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Let me repost the 1st half of the story.

The old thread seems full of wasted lines so I suppose it's better to make a clear new thread


File: 1449156521399.jpg (128.35 KB, 800x1066, jasmin brain.jpg)

It's Disney time!

Tell me what she's screaming about?


File: 1449156563831.jpg (199.26 KB, 1000x1333, rapunzel in the middle.jpg)

new image of Rapunzel cut in half. Vertical this time


>>7967 Aww... is it end of colored Leona or just a break? It looked like it could be a great series! And i was hoping for a bit more colored drawings. :(

Probably that she is hungry for more coock in other places then her brain. :]

>>7969 I wonder if one half think of pain and the other think of a dick.


Sweet :D


so hotttt


Hey Ayaswan, if you are doing Disney girls right now would you mind doing one with Belle from Beauty and the Beast?


I'll take a short break. New commission is coming and it got several pages...


A new commission of Ivy vs Orchid
page 1


File: 1449573621579.jpg (443.38 KB, 1600x1417, 011600.jpg)


File: 1449573648436.jpg (357.76 KB, 1600x1417, 021600.jpg)


File: 1449573716551.jpg (293.27 KB, 1600x1107, 031600.jpg)


File: 1449586817830.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1141, leona-3 FINAL sperm.jpg)

Leona decapitation 3, Reload!!


Amazing! Especially how her face look ! Now she is cute again! :D Man i LOVE your work! :*


It truly amazing! Any chances for version with no cum? :3 If not its fine, its great as it is! Keep it up! Now we got to the best part/s!


File: 1449597441672.jpg (520.81 KB, 1600x1141, leona-3 FINAL no sperm.jpg)

I actually have one...


File: 1449597686954.jpg (297.62 KB, 1600x940, angela death.jpg)

Angela from Expelled from Paradise
Very very nice ass. A good movie to watch.

It's amazing that 3D(Japanese anime style) can create such attractive and dynamic movie. However it's still not fluid enough so some movements look quite robotic.

But still, nice ass!


I adore butts! That's why i like Leona, with that big-ass sword and shield she must have strong legs and fine firm ass! Also no meter how lose girl vag is you can always bet her ass will be tight! xD Mmm... If i was at that guy place after cutting Leo head and having fun with her i would place her body ass up and after filling my eyes with a good look at that godly round ass i wold fuck her assholl like creazy! :D



I loved that movie so good


File: 1449689015605.jpg (451.4 KB, 1600x918, 041600.jpg)


File: 1449822752865.jpg (660.24 KB, 1290x1600, 051600.jpg)



Nom Nom Nom! xD Great!


File: 1449835363487.jpg (25.21 KB, 409x360, images (1).jpg)



File: 1449854907768.jpg (505.42 KB, 1600x1248, mirage impale1600.jpg)


Looking good Ms. Mirage. Looking good. I wonder... If Elastigirl can stretch out her body can she do it with her instestes? Hmm i think we are going to find out soon.
Also from artist point of view, i think you messed up a bit of perspective on her head, it look big. Or maybe its just her lower jaw that makes it look like this or neck.


Yes the head is too big. I kinda blame Pixar...


Hi Aya, Rapunzel and Jasmin are looking like typical flat colors with perfect linework. I did not see that from you before? Could you post a progression picture of one of your pieces to show your typical work steps?
About your question: I would not expect any screams from Jasmin with that injury anymore.


File: 1449913154485.jpg (1.51 MB, 3500x2368, aya's ttraining.jpg)

It's a mess, basically, I don't draw in particular orders but you can try to follow the steps like this (with SAI or PS):

1. sketch and line, in different layers. try not to use pure black for lines in case you need to change its color, it would be easier for SAI.

2. make the background concept. The space, and the light source.

3. In this picture I use 2 light source, the one from her butt and the one from lava. Then use select tool and color tool to make the main parts of human body.

I suggest use dark color as a basic skin tone as it would be easier to make natural highlight than natural shadow. Separate skin and hair layers. Render some basic shadow.

4. Render some highlights from lightsource A. And a few special effects. In this case, the lightning from the lock ball.

5. Render the highlights from lightsource B. In this case, pick light orange along her curve.

6. Basic background shaping.

7. lighting effects on the background and relative objects.

