey" crush.


File: 1428109674060.jpg (135.72 KB, 794x843, [rsctcezippy.jpg)

Looks like i finally broke the damn sickness barrier :P. Did a quicky of zippy (around an hour and a half) and it came out decent. Mainly after i get sick for a few weeks, i tend to have issues keeping all the measurements in my head when i draw and anatomy gets wonky ^_^:. gotta practice to clear out cobwebs.


Anyone have the picture where Mayl from megaman gets frozen into ice?


Anyone have that picture of Mayl from megaman getting frozen?


File: 1428234587428.jpg (154.02 KB, 1337x1327, maylsm.jpg)

Never did color this one.


File: 1428270728468.jpg (177.39 KB, 773x478, posing.jpg)

<< Possible picture in the works of serah and lightning with chocobo's. Still in the negotiating phase, so may just get poo-poo'd. Got a may and dawn prep picture in the works as well, which is an all lights green bit I'm hoping to get done in the next week or so (simple concept so not having to send emails back and forth. Would be done by now if I hadn't had to retrain myself to draw again :P.



I'm verrah interested in seeing this continued!



Amazing, amazing stuff. It'd be awesome to see Applejack stuffed with apples and used to bob apples out of or more guro-y stuff.


File: 1428974470510.jpg (274.61 KB, 825x920, maydawncontest.jpg)

There we go, requester wanted may and dawn in a cooking thing, involving turkey boots, and stuffing, and this is the result :P.


Hey Jim :) Wondering if you've ever done or would consider doing any characters (doesn't matter which) with some breast crushing? I mean, absolutely flattened, not just in peril of being smashed.

In a gory way, preferably, but if not, I'd be ok with that too. :)


your Cannibal work, is alwals the best.


I wonder if we'll see the end result of her roasted and half eaten body? She's a hottie!


I love your works, Jim! Keep doing what you're doing!


Can you do a picture of May prepping Dawn for the ovem without the speech bubbles and text? Just the girls (and the pokemon)?


Jim, have you ever read Jessica's Tale from BDSM Library? Seems like it'd be right up your ally.


The girl in that story is 13 years old, i'd advise not clicking it


File: 1429314253674.jpg (107.78 KB, 420x692, talifinal.jpg)

Skimmed it, and didn't really seem my thing, not into ultra violent bdsm stuff for the most part. Most of my stuff is "Cartoony" for the most part. more into the guro stuff for the exhibitionism and boob stuff (though I dabble sometimes outside of that, really not into bondage, bdsm elements, thats usually tvbs requests at times). Thanks though but soon as i read "Cage, wire, blood" etc I stopped skimm'in.

>>4054 Second request for this, so same guy maybe? Not likely to do full boob crushing, cause i;m not into blood and gore splatter, and anything that crushes a tit, tends to block the view of said tit, so it relies on that for details. Why all my stuff for that is peril related instead of carry out.
Probably not for a bit, I'm going on commission haitus for a month after i finish this last commission and doubt i'd redo this on my own. On burn out and likely will be focusing on finishing some other pictures, or doing some ecchi doodles, or bestiality stuff. (basically i;m running screaming from all my commissions i;ve done recently, haha.) I've had a rough well, four months (sick twice, traveled, about 6 dentist appointments, and one in the future to saw off a tooth for a crown, etc), and just want to kick back and do random stuff, i;ll do canni stuff, but probably not of dawn, shes low on my list, may and misty are much higher.

>>4075 It'd look ugly without it, the pictures weighted to allow the speech bubble there, and there's no background details behind them cause of that.

<random sketch I did last night for practice. Tali's been on my list to do recently, but commission weights crushed any progress.


File: 1429314665136.jpg (225.03 KB, 1503x896, jetset.jpg)

Brony, technically gwen tennyson, sailormoon, franky foster, raven and starfire, etc etc, are all like 13-14 (gwen in alien force, she was like, 10 in the first series), so less they really hammer home the loli, yah usually can just ignore ages on those things :P. Also I don;t draw loli anymore cause its quasi-illegal and i tend to find it boring for guro (which is all anyone requested of it), where as I'd have been more interested in the size difference of large objects in use for them.

That and I like boobs. Loli's don't have boobs.

<also side in works trade thing, its proceeding slowly cause, trades are a bit weird sometimes. Its not for tvb :P know people probably see him as a "maybe" tag to things being finished since we toss to many ideas around we get kinda distracted. Part of the reason i;m dropping commissions for a month actually, possibly to do some trades, as well as work on some of those unfinished things (theres that tali on a tray picture I really been wanting to get to for months.



From the person who asked for crushing... I'm not the same person, I promise. This is the first time I've decided to interact with you though I've viewed your art for a while. :)

I just enjoy the creativity of your scenarios and thought there'd be a way you could fit it in -- even if it's more in the cartoony sort of "flattening" way (maybe a post-image?) than the gory "crushing" kind of way. But no pressure! (heh :P) Just thoughts. Love your art, keep doing what you do! :3


I knew they were all that age good sir. I just assumed you aged them up for the images.


File: 1429554708778.jpg (118.72 KB, 801x761, titsnami.jpg)

Yup, I jsut meant that 14 for anime is kinda one of those age ranges were its easy to just ignore it without much changes as long as its not forced to make you visualize their age over and over: ). I don't really have an issue with loli stuff though, used to draw a bunch of it (gwen tennyson) though car captor sakura range was a bit yuck to me even back then, but legal mumbo made me totally cancel it out for the majority, that and some requests i got made me a bit squeamish anyway. I see it all as fantasy stuff though and tend to see anime characters as "ageless" so its more character inserted into schoolgirl fetish land. They were useful for large insertion stuff, as like a two liter bottle worked without having to explain how it got so big :P.

No worries, I more mentioned it as a "look up may have missed a post" if it was a second post. But yeah, nothing yet for crushing on hand, it does pop up now and again and i still think on how to do that second kim possible concept, though its long "Dropped" as implausible for me to draw at the current time at my skill level/knowledge. If i did crushing at this point it'd probably be mroe the "bulging out around the edge, nipple spurting milk, thingy (which wasn't feasible with kim, cause it was sideways and her tits weren;t big enough) : ).

<< looked thur my files for something that may not have been posted here from the past, this may have been, or might not of, so boom. Tend to try and post an image or something when I comment.


File: 1430047809696.jpg (306.37 KB, 1262x832, serahlightningconsistant1.jpg)

And final commission for awhile done. Taking a month or so away from them to rest up and will only be doing trades and my own stuff.


File: 1430047830270.jpg (302.6 KB, 1262x832, serahlightningconsistant2.jpg)

and what makes this /f/ish


Jim, I got an Eka's portal page. Mind if I post some of the stuff I colored there?


Nah, just make sure yah mention I okay'd it so no one harass's yah about it :P.


Thanks. here's my Gallery hXXp://


hey Jim can you do some Gravity Falls guro


File: 1430269636021.jpg (155.47 KB, 1013x1118, yokopants.jpg)

k, Kinda at last ergs of energy for the day so i'll have to remember to comment later ^^:.

<<Reason why, work night, forced an idea out. Trying to practice on getting stuff done faster and cleaner and so on, but gotta get my foot back in the door on that and once my commissions ended sleep was just such a horrible siren :P. Also south park stick of truth, which i had on queche for like half a year.

Gravity falls guros probably going to wind up being a tvb trade some day, though right now binge watching transformers prime, so miko's like first. We had talked an idea with a wolf with the freckled redhead, but it got dropped. Never saw the series myself and not on netflix.


Jim if you want to watch Gravity Falls the entire series is no YouTube for free



I like!


File: 1432179665010.jpg (306.53 KB, 1057x851, gumsmellimprobedd.jpg)

not exactly a guro thing, but just to show I'm alive. Still on my "month off" so been taking it easy. working on another lesbian picture as well for tvb, this one was for another guy though :P. Don't think tvb would ever request smellerbee, not his type (too boyish.)


File: 1432750105762.jpg (285.05 KB, 1252x1074, saripepapril.jpg)

Finished this earlier but as usual, gurochan was down the exact moment i finished so a few of you probably saw this on hf first :P. IT was for tvb, so probably can read more into it then you should, heh. I prefer it jsut as lesbianism :o


File: 1433289464019.jpg (1.12 MB, 1661x3075, IMG_20150602_165613.JPG)

Hey Jim I think this was one of yours if it is did you ever finish it


It is. He posted a partially colored version (which I saved a copy of) in a past version of this board, but I have no idea how to upload it.


File: 1433318063048.jpg (211 KB, 845x1071, danisamfinalreallythisisit….jpg)

I upgraded about half of it but hadn't gotten around to the full part of it, the good parts are still a bit unfinished. To be honest, i got hit with a bunch of crap in the tail end and beginning of this year and been meaning to go over my old stuff and see what I needed to finish ^^:. TVB's got a big say so in that as well as we tend to trade, though he's been busy lately. I'll see if I can't find the latest version soon, but it'll probably be a bit as I'm iron bannering on destiny this week as the last week of my "vacation" and then I'm right back into commissions already.


File: 1433318511378.jpg (444.9 KB, 1350x2306, bigsam-f1.jpg)

Found it via pure luck (my art folders huge, makes it hard to find stuff cause of all my inprogress stuff i need to delete (commissions tend to clog the folder with "heres this and that" preview pictures, same with trades.) As i said, only half done and not really to the good parts. This is kinda up to tvb if it gets booted up my completion list though as I got a few other projects I'd probably hit up first.


can't wait to see it finished


Same here.


File: 1433698296722.jpg (427.97 KB, 1260x2153, bigsam-1r.jpg)

gonna be a bit dtill before I do. Been on a drawing vacation for a bit and now starting to get back to commissions again, so I gotta wind back up before i have multiple projects running. Got two large projects and a guro mayl from megaman thing for tvb. Did take a bit and reline and add a little bit more to this though. Nothing too wow but the lines should look better on them now.


File: 1434158489445.jpg (345.81 KB, 537x868, onnechan.jpg)

Little practice bit. Drawn at a smaller size and such then i normally do (i usually draw bigger then resize stuff.) Girl was a custom I made off an old idea I had for a girl volunteering herself and some other girls from clubs at a school to help her brother raise money to save their school, obviously didn't have space to really work that in :P.


File: 1434159473795.jpg (345.22 KB, 537x868, onnechanb.jpg)

alt brownish color, finally figured out why it was refusing to go brown, I had the darker color over a layer of the normal skin color :P. So it kept going red since brown+pink was red. Sadly its kinda too late in the game to make it cleaner without a redo.


Looks delicious either way to me 😜


File: 1434256202568.jpg (414.25 KB, 997x1072, irisirene.jpg)

Little more practice, had intended to put more into the background, but i had been working on it for 5 hours straight trying out different things and kinda hit my limit on edits :P. Idea behind this picture was a fun concept of Iris filling in for the lost orphanages milk supply after pontera's damaged. Course, this is waaaay beyond any girls abiltiy to produce, so she's using her magic tags to augment her breasts, at the cost of pretty much them being drained for an equivalent amount of days. Had entertained some panels of other stuff, from her tits being so sore as to be debilitating and also her captured by goblins who think shes "unlimited" jacking up the drain to a month or more, but yeah, :P. Iris Irenes hard as hell to draw ^^:.


great last few pics there! Gosh I'd love some of those milk spell tags XD


Hey Jim, have you ever given thought to roasting up on or two of the skullgirls?


File: 1434417628664.jpg (320.88 KB, 542x802, binkytheclowngirl.jpg)

Haven't roasted one of them yet, but I did do a picture of Lei lei vs leviathan(? the zombie girl) : ). Didn't turn out that great though, but its on rule 34 with dist ^^;.

<-Also lets see how long before he notices this, mwehehe. Had this idea in my head for months and decided to do it myself, cause apparently i'm so lazy about commenting, drawing it was easier then suggesting!


Actually, the adorable zombie is named squiggly, Leviathan is the skeleton serpant coming out of her head.



Oho, I notice the first aid kit's nowhere in sight!


Hey Jim did you ever get a chance to watch the anime Space Dandy in the anime there was a restaurant chain called Boobies. I'll give you 3 guesses as to what I really hope you do with this info. Love your work and can't wait to see more.


Yeah, dandy's been brought up before, don't really like the women design for it or really its art style in general so doubt i'll get to even watching it, specially since its not easy to obtain on netflix. Still haven't even gotten around to roasario vampire :P.


hey I just finished reading the manga of rosario vampire I have to say it's better than the anime I've seen that too



Like the ice demongirls design, tend to go for the strong low emotional types, like her, nao makinoah, and yue from negima, heh.


Jim quick heads up on the Space Dandy anime there are a number of different animation styles and art design. I personally very much enjoyed watching the series, I'm not sure what your tastes are but I really hope you give it a real chance.
PS Try YouTube


I looked up the series on google, girls are the "mature woman" type I dislike, and the main characters some 70's style shooter guy.. Really doesn't hit on any of my interests, and theres too many animes to watch out there to waste time on one just cause'. This is the second time someones bothered me repeatedly to watch space dandy, i'm gonna make it clear I HAVE NO INTEREST. End of discussion, k?


File: 1434824106178.jpg (153.21 KB, 642x882, maylprocessing.jpg)

So this is really basic concept, but figured since its on hold till tvb's got more time or i free up some interest, this was gonna be the mayl picture i mentioned. Figured it still might interest someone :P.


I can't tell if both of her breasts are still attached to her body in that image, but, if possible, could you make it so that one or both breasts are actually detached?
You've done debreasting drawings before and I wouldn't mind seeing another one. I really dig your art style. :)


File: 1434887160049.jpg (129.17 KB, 1243x578, temarsmi.jpg)

That ones more supposed to be an inprogress of one, where shes jsut now about to start being turned into parts, so adding in one gone would kinda change the context to much (essentially her havign been hung up and now the wait peaking as her first tits about to be cut off.) do got some db' related stuff running around my head, though oddly enough the one thats been focusing in my head is everything but haha. Was thinking of doing a sequal to iris, where shes delimbed and beheaded and served, with a final of her tits hrdly touched but everything else eaten and the girls running it talking of making soup out of them.

right now though theres some chats in the works of a pokemon related db thing, but were having a few issues with hows, as piplup can't actually hold forks and knives convincingly enough to use them.

Huh, this was the last time I did db apparently <


nice art!


File: 1435627813176.jpg (146.3 KB, 720x1056, squiggly.jpg)

No one say I don't listen to requests :P.

Squigly in a "different" type of breast suspension.

Relax folks, shes undead. She can be up there all night. And probably will.


Pardon me Mr Sugomi but I have heard you have done a few works involving the Ben10 character Gwen Tennyson would you mind posting a few of those to this new Gwen Tennyson thread in req

Thank you


File: 1435689594977.jpg (105.71 KB, 689x972, RoxanneQuartervsLaser.jpg)

Most of them are here you can repost them if you want, haven't done much guro stuff of her. Much less her younger form.

<old picture from my files from a quick search for the "stabbed in the ass" gwen picture, but apparently its not marked as gwen in my archives, probably cause I never finished it (didn't like it much.)

Can't finger her? Roxanne from Megamind. Did a series of these, think their all on hentai foundry.


Hey Jim, I seem to remember you posted some Mass Effect stuff involving Tali to the old gurochan that I didn't save and are now gone. Could you repost those drawings if you still have them somewhere? Thanks.


File: 1435842571648.jpg (78.45 KB, 724x492, may-dawn.jpg)

some of those might be upgraded soon depending on tvb. He's helping me with some computer issues, so he's on one of my commission slots basically for at least a few pictures now into the future (i've done more work on the danny phantom comic as the current one I been picking at.) This actually just lets me cut loose on some of our old trades that were put off without having to worry about the speed or amount I get done. End result here, I might be having some of those fleshed out in the coming month or two, so don't want to post all of them here and clog with multiple variants.

As for computer issues, nothing to worry about for here. I been working with an outdated nvidia format that got discontinued the year I got the computer. Its an old issues I been trying to save up for a new computer for, but moving and dental work drained funds repeatedly (would have had it nearly twice over by now likely if not for all that T_T)

also think this might be one of the ones yah wanted, only other ones were the girls selling themselves I think >>2264

<possible future commission that's a sequel to the earlier dawn and may picture. I'm stuck between two guys trying to do something with it, and I need to work on another commission before this, but I keep getting asked questions that should be asked to the other guy, and so on and so on, so posting it here cause both habit here and maybe now they'll stop asking me what poses I'm gonna use for the thing.....! (Despite the fact their project is what I was supposed to being drawing from ):P. You get made fun of here guys in exchange for my effort, be glad I don't name names, *waggles fist*!


File: 1435845978198.jpg (65.33 KB, 582x712, 133050.jpg)


No, the one I was looking for is the guro version of pic related from your HF page, I think.

Either way, definitely looking forward to seeing the TVB stuff you come up with!


File: 1435868846608.jpg (75.91 KB, 476x500, asariadinner.jpg)

Oi, good luck on that one, I got no idea where that one is at the moment. Think that one got buried into my ancient files. A time where long long ago, in a distant land, where the god were petty and cruel, i tried to set up a file of some 1,000+ images to zip and put on a file share.

It did not end well.


File: 1435909891989.jpg (68.98 KB, 582x712, version2.jpg)

Turned out yah did have luck. I wound up running into it near the back of a folder I was organizing.



What's the story behind this one?


File: 1436312644656.jpg (109.93 KB, 1044x672, frost.jpg)

boredom. Figured with all the solid holo stuff they have in the series a grill would be the least option.

Honestly why they don't just use holo bullets that expand into spikes inside someone is beyond me :P but these ARE the people that decided unlimited ammo was a bad idea if you had to wait a second for your gun to cool.

< for those that missed it on my hf page.


File: 1436317106807.jpg (79.12 KB, 715x505, linka.jpg)

Forced myself to sketch something. Kinda inspired by Emi's stuff, used one of Emi's pictures as ref for the arms. Obviously a quicky though :P. Think the name of the picture and the tattoo should be a big enough hint as too who this is.



Looks pretty good. Who is Emi? Would I like her stuff, I wonder?


> That Emi. I just used the shortened version of the name from the threads header. I looked at how the artist was drawing the inside of the limb stuff.


Thanks Jim. Emi is talented, but her stuff isn't to my taste, so that's why I didn't recognize her name. :)


ahhh that pic is amazing! my feed the poor pic was one of my favourites of all time :p

I'm happy my work could be of some assistance ^^ Still having a bunch of trouble with shoulders like that, I think you did a better job than I did.


Hey Jim guro chan is back up and running, got anything new to post?


File: 1437379270300.jpg (126.35 KB, 620x843, littleovertired.jpg)

so wait, your telling me on gurochan.. that gurochans back up :P? tro-lo-lolo-lo-la-la-lah

>>5239 Yeah, shoulders and feet and hands and hips.... why can't we all just find perfectly straight squares sexy instead of all these curves : ). Heh, and the donation to the poor things come up a few times, but tvb never got around to some of the ideas we threw around sadly so I was left to fend for myself :).

<This is something I'm likely going to refine for wlfmeal on eka's. Was so very very tired when I did it as a practice picture so I'll pretty much have to redraw it using it as a base.


last pic looks promising, will you color it in future?

If i unterstand right, you need new Ideers?
Then i have one, but unlucky my english is not good enaught, i can only trade my german story with you ( or with crapy translation^^)

My Ideer is going around adult ginny weasly .
She get captured by the inquisition.
They finaly get a real witch^^
Malby i write on my self a story about it, because my short try with ginny i write at weekend, have not really fullfile my interest ^^


File: 1437628737094.jpg (137.79 KB, 536x1194, aprilsweatyworkout.jpg)

it'll supposedly be redone and colored in the future, but still somewhat in the air. As for ginny and, really any hairy pothead stuff, I don't do real world actress's, only toons and sadly the book is linked to them in my head. So their always on my banned list. their also technically loli the way most people seem to want them.

I did one hermionie picture once and I hate it to this day. So yeah, rule stands.

Also, no i don't still have it by the way to those that would reply to "i hate this forever" with please post the picture you hate forever :P (nor do I want to see anyone else to post it, please and thank you and all that other grandma speak)

Anyway, quicky I did trying to work down some tvb debt, not that this really counts to much.


File: 1437955437019.jpg (127.98 KB, 608x776, mayday-1.jpg)

a work in progress as well here.


Hmm the poor girl is realy hart to recognize.
If i not know better thats you dont draw loli, i think it will be yummy May:)
But i know it better;)

You not too Spit roast also, how i see;)
Who knows malby you also not too a "ginny" pic in the future;)

Something you realy can too, is a Ohime ( Bleach ) pic. I on my self are not a big fan of her ^^"Small^^" ( hust hust) Breast, but they perfekt for your debreasting pics.
Also Lucy and Elsa ( fairy tail) have big one, but are not loli:)


It's only loli if you draw it loli :P. Its an adult may. But yeah ginny's out for having a real actress play her in the movies. I see ginny i think of that actress, same with hermione and luna.

Have drawn Orihime before, but yet to see or read fairytale, so haven't done anything with it, though its sister manga Rave Master (who shares the plu character) had been on my list.


So, Jim, I see you seem to enjoy drawing the Pokemon girls. Would you ever think about roasting up a gardevior? I am honestly surprised no-one has yet, they have almost as much porn as misty. Hell, they may be even more popular.


File: 1438225295589.jpg (95.12 KB, 660x595, Acorn cooking.jpg)

>>5656 Not sure if there's been roasting but there's a ton and a half of vore on eka's portal of her. I've never been big on her, too furry. I kinda have my furry line drawn at muzzles or inhuman heads, so stuff like the swat katz girls are all good, but krystal and renamon not so much. Also kinda depends on how animal like it is, more tooney characters like sonic gals i'm fine with (and a fan of sally acorn, though theres rarely good porn of her with some good breasts or insertions or a veiw of her nethers, least in comparison to a certain bat and pink hedgehog.) It also kinda depends on the theme and usage i suppose, i like sharues work which is decidedly full on muzzle furry, but now that she's kinda gone into other stuff then the maw shots and peril i;m kinda *yawn*. Specially since i;m not into female on female same size vore (even less so humanoid male and dickgirl vore :P).


File: 1438225607460.jpg (267.58 KB, 1140x820, 1205812206210.jpg)

I should say as well i;m probably not gonna be big on requests for the up coming month. I work retail :P its back to school season, i do alot of the restocking for that with whip cracking, and already got a couple traders clammering for stuff so i;m kidna jammed pack over tired and sleep deprived (I was operatign on 4 hours sleep three of the last 5 days). Ill listen to suggestions but it;d be a bit before i acted on them unless they were really really good.


File: 1438225844037.jpg (814.09 KB, 2592x2028, ranmasmokelg.jpg)

That and commissions will be on hold for a bit as well for those wondering, I think at best I'd be okay with trading for basic stuff for people :P. Cash has no real value for me beyond basic survival cause I've always been poor (300 dollar a month student loans, and only an 18,000 salary, popping some 25 dollar commissions always seems to mroe wind up "energy drink fund" more then anything good since i;m still working on old videogames i been to tired to play ^^:.) Tradign for porn kinda somewhat gets my motor going art wise (though at this point i;m brand x motor, chugga chugga boom boom *deflating noise.) I'll try and post some old stuff during the month.


