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Kept you waiting, huh?


Welcome back Glassmoon! Good to see that you are still active in the guro scene!

Are you still taking requests by any chance? If so, requesting an air stewardess being tortured/executed by terrorists. Be creative! :)


Yay, Glassmoon still exists!
Which, incidentally, leaves me wondering where you've been and why you've gone silent in the Cracked Mirror chat. Are you still on board? If not, that's fine and sorry for derailing the thread, but it'd have been nice if you'd said something.
But here's hoping you are still on board and will come back there too ;)


File: 1446105298241.jpg (747.25 KB, 2759x1575, flight.JPG)

"In the event of an emergency oxygen masks will drop down fro the ceiling as indicated by the cabin crew. Please apply to yourself before helping others. Thank you for your attention. Please sit back and enjoy the in-flight entertainment."


Hi PsychoAiko, I've been dealing with issues IRL and haven't even had the mind to visit Gurochan for a long long time. I'm certainly still interested in Cracked Mirror but I really don't want to make irresponsible promises. I'll definitely stay tuned to the thread though :)


Since Halloween is coming up, could you Sadako from The Ring killing off Mary Jane Watson? Not much guro on her. <3


File: 1446115235191.jpg (1.24 MB, 2480x3507, sadako.JPG)

I'm so sorry, I've already got something planned for Halloween, so.....



Awesome work Glassmoon! Would you mind doing one with a TV presenter killed on air?


File: 1446133831884.jpg (1.05 MB, 3016x1957, scoop.JPG)

Of course I mind, what do you take me for, some kind of ape that draws on demand?! Here have a drawing, geez.


File: 1446138142144.jpg (1.02 MB, 1418x2425, maid.JPG)

was feeling a little peckish, so decided to treat myself to a little sketch


Not really a request but more along the thoughts of an idea/suggestion:

A rule63 Liu Kang getting killed by a demon possessed Yasha (Rumble Roses) whilst the words game over appear in bloody text.


Wow Glassmoon! You're back! It was nearly a year and I was starting to lose hope you will ever come back. I guess the downtime wasn't so bad if you returned :D

If it's not a problem, could you draw anything with Edea or Agnes from Bravely Default? What happens to them if you draw it is up to you, I love seeing your ideas


>>6995 Ah. Well actually that's been happening to a lot of us. We don't need you to promise anything, but it'd be nice to have you around in our group chat. ;)


File: 1446201340624.jpg (1.22 MB, 2872x2258, liukangtext.jpg)

How the heck do you people even come up with this stuff?

Anyway I hope I got the font right.


File: 1446206001490.jpg (1.9 MB, 2360x1906, edea2.JPG)

I loved Bravely Default. Certainly one of my favourite 3DS games ever. And Edea's just asking for it, really.


Jasmine from Pokemon impaled or tentacled to death?


Jasmine from Pokemon impaled or tentacled to death?


Jasmine from Pokemon impaled or tentacled to death?





File: 1446229132506.jpg (1.1 MB, 2872x2258, liukang.JPG)

w....what? I was just screwing around with Comic Sans... Here, have a no-text version!


Could you do Brittnay Matthews and the girls of mpgis being killed by a terrorist?


>>7042 GAH! Comic Sans! The horror!
Sorry but I think that might be a little too hardcore for even this board ;P


File: 1446262503912.jpg (518.24 KB, 2169x2500, hallowguro.JPG)

Trick, duh.


Boy this board moves fast, couldn't decide between tentacles and impalement so I just did both... here ya go


File: 1446363576998.jpg (637.49 KB, 2057x2046, jasmine1.JPG)

oops, forgot to upload the picture... let's try again.


File: 1446363632294.jpg (385.82 KB, 1448x1782, marie rose.JPG)

plus a little something on the side, I love me some Marie Rose


Thanks, it's just perfect! Only now saw it because of the timer troubles, but as always you did a great job!


Would you mind doodling anything of Pyrrha and Patroklos from Soulcalibur being killed by Queen Halja from Realms of Alerfa? Pyrrha and Patroklos need more guro.


File: 1446892881146.jpg (1.67 MB, 2323x3119, soulcalcopy.jpg)

That's quite a request there... I don't draw male guro out of principle but since Patroklos is such a whiny bitch I guess I'll make an exception... Plus i like Pyrrha so there you go. As always all credit goes to Guei-Girl for the character design of Queen Halja.


