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Sup, folks? it's been some time since I last posted stuff here, I was showing mostly pics about women getting their brains sucked from their heads (Lovely, I know :P)

I opened the new thread because I wanted to try some more general guro stuff besides just the brain sucking part, but that doesn't mean I'll stop doing those, I see this as a means to expand the stuff I can post here.

For now, I'll post something I was doodling recently, remember the catgirl from the first pic I posted, well, let's see if I can pull a minicomic from that one, 'cause I love her getting that bad luck, heh.

I'll post more scenes and concepts for those other chars that're gonna get the axe in this thread. Later.


This is looking great, cant wait to see more. :)


Oh yes, I can't wait to see more of this.


Hi, great bringer of destruction ^_^

Thank you for these pictures : very nicely done, exciting and hot !

I hope we'll see more of your amazing art here with your sweet characters in peril,
especially Sayuri indeed, Liz and Helena.



Stunticon, if you ever come back, can you get like a blog or something so we can find your stuff next time Gurochan inevitably falls off the internet?

I really like what you've posted, and I really wanna see where it goes


File: 1438069487879.jpg (202.62 KB, 1200x1548, SayuBrain01.jpg)

Glad to see ya like these doodles, folks :P

Here are some more, I redid a bit the one with the panther girl.


File: 1438069993417.jpg (304.6 KB, 1200x1548, SayuBrain02-2.jpg)

Page 2, took some time to finish it, 'cause I was fapping several times seeing her like that xDD


File: 1438070110123.jpg (263.34 KB, 1200x1548, SayuBrain02-1.jpg)

This is a variant of the second page, with her expressions are a bit different.


File: 1438070350016.jpg (287.15 KB, 1300x1750, CSleeve01.jpg)

This is another one I doodled recently, her name is Helena, and she's a soldier (Or by the time of this picture, she WAS one)


Yeah ! That's the kind of stuff i like :3

Your heroines are beautiful, sexy and hot and it's a delight to see her in peril ^_^

Thank you ;)



Yeah ! That's the kind of stuff i like :3

Your heroines are beautiful, sexy and hot and it's a delight to see her in peril ^_^

Thank you ;)



File: 1438127649378.jpg (318.9 KB, 1300x1750, CSleeve02.jpg)

The follow up of Helena used as a cocksleeve.

Spoiler: She ended pretty much as shredded meat by now.


Well, that was hot as fuck. You're drawing a type of guro that I don't see much of, and it's awesome.


Well, this is just amazing. I just feel Sayuri's sequence needs an afttermath image, but this is great stuff overall.


File: 1438536039899.jpg (180.38 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-1.jpg)

>>5633 Glad to see you like these, dude :P

>>5657 Thanks for the feedback, I like the fatality-style guro, as these characters are from a medieval fantasy setting, it makes kinda easy to do that.

>>5659 I originally planned ot make a third page for Sayuri's minicomic, it's just that I haven't doodled it yet.

Here I post another one I did recently, the guy wants to make her his bitch, he tried a special potion at first, but even after fucking her several times, with a gallon-creampie each time, he finally chosen a more direct approach, heheh


File: 1438536173529.jpg (144.28 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-2.jpg)

This would be the second image in this tiny sequence, the guy's gonna blow a load inside Liz's skull.

One possible outcome would be what happened to Helena a couple of pics before, heheh.


File: 1438652748176.jpg (263.87 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-3.jpg)

Welp, looks like Liz's head was good for something after all, heheh.


File: 1438652815201.jpg (249.56 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-4.jpg)

Heheh, she still can talk even after her brains are mashed by now :P


File: 1438652881641.jpg (236.41 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-5.jpg)

She might say good bye to her brains by now, she'll have a headfull of baby batter from now on.


File: 1438652934180.jpg (258.23 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-6.jpg)

Looks like she's beginning to enjoy it :3


File: 1438653021824.jpg (255.2 KB, 1200x1190, Perra0A-7.jpg)

But a human skull can hold so much semen before the high pressure breaks it like an egg.

Well, at least she went doing what she loved, getting a nice fucking :P


I'm loving all this skullfucking. Nothing quite as satisfying as literally fucking a girl's brains out.


Wow man, absolutely great stuff there. Thank you very much for sharing with us. :D


You have blog or website ? is use for contact when gurochan down again.
And you take request or not?


File: 1441566622797.jpg (1.04 MB, 2550x3300, 013.jpg)

Glad to see you liked the sequence, my favorite part is then Liz starts braying like a donkey when she's having her head pumped full of cum, just before her head explodes, though I need more practice in drawing stuff like that.

Thanks for the feedback.

I don't have a gallery so far, I have one in Hentai Foundry, bu I don't post too many stuff there, and all of the gory stuff I post it here in gurochan or in the rizon chat channel.

I post a bit of another little sequence I've been doing, based on an unfinished comic I had somewhere from some time ago, the sequence I've been doodling branches from the 19th page in the comic, so I'll link the comic instead of posting the whole stuff here -> / (add the h ttp prefix)

I'll post the pages relevant for the part I'll post here.


File: 1441566688810.jpg (924.39 KB, 2550x3300, 014.jpg)

They're under attack by a swarm of giant wasps, but they can take care of those...


File: 1441566763127.jpg (1.02 MB, 2550x3300, 015.jpg)

Poor Sayuri got too cocky, and careless...


File: 1441566877149.jpg (903.8 KB, 2550x3300, 016.jpg)

I was doing these pages in pencil/pen in paper, so that's why the inking looks less clean than my other tablet-drawn stuff.


File: 1441566969303.jpg (806.02 KB, 2550x3300, 017.jpg)

These wasps secrete some mildly corrosive stuff that dissolves clothing and armors, leaving their preys naked and vulnerable to the incoming egging.


File: 1441567070159.jpg (700.21 KB, 2550x3300, 018.jpg)

Sayuri's a huge buttslut, but she wouldn't admit it, well, at least not until now...


File: 1441567278966.jpg (676.67 KB, 2550x3300, 019.jpg)

Huge bug hellbent on jackhammering panther girl's asshole, it makes sense in context...


File: 1441567388850.jpg (321.96 KB, 1700x2202, SayuEggspld01.jpg)

Ok, from this page onward, there are the sequence pages that would fit into this "gory" theme, you can refer to the link to imgur I posted earlier if you want to check the rest of the non-gory comic.


File: 1441567514324.jpg (340.81 KB, 1700x2207, SayuEggspld02-1.jpg)

Sayuri's beginning to enjoy getting filled with eggs, her butt pleasure seems to have taken her over, heheh.


File: 1441567628863.jpg (261.93 KB, 1700x2218, SayuEggspld03-3.jpg)

Choosing to stop struggling against the bug that keeps pumping eggs in her intestines doesn't seem to be the wisest choice, but her friends are still fighting the other bugs, so they can't help her yet...


File: 1441567786735.jpg (333.71 KB, 1700x2218, SayuEggspld04-7.jpg)

...Aaaannd sorry to make you wait for so long, but here's finally the gory part.

Sayuri wanted a blowjob, and thought another wasp ovopositor would do the job, but the bug actually didn't care where it was going to lay its eggs, so, it instead aims and cracks a hole into the slutty panther's forehead, and starts stirring her soft brains, all while the other bugs keep filling her with eggs...