8. add blood, tear and whatever body fuild. Depends on the effects you may need many different layers of fuilds.

9. Add liquid highlights.

That's pretty much my ordinary way of drawing. I pick SAI as it has a very useful handshake proof function.

Also, the light render can be easily done by changing the layer mixture...I don't know if it is the prcise English name for it cuz I haven't used English version for a long time. For example, you can use Linear Light to render shadow and highlights easily, or Multiply for blood and tear.


Dont let it die! Bump! *well... let Leo die. :P


Great impaling ^_^


Draw the picture where Chun Li is stabbed, but without the head flying. ~


Ehh.... My poor Leona... I would fuck your corpse up the ass.....


File: 1450711119411.jpg (574.57 KB, 1600x998, 1-text small.jpg)

A new commission of Black Widow's execution.
Will name it Death Rape 3.



File: 1450711150674.jpg (719.69 KB, 1175x1600, 2-textsmall.jpg)





Is there, by anny chance, a part 3?


I wish she would suffer more. Dumb character without a real place in the series. They added her only for boobs and ass i think... FUCK HER THEN CUT HER TO PIECES, THEN FUCK THE PIECES!


There chance to see a part3?

By the way, thanks for that amazing art! :)


File: 1450782846133.jpg (600.23 KB, 1600x998, 3-text small.jpg)


I have to admit that peeing in the skull is so much fun.
However arranging text bubbles is quite a skill...


Fucking Awesome. Next rip off her skull with its spinal cords attached and neck fuck her. Like how you did with Jean Grey and Psylocke in your earlier commissions.


File: 1450812736203.jpg (250.5 KB, 1600x1000, 4 small.jpg)

in the middle of making.
shall add some sperm and pee and text on it.


The muscle anatomy's a bit off. Check out some sketches from Michelangelo - dunno if that's useful in photoshop tho.


File: 1450846911113.jpg (499.68 KB, 1600x1000, 4-text small.jpg)

palm face T_T

page 4, the end of the story.

The experiement proves two points:

1. Interrogation can be fun.
2. Spine stimulation can make a human body function even without heart beat and blood pressure. All we need is actually just some muscle reaction, plus a little moisture, which can be replace by their own blood, pee, semen or brain tissue.

Therefore the conclusion is, people don't really need a girl with a head. Blowjob exceptional.

All Hail Hydra!!


Love your work and I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas/happy holidays. Are you looking for ideas? Brandish from Fairy Tail is currently tied up in a prison cell in her underwear and getting choked by her mistreated subordinate creeper. Seems like easy hentai/guro material that nobody seems to be making. I'm happy with whatever you decide to do though.


Spine simulation, interesting. :D


Palm face or not, the anatomy is still incomplete :P Fucking photoshop now allows everyone to be called an artist, oh well. Nice work btw (discovered you accidentally from a Rogue piece).


yeah... I'm bad at anatomy...
should really have some professional practice now.


Incomplete <> bad. Jesus Chrsit, why does everyone take a(n obvious) comment as a fucking "you suck" statement? Get over it lol.

Ever considered making celeb snuffs? Like, real celebrities. Not sure if that's 100% legal tho.


Legal but in bad taste. And hard to draw to look even mildly interesting. :P Anime/game characters are better for this kind of stuff - you cant offend THEM :P (sure you can offend they fans :P )


Can't disagree ^^


from the dudes idea i can add that you could do *more* cinema characters since youlll be technically snuffing the actors just like you did with scarlet j @ black widow


I actually googled your name and found out more of your stuff. Just like I thought, your work is pretty good, it's just some drawings in this thread that are kinda incomplete. Which is totally OK and also exactly what I said (kinda tired of people misunderstanding my intentions. I'm not dissing). All good? :P

8½-9/10 imo.


Oops, turns out I was looking at a different artist's work. Welp. 7/10.


Actually many works I posted here are commissioned from others, mostly some characters I like or I know so I can imagine their agony. My own interests often turns out sketchs.

I'm quite sure I will not do a celeb cuz I don't like killing real world women especially like >>8460 said, kinda bad taste. Let's just fuck them in the head or in the photoshop.