Lovely work! Thank you!


Requesting Porom / Rosa from Final Fantasy IV killed by a mindflayer? (or any monster)


File: 1447063158676.jpg (1015.04 KB, 2961x1922, ffiv.JPG)

Had to do a bit of research for this one. Rosa was nice but I liked the look of older Porom more so I chose to go with her, hope you don't mind.


Not original requester but this looks amazing! If you are taking oc requests, can you do a gymnast being 'bent' in the ways that she shouldn't bend?


Could you do a pic of Kayley from Quest for Camelot dying by Odette's (The Swan Princess) hands? There's almost nothing of these girls.


File: 1447149501441.jpg (489.08 KB, 2122x1790, quest.JPG)

Thank you for your request. Not only was it really outlandish (I haven't watched Quest in years, and never even knew that Swan was a thing), but it also got me thinking about the things I want to draw going forward. As I know how it feels to want ero-works of niche shows and find none, I went ahead and drew what you asked for.

That said, I'd like to take this chance to say that right now I feel that I cannot draw cartoon characters to my satisfaction, using my own style.

For example I simply cannot tell the difference between the faces of the disney princesses, which means I can't draw them differently. If someone asks me for a picture of Snow White stabbing Sleeping Beauty, all you'll get is a black haired girl in a dress stabbing a blond girl in a dress with the same face.

A further problem i have with cartoon character requests is this: Say I am asked to draw something with Bubblegum from Adventure Time for god knows why. Sure, I can draw a girl with pink hair and a dress in my style, but it would look nothing like Bubblegum.

In short, I'd like to politely decline any future requests involving characters from cartoons, unless for some reason y'all want them to look nothing like what they're supposed to.


Thank you so much. Kayley was such a cunt in the film and she deserves it.


Would you be interested in drawing Kaylee from Firefly getting her head ripped off by Reavers as they're raping her?


File: 1447228929226.jpg (534.29 KB, 3507x2480, gymnast.JPG)

F...Flattery will get your n..nowhere!

Aw dangit here you go.


Could you do anything of something mentally retarded/physically disabled 18 year olds dying? There's very little guro of this type of stuff.



Would you mind maybe doodling something of a bunch of slutty cosplayers dying?


The daughter of a constable brutally killed on film by mobsters?


These are great! And so fast too..can you do a bound woman wearing a cow mask being slaughtered in a knackery?



Since opening this new thread I've realised that making no promises actually results in faster uploads, so I'm going to keep it that way. Unless it's something I outright refuse (see above), assume your requests noted as I do keep a close eye on the thread.


Would you ever draw something of Panty and Stocking both dead, killed with each other's weapons?


File: 1447660473769.jpg (643.63 KB, 2321x3136, triple.JPG)

ugh, been through a rough week, couldn't get myself to sit down and do all three requests... so here, have a picture of 2 slutty cosplayers, one of whom has stolen her constable dad's gear, the other wearing some sort of cow outfit, being killed by god knows who.



thanks, that's fun too.



thanks, that's fun too.


File: 1448639265257.jpg (463.14 KB, 3283x2122, panty.JPG)

Been busy, but here I am


File: 1448639338204.jpg (349.87 KB, 1650x2472, terror0001.JPG)

And a little doodle on the side. Nobody's safe nowadays.


Mind doing anything of a dickhead father and uppity cunt selfish mom being killed to promote human extinction from a group of pro-genocide killers?


>>7707 is that different from drawing a generic man and a generic woman being killed by some generic people in "I hate humans" t-shirts?


Requesting an actress killed in her hotel room.


draw yourself executing your favourite female character in a manner of your choosing.


File: 1449489662258.jpg (1.16 MB, 2349x3349, actress.JPG)

A delivery, when you least expect it!

no I can completely understand if you'd stopped caring, but I'm gonna upload this anyway.


looking good, good to know that you are still alive.

If you are still taking requests for fun, a police woman handcuffed behind her back, and baton shoved up her ass.

She can be killed in anyway you like.


File: 1449490566247.jpg (1.02 MB, 1965x1613, kuro2.jpg)

so many characters to choose from!

but here's one I've been recently quite fond of. It's Kuro from Fate/Kaleid Liner. Who doesn't love a delicious tan loli?


love your art style! Can you do something with Princess Kraehe?


Can you do a school girl in a magic tick?


Requesting a certain cute russian attorney general being raped and executed by Ukrainian soldiers.