File: 1438226068000.jpg (169.62 KB, 1024x603, aprilbrandchoclatemilkcw.jpg)

for the record though, will resume commissions later :P just not in august, i vant to live.


Could you elaborate more on gardevior specifically? I understand your points about furrys, I share some of those views myself, but they don't seem to apply to Gardevior.


File: 1438267868873.jpg (281.13 KB, 1080x840, ogremon2.jpg) er..... i think you might have a different concept for her head in your head. Her heads a peice of brussel sprout. She's non human head wise, don't find her as attractive as lillymon cause the specific plant part turns her head into those little guys from super mario 3 in stead of having a mostly human head exposed. Shes also tiny and her body is partly plant too (where as lillymons got a human body under all that, which is why i don;t draw lilamon (as she loses her hands etc and becomes less human.)) So yes. Gardevoir is furry and across my threshold line :P. I'd do her for a commission or a trade, but on my own she doesn't hold an interest for me.


Just dropping by to say I love this one in particular and I can't figure out why. Probably something to do with how lively the girls are. You do have a tendency to add a lot more personality to your victims than most artists here, myself included.

I hope life settles down for you. I know how it feels to be sleep-deprived and still have little to no time to do what you like.


Ok, that makes since, I was thinking of how most Pokeporn artists draw her.


File: 1438394857849.jpg (154.75 KB, 661x765, ravenbackyardroasted.jpg)

>>5693 Heh, even then I tend to see her more furry, shes such a small thing and usually people emphasize that on it more then anything, still to me shes a "human like beast" instead of a beast like human. So... yup. Maybe someday i might feel quirky but right now too tired.

>>5686 Heh, yeah seems to be a favorite, I think its the small details on it and the unique-ness of the packaging concept. Sam actually had a vastly different cup size in the original concept but tvb made me shrink her :P. Big breasts, nooooo! Sadly lost the photoshop file of it otherwise i probably could have upgraded it with a bette background etc, but ah well.


File: 1438395892650.jpg (160.93 KB, 1000x1000, 2009-8-26-0 Sharkbaitsakak….jpg)

Also just noticed my thread hit 200 :P ah well. Sure gurochan will delete it again soon anyway haha.


That wasn't a trade with me Jim. I didn't make you shrink her tits. I would have had it been a trade with me, obviously. But it wasn't.


File: 1438627729542.jpg (234.15 KB, 972x768, samzlexpreview.jpg)

>>5720 Er.. this doesn't ring bells? You were the only one that requested or did stuff with me of this variety back in 2008. Only one that usually asked for smaller boobs too.


File: 1438628738484.gif (196.72 KB, 692x872, hina2.gif)

something I never finished, not sure if i still have the file for it as well so... Still. (animated)


File: 1438628990583.jpg (119.01 KB, 593x689, aoshjbna.jpg)

This was something me and tvb had in the works that kept getting unfinished due to just horribly bad luck (think least one computer crash on my end, and I just barely saved some of it.) Might actually be able to rework it to completion though now that I got some more photoshop under my belt (use some layers with multiply etc to add shadows in on the finished bits, and the force feild for the tit cooker and something behind the image for background.....


What about that one of Miss Martian on a grill?


File: 1438696961863.jpg (171.85 KB, 792x778, megannen.jpg)

I always meant to finish this one, it just got lost in a bunch of stuff that got thrown my way. Was originally going to also be a story about it with tvb, but the story turned out to kinda be to tame for the two of us and something more interesting pretty much took over pretty quickly. Not so much for the picture though, which both me and tvb looked back at a few times, I should check and see if he still wants it so i could boot it up to trade/commission status. (The story was gonna be her going in as her human form to a slave trader as undercover and it winds up to be dolcett, when the team shows up she swaps out to her green form but can't get out due to the vulnerability to heat. Believe the ending had her fighting naked, cause of the heat, and the fact martians clothes are actually a plant thing they merge with but can remove.)


File: 1439126126101.gif (167.47 KB, 529x673, merle.gif)

Martian ones back on the list, so should see that one done when I get up a little more energy charge. Got a stomach bug that combined with my current massive workload knocked me out all week (literally was sleeping ten hours a day, and just got my day off... and slept from 3 pm to 7 am, and NOW finally feel like i';m not gonna fall asleep in my chair, so intend to try and draw with whats left of my day today :P. But I got an active trade for appa x smellerbee again I want to focus on before its "simple idea, but it took a month." I the meantime enjoy a meryl in a store display cooler sketch i did awhile back.


File: 1439193879270.jpg (110.52 KB, 690x761, dere.jpg)

Eh, fudge it, i drew this without looking her up at all so its not based off of the actor in anyway, so enjoy (kinda went against my new real world actor played characters thing. but lets face its the actress has seen far worse thru pulptoon anyway.)


"rules exist to get breakt:)!"
good work jim.


File: 1439419005732.jpg (152.38 KB, 1014x914, kylieflashlightfuck.jpg)

Been sick as hell so decided to do a throwaway doodle of Kylie griffin, and it wound up looking good so i tried working with it some more to kill time as my sinus's attempt to go for a world record in mass loss, and actually came out pretty good :P. Probably the best picture of kylie I ever did (though thats not saying much.)


A throwaway you say? Looks awesome to me!


File: 1439854353364.jpg (168.78 KB, 1010x907, appasmellerbee.jpg)

Appa and smellerbee thing done. Was meant to be a quicky but i kept making edits so its kinda a quasi quicky.


File: 1441151916660.jpg (169.69 KB, 778x1200, ginnyweaslyboomstick.jpg)

been busy, and tired, and so on, the usual shazbutt, so since i don;t have anything completed to chare i did i figured i;d throw this up to show i;m still alive.


File: 1441153975588.jpg (174.69 KB, 778x1200, ginnyweaselyafter.jpg)

"in game version."


*Drools* If only we could see the after the match roast of her. MMMMM


*Drools* If only we could see her at the after match roast MMMMM


Those x-ray pictures are hot


did you dump this one? it seemed so promising


File: 1441639754871.jpg (111.89 KB, 416x1006, anette.jpg)

Actually trying to play catch up on alot of these now. Mayl's still active and quite a few others, I've just had a ROUGH couple of months, well hell, a whole year, and I've been waiting desperately for this week of vacation I just got to catch up on sleep and other things haha. I was having more and more of these regulated to just sketches I wanted to finish due to sleeping too much and so on.

This is the first one I just touched up.


File: 1441736286707.jpg (120.44 KB, 652x874, ooze.jpg)

Something a bit more freakshow.


File: 1441761410605.jpg (200.1 KB, 660x837, DC-Jim_Sugomi-Raven-Teen_T….jpg)



File: 1441761432326.jpg (122.12 KB, 1034x756, ravenmeditating.jpg)

and bendy



Love the pics!


Hey Jim have you ever any art (guro) of Lilo and Stitch


File: 1441855349124.jpg (219.6 KB, 648x1253, yorouchisweatsm.jpg)

>>6383 Glad yah enjoyed em : )
>>6384 Nope, don't like the characters, and ones toddlerkon to me so, blegh.
< done tonight


File: 1441937671924.jpg (107.69 KB, 854x849, rinlinework.jpg)

rin from fate stay as a dish in progress concept


Nope Anon, he dont do loli stuff!
And Lilo and Stich are not even normal loli, more like hardcore loli!

Nice Last picture so:)
Your cannibal works still are the best!


File: 1441988693869.jpg (208.71 KB, 653x1215, rin'sfeast.jpg)

Er, that's what Toddlerkon is ^_^:. Its loli into the toddler age range.

< additional frame. This was done to square a trade between two friends until one could finish.


Your stuff is getting better and better. It will be great to see this one colored.





File: 1442284048410.jpg (348.58 KB, 864x926, crapola.jpg)

Guy who I did it for said he's interested in commissioning me to get it done, hah. SO in the mean time you'll just have to deal with plain old boring tentacle porn for awhile...

Duuuuuuh-rect post from my hentai foundry page, cause I'mma tired boy:

A quicky thing I did under an hour and sleep deprived (stayed up late and only had three hours of sleep last night). Gerph's Skarpnne posted just today, with my Zippy . Enjoy the crazy line work :P. I need sleepies now. (Also I really need an easier to draw oc!)


So, Jim, ever play a Fite emblem game? Specifically Awakrning? Because that has lots of girls ready to serve up on a platter. ( or, in panne's case, Rabit stew)


my Faforit FE A. girl was nowi;) ( she is 1000 years old, but loli anyway on my opinion^^)


File: 1442974484455.jpg (591.01 KB, 1367x1200, kitty-prydemurderworld.jpg)

Nah, haven;t played any of the series, the whole permadeath units kinda put me off. Know yah can switch that off, but then it feels like cheating

Been dealing with an infestation of bugs at home, so been thoroughly exhausted, so if anyone recently asked about commissions in an email... yeah, i;m kinda dragging my heels so bad the ruts are causing traffic to fall into a gaping void, i'll get to replying eventually to any requests, but I'm really hard up for even the energy it takes to do emails. Kinda ruined my vacation and how. Figured, hadn't taken one in 5 years.

Anyway quicky sketches I did for tvb, been to tired to color or trace this week (most of whats been posted that was was done during soem streams on my vacation back when I had energy :P.) so agreed to essentially "quicky trades." No plans yet on updating these, stilll trying to get to my one active commission left.


File: 1442974531381.jpg (166.75 KB, 770x686, phasing.jpg)

pretty simple, shes on a picnic bench by the way.


File: 1443655441006.jpg (240.17 KB, 777x1082, poseconcepdt.jpg)

First commission I can recall having to turn down because I couldn't draw it ^^:. Vanille from ff with chocobo's, just the pose, the style (i draw anime, not the weird... uncanny valley quasi realistic of the ff universe of current) and the fact the cocks looked wrong ( i refuse to unhinge a jaw or stretch a throat etc to the levels needed fr this to look right ^^:.) Been trying to draw this for about three weeks now, so sent a "can't do it email" and had to refuse the commission, but since I commented on it a few times here << thats the remains of a few attempts at it. Maybe they'll least be able to use it as a way to get someone else to take it up ^^:.


File: 1444117435641.jpg (154.17 KB, 600x851, hotaruoutdors.jpg)

Hotaru sketch


File: 1444117501597.jpg (165.03 KB, 643x1052, kittyphased.jpg)

and some kitty being disarming.



<3 <3 <3 Just amazing pics, specially love that last one :D


File: 1444176645084.jpg (179.21 KB, 896x931, roguecolor.jpg)

Glad yah like em Emiko. I been so worn down it seems like all I can get out is sketches lately, haha. So kinda relying on content instead of competency : ). Did knock out this color today though : ). (also been recommending a few people to knock on your door commission wise lately : ). Had a few requests more your style then mine so recommended yah.)


File: 1444424449544.jpg (201.92 KB, 840x1028, rogutsy.jpg)

Upgraded the rogue +nightcrawler + wolverine + clossus thing. Cleaned up the lines, bigger, and a bit more metallic looking, changed the bamf, added some comic panel lines


Wow, the longer I think about that, the funnier it gets. Thanks for making that!


I think the darker metal, along with the tweaks to shading, looks much better.

I wonder how the bands of metal and her fur interact. It seems complicated, given how she's bent over with the fur on her butt sticking up. Clearly, even her fuzz can grate cheese.

I think I overthought that a bit. Anyway, it looks great. If you want to extend this, I wouldn't mind seeing a comic explaining how the hell Rogue ended up with those powers, but I think you'd get bored drawing it. Also, there's some slight canonicity moments, but it's cute enough that I don't care.


Hey Jim, I think I remember a pic you did with rogue and blob in it. Would you mind reposting it?


Hey Jim, I think I remember a pic you did with rogue and blob in it. Would you mind reposting it?


Yay gu


Yay guro chan is working again
Do you have anything new to post Jim maybe some progress on that Danny Phantom image


File: 1446409447696.jpg (309.9 KB, 760x943, hex.jpg)

go a nasty headcold that's been going around work, so knew g-chan was up but was kinda blegh, blargh, guuuuhhh and not posted anything. I'll just drop these two thigns off and when I feel better make a "real post" and check and see whats missing.


File: 1446409495181.jpg (299 KB, 1078x1086, taonnaolg.jpg)

text me captain up the @ sign.


File: 1446409561968.jpg (59.01 KB, 701x628, squirrelbdsm.jpg)



File: 1446454904668.jpg (215.73 KB, 723x1026, robo.jpg)

Atomic robo's hot russian.


Excuse me Mr Sugomi have you gotten any progress done on this image >>4667


File: 1447491722901.jpg (327.75 KB, 756x847, chocobo.jpg)

>>7419 i've made some progress on it, but not really much worth showing. Main problem is i'm behind on my commissions, and when I'm not on my commissions I been flaking off on something else to try and relax. as well, Me and tvb tend to discuss like 50 million ideas, and get to only a few of them, and sadly he's backing that one so it winds up being a "his slots taken by x." Being reminded of it tends to make me work on it here and there, but right now, two words "fallout 4." Also "starwars battlefront" soon. Also commissions again, hah, so poor T_T. I still need to contact people who contacted me awhile ago, but since I been sick three times in like three months, plus dealing with retail work, plus dealing with an insect infestation in my house that all the additional people in my house keeps making drag on (its been like 2 months and 7 sprayings that require me to move furniture and stuff each time.) Yup. Thats on hold for probably till after I stop spending seven hours a day on my settlements in f4 or i catch up on some commissions >>, Maybe i'll crack it back open at the start of next year (thanksgiving, christmas, and new years suck for retail months). This is all I got done so far this week <

I only get one day off from work at a time, and work nights, tends to fuck up my workloads as well for art ^^:. Took a week vacation a few months back but the entire thing got devoted to tracking down bugs, ugh. So still running on fumes and slotting work in when I can.


File: 1447491875699.jpg (118.04 KB, 567x909, whitetigerling.jpg)

This was also one of those "filled by x" ideas. Might add in squirrrel girl next to her. It WAS a guro idea, with her doing a bakesale with her for bid, with tvb going to write the story, but now he also has a problem called "starcraft." Lol, so yeah, kinda on my own on this one. Wanted to do squirrel girl in nothing but pasties and her nut sacks.

Also undertale's muffet doing some spidergirl lactations on my commissions list, so that'll pop out in a few weeks here.


File: 1447491963936.jpg (206.21 KB, 1078x804, kagomething.jpg)

This was also a sketch of a guro concept I threw at tvb but everythings kinda stalled between us at the moment. only really guro thing I got at the moment boob wise I did even for sketching


File: 1447492270256.jpg (204.75 KB, 811x898, sakura.jpg)

Also guess i'll post this, as i drew sakura older then she was in the series (note actual tits.) I been avoiding loli-ish like the plague lately, so even these "quasi adult stuff" is stuff I haven't doodled, but TVB likes card captor alot, as shown by his edits in /g/ so I doodled this up for em on a whim to do something I wouldn't normally do for em as a little extra thank you for something.

And don't worry, this was the "rare" instance I did this. Don't have a backlog of hidden "do not post!" images on my harddrive. I hate when artists do that so I avoid that even more like the plague. Luckily I didn't draw much loli even when it wasn't being venerated so when that law popped up I didn't need to really change my art much. Just bigger boobs on girls like hotaru and sasami, which admittedly killed the appeal of them for some people i think, but hey, hotaru's got alot of likes on raiseshipserve tmblr so.... (even with the head size mess up haha.)



Kinomoto Sakura detected! Yess!

TVB's CCS edits though? Unless you mean the only two captions, one with maids Sakura and Tomoyo and another one with them visiting an aquarium, all the other CCS ones are mine.
Which shows how much I love Sakura (not that I'm trying to claim TVB doesn't), so I'm very glad to see another picture of her.
Also, her tits are conveniently obscured by her arms, so she looks loli alright to me (which is a good thing for me).
You say you made this on a whim, so I don't suppose there is a story behind it? Too bad.
But anyway, hereby I officially like this picture.


Nothing beyond what the picture already implies, unfortunately, that she was somehow talked into being video'd roasting. I only saw maybe around 3 eps of card captors when I was waaaaaaaaaay young so I hardly know the characters, not much to make a plot off of.

I'll be honest, also, I don't keep too much track of who does what in the edits, so its more I know he had done pictures of her plural, but didn't bother to check and see how many, and had pretty much guessed on well, how bad the joke dialogue was, as to the ones i'd seen.

And yes, it takes one to know one. I'm very punny myself :P.

Edit's usually really aren't my tastes, and at least especially guro-ish ones, so I don't really happen that thread much. Just get my info occasionally if a particular image looks interesting. I kinda feel like there's a disconnect in my head between actions and dialogue if its an edit ^^:. Ruins the feel. Personal problem. The more of a departure from what was originally intended (and its usually ecchi, as far away from guro as can be) the worse thats magnified.


Its ok: iam a big loli fan but i ahve not a problem, if you make your chars a littli bit older:)
Hotaru and Sakura still looks cute enaught


File: 1447603545574.jpg (338.66 KB, 1503x948, sletches.jpg)

Just realized when gurochan rebooted it dropped my nameplate, heh.

I figure for most stuff honestly, loli once yah get to hotaru and so on's ages its not much between the loli model and an adult, mainly height, and even then. I mean nonon's this little tiny 3 foot high girl but shes clearly an adult character : ). Other example was tryign to work on a few things while I was recovering and had been trying pretty hard to do one of the inklings there < agreeing to be one of thsoe "squid on a sticks" to grill. Though after multiple attempts never got it right cuase I was too sick to keep all the info I needed in my head T_t;, Always the problem with art, most things you can be fucked up and still work thru, art tends to fall apart if you miss sleep, get ill or have other distractions.

Well that and bubonic plague research. No one wants a drunk and sleepy carl in the clean rooms with those.


That arrow pointing to Hex Maniac's tits with the label "Fat" really sold the joke. Also, a very sexy image, just as I have come to expect from the great Jim!

Love your cannibal stuff, haha.


Can't wait to see your next post no rush


File: 1449517676420.jpg (354.96 KB, 964x1080, tifachocobo.jpg)

too tired to comment, later...


File: 1449517698925.jpg (375.77 KB, 964x1080, tifachocobo36c.jpg)



File: 1450473109795.jpg (273.01 KB, 756x861, roastluy.jpg)

Practice piece. Kinda had this mental image of lucy having been "milked dry then having to roast her tits" but ran out of energy so just made it a quicky (had intended for the redhead to "be just getting done next to her" and her stuck there cause her bigger tits take far longer to roast.)


oh a fairy tail pic, nice:)
Sadly wendy is a loli;)


ABSOLUTELY LOVE it when breasts in particular are focused on in cooking scenarios.


File: 1451506284843.jpg (266.88 KB, 1112x954, yoleuih.jpg)

Not the way I drew her :P. Also loli doesn't apply to teen, thats more pre-teen. Sailormoon for instance is not loli. Sailor saturn is, and sailor mini-moon is toddlerkon. Also as far as I am aware, wendy is now legal in new york (age of consent 16) I prefer my drawing being intended as older though being an old guy myself living in an area with an age of consent of 18 :P.

One of the fun things as well about body types is even my rukis are intended to be in the 18 range, shes just short (i've worked with enough people in the 56 range that barely come up to my chest :P.) She obviously not the age of her cartoon counterpart, and i ignore canon for time needs :P.

Same as well for this little preview of what I'm working on <. Prefer to think of her as late highschool student/ or graduate 18 at the least. Shoulda moved out of her parents house :P.


it's 17 in NYC for the age of Consent. Also that Yolei is pretty awesome.


Any chance of more Kylie to come?


File: 1451696537260.jpg (269.22 KB, 648x918, asukaeri.jpg)

Kylies always on my list but hard to draw. So nothing planned at the moment, but i;m sure she'll pop up again. At the moment just trying to reboot on commissions, slowly contacting people on my email thats been pretty much dead lately, (sorry about that folks, lifes been smacking me with a sledgehammer and hopefulyl now that the holidays are over i can get some of that energy back. I kept trying to get back, and kept getting beaten down till I hit a major crash and burn where even replying became alot of effort. Doesn't help I'm dsylexic so emails take forever to write :P) and working out trades with tvb. Currently the only "active" commission I have is for Miss muffet, and the only active trade I have is for yolei there. As for my idle sketching thats always spur of the moment, tvb here will attest I usually have a new idea like... twice a day, at the least, which is why he has about 300 unfinished story trades with me haha. Poor man just can't not have me disrupt his work with a new carrot.

< Besides yolei, here's the other thing I've done in the last week. Yolei will get done soonish, I plan on putting some more in on her over the weekend (may finish her, but her backgrounds a tad bit intensive and the trader wants me to throw some wordworking around about her which might short me out, hah.) Miss muffet will be in the next three weeks here likely. Also, unusual for me, not going chorologically on commissions cause my email got spammed by crap and i'm having a daft bloody time tracking down all my emails, and Im still tired, so least for the first round kinda going for "what I like best (and or can find) " Hence muffet :P. Plus it was a repeat commissioner. People will attest i tend to chat up my commissioner, haha.

Also I draw slow, but I work forty hours, and each drawing takes 8-15 so... yeah I need some downtime.


File: 1451871809204.jpg (386.85 KB, 1115x958, uiuyi.jpg)

Not the final version (just some background items to work on) but just to show off i did work on it!)


File: 1452203994090.jpg (169.18 KB, 918x720, terta.jpg)

Still gonna finish the background on yolei here, i just wound up asleep on my day off more then intended so did this tetra idea in my half awake state ^^:. Slept like 16 hours in one day here, blagh.



I love your imagination on this stuff, Jim.


File: 1452306085578.jpg (301.16 KB, 1422x1302, sakuraupdated-4.jpg)



File: 1452306122907.jpg (209.06 KB, 924x678, hintaroasty.jpg)

Hinata roast.


File: 1452306156458.jpg (165.71 KB, 785x900, yup.jpg)



File: 1452306189162.jpg (250.73 KB, 1440x900, goth.jpg)

end sketch dump.


Lovely sketches jim ^_^


File: 1452442846480.jpg (405.7 KB, 1046x898, yoleusm1i.jpg)

Glad yah liked it emiko : ).

And finally Yolei finished. Background was redone to fit the store her family actually owned after we finally found screenshots.


I'd love to see Kylie being vivisected by aliens or mad scientists sometime!


Love your stuff Jim. Would love to see more guro-type stuff, but your insertion/gaping stuff is great as well!


File: 1452721684951.jpg (253.35 KB, 815x679, karinetc.jpg)

Blame tvb for this one. Fixed this image up a bit from a previous night before i take a round of nyguil and hit the sack to sleep off the last of my aches and pains Not really gonna do more unless in a peculiar mood for these two, not a fan of either (though tvb wants more naruto girls along this sketch vein). Karin, and well spoiler if yah go searching for the other one so I won't even list a name. You'll know her (albeit aged forwards in this) when yah run into her. I really dislike karin, and i kinda find the kid kinda, blegh.

reply one: not sure if kylie fits either of those that much unless yah attach "ghost" to the end of them. not gonna say whats in plans for kylie as I don;t really have any. kinda winging it at this point heh

Reply two: Attached picture might fit both, kidna sorta.


all the new Naruto chars are very generik;) You can see thats the wrighter only want to make mony with the story and not even care anymore whats happens with ouer blond hero^^


File: 1452886900499.jpg (83.18 KB, 573x440, rebelssupplies.jpg)

I'll admit I kinda like the (spoilers) female version of naruto and (too much of a spoiler to even mention's)kid. and may draw her in the future.