File: 1441568138159.jpg (384.73 KB, 1700x2218, SayuEggspld05-5.jpg)

...The stuff continues escalating, to the point that she's turned into a literal eggsac, having her innards crushed by the eggs, she's getting way more than she expected, and then the other bug starts pushing an egg inside her head, pushing her brains apart...

One alternativ I can draw here could be a literal explosiong, having her guts spread apart, and continue with the brain-egglaying in the next pages.


Great work man and....wasp those guys sure can make room for the kids.


Good work, overall.


File: 1443861406766.jpg (179.12 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-1.jpg)

Hullo again, folks.
Gonna post a bit sequence I drew with another of my OC sluts, this time some busty pyromancer that got ganked by a minotaur.


File: 1443861470993.jpg (186.78 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-2.jpg)

Don't worry, she's got self-healing powers, so she should be fine...


File: 1443861533113.jpg (188.32 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-3.jpg)

Well, there she goes, a creampie and she's done...


File: 1443861611026.jpg (193.9 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-4.jpg)

So that explains it, why she would keep fighting horny minotaurs even when she lost half of her armor then if it wasn't to get some fat dick on her needy pussy?


File: 1443861679028.jpg (172.96 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-5.jpg)

She seems to be enjoying her new life, presenting her ass to every minotaur that comes close to her...


File: 1443861795827.jpg (176.5 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-6.jpg)

The "actual" sequence ended on the previous image, but this one's abonus for the people here.
Once the minotaurs found out that their new slut could heal quite fast, they decided to cut her hands off so she couldn't use her powers again, and even stuck some makeshift horns into her now empty skull.


File: 1443861893346.jpg (173.54 KB, 1331x1025, Cowslut06-7.jpg)

The minotaurs liked to destroy the slut even more, so they tore her limbs off and completely scrapped her skull empty to have another hole to fuck, she still seems to enjoy it for her constant mooing...


bull cock for the twin


Great job man! It's always the best when I see you're thread has been updated. Keep up the great work!


File: 1444071029005.jpg (459.47 KB, 4700x2400, Doble02-B.jpg)

Heheheh, well, she wasn't called "cowslut" for nothin', perhaps shw might recover from her ordeal, given enough time with her self-healing powers.

Thanks, pal, these sketchs are pretty fun to draw :P

This isn't gory, but shows the designs for both of these fine sluts that met bad ends in the recent pics I posted here, the towering busty cowslut's name is Sairia, while the fitness swordswoman is her daughter, Helena.


Please, god continue this one! It's my favorite yet and her popping would just be the icing on the cake!


Continue the egg laying but make it so that she becomes a living egg sac and milk producer, forever laying and milking until she dies.


File: 1445494407816.jpg (241.01 KB, 1700x2200, Eggsac01.jpg)

I liked a lot the idea of turning the girl into a proper eggsac for the monsters, so I doodled a couple of days ago some sketchs to start developing that idea, in this case, the monster would be a generic tentacle thing.

It starts with the usual boobs to cow tits expansion to hinder her mobility, followed by some aggressive ass and nipple fucking to pump loads of mind-breaking aphrodisiacs on her...


File: 1445494666005.jpg (209.75 KB, 1700x2200, Eggsac02.jpg)

...Now the eggs are pumped in her womb, at the same time, several other tentacles sting her hands and thighs, injecting something, Sayuri is terrified to realize that her limbs are being dissolved by the monster and her belly skin starts to rip apart, whowing some whitish tissue underneath.

Before she can scream for too much time, another tentacle deepthroats her, forcing her to swallow more of the digestive fluids...


File: 1445495053084.jpg (219.25 KB, 1700x2200, Eggsac03.jpg)

Sayuri ends dazed by the stuff she was forced to swallow, but she comes to her senses again at noticing that now her mouth is changing, her teeth fall off and her gums melt, and she discovers her mouth and throat become a fully functional vagina, which will serve as an exit for the future spawn.

The poor panther girl desperately tries to move or even scream for help, but escaping is impossible, the tentacles that fill her with eggs keep pumping their abhorrent loads relentlessly, until her own skin finally gives and her body changes its shape with a violent ripping sound, which causes her an orgasm so powerful that leaves her unconscious.

It will take days for her friends to find her, but once she was caught on the tentacle mass, it was too late for her...


File: 1445495531888.jpg (146.19 KB, 1700x2200, Eggsac04.jpg)

Two weeks later, Liz and Helena finally found Sayuri, but all what remains of her is a pulsating carcass that oozes blood, fluids and nauseating tentacled creatures that slither off.

The spawning monsters originally exited Sayuri's body through her pussies, but after some days, they started to eat and burrow within her to create new paths for escape, they punctured her skin in various points, as well as coming through her eyes and ears after devouring her brains, an event that lasted at least three days while she was continously experimenting orgasms one after another.

Both human women are now trying to process what they're watching now, and how they can stop the creature from doing this again.

I have some more sketchs, but I'll start doodling something more clear with the tablet in a couple of days. If you want to see what happens to Liz and Helena, you're free to stick a reply here.


Hi, great bringer of destruction ^_^

Awesome art as usual, thank you very much again to share it with us :3

And i'm impatient to see the fate of Liz and Helena, yes !


Hi, great bringer of destruction ^_^

Awesome art as usual, thank you very much again to share it with us :3

And i'm impatient to see the fate of Liz and Helena, yes !


File: 1446186969002.jpg (203.79 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs01.jpg)

Thanks, dude, I'm trying a new tablet I recently aquired.


You want to know something; it sucks to be the first reviewer because then when you want to find out what happens next, you have to wait. Oh woe is me. Regardless of that though; your art with Saturn is always my favorite. Here's to hoping you update soon with the next chapter.


tablets are such joy I wish I had one, but can't have everything.


File: 1446358051817.jpg (210.74 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs02.jpg)

Good to know you like these doodles, folks :P

I'm posting a bit moire about the unfortunate Sayuri, again, heheh...


File: 1446358111056.jpg (211.61 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs03.jpg)


File: 1446358153210.jpg (231.09 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs04.jpg)


File: 1446358191617.jpg (234.37 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs05.jpg)


File: 1446358231710.jpg (218.09 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs06.jpg)


File: 1446358279627.jpg (227.94 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs07.jpg)


File: 1446358315673.jpg (274.09 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs08.jpg)


File: 1446358339499.jpg (267.38 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs09.jpg)


File: 1446358394334.jpg (254.7 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs10.jpg)

There'll be more to come soon... :3


You should post more brain stuff with Sayuri since she's my favorite. Great work this far though.


You should do some more brain sucking with sayuri. Your art is great and cant wait for more.


Your art and writing are amazing.
I love pretty much all themes you explored so far: sexed to death, used as a birth-station, and having her insides completely destroyed.
Spetial mention to those brain-sucking images. Her giving up on her life and actually begging to be killed for her pleasure turns me on to no end.
Same goes for the brain egg-laying. I had no idea of how much I'd like it before I've seen it.
Keep up the amazing work!


If only there were more stories like your pictures. I've read the ones on gurochan, but this fetish(or any real extreme one) doesn't seem to exist outside gurochan. If anyone knows some then post links to them in comments or just post them to gurochan.


File: 1447223391849.jpg (242.6 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs11.jpg)

I'm glad that you liked those, when I'm done with this sequence, I'll do some more sketchs with her getting her brains sucked off her head :P

Heheh, well, that's the point, good to know you like these pics :)

I updated a bit on this sequence, so I'll post more of these, her transformation wasn't completed yet.