File: 1450862946544.jpg (537.45 KB, 2014x2212, popo0001.JPG)

Sorry, been busy lately but there you go.


File: 1450863139177.jpg (658.65 KB, 1857x2207, kraehe.JPG)

Aaaand for you. Thank you for giving me the excuse to draw her. I've had many a fantasy about her when I was a kid, wonder why it never occurred to me before :)


File: 1450863271175.jpg (383.68 KB, 2137x1609, sakura.JPG)

Here, have more!


File: 1450863772733.jpg (1.7 MB, 2137x1609, sakura1.jpg)

Once more in colour!


File: 1450876279567.jpg (302.75 KB, 1700x2095, xmas014.JPG)

Found this lying in my portfolio, with no recollection of uploading or even drawing it last year. Here ya go, I'll post this year's version tomorrow :) Happy Holidays!


Amazing as always! Is it possible for Lephret from Chain Chronicle getting pussy stabbed by a spear?


File: 1451064287205.jpg (1.48 MB, 3016x2413, jinglehell.jpg)

whelp, merry christmas, peeps!


File: 1451066292553.jpg (518.83 KB, 3112x2206, lephret.JPG)

Never heard of Chain Chronicles... but she's cute, nice choice.


Would you mind doing anything involving Mira and Dora from ayakashi ghost guild?


Requesting you 'interrogating' April O'Neil to death


Aye, thanks for doing Lephret! Mighty fine! Is it me or did you do it over calculus homework? Lol


OOPS, you caught me trying to be eco-friendly! See, all my work is hand-drawn and scanned - and I use scrap paper for most of my work. I thought I'd cleaned the image well enough but evidently not! Tell you what, throw me another request so I can make up for it!

(in case you're wondering, that calculus homework is from years ago lol)


Requesting a girl from Totally Spies getting killed in a brutal manner.


noted, I'll make an exception to my no-cartoons rule this time.

On that note, temporarily closing requests until further notice as I have quite enough to be getting on with before the end of the year.


Freya from Chain Chron- oh it's closed aww lol. Thanks still! Awaiting your works!


Just to double check, unless you said no or done it already, every suggestion in this thread is in your "to do someday when I feel like it" list, right?


File: 1451191716754.png (2.97 KB, 350x220, Untitled.png)


essentially, yes. I very rarely outright refuse a request unless it actually disgusts me (see: #7425)

That said, here's my backlog of requests that I'm interested in doing at the moment. You'll notice that I haven't taken everything in the thread on board. If your request isn't on the list... well.... Come up with something else that speaks out to me! :D



Can you slit a throat of sorceress from Limeage 2? Like

They have pretty cute dark outfit


File: 1451499081263.jpg (824.77 KB, 2872x2439, april.JPG)

One day you guys will stop requesting cartoon characters and I will stop being such a grumpy Glassmoon.


File: 1451499182148.jpg (336.59 KB, 1269x2161, alex.JPG)

same goes for you >:(

(have a nice day though)


File: 1451499384278.jpg (442.01 KB, 1867x1845, freya.JPG)

Here ya go. You do realise there's only 1 1/2 pictures of this character floating around the internet, right?! Talk about lack of reference I didn't even know what her boots looked like.


File: 1451499556203.jpg (436.62 KB, 2259x2014, mira.JPG)


Too many requests, too little time. You're gonna have to settle for just one girl like everybody else!


File: 1451499696086.jpg (526.8 KB, 2477x2035, trick.JPG)

I kept drawing doodles of girls getting sawn in half for your request but it went nowhere, so I drowned her instead. Problem solved.


File: 1451499795232.jpg (444.79 KB, 2481x2214, dark.JPG)

sneaky of you to request something even after I closed everything off, but I was already too tired to give a shit after all the other requests so here you go. now gimme a break x__x


And that's that. All the requests that I planned to do have been cleared. I will no longer consider any of the old requests in this thread that have yet to be done. Going to take some time off and spend the next few days not drawing anything at all. Thanks guys for a good year - I'll see you guys again in 2016, stay tuned!


Sorry if Freya lacked reference, but you still made it really awesome despite that. I just have a thing for characters that have little to no fanart like Narika from Conception 2 or Cecily Campbell from Sacred Blacksmith. But people like you make that happen (in a guro kind of way) and I love it. Thanks, Happy New Year!