<tend t not post without posting a sketch of some sort, so enjoy a concept thing i did for tvb for a story before we both got a bit busy.


Guess everyone has different tastes. As for myself, Karin and the one you chose not to name because of spoilers are actually characters I rather like. But then I'm one of those weirdos who enjoyed the series the whole way through and was more or less perfectly content with its ultimate resolution, so what do I know.

That is quite a nice sketch, either way.


Iam also a Naruto fan, thats the readon it hurts to see what they make with the Story and the anime:(
But hey i also like the Childs of Spoiler + Spoiler princess and Spoiler + Spoiler ( i want revenge!"")
Also make what you can do best!


File: 1452935015878.jpg (473.03 KB, 1664x794, bo4o.jpg)

rocklee didn't get laid and apparently had to clone himself was the biggest bullcrap :P. Still think the entire manga would have been hundreds of time better if rocklee had been the lead haha.

Though I think if hinata had pulled the I love you line on him it'd have made his head explode.


File: 1453885531873.jpg (461.56 KB, 1339x804, possiblereccetear.jpg)

Got a big project in the works thats kinda killed this one so just gonna post it as is. Should by the end of the week have a full colored canni piece to post (unrelated to the reccetear picture here), i just ran out of steam after hour 8 and still got probably another 3-4 hours left but now into my work week :P.


File: 1453885633754.jpg (246.5 KB, 697x884, kylie.jpg)

Also a quicky concept for a story me and tvb's had on the burner for awhile now. Likely won't refine it more cause I didn't get the pose i liked down.


File: 1454203521976.jpg (261.74 KB, 848x711, chell.jpg)

Turned down by tvb for not being interesting of the moment :P posted here so it doesn't die forever. Days off got moved over to monday tuesday instead of the weekend so that guro picture i've been working on full color will be posted then instead of the end of the week as planned.


File: 1454456487270.jpg (205.47 KB, 1143x1098, mimikaribuffet.jpg)

Waiting on tvb to get some info on dialogue for this, but seeing as alot of times i've gotten asked for text free versions of things, the fact I wanted to post this before the end of my weekend here seemed like a fine idea to just post it as is.



Damn tasty pic.


File: 1455008453526.jpg (134.02 KB, 706x844, muffetblackbackground.jpg)

Muffet multi-breast. Figure this is freakshow enough, eh? Got the wording for the Mimi picture from tvb, just need time to shoehorn it into the picture but got it at the last minute last night so not had time yet (posting this before I head out.)

Also will have a Hex maniac x houndoom picture up on hentai foundry in around a week.


File: 1455064800396.jpg (559.1 KB, 1270x1220, mimikari.gtext.jpg)





Other than one grammatical fix ("their" should be "they're"), excellent work... and yes, Mimi looks delicious.


Had a thought... could you repost that unfinished pic of Ruki, the one where her body's been roasted and is sitting upright, while her severed head is positioned right above it with an apple in its mouth? (It was part of one of your trades with TheVisitorBlack, for Mimi's cooking show, and I don't know if it's been posted anywhere else.)


File: 1455404427279.jpg (201.62 KB, 974x1538, rukilg.jpg)

This is the closest i could think of what you meant.... her heads still attached.


That's the one (though it's more complete than I remember it being) - I recalled that her head didn't look cooked, so I kind of figured they'd taken it off partway through, cooked the body the rest of the way, and put the head back on afterward when she was served.

Thanks for putting that picture up again!


File: 1455495295493.jpg (330.1 KB, 751x743, hexMdoomfinale.jpg)

was intended actually to be her body was cooked while leaving her still alive somehow. Me and tvb have used the same concept for kari being vored by agumon in a story where kari was roasted save for her head lungs and heart with the intention the states time limited.

<hex maniac done


File: 1455835334099.jpg (460.89 KB, 1174x1080, asukabutchers.jpg)

Two asuka sketches I did not really sure if i'lll refine either due to time constraint stuff limiting my time to work on things (5-10hours is ALOt of free time lost.


File: 1455835372937.jpg (413.62 KB, 864x1253, asuka.jpg)

Little classroom demo, obviously all of age now, 18+ classroom :P. Hence the boobs.


See, I'd love to see what if she conceived and ended up with a big ass Appa baby beating her insides to a pulp with those huge kicks. How can I go about getting that commissioned?



I'd love to see these cleaned up and colored. Maybe thevisitorblack can write a story about the process?


File: 1456340814376.jpg (128.14 KB, 791x790, nevermind.jpg)

You mean that in the non guro sense like just a big belly with it having parts popping up from the feet and so on? If yah mean the more guro "pulverized organs" type a little out of my league the others not so dissimilar to this <.


File: 1456367644639.jpg (487.46 KB, 1016x1080, orihimedinnert.jpg)

Quickie orihime, trying to get my practice in between warframe binges.



Awesome stuff!


awesome and look delicious!! but why Orihime remained alive after it is cooked?


File: 1456681805175.jpg (111.76 KB, 733x775, sandychees.jpg)

Bleach spiritual bodies are governed by the persons spirit power. Why ichigo can take a hole thru the chest despite it supposedly causing him to have nothing to pump his blood. By the time skip in bleach orihime's QUITE powerful spirit-wise, and there's a spirit to body and vice versa machine on hand....

< nothing really on hand to post, so humor.


For the love of pete, post /once/, please.


is there colored version?


The ideer of a UNdying Person thats get Cooked is interesting.... And the bigest question: What happens after the Meal?^^^^^^ ( but i not a scat fan also better not hinking about it^^)


What happened to that Danny Phantom image you were working on? Have you made any progress on it, if so I would love to see it.


File: 1457057648852.jpg (231.96 KB, 1091x635, plumwarrior.jpg)

Actually i lsot where i put the psd after photoshop rebooted itself on my comp and dropped all my saved "last worked" things so i gotta hunt thru my computer and find it again but its not on my "need to work on" list at the moment as I got a few ideas I been wanting to work on (but been too tired to work on). Its still on the list TOO do, but just probably not this month.

Current project is this commission <- Hoping to get it done by around tuesday-ish. My days off suck, as I usually work 3 days, one day off, two days work one day off, style thing, and this week it was "6 days, one day off, one day on, one day off." so I'm tired as shite ^_^: (also work nights, so its never a "day off", more a night off since I gotta get up at 2 am for work T_T.


File: 1457057702653.jpg (449.72 KB, 1728x657, got34.jpg)

Also was working on this but can't seem to get a hair style for her and face i like so is kinda stalled entirely.


File: 1457312108802.jpg (559.06 KB, 1352x810, plumwarriorslimecomicv1.jpg)

Wait a minute... somethings a little fishy about this....


File: 1457312143308.jpg (457 KB, 1352x810, plumwarriorslimecomicv2.jpg)

And a non see thru variant.



Nothing suspicious at all! Must be your imagination.


File: 1457773582722.jpg (501.92 KB, 1038x1080, piperwright1.jpg)

Been sick the last few days with a stomach flu-ish thing, combined with still having to work another 6 day work week, so wound up doing some sketches I may or may not finish and figured I'd post em anyway.

<-fallout 4 (may edit this one later)


File: 1457773677334.jpg (320.38 KB, 780x661, aprilvore2.jpg)

A complicated concept involving april o'neil allowing herself to be vored by an alien for information, and finds out it takes a long while for the alien to digest its prey (theres a ring in her pussy keeping it open for "digestive and looks purposes.") Suffice to say shes taking the opportunity to have one last bit of fun as the alien shows the turtles where to go.


File: 1457773781672.jpg (191.52 KB, 734x596, batharley.jpg)

batgirl spitted. Was part of a dropped story concept me and tvb debated on maybe doing where she volunteered to do it since the department had started roasting prisoners and people were protesting it was kinda "unconstitutional." "no, its okay, see i;ll do it!"


File: 1457773932094.jpg (219.2 KB, 787x596, mistycharredvore.jpg)

This ones really scraggly but thought people would get a kick. Idea was misty vored by charizard who;s flamethrower organ also works as a way to preserve meat for its lizard digestion to digest at its leisure, cooking its prey inside.

Theres a camera in misty, inserted into her ass and on a little stick which yah can see her hand adjusting thats giving the camera veiw panel in the corner as she was requested to use it for this "rare chance" to see a charizards digestive process in action.



This two are probably something i would love to see finished :P Cool ideas.


Also as a big ponyfag i must ask - did you finish this one? The only thing it was lacking was some nice heads on display :D


File: 1458040604716.jpg (281.01 KB, 615x1099, harleywinsfatality.jpg)

I hadn't yet, might be something tvb might want me to finish someday, though heads were never on the idea list for that one.

<was tired when i finally got my day off so i doodled.


File: 1458040711724.jpg (341.7 KB, 832x988, aprilmeal.jpg)

< April pays off her teams debt from ep 1 of the new season.


Would you please do all thr batgirls like this?


Nice spread there :) awesome sketch :D





File: 1458221713576.jpg (337.1 KB, 1364x1120, victoria.jpg)

I'm slowly getting back into commissions as well as kinda just random sketching and doing things at random so i doubt i got the mind set to do all the batgirls. Can hardly stay on topic when I decide to do something, heh.

Colored and fixed up an old picture of Seras < < the original


File: 1458221792222.jpg (243.54 KB, 681x720, ravengurodigest.jpg)

Concept for Raven being digested during a mission of intergalactic delgates. Figure it fuck/digests her the entire meeting, thus making everyone definitely want the peace treaty with that race. She was originally a e cup :P.


File: 1458221842268.jpg (272.51 KB, 942x857, fuckdinsey.jpg)

Random sketches of frozen. Not a fan but tvb is, so doodled and old concept.


File: 1458222611196.jpg (165.27 KB, 872x1013, etnaprinny.jpg)

< keep forgetting to color this so might as well post it and maybe i;ll see and remember to finish it :P.

Heh, amusingly its you and i think its amarkari or something, the guy that used to do all the living table spreads where the bodies roasted but not the head when I do those.

Heh, if yah ever want to do a trade let me know : ), could certainly see koto and juri from yu yu hakusho being served fr the dark tournament being cool in your style -_^


Damn! Shamer its not cooking or something but it still nice! Ther is not enough (good) Seras r34 on internet!


File: 1458340489805.jpg (238.02 KB, 948x851, twilight.jpg)

Was talking bake sale ideas with tvb and thought of this based off his interests in mlp and decided to doodle (tried watching it myself but, the opening tea party, augh. Though vinyl seems awesome from some clips i've seen.)


: my Little Pony Realy is a Good Serie ( still Wonder why?) But Realy i Love her .
But Never like the Fan Art. Malby Because i Alwals think about Ponys, if i See the Pics ;)


Good one xD Well she is still raw. Need some heat. :P
(thx for more mlp :P )



Huh. That's kinda hot. Got any other pics along these lines?


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


There are to few comments here saying your works is awesome. So here is another.
Fantastic pictures. They are awesome! :)


Please dont spam threads.


File: 1458777312105.jpg (218.71 KB, 758x766, twilgithycropped.jpg)

Nah to the frozen picture. Closest was that may having her tits eaten sketch by birds (which one yah can find in boobies on the main /g/ thing. <sketch refined.


File: 1458778349372.jpg (211.79 KB, 853x766, twilightroast.jpg)

Quickie edits, whee!


File: 1458778498061.jpg (212 KB, 853x766, twilightalt.jpg)

and for the sticklers.


Well Jim, not only have you delivered another great cooking piece, but you've also made the first real anthro cooking Art of the show. So, double thank you, Jim.
Keep being awesome.


It could be that the site lags. Does that for me too sometimes.
First it seems like you can't post and even if you refrech no coment shows up.
Then bam toons of them. It's wierd.
Or he was just a fool.

Sweet pictures.



Wow, spectacular stuff! I hope to see more stuff like this!


Okay i take it back: this roasted pony looks good enaught to eat^^


Yey! Thanks! It look nice for an edit! Roasted pink butt! :@


File: 1458872776484.jpg (42.29 KB, 998x687, gwenplattablese.jpg)

Heh, actually second after that one further up the thread thats only half done.

Glad people like the mlp one :P. Still can't force myself to watch it despite wanting to see more vynl scratch stuff, but a little used side character, not enough to deal with squeaky voices :P. Originally though maybe rainbow dash might have carried... but shes apparently not what I thought (less punk, more trailer girl?)

<- story concept sketch from a chat with TVB. We'll see if anything comes of it, its gwen tennyson.


File: 1458872831661.jpg (142.5 KB, 881x593, midna-birth.jpg)

and quicky sketch that backfired, but someone here probably wants it.


File: 1458872878754.jpg (128.54 KB, 703x572, vore.jpg)

and story concept dropped by tvb, so unlikely to refine this so here yah goes.


Wow tvb Drops Many Storys. Have he a Creative Blockade ?
Hope he find back his Inspiration.


File: 1458931615862.jpg (240.8 KB, 890x881, kariconcept01-1.jpg)

Well this time it was just his workload voiding his memory so he forgot and we came up with the Gwen idea instead. Alot more times it more trying to keep interest between the two of us, he wants alot of input in and I help juggle the massive amount of info we end up thinking up to keep things going on our own works, and for his own, he's gotta maintain his own interests (like with the Ruki fict.) So sometimes its me not wanting to really throw my own head into a game of questions for the night (I tend to read what he writes as he writes, and help him either keep on track for the ideas we did, or point out if something seems off or throw alternate ideas in, so he does alot of rewriting as well as we work), or I throw another idea (the death of alot of ficts sadly :P), or he doesn't want to do the fict cause its boring him at the time, or I don't want to help at the moment cause i'm not interested that day, and so forth. We do go back over old ideas, but past experience pretty much is that twilight ones dead, as he never started it and immediately forgot and I threw him a "better idea" with gwen (better idea of course for us, maybe not everybody).

And for a scale of ideas, ideas dropped or changed over, "breast grilling vaneloppe,"(actually a trim down of an old idea I never got em to write) "twlight vore by spike", Rethinking on a black girl volunteering for spitting demo at a school (few paragraph start up written), volunteer girls for grilling outside a school (no work done, was something I had brainstormed, deemed to complicated that late at night), restarting Katt from bof breast grilling for party supplies, and think i;m forgetting one or two, and thats what we've gone into in... the last three times we talked >>. So, uh... yeah. Alot of those are "several hours of back and forth idea stuff, and neither one of us have a good schedule for doing stuff (i;m going to bed like two hours after he's in from work.)

So yeah, consider when I say "Tvb dropped" as the fict was dropped probably cause of reasons :P and it might just have been a bigger carrot, though I tend to use that expression when he got bored or lost interest and try and use "we dropped" or lost interest as when it was a dual decision, but I suck at writing these things so I don't always do that cause fark dyslexia, late nights and ackwardness posting :P. Either way he does a ton of work on his side, and vice versa with me, its just alot easier to finish a picture then a fict, specially when you got someone giving you 25 ideas week.

< theres picture variants too of course, as shown by some of the sketches I've done, this for instance was gonna be payment for a story that got nixed for another idea. So another idea dropped on my end.


True its Not Easy To Finish a Story.
I also have et least 10 ideers a Day ;)
My badest Ideer was to do all 210 Grimm fairy tails ....
Because you get easyly Distractet.
Et least if you watch Animes and Play Games in Beetween;)


File: 1459039799928.jpg (121.45 KB, 1959x698, procrastinating.jpg)


< the losers circle.


Hey Jim, grand fan of your work here.

Have you thought about futa cooking and futa gynophagia?



I can't find anything with your art style in the "Boobies 2" thread. I don't see a prior Boobies thread active for me to browse through.


File: 1459197167698.jpg (46.69 KB, 474x531, robinandbeastboy1.jpg)

>>10556 it was severely sketchy.

>>10551 I will never do Futa, sorry. I dislike drawing nude human males in anyway or form for the most part cause I don't like the look of human wing wang, so adding a willy to a woman is... yeah. As far as I'm concerned adding a Long Johnson to a woman in hentai makes her a man with boobs for my pron tastes (irl, more complicated, but still not something I'd care to take a long look at ):P. Bestial and monster members is more "item/toy/other" instead, but adding that onto a woman again just makes it a naked guy in my mind. The only time I draw naked guys is practicing anatomy, last time I did that like... 2004 >>.

pocket rocket
power pole
peewee herman
You saw what I did there.


<- okay looks like it was 2005 and I need to add "as a joke." in there


File: 1459197261662.jpg (76.82 KB, 626x989, trans.jpg)

< also while finding that I apparently did do ONE futa-ish picture, if you count it loosely :P. But it's snot.


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


I've always agreed with that Jim. Add a dick it becomes a man, and I'd much rather look at a girl than a man - they're prettier.:)


File: 1459206128307.jpg (138.22 KB, 679x690, mayburnteaten.jpg)

Heh, okay yeah, this is definetly gurochan doing this :P. Spiral it should autosave your password so should be able to delete those doubles easily.

<was the other may portion of that idea, idea was moltres had tried to run off with the tits and just succeeded in burning holes in them with its claws, and that may was under a trap (after which they just ate them attached). Its based off i think its "busted bitch" or something on dolcettgirls, where a girl filmed vultures eating her tits, making them look like scraps left over by sticking them thru holes in a tarp.


File: 1459214984755.jpg (710.53 KB, 1256x1728, kyliecook.jpg)

< decided to revamp this old picture


File: 1459215032859.jpg (264.97 KB, 709x945, kyliedinner.jpg)

and viola :P.


Well Jim, as always, your prep art is amazing.
Also supprised this kind of scene wasn't in the actual show. I mean, they had a god damn elderech abomination steal people's eyes, and had those sergon guys kill someone basically on screen. I wouldn't put it past the show to do that.
With clothes, obviously, the show could get away with a lot of murder and mudilation, but no nudity of any kind. Ever.
I love American censorship laws.


His prep and Breast rost picture are Alwals the best.


Yeh i finale get my First Hater ! :

Iam Realy a disguisting and ill mindet Person :)
Like the tigercat of wonderland Say " we are all crazy here "


Woho! Thats a big milestone! Your art is good enough to have haters! You should write a story especially for him! xD


Apparently it didn't save my password and I don't remember what it was(if I ever knew it). Sorry.


Your password is your ip i think. Or at lest you can delete comments made from the same ip.


File: 1459305186824.jpg (16.08 KB, 320x240, VathekCreations02.jpg)

You should draw Kylie being experimented on by those Cenobite-style Vathek guys and turned into some kind of weird monster!


File: 1459388144559.jpg (135.31 KB, 794x722, taliquickie.jpg)

Might be a bit beyond me honestly, i like my girls to still be pretty.

Slept pretty much all my time away today, tried some second dream in warframe, swore alot at the bad spy mission, played soem dying light... died cause of stupid game premises, swore alot. So half hour, died about 8=9 times in two different games... decided I wanted to do SOMETHING positive and only had a small bit of the day left, so bam, quickie.


File: 1459392863915.png (652.2 KB, 897x1305, RolandvsGristleinDeadliner….png)

I dunno, why not just draw Kylie all bound up on an operating table, under threat by the Vathek dudes? Peril is always fun!


File: 1460247285107.jpg (173.73 KB, 877x810, huntress3.jpg)

Huntress warrior from adventure time running afoul of misfortune. Commission. I'll be honest, not really my thing on how it was done, not into anal for the sake of anal. So yeah, won't pick up more commissions along this line really, oversized inflation plus anals kinda, not like auuugh hideous, but just so entirely flat to me that the effort to it was hard to maintain to finish it. The fact this was adventure time and I tried to ap the style kinda also sealed it as something I just kinda had to force myself thru. Anyway, three variations and an animation of the three. (might post some of those later if gurochan locks me out for posting to quickly.) And should mention not dissing the commissioner on this one :P. Just not my fetish. Now the joke, thats dissing the commissioners reasoning as to what was going on, haha. Cause seriously, only in adventure time would this be plausible.


File: 1460247307239.jpg (163.43 KB, 877x810, huntress2.jpg)

ver 2


File: 1460247349065.jpg (154.1 KB, 877x810, huntress1.jpg)

ver 3


File: 1460247377874.gif (207.91 KB, 974x900, huntress.gif)



File: 1460247434361.jpg (230.83 KB, 839x722, likedis.jpg)

Concept i threw at tvb, not sure if it;ll be done, but posting the sketch. Ahsoka making a deal for ship parts winding her in hot water.


Like the last one^^

particularly in cannibalism absurd stories are great :)

Hmm we need money ... Okay I sell my body.
Bet you will not cook your own body ...
Ups wrong turn.
We have no meat at home .... daughter, come over here!

thereby it always has a funny note and disconnects it from reality.
Why also not sell yourself for a better ship, you never will get to use^^


so many posts :D loving all that cannibalism :D


File: 1460414693916.jpg (312.47 KB, 1268x885, granandcurelg.jpg)

>>10761 Should like this then, hehe. An offer to trade got buried under all the recent repeat posts due to gurochans stuttering, so a little repeat on it incase it was missed up there, though your awfully busy with commissions lately : )

>>10755 I prefer having the disconnect from reality, as I like the thing as more "story and so on's" then reality what if's like some people like. Like my guro to be 110% fantasy, and silly stuff like that nails it home :).

Anyway, commission for cure of Jade cacoon 2, and granberia of monster girl quest asked to be done up in two poses I had drawn before with other girls (dawn and may's cooking picture, and the volunteer girl.)

I... actually never heard of either of them ^^: anyway varient 1


File: 1460414812569.jpg (313.04 KB, 1268x885, granandcureapplelg.jpg)

And version 2 (apples added as commissioner requested.)

Was fairly hard to draw the body types on the gals, wide legged dragon girl and lots of bits and bobs on the.... something gal? Hope it carried across well enough for the commissioner.


Hey Jim! I really dig your stuff! Are you going to draw anything this year for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon?

Btw, I think Pike Queen Lucy is an underated chick of the series. Just saying. ;P


File: 1460479601507.jpg (39.85 KB, 715x885, whopsgran.jpg)

sorry, i stopped watching pokemon back when ash lost the league (I hated him as a main character, and at that point i was like "why the * am I watching this ** * ***!!!" ^_^:.) No idea who people are other then may/dawn after that point.

And no real plans for anything, there is a pokemon commission on the list to be done, but its a ways off (same monster girl person, but they have a commission between that and now, which could be a month or two before its gotten too.) I been more into digimon lately.

< part of a sketch i had messed up on for the previous commission, had mixed up poses due to a weird break in hotmails format of the page and read the wrong part for the dragon girl.


