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As you may already know, Pixiv has a huge treasure trove of guro content under the R-18G tag. While that's great and all, it is very hard to look for a specific fetish, since... Well, I don't speak Japanese. I've found this problem as well when I want to put tags on my own gallery there.

So I have started this little guide, for fun. And, hopefully, it will help out my fellow people of guro inclination.

← Meet Guroccubus. For each post she appears in, she will demonstrate a fetish, along with its corresponding Japanese tag. This is, essentially, a translation project.

I will continue to add to this list as I find more. If you know some other Pixiv R-18G tags that should be here, let me know and I will have Guroccubus demonstrate :-).

Note, this is not to be confused with a request thread. You must provide the Japanese characters as well as its English translation, and it must be something that returns results on Pixiv.

At some point, I may just put all this in a website for easier consumption, but will wait until there are more entries.

So, let's get started...
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You are invited to join

A discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.


2 竜娘 擬人化 Personification of a dragon daughter
-> dragon girl.


Having trouble finding the correct words to search for for "skinning" or "flaying", optionally alive.


Wikipedia suggests 皮剥 or 皮剥ぎの刑 (I've yet to see if pixiv has images with those tags).


Veiled, what programs do you do your drawing in? Are there any tricks which help you create art so quickly? I love drawing but it takes me months to finish even a single piece...


In terms of tools, it's been just SAI Paint Tool, mostly. I only ever use photoshop for word bubbles.

The images you see here are done pretty quickly, mainly because they are small, simple, and have the same color palette. For the other works I do, it can still up to a few days work of hours to complete.

Though, in the end, it's not the tools you use, its the skills you learn that helps with speed. You are probably finding yourself taking a long time because you keep finding things that you are not satisfied with. Or, you just have a hard time with a certain body part/proportions, etc. I would suggest, start picking one thing that you dislike about your work. Then practice that part until you see an improvement. Then choose the next thing. Then the next. Don't be too eager to get a finished piece out there. Even a rock band doesn't perform in front of an audience without good practice. So, uuh, to summarize.... Practice. And practice right.


近親相姦 Incest

毛皮のような Furry

自己耽溺 Self Indulgence!


Freaky approved.


耳姦 - ear fuck

(though most artworks involve tentacles, making it more like "ear rape")


What's the tag for 'human targets'?
By that I mean girls with targets painted on them, or in a situation where they'd be used as targets. Being actually shot is a juicy bonus, but not a requirement.


To the OP

You are invited to a discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.


プラスチ - Plastination
Does anybody have more about this topic? Bodyworlds ( 人体の不思議展) or similar tags?


Leftovers ( 残り物 ) found nothing - is there another word for leftovers?


#7282 but she has wings. Maybe she was Red Bull deficient at the time?
#7715 Loool so cute and funny!
Her face is just too omochikaeriii~
#9136 is funny too


エログロ - Guro (Funny this not mentioned yet!)


First Person Perspective / POV ( 一人称視点 )


Hei Executioner. Can u refresh the invitation page for the discord?


Any burning alive?


I got a real thing for getting fucked to death / fucked into pieces, anyone have nany idea if that might have a corresponding tag?


Bump this up.


This guide is neat. Thanks.



Why was this posted on this thread?


Yeah, please delete these two, they belong on a different thread.


Post to get the picture out of the way.


>>20008 the better question for me is, why is this thread pinned? The first post on the page shouldn't be an artist who only posts every few months.


It's pinned because its a useful resource for browsing guro related tags on Pixiv.


I agree that it is useful and appreciate the thread being easy to find.


is there one for rotting doll ?


Is there a tag for imminent rape?


tried several google translations English -> Japanese to get the appropriate keywords for pixiv "mutual fisting" or "arm deep fisting"... no success...
Anybody got something successful?


Guroccubus is my new waifu


The tag 腹貫通 (harakanntsuu) roughly translates to "abdominal piercing", for those interested.




Here's an underappreciated tag.
失禁 incontinence

Do remind any artists you come across to tag their work so as to make it easier to navigate.




For you guys saying 乳責め means breast mutilation, it actually more directly translates to Breast Persectution, as in to put blame or responsibility on, hence why the results are a little fuzzy. Sometimes it could be as tame as smacking or punching a tit in frustration to as extreme as ripping them off completely.





生命維持装置 - Life Support System


Thirdended!! What is "happy to die" or "willing death", or something like that.


File: 1577132603802.png (930.25 KB, 1242x699, DBZ.png)

What tag is there if I want to search for a hole in the belly?




post mortem breast milking
know this?


if any ya'll want hard vore without having to sift through a million vore pictures, use this: 捕食 devouring


Post mortem fertilization

There is only 2, just 2!!! We need more of this tag.


need to know what the search term is for "barely alive"… I like guro but not snuff


人体改造 - making of the human body

good for finding all sorts of freakish guro

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