"Calculus" lol. That's one username I won't forget in a hurry. I totally understand the feeling of not being able to fine R18-G fanart of characters you love, so I'm really glad that I can help others out here.

Also, you and me might be two of the five people in the world who actually watched The Sacred Swordsmith lol. Though I'm more of a fan of Aria and Lisa ^_^


I'm back! Feel free to post requests again :)


Can I request Cerebella from Skullgirls getting smothered to death with a plastic bag?



Mind doing Sunako from YamaNade dying?


Welcome back! :D Could you maybe do Narika Shina from Conception 2 getting an "all the way through" with a tentacle (if not your thing, split in half maybe)? <3


I would love to see some asphyxiation-theme work from you! I'd say preferably either strangling or hanging. Those are so much more exciting that bagging or smothering, in my opinion.

Anything with a girl with a cord or noose constricting her throat, or having someone press their thumbs into her windpipe is definitely what I'd love to see you draw.


Requesting a princess from a fallen kingdom tortured and killed.


How about Fawn from the Disney Fairies getting strangled with her own braid.


Heya Glassmoon, if I asked you to draw something with Alexstrasza or Ysera from the World of Warcraft universe in their humanoid forms would you do it?


Thanks for the requests guys and gals, time to go shut myself in my cave and work on them.

And >>9004, I've said many times tha I was fed up with drawing western cartoon characters so I'll have to decline this. Feel free to drop another request if you can think of one.


How about Princess Garnet or Princess Ashe (from Final Fantasy 9 and 12 respectively) being executed for treason? I'll leave the exact method up to you


File: 1453135960979.jpg (1.62 MB, 2612x1858, narikaC - Copy.jpg)

thanks for waiting! here ya go!

expect the rest of the requests to start showing up in the next few days


OH! Ohhhhhhh! You colored it in too <3 I love you- I mean- Ah.


File: 1453398970096.jpg (1.74 MB, 3468x2416, cerebellaC.jpg)

something tells me you didn't quite think it through... but here you go anyway.


I thought it better to keep it just black, red and white. Totally not slacking or anything. Really.


Jesus Christ I've been trying and failing for the past hour to upload these god damned pictures! It's always a total nightmare uploading stuff onto this board. The images are just not uploading and I'm getting text-only posts again and again. Tried refreshing with and without cache and still nothing. I'm giving up for now, hopefully things magically work out tomorrow. Meanwhile check out my pixiv post here


with the completed requests for the following people.


Mind doodling anything of Lucky Chloe from the new Tekken game dying? Maybe a protest gone wrong in which she's killed by some angry protestors?


The amount of stuff you draw for us is pretty amazing! Thanks for all you do!


oh wb glassmoon, great pixiv ^_^


Requesting a safari warden girl having her intestines pulled out of her ass by poachers.



Good thing you caught me on a free day, here ya go!

Here's the pixiv link if the image doesn't upload properly.



Please refrain from posting images on this thread. If you want to provide reference please post a link instead.

Secondly, I don't understand why you're asking me to essentially draw another version of the picture you posted. In fact that somewhat offends me so I'm going to have to decline your request.


Requesting a schoolgirl with a pixie haircut having her neck snapped.


Just curious, you said you're a fan of Sacred Blacksmith right? Ever thought of... them? There were some nice instances. I dunno, just putting it out there. Big fan of you now.


Would you mind drawing anything of Tina Armstrong killing Naotora Ii? Since Naotora got announced in DOA5LR, and DOAX3 cut Tina and some other fan faves out, maybe Tina takes it out on the samurai milf?


Some really nice suggestions there. I count 4 of them that I'll be taking on, plus one from pixiv. As usual I'll be gone for a while, so check back in a week or so.


File: 1453735515124.jpg (1.01 MB, 3252x2454, pixie.JPG)

Another test, hopefully thsi works.

I didn't colour this one, but I hope the somewhat faster delivery makes up for it.


So good news and bad news, ladies and gents. Looks like I can upload images straight after scanning them but I have a lot of trouble uploading ones that I've edited on GIMP (poverty photoshop). What this means is that my life is way easier if I don't colour things in. What this doesn't mean is that I'll stop colouring my work altogether.

From now on I'll upload the rough sketches here on this thread and coloured versions onto pixiv. I'll also let you know if I DO plan to colour your request in when I upload the sketch, to spare you the uncertainty. Please let me know what you guys think about this.