File: 1447223450418.jpg (241.83 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs12.jpg)

Nothing like a good throatfuck to shut up a screaming captive :P


File: 1447223525757.jpg (285.1 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs13.jpg)

On these I drew a close up of her face to give a better view.


File: 1447223630712.jpg (262.15 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs14.jpg)

I liked a lot this part when I doodled it on pencils before...


File: 1447223767844.jpg (282.03 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs15.jpg)

Mmm, yeah, I loved this one :3


File: 1447223848490.jpg (277.82 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs16.jpg)

And now she's been shut up for good, that'll be a better use for that hole than before.


File: 1447223928438.jpg (274.52 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs17.jpg)

Now that the eggsac is prepared, the monster proceeds to fill it.


File: 1447224055742.jpg (281.34 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs18.jpg)

Her belly won't explode yet since the transformation gave her another layer of elastic semi transparent skin under her own skin.


File: 1447224179587.jpg (267.14 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs19.jpg)

She'll remain like this for a long time, she wants to scream, but, she can't :P


File: 1447224438825.jpg (270.21 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs20.jpg)

One day, she feels something coming up her throat, and then, some tentacles sprout out her face pussy, the spawn are hatching at last.


File: 1447224573919.jpg (319.66 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs21.jpg)

More and more are coming, and they won't wait until the pussy's free to come out.


File: 1447224757021.jpg (325.15 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs22.jpg)

When blood starts gushing from her ears, it's because the mess the larvae are doing with her brains, now she's having her strongest orgasms that'll last as long as those things are munching on her gray matter :3

Just a couple more of sketchs before introducing her friends to the scene.


Nice. I cant wait to see more Sayuri brain sucking pics. Maybe do something creative AFTER her brains are sucked out like having something else replace it or having her put in something else.


I can't wait to see what happens to her friends


File: 1447364301802.jpg (334.61 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs23.jpg)

Thanks, pal, I'll go back to those after I'm done with this sequence :P

Good to know this is liked here, heheh :3

Posting the next two sketchs for sayuri's transformation into eggsac, the tentacle worms finished eating her insides, so they're going out.


File: 1447364459743.jpg (256.56 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs24c.jpg)

Yep, those fit butts belong to her friends.

Now, why would they go wearing something like that there? Beats me, maybe they're slutty or just stupid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



hey you can always have fun out in the world dressed like that lol and I love her skin color




File: 1447489481151.jpg (201.7 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs25c.jpg)

Sayuri's skin is that color because she's based on a panther.

Also, posting the one following the last one, on the left, Helena, lesbian swordswoman, and on the right, Liz, slutty cryomancer :P

Also, it seems they're distracted by the sight of their friend's corpse, so they don't notice those tentacles slithering behind them...


Nice. Keep it coming.


Nice. Keep it coming.



Best giant cat and her friends are pretty good looking to!


File: 1448056541019.jpg (192.17 KB, 2000x1500, EggSacs25c6.jpg)

Clothed sluts.

Which one do you prefer, that they go naked, or dressed?


Is that even a question?


I like the clothed version, but the nude versions you posted earlier are also great, i'm not big on nude, but as long as some sort of clothing is around, even lingerie armor is better than full nude to me.


Hi, great bringer of destruction ^_^

Thank you again for these awesome pictures : it is always a true pleasure to see your lovely and charismatic heroines in peril :3 And your last drawings are amazing !

About the next step, i am impatient to discover what you have planned for the girls who certainly want to avenge their friend ( i love Sayuri and Liz, but Helena is definitely my favorite ;) ) , and i'm curious to see them " in action " with their armors !



....of course naked but I love their outfits


They started dressed and get progressively more naked.


File: 1448730653137.jpg (311.31 KB, 4500x1000, BRSuckOrg03.jpg)

Thanks for the suggestions, folks! I'll get back to that sequence later, for now, I'm working on another sketch, I post here what's so far done, these are some other OCs, Liz on the far left might give you a clue of what's going on there.



Brains, brains, it's ok.

Doesn't matter if it isn't grey!


File: 1448867254067.jpg (389.37 KB, 3596x1000, BrainsuckOrgy02.jpg)

Well, heheh, brain sucking was the theme that got me into guro in the first place, and also I wanted an excuse to line up my OCs :P

So far, I've outlined Liz and Helena, I like how this one's turning out.


File: 1448912663376.jpg (235.21 KB, 3596x1000, BRSuckOrg06.jpg)

A bit more progress with this one :P

So far, Liz was the easiest to catch for the tentacles, they just had to strike her forehead so start sucking her brains.

Helena put way more fighting, that's why the tentacles first grabbed her by an arm which it assimilated, so while she was recoiling in pain, two tentacles latched on her head, one by her temple and another one straight into her eye.

The third cutie here is Uranus, being a half-dragon hybrid, she was basically nigh invulnerable, she fought bravely, until two more tentacles touched her eardrums and sucked with all their power, now the dragongirl can only moan softly while her head is drained...


Great art here, as usual : 3 Your OCs are once again extremely hot in peril, especially in this kind of situation, with your awesome work on their cute faces in particular ^_^

I must admit the nude version is very enticing :3 as the girls seem to have pleasure while their brains are sucked ... It's perfect ^_^ Just a thing, if i may say so : maybe a little more hair on the back of Helena's neck ?

Thank you for these nice drawings ;)


File: 1449166106116.jpg (348.8 KB, 3596x1000, BRSuckOrg08.jpg)

Heh, thanks for the feedback, dude, it's good to see there's an audience for these pics here :P

I post an update on the group one, having outlined all the sluts there, so I'll add other details later.


Well i also like your drawing and i'm not even into all that brain sucking and hyper. :P
Maybe you got small response because its kind of a niche fetish on this site. Because i'm 101% sure its not because of your artstyle! Its great and hot! Maybe you could add some dead/lifeless bodies at the end of your small comics that way people like me will have something to fap to. (its gross but this is what this art is for right? :P ) Personally i would love to see Nidalee from League of Legends in one of your comics. And as i see you like cat girls with 6-pack and she fit perfectly. :P But if you prefer to stick with OC's its perfectly fine! Anyway Sayuri is super hot! So as i was saying - me personally would see perfection in your art with either adding shots of "aftermatch" with dead/lifeless bodies (don't count in heavy changed bodies like in the "eggsack" drawing :P ) at some point in stories. Ofc. Its only MY opinion and personal taste. :) your art is still great. :3



Link these group?


==> 7977

Thank you for this version and for the added details ( Helena is hotter than a nova, Sayuri and Liz are also great ! ) :3 Super rendering, as the heroines are now all there ^_^ all sexy and horny in peril. Bravo ;)


File: 1449379347573.jpg (785.16 KB, 7192x2000, BrainsuckOrgy06.jpg)

Never been too much into drawing existing characters, gotta take care of many details and sometimes the style's quite hard to emulate. Anyway, the idea of drawing the aftermath image is a good one too.

Heh, thanks, dude, indeed, they're enjoying having their brains sucked off their heads, they're squirting on their orgasms xD

Here's a bit bigger version of the pic, with cleaner lines, the tentacles sucked and ate Terysia's hands, so she can't use her powers and thus is defenseless against the tentacles; and Sayuri at the far right got the sharp end of the stick, the tentacles had to restrain her four limbs to inmibilize her long enough for the other tentacle to strike her head, which has not only drained her head completely, it's sucking so hard that her eyes popped out of her sockets.