File: 1450934515903.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x856, office fuck.jpg)

oops all talking and no posting, that's no good



Holy hell these are hot! Good to see your classic style again, too!


It's strange, no? I can't stand gore of real people. Even if it's make believe gore. For some reason, 2D guro turns on all the right switches for me. Go figure...


Thank you!

Yeah! That is what for spy sults are meant for! And it should not end with life, hope she gets tormented for all eternity by Mephisto or Doormammu!


WoW This Leona series is hot! Will there be any more of her or other LoL characters deaths? :D Like maybe that new buffy chemp girl Illaoi? :D


File: 1451923814860.jpg (322.93 KB, 1600x1000, alisa blood no man 1600.jpg)

a new commission of Alisa and Ciel from God Eater


File: 1451925643165.jpg (347.56 KB, 1600x1000, alisa blood and sperm 1600.jpg)


File: 1451966437884.jpg (170.61 KB, 1200x750, caitlyn sucking.jpg)


If you are doing LoL girls can you do something to Lux?


>> 8891
Very great tragic feeling of Alisa and Ciel

I would like to see even Erina and Sakuya


File: 1451976380841.jpg (215.91 KB, 1500x1000, alisa hal22f small.jpg)

quick sketch of Alisa executed by throat slicing.


The lighting on her face looks really good. The lighting in general is good, come to think of it. Shade the rest of her body like her face and you'll have a nice, semirealistic tone.


Great works as always! Keep it up!


File: 1452010995190.jpg (309.11 KB, 1500x1000, raven bunny 1500.jpg)


WoW! It looks really amazing! BG, sword and she! It have a nice atmosphere to it!


WoW! It looks really amazing! BG, sword and she! It have a nice atmosphere to it!


Riven makes a fantastic snuff bunny.


Excellent work!


Wonder what will the attack do to her hot body next. XD

Great work but Aya seemed to have forgotten bout her bunny ears. D:


NO ~~~~~SHIT~~~~~~


File: 1452072703222.jpg (435.76 KB, 1200x1146, sino deathgun 1200 JPN.jpg)


File: 1452072764807.jpg (375.62 KB, 1200x1146, sino deathgun simple noblo….jpg)

less messy version


I turn around for a couple of days and you post all these images at once? This is amazing. If i can make a sugestion, try experimenting with the girls from kill la kill. I think it would be amazing!



Can you do anything involving the Rumble Roses girls?


You should do Linkle from Hyrule Warriors 3DS. :3

Moblins surrounding her, hacking her to pieces with their Halberds, and fucking her warm gory holes. :3



Hell yes! Love the work you are doing with the backgrounds too, as always.


File: 1452537430334.jpg (1.24 MB, 3000x2920, riviana and jedi text'.jpg)

Well, this is a commission considering Star Wars universe. An original character, A top agent from the Galactic Empire had successfully seduced a Twi'lek Jedi onto her bed. After a few struggles she slaughtered the Jedi with her lightsaber and starting to download information from the victim's brain.

At the same time the agent read this Jedi's dark secret of masturbating with lightsaber, and it turns to a passion of doing it herself. I think she's clever enough not to penatrate herself to death next to her one night stand girlfriend's body parts.

“The power of the Force is nothing compared to the power of lust. From the most powerful to the powerless it can always bring their downfall.”

Isn't it?


Interesting concept, the power of lust.... it could be the red side of the force. What about a guri, a jedi who fell to the red side of the force XDD


File: 1453271157094.jpg (726.54 KB, 1200x963, meathod2chuixuedeath1200.jpg)

Fubuki from One Punch Man.


As a psychic her power if very dangerous to the human society.
So we figured out the best way to prevent that is to give her a direct brain treatment -- so called brain fuck -- to destroy the potential danger within her brain.

But she didn't make it though. She died while giving the treatment and her muscle twisted so bad that one of our scientist almost got his penis bitten by her death choke. After that he said: the tighteness and the twist of her throat is so excited as he recommend everybody to try this out even they would risk losing their penis.

Luckily her asshole and pussy became very tight and moisture to fuck so we finally decide to turn her body into a sex toy for everybody.