I would very much love to see that Ahsoka pic finished, never enough Star Wars meat girls around


Hello Jim Sugomi ! I wanted to thanks you again very much for the commission =3 (also, it's the first time in months I can access Gurochan ^^")

Sorry again for the complexity of the characters ^^" But I'm really happy of the result =3


File: 1460509322715.jpg (77.71 KB, 830x581, dorren.jpg)

Heh, try refreshing cookies by deleting them, or using some of the force reset of cookies options for your browser if it happens again. Tvb says one of his devices can't access it either oddly. So... could be anything.

Well less yah were banned :P. Can't help yah fix that one, haha.

And no problem on the odd anatomy, lol, long as its no everytime, honestly i dread kona-something more. sultry girls + glasses are kinda alien to my art style. Why I never draw bayonette :p.

< Always try and post something with my posts, so dreg up old things. This was an old sketch I kept meaning to refine with a doctor doom behind it but... yeah. Someday maybe. I spent the last two days writing 8 pages of badly mangled English though so I had nadda to show art wise :P.

Personally I blame TVB for that. Really shame on that guy, guilting me into writing cause he always says he wishes i'd write (and finish something)..! I'll show him!

I'll not spell check or something.

Fate worse then death :P.

Or write to many too's as to.


File: 1460511597005.jpg (254.94 KB, 1141x797, granandcuure.jpg)

Quicky convert since people seemed to like the last one and I was feeling a bit insomnia-c-ie-i o uo and bingo was his name- *wham* ZZZZZZ


Noooooes ! Poor Dragon-gals ='{ ... At least they seem tasty =3 *yum* Nice conversion Jim ^^ (and don't lose all your stamina over extra work ^^")


Well, if I didn't want dragon meat before, I seriously do now.
Also, talking Pokemon, the generation 4 Anime was actually pretty good (I mean, Ash is still the MC, but the others tend to do a good job of covering for him)
The movies are by far the best part of the Gen 4 Anime, and the Gen as a whole got really dark. Seriously, I think at least 500+ people and pokemon die in the series.
Also, it has Paul, and he is Amazing.

Also, It's huntress Wizard, not Warrior, sorry that just really bothered me.


File: 1460653928722.jpg (25.76 KB, 623x832, derpeewee.jpg)

Google image search hiccup. I looked for the name thru that when I posted and it gave me that as the name.

And really no interest in watching anymore ash anime, i get most of my stuff thru the occasional game I buy or the web fandom (as is the case of may and dawn.) It's like saria and malon, the internet meta made the character better ontop of the base.

honestly theres alot of things I refuse to watch now a days, tried and just didn't like, or otherwise, like steven universe actually makes me physically angry to watch ^^:. The styles horrible to me. Tvb asked for whats here name < and my reply was "she looks liek a black peewee herman in drag." This will be the only thing I ever draw from the series, I refuse to touch ti again ^^;.

I also rarely watch things now cause of time and energy, I'd rather watch the flash, and catch up on some other things then go back to pokemon etc, priorities and all that. Why watch pokemon when there's hellsing :P?


Do you have anything for gravity falls?


File: 1460769364628.jpg (111.19 KB, 713x760, may.jpg)

Messing with this picture, though only did line work at the moment.


Since you're not around to tell in person, and since maybe your fans might want to know as well; I figured I'd mention that the story I wrote for >>3107 is finally completely finished and posted.

You can find it here:


yummy set! and thanks for the link tvb



Mmmm, delicious! I'm sure the Pokemon think so too ;). Any reason for tape over the nipples, though?


Kinky stuff! The mentions of consent come off as absurd given the context, but absurdity does fit well with Jim's art!


did the site go down for anyone else for a month?



For about a week or so it went down, yeah. Main site is still down sadly.



File: 1463952599898.jpg (280.2 KB, 1313x900, ravemastermilked.jpg)

A little story concept I had thought on for awhile, but wound up dropped. Basically Elie finds out a store has a little special milkshake formula on its menu, only problem is she provides the milk. Always the "thrill seeker" shes providing for one for plu and griff (with the story concept having been that then lucy shows up for the now tapped Elie to get one as well.)

This was done as a quickie sketch on a stream, since I was having issues drawing I just went full on sketch mode with no intention of coloring or refining, allowing me to go silly routes and over the top on backgrounds.

>>11014 theres no human dicks in that picture, which is what that comment was on. nor is there futanari.

There's a discussion thread for this, this is an art thread :P.

>>10922 The idea was that it can't be pronagraphic in anyway for the guy taking the photo's, so in the story concept, having the tape pulled off temporarily made any photos invalid for the extent that the nipples existed.


File: 1463952694566.jpg (206.29 KB, 642x1047, yuritime.jpg)

Think this counts as freakshow-ish enough :P. Didn't do much guro/canni etc while the board was down. Mainly just worked on some stuff thats on hentai foundry (character sheet, some sketches, etc.)



She's in one piece! What a freak.


File: 1464570122872.jpg (305.52 KB, 1052x1013, tophkarpsmt.jpg)

Not exactly guro but only full color i got out at the moment. For tvb in exchange for... something. I don't think either of us really got a clue what this is in exchange for, we both kinda reached that tired state between zombie and 2001 a space oddesy baby.

either were both brain dead or just currently in a cross over state to advanced quantum mechanics and a new world order based on the barter of taco shells.

Considering I made that sentence, I'm voting for "just tired."


File: 1464570194233.jpg (162.92 KB, 691x1440, carl.jpg)

Also fiddling around with a plot concept with tvb produced this little bit of sketching, we;ll see if it goes anywhere (see post above.)

Supposed to be meryl from trigun :P just hadn't gotten to anything yet to make it obvious.


Awesome stuff, looks really tasty!


File: 1464666810730.gif (583.34 KB, 1845x1428, stream1.gif)

Animations, inflations, lactations, lots of tions. From my stream on memorial day.


Awesome! Looks like all you need are some spit roast animations to complete your set.


Yo, jim, What even happened to that inkling spit? Did it just die, like most projects?


File: 1465027549603.jpg (224.15 KB, 1066x731, acemax.jpg)

That one was specifically posted as failed concept if yah read the text with it. I couldn't get the angle I wanted right on it at the time cause I was having issues drawing, and was using it as an example of that.


File: 1465028133245.jpg (161.54 KB, 827x723, sorrybutno.jpg)

Theres unfortunately alot of things in that state of disrepair in my art folder. Its less "oh god its crap!!" and more "this isn't the best I can do, try again" such as this <<. So not really anything so much lost as it just got replaced by something that worked better art quality wise (though maybe not theme :P.) The Inkling thing to was inspired by a possible trade for the same thing that never got done as we switched ideas due to the inkling thing getting into a too difficult to write concept.


File: 1465028366829.jpg (229.37 KB, 916x765, boiyk.jpg)

Though sadly alot of times its also what the person I;m drawing for wants. My artbox is filled with things like THIS where I was really gung-ho to do it but it got turned down by who I was trading with and my lack of time and energy just caused it to never get done or refined. I tend to look for these in my artbox if I got no image to post with my comment, as I prefer to have each of my replies on here accompanied by an image. Had mused over what tvb had done with his art thread and go "hey free use base."

Somehow though I doubt that would ever work :P.


File: 1465168519351.jpg (303.23 KB, 1080x1197, sorbiyuoaturyk.jpg)

sketch i did for tvb to show a concept.



Well, you know you'll find an interested audience here!


Ohhh yes. Mistaken identity? :^)


What was the concept because this is really interesting and I would LOVE to know more please and thank you


File: 1465181198667.jpg (265.48 KB, 866x831, nipsgreen-1.jpg)

Idea was Yolei's shop basically needing to get people to buy girlmeat to keep the store afloat anfd getting other girls to do the deed. But not having much luck, because of the fact that the girls have been having issues with people seeing them as too human, and not meat, they busted out some old halloween costumes to "dehumanize" the girls enough people are willing to buy them.

Kari;s costume was based off this and thus was also the basis for sora's concept, as well as this Mimi ones which we both kinda felt eh about (drew it specifically going it doesn't quite work as well as lillymon as lillymons too human and palmons a tad weird.)



You should post the descriptions/inspirations behind your drawings more often!


File: 1465500198863.gif (221.03 KB, 980x870, gaz.gif)

Alot are just random drawings :P. Others are stuff i been working on tvb for awhile with and just am tired when I post haha.

Anyway commission finished: Gaz being stuffed

Text: top two lines Long Pig, bottom is irkin symbol plus meats.


File: 1465844464087.jpg (227.74 KB, 819x1117, ranaranaranamonmilk.jpg)

see if this is finally working...


File: 1465863024541.jpg (114.19 KB, 891x793, sari.jpg)

Quicky while i was sick.


File: 1465937008222.jpg (142.93 KB, 786x1089, shatteredglasssari.jpg)

Another Sari while I'm sicky. Also trying to find where the email to a lina inverse commission ran off too, so if your that commissioner give me a jingle if you could. Finally figured out how to pin the damn things in hotmail so I won't lose them anymore. the new revamp of hotmails been... confusing to say the least.


File: 1466040672020.jpg (169.15 KB, 880x1090, sarisheadlights.jpg)

More of everyones favorite black cyborg


File: 1466040705323.jpg (171.05 KB, 919x819, saris.jpg)

And a more literal more...


so much awesome art! love <3


File: 1466108460669.gif (201.01 KB, 980x870, gazstuffed2.gif)

Improved gaz stuffing.


File: 1466120535185.jpg (217.66 KB, 1229x926, zippydogcum.jpg)

Copied from HF:

The always good natured, Zippy helping out a stray dog she found. Looks like he had alot pent up.

Haven't drawn my oc in awhile and all the Sharpne that Grephs been doing made me feel like working on one of them, so I bopped this out quick. Was gonna draw an outdoors scene but ran out of steam and was botching the brick wall horribly.

Zippy herself was purposely made as complicated as possible as well... so yeah. She's a bit of work.

For those that are interested, Zippy's backstory was she was a girl hit by a car that got repaired using a 1,000 year old handbag. Based off japanese myth, the handbag had magic powers allowing her to live again as a Frankensteinian hybrid. She's a little off kilter, and loves to tease.

Basically was just an excuse to make a Lei lei from darkstalkers kinda character, mixed with a bit of everyone's favorite undead from another fighter game. Idea is the zippers on her body are to a pocket dimension, but she also can pull things out of her mouth (or any hole, yes that hole) and make tentacles come out of them, but as of yet only used it to make a quicky sketch of her molesting Grephs character.


File: 1466120837852.jpg (152.29 KB, 899x671, bleghbadlasers.jpg)


Heh glad yah like it Emiko, tried to comment on your thread earlier but gurochan was glitching out pretty hard earlier ^^:. I still need to work on that koto and juri idea I had inspired by some of your stuff but been busy apparently doing everything else >> <<.

<<random dropped sketch to excuse another post.


Is that April o Neil?


File: 1466202594525.jpg (256 KB, 887x1055, kairishiki.jpg)

Yeah, its from one of the ideas me and tvb has discussed, but it was dropped cause he hadn't gotten to the point where he had seen the food think machine. That was supposed to be her going into it and being parted by lasers due to the lack of supplies. Was on of a few variations, including things like being there as a torso to have limbs cloned to full out roast turkey girl.

<picture completed
copied from hf:
An old picture I finished up this morning that had been sitting around for awhile (a year+). The general idea behind it was that


Shiki's and her buddy is dead and in a game to resurrect, but is half ghost sorta, can pop into shops with a special mark that allows her to be visible and interact with the living, and the kingdom hearts cast has come to their universe in games, and figured this was to give the guys "one last thrill" just in case they botch the resurrect, but didn't want to lose their virginity to the guys.... so a little "run around" on that virginity thing with a little show between the two girls.


Its an old picture with a style I was trying to use to make Kairi look a slight less anime and more towards her game style, so probably looks a little out of place with my last batch :p.


File: 1466292736769.jpg (358.31 KB, 1080x1157, ravenmindcontrolled.jpg)


Poik. Narf.


Please no requests for Pinky porn. We all know Brain deserves it more.

Also special thanks to Tvb for spell checking my horrible dyslexic mess since every time I write in a drawing I seem to flip a letter, or not dot an I.

Also I had to autocorrect dyslexic.


File: 1466815364371.jpg (113.46 KB, 667x526, jun1.jpg)

Something I'm posting here as much to show as to remind. Basically want to go back and refine this, and possibly write this as I can't really get anyone too, which is a scene with Jun from Gathcman : ).

Going to be thinking on it so may change a bit but had the idea for the team being shot down protecting an oprhange or hospital in something like Zimbabwe thats been under seige, so no food, and the teams stores immediately run out. The team will be fine but some people haven;t eaten for nearly a week and won;t last till shipments go thru (and the jets engines are destroyed so they can't do it themselves.)

don;t read if yah want spoilers intact as I may write this.

Obviously, jun sneaks off and puts her tits on the line to feed the poor orphans/hospital patients, roasting them without telling anyone in the ships kitchen. Figure her basically having to endure pain as where i;d go with it, flopping the tits down on the already burning surface and having to cover her mouth to not make noise, her tits immediately going red, and then having to work hard to keep them on, as well as realizing too late she left her piercings on and doesn't want to touch the painful tits to take them off. Eventually the tits swell and the skin either starts to break or just feels like it so she has to cut the little vents on the tops of her tits to keep it from happening as her skin starts to harden like cooking meat, her nipples burning. Eventually she has them cook as long as she can and trys to cut them into slices, dark lines on the bottoms and the nipples scortched, starting from the nipple ends, figuring they;d be least sensitive but its too much for her after a few slices so cuts them off at the bases which are waaaay to intense, but she manages to do it. Then cuts the mounds into slices to go serve to the poor orphans :P.


I Love your art! Mostly all the Equestria girls/pony focused pieces! I just love those pastel colored girls being served as food! But that doesn't mean i dont enjoy rest of your work! I love all of it!


File: 1467155301677.jpg (154.07 KB, 989x746, kotojuri.jpg)

Probably always be more ponies till tvb's bored of em :). Nothing on tap right now though so to speak.

Been sick, tired and worn out for months and been tryign to draw random stuff to rev up for commissions and trades and so on, hence al lthe recent stuff, did this today bone tired, but ran out of steam before i could draw a kitchen (kept fucking up the perspective so gave up on finishing this beyond this)

Anyway koto and juri, had been wanting to see em kinda like emiko does their stuff, but wound up running more of an ecchi thing for koto, go fig :P/


File: 1467155482703.jpg (210.83 KB, 1046x878, kotodiscarded.jpg)

an example of how tired i am, as i threw this variant of the concept for the background away cause i coudln't line up boxes right ^^:.


How charitable of her!


What's the story behind these?


File: 1467447443232.jpg (127.37 KB, 755x805, gazmilk.jpg)

Their announcers for the dark tournament, a demonic fight thing, in the yuyu hakusho anime. Since its sponsored by insanely rich buisnessmen, and the demonic worlds got severely messed up values I figured that the girls had contracts that could put them as the meal if required. Koto's the type to pretty much do the job to a T no matter how dangerous, so its supposed to be essentially a consensual thing with a business like attitude for her, but I kinda failed to convey that.


File: 1467549491273.jpg (307.96 KB, 800x1454, takeaten.jpg)

Another quicky of something I kidna wanted to see mixed with a character I wanted to draw. Invader Taks one of those weird characters, jsut like gaz, where yah got to find that find line of "porn worthy" when trying to redesign the model. In this case I figured tits as big as her head worked for both making her interesting, and also worthy prey for the plant ^_- (which by the way it was supposed to be hanging down and got her thru its tentacle, it was hard to clarify in the end).

Beign reeled in by a pussy with tits bouncing also has been a favorite theme of mine thats not really done anywhere, so I try and get to it sometime between commissions now and again. Sadly no one else does it really, there's a story from sharue, a manga on e-hentai i can't really ever refind, and some piece with a hook that was around a long time back. Closest out there is the "cock sleeve" thing. Not really the same :/.

Anyway, this is a quicky while i'm still sick (going on week two of this annoying illness that due to the fact I haven't been able to stop physically working keeps rearing back up) so its not really refined to what I wanted fully. Why i been able to put out "alot more artwork" lately compared to commissions... I'm half assing it and not refining it to max like I would with commissions or a serious art piece. Though honestly just getting lucky for finishing these to the extent I have. I usually have a much larger fail rate when winging it. Commissions usually take a great deal of planning to figure out to make sure they look good, and even then theres some I hate how they turned out, simply cause the pose isn't exactly what I wanted, or the linework, or the coloring...

Yeah ^^:. Also got a story finally written out, just need to correct and do some rewriting, i;ll post that sometime soonish, but life keeps going hey, hey, you know that 4 hour period yah set aside! NOPE! And I kinda need to one shot thru the last bit of i to make sure the story keeps its pace ^^:


File: 1467550383094.jpg (158.02 KB, 1115x758, notpostinthisone.jpg)

A good example of a failure to plan is this one <

Hah, so if yah wonder why i takes me so long to do a commission once its active... there yah go. Tak's extra long size was an error as well from that, by the time I got the details down for the text boxes i realized it pretty much was godawful and would have had to redraw all the text stuff and background to get it to look better and was too tired.


File: 1467673592454.jpg (204.38 KB, 931x936, badsis.jpg)

Tried to knock out a 4th picture while exhausted and on limited time and... results are mixed. Figured i'd post it anyway, specially considering the explosives thread in /g/.

Hmx is a military grade explosive, and figured sis here, a combative spy from a game called alpha protocol, who's also mute, goth, a texan, and fairly loyal to her boss, managed to requisition some for "weapons testing." Tried to make her nipples look hard and kinda failed, to show shes "really getting into the idea."

Been kinda wanting to do a similar "pussy with explosives and a cord" thing with sweet autumn, and lesser autumn skye, from sanctum, but my one attempt at it was again, on another day where i was exhausted. Main idea, which i had thrown to tvb but he wasn't really interested in picking up, was them stuffing themselves full of c4.plastic explosives style stuff with a cord detonator so they;d be vored by the armored monsters i the game and be able to be detonated inside (unable to do it with any tech really weighing them down, or setting a bomb out with meat) cause the creatures were getting wary of it.



Looking good to me!


File: 1468157148394.jpg (246.19 KB, 923x864, irene2roasted.jpg)

(Continuation of >>4778 )
After giving out gallons of milk to the orphans, Iris's luck turns worse as the disaster at pontera continues, this time as a wayward goblin also suffering from the food shortage mistakes her for an unlimited supply of milk.

After knocking out the poor magician from behind when shes wasn't looking, the goblin sneaks her off, only to find her breasts have run largely dry without Iris awake (not that she'd get much more out of them!) and the goblins now find their unlimited source of milk a total loss.

Having given up an equal weight of food to bring her back, the now starving goblins find themselves in an awkward situation, not bent towards eating other humanoids, or intelligent beings, they also are now almost completely out of supplies...

Iris wakes up an half hour later to a painful stinging in her breasts, as she feels the small trickle of milk plink, plink plink only to hear it... hiss?

Jolted awake she finds herself tied to a spit, her largely abused tits now cooking over a fire the nipples are almost hanging into! she can already see feel her nipples starting to burn, the fronts of her breasts starting to brown as the magic tags, un-removable by the goblins due to the magic that adhered them, start to wrinkle and become damp with sweat and tit fat. Struggling she can only roast as the goblins watch, periodically making sure to rotate her so her tits don;t completely burn...!

Anyway another fun mess around with the heavier line style and grayscale. Was a fun story concept I liked and never got around to writing or having tvb write, so I decided to draw part of the scene. Figured they;d flip her, large tits slapping and dropping as she turned for awhile till they had to lop em off cause their cooking so much faster then her body before chaos finds her, but this isn't that story so who knows whats next for her : ). Shes a healing heavy mage, so theoretically nothings permanent short of death.

Since gurochan was down for a day or so people probably already saw this on hf or eka's first :P.



Heheh, I like this one since it reminds me of one of my own OCs being made a bitch by a jerkass shota xD


File: 1468542108735.jpg (162.62 KB, 651x794, minustwi.jpg)

Twi-sci free (as i disliked her in it but that was the request.)


File: 1468542126680.jpg (240.75 KB, 898x806, twilightcooktwi.jpg)

full varient


This is amazing! Don't really see why you removed the second nerdier Twilight though.


I like it


File: 1469063546890.jpg (277.98 KB, 1296x842, selphiemilkcow2.jpg)

Selphie filling in as a for profit milk cow in the garden. Similar to an idea i;m trading for but not the same thing (others more dehumanization then happy go lucky :P)


File: 1469063562495.jpg (193.29 KB, 847x1013, muffetmilky.jpg)

Muffet color finished.


File: 1469114587149.jpg (442.75 KB, 1180x956, tifabar-1.jpg)

One of those idle sketching concepts that got away from me as I kept adding more to something. Highly doubt i'll fix it up though with my time limitations but figured people would still like to see the crappy sketch version of it.

Was originally gonna be "bunch of big titted girls being cooked or sold so they were running out of huge titted girls (no breeding) and instead thought of tifa being propositioned, then thought of her getting on the platter, then did the expressions, badly :P, and then decided it needed a between platter and cooked platter picture of her going into the oven and... eventually i just had to stop myself haha.


File: 1469136597442.jpg (184.96 KB, 725x746, monstergirl.jpg)

Surprised there's not a horror game girl dating simulator yet like the zelda, etc ones.


File: 1469138319173.jpg (132.71 KB, 782x632, muffetmultisell.jpg)

definitely need to refine this one, but its muggy and hot as hell today so too lazy to do it now, so, posting so I don't forget it.


hey jim. i remember seeing a sketch by you where raven cooks her breasts under sand. i cannot find it anywhere. do you still have it?


File: 1469174091995.jpg (107.19 KB, 602x766, ravenbeachcrap.jpg)

So old apparently it wasn't even in my current art folder, but luckily i named it raven so a quick search turned it up.


File: 1469174349403.jpg (210.97 KB, 918x1120, ravenup.jpg)

Also since there was an explosives thread in the main /g/ that someone was looking for stuff like this might as well repost this one that popped up.


Those Muffet and Tifa pics look really nice, Jim. (Hell, you could probably post the Tifa one on Eka's right now and everyone would love it.)
I especially like the muffet design in the pic full of nude monster girls, very sexy yet buggy.


File: 1469259885166.jpg (386.24 KB, 1440x1478, whe.jpg)

>>12262 I'll probably post it on eka's in a bit but i tend to post batch uploads there as its a pain in the ass to have to fill out all the tags and mess with its "autocomplete" function that hijacks everything i try and write ^^:. Gurochans the easiest to uplaod to cause I can literally just type in gabbabdooobiitty and hit send haha.

<Something random from raven stuff to fill out the picture per post qouta i tend to do.


So, I seem to remember a pic of a basket ball chick with her rump on a grill before gurochan went down? Can we see that one again?



Oh that meat hook <3


Great picture. I'm mostly curious about the mower and how Raven even got in that situation.


It seems like truly a series of unfortunate events.


File: 1469430283808.jpg (83.26 KB, 492x628, 12834569947.jpg)

Prettty much was kinda a individual villian thing, yah can see jinx in the first frame, mother may I theme for the second (cooking) gizmo for the saw, ad figured mad mod or mammoth for a school sports field thing.