The fact that you're taking our requests is amazing enough man. Do what makes you comfy.


requesting a cute little combat medic captured, then either beheaded or skinned alive by enemy combatants. Alternatively you can exercise your creativity to kill her off in any gruesome and inhumane way.


Hermoine from Harry Potter, either:

Beheaded, with her field dressed corpse bleeding out in the background...or Hung, and gutted while still alive.


seconded, or if you can put Cho or Ginny in the mix that'll be cool too


>>9255 Try exporting your images (recommend JPG or 24-bit PNG) and uploading the exported version. They should end up being much smaller files than the "regular" version you get from saving, which generally contains a bunch of layers and other information that increase the file size.


Thanks for the advice PsychoAiko! I already tend to export as jpg and file sizes usually range from 1.5 to 2.5MB. Is 2MB the upper limit?


File: 1453818879481.jpg (1.15 MB, 3468x2476, safari.JPG)

not exactly my thing, how about this instead?


File: 1453819203200.jpg (1.08 MB, 2968x2196, chloeC2.jpg)

testing a coloured upload with smaller filesize


whelp that worked


What are they planning to do with her carcass you cruel cruel man?

If you are still up for requests, perhaps you can do something to a girl in a one-piece swimsuit?


I still have my last batch of requests to clear, so anyone who posted after #9245 will have to wait until further notice.

Requests closed for the time being.


File: 1454175435906.jpg (1.53 MB, 3464x2492, quiet1c.JPG)

Two-part request from pixiv, thought I'd share it here.



File: 1454175555866.jpg (1.62 MB, 3320x2472, quiet2c.JPG)



Translation notes: Big Boss trying out a new silencer prototype.


If you ever get back to doing requests, would you mind doodling Mitsunari Ishida from Sengoku Musou having his decapitated head cuddled by Aigle of Rumble Roses?

I know you rarely do male guro, but there's so little of Mitsunari getting his just desserts IMO.


I'm afraid the answer is no. I only draw what I find hot. I must reiterate that I get no satisfaction or arousal from drawing male guro. That's why I don't call myself an artist because artists can shrug off personal preferences in their work. I'm just another lurker tired of not finding what I want, and decided to try satisfying my own needs. What you guys find here are and will always be drawn primarily for my own sake and uploaded in case other people want to see them.

I'm happy to do a gender-bent Mitsunari for your scenario, but I suspect that's not what you're looking for. I hope you can find what you want from the other threadmakers here.



Would a gender bent Mitsunari be okay with you, then?



*Theoretically* yes. But I need to remind everybody once again that requests have been closed for a while and I'm nowhere near clearing up my backlog, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop asking until I say I'm ready to take requests again ;___; The reason I disappeared for a whole year last time round was because I was overwhelmed by the flood of requests and couldn't keep up. I really don't want that to happen again!


Glassmoon you don't owe anyone anything, especially requests.

I think people don't realise a request is for their benefit and not a privilege they're entitled to. I'd rather you drop any pending requests if you need to clear your mind and just do what you do.


File: 1454333122389.jpg (658.47 KB, 1595x2181, cecilyC.jpg)

finally got around to doing yours, Calculus. Hope you like it.

and before anyone gets any funny ideas, REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED


Thanks Glassmoon, I love it <3 these drawings you've been doing always makes my day :D


File: 1454343916570.jpg (902.3 KB, 2364x2280, tinanao.jpg)

I'm a big fan of Lei Fang so I totally feel your pain too :( My consolation is that Marie Rose is in but it really isn't quite the same... Anyway, here you go.


File: 1454344015075.jpg (511.66 KB, 2300x1727, naoonly.jpg)

here's the version with just Naotora


File: 1454420862341.jpg (553.04 KB, 2471x1283, medic.JPG)


File: 1454424423460.jpg (956.68 KB, 2468x3184, herm1.JPG)


File: 1454429006736.jpg (1.25 MB, 2424x3224, herm2.JPG)



Is there any prospect for a response to #8999's request?


oh I wasn't aware that #8999 had been an actual request instead of a general suggestion. Asphyxiation is actually one of my favourite guro tropes so of course I try to include that in my works. In fact someone once commented on my thread on the old Gurochan that my stuff became same-y and lazy after I posted nothing but hanging and strangulation for a while. I guess that had a profound effect on me and since then I've tried to branch out onto different tropes. also, asphyx is probably the easiest thing to draw and I wanted to practice drawing some different themes. Rest assured, you'll definitely see some of that here in the future.