File: 1449379644328.jpg (714.11 KB, 7192x2000, BrainsuckOrgy07.jpg)

Now with their heads emptied, the five sluts are cathatonic, while the tentacles get ready for their next move.

Liz pants like a bitch in heat, Helena softly moos while her tits squirt milk, Uranus and Terysia moan, and Sayuri purrs, all of them acting on reflex, the tentacles somehow managed to keep them alive without their brains for some seconds...


File: 1449379810558.jpg (575.18 KB, 7192x2000, BrainsuckOrgy08.jpg)

The tentacles quickly expand and envelop their preys, every girl moaning under the slimy appendages that have swallowed them...


File: 1449466940816.jpg (640.85 KB, 7192x2000, BrainsuckOrgy10.jpg)

A loud, crushing, squelching noise is heard, when the tentacles crush and digest the women in mere seconds, their bodies colvulsing as their upper halves are disintegrated.


File: 1449467135275.jpg (528.42 KB, 7192x2000, BrainsuckOrgy11.jpg)

The tentacles now withdraw, having devoured the adventurers whose remains will last as a grim reminder of the voracious hunger of these monsters.



I love how Uranus lower arms fell off


Cool :D


Deliciously cruel, hot and well made ^_^ Bravo ;)

We hope to see your great OCs again soon :3


Amazing! Damn now im all hot...just... umm... ^_^'' can we get some anal and necro? Sayu would love it! :3 (and so do i)


I truly love this sequence :) Especially Uranus, there's something oddly exciting about seeing a mighty, supposedly 'invincible' character like her getting killed in such a humiliating way :P

The whole thing kind of could use something like an intro and a 'wrap up' image, though, like displaying the late adventurers' discarded lower halves and limbs scattered on the floor as the tentacles flourish.

Well, anyway, I am looking forward to whatever you come up with next :D


Wow, nice work man. A truly great sequence :D
I love how they look with empty skulls.


Merry Xmas to you, great bringer of destruction ^_^ and to your hot, sexy and gorgeous heroines too.

Thank you again for sharing your awesome work with us :3


Can't wait to see more empty skulls pop up on here. It's not often I find great brain sucking artwork so I really hope this keeps coming.


File: 1453842074449.jpg (650.28 KB, 2268x2922, SayuTent01.jpg)

Posting a couple more of quick sketchs, one shows Sayuri getting offed again by some hungry tentacle-thing.


File: 1453843171673.jpg (723.32 KB, 2343x2930, HeleBimbo01.jpg)

In this one, we're trying to turn badass swordswoman Helena into a slutty bimbo, the first step involves modifying her body, she might be powerful, but there's nothign she can do after the spell starts working on her.

Her hands turn into hooves, meaning she can't use weapons ever again, next her tits grow into proper udders as the slut should have, next her mind is assaulted by a shockwave that leaves most of women completely brainwashed by this point, so she would become docile and obedient.


File: 1453846189937.jpg (583.9 KB, 2285x2905, HeleBimbo02.jpg)

There seems to be a little problem, though, looks like Helena's will turned to be stronger than we thought, so she's reasonabily pissed about it, but the only sounds she can make are moos like a cow's. Though her hooves might be quite dangerous.

Luckily, another spell will take care of the now enraged cow-girl, the blast hits her head, and seconds later, her brain explodes within her own skull; seconds later, she reacts as expected, and completes her transformation into a docile cow-fuck slave.


nothing like fresh cat snack and a cow slave to brighten up your day


File: 1453864333147.jpg (942.4 KB, 2243x2922, SaiBimbo01.jpg)


Thanks, I'm glad you like these ones :)

Here are a couple more of sketchs, after Helena was turned from a brave soldier into a stupid, lustful and docile fuckslave, her mother Sairia tries to have payback, the powerful pyromancer has a lewd body even though she's in her 50s.

Well, the bimbofying spell should work on her too, her transformation begins immediately, her hands turn into hooves, barring her from using her pyromancy, her already whorish tits grow several sizes and streams of fresh milk pour from them.

After a split second her mind is hit by the brainwashing part of the spell, making her to let out a loud, lusful moo, moments later, the milf's been reduced to a drooling, obeying slave.


File: 1453865341436.jpg (517.2 KB, 2276x2922, SaiBimbo02.jpg)

Well, it seems that even postrated in all fours, forced to drag her enormous udders in the ground and incapable of further speech, Sairia continues to show intelligence, not only that, when her eyes flare up, it's the signal that she doesn't even need her hands to use her dangerous powers.

Time to solve this detail, another spell should do the trick, it's almost comical to witness how the cow tries to look defiant while bellowing like a stupid animal in all fours, but it's funnier to watch the spell in action, the cow starts gurgling, then her head suddenly caves in, and her brains start to spill out by every orifice in her head; as her skull's top continues to lower, more and more brain mass spills out of her; unable to stop the spell, the cow only manages to gurgle more as she keeps vomiting until her whole head is empty, finally, the cow gives a content, grateful and loving moo, ready to serve as a proper fuckhole.


>bimbofication magic
>and brain stuff

I could marry you



love it.

not big on cowslaves but I still appreciate the artwork quite a bit :D

anything in the works with Uranus, by any chance?


Fantastic, as always! A new day of art is always one to look forward to!


Any chance we'll ever see more of this? You were my favourite artist on here, and we haven't seen you in a while!


Agreed, one of my favorite artists around. Come back soon!


File: 1458748637529.jpg (423.11 KB, 3800x2894, LizKill03.jpg)

Had a couple of ideas for her, but I haven't put them in paper yet, got to get free from other stuff I'm doing first.

Thanks :D

Heheh, thanks, I'll try to post more often then.

I haven't done much gory pics lately, mostly because I'm busy with some comissions and other real-life stuff, this latest sketch-in-progress is one I'm doing to practice the tablet-inking.

Liz was fighting those tentacles, and then, SSSLLLLUUURRRRRPPPPPPPP...


where do you keep your non gore stuff? I like your art style a lot and want to see it


File: 1459021090128.jpg (134.94 KB, 1200x1548, LizSlut01-1.jpg)


I don't have a proper gallery for the pictures, but I guess I can link here the HF profile where I post the most complete stuff and a couple of imgur galleries I used to sort some pics I show to other folks online.

HF profile -> hentai-foundry com/user/Targetmaster/profile

These are a couple of incomplete comics I doodled for practice, so I guess I'll link them too:

imgur com/a/Wzrcg

imgur com/a/honbA/all

imgur com/a/AakPo

As these are mostly unfinished, there're many sketchy pages there.


I love all your work!

Brain sucking, bodies being used as breeding sacs something horrible will burst out of and mixing in a lot of sex are all my favourite things when it comes to guro but it's SO RARE among the rest of the stuff.

Thank you and I hope to see more whenever you have the time!


Hi, Great bringer of destruction ^_^ , and yes thank you too for these great pictures :3

Your heroines are always gorgeous and sexy, and your art is awesome. Keep the fun .


File: 1460727650560.jpg (275.49 KB, 1331x1951, Minocow07.jpg)

Found this PSD in the computer yesterday, so I wanted to tinker with it a bit. Not gory, but still want to share here, because I love this character.