File: 1469430410095.jpg (122.21 KB, 866x869, grilladded.jpg)

This one was never finished, but was part of a two part story idea that had goten dropped, basically girl grills a tit in the above picture, on a bet she purposely failed, and is caught using "school property" for that after the first tits carved off, and then forced to grill her rump in front of the school as punishment (now only having one breast as well.)


omg those last few sketches and pics are just amazing, love all the cooking and slicing xD


Any other images in an old file that have not been uploaded? These are awesome!!!


File: 1469496757128.gif (928.54 KB, 423x339, 128410445236.gif)

Er, well over 1,500 at this point. I been drawing for about ten+ years now. Can check rule 34 for alot of it and eka's portal, sadly g-chans threads have an image limit. < link to my eka's gallery.

<something i;m sure no one saved but makes me laugh at how bad the animation is.


File: 1469496805500.jpg (348.49 KB, 1332x828, crabig.jpg)

< probably tvb's favorite, and probably forgot about it as well, haha.


File: 1469496942782.jpg (286.78 KB, 925x1688, hinatasfantasyjpg.jpg)

post three off the top of a quick preuse i think people'd like.


File: 1469497033498.jpg (109.43 KB, 1001x680, hinata-fantasy-end1.jpg)

end scene of above


File: 1469497070770.jpg (177.65 KB, 745x978, ravenbeaststar1.jpg)

Starfire chopped up


File: 1469497238713.jpg (366.02 KB, 2446x972, titansroastedsmall.jpg)

probably third biggest picture i did count wise.


File: 1469670261037.jpg (199.59 KB, 752x917, starsold.jpg)

Started watching this earlier today :P. Not sure why everyone tried to get me to watch steven universe, this is far better.


File: 1469702980494.jpeg (90.7 KB, 790x863, image.jpeg)

So what was the story related to this picture?


What show is that? <. <

And as aways love your work.


Star Vs the forces of evil


File: 1469839788549.jpg (563.35 KB, 1210x2030, kairismi.jpg)

Was straight up exhibitionism i think. Was based off an old fict someone did for me i don't really have permission to repost where a similar scene had happened at a boob cooking restaurant where the girl had used a whisk in her pussy, and had decided to use it as tea doing it in her store there late at night i believe (though impossible to tell black and white).


What was the story called? Can it be found? I'm interested since it was stated that it had debreasting


File: 1469969854887.jpg (174.53 KB, 664x956, makaver2.jpg)

Lost contact with the guy years ago and didn't have permission to share, he never posted it. Actually not even sure i have a copy anymore.


File: 1470002422660.jpg (105.39 KB, 872x651, dreadout.jpg)

<something I was working with, with the girls from dreadout. Might return to it (partially posting it so I won't forget) But todays been bad cause yadda yadda, lets face it, my posts always got the excuse "job/life" sucks, no need for more.

Figure I might put them in a market stall thats been disused, as the games set in a ghost town where you need to take photo's to suck the souls out of the ghosts, so a meat market ghost "looking for stock" hanging the girls and leaving them to be sold to a non-existant market" sounded kinda fun to me.


Really like this one.

My favorite art from you is certainly the cooking, especially of the whole body (with or without the head).


File: 1470176543486.jpg (204.76 KB, 851x738, ahsokaseethrupussy.jpg)

I joke I keep introducing people to fetishes that have no other source on the internet :P. Well here's a new one.

Its done sketchy cause after trying and trying to get the pose right i kinda gave up on refining it any further even after i finally got it somewhat how i wanted :P.

as for how and why, ricochet off the floor, or bad twirling in the air dodge, either way thats about half a pussy and a womb gone there, not even a bit of the cervix left. Ahsoka's pussy seems to have to spend alot of time in the bacta tank in these pictures. Course shes going to have alot of time to do that after they bring her in, course shes going to have to deal with a questioning first with that very ackward "centerpiece" to talk over between them. Its not like shes going to do anything other then lay on her back with that issue at hand.

Somehow I just see a moft or whatever the high end officials were using it as an ashtray as he interrogates ^^:. Tis deep fried at this point, not like she'd feel it.


File: 1470179081262.jpg (508.33 KB, 1549x920, mrh.jpg)

Well apparently this is the 500th post on my thread so i guess I should post something "special."

I got nadda ^_^: wasn't paying attention so made no 500 yeah! pic and someone will post before that, so here instead is a compilation of about a weeks worth of brainstorming for an oc to go with zippy. Where as zippy was meant to be "tough" to draw, this ones made to actually adapt to my style (i tend to default to that hair style for my idle oc drawing, shes a tentacle cat girl, and shes an ooze girl that can change shape, so morphable tit sizes, essentially shes my "defualt" girl with additional stuff on her and i can change her body to do uber boober.)

She's still in the design phase for things like color and so on, but the left, and top two are pretty much "final" concepts for her linework at least. Currenlty have her operating off the name "mrh" (pronounced mrr), but shes still being designed so...

Shes designed to mainly be exhib, beast, tentacle, and inflation, with her body able to be see thru to show pentrations (can see it on the right top in play) as well as BEING the tentacle monster when need be :). Ooze girls aren't so good for canni or lactation.


Great job!


File: 1470359858515.jpg (302.83 KB, 648x847, aninklingofraven.jpg)

something from my stream, an odd request i did cause i was tired that i wound up refining inthe same time period. Might start fishing for traders near the end of this month as tvb's been getting busy and my only other traders a bit worn out via irl causes, but stil trying to juggle commissions. Kizna and koto still need love.



Woooow, that's definitely a new one. Love your creativity, Jim!


File: 1470848284376.jpg (709.16 KB, 1019x1394, sketchworkslola.jpg)

amusingly about variation 15 of it, as it originally came across as an idea for jinx years ago, where she was going to be cut in half by a special missle by gizmo, where he was going to lift her back end up and be able to see from her womb thru her pussy, and her bisected able to see back as he held it up in front of her (back end was gonna then become a trophy on a wall, hung up by the pussy.)

Some stuff I did while g-chan was down, this was the latest bit of some fanart of Sketchworks Lola character getting a sequel to her streaming sketch. tried to mimic the artists style on it.


File: 1470848350774.jpg (349.42 KB, 1471x900, concept.jpg)

And a concept I had made up for the artist of what I had thought originally of adding as an extra tail end, but won't likely be getting to.


File: 1470848378290.jpg (279.85 KB, 1296x1296, monstersandhorror.jpg)

Monster girl compilation.


File: 1470848544883.jpg (317 KB, 1440x1214, studenthead.jpg)

And some sketches I made talking concepts with tvb though nothing got picked up I felt the want to doodle em. This one was the idea of some student head, like a school president, rewarding her cabinet with herself in exchange for a job well done, or as for payment for them doing a better then normal job (I'll let you roast me if you do x) but there's still one final meeting, so shes basically running it from the grill while cooking. I only doodled the "her getting on" part though. Was a continuation of a theme me and tvb were talking about about grade a and high end students, well off and successful, being turned into meat of their own whim.


File: 1470848713420.jpg (199.24 KB, 1497x568, grillllll.jpg)

And this was a concept for a girl taking the place of a ham their dog ate when her dad needed something to grill. Course they never intended to grill HER so the grills too small for her and shes kinda just laying over it. Second frame is her being flipped, figured the guests all kept getting a view of her backside and wondered when that'd be ready.

Was musing over adding dialogue to the first frame along the lines of "this is all your fault boy, you better not try and eat me as well!" and the dog just confused as to whats going on.


Well, that's one way to encourage your subordinates to do well.
As always, Jim, even your sketches are amazing, especially when you grill.
Also, your muffet still looks amazing.


Muffets still on my list to color, but i'm prioritizing my commissions. I jsut amusingly keep setting up a stream to idle doodle and winding up with full color stuff in half the time i usually take... guess i'm more motivated with people watching. Actually working on a squiggly piece as I type here.


i really like the girl on the grill, especially the flipped view. i like seer marks from grills



And the pussy steam!


File: 1471048346579.jpg (362.05 KB, 917x834, gradeagoth1.jpg)

Quickie thing I did due to lack of ideas and time. Basically made this with the sole idea of "this hair style for the black haired girl" and lets just go with a spit. Idea was drawn just from that ^^:.


File: 1471217315549.jpg (519.95 KB, 945x1162, squigglyovi.jpg)

Squiggly comish finished, Obviously double is not the type of nun that takes a vow of celibacy...


File: 1471301964289.jpg (381.82 KB, 839x986, tronbtchered.jpg)

A fun concept i tried to unsuccesfulyl sketch so gave up on the later parts. Tron bonne's crew running out of food and supplies, so tron goes down to the market and sells herself to the local chinese cooking place. After milking her using a donated milking machine from the farming stalls nearby, they behead Tron right there in front of the customers, gut and stuff the body, removing the hands and feet and fry it, turning it into the classic cooked chinese chicken dish, before offering it for sale.


File: 1471383753175.jpg (443.54 KB, 879x1006, jinxrouge.jpg)

Little stream freakshow


File: 1471490975710.jpg (307.78 KB, 788x990, panovi.jpg)

Another quickie, actually done in roughly ten minutes. Really need to hook up my scanner again someday as my half broken tablet is mostly responsible for what a mess the line works on these end up being ^^:. I may continue with this, was musing overa peril scenario where giro reveals that their giant versions of the parasitic wasp and all the eggs are ticking time bombs she needs to get out, but her cervix is sealed shut.

Preparing my apartment though for an inspection at the end of the week though so... yeah.


File: 1471491150626.jpg (325.41 KB, 862x1139, zimovi.jpg)

Also another crappy sketch from a few days back. May open up a permanent "trading slot" soon as well, but bad at advertising so :P. That and always hard to nail the limits on trades. People always want over my limit without realizing it or expects me to want it ^^:.


File: 1471566596921.jpg (349.51 KB, 885x782, raventurkey.jpg)

Raven volunteering to be the turkey for thanksgiving. Saw some large breasted amputee stuff on ex-hentai and decided I liked the idea of raven being one as a more "turkey-ish" girl. Something fun with the girl being like 90% sexual assets, basically a pair of tits, ass, pussy and a stuffed womb, an if shes picked up she's like a solid compact mass of jiggling with nothing non hentai left of her besides the head.

Figure after shes stuffed, glazed, and maybe pinneaple slices shes stuffed in the oven for a few hours, pulled out occasionally for basting.


nice choice of raven as the stuffed bird, fitting =3


If there's one thing I've learned about Raven in your work, it's that she needs to keep listening to Beast Boy. She always seems to wind up on the menu when she does


File: 1471594517457.jpg (91.17 KB, 753x674, lights-out.jpg)

Hah, one of the things I was trying to figure out, among many of the picture, from how the limbs go missing, and so on, was how she got the huge tits. Be funny if it was cause of the string of pictures leading up to that involving beastboy getting her into situations and she just wound up as this at the end, huge breasted and gung-ho for a canni scene.

My main ideas right now behind this is Raven volunteering to be the turkey as enough people are showing up that one regular one isn't enough, and cyborg using laser tools for the de-limbing so there's no unnecessary blood issues, though the idea of her brought to and back from a butchers shop is interesting too. Heh, and of course the funny concept of once she was roasted having jinx or someone at the table like "holy carp, talk about your white breast meat."

I honestly like the idea enough just lack of time and energy hits hard now a days. I'lll probably think on it more, and either try and refine this or sketch more of the concept if I can, but.. ugh. Need a vacation, but every time I take one something comes up T_T

Hah, still wouldn't mind hearing what other people think would work well with it or future images, or should be used for backstory for the conception, maybe i'll change some plans, or not (not gonna promise nadda cause of aforementioned time issues).

< also really a lack of things to post for my usual "one picture a post thing" I try here, so here was a sketch of a concept for space food truck, a board gamish thing on steam, I tried to do with the captain/pilot running afoul of yet another broken ship issue as they struggle to make their food ingredients.

Had mused over the idea the pump had an expanding bit that was powered, and without power it is now stuck.


If I may make a suggestion regarding the Thanksgiving Raven perhaps have her missing limbs be part of what's being stuffed into her


Curious question, how did you come to learn how to draw? Trail and error and constant attempts? As I have no idea where to physically start, as I also wish to get into drawing... Just, have no physical idea on whats the best method to use. Using a quick sketch of basic shapes to get a simplistic outline? Cheers!


File: 1471652730983.jpg (355.27 KB, 840x975, ravenmusing.jpg)

Heh might work better for another idea. usually meat inside meat works better with other sources (aka turducken, bacon wrapped steak etc), so something like multiple tt girls with it a mixed batch of stuffing so you get demon, human, alien stuffed girls.

My advice basically depends largely on what level your currently at. If you jsut starting, my best advice is look up some stuff online that gives you measurements to work off of. ALot of art is practice and trails and errors figuring out what style, and what works for you, especially with anime where the typical rules like with eyes and tits, don't adhere, but getting a good feel for tricks work well. Like for instance with legs I know the gimmick "when the legs fold up, the knees are at the shoulders, the feet are at the ass cheeks" as a good way to know how long to make legs. Not sure if i made them long enough or too long, i make a circle from knee cap to shoulder to see if its the right length. Same with tits, I know to leave a bit of room between the collar bone and the start of the tit, so their tits aren't growing out of their collarbone, and so forth. Currently working on something similar to go off of for the whole damn shoulder thing.

But yeah, basically learning some basics on measurement for tricks work wonders before going full out. I'd start off just doing torso/head practices using that, and then when yah feel yah got the sizes right for that move on. Just watch out for the usual beginners issue of drawing too small. Alot of people start out doing little tiny figures and theres really no room for hair, eyes mouths etc that way.

I'd go measurements, head and shoulders and torso, then move onto hips, then do limbs, and when yah feel yah can do a static model of that move to using the stick figure lines drawn over with details to work out posings. Its time consuming, but its the basics of artwork for most people learning.

I did everything the hard way and learned from scratch ^^: always found tutorials after I mastered that level and could never find the next cause when I learned to draw... things like deviantart didn't exist yet and we were still using dial up connections. So old....

Sadly I actually just deleted a crappy variant two days ago of a tutorial for how to draw heads I had done for someone. But it was pretty shite so ^^:. Had mused on training people and doing tutorials but right now just trying to get things straightened out for crap irl so times scarce.

<Anyway musing on raven's intro here, probably not what I'd go for for "canon" as I was just putzing with text and trying to see if I could draw her body like in the one picture minus the stuffing bump and sidways pose (as I've said in the past, tits are weird in that certain tits fit better for certain poses, like long dangly tits bad for standing, great for grill pictures, in this case I needed big, nearly too big for the body, tits, which tend to cover hips), and I had envisioned her jilling off on the couch to dolcett style magazines secretly with the guys in back talking and a bit more wording in there, but was trying to brainstorm and sketch with what little time i have.

Also sorry for the rambles :P. Tired as hell and fitting this in between a nap, and going back to bed to go back to work at 2 am, and then come back and do irl crapola. Sooooo tired T_T.


File: 1471756004412.jpg (459 KB, 1006x909, startentacles.jpg)

Bouncing around on things, was needing to do laundry at like... 11pm to 2 am on my day off and needed something to stay awake. Nothing on youtube, read all my comics... then TVB suggested check on the new eps of Star vs the forces of evil.....


File: 1471827775847.jpg (114.17 KB, 1000x936, selphie.jpg)

Going to officially open up a trade slot for anyone that's interested. Leaning towards, either saria, selphie ff8, koto and juri of yuyu hakusho, nao izumi patlabor, and so on for my request, but depending on the person and medium that might change (or the person may not be interested in writign or drawing that). Also depends on what the person may want. Only gonna have one slot open for trades at a time so as not to get overwhelmed, so it'll be first come-ish likely, less someone really inspires me to bust one out quick :P. But seeing as i;m doing this cause I need an artistic recharge... have to be a cool request.

Can email me or leave a message here, keep in mind my "gore" limit is alot lower then most on this board, so I may say no to things above my limit. Been into lactation, cooking, and beast lately. < included some sketches of some stuff I may be interested in seeing milkign wise with boob types : ). Thugh had a story concept with selphie an a t-rexsuar and a milk pump that won't let go.

As for the commissions status's got a few emails this last few days, will be replying to em soon but got hit with about 20 hours of cleaning and work extra this week and had limited time and energy. Think most of the replies came from seeing the raven picture I humorously drew because I was too tired to do anything serious.


File: 1472146303740.jpg (341.73 KB, 1130x898, ddprogression.jpg)

Little in the works preview, not sure how long it;ll take to get too.


File: 1472168292877.jpg (662.8 KB, 1125x892, dndcattle.jpg)

Apparently today...

The dungeon and dragon's gals sheila and diane are captured and put to "work" by the orc's, under orders not to harm them in any way till their rescuers are caught going for the "bait."

Unfortunately for them the rest of the group without them is incompetent enough that despite the orcs making it VERY obvious our ladies in peril here were nearby where they were caught, the men (and one unicorn) leave the area assuming that the orcs moved on and continued on their quests hoping to run into the raiding orcs later in their crusade.


Drawn on stream today.


File: 1472432579789.jpg (393.86 KB, 840x953, maryjanespitsmall.jpg)

Something new visible for just a few minutes while gurochans up :P.


What a tasty looking piece of meat. :P


File: 1472517905693.jpg (190.74 KB, 971x720, dndconcept.jpg)

One of the concepts I had thought of for the dnd girls "after" based off meat preservation methods I read about for the middle ages. Basically stuff the meat and cover it in salt, and or soak it in a salt and vinegar solution. Then let the meat hang and dry in the sun for awhile before packing it in salt and storing it, allowing the meat to remain for months without decay. Not really gonna use this image for it for obvious reasons (it sucks and was a quicky to feel out the concept), but figured if I had or do go down that route the end would be the other kids finding the girls in storage months later, or some of the orcs finding em and going "oh hey its the sows, maybe we should break these out for the solstice roast."


Fun concept. Would be interesting if the adventurers came back later and traded ransom for them not knowing they were cooked and preserved.


File: 1472690181694.jpg (295.55 KB, 840x851, akanemeatroastfinal.jpg)

Considering theres apparently a diamond base Resurrection spell requiring the remains in dnd them locating the bodies might work for a Resurrection after the fact scenario.

<something speed doodled for tvb.


Excellent concept. It deserves to be cleaned up, colored, and then posted in your HF gallery.


A small tidbit for you:

In China there is a place called Yunnan where entire pig is preserved as a giant ham. Deboned, gutted and then preserved. Maybe you could look into that as well.


File: 1472804102637.gif (76.43 KB, 318x294, updatedredraven.gif)

(If yah saw this at like 3, i realized I made an error and corrected, it no longer flashes)

Thats pretty similar to what i was thinking of for the girls, cept for the deboning part as without the bone structure they'd get squishy looking. I was thinking of the bodies stored in one of the old stone domed "fridges" they had back before there was any electricity, so that if the guys found them it'd be the bodies packed into either cases, or laying in piles of meat. The problem is its a hugely complicated idea, and half the people who liked the milking picture want guro, the other half want hentai.... so yup. still making up my mind.

On a seven day work week (which I didn't realize till I started it.) With someone coming into town the day after so likely not gonna hit it up anytime too soon. Plus I got a like... 6 raven commission I'm gonna need to work on.

<- old animation, just edited it to look a little better before went to work today so i'd have an image to post with this.


Posted a rough sketch a DnD idea in my thread. Can always do both with the girls, the can preserve parts of the girls and still keep them for milking.


File: 1472858633665.jpg (248.83 KB, 875x839, dndidea.jpg)

Heh, interesting concept, though I was more thinking along the lines of something like this < though I had more thought of them having their limbs still intact but was having issues with the posing so i just went with this ^^:

Figured the rest of the crew stumbling upon it, or maybe more of a close up with an orc hand with some wording about how maybe now was the time to use them. I really got no clue yet really though. T_t;


File: 1472859879373.jpg (162.55 KB, 1050x825, peicemeal.jpg)

based off >>13442 as a random sketch along that lines, though one of the orcs decided he wants some breast meat as well.


File: 1472861928355.jpg (245.75 KB, 1121x741, dnddedicated.jpg)

More dedicated attempt at replicating sc's concept since the artist went far enough to sketch it. Shows off as well the difference i did for diane and sheila's breasts, something the meat pile kinda didn;t take enough into account. (had mused over sheilas tits still pointing "down" her body so anyone opening the door sees them pointing at them, but was rushing and tired so forgot


All those came out look really awesome. They make good centerpieces for a feast.


File: 1472932048448.gif (275.49 KB, 932x746, makmilk.gif)

Glad yah enjoy it.

And for those that never look into lit, finally posted another story, wendy from gravity falls roasting.

>> <<

Enjoy :p.


File: 1472944612831.gif (239.97 KB, 860x900, crappysketch111.gif)

< old old sketch

Posted a bunch more in the above link. got irritated and used the energy to flood the post with pretty much all my past guro stuff and some samples of unposted dsylexic mess!

Picture related :P.


Don't know much about Gravity Falls but the story was really hot. Enjoyed the description of her being drunkenly stuffed and her reaction to it.

The Renamon being roasted story was really good as well, I drew a rough sketch of when she first climbs on the table partially shaved.



Love your amputee stuff, you always make it look great!


File: 1473147041803.jpg (189.12 KB, 703x861, glorycapturedbyghouls.jpg)

>>13514 Heh, i copied sc pretty heavily there on the amputee thing (the muscle striations instead of the usual "t-bone steak" i tend to go with. So make sure yah check out his thread : ).

Looks cool, I rarely draw furries so its always pretty obvious when someones got some skill in them since they look alot better in my eyes (even more so cause of my own lack of skill : ). Renamon's gonna be a loooong term work in progress. Was more of a hey I listened! post then a soon to be finished T_t;. I need to reread, correct some stuff, then add in some more and oi.... Writings so not my main ability ^^:. I usually throw stuff tvb's way simply cause by the time i'm done i never want to look at a fict again after all that work, haha.

speaking of tvb, tvb wanted to trade, but I was waaaaay too bloody tired due to my long work week, but we tossed ideas back and forth and one of the ideas that came up was this for glory. I decided to sketch it as a concept, though in the end we didn't decide on anything for him to write due to my exhaustion (and worry it'd conflict when the two commission's i';m currently going to accept kick in later this week.)

Basically glory captured by some ghoulies in the sewer. Not wanting to infect her by accident with their bites and thus potentially ruin their meal their doing a little bit of creative roasting. Course Glory's like 95% cybernetic, but they did find SOMETHING (or somethings) to eat. Shes currently hanging by a crowbar, her systems down after one of the ghouls tasered her. The concept of the idea was going to be her escaping after one of her tits are carved off early and they go off to eat it, with a focus on her unable to really see much and having to deal with those massive mammaries in her face (and the loss of one allowing her to see her attackers gone, and swinging and fingering herself off the crowbar). Possible endings maybe her then going to the ghouls and using the plot from the game negotiating a deal despite the indignities inflicted on her.

As with all of mine and tvb's trade concepts, we usually get bored and move on ^^: so who knows. We mention like 15 ideas a night when we're on a roll (or more.) We didn't lock this in so we may just have a better idea (to us) in mind by the next time.

But hey a sketch, and as asked in a previous post a little information on the story behind it :).