Love the coloring on this one.


File: 1454944869215.jpg (215.17 KB, 1028x771, GO GO BIG HERO 6 ADV.jpg)

Defeated by the mystic masked man, professor Callaghan, GoGo's body was completely out of control as her sexy butt and legs struggle and kicking as a mental patient. Her skull was completely crashed by Callaghan's microbot, and she totally lost control to her bladder and wet herself at all. But thanks to the high-tech water proof tight this was only discovered by the medics who packed her dead body to the morgue.


This is the first of my PATRON EXCLUSIVE work. From time to time I will create some exclusive works from now on.

Please visit my patreon page, and become my patron to reveal all sets:

Thank you very much!


I love your updates. This gogo image was unexpected but apreciated. I fear to hear patron exclusive content. Does this means these exclusives will be closed, just for patrons, or they will be posted in your patron page but free after a while?


In general I am trying to transfer some creative resource into life support.

That's the reason I'm opening Patreon and working on it now.

But I will keep posting works, such as commissioned works and comics to public, like Pixiv, HF and Gurochan.

In general no panic of closing all my past works. Thanks for your understanding.


File: 1455129259627.jpg (241.87 KB, 750x1061, power girl 1 small.jpg)

Power Girl knows that she is going to die now.

By enjoy scratching on Power Girl's hot butt Darkseid, he finally made up his mind to penatrate her cunt, which means the final exam for our heroine here...or shall we say execution?

Will she survive till her allies to save her after Darkseid raped her?It will be very hard. He will definately kill her but how? Will the giant penis destroy her guts? Or will he rip her body apart? Or maybe crash her skull with a grab?

Only Darkseid (and AyaSwan) knows the answer.


Hoping for impalement or body ripped in half. Been way too much head trauma on like every recent image lately.


truly it is.


Have you ever done any girls with gas masks getting axed?



But it sounds interesting. Axed on the chest or between the butt is something I always wanna do.


Ohhh, you should do it. A girl soldier with a gas mask being axed by a native.


There's no such thing as too much head trauma.

Smash her head with a kryptonite hammer.

And then rip her in half and impale the pieces.


Im hoping for more LoL girls in future :D Loved that Leona and Caitlyn drawings! If not, than could you at least do that anal sex scene with Leona we talked about in old thread ? Pretty please! :3


File: 1455273794470.jpg (275.21 KB, 750x1009, power2small.jpg)

Although she can not be simply killed by physical force, Power Girl's gut is slowly being squeezed, ripped and shredded by the meaningless crazy thrust of the giant penis. Darkseid fucks her vagina like a sex toy, and he's throughing all his mind and crazy sexuality into fucking this beautiful little super pussy. Every single penetration is filled with his anger, his sexuality and full strength, desired to rip the poor girl's body apart. Every single thrust is tearing her organs little by little until it's totally smashed into bloody juices.

It is not a intercourse, not a sexual offense, or not even close to a rape. It is an execution. Power Girls is holding up but her body and mind is breaking.

Now Darkseid slowly covered her head with his giant palm.


I wonder will he squash her head or rip it off? :D Tho- what a shame after that her pussy will be useless! Well we still got her ass and boobs!


Let's hope he rips it off


Pop her head like an overripe fruit.


I vote for ripped in half with the head of the dick showing out the bottom.


Also would like to see her ripped in half.


Rip the the front of her head off and have Darkseid pull out her brain with his tongue.


File: 1455816464365.jpg (332.99 KB, 900x1149, 01.jpg)

Happy Valentine's Day...well, it's not too late.

Thanks to Beaver's character Chloe and Sally to make this Valentine special work out for everyone. Hope he doesn't mind that I borrowed the two girls for this time's Death Rape!

I don't have time to put a full story so I'll keep it short:

This is how the two girls - Chloe and Sally - celebrating their lesbian Valentine's day, by giving their heads and virginity (of pussy and asshole) to some kind gental rapists.

Well, the guys let the girls kiss for the last time. Isn't that nice?


