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Kept you waiting, huh?
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That ram!!!


Love it~ Is he going to put a bullet through her head?

What is she saying?


have no plans to draw a continuation so let's just say that she dies a slow death from her stomach wound?

She's crying out for help in Chinese. Because Lei Fang is Chinese. Not that I'd expect anyone to be able to tell that she's Lei Fang....



I know! Ram is waifu!


File: 1457278685947.jpg (1.33 MB, 2796x2492, 2parasyte.jpg)

There goes my weekend... Sigh. Back to work.


File: 1458487128689.jpg (1.26 MB, 2917x2344, lafterC.jpg)

Stressed out at work, gotta let off some steam sometimes...

Lafter really is the best medicine


Glassmoon, do you have any of your old pics? Like your Shuten Doji and Candy Cane, Jaycee vs Gracia ones?

I had them at one point but my HD took a giant dump on me. Can you please reupload them? Much love!


File: 1458572714298.jpg (729.81 KB, 1980x2594, gracjay.jpg)

here you go

honestly I wasn't all that happy with how it turned out way back when, hopefully I've improved somewhat since then...


File: 1458572807839.jpg (697.13 KB, 1901x1989, shutencane.jpg)

...and this

literally cringed when I clicked on it

don't think I'll visit my archived stuff again


File: 1458834003053.jpg (543.92 KB, 1204x2062, sharo2c.jpg)

have a happy Easter peeps, I'll be taking a much needed break


File: 1459460483949.jpg (126.1 KB, 736x531, 1ed5727627c9f281e351f65cab….jpg)

Just wanted to say thanks for taking requests, first and foremost!
Any chance you could draw something from Valentine (Busty blue haired nurse from Skullgirls) getting snuffed in some sexual way, maybe her having her organs crushed by a huge cock or her head getting blown off when the guy cums? Honestly I'll be fine with any kind of sexual snuff you want to do to her.


I do have a long weekend coming up so I'll see what I can concoct.

Just a gentle reminder for requesters to refrain from posting images on this thread. Just gimme a name, a series, and a the sort of death you're looking for and I can pick up the research from there.


Oh, very sorry do you want me to try to delete the post and repost it without the image?


Hey Glassmoon, Bravely Second was released recently (or it's going to be if you live in the US), and you mentioned once that you really liked Bravely Default. I wonder if you could draw Magnolia in a some kind of a sexy and deadly situation?


Can... can I squeeze in again for a request? :D Fire Emblem If is out and there are some really nice characters. There's Charlotte, I like her a lot and her attire is just begging for it. Captured, hanged rape maybe?
And I'd just like to say that despite you taking a break, your sketches are still getting better - especially the non-coloured ones.


I don't wanna bombard you too hard but there are two things I'd like to see. Just go for either if inspiration hits you on any of them.

Any of Hikaru, Umi, or Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth - preferably losing their heads.


Ranka Lee, preferably gutted... somehow.


File: 1459705964291.jpg (367.22 KB, 2445x1319, val.JPG)

You cheeky buggers pouncing on my one reaction to a post...

here you go. sheesh.


File: 1459706053091.jpg (385.6 KB, 2594x2259, magnolia.JPG)


I've had Bravely Second sitting on my shelf for half a year now, haven't even had the time to touch it...

But I guess I had the time to do a few lousy drawings.


File: 1459706175871.jpg (440.85 KB, 2220x2261, charlotte.JPG)

and Fire Emblem too. Bought it a few months ago because hurr I can read moon runes but never had the time to start playing it. Here you go. Couldn't be assed to colour in any of this stuff, deal with it!


File: 1459706365262.jpg (652.85 KB, 2596x2138, fuu.JPG)


and as I was finishing this one up I realised that my hand had started bleeding. congrats y'all you actually managed to draw blood through the interwebs

also I like glasses. I don't care if she isn't meant to wear glasses after transforming I'm drawing them on anyway


that's it. weekend's over, nothing else to see here, requests are closed like a nun's legs in rigor mortis


>uses a very big crowbar to pry open the nun's legs - Do draw Soraka from LoL game! Best if hanging from a rope with a spear in her pussy!

Worth a try ! xD


Thank you so much! That is simply wonderful!


Oh and: sorry about the bleeding, and A+ choice on the glasses.


The look on her face is just sooooo great. Thanks for drawing it!


I'm sorry about the blood :( but your drawings are just great <3 I think I've used up all the words I know praising your work hahaha


File: 1460282900616.jpg (740.3 KB, 1406x1993, mumeiC.jpg)

weekend scribble


File: 1463674333009.jpg (1.39 MB, 3339x2448, mtlady.JPG)

nice to see the site's back up again. here's a little something I drew while it was down


File: 1464543430192.jpg (449.74 KB, 2162x1718, yoma1.JPG)

been spending what little free time I have playing Yomawari instead of darwing

.... so here's a drawing. of what (I imagine) happens in Yomawari


File: 1465029908907.jpg (757.51 KB, 1848x2128, gwen.JPG)

>works night shift
>gets home dead every night
>draws garbage


why do you always call your work garbage when it's not?



because it's literally drawn on garbage paper lol


File: 1465119404555.jpg (483.3 KB, 2136x1672, boa.JPG)


File: 1465555873792.jpg (435.18 KB, 1883x1646, ram0003.JPG)


File: 1465663592986.jpg (831.41 KB, 2416x2362, yume.JPG)

too lazy/tired to think of witty captions nowadays...


File: 1474554897090.jpg (687.27 KB, 2449x1819, futaba.JPG)

*looks around*

*drops this*

*quietly leaves*


Really nice drawings in there. I approve.
My favorite so far is probably >>11489


File: 1481125993470.jpg (902.88 KB, 2191x1881, lusa.JPG)


Welcome back!


File: 1488660858024.jpg (1.17 MB, 2319x1955, 230001copy.jpg)


I'm unsure if you're still around, OP, but is there any chance you'd do any guro of Elsa or Anna from Frozen?


I'd like to second that Frozen idea.

And as long as etiquette is still good enough to earn us gifts, may we please get to watch them hang together?


File: 1552581314423.png (2.48 MB, 1524x2016, mr.png)

huh, thread's still here


Oh wow, it's great to see you come back to the site!


Do you have that Kimmy Mysner pic you did a while back, glassmoon? I had it and unfortunately lost it.


Eyyy welcome back!


File: 1557946862000.jpg (326.29 KB, 1721x2416, dororo.JPG)

party is over


File: 1558524787496.jpg (652.82 KB, 2150x2646, kasumi0002.JPG)


File: 1558533598185.png (4.28 MB, 2150x2646, kasumi0002.png)

2p colour

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