File: 1460727752398.jpg (268.85 KB, 1331x1951, Minocow08.jpg)

She's actually getting raped, but can't do a thing about it because the minotaur's fluids are both incredibly aphrodisiac and transform its victims, so her body begins to change here.


File: 1460727834295.jpg (275.4 KB, 1331x1951, Minocow09.jpg)

Once her body begins to change, next is her brain, which gets rewired to think as a stupid cow...


File: 1460727889470.jpg (269.69 KB, 1331x1951, Minocow10.jpg)

How could a cow slut be a proper cow slut without massive tits? :3


File: 1460728000951.jpg (316.42 KB, 1331x1951, Minocow11.jpg)

And after even more growth, her tits become udders and her brain completely melts, leaving her as few more than a stupid animal that will keep breeding more minotaurs now...


Cool stuff!
Are you doing any more brain sucking pics in the future? Or continuing that eggsac story? I'd love to see the other two ladies meet their delicious fates.


File: 1460961804839.jpg (553.44 KB, 3500x3000, HeleFap01.jpg)


Maybe, it's always fun to come and redraw some pics just to see the result, heheh :P

Here, Helena was horny while she took a bath in a pond in a forest, that she didn't notice she was being watched...


File: 1460961992440.jpg (222.4 KB, 2550x1912, HeleBitch10.jpg)

...Helena didn't have any time to react, the demon dogs tore off her limbs with their powerful jaws, then the alpha claimed its prize, and begun to mate with the defeated woman, who will likely spend a long time as the breeding bitch of the pack, as the alpha and the others take turns raping and knotting her.


File: 1460962048163.jpg (269.63 KB, 1550x2000, EggsacsC01-2.jpg)

Another one with Sayuri, can you guess how this one's gonna end? :P


as a mad dog myself, I approve of the canine rape of helene!


Yay for more Sayuri! Love her, and seeing how she gets subdued with pleasure and her body hijacked to suit the needs of evil creatures. Really want to see what's next!


Thank you again for these nice drawings and for sharing your art with us !

It's always a pleasure to see your athletic but voluptuous and hot heroines in peril ^_^ I love Helena here :3 ( it would be amazing to see a dragon taking good care of her, maybe before his meal ... ) and can't wait to see what will happen to your great Sayu .

Keep the fun ;)


Hi Stunti, your style reminds me of BobbyDando. Are there links to your other work? Stunticon is a kind of hard for google.


do more like this! its my FAVORITE


You find that kind of thing all over gurochan. Don't ask for the most generic thing they could possibly do please.


if that's all over gurochan please point me to it, and no reason to ask other's to not suggest things they want/like, it's up to the artist to choose what to do anyway


if that's all over gurochan please point me to it, and no reason to ask other's to not suggest things they want/like, it's up to the artist to choose what to do anyway


Literally everywhere has some guy fucking some girl in some weird way here brainfucking or otherwise. That's 99% of gurochan and yeah to each their own but when someone does something unique kindly don't encourage them to do the same thing everyone else is.


fair enough. in the end they will make what's fun for them and not what we really suggest anyway!


File: 1466838900377.gif (1.3 MB, 500x500, LizKill01.gif)

Tryin' my hand at some rudimentary animation...


Stunticon returns! Hallelujah!


Does Tyrana killing?


Good waist and tits◐v◐


Damn, that's a nicely toned body. Remove the legs and it would be a fantastic piece of decor to hang on a wall.


File: 1468312286849.jpg (448.99 KB, 2000x2000, Tres01-11.jpg)


That depends, if you threaten her, she'll snap you like a twig without a second thought.

Heheh, most of these gals are quite fit because they're also fighters.

Also, I slap a sketch here, Helena and her mother Sairia were captured by an evil demoness! O:


File: 1469864515574.jpg (184.39 KB, 2500x2000, PutaLiz0022-3.jpg)

This one's not guro, but I wanted to share it anyway.





Is thread kill again?


File: 1475022128138.jpg (389.11 KB, 2550x3300, 01-5.jpg)

Been doodling a bit, this one was part of a comission comic.


File: 1475022173921.jpg (425.8 KB, 2550x3300, 01,5-2.jpg)


File: 1475024145691.jpg (296.23 KB, 2550x3300, 01,6-1.jpg)

This one's still in progress...
The assfucker boy will fuck any ass available :P


Can we see that "cute boy" get his dick chopped off?


File: 1476389980319.jpg (218.77 KB, 3200x3200, axk4XLv.jpg)

Mmm, not likely, I'm not into castration.

Posting another sketch, Liz just got hit with a spell, and she thinks it was a harmless one, she's far from the truth there.

I have in mind one idea about what the spell will do her, but if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to post 'em here, I can pick one and draw it too.


Moar Brain Drain/Stuff!


I've always been a big fan of exploding heads. And I guess it would make for a somewhat fitting delayed effect of a seemingly harmless spell.

Anyway, rock on!


Man this is so cute! Can't wait to see it finished ^_^


File: 1476992382717.jpg (765.31 KB, 4200x2550, PfuosWm.jpg)

Thanks for the feedback, folks, I'll do some more pending stuff I have and then I'll work a bit more on these sketchs.

On the meantime, I'm doing this one, it'll be a halloween-themed pic.


that's pretty adorable :D

also reminds me of how much I'd like to see Uranus die horribly one of these times. She's kinda cute.


File: 1477312402952.jpg (682.9 KB, 5315x4252, ToTSluts1-9.jpg)

Heheh, maybe sometime I can draw something more detailed with her :P

I finished the flat colors on this one.


File: 1477358736948.gif (510.91 KB, 1500x1500, LizBitch1-1.gif)



Very nice fate :3 Your heroines are always hot and pretty ^_^

I love the girls 's outfits for Halloween ! It will be smashing to see Helena and/or Liz fucked to death by a minotaur for example here ... :3


Wow, that's amazing! Thanks a lot! :) Poor Liz, just can't catch a break ^^


Do you take commissions? i want to commission you a bunch of things with regards your recent group of halloween characters.


File: 1477595448890.jpg (132.69 KB, 1800x1600, Ds1xN6I.jpg)

I did a couple of sketchs having Sairia, Helena's mother, as a minotaur's fuckhole, Helena wouldn't fare too different from her mother after losing against a minotaur, after all, being a cowslut runs in their family.

Indeed, if she was an actual person, Liz would love to beat the living crap outta me for this xD

That depends, what do you have in mind?


File: 1477597925425.jpg (246.66 KB, 768x1086, 1.jpg)

I didn't draw these, it was a friend (The owner of the glasses guy) the one who comissioned them to someone else, you may recognize there Liz, Helena and Sairia.


File: 1477598083895.jpg (323.04 KB, 768x1195, 2.jpg)

The comic's plot was that Helena and Sairia were doing a "routine inspection" to the guy's business.


File: 1477598267444.jpg (319 KB, 768x1195, 3.jpg)

After serving a drink to the guests, the guy asks Liz and the other woman do "do their thing" :V


File: 1477598404508.jpg (343.18 KB, 768x1195, 4.jpg)

Liz obviously being the cock-sucking slut she is, knows how to give some nice head, and while Helena is upset and disgusted, Sairia, well, the milf's quite the slut too.