For my part, I certainly don't mind it when art starts to feel same-y when it comes to hanging/strangling guro, that's for damn sure. If you ask me, more is better haha


File: 1454688696306.jpg (409.1 KB, 2011x2060, teacher.JPG)

Did a bit of digging around my unfinished sketches and found a few. Brushed them up and scanned them. You want strangling? You got it.


File: 1454690126704.jpg (674 KB, 1744x2100, elesa1.jpg)

more strangling, why not

I love Kamitsure/Elesa


File: 1454692163324.jpg (1.04 MB, 2417x2368, velvet0002.jpg)

Did someone say strangling? Why I have just the thing!

(p.s. odin sphere is an amazing game go play it)


File: 1454834466868.jpg (1.43 MB, 3230x2577, dvaC.jpg)

Pixiv request, D'Va from Overwatch.


File: 1455110794159.jpg (1.41 MB, 3272x2330, nico1.jpg)

bored, have a lame pun


File: 1455118699868.jpg (800.9 KB, 1899x2172, CMagical2.jpg)

A bit of branding to keep things hot.


What's up everyone? Requests are open again! I'll be able to take on about 3-4 this time around, feel free to ask away.


Lux from League of Legends murdered


A busty businesswoman dismembered or hanged on a power pole. Bonus points if a shoe or rolled up documents are shoved up her womanhood.


A rule63 Domon Kasshu shot up and left to die, full of bullet holes?


asking nicely helps...


Can you please draw Sailor Venus being hanged? Preferably without that silly mask of hers, but probably still in the rest of her early character design, with the outfit that shows off her midriff more.

I'd love to see her just hoisted up by a rope and kicking and struggling. That is, I'd love it if she wasn't dead, but very much alive and fighting.


Nice one! I've been meaning to draw something from Sailor Moon and this sounds good. Stay tuned my friend :)


If you are doing sailor moon, would you mind snuffing Sailor Saturn either via hanging or impaling her through her shapely little ass?


File: 1455383270079.jpg (499.83 KB, 1689x2203, Cvenus.jpg)

Being polite goes a long way! Enjoy!


File: 1455383463899.jpg (432.63 KB, 1524x1980, cjupiter.jpg)

Oh dang it! I went and drew Jupiter by mistake. Don't worry, I got you on my to do list. In the meantime have Jupiter anyway ><


You know, if it's not too much trouble, I'd love it if you eventually got around to hanging all of the Sailor Scouts, either individually or as a group. Watching pretty girls get hanged or strangled is my absolute biggest fetish.

Thanks so much for this, as well! She looks like she's having a great time swinging! ;)


If you're still doing requests, mind doing Anzu Mazaki getting sliced from her cunt to her neck with a buzz saw?


If by any chance you are still willing to take requests (and if not then don't overwork yourself! No one here would want to see you gone like last time) could you draw Nissa from Magic the Gathering? How she dies is up to you


Wowowow. Great work and it's getting better and better.


thanks! that's really the reason why I started posting on /art/ in the first place - to get better at drawing as I go along. If anyone saw my very first thread back on old Gurochan they'd know that my first pieces all looked exactly the same. Since then every request here has contributed to my growth - for example your Narika request made me go learn how to use layers in GIMP. Since then I kept trying out new stuff and my non-guro drawings have enjoyed improvements as a result. Although I'll never tell my friends and family what I've been practicing with lol.


File: 1456063015117.jpg (493.87 KB, 1850x1280, saturn1.jpg)

Pretty sure I got it right this time. Enjoy!


File: 1456063087349.jpg (564.85 KB, 2174x1877, anzu1.jpg)

and here you go, hope you still want it.


File: 1456063280035.jpg (820.03 KB, 2528x2269, NISSA1.jpg)

And finally, thank you for being so considerate :)

Garruk will always be THE green planeswalker. Nissa just doesn't compare!

(I like Kiora as well)


File: 1456068646142.jpg (544.22 KB, 1945x2142, inori1.jpg)

With the last of my requests cleared up, I'd like to take a moment to thank everybody for their kind support for the past few months. I've been a NEET for quite a while now, and drawing guro has helped me vent a lot of frustration and gave me something to look forward to each day.
Tomorrow, I start working at my first job, one with long hours and little pay. While I wish I could say I'll still be able to maintain a steady stream of works, I'm pretty certain that it won't be the case. From now on requests will be closed indefinitely. I'll post a drawing or two every now and then, but I won't have you guys hold your breath. It's been a blast guys, I wish y'all all the best ;)


Loving the new pics! :)


do you take commissions?