File: 1473217695972.jpg (139.76 KB, 728x900, sariaskullta.jpg)

saria falling prey to a skulluta


loved that renamon story <3 only wish it'd lasted til she lost her head but either way great stuff and the pictures are great too :D


File: 1473468379220.jpg (296.62 KB, 1350x862, tifaaa.jpg)

Sick ^%&%^ again, tired, exhuasted, seven day week and then a 8 hour walk with a sick person then another day of work apparently did me in, so at the end of my very bad horrible no good day in which everything went wrong took a shot at some doodling. 50/50 :P. didnt suck at least, but posting before i hit the bed and hope i don't wake up with swamp thing for a throat.


Actually, if you don't mind my asking, just what digimon did those random tits and pussy belong to in the deli story. The "Large pale breast with a golden plate." I'm guessing is an angewoman, but I have no idea what the "smaller green B-cup sized" one is from. If you can't remember, it's cool.


palmon if i remember right.


aw gosh, don't push yourself too hard! I did that last month and lost like 4 weeks and counting of productivity T_T

Get well soon jim-sama


File: 1473894430421.jpg (497.2 KB, 1005x849, roastpeach.jpg)

gurochan's up for a second! quick uplaod something!


File: 1473894451686.jpg (281.59 KB, 801x717, gumroasted1.jpg)



File: 1473894478059.jpg (234.94 KB, 1000x701, nabiki-dinner.jpg)



File: 1473894494370.jpg (464.07 KB, 888x998, thundercatsvore.jpg)



File: 1473963214358.jpg (478.84 KB, 888x998, thundercatsvoren.jpg)

forgot to color wilykits leg there ^^: so di dsome other improvements


File: 1473976383948.jpg (188.1 KB, 931x696, ezra.jpg)

in works preview for those few that only keep track here :P. End result will end up on ekas portal though if gurochans down at the time.


File: 1473980055499.jpg (601.84 KB, 857x1485, ezraprogression.jpg)

example of how I do the artwork from start to near finish here.


Very nice work, Jim.
Mind if I ask who that tasty Red-head your grilling is before Gurochan decides to take a cliffdive again?


It's Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.


File: 1474012488761.jpg (224.48 KB, 894x735, teaspitter.jpg)

yeah its part of a bigger commission of her and lucy with a before and after. I got a bunch of commission requests after posting that dnd picture and the first two commissions were huge requests for 4-5 girls thats one 4th of the first commission almost done (just need to add background and smoke and fine tune and....!)

the others a 5 raven milking thing where the base raven's milked so all 4 of her emotional states are as well in her mindscape.

<sketch i had made two days ago with tea trying out a game in the game shop thats an ancient spitting device for scrafices to the gods. The girl palys a game of "who's higher" by clicking domino style peices into a slot, that then reveals a number, if hers is higher or equal to the number, the spit doesn't move, if its lower the spit moves forwards. She has to win a certain amount to get free, but if the thing wins, shes spitted. Figured when she clicks in the pieces the bottom number is revealed, and the whole things hand cranked, when a numbers higher then hers basically the spring gets released a little more allowing the spit to rotate in its shaft and go in deeper, with the final push being a large one all the way thru the girl. Was part of an idea for a story concept tvb wasn't too interested I decided to sketch where she did it in the game shop of yugi's dad cause she had gotten addicted to peril and the dad had yet another dangerous thing he found in egypt to sell. "hey wanna try it out?"


File: 1474310875488.jpg (1.13 MB, 2253x1075, ezraluclgy2.jpg)

Two part commission for the two fairytale girls getting toasted with a specific background. I used a screenshot of the fairy tail guild's head quarters for reference for the background as no real plot was provided or reason for their cooking so went with "guild outdoor roast."

Neither seem to happy about it :P.

A second part will be around in awhile, but I have a second large commission running concurrently with this so I gotta put some time in on that one, and these are both really big to draw.


File: 1474498197943.jpg (342.27 KB, 1080x778, ravenmilked.jpg)

First frame of a massive Raven commission mostly done. So a little preview. Since it needs to match the mindscape thing a bit more that’ll be below it there’s a few minor touches to add or change to fit when that comes into play.


File: 1475222941629.jpg (435.03 KB, 1035x887, ver4.jpg)

something I was trying to work out sketch wise but never quite got satisfactory due to having an off day.


File: 1475223004128.jpg (319.61 KB, 997x822, ukyop.jpg)

other version. Did three of these but the first version was so error'd its not worth posting.



What's that stuffed in her?


File: 1475258892491.jpg (80.57 KB, 525x508, rei2smc.jpg)

Pretty much a big salami or pepperoni, Uykou's or however yah pronounce the girl from ranma's name apparently does these pizza like things so tvb likes her doing stuff along those lines and this was for him. Had wanted more of a "large ass" feel to it i never really got.

< Tvb makes me draw tings. (old)


File: 1475289887192.jpg (147.72 KB, 1057x853, muffetsale.jpg)

Multi-breast colored muffet : ).



If she's offering herself up so nicely to be eaten, then why not oblige?


File: 1475527930697.jpg (993.92 KB, 1097x2043, ravenssm.jpg)

A commission for Raven being milked, and the resulting effect in her mind.

A little tame for my standard for a multi girl thing. I pitched some ideas for trigon Raven doing it to the others with raven looking for why's (as she's lactating alot) and probably would have went more heavier on the lesbianism but the commissioner insisted on them on all fours for the group. Was some mention of a passion raven at the very end but a lack of space excluded her currently, but would have had some masturbation for her if she had been.

Each Raven actually has a different boob, face and body type, but the posing of all fours with the cape kinda occlude it too much. Shy's on the fine line of soft and almost over weight (figured her and sloth would move and exercise the least), happy is thin with torpedoish "small" (for this picture :P) tits, she's bouncy and valley girl and "Young", Combat/tough raven was meant to be more fit and buff but I kinda gave up on much of it as I couldn't show her stomach for abs much and so on, but shes got the most refined body, and smallest perky tits, and red raven "anger" is another one with more weight to her, though not as much as shy. Bigger tits, wider hips etc, shes "Big" but not overweight in characteristic with how big that emotion is and how much of an effect it has.

Obviously tough's got no fear of her and is taunting the bull there.


File: 1475538574061.jpg (210.24 KB, 620x994, miriallia.jpg)

A number of things on my list to improve and upgrade I never got to and this was one of them here. miriallia from gundam seed. Was some talk of adding flay next to her (with smaller tits) and different dialogue, but at the moment this is where its at as I only squeezed this in today cause I was waiting for a response to the second half of the fairytale commission. I always weigh trades and commissions higher then personal projects so often times these untethered ideas just die under the weight of more important projects. Why i take breaks now and again to try and keep some of the stuff alive. Been working faster it seems to get things done as well so hopefully that'll help going forwards. 12 hour pictures are only taking 8-9 hours and 5 hour ones have taken next to 3...


File: 1475713702152.jpg (456.91 KB, 1800x1050, lucyezralucy.jpg)

mrrphhhhhffff. Put in a bunch of hours today trying to get this pose right ^^: Word for the unartistic trying to commission people, try not to ask for heads at weird angles facing backwardish or over head :P. You'll break your artist. Not a jib at the commissioner, an actual fair warning, this took me 17 trys over an hour and a half to make look right....ish. Anyway preveiw of the second half of lucy and ezra. Also posted a raven sketch on if you want to see an out of sttyle ecchi, whee!


File: 1476048206283.jpg (943.52 KB, 1226x1228, lucyezrad.jpg)

A little tired now :P. Ah who am I kidding. I'm always tired. So just more tired.


your work paid off, jim! definitely one of your best!


File: 1476625262205.jpg (341.04 KB, 791x960, nipplerarity.jpg)

Rarity roast


File: 1476625296223.jpg (467.98 KB, 930x1129, rainbowdashcl.jpg)

Rainbow roast


File: 1476665431528.jpg (173.83 KB, 620x843, mayafork.jpg)

maya well done as a test run


Well, i'd say that test run went well.
Those breasts are very well done.


File: 1476748043529.jpg (218.3 KB, 1134x949, sailorrumpsfinals.jpg)

Two guesses who this was for :P. And to make it fair, spelling does count!

Suffice to say i'm probably disgualifyd


Hmm yummy Maya:)
Pearl Is also 17 in the Games now.
Malby their will be a Family Diner ;)


Awesome! This really came out well.


File: 1476838147127.jpg (130.71 KB, 696x996, asukahalloweentag.jpg)

Little bit of a risque costume play.


picturing that same Asuka older, pregnant, just as naked and just as marked, complaining about the LCL making her 'costume' permanent


File: 1476922446401.jpg (421.91 KB, 1165x899, titanscharity.jpg)

Little out of my range ^^:.

A little something I wanted to draw from doing Asuka.


File: 1476974651747.jpg (292.41 KB, 730x748, mihoshiroastham.jpg)

Roast holiday ham donated by Mihoshi and cooked by a (older) sasami. An idea for a story concept I pitched towards tvb, but didn;t really put much traction currently towards as I kinda threw other idea concept around that seem higher on the interest for em. I might doodle some more on it though, but I kidna screwed up the anatomy (some things are way off perspective wise.) but like the concept of "left over in the refrigerator" due to tit sizes. So may try and doodle some slices of ham on hand in the refrigerator. You know how it is with holidays, left overs for a week, ham sandwiches and so on.


any chance we could get a version of the new asuka piece without the dialog?


File: 1477003247745.jpg (108.57 KB, 696x996, asukaposehole.jpg)

leave a hole sadly :P



i hope that pic will be finished one day


File: 1477209612335.jpg (356.07 KB, 746x926, quikcedit.jpg)

Random headphones girl about to get roasted. An edit from something else I was trying out into something that worked better for posting.



This one is quite amazing Jim O_o This pose is just perfect ^^


File: 1477356344768.jpg (283.75 KB, 906x950, cheets1.jpg)

Idea I had for a story concept I was talking with tvb about (Though doubt he;s interested sadly, Cheets isn't really his thing. Me I liked the speckled boobs :P.) Where upon landing on earth, the thndercats food supply turns out to not be loaded, or needs to be defrosted, or any number of issues, so its up to the buxom cheetarah to volunteer as emergency rations.

On such short notice they had to jury rig a thing to cook her on, so a quickly carved spit out of a strong branch, and some forked branches as a brace, and viola. Bent down on all fours shes spitted, large tits bouncing, and hefted up, but her weights almost too much for it, and as shes roasting over the fire, the branch bends under her weight, but thankfully doesn't snap as her large tits dangle over the fire.

interesting side detail I had thought of, is without an anal stabilizing bar, she has to turn by internal grip on the spit, but that loosens as she roasts so they have to tie her tightly to it, by using the whip from tigra around her waist to provide pressure enough for her to keep clamped to it, but before that her heavy tits keep causing her to turn somewhat, then slide a few inches, jerking around before successfully flipping :P.

Anyway, sela vie or whatever. If i had a penny for every story concept I dreamed up. Well I'm already over 1,200 or 1,500 or something hentai pictures, just figure the skipped ones as a 10x multiplier on that :P.


File: 1477568882495.jpg (471.39 KB, 1888x1278, gravity.jpg)

Gravity falls #2 and 3 sketch


File: 1477568986787.jpg (269.58 KB, 977x810, gravityplustits-2.jpg)

Sketch #1


File: 1477695378681.jpg (210.22 KB, 1073x485, tron-roast.jpg)

Cause there's no love for the nintendo girl with the best ass in this sorta thing :P. Always fool around with the concept of them running out of food on that airship of theirs flying across the ocean. So hence, no real vegetation and so on in or around here. She's it for ship supplies


File: 1477697882637.jpg (240.57 KB, 1191x659, vergurotron.jpg)

Tron after the fact.


File: 1477700542927.jpg (364.81 KB, 1398x841, roguethebatroast.jpg)

Did this after the Tron sketches and only had 20 minutes before food was ready :P. So enjoy the 15 minute quicky. Theme was just "one rogue tit could feed the group. Don;t draw furries much, so kinda shows :p. Also speed draw doesn't put alot of details on slices :P.


File: 1477704390395.jpg (345.97 KB, 1440x900, whoops.jpg)

After missing for several hours megaman finally finds the girls. Unfortunetaly some of the robots have been in disrepair and are malfunctioning after years of disuse....

Last sketch of the night. Sadly didn't get the ass/pussy I was shooting for but to qoute the mario "i'mma tired."


So, are actually gonna finish any of these sketches or???


File: 1477728228408.jpg (205.39 KB, 689x876, hexxyrealver.jpg)

Nope, their just sketches. I might go back to cheetara sometime but its not a trade or commission. It takes me a long tiem to trace and color things. The rogue the bat thing took me 15 minutes to draw, it;d take me another 5 hours to get to a refined colored. I simply don't have the time to make all my sketches into refined stuff sadly.


File: 1477841459772.jpg (63.16 KB, 635x488, mlpdom2.jpg)


omg you are on fire recently <3


Pencil's down! The Milktank.

So via a silly amount of silliness, I kinda don't got the time to finish this cause I thought Halloween was... yesterday. Whoops. Could have gotten the line work started and had time to do a more thorough color, but, times up, pencil's down, greyscale time. Would take me another two or three hours to color this and just didn't have the time.

Prequel to a certain other Hex Maniac picture.


File: 1477957059599.jpg (316.88 KB, 1500x1075, hexcowbw.jpg)

helps if i include the picture :P


File: 1477957076321.jpg (272.24 KB, 1023x864, spally.jpg)

Also tonight.


File: 1478049695039.jpg (180.98 KB, 836x1080, cassiehack.jpg)

Cassie hack after a fight.


File: 1478049836875.jpg (108.71 KB, 883x936, musefairybroken.jpg)

Just so everyone knows, I'm overbooked on commissions thru nov and never take commissions in December as I work retail. So Till jan not going to be accepting anymore commissions. Won't mean a stop of art though, just means i'm no longer honor bound to skip sleep to draw something n-n; which happens a little more then I like without also hauling 3,600 boxes a day out of a truck.



Let us know when you're open again!


File: 1478304340939.jpg (242.8 KB, 1022x1029, videlquicky.jpg)

Not hard to figure out the inspiration from this one :P. Something I sadly don't see in ficts of this nature is the girl out in the wood spitted all natural, with big tits flopping and smacking as she roasts. Something I picture Videl will have happen soon to her embarrassment and dismay as trunks ogles those things.


Gonna be around jan, I am so exhausted at this point to being nearly a zombie, and alot of ideas like the above haven;t been getting done cause I had no time ^_^:. Let me loose and while things might not get colored much more often, more pictures will pop up XD./ That and theres already a few commissions "left over" so it'll be decemember before i fully clear my quech T_T.


File: 1478372808788.jpg (257.67 KB, 1022x1029, videl-51.jpg)

Someone on eka's pointed out I wrote down gohan instead of goten so took the time to edit it and fix up some of the text.


File: 1478485851547.jpg (183.83 KB, 1204x900, sakuraswallow.jpg)

Concept I wanted to doodle so threw it together at the last possible minute of my day, might go back to it. Wasn't quite like I wanted though.

Sakura ending up as some of the payment for all those toads summons.


Hah! It's canonical that Manda (of the Snakes) eats people as payment for being summoned, why shouldn't the toads?


File: 1478625567401.jpg (105.58 KB, 1114x681, ravenchopthanks.jpg)

A quicky picture of Raven (and yes theres perspective issues, i was tired as balls doing this :P>)


File: 1478637691368.jpg (114.2 KB, 1244x681, ravencho5p.jpg)

Fixed a bunch of the issues, but some art too throughly entrenched to fix without just redrawing.


File: 1478650750763.jpg (201.14 KB, 924x801, ravencharity.jpg)

An attempt at an after as a sketch


File: 1478651568564.jpg (173.15 KB, 960x801, ravenchopthanks2.jpg)

Was the first version of it I attempted, but decided I disliked it.


Raven may complain about becoming a charity meal so often, but she always seems to wind up on the menu again, she has to be secretly enjoying it. She may as well just accept her fate as meat


File: 1478982030297.jpg (321.59 KB, 1399x964, protagonist.jpg)

An old bad end I had, had for Iris Irene, was her putting her head to the chopping block at the end of the milking picture, to supply food for the local orphanage. After she was roasted by the chef, something like this came back for the women doing the serving to freak out about, as the mostly tit and ass body would be a "crash course in sex ed if they served it!!!" Didn't really get around to it though, instead going the goblin route, and tvb was uninterested in the idea since it was specifically earmarked for Iris, but the idea stuck in my head so I doodled it using a few female protagonists using some of my drawings for references in different body types.

Was mostly inspired to reopen the idea from Emikochan's recent butcher thing, but I may be as stated previously, a little over tired, and kinda botched most of it ^_^:. Maybe another attempt another day.


Hey Jim, do you have any plans to get someone stuffed for thanks giving?


Katt, Tifa AND Irine?
Thank you jim, They all look amazingly Delicious.


File: 1479592527607.jpg (544.19 KB, 1403x1310, recooked.jpg)



File: 1479592547844.jpg (173.93 KB, 732x662, katara.jpg)



File: 1479592563892.jpg (298.74 KB, 1589x1301, hex-ideaalt.jpg)



File: 1479592584032.jpg (465.66 KB, 1596x1187, kylie2.jpg)



File: 1479592607271.jpg (235.6 KB, 683x1008, kiva.jpg)



gawd your art is just getting way too good JS <3


The overlap of people who have seen Megas XLR and also look at cannibal hentai is small, but damnit are they happy right now.


File: 1479735561883.jpg (344.32 KB, 893x776, kamilla.jpg)

Mostly just cause of free time at the moment n-n;


Tried to find the OTHER megas sketch I had made for a trade deal TVB decided wasn't his interest (too much exhibitionism, not enough action I think was his thing about it) but uh... can't seem to find it in my "Drawing folder" so that probably means its in my "art" folder and lets just say my drawing folder is "recent projects" and was 2,800 files (psd, copies, and so on) so uh oi. maybe later.


File: 1479735579384.jpg (166.26 KB, 821x931, kamilla2.jpg)


File: 1479735592971.jpg (129.29 KB, 933x889, rukatat.jpg)


File: 1479735607897.jpg (104.96 KB, 958x778, rukiatats.jpg)


File: 1479735872269.jpg (144.83 KB, 768x827, mira.jpg)


File: 1479747126124.jpg (966.12 KB, 1274x1620, raventhanksgiving.jpg)

Happy thanksgiving week

:P Original concepts



This one's amazing. I love it.


Great as always :D
Hope there will be more of this comic


Hi, another lurking fan of yours here - thank you for all the great work so far and I always hope to see more, your art thread is one of the main reasons why I keep lurking in Gurochan. :3

Your breast cookings and characters stuffed to be cooked are lovely every time, even if most of the franchises are unknown to be beyond their name. :P



Please continue this.


File: 1479861621528.jpg (183.09 KB, 724x804, SERASturkey.jpg)

At the moment at the last ergs of really any energy before the holiday and i had to push myself to finish raven there so honestly... kinda sick of it ^^'. I did the top two panels on stream over the last day off i had and really had to push to finish it. People attending my stream then got to see me after "really unable to even draw simple stuff" after. I did a quicky concept then excused myself ^^'. So i'm tapped. Tried doodling today something else, but an issue with my pen popping loose and me not knowing it and being over tired made the pose not as good as I wanted.


File: 1479950767990.jpg (341.02 KB, 1152x1533, thisisjustsilly.jpg) for the rest of the stream shizzle,.


File: 1480019632477.jpg (209.6 KB, 870x933, rinpart1.jpg)

Happy thanksgiving :P. Only had time for the upper part today due to retailer thinking workers needed to work on thanksgiving.


File: 1480034714132.jpg (410.08 KB, 870x1643, ringuro.jpg)

something something sleep deprivation. something something have to go to work soon, something something no sleep due to phone calls etc, etc etc.

Screw thanksgiving :P.


great finale :D


Three hours later?
I cook my turkey longer than that! :P


File: 1480127471937.jpg (406.67 KB, 870x1643, rinr.jpg)

Well she is a magician :P. And rich. So likely a case of convection current magic toaster.

Also was on severe sleep deprivation when I did the lower frame, so slightly better colors.


Can you draw Mallow from Pokemon please


File: 1480461022823.jpg (129.6 KB, 692x668, squigglhgy.jpg)

Not gonna color this but someone contacted me for a commission well after commissions were over that I had sent an email to that had gotten lost. SO met half way. Told em heres the line work, gave em the psd and said pay someone else the full price or less to color.


Because of your post, and the holiday season, I just keep hearing "marshMALLOWS for toasting" and thinking of your post



File: 1480632842825.jpg (98.59 KB, 963x773, mulancuntroast.jpg)

Have a bad habit of missing replying to things cuase I get abit ovetired when postign images after working hard to finish em. Not sure who mallow is, not that far in the game and stopped watching the anime, so at the moment sadly shes jsut "green haired chick" and not too interesting till I get to that point.

Also got a big project, another page of of stuff in the works involving turning tifa into a milk cow (slavery, not transformation). so thats gonna eat up a ton of time.

Nothing to post, but since Disney princesses got their own thread of recent.



Fairly accurate, aside from being cute she's pretty much just the keeper of the plant type challenge. She's just kind of popular due to some lewd jokes about how she gets you to prepare a meal for the totem pokemon. She gets you to gather ingredients, pound them with your bone, then the smell lures in the preying mantis pokemon.
You never really get to see enough of any of the trial keepers TBH.


File: 1480873027767.jpg (911.36 KB, 1151x1500, tifathecowd.jpg)

Comic page done : ). Thoroughly exhausted now,


File: 1481497250216.jpg (361.03 KB, 740x713, ravenroast.jpg)

random raven roast


Raven really is a great team player. Even if a little reluctant, we can always count on her to provide an excellent meal for us


Tifa's really cool. You plan on having her cooked next?


File: 1481619561130.jpg (467.5 KB, 1512x1361, tifa finished.jpg)

Don't really got plans for it. Right now just trying to weather a December in retail and doing the one page was rather exhausting and more meant to be a "permanent slave cow" as a plot. Tifa had shown up cooked twice in the last few months anyway, and one in a comic sequence as well :). Well, technically both times.

Personally not a Huge fan of Tifa, she just fit the bill for what I needed for the role.


File: 1481619987441.jpg (260.54 KB, 1004x1400, tifaaerithspider.jpg)

Technically shes apparently been in like three of them now, forgot about this one :P. Aerith drider not really my thing ^^:. Not so much a fan of top half girl, bottom half spider and more "eyeballs and multi limb" like good ol muffet.


Ah, well you see the appeal for Mallow in a drawing by you is that she's a chef, and specializes in extraordinarily spicy food that makes everyone else miserable. So to have her receive her unfortunate comeuppance would make for a good picture, in my opinion.


Would love to se someone coloring this :D

Tifa is always nice too :D


File: 1481680416427.jpg (97.64 KB, 864x782, whirgunk.jpg)

Someone looking for this.

Sadly also stalled on pokemon the game for the moment cause uh.. final fantasy n-n;. also was having issues signing into the pokemon server so it kinda made me irritated a bit and i lost steam to both of those happening.