Helena: "Enough of this disgusting show! Ms. Frost, how could you kneel and perform fellation on demand like some cheap whore?!"

Liz: "What the fuck, Helena, stup being such a stuck up prude bitch, did you forget your buttplug? Mmm, or maybe it just went inside your ass"

Helena: "Wh-What's happening? Why am I masturbating?"

Sairia: "Oh, darling, you should relax a little, I mean, these guys just poisoned our drinks with some aphrodisiac, it's clear that they want to fuck and creampie both of us, so we might as well enjoy it!"

Sadly, the artist went MIA, but I would take the comic in the future :V


File: 1477599550606.jpg (341.9 KB, 768x1195, 5.jpg)

Oops, the file didn't attach to the post :P


Do you have a way to contact you like an email?


File: 1477658040412.jpg (694.03 KB, 1421x1200, Andrysa02-J.jpg)

Sure, you can chuck me a message to Praetor.Phyrexian at gmail.

Some other pic, this one's an ice-based demon.


File: 1477938763879.jpg (847.99 KB, 5315x4252, fU78lEY.jpg)

Heheh, finally I finished this one :P


Excellent works. The new demon is awesome and has some really interesting powers :3 The girls are beautiful in this great colored page too, bravo !


File: 1478005260301.jpg (819.58 KB, 4546x3500, HeleG01-1.jpg)


Thanks for the comment.

A couple of sketchs with Helena an her cowslut costume.


==> 14341

Thank you very much for that one :3 Love to see your strong, proud and hot Helena treated like this ...


File: 1478571515941.jpg (563.97 KB, 3200x3600, Sai01-1.jpg)

This one's still in process, is supossed to be a ref page for Sairia the busty pyromancer cow-slut milf.


File: 1478645414584.jpg (794.21 KB, 1622x2550, rQIFrHM.jpg)

I doodled a bit while I waited for a computer to complete an install at work...


File: 1478810854620.jpg (378.32 KB, 2376x3294, Cazona01.jpg)

More doodles, a shark girl, based on a character I pilot in a game.


really loving these new sketches :)


File: 1479758667533.jpg (266.38 KB, 2598x3780, 6ngYQrp.jpg)


Thanks :3

A bit more of progress with Sharky girl here, in fact, the armor doesn't really cover anything for her, that's the reason that once she goes adventuring, she'll be getting fucked by monsters all the time. I really want to draw more of her, heheh.


File: 1479774664071.jpg (386.09 KB, 3023x1100, GrupG01.jpg)

Oh, shoot! I forgot about this other sketch!
This is part of a comission picture I'm doing, so I'll update it as I advance it :3



Ohh, she's looking very hot!

That commission is looking very promising as well, can't wait to see progress!


File: 1479819341553.jpg (247.44 KB, 2598x3780, Sharky01-4.jpg)


Thanks, I'll be doing some progress from time to time, because I'm doing several pics at once.


File: 1481614712498.jpg (419.32 KB, 5000x1819, GrupG01-3.jpg)


A bit more of progress here, RL work's been quite full so I haven't got much time to draw, but I'm taking any free time available to advance these.



Excellent work, as always :3 We love to see your charismatic heroines in peril. Thank you again for sharing your art here !

Can't wait to see the next picture ^_^



Can't wait to see what bad endings you have in store.


This is amazing. I love every single one of them, but for some reason, the dislocated jaw makes the second one the best.

May I ask if there will be any more brainsucking/braineating in the future?
I love to see how you empty those girls heads. They'd make perfect toys afterwards for partners who have little care for their victim's bone structure.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that you're doing an amazing work! :)


Stunticon, do you plan to do any overwatch works? You seem like you would be so good at it!


File: 1482651600019.jpg (278.05 KB, 1772x2053, Xmas01-8.jpg)

I'll retake this one as soon as possible.

Heh, well, actually Sharky was going to be in a more classic reference page picture, I just brainfarted and put the whole "paralysis" thing when I finished coloring her body.

Thanks, so far I haven't made another brain sucking related picture, but I want to redraw some old pics I made some time ago.

I usually don't draw fanart, the last one I made to consider complete in any sort of way was years ago to be honest.

I know the pic isn't gory in any way, in fact, is much tamer than what I usually upload here, but I wanted to share it anyway 'cause the current date, heh. Yep, Liz is a whore when she isn't bounty-hunting, and yes, that's a buttplug she's got stuck in her ass there. And yes, piston fuck and giving her a creampie is totally proper for that situation, heheh :P


File: 1482778017750.jpg (744.42 KB, 2550x3294, EHLTP01-C.jpg)

More sketchin'


File: 1482778061017.jpg (809.06 KB, 2550x3294, EHLTP01-D.jpg)



Great sketches, with a nice idea here, and excellent Xmas picture with Liz :3
Thank you !!!


File: 1483241892155.jpg (502.38 KB, 3000x4500, SaiCow01-1.jpg)

Happy 2017, folks :P


File: 1483342780091.jpg (654.26 KB, 3000x3500, SaiCow02-4.jpg)

Still doodling...


File: 1484680924218.jpg (235.09 KB, 2500x3200, sW3a5WQ.jpg)

Forgot to post this one, a slimegrill.



....silm girl fetish has reached a new level


File: 1484725135962.jpg (247.72 KB, 2800x3200, Babosa007.jpg)

Been doodling a bit more of the slime girl.


Should draw that slimegirl with a cock going straight through her head or chest. Might only be a mild annoyance to her though


I love the art you're making and your plans! Do you have a patreon, etc?


File: 1485361013907.jpg (728.91 KB, 5000x1819, GrupG01-5.jpg)

Heheh, the detail isn't noticeable until I paint the picture, but she's lacking part of her skull there, maybe when I draw a more detailed pic of her.

In that sketch I posted she's absorbing the other girl.

I have a HF gallery that you can follow if you want ->

A bit more progress with one comission, the customer liked the outlines so far so I'll move on the coloring next.



thats a scary way to go for our dear half dragon


Would love to see a follow up to Helena's situation.


File: 1485760788474.jpg (677.04 KB, 3000x3500, SaiCow02-4.jpg)

There'll be a part 2 for this picture, but I'll finish this one first.

Welp, whenever the monster grabbed one of her limbs, said body part became instantly frozen and brittle as glass, so she's completely defenseless as the monster does the same to her innards.

A couple of sketchs, based on the game Corruption of Champions, the milf pyromancer Sairia got transported to that world, losing her armor in the process, she had to suck some imps' dicks to get some loincloths to cover herself, but she ventured into the mountains too fast...


File: 1485760974577.jpg (658.53 KB, 3000x3500, SaiCow02-5.jpg)

A couple of days later, the milf went again into the mountains, feeling hornier than usual, she decided to "try her luck", enterd into one cave, and raised her ass...


File: 1485761079828.jpg (510.72 KB, 3000x3500, SaiCow02-6.jpg)

Minotaur pregnancies sure go fast, Sairia also decided to continue traveling fully naked through Mareth, caring very little if any lurking monster wanted to shove its dick on one of her holes...


File: 1485761247616.jpg (544.46 KB, 3000x3500, SaiCow02-7.jpg)

In the actual game the minotaur cum won't physically transform the player, though I like to show corruption that way, in this case, Sairia became a stupid cow slut, when her hands changed into hooves, she just let out a long, silly moo, thinking that she would be more fuckable by the minotaurs from now on...