File: 1455816492024.jpg (455.56 KB, 900x1113, 02.jpg)


File: 1455816646343.jpg (365.9 KB, 900x1116, 03.jpg)


File: 1455817041359.jpg (371.62 KB, 900x1080, 04.jpg)


File: 1455817065344.jpg (433.15 KB, 900x1104, 05.jpg)


File: 1455817186730.jpg (460.03 KB, 950x1393, 06 with blood.jpg)

Enjoy your Valentine's gift!

and, at last,

Please become my patron to support me for more works. Thank you~


Holy crap, it's some fucking Chugworth!
This is excellent quality art, BUT
>Hope he doesn't mind that I borrowed the two girls
Should have probably asked first, since Dave is a member of this community (yeah, I see you lurking)


God i miss US Angel Corps so much. Come back please Dave ;f

And keep up the great work Ayaswan I loved your soul calibur pieces! Especially Amy. Amy is waifu !



Awww yeah.... That blowjob through the other girl's head. I love the ones you do where you have the girls in pieces and not one piece is left unturned :-D


File: 1456481221102.jpg (412.77 KB, 800x1088, lara-PHOTOSHOP-shake-800.jpg)

After impaled by the sticks in the water. Lara had a few moment with her mind clear. She didn't realize that her brain was totally penetrated and leaking. Then she starts to have this strange feeling that her cunt is getting hot, she can't help to rub her clit and pussy even at that moment she knew she should not to.

By more and more pleasure coming her mind became more and more disturbed. Finally she lost her ability to think and act, but she just can't stop masturbating herself while the big metal pipe drills deeper and deeper in her vagina.

She died at the same pose after a huge orgasm that shook her body and destroyed her brain.


Dammit Ayaswan. Whenever I play ROTTR again and encounter this death scene again, I'm going to have weird thoughts. Not that its a bad thing though.


shall i congratulate you or say I'm sorrrrryyyyy


File: 1459009864605.jpg (563.93 KB, 1200x1187, lara 2.jpg)


File: 1459031053688.jpg (370.46 KB, 894x1200, 623594 - Hunter Left_4_Dea….jpg)

I've been searching for your left for dead comic for over an hour, I found the first two pages but I havent been able to find the rest of it. Would you be willing to post It in this thread or post an alternate location?


File: 1459031166388.jpg (318.95 KB, 896x1200, 623593 - Hunter Left_4_Dea….jpg)

Here's the first page incase anybody else was also interested


It's on his pixiv hxxtp://


Thanks for the link fam. That link didn't work, but I found the pixiv account. Do I need an account to see all of the art? Would anybody with an account mind posting the third page?

If nobody does its ok I'll figure it out,


you need to regist a pixiv account.
and switch off the adult content filter.



I remember seeing those death scenes from the game and getting a bit turned on. Would have loved to see a rendition of this where her body is hung down from the spike through her head, and the guys having their way with her.


File: 1459446295819.jpg (434.13 KB, 1200x1188, sample samus 2.jpg)

That sounds cool and you should make one (lol)

Seriously I'm getting very busy on some other commissions refers to my old job however I'm glad to present you guys the new coming image.

The very painful death in agony of Samus Aran!


Fucking awesome




Please behead her.


Hey AyaSwan, Psu3d0 here, you never did respond to my email. It's fine, though.
I was wondering if you were still open for commissions?


sorry I must missed something. Yes I'm open to commissions. I'll check my mail later, it's just gmail is not good working in fucking china.



Please don't.



Do whatever you want with her, just share PLEASE!!!!


File: 1459619541577.jpg (591.07 KB, 1200x1188, sample samus .jpg)

I can't remember the last time I made such a misery scene.

It's so messed up...


Is she going to be ok


Could you do a Starcraft II medic guro pic? There's something about them that I find unbelievably attractive.


File: 1459705860023.jpg (199.04 KB, 1054x948, sample lara 3.jpg)

The last debt of commission from March. I have delayed this one for a long time. I have been trapped by a lot of other works so far that I still can't get out from.


of course you know what's going on next.


Wait, last one from March?


Yes, I found a time machine and traveled a couple of days back.