File: 1481691963103.jpg (490.25 KB, 888x1000, sicknesdoodle.jpg)

i tried me sleepy no luck


Cool oven pics! can't wait to see em colored!


File: 1481792381783.jpg (257.88 KB, 710x800, vynlscraps.jpg)

The random headphones girls not on my list to color, was an idle sketch. I tried last night at the vinyl scratch thing but was too tired to really make it work, partially cause of my attempt to mess with the line colors and partially cause I botched the anatomy.

In contrast the image I sketched randomly after of nonon worked out much better


File: 1481792430977.jpg (338.77 KB, 768x806, pinkydoodlu.jpg)

< also my attempts at ponies don't really work out well if i'm tired :P./


File: 1482115453620.jpg (206.02 KB, 954x996, matoiroast.jpg)

tired so did a little homage image before bed.


What image is '"that" image' refering to?


It's a famous Dolcett Image of Karyn at a barbecue.


Thank you


File: 1482828922195.jpg (185.98 KB, 802x950, scitwiroasted-1.jpg)

Apparently forgot to post this here


File: 1482974586707.jpg (72.42 KB, 637x606, something-1.jpg)

been worn down to a nub so some quicke sketches. This one was of a butcher and his daughter having her buy herself for his birthday, figured it was a long term save for her as 20,000 is the minimum allowed, and most girls run 350,000, making it largely unaffordable to anyone but the rich, and costs of buying the girls originally is most of the profit for the shop.


File: 1482974892718.jpg (94.09 KB, 662x743, kizna.jpg)

Kizna about to be stuffed and so on. Anesthetized but stil lable to feel a little sting from things like being cut open, but pussy feelings intensified due to sci-fi level drugs.... Figured it was a case of they cut her, gut her, then expand her womb with stuffing with it visibly growing, then sewn up and roasted, and in the end is some visiting government officials special dinner, her stomach opened for display and stuffing, and pussy overflowing on a bed of greenery.

Sadly no one seems to ever watch candidate for goddess so few seem to even know who kizna is :P.

Anyway worn to a nub due to holiday work, so still barely able to crawl out of bed much less draw. Mainly sketching for practice and to work out kinks in my style. Often times when i get this sick and tired it seems to screw with my ability to draw for awhile after if i don't do any sketches so trying to avoid that with practice.

Also been adding non guro stuff at a high rate to my tmblr including "icee" who may be a subject for some canni stuff in the future is an idea for tvb doesn't kill my momentum with my current hecti schedule.


File: 1483062642703.jpg (223.08 KB, 1040x1235, aprilmeat2.jpg)

little update of an old picture needs color before i can remove the underlining sketch less it looks like crap cause of the specific lack of details that i put in there to be replaced by color tones and so on.


File: 1483109350587.jpg (758.82 KB, 1040x1208, aprilmeatlgt.jpg)

Completed april :P only took what, half a year?


looks really great coloured :D


File: 1483655283371.jpg (287.57 KB, 1440x1800, breast-roast.jpg)

Something inspired by a request for a trade I have low hopes will succeed so I doodled a tutorial concept of it on the side here to entertain my whimsy :P. Doubt anyone will use it since I'm only one of like three people who've ever drawn or written it and one of the other guy's only does it under duress, haha! *cry*

May do future (serious ones i mean) tutorials as I feel like it in the future, though if anyone actually has questions on how to write or draw it feel free to ask.

Also bouquet is such a niche character despite airing on american tv for awhile i doubt anyone will recognize her ^^:


File: 1483753971261.jpg (580.04 KB, 1081x948, pokemonghostroast.jpg)

Ghost roast done :P. Tried some tricks here and there with it for some fun lighting, though I wish I could have done more with gengar. Think i'd have needed to mess with the line work itself to do it though sadly.


File: 1484092101364.jpg (63.67 KB, 587x430, cahosthingd-1.jpg)

Edit of chaotiqous girl sketch as an art lesson i uh... may have gotten carried away with :P posted here for the guy and for tings...


Always enjoyed Pokemon related guro, this one is really hot.



I recognize her. SHE (and her premiere episode) was the reason Blue Dragon got canned on Cartoon Network. ROFL!


File: 1484344193263.jpg (168.44 KB, 918x719, kagomesuppliesroast.jpg)

Kagome supply roast
A thing I'm always fond of for some reason is the traveling adventurers short on supplies, so someone has to step up. Usually used for a boob roast, but a manga made me want to see a bit more backside with dangling breasts and a head looking back thru them, so poor kagome's whole bodies become the emergency supplies for the whole group.

I thru in the cute kitten to identify her more as with her hair upside down shes a bit weird to figure out. I figure shes still got the skirt on cause its "mortifying as is to be done without being entirely naked. Plus it gives the schoolgirl fetish with the socks ^_-.

This is also one of the odd images I gave up on trying to keep the girl centered or the picture balanced, so sprawled out limbs, and so on. Made me do a bit more background instead.


File: 1484345608078.jpg (143.18 KB, 956x785, ls22.jpg)

An alternate version of a dismissed commission of lordstorm's characters (I AM NOT taking more commissions right now unless you already contacted me, my backlogs too much, and I've actually closed commissions for the time being outside of people already promised them, possibly for a long period of time and only accepting trades, maybe). Lordstorm (not the original commissioner) was disappointed it had been dismissed, so since I had done this as an alternate I took the liberty of doing a bit of refinement on this version I had made up since it wasn't the original commission (allowing the commissioner to do what he will with the original version with a different pose.) It's black and white cause I just am out of energy and its kinda a last ditch upgrade at the tail end of my day.

Leia, linda and lana... er probably not in that order, I'm still mixed up without my list of names :P.


Heh and not surprised. She is VERY ecchi.

Heh thanks to the person who wanted with a ghost interest!


File: 1484644076187.jpg (302.28 KB, 1094x854, mayl.jpg)

quicky concept 1


File: 1484644098092.jpg (137.53 KB, 760x900, mollygrill.jpg)

quicky concept 2


File: 1484644141925.jpg (248.87 KB, 793x954, aprillyed.jpg)

something april 3, may update later as i was trying a specific thin that faaaaaaaaailed.


Do you ever think about doing more works with Terra?


Can you do more like this? Or perhaps a girl removing her own pussy and cooking it?


File: 1484865979125.jpg (239.42 KB, 717x784, terraperil.jpg)

Terra kinda lost interest with how much they made me dislike the character as the show went on, loved her first and second ep after...? either way.

>>15642 pussy removal guros kinda mixed for me i don;t really like drawing the removed hole. there's a bunch of stuff i've done of the pussy removed already though.


At about more starwars or Nintendo girls?


File: 1485108912095.jpg (143.03 KB, 869x1178, mistydawncombo2.jpg)


They'll usually come around. Sabines been in discussion with tvb and I have the first season on dvd just not gotten to it yet (i'm bad at that) and nintendo characters like saria and so on are always on my list (though maybe not for guro, malons a good cowgirl.)

Last nintendo thing I did relevant to this site (did jessie doing pikachu on my tmblr just a bit ago.)


File: 1485126120729.jpg (300.35 KB, 751x864, mistyvore.jpg)

Idea I had awhile back i decided to do the "after" of. Figure between the cooking and the slow digestion, it'll be a week or so before she starts looking digested. Meanwhile Charizards bouncing around and battling with its stomach full of misty. Idea was it was consensual and the little thing sticking out of her is monitoring the progress via Tracy.


File: 1485195449683.gif (596.8 KB, 836x1027, tomoyoanimated.gif)

Blegh wasn't gonna post this, but something for tvb I did animated. Not upgrading it and not an open invitation to ask for lolish stuff. I kinda aged forwards tomo as is ^^:. Figure a few people will have wanted it.


> Figure a few people will have wanted it.


File: 1485818167787.jpg (389.75 KB, 1442x748, afurrygoblinroast.jpg)

Something from my eka's page using lordstorms characters



I understand you! I'am a fan of loli and loli cannibalism...
But loli have to be cute! Eating another girls pussy, isn't cute....
On my opinion loli + cannibalism only works, if it is soft cannibalism!
Like, oven roast, pot roast, peril and preparation. ( spit roast only works, if the loli is tied on it not spitted.) Good loli art less focus on erotic, it focus on cuteness:)


File: 1486050103927.jpg (235.23 KB, 732x875, jaded-1.jpg)

I don't draw loli at all anymore :P. Even tomo's theres somewhat aged forwards. And case in point <

Commission for Jade Chan being prepped by the moon demon. Kinda a between future jade of her Loli and Spy variant, so its the spy variants age almost, but retains the more fun outfit of the original.


is the no more loli thing a "i wont anymore" or simply a "i havent in a long while"?


File: 1486599963800.jpg (310.49 KB, 798x1340, whateveristillsawyourboobs….jpg)

Don't do it anymore. American law's been wishywashy about it. I never was tooo huge on loli anyway, i felt it had its uses, but I rarely drew it even back then.

< this is about as young as I get these days, later teens.


File: 1486600087715.jpg (327.36 KB, 1224x765, howtodrumupveiws.jpg)

Or good old hexamote :P


Yep, based on my layman understanding of what I've read, the issue is that in the US purely fictional "sexual loli art" would be protected by the First Amendment *but* if it's classified as obscene with no artistic value then it can suddenly be criminal - but there's no definition of 'obscene' or 'No artistic value' beyond "We'll know it when we see it" which is why it's essentially something left for local jurisdictions to decide because federal government/Supreme Court don't want to touch it due to how impossible it would be to actually define in law. So it's indeed a wishy-washy situation because to me it seems the legality is up to people feels and how badly the local courts hate your art.

And the situation is still better in that regard the US than in various other Western countries where loli/underage sexual art is just outright illegal and equivalent to child porn (never mind in the rest of the world).


Legally, as long as the art clearly isn't drawn from a real life reference of a naked child, or is indistinguishable from a naked child, it's not under the umbrella of Child Pornography laws. Basically, Child pornography laws exist to protect real children, not restrict depictions of children in general.

The legal standard you're quoting is for pornography in general, and is from Jacobellis v. Ohio. It's not even the current standard for whether something is obscene or not. That's a three pronged test put out in Miller v. California.

The legal standards on Child porn ARE murky in the US, but not so murky as you'd think. Still, since cops can arrest people for things they think are against the law no matter if they actually are or not, Jim probably has the right idea.


Wellcome in Trumpistan! Potus is calling. So SAD! (Did I get his twitter style right?)

I believe in Europe the law is still there to protect real children and not to harass artists.


File: 1486826472575.jpg (193.79 KB, 773x751, gazisacow.jpg)

Actually a bush era law got overturned for being unconstitutional, and then reissued again with slightly different wording, but has only been used once (In a case where a man also had real porn to take on a longer prison stay) It specifically mentions lolicon style stuff (drawn works, etc). It was based off the assumption by some parties that porn, drawn, real or fake, of underaged minors could be used by people to "condition" minors into thinking the acts were okay, and thus make them sex workers, slaves, etc whatever. Basically fear mongers trying to use a "plausible" sounding thing that never happens enough to matter to take out a wide berth of things they disliked. Technically every film, book, or art that has an underaged person having sex counted. So every horror movie yah ever watched with an 21 year old doing a topless scene as a "16 year old" was illegal under this law. And its still on the laws.

When it came out basically alot of us artists that had only done lolicon loosely decided to stop (for me it wasn't too much of an issue, as for all intents and purposes, that was "gwen tennyson" and I had been drawing my digimon girls older) as well as specific sites started cracking down (not rule 34 having had a long standing toddlerkon ban, the current loli level is more their providers giving them shit.)

Now I really don't see too much of a reason to draw lolicon, as the few "triggers" i like lolicon for (large insertion, striped socks) are all easily transplant-able, and the few things lost were minor. Petite of age girls are fine, and for the most part much of the loli stuff out there is way to young by my standards as the few I liked tend to be "character of advance mental capacities or character for that age" aka gwen, jade chan, ed from bebop, so on. Think only thing I really missed lately was being able to have the "young guys taking advantage of an older girl" scenario with trades with writers. there are also ALOT of reasons I hate specific lolicons (as shown by the way I get annoyed when people request freak'in mini-moon.)

Either way for me personally I see lolicon as too much of a risk as my art style involves way to many high level things like guro in it, that I want to risk someone deciding he "drew a young girl, and look at all the guro he;s gonna eat one!" or some stupid shizzle that crazy people seem to think when they view artwork and try and turn me into police for absolutely nothing. Cause even if its legal, damn well it'd be hard to find a job after the newspapers drag you thru the mud for being arrested without cause for your "guro lolicon porn!!!"

So sticking to least plausible over ages :P like my april's and so on or the above versions of splatoon girls ^ or gaz's <


File: 1486941707696.jpg (194.52 KB, 892x1026, pokemonvored.jpg)

Traced version of the charizard, no intention to color though, as ill at the moment.


This looks great, any chance of seeing the "before" situation in the future?


File: 1487037737975.jpg (159.76 KB, 1028x499, onaswallow.jpg)

was the before for her in it, don't really intend to draw her outside charizard due to time constraints at the moment. Recovering from the flu and got two people asking for stuff in the works, but too dumb from left over sickness to do good work on things.

Failed pan <


I unterstand you! To play safe, I most time says that's my chars are 18 or above. Okay as a story writer it is easier. I just need to describe cute chars and still can write about the stuff I like. :)

If it comes to Loli stuff, as said, it's about cuteness! Many lolis I love are not even true Lolis:)

Like miho nishizumi ( girls and tanks) ,Totori. (From the Atelier series). Namine/ Kairi. Colette (from tails of symphonia) etc.
Character like Wendy Marvel is as far as I go ;) ( But their is also a cute adult version of Wendy in the anime)


File: 1487644850972.jpg (194.1 KB, 734x834, kairiauctioned.jpg)

Kairi dump


File: 1487644870284.jpg (221.95 KB, 756x763, kairheart.jpg)



And you just made my day after I woke up sick. Love Kairi


This thread is the best thread.


File: 1489024288148.jpg (1.05 MB, 1091x1625, yuffiecommission1.jpg)

A commission done for some human live stock yuffie follow up. Mostly been posting on my tmblr these recent days, I kinda rotate themes.


File: 1489024311003.jpg (1.05 MB, 1091x1625, yuffiecommission2.jpg)

Different transparency


File: 1489024344715.jpg (246.91 KB, 1020x1036, vancl.jpg)

Vanilla flavored breast milk?


File: 1489024410948.jpg (238.43 KB, 960x960, namicow.jpg)

Done a few Kairi in the past, tmblr has a few now, and my eka's portal has a cooking one of most of the kh girl's.


File: 1489290395819.jpg (820.93 KB, 1284x1147, gwenten4.jpg)

Finished coloration from my tbmlr. Added a bit more lines for comedic effect and extra implication that she very well knows why shes naked there :P. I stopped short of adding a grading tag hanging from something since it is supposed to be improvised :P.

Also one of the pictures I was too shy to really stream, I had an ongoing record of having issues trying to color gwen cause her color scheme and type is very much “orange” with alot of empty space (her hairs alot of flat color, then her body, minus clothing, shes all pinkish orange). So I tend to fark up on her more then more characters when using her teen model cause I wind up with her looking kidna washed out, so was happy it actually worked out (though I did end up messing with the levels (darkness/contrast) post picture. Also fiddled with minor things waaaay to much as I uploaded this, including adding the lamp and changing some of the text around for the 15,000 time. So this is the seventh uploading of the picture to the “post” screen as of writing this :P.

I over things way too much, like the words on her chest are blue to match her clothes in one of her incarnations but with green being a color for ben ten I was like do I need to…” and so on :P. I decided with her green eyes though to use the blue to offset. So yeah i put that much thought into the COLOR OF THE WORDS ON HER CHEST.
Being an artist sometimes makes you obsessive compulsive to the point of silliness. Still intend to color blaze the inkling from my tmblr as well, I just put this as a higher priority as I figured I’d lose steam on this one considering my worries about gwen’s color scheme, but I liked the idea. Even was musing on continuations (god knows if I’d get to em) with Attea buying.


File: 1490428600451.jpg (301.56 KB, 2033x1373, selphierexsaur.jpg)

T-rexsaur vore


Really sexy concept, wonder who pick her up in the end.

I actually had attempted to draw her in the past but never got anything worth while sketched up.


File: 1490820524207.jpg (158.32 KB, 1232x1025, shinwu.jpg)

Her chin always causes me sooo many issues, a little slip and shes way to masculine, and the lips a little slip and its jagger territory : ).

Was inspired by anguro's recent stuff so I borrowed his concept of military girls with markings for a one off. He tends to have girl's as one off's so I didn't do any parody of any of the characters and just made up another one with some extra things having to do with volunteering for ration duty. Had mused drawing two girls having a mre and finding a nipple, or a more discombobulated table spread, but loooong week (well long year so far) so was too tired near the end ^^:. Figured anguro's more about shooting/explosives so I was best drawing this myself, knowing how guro stuff is often topic specific when it comes to squick factor.


File: 1490892767960.jpg (127.91 KB, 1100x1234, ahsokaquicky.jpg)

Nother quicky thing I did last night. Always liked the "pussy hanging, strain of waggling around, and so forth." So came up with this concept, though kinda poorly drawn. Had mused over doing a bit of her being dragged behind the speeder bike or transport with the movement causing her to go more 45 degree anglish, but went for the usual pose instead.


I'm insanely curious what the Boobtastic QR Code leads to


File: 1491064284530.jpg (328.85 KB, 1306x1024, fastfood.jpg)

I probably corrupted it by making it conform to the breasts shape but it basically just says "special sergant."

Since i got nothing else to post < a sketch I had made of an idea where a fastfood place had a spitter for girls to be bought, first person who bought pays a large amount to get whatever part they wanted, and then the girls sold cheaper to the rest. Girls are nearly naked and serve normally but are open to be bought, where they then hop on the device and cook. Had mused over the horse part of the spit to be removable, with a grill in it that can be turned on, turning the spitting machine into a modified rotisserie.


You can do a lot of damage to a QR code before it stops scanning (google QR art to see examples)
This one was quite scannable


File: 1491101427898.jpg (149.1 KB, 1425x1080, shego1.jpg)

That's some dangerous knowledge there, mwehehe.


File: 1491525331615.jpg (198.06 KB, 1183x1017, reincarnation.jpg)



File: 1491525351063.jpg (211.61 KB, 1183x1017, atkupoversion.jpg)

And with a stat boost


File: 1492156648758.jpg (468.35 KB, 2136x1264, bwkh.jpg)



File: 1492156666165.jpg (302.55 KB, 1331x1080, selphie.jpg)

selphie 1


File: 1492156687118.jpg (328.4 KB, 1925x1016, SEL[PHIECONCEPT.jpg)

selphie 2


File: 1492156914097.jpg (467.86 KB, 2136x1264, kingdomcowsonecolor.jpg)

Not coloring the whole thing, as it was a canceled commissions cause I was bottoming out on stamina (only doing trades and my own stuff for awhile). but colored kairi.


File: 1492987754250.jpg (251.66 KB, 1252x1080, dndgirls.jpg)


File: 1492987779220.jpg (238.17 KB, 1246x914, roastmaytits.jpg)


File: 1492987792667.jpg (235.1 KB, 1246x914, quickymistygrill.jpg)


File: 1492987813191.jpg (139.71 KB, 1302x1068, splatoontaunt.jpg)


File: 1492987826635.jpg (243.09 KB, 1255x1077, sgtfrog.jpg)


File: 1493147015338.jpg (308.38 KB, 1056x1103, raven-brain-drainedp1.jpg)

(c+p'd from my tmblr)
First frame done, and noow entirely burned out, the sheer numbers of layers is going to make it… interesting, to make future frames. Something I really couldn’t do with commissions on my queche I’d have to give up after this frame. Trying to figure out what to have them saying is also a pretty daunting task, for four word balloon’s I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out where to position them and so on.

Little back history for the scene, the idea is, the reason for Raven’s large breasts there, is that cyborg talked her into letting him use her as a subject for breast enhancement. She of course assumed it was for cosmetic reasons to sell, but later in the lab she idly picked up the helmet figuring it was part of the thing, and put it on not realizing what it was. Cyborg freaked out and explained that it was actually to convert volunteer women into cows, reducing them to a level where they wouldn’t really register the boredom of being a cow and could be sold to be milked. Raven of course going wide eyed, and then realizing the breasts were part of that. Kinda turned on by it, she decides to volunteer, arguing that “its one thing to do it to random women…”
So this is her finally testing it out for him. Figured she let Beastboy know since she figured he’d “want to see” and its not like she’d going to care about the audience for very long.

I figure since this is a prototype I might do an afterword that this failed in some way (something for erased too much) like the farmer stating he has some difficulty getting her to figure out some task (or maybe hoped to use them as well on a farm, but she’s now too dumb.) Basically shes now been reduced to an intellect where she’d dumber then a cow and only good for milking.

Other details: Raven has an abnormally high IQ. 100 is baseline, 130 is “high.”
Trying to do the computer screen was a pain ,trying to figure out what she’d need even a little to function and what would be “deleted” as unnecessary.

Lots of warnings, its kinda hidden but the thing shes standing on even has danger, and the background the areas taped off. Just like with a x-ray, their taking precautions to not cause exposure to the device to others. To get on she basically had to know what she was in for and except the risk.

Her pose is supposed to be for pre-test testing to make sure she still is viable as a cow. Neither her or cyborg know how much she will retain if there’s an error, so they want to make sure she can still be milked, as a basic need of the product, movement and order following are secondary. Also figure a cool down off the thing might make her a bit more dim right out off the bat, so an hours milking test might be used to let her recuperate.
Undecided fully what type of “deletion” the thing uses. I figured i’d leave it to imagination, but I figured the liquids a radioactive substance used for x-rayish laser/energy thing as well as some electricity shown in the second frame sketch, like the usual mind rays in comics. Its up to the viewer how much is done to her other then that the parts of her brain exposed will no longer work and are irreversible, and the process being highly dangerous and requiring testing.


First Frame? Is this a commission? or your own idea for a comic?


Also! Super awesome.


File: 1493193207182.jpg (192.15 KB, 1316x754, quickydeli.jpg)

Not a commission, still not doing them so was saying that I'd not be able to do multiple frames of even slight edits on the time tables commissions used to give me for my own projects. Basically the commissions always choked off my bigger ideas cause I had to switch off of anything of any decent size to still make my deadlines T_T.


anyone got that one pic where raven's bitching how starfire lost a bet to beastboy and has to grill her tits with starslut?


You interested in drawing a picture with the girls of Shokugeki no Souma?
Its in anime about cooking^^
A lot of the girls are quite hot. And enought fan service it has too^^
megumi tadokoro is my personal favorit...
But there a lot of girls with big boobs too. (perfekt for grilling: 5A meat like they call it^^)


Please do a follow up for this one, it really would be great!


File: 1493602405911.jpg (174.38 KB, 953x1435, peachdigestingmaybe.jpg)

Shokugeki no Souma is something I doubt I'd pick up (not much for slice of life animes) so its probably not something I'd get around to drawing. Have said that before though... but more then likely will forget about it too quickly ^^:.
>>17246 There's several frames in the works on my tmblr for a continuation, basically edited "down the lines." Might be more of other stuff done with it as well. Would have been done by now but a rough week made me too tired to focus down and figure out the dilaogue bubbles.