File: 1485761509090.jpg (965.81 KB, 2301x2897, 002 (2).jpg)

Heh, this sketchs are kinda shitty, but I still love the idea, so I'll probably redraw them in a near future.

Liz was fighting a wizard who put her in her proper place.


File: 1485792516963.jpg (407.63 KB, 1393x1800, nYD84O1.jpg)

I could swear I had already posted this one here, welp, here it goes, heheh.

Here's Liz again, and, once again, getting treated like the slutty bitch she is, as it should be, heheh :P


File: 1485813647470.jpg (683.78 KB, 2516x3311, SayuG05-1.jpg)

Another sketch I'll clean later, Sayuri gets tentacled :P


File: 1485846306289.jpg (408.58 KB, 2516x3311, SayuG01-2.jpg)

Sayuri struggled against the tentacles until she got assfucked.


File: 1485846364512.jpg (389.34 KB, 2516x3311, SayuG01-4.jpg)

Gory version, Sayuri had her brains slurped and she was transformed into an eggsac :P


Holy shit you are actually amazing!


Those trytotitties... ohhh yeah


File: 1486385259970.jpg (491.43 KB, 5000x1819, GrupG01-8.jpg)

Still working on this comission...


File: 1486425390929.jpg (541.34 KB, 1159x2500, Liz-Kl1-8.jpg)

Heh, I guess I forgot to post this other one too, heheh :P

Based on Corruption of Champions too.


Holy hell, that broken jaw with the thick tongue hanging has a really unexpected effect on me. Nice job, I guess I have a new fetish now! X)
This page is great! Keep up your amazing work! :)


File: 1487000010624.jpg (286.26 KB, 5000x1819, nvqLyXm.jpg)

Heheh, glad to see you like it, dude :B

I did some more progress on the colors, painting gory stuff is more difficult than I anticipated.


So glad the brain sucking is back, I missed it so much :3


File: 1487654362999.jpg (587.49 KB, 5000x1819, GrupG01-D.jpg)


Heheh, glad to see you like the pics :B

A bit more work on the comission.


File: 1488007190172.jpg (478.06 KB, 3000x3500, Cer01.jpg)



File: 1488642218233.jpg (479.87 KB, 3407x2800, zuVwHdL.jpg)

Ok, I know I've been posting a lot of dumb non-gory shit lately, but the gory pics in my case are the exception and not the norm ):

In the meantime, another non-gory picture xD


File: 1488642511801.jpg (1.02 MB, 8245x3000, YiIilwD.jpg)

Heh, I almost forgot to post this one, I finished this comission some days ago, I'm working a bit in another comission now.



....I want that ice booty


File: 1491632966560.jpg (577.55 KB, 1697x2376, 1TSCMVn.jpg)

Some more doodling. Don't have much time to draw in these last days, but I'm trying to make some space there.

This sketch was based in Corruption of Champions, with the demon Ceraph taming my oc Helena with some buttfucking.


File: 1491633112349.jpg (1.04 MB, 2550x3311, sksEteJ.jpg)

More doodling.


Yay ! Thank you very much for sharing more of your art and for the news ^_^

As usual, it is a great pleasure to see Helena in particular - strong and proud - in this kind of situation :3



File: 1491850739115.jpg (1.3 MB, 2550x3303, 001 (10).jpg)

Heheh, yep, that was the point, that she wouldn't last too much under that kind of "torture" there, heheh.

Posting a bit more polished version of this sketch.


Great art, as usual ^_^ Sairia is helpless here and will be a very nice cow ... ;)

About Helena, it was already a feast for the eyes to see her with the earrings/piercings from Ceraph, becoming a sweet slave/pet :3

It would be nice to see her shagged by a minotaur like her mother, changed in a stupid cow slut too ^_^ or ... cooked by Ceraph ...

If you still take commission(s), i will take an option ;)

Thank you again for sharing your art with us !



File: 1496242870535.jpg (536.26 KB, 1672x2351, CerHele1-1.jpg)

Heheh, those are good ideas, I planned that Sairia would swallow a couple of loads before getting rid of Zetaz there, still, she would be later get fucked by pretty much anything that finds her in that world.

About Helena, she's usually stern, commanding and strict, but she becomes meek and submissive as a good slut when she's raped, so Ceraph was the best option to subdue her.


File: 1496242990899.jpg (513.24 KB, 1890x2953, 5g1XGBx.jpg)

Part of a comission, not gore, but whatever, I'm posting all my shiz here xD.


File: 1496243292303.jpg (721.44 KB, 2717x3071, SaiCockSleeve1.jpg)

Before she was sent to Mareth, Sairia was the commander of the guard in a great city, there was a time when that city was besieged by the demons, so she stepped to protect her home from the invaders...


File: 1496243410564.jpg (763.61 KB, 2717x3071, SaiCockSleeve2.jpg)

Unfortunately for her, the minotaur leader was stronger than his brethen, so Sairia will be just the first of his cows to breed more minotaurs...


File: 1496245719461.jpg (146.95 KB, 1432x2550, VU6PbmD.jpg)

This is a friend's char, called supermare, who's a super powered horse girl who loves nothing more than to find new brides for her harem


File: 1496246678547.jpg (725.42 KB, 2000x6000, UXwp1Mz.jpg)

Supermare's MO when she finds a woman that strikes her fancy is pretty direct, she'll usually tell the woman that she'll become her bride, so she better spreads her legs to receive a proper creampie, if the woman refuses, Supermare relies on her superhuman strength and durability to simply pin the woman on the ground and mating-press her into submission.


File: 1496247594849.jpg (706.39 KB, 3303x2550, 8tTGSZn.jpg)

The brave and stubborn Helena was another of her victims, she tried her best to fight Supermare, but when the horse girl got bored from the human's fruitless efforts, she simply told Helena "Enough of this, calf, cut the crap and strip already so I can fuck you!"

Helena froze in the spot, after that time she was raped, she discovered that she had a meek, submissive side deep within her, so the once brave human whimpered "...ummm, yes..." and undressed in front of the horse girl, who proceeded to fuck Helena from that day on...


File: 1496247687818.jpg (312.72 KB, 2176x3000, EDNYHeJ.jpg)

...Supermare even teased the meek Helena about how she was so stupid for being a lesbian, wasting a perfect body like hers, which was made to be a fuckslut...


File: 1496248465349.jpg (372.92 KB, 1432x2550, aYDmkKw.jpg)

...But in the end, no one's completely invincible, in one of her travels looking for women to fuck, Supermare found an imp, which was impressed at her body, the imp mocked her by saying how she looked like a donkey, to which Supermare simply dismissed with a snort and threatening the imp with making him a cocksleeve if he didn't shut the fuck up.

Undeterred, the imp continued his mocking, telling Supermare she looked like a cross between a donkey and a cow, infuriating the monstergirl who lunged for the kill, but to her surprise, the imp not only avoided her attack, but managed to whip her firm ass with a riding crop.

The sudden feeling yanked a incredibly girly yelp from Supermare, who was surprised at the fact that she almost cummed from that simple hit, she didn't understand why her dick was throbbing like those times she was fucking her brides to impregnate them, her thoughts were interrupted when the imp began fondling her ass and licked her asshole, saying "you have a good ass, you would make a nice addition to my collection, donkey!"