Well, asking because of the medic one. :/


File: 1460722986794.jpg (226.28 KB, 848x1200, lara gun -1_调整大小.jpg)

I got the inspiration from TR9 the scene where Lara was fighting against a gang with a gun where you have to do the QTE right or get a headshot. The guy would have success if Lara wasn't made up her mind so strongly. So this is what would happen if Lara gives up fighting at the beginning -- She got raped and naively thought that the rapist would let her go or keep her alive. However everything turns the exact same result by having a bullet through her skull and splashs her brain everywhere. Poor girl can do no QTE now.

Maybe the gangs raped her dead corpse several times and then eat her meat after all, but that's not what we concern about.


File: 1460723027023.jpg (234.67 KB, 848x1200, lara gun -2_调整大小.jpg)


File: 1460723047754.jpg (251.23 KB, 848x1200, lara gun -2-2_调整大小.jpg)


File: 1460723123564.jpg (273.85 KB, 848x1200, lara gun -3_调整大小.jpg)


File: 1460723201760.jpg (270.22 KB, 848x1200, lara gun -3 no sperm_调整大小.jpg)

A clear version with no sperm. I guess the guy only came when he feels her death muscle shrink.

And BTW I'm reopenning to commission now. Feel free to check me through email. Thank you guys.


Your last comission is very good. There's definately improvement in the artstyle (at least in my opinion). It looks less sketchy and more honed.

I want to make a suggestion on stills like that last one with Lara: if it's not too much effort, change her facial expression from panel to panel, it would really add to the feeling of struggle and despair.
In any case, great art. I appreciate it.


Hmm, now I think my request was kind of dumb since there are different faces, but I didn't fully notice that...


Do you have general prices?


File: 1460926964808.jpg (397.59 KB, 1200x727, mumei2small.jpg)


Amazing! You've taken it to another level by this piece.


awesome work and follow your pixiv. always loved this one story about valentines but never got how the other girl just showed up... maybe if its ever possible make a cover kinda with both of em while alive?


File: 1467402269321.jpg (684.86 KB, 1083x1200, samus rip parts 1200.jpg)

Kinda feel that I haven't posted anything for a while.

Well, I'm still alive. I guess hard daily work doesn't kill me at all...


File: 1467402507671.jpg (485.4 KB, 902x1200, dva1200.jpg)


File: 1467402631437.jpg (469.59 KB, 1074x900, tracer1200.jpg)

I've been working on some Overwatch girls recently. well, actually since last month.
But working very slowly since I have to work on some other projects at the same time.


File: 1467402908771.jpg (374.44 KB, 1200x1200, tracer21200.jpg)

And this is the new progress so far. I'm planning to make a serious of pictures of Tracer getting impaled with a giant tree branch and kick it as deep as I can. Then pull it out of her ass and see how much intestine it will drag out.

The rest of the pictures, including some pictures of Dva I've already done is posted on my patreon page. So if you like the work I'm doing here please kindly support me there.


File: 1467403359727.jpg (482.66 KB, 945x1200, wonderwomanpropoganda.jpg)

There's also a short story of the execution of Wonder Woman....well, you can't deny that she's so hot in the movie.


File: 1467403457868.jpg (446.42 KB, 833x1200, p1gline_调整大小.jpg)


File: 1467403487597.jpg (466.38 KB, 919x1200, p2g_调整大小.jpg)


File: 1467403553075.jpg (444.41 KB, 833x1200, p1gtext_调整大小.jpg)

also with texts...


File: 1467403613200.jpg (456.87 KB, 919x1200, p2gtext_调整大小.jpg)


My god, you are the man


Though I believe gender to be mostly irrelevant, I think I read somewhere about Aya being a woman from Asia, in her 50s


That pic you made, can you do what happened to the head? :D

Needs more overwatch guro.


Ayaswan. I'm happy that you can make money of your art and i'm thankfull that you are still sharing some with us. But i ask that you consider a system where you post your stuff here after some time it was available at patreon. That way we, and I, can love you more.



File: 1467688062166.jpg (273.13 KB, 1280x853, someone sperm (2)_调整大小.jpg)

well, that is a problem. The thing is for the last and next month I'll be quite busy on the day jobs. I really wish to work more on the guro stuffs but this is so far the best I can do...


Are there any Mercy pictures on your Patreon?


Would you mind doodling anything of Sunako from YamaNade dying?