File: 1493669041693.jpg (243.78 KB, 1246x914, roastedjessietits.jpg)

Running low on food, the team encounters Team rocket... and emergency rations are obtained after some cunning negotiations (aka brock was brock.)

Unfortunately for Jessie her VERY large tits are taking alot longer to cook then even May's. Even the other girls are getting a bit hungry waiting.

Just decided to do another girl, was either her or sabrina but was tired and had the old file for the grill... seemed more fitting it was Jessie.


come on fuckers i know someone has ig


I was wondering if you'd ever touch upon Fire Emblem Fates like Charlotte and Camilla? Your thread is one of the largest here and I was surprised there was none haha do you have a pixiv for all your guro work?


File: 1493691267482.jpg (263.58 KB, 1784x1372, jessiehanging.jpg)

I never played the series actually so why I never drew it. Rpgs are such time consuming things that its like, super robot wars, final fantasy, lunar, disgaea, pokemon, phantasy star (which I seem to have horrid luck, I been trying to play 4 for years and had it crash, be deleted, and so on four times now) the star ocean with rena, and a few others I've played but I've missed a ton (like never played shining force... mainly cause i downloaded a rom for it back in the day and couldn't figure out how to play the first one :P.

Fighting games I mainly know thru porn or anime spin offs (like darkstalkers, I still prefer cartoon Felicia to nun felicia). At the moment my art winds up eating a sizable amount of my time along with well, being exhausted from work (as I work a physically tiring to hell job) so I been watching some stuff on youtube to keep up somewhat on whats out there >> but rpgs are soooo slow to watch.

I'm also poor as heck :p making only 21 k a year with student loans and other expenses and no wife/girlfriend to share funds (see above for why : P) >>

<< jessie captured by squirtle squad.


Awww... Well, here's to hoping! Hahaha
Um do you have a way to contact if ever for a commission?


In reply, I guess there really is just a broad spectrum of gamers. I find slow paced RPGs to be fun but find fighting games easily tiring.
But hey, here's to you. Even with a buttload of stuff to do you're still putting out quality work. And you're working hard paying up your student loans.


That is a valid complaint about most RPGs (Big reason Bravely default gathers dust on my desk), but while Fire emblem games do tend to be long, they aren't nearly as time consuming, at least when it comes to time spent playing in one sitting, since they have plenty of very clear points where you can drop the game and come back later.

I know most RPGs 'technically' let you do that, but in reality, You can;t just put them down because there are usually few or no breaks in the story. Fire emblem has a break basically every level, and this applies to all the games, even the mobile spin-off. (Which is surprisingly good, for mobile spin-off standards.). You can pick it up, play a chapter or two, and put it down again without wasting hours since the story takes a small break basically every chapter, as they're written with the levels of an SRPG in mind.

If you have no intention of ever picking up fire emblem after reading this, stop here.

If you do ever pick it up, however, Do not start on fates; It's not the best for newcomers, and the story alone might sour your taste of the whole series. I would start on Awakening; it's the best for newcomers And is great for figuring out wither or not you like SRPGs, as the gameplay is simple, but gives way to surprising complexity. The story, while not the best is pretty standard quality for a JRPG, and the characters are fluffy enough to be easy to like, while complex enough to keep you liking them.


File: 1493775235404.jpg (170.17 KB, 1281x794, mimicowgirl.jpg)

I've stopped doing commissions for the seeable future cause of health issues (was over working to the point it was hard to even get out of bed in the morning.) I won't be resuming anytime soon cause the exhaustion still persists cause it was like a ... four front issue. Feeling better, still feel some days (like weekly) like I want to cough out my internal organs. I hurt, alot, on daily basis regardless and currently on week four of insomnia issues resulting it... four to three hours of sleep a night. Been sufficing on recharges on my day off's (since I only get one at a time) but its... getting to me. Why my art quality dropped for awhile at the beginning of the year.

>>17336 Yeah, I try and dip into alot of things but as someone pointed out a few times that we're in an era of both god dang it and yay, in where there's more games, and also anime, manga, movies etc, that are great then could possibly be watched in our life times.

Would help I suppose if I hadn't played ff7 5 times. Still need to draw more selphie as well, or fix up some of the stuff.

I can't drop games and start again, ever :P. I stall horribly, Why bravely default also currently sits somewhere (well that and the story is kinda... bland, I played it soley for miss hot blonde). The town building thing takes irl time.. and it delayed my playing till I stopped. Same for final fantasy tactics for the ds 2 as it was waaaaaaaaaay too long in getting to the plot and I feel the compulsive need to do all side missions in a game.

Also not really starting to buy new games, as I have a few on the list and an overstocked steam (which slowly gets played cause I draw more then I game), and with commissions down... I have no cash for such things >> I had an extreme backlog of stuff on steam though and I'll probably break down and buy nier automata. My comp was unable to play things with direct x like, 9.5 or later so I had years of thinking it''d run on my comp and it didn't, and now that I got the new comp... Soooo many old games (Though I need to favorite so I can see them amongst all the shite the "steam packs" inputted into the list I will NEVER play.)

Things on my list is shadowrun dragonfall (restarting cause frigging new edition came out which supposedly makes glory useful and i do love glory as a character) All orcs must die, cryptarc, flinthook, kingdom hearts three SUPPOSEDLY comes out this year, and a bunch others. Also have my miniscule funds put into the humble bundle subscription so yeah...

Also got renown explorers which has a hot cast, and watch gamers play on youtube, which is kinda the cost/risk for streaming. I can't watch and stream so I essentially cut off "input" for output. Also rely on attendance to not be bored out of my mind if I'm not sufficently motivated, and my fanbase isn't very large so there's some points no one else is on to hang with ^^:. Also don't do guro on it :P. peril at worst.

What's on here is also the tip of the iceberg as gurochans been rather quiet, eka's portal got alot of attention, also felt too guro/vore heavy and had a tmblr made to do stuff that's tamer.


File: 1493934920449.jpg (344.68 KB, 1056x1103, raven-brain-drained2.jpg)

Raven brain drained 2


File: 1493934934012.jpg (354.15 KB, 1056x1103, raven-brain-drained3.jpg)

Raven brain drained 3


File: 1493934972507.jpg (351.09 KB, 1056x1103, raven-brain-drained4.jpg)

Raven brain drained 4

C+p from tmblr

So. Much. Work. I’ll look over these again later and make sure in my tired and sick state that my dsylexia didn’t kick into over drive :P but looked over the text a bunch of times already. Usually still miss a word heh ^^:. Probably look over the art aspect as well again, but hopefully it all worked out. I just didn’t want this to sit too much longer. Much less with the possibility of doing additions I wanted the base “middle” of the idea down so I wouldn’t need to worry about writing outside of the “canon.”

For story purposes, the intention of the device is its using radiation to burn the cells in her brain out, but basically making them unusable, not so much killing them. The data contained in the cells is ruined, and the ability to reconnect to the rest of the cells via neural pathways is disabled, BUT it leaves the brain still alive, but the cells will never recover that were deleted. Sci-fi very much. Its also emitting a large amount of heat for that, so by the end, she’s basically got her brain over heated and needing to cool down, which is why by the end she’s “really out of it.” A scene I may draw later would mention shes in the odd downward pose there cause she was unlikely to be able to do things for a short period after, so it made doing the testing easier to pre set her up. Had intended to do a little more edits to the pose as I went (with the last frame having her arm up, but fatigue set in, especially as I got sick (dealing with my fourth week of insomnia on top of everything so I am burnt out.)


File: 1494021730785.jpg (284.16 KB, 1080x1127, sally.jpg)

Quicky sally


File: 1494021750927.jpg (376.62 KB, 1440x1246, bbqbunny.jpg)

Quicky rabbot


Won't eat Bunny Rabot... afraid of the metal shavings. Dr Robotnic ruins another good meal


File: 1494057599997.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1800, unbirthveiw.jpg)

I did almost jokingly have her have one metal nipple that was overheating in the fire :P.

<Nothing really to post with the post so an old "how i view unbirth file that might amuse people.


Been thinking of this picture series. I almost expected to see Beastboy as a bull fuck Raven before she is sent to the farm.


How's your insomnia, man?


File: 1494194326129.jpg (167.35 KB, 920x866, schoolgirls.jpg)

Week four and counting! 35-40 hours a week o' sleep =o=!
Yeah a few people are big on the beastboy, but theres a ton out there rather focus on some jinx stuff next time I got my muse in play for that, or a preset up for the scene :0. He's mostly there for commentry

Quicky sketches of kylie from a chat with tvb, see where it goes. Basically her at a school volunteer thing to raise money, lots of the schoolgirls turned out 18+ to college ages.


File: 1494194408310.jpg (192.17 KB, 1000x1000, kyliespitted.jpg)

And her set up. There's trucks in the back to cart off whoever's not roasted or sold on the grounds. Idea was a ludicrous amount showed up so their having to ship em off in droves.


File: 1494276296261.jpg (187.14 KB, 1125x851, bunnyrabbotroasted2.jpg)

First off, heads up, there's a story post on hentai foundry with public bestiality now in my gallery using a certain fastfood icon. One of the few times I wrote.

Maybe I'll write another five pages next decade :P.


Wanting to get back to playing prey, and feeling a bit run down after work, decided to do a quick sketch while I waited for the Tylenol to kick in (bad idea to do first person shooters with a headache if your motion sickness prone :P, feeling better now fyi just over did it at work and needed a pain killer that was taken an hour ago).

Ended up cleaning it up a bit but wasn't up to coloring, least just yet.

Anyway Robotinik roasted Rabbot Rabbit :P She got captured, and she's kinda figured out shes in a bad spot considering that work bubble.

I kinda missed my mark as I originally wanted her to be her more midget form version, all tits and ass, and instead kinda made her more anthro. Guess my usual drawing habits kicked in while my brain was offline. I like the idea of the midget sonic characters being ultra busty and butty' as it makes the characters all personality and sex object. A quick bind and all you really get is a veiw of ass, tit, leg, and whatever amount of expressions you want. Had also considered the bombchu girl from zelda being up to being won but this one out for "being easy."


"How could Ia trust that no good Snake in da Grass" She groaned as Snively wrapped her bio-mechanical limbs in some sort of nanite gloop. "I swear when Sally comes ta save me, I will be usin your voicebox as a dog whistle" Her complaints are silenced as a impossible being turns to face the tied up snuff bunny.

"Really Snively, the Bunny. Couldn't your meal be more exotic, one does not come back from the dead often" He snears wipeing the dust from his chair arm. Robotnik stands and forces Bunny Rabot to her knees. "Yes though she may be common this rabot may have a uniqueness to her" He rubs his finger over her robotic limb... and she can feel it.

Snively whines at first before about to defend himself until that. "Oh yes good doctor. You see the Nanolicin attach to her and fuse flesh to metal. Even her robotics are taking on a more meaty flavor"

Robotnik smiles licking his lips. "Ohh good a metal I can eat. That means so much to a food lover. I will be having to rare treats tonight."

Bunny whimpers struggling harder at those words "Look Eggman ya can't eat me. Please I.. I will serve ya all again." She shivers as the behemoth just licks his lips. "Ya know Sonic won't let you live if ya kill me"

"Oh really, so he will come here too, with all those others from the village. If I take them out it will be so much easier to take back over Mobius, don't you agree Snively.

"Y-yes sir, and not to mention I can restock the pantries with that piece of ass pink hedgehog."


File: 1494527992744.jpg (388.67 KB, 1870x1409, zonetan2.jpg)

Heh, bit more on the cruelty desperation side then I usually go for those things.

I may color this is later, but I am now dead and I wasn't sure so I figured I'd post this version just incase I never go back to it :P.

Also again, enjoy the new fetish you'll only ever be able to find like, one set of elsewhere ever again. For all eternity :P. Less if yah count character fanart since carnivore cafe used an oc :P.

Which ironically I couldn't stream cause I had to use a real girl ref for ass and pussy which is not allowed on picartio (I think.)

Had mused a longer sequence like he had with the mouth shut but just pussy and ass, and then a quick edit of the pussy and ass gone with her complaining from inside but frogs are annoying to draw when your not practiced in em :P. That and this pose was a pain in the ass. I need to hook up my scanner so I can use pencil and paper again ^^: So much easier with fine details.


File: 1494637482178.jpg (266.79 KB, 1440x1246, bbqbunny2.jpg)

Work in progressy build on bunny boobs.


File: 1496513569436.jpg (403.98 KB, 1371x1275, rogueeroast2.jpg)



File: 1496513594094.jpg (375.49 KB, 1709x1011, kingdomcowscl.jpg)

Kingdom kows


File: 1496513689101.jpg (318.6 KB, 1440x1224, roast-tits.jpg)

Random idea.


File: 1496513787822.jpg (274.84 KB, 1601x993, mimicowgirl.jpg)

Mimi on a tray, more stuff later cause you know image buffer and no one ever seems to notice it seems when these are batch uploaded :P.


I feel like one of the cows should be a bit bigger than the other two just to really piss her off, maybe the one begging to be spared.


File: 1496709113329.jpg (224.67 KB, 1172x961, splatoonmeat.jpg)

They were actually different tit types (tophs is bigger saggy with laege nipples, jin's is more firm, and ty lee's are torpedo's but the quicky nature (and the discombobulated nature) makes it less apparent. Was jsut an idle doodle.


File: 1496709409255.jpg (224.84 KB, 1000x1000, rogueoutofthefryingpan.jpg)

segual- ish for the the fun of it


File: 1496709459679.jpg (180.77 KB, 1000x1080, obliviate2.jpg)

Hermy based off her book self and not emma


File: 1496709560314.jpg (237.74 KB, 1000x942, hermy.jpg)

Story behind this is someone wants to make girls into cows similiar to raven, herm ends up volunteered (willingly) and ends up obilvated and breast enhanced. Winds up on the dinner table in the end for her house. She knew "dinner" was an option but before she started didn't realize she'd be it for people she knew :P. Figure house elfs also lead her naked thru the hallways with her too dimwitted to know otherwise.


Any chance of getting a colored version of that pic? :3


Seconded, I like this one a lot too :)


Can someone explain to me what "obilvated" means?


Obliviation is the term for a spell that removes memories. It is how the wizarding world keeps its secrecy, by removing the memories of mundanes that have seen any aspect of magic in action.



When Rogue is caught again, I can only imagine she'll be bound far tighter to prevent further escape attempts.


Thank you


File: 1497118966905.jpg (155 KB, 800x873, jasminerefined.jpg)

If I continue its possible that the "capture" won't require ropes as it won't be robotnik doing it.
Yup, figure that was used to erase all those "high end brain stuff" bringing her down to a "cow" level for resale/roasting. Similair to a magic version of raven's bit.

Didn't really make that one with coloration in mind, it was meant as a quicky sketch but I'll keep in mind for a redo that would fix the errors if I get my interest in it back up. I got a few projects on hand at this point so i;m juggling stuff (raven and fraw bow, maybe mroe of the dnd girls, a muffet and mlp thing...) I been trying to take requests into account though. Mainly with commissions amscray it's really only for trades I make a straight gaurentee and winging everything else on whim and fancy. But i've completed something for about 1/3rd of the requests I've gotten so far.


File: 1497119076893.jpg (171.92 KB, 898x1080, SILLY.jpg)

silly friday the 13th thingy, somewhat on topic :P


File: 1497191422164.jpg (839.58 KB, 2061x2114, kotoconcept.jpg)

another quicky thing I had done before bed. Koto this time.


File: 1497208883754.jpg (226.4 KB, 852x992, koto-attempt.jpg)

Some attempt at an after internal of koto but kinda blah so i just messed with it a bit.


File: 1497214396265.jpg (201.06 KB, 1306x914, pennymad.jpg)

Having a can't draw worth crap day :P.


File: 1497217990907.jpg (235.79 KB, 1158x1409, pennyattempt2.jpg)

another attempt


Any chance we actually get to see Jason stab her cunt?


File: 1497292495906.jpg (206.4 KB, 1086x1321, pennyfair.jpg)

Nah was just a joke. Working on this currently.


Cool Idea, Bro!


Sweet netflix Penny! Hope Talon doesn't ambush her.
Well.. who am I kidding, I hope he does and she ends up on a spit. :9


File: 1497405761754.jpg (294.62 KB, 1882x1328, POSSIBLE.jpg)

Well working on so many projects I figured either which way I wanted to see the layout of an end scene for this so I did a quicky mock up of it. Figured mad was after the million dollar golden spit used to spit the best in show girl at the fair, with penny being upgraded from "b" for being petite to best in show for being athletic and an hyper smart agent.


File: 1497405799084.jpg (313.73 KB, 1386x1136, aprilstuffedprogress2.jpg)

and more in the works cause I'm easily distracted and despite many many projects keep going off on tangents.


damn, I want to see the end scene of THIS one


I think I remember you saying that you dislike drawing spit roasting scenes but you seem to draw some of my favorites. I hope someday you finish this series up!


File: 1497427761855.jpg (112.71 KB, 730x1152, peril.jpg)

I had drawn alot back in the day to the point i kinda had gotten sick of them due to the enormity of the amount I had drawn and the difficulty of drawing em. That was back when a picture could take ten hours to trace and fix up and trying to get the pole lined up was a huge task. It kinda is one of those "was at the time but time and skill caught up enough i'm okay with it now and do it on my own" sorta situations.

Still hate lining that all up somedays though :P.

With my style since I don't really do heavy guro that wouldn't really amount to too much. Since its a close up in a thing with a bunch of tnt around here your either looking at a fireball or an outside view of a tnt plant fire. heck with the amount of tnt there the after pretty much wouldn't be much more then that even if i did draw guro, that's alot of boom.


File: 1497427855065.jpg (359.32 KB, 1022x1613, lrgsizever2.jpg)

blegh meant to post this one


File: 1497427995232.jpg (34.91 KB, 583x457, realsize.jpg)

Can ;t seem to find the boom version of this one but it was the only one I think where the girl had "parts flying" but I think the files still on my old comp. Might be somewhere on the site though (or even in this thread i;m typing this right before i run out the door for work so whee :P.


Thank you for posting both anyway! That batgirl is one of my favorite characters. And i love seeing her bite it.


Sadly main reason it never got colored is everytime I tried back in the day the black on black of her outfit white washed out the line work haha. I probably could have done it now a days but the psd files long buried sadly. Had originally intended to do a second page but never got around to it of the star spangled kid and twister i think her name was bound together with dynmite in them with the ending being the guy blew up the entire building with himself in it when they went up with all the heorines, still alive, but heavily bandaged converging on his hospital bed :P.


File: 1497542601690.jpg (189.62 KB, 941x985, teaspplies.jpg)

One of the more common tropes of the school anime's is a festival fair hosted by the schools (tea was a highschool student so figure easily 18 if its end of fourth year). Basically students make a booth and people go and win prizes, order food etc, the students running the booth make up the theme. So yugi and co went for burgers.

And the bullies wanting the spot took all their supplies. Tea stepped up to the task though and is "filling in" even used her cellphone to submit the proper forms to be a meatgirl.

Big tits, larger body, they had to take the three grills they had and put em together, and nail on some stuff to keep her tits out of the coals, but the end result is... advertising friendly? Figure the tits would cool well before everything else with this set up, and once cooked could be diced into steak/burger patties and she could be flipped to get the other end of her.

Socks were to emphasis the schoolgirlish nature of the picture :P.

Not going to refine this likely. I had the sketch and been feeling the work i've done lately and just felt like I'd probably not get to the coloration and refinement so I just did a quick fix up trace and some whites for color.


File: 1498529260757.jpg (265.95 KB, 1944x1053, mikasaroast2.jpg)

few things: mikasa


File: 1498529306196.jpg (331.45 KB, 1670x913, starroasted.jpg)

few things: Star Butterfly


File: 1498529464184.jpg (257.24 KB, 1108x883, computerfailure.jpg)

and looks l my thread is no longer being bumped up by posts :P so if you see this might want to make sure yah have what you want from it as it'll get pushed off the art page if it continues. Most of this is on eka's just not the pure peril/guro stuff


Whelp, time to save every image...


How much do commissions usually cost from you?


Gonna numb because weird things happened with my last comment


Come back Jim!
We're sorry!
I'm sorry (although I'm not sure why you've not posted in a week)!



Oh I absolutely adore pics like these from you!


I don't generally post too often on a schedule here, if yah check the time stamps a its a bit erratic. Got a busy irl job and juggle a few sites I post on. I had intended to start a new thread linking to this once I had something full color to post as the first image. Its got a long while before it falls off the art page so I felt no huge rush so was taking my time.

Don't do commissions anymore, I kinda hated being nailed down and I was doing so many it exhausted me enough for around two months I had issues even getting up in the morning. Was like working two jobs and I suffer anxiety attacks so it was always liek a sword above my head. A constant countdown. Now that I don't do them I draw more and am free to experiment, resulting in a drop for like, 10 hours a picture to trace to some new styles that range only an hour or two.

Still hate retracing my lines though, but photoshop corrupts the linework from my tablet necessitating the slower, less fun, retrace after to fix up the lines :P.

Huh forgot to post the color version ^^:. It's on ekas portal there. I'll wait to post it here till I start the new thread so people will notice it since this thread no longer updates on the list. Glad yah like it.


Hey Jimsugomi, do you play do draw pics with the girls of my Hero academia?
Tsuyu Asui Frog girl.
Uraraka ochaco gravity
They have a lot of breast meat for their size.
I alredy write a small story about Uraraka, because i wanted to relieve this poor girl.
That must be exhausting to carry so much weight ^ ^


Hey Jimsugomi, do you plan do draw pics with the girls of my Hero academia?
Tsuyu Asui Frog girl.
Uraraka ochaco gravity
They have a lot of breast meat for their size.
I alredy write a small story about Uraraka, because i wanted to relieve this poor girl.
That must be exhausting to carry so much weight ^ ^


Froppy was already on my tumblr once, but haven't seen more then an ep and half of the series. I'd like to but i'd need to buy it or get a subscription to a carrier of it. Not about to look it up illegally or anything : ). But money's an issue right now in terms of unnecessary expenditures for the month as a few birthdays hit for family and some nice stuff I wanted I picked up.


if its about legal isues try this site:
Et leats in germany every its legal to watch animes here. Because you allowed to watch with sub, as long as not dub exist. (if a dub exist it have to be eng sub). But this site actual only have animes you are allowed to watch in germany;)
Not know if the american law is a bit stricter...


soory many errors^^ i seams to be tired;)


Магазин интимных товаров. Работает 24 часа в сутки.
Товары высокого качества по умеренным ценам


Will this bump with the new changes?


Any chance of more Kylie?


Always good to see more works from the Master.

Thanks for sharing, JS


File: 1517254402421.jpg (128.77 KB, 722x1080, spiderhang.jpg)

Gurochan keeps going down :P but a dump off picture from my stream. Check ekas for better up to dates recently. or tumblr.



What's Ekas?


The website "Eka's Portal"


bumping to save


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