No, I never have. But now that I'm working I can see why it's so attractive... Maybe I'll finally look into setting something out.


File: 1456234729789.jpg (401.54 KB, 1626x1491, nunnally1.JPg)

squeezing in time to colour something in


Nunnally guro? You are my hero.


not a hero

...just Zero

(I'll show myself out)


File: 1456246123098.jpg (594.72 KB, 1825x1808, rider1.JPg)

aaand that's it for now.


File: 1456315646194.jpg (1.04 MB, 3226x2376, mh2.JPG)

Too lazy to upload the set, check the rest out on my pixiv page if you're into Monster Hunter.


Wish you the best in your new job mate! Glad to have been a part of your guro adventure. And, most of all, thanks for putting up with my requests hahaha!


File: 1456674102332.jpg (930.93 KB, 3468x2444, 10001.JPG)

Weekend image dump 1


File: 1456674131814.jpg (928.42 KB, 3228x2420, 20001.JPG)



File: 1456674157090.jpg (974.87 KB, 3395x2347, 30001.JPG)



File: 1456674182771.jpg (719.16 KB, 3207x2359, 40001.JPG)



File: 1456674241656.jpg (830.44 KB, 3372x2432, 50001.JPG)



File: 1456674288114.jpg (888.57 KB, 3108x2328, 60001.JPG)



File: 1456674325314.jpg (725.81 KB, 3283x2177, 70001.JPG)



File: 1456674390094.jpg (698.17 KB, 3344x2341, 80001.JPG)


Dunno what came over me. Drew like a madman this weekend. Felt like some sort of stress-relief ritual.


File: 1457019423388.jpg (535.56 KB, 1438x1721, RAM.JPG)

midweek doodles
busy busy busy


File: 1457020795158.jpg (320.26 KB, 1200x1769, leifang.JPG)




That ram!!!


Love it~ Is he going to put a bullet through her head?

What is she saying?


have no plans to draw a continuation so let's just say that she dies a slow death from her stomach wound?

She's crying out for help in Chinese. Because Lei Fang is Chinese. Not that I'd expect anyone to be able to tell that she's Lei Fang....



I know! Ram is waifu!


File: 1457278685947.jpg (1.33 MB, 2796x2492, 2parasyte.jpg)

There goes my weekend... Sigh. Back to work.


File: 1458487128689.jpg (1.26 MB, 2917x2344, lafterC.jpg)

Stressed out at work, gotta let off some steam sometimes...

Lafter really is the best medicine


Glassmoon, do you have any of your old pics? Like your Shuten Doji and Candy Cane, Jaycee vs Gracia ones?

I had them at one point but my HD took a giant dump on me. Can you please reupload them? Much love!


File: 1458572714298.jpg (729.81 KB, 1980x2594, gracjay.jpg)

here you go

honestly I wasn't all that happy with how it turned out way back when, hopefully I've improved somewhat since then...


File: 1458572807839.jpg (697.13 KB, 1901x1989, shutencane.jpg)

...and this

literally cringed when I clicked on it

don't think I'll visit my archived stuff again


File: 1458834003053.jpg (543.92 KB, 1204x2062, sharo2c.jpg)

have a happy Easter peeps, I'll be taking a much needed break


File: 1459460483949.jpg (126.1 KB, 736x531, 1ed5727627c9f281e351f65cab….jpg)

Just wanted to say thanks for taking requests, first and foremost!
Any chance you could draw something from Valentine (Busty blue haired nurse from Skullgirls) getting snuffed in some sexual way, maybe her having her organs crushed by a huge cock or her head getting blown off when the guy cums? Honestly I'll be fine with any kind of sexual snuff you want to do to her.


I do have a long weekend coming up so I'll see what I can concoct.

Just a gentle reminder for requesters to refrain from posting images on this thread. Just gimme a name, a series, and a the sort of death you're looking for and I can pick up the research from there.


Oh, very sorry do you want me to try to delete the post and repost it without the image?


Hey Glassmoon, Bravely Second was released recently (or it's going to be if you live in the US), and you mentioned once that you really liked Bravely Default. I wonder if you could draw Magnolia in a some kind of a sexy and deadly situation?