More LoL girls please! :D Love your stuff!


File: 1467857080976.jpg (438.69 KB, 1000x710, mumei 2.jpg)

A quick sketch from last night, took me about 2 hours.

I'm surprised that I always draw better if I stop drawing for a while...Practice makes perfect, yes, but sometime the passion is the most powerful will that drives you.


Sir you are amazing. I can see the result of passion. It is fun to see a image that the artist wanted to paint. It is simple but enough. Thank you very, very much for sharing with us.

The only down side is her foot fingers. They seem a bit odd for me. But the blood and the expression are flawless!



What a lovely coincidence. Today is my birthday and I couldn't get a better gift than a new Aya drawing :D Thanks.


#7967 when will we see a continuation of Leona? I heard rumors that you there were a few more leona pictures would love to see that strong and powerful tank used


Yea me too... I even donated for 3 months on his patreon for 10$ just to see more of Leo ass but unfortunately only got one more drawing of her at start. And for last 2 months Aya was a bit inactive. Real life stuff SUCK! T_T


OH, finally , it's good to have gurochan back!

Sorry to you bro but I can't just walk away from my job.

I just got one more released on my patreon page. I start to doubt that why I can't finish every story straight and then start another one.


File: 1470816709148.jpg (687.13 KB, 1280x960, d-va-2.jpg)

A small celebration for my pixiv site got over 10000 followers now. Since I still wish to keep something worth for my paid patrons, I can only release this little piece of from my patreon, hope you would like it.

I intend to keep her neck attached and major blood vessels unharmed. Also with her windpipe and esophagus so we can still enjoy a fearce and elastic pumping in her throat. Basically it's a precise surgery that detached her neck spine so she would complete lose control of her muscle but still feel everything her body feels like paralysis.

Anyway, it's kinda hard to explain but I feel it could be more fun than a smooth decapitation. She's gonna suffer more than a regular execution.


File: 1470816978278.jpg (585.35 KB, 1600x1268, D-VA-EXECUTION.jpg)

another released 10000 celebration image.

I am now back to my house and ok to start working on drawing. August can be a quite rich month for the continuous of unfinished stories. Hope you like this, thank you.


It's about damn time. Hey Aya just wondering are you going to finish off the Dva set where you last left off? I'm one of your patreons :D.
BTW, That Dva set is too few IMO. Any plans for making it .....longer like what you did with the X-Men series?


I love you and your art but i think you should cut the amount of promises you make. I dont hold it against you but you promised to finish Leona and that Patreon exclusive Miss Fortune series (and i subscribed hoping to get some more hot LoL asses) and that mentioned at one post Gwen Tennyson. Just to make it even more clear - im not mad and im not rushing you, and i DO know you had a lot of work to do in your job. Im just saying that maybe you should focus more on finishing some old projects/promises before jumping to new ones? Maybe make a list and go slowly through it? :)


What the hell, how did I miss this masterpiece?
Thank you aya, you are getting more amazing at every release. WHat is your next project?


Thanks for mention that. Quite agree. I found myself not good at managing projects. Seems I work on passion than routine too much. And for your concern LoL heroines are still on my table as my previous 2 months are spent on the daily jobs as it delayed.


as mentioned for #12683
I don't think opening new projects are such great ideas now. I should finish Leona, Dva, Power girl and the ongoing Tracer...


File: 1472998920613.jpg (697.47 KB, 1600x1280, mei-1 blood.jpg)

Commission from Devin. Mei got sawed from the middle of her head while she's complete concious. After a tremendous agony her jaw and tongue was left to get fucked and the top half of her head was stuffed inside her belly, which was emptied by pulling almost all her guts inside out. And her womb was left on her face while some cum keep on dropping onto her glassed and a dick fills her fat juicy pussy...


File: 1472999077239.jpg (643.62 KB, 1600x1280, mei-2 blood.jpg)

page 2


File: 1472999208483.jpg (680.31 KB, 1600x1280, mei-2sperm.jpg)

cover her with cum...


File: 1472999306621.jpg (531.7 KB, 1600x1280, mei-1 clear.jpg)

a clear version for the ones who may like it.