Can... can I squeeze in again for a request? :D Fire Emblem If is out and there are some really nice characters. There's Charlotte, I like her a lot and her attire is just begging for it. Captured, hanged rape maybe?
And I'd just like to say that despite you taking a break, your sketches are still getting better - especially the non-coloured ones.


I don't wanna bombard you too hard but there are two things I'd like to see. Just go for either if inspiration hits you on any of them.

Any of Hikaru, Umi, or Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth - preferably losing their heads.


Ranka Lee, preferably gutted... somehow.


File: 1459705964291.jpg (367.22 KB, 2445x1319, val.JPG)

You cheeky buggers pouncing on my one reaction to a post...

here you go. sheesh.


File: 1459706053091.jpg (385.6 KB, 2594x2259, magnolia.JPG)


I've had Bravely Second sitting on my shelf for half a year now, haven't even had the time to touch it...

But I guess I had the time to do a few lousy drawings.


File: 1459706175871.jpg (440.85 KB, 2220x2261, charlotte.JPG)

and Fire Emblem too. Bought it a few months ago because hurr I can read moon runes but never had the time to start playing it. Here you go. Couldn't be assed to colour in any of this stuff, deal with it!


File: 1459706365262.jpg (652.85 KB, 2596x2138, fuu.JPG)


and as I was finishing this one up I realised that my hand had started bleeding. congrats y'all you actually managed to draw blood through the interwebs

also I like glasses. I don't care if she isn't meant to wear glasses after transforming I'm drawing them on anyway


that's it. weekend's over, nothing else to see here, requests are closed like a nun's legs in rigor mortis


>uses a very big crowbar to pry open the nun's legs - Do draw Soraka from LoL game! Best if hanging from a rope with a spear in her pussy!

Worth a try ! xD


Thank you so much! That is simply wonderful!


Oh and: sorry about the bleeding, and A+ choice on the glasses.


The look on her face is just sooooo great. Thanks for drawing it!


I'm sorry about the blood :( but your drawings are just great <3 I think I've used up all the words I know praising your work hahaha


File: 1460282900616.jpg (740.3 KB, 1406x1993, mumeiC.jpg)

weekend scribble


File: 1463674333009.jpg (1.39 MB, 3339x2448, mtlady.JPG)

nice to see the site's back up again. here's a little something I drew while it was down


File: 1464543430192.jpg (449.74 KB, 2162x1718, yoma1.JPG)

been spending what little free time I have playing Yomawari instead of darwing

.... so here's a drawing. of what (I imagine) happens in Yomawari


File: 1465029908907.jpg (757.51 KB, 1848x2128, gwen.JPG)

>works night shift
>gets home dead every night
>draws garbage


why do you always call your work garbage when it's not?



because it's literally drawn on garbage paper lol


File: 1465119404555.jpg (483.3 KB, 2136x1672, boa.JPG)


File: 1465555873792.jpg (435.18 KB, 1883x1646, ram0003.JPG)


File: 1465663592986.jpg (831.41 KB, 2416x2362, yume.JPG)

too lazy/tired to think of witty captions nowadays...


File: 1474554897090.jpg (687.27 KB, 2449x1819, futaba.JPG)

*looks around*

*drops this*

*quietly leaves*


Really nice drawings in there. I approve.
My favorite so far is probably >>11489


File: 1481125993470.jpg (902.88 KB, 2191x1881, lusa.JPG)


Welcome back!


File: 1488660858024.jpg (1.17 MB, 2319x1955, 230001copy.jpg)


I'm unsure if you're still around, OP, but is there any chance you'd do any guro of Elsa or Anna from Frozen?


I'd like to second that Frozen idea.

And as long as etiquette is still good enough to earn us gifts, may we please get to watch them hang together?


File: 1552581314423.png (2.48 MB, 1524x2016, mr.png)

huh, thread's still here


Oh wow, it's great to see you come back to the site!


Do you have that Kimmy Mysner pic you did a while back, glassmoon? I had it and unfortunately lost it.


Eyyy welcome back!


File: 1557946862000.jpg (326.29 KB, 1721x2416, dororo.JPG)

party is over


File: 1558524787496.jpg (652.82 KB, 2150x2646, kasumi0002.JPG)


File: 1558533598185.png (4.28 MB, 2150x2646, kasumi0002.png)

2p colour

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