File: 1472999369141.jpg (757.54 KB, 1600x1280, mei-2clear.jpg)

and this one...


amazing work ayaswan! Mei is most hated in overwatch too, haha :D


More than any other character in Overwatch, she had that coming. Also, this might just be the most brutal thing you've ever drawn.


so juicy and sexy, absolutely love it^^
plz more like it :)


Fuck yeah, tear that little cunts face apart


Its a REALLY great art but i think i just get overfed with all that Overwatch guro/porn. Too much of the same.



I seeked this out because i was looking for guro of fat girls to bump up my thread over in /req/ and...

It's a bit difficult to tell but it looks like you made her a little skinnier here?

I suppose that's just the angle though.


A little bit skinnier?
Look at those fucking thighs bro, what's left of them anyway


Anyone know how Aya is doing? He hasn't posted anything recently and and I'm hoping the guy's alright.


It looks like AyaSwan shut down his Patreon. Or it got shut down. Either way looks like he's gone for a while.


This is a sad day. i hope he returns to us some day


There's a couple of guro artists on Patreon, I assume you just get delisted (I couldn't find Ayaswan in the Patreon App search for a year, but could get there with a direct link or Google search).

I don't think it's against TOS, it just delists you from the search.

I'm more curious what his job is (some kind of photo/video editor for a magazine or something)? Because sometimes he was able to churn out half a dozen pieces/sketches in a few days, and sometimes he would complete a full 5-panel comic full color in a few weeks. It's only been a year since his "revival" and the creation of his Patreon, and it's had so much content added despite his multiple hiatuses.

So I guess this is me being ignorant but, if you were making 700-900 dollars a month and growing producing art for dedicated fans and it was possible for you to create a sketch in a few days of free time and a full piece in a week, how could you just drop that?

I can only guess his job is important to him and it was infringing on his time, or even threatened his livelihood since it's controversial content? Not sure.

Hopefully he comes back. I was a patron for half a year, and didn't mind the hiatuses.


Death comes quickly to those who love it. Remember, we know who you all are.


could you tell the name of those other artists?


was anyone able to salvage that wonder woman guro on his site?


That's lame. Anyone got his Patreon exclusive work and want to share it? This is why I hate non-public works. I was about to sign up this month and now I can't and the work is gone unless someone posts it.


File: 1481385538656.jpg (786.54 KB, 958x1358, 1QBMbcX.jpg)

I don't know if this is exclusive, but it was posted on reddit and it is not on his pixiv i believe


File: 1481385561219.jpg (957.1 KB, 3633x4500, 0RcDUrH.jpg)


Can you do some girls having their cunts and only their cunts wounded, pissing from the pain? Maybe star wars or Nintendo themed? Princess peach being cunt shot would be epic...


You should really read anything in this thread before requesting something.


What do you mean?


The first one is a preview pic, I believe that was on his patreon openly before he shut it down.

The second is a colored version of one that is on his pixiv, that...may of been exclusive.

Wonder where awaswan went


Ah, I see. I hope he makes a return...


That's sad new indeed. Can some good soul please share what you have with us not fortunate to see those sets?


does anyone have the wonder woman guro?


What a HUGE loss this is having Aya go away... Literally some of the best Guro art I've ever seen in my life. Hope he comes back eventually....


He'll come back again, he goes on an art spree then hides away for a period of time



Still no word, huh?


Is there any way to see ayaswan's patreon only work?


Please. Those who have it, share with us


File: 1487284097325.jpg (868.37 KB, 2000x2400, gogo.jpg)


My heart skipped a beat when I saw a new image was posted. Thanks so much!


He just posted a new image on his Pixiv


I just "talked" to him on the Pixiv.

He was a car accident but thankfully now he is almost fully recovered.


I can't wait to see aya's new works!!
welcome back really


That's FABULOUS news! Aya, if you're reading this, so sorry to hear you were in an accident, and glad you're getting better. Hope you can get back to your and our favorite hobby of ripping these gorgeous whores to pieces for our pleasure like they were built for. You have no equal in this art-form in my opinion.


welcome back! I wish you a quick recovery.



Why the fuck would you bump a two year old dead thread?




Any plans for more League of Legends girls?



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