When Supermare turned to resume her attack, the imp shouted her to stay in place, and inexplicably for her, she froze again, feeling her pussy moisten at the thought of obeying him, the imp then ordered her to kneel, but she refused, so he swatted her ass gain with the riding crop, making her squeal and weakening her legs so she fell to the ground, eyaculating when her dick touched the ground.

The imp congratulated her "You're quite obedient, aren't you? That's good, donkey!", Supermare blushed and tears started to leak from her eyes as she started sobbing, "Ah! This is so nice to see, donkey! You thought you were so high and powerful, but you made a mistake, you fucked my property, and no one messes with my property..."


Yay ! A lot of excellent pictures :3 Nice scripts and hot action !

Supermare is an interesting character and i love how she's taking good care of your gorgeous Helena ^_^

Thank you again for sharing your art with us !



Do you do commissions? Your art is seriously some of the best stuff on this site!


File: 1496906419437.jpg (353.24 KB, 2409x1812, uOECPeP.jpg)

Those who end in Mareth seldom are the same for too long...


File: 1497129710385.jpg (1.09 MB, 3245x2550, HXBqrj1.jpg)

Other sketch in progress...

Also, is there a discord channel for this site?


File: 1497203862076.jpg (1.18 MB, 3319x2550, 001 (9).jpg)

Another sketch


File: 1497383085907.jpg (848.64 KB, 3303x2550, 001 (21).jpg)

Sayuri will learn the meaning of "cover up your ass" the hard way...


File: 1497442752065.jpg (571.58 KB, 3245x2550, SayuG02-1.jpg)


File: 1497496868739.jpg (774.8 KB, 3245x5315, SayuG02-2.jpg)

Rearranging the page a bit...


It's looking pretty nice, I really love that body build.


File: 1497646226479.jpg (1.09 MB, 3261x2550, 001 (22).jpg)

Tweaking a bit this sketch, I want to make it clear that she's getting her ass completely wrecked by that worm.


File: 1498074538158.jpg (971.72 KB, 3286x2550, 001 (24).jpg)

Site's back, yay! :D


File: 1498353049760.jpg (624.44 KB, 3638x3898, Terys02-3.jpg)

Doodled this one today.

She was a strict yet gentle instructor at the arcane academy, until the time she was kidnapped and gangraped for weeks, after what she became a submissive and servile slut.


File: 1498485252267.jpg (416.06 KB, 4724x3898, Terys02-5.jpg)

Elfslut picture in process...


File: 1498588940171.jpg (575.92 KB, 2550x1688, Sai03-1.jpg)

It's never a good idea to enter a cavern in Mareth, much less if the only clothing available is a couple of stolen loincloths that don't even cover the ass.





Hey, that's a nice idea, dude :D


Any chance of more ear fucking? Love seeing the brain turned to mush like that...


Any chance I could color this?


File: 1498659246471.jpg (541.01 KB, 3602x3898, Gwxu5z4.jpg)

Which one of them you would want to color? I can post references here if needed.

Heh, maybe, something like that was what the sketch sequence with the catgirl was going to.

Did some tweaks on this one.


Sayuri is extremely hot as she is greatly used by this worm ;) and i just adore Helena transformed into an egg sac :3 Can't wait to see Sairia's fate too in this cavern !

Thank you again for your art ^_^


File: 1498885557215.jpg (611.26 KB, 4488x3898, Terys02-B.jpg)

Heheh, I want to do a short comic on her, it's mostly a thing of grabbing the pencil for enough time :P

Did some coloring on this elvish slut, long story made short, she was tricked by someone who gave her a cursed collar that turned her into a fuckslut for a while, after she got rid of the collar, the person that gave it to her is still able to fuck her whenever he wants.


File: 1498885639023.jpg (537.25 KB, 2559x3200, SaiCowC1-01.jpg)

Been doodling a bit more with Sairia's comic.


File: 1498885665508.jpg (506.02 KB, 2443x3200, SaiCowC1-02.jpg)


File: 1498885689068.jpg (504.98 KB, 2559x3280, SaiCowC1-03.jpg)


File: 1498885716858.jpg (483.58 KB, 2415x3280, SaiCowC1-04.jpg)


loving the new character and the art so far


I wanna fuck that boy.<3


File: 1499011372153.jpg (964.22 KB, 5315x3690, Terys02-C.jpg)


Thanks, dude, I like how the pic came out.


Could you post a link to your first thread


File: 1499373967185.jpg (664.47 KB, 2488x3413, Eiji-Tyrana01-1.jpg)

I guess that thread got fragged some time ago, but I think I've posted most of the pictures that I had uploaded that time there, in any case if you're missing a picture here, you can tell me and I'll repost it.


File: 1499711758907.jpg (552.59 KB, 2488x3413, c82AZGA.jpg)

Did a bit more on the comic page.


File: 1499712027741.jpg (618.52 KB, 2550x3319, SaiCowC1-5.jpg)

Seems like the cowslut isn't getting mino-dicked tonight.


File: 1499712377419.jpg (660.93 KB, 2550x3319, SaiCowC1-6.jpg)

The minotaur should have taken the face-burning as a "no", but it seems that he thought she's playing hard to get.


File: 1499712507840.jpg (587.23 KB, 2550x3319, SaiCowC1-7.jpg)

Yep, air combo


File: 1499712633528.jpg (595.34 KB, 2550x3319, SaiCowC1-8.jpg)

And there it goes her top, but looks like she just found a replacement.


File: 1499780702877.jpg (769.58 KB, 2550x3360, SaiCowC1-P01-2.jpg)

I knew I had to begin the comic from the actual first page, heheh.


File: 1499781074529.jpg (733.41 KB, 2550x3360, SaiCowC1-P02-2.jpg)

Yep, in the second page, they were burnt into ashes :V


oh! That's a great premise for the story :D

maybe all "vaporised" opponents get sent to that dimension :D


File: 1499948965072.jpg (634.66 KB, 2657x3461, SaiCowC1-P01-6.jpg)

Heheheh, yep, it's mostly that, maybe it doesn't happen to every opponent, but at least these three were sent there.

I tweaked a bit the first two pages.


File: 1499949050683.jpg (535.23 KB, 2657x3461, SaiCowC1-P02-3.jpg)

While their armors remained in the place of their fight...


File: 1499949204717.jpg (721.01 KB, 2657x3461, SaiCowC1-P03-1.JPG)

...They were sent to the other dimension.

I'm still working in this page, I hope to have it finished soon.


File: 1500020746885.jpg (645.95 KB, 2657x3461, SaiCowC1-P03-3.JPG)


...that winged creature and me have the same taste in jokes


File: 1501429234969.jpg (395.51 KB, 1100x794, NightFun1-3.jpg)

WIP, Liz goes slutting and brings her friend Sayuri along.


my kind of ladies


File: 1501481297145.jpg (426.36 KB, 3600x2600, NightFun1-8.jpg)

Liz has a lot of experience as a streetwalker, so she'll try to introduce the naive Sayuri into it, heheh.


How much do I have to pay for them both


File: 1501563476998.jpg (434.39 KB, 3600x2600, NightFun3-1.jpg)


File: 1501602625809.jpg (565.62 KB, 2550x3327, LizP01-1.jpg)

Found a sketch I had scanned some weeks ago and decided to doodle a bit on it, Liz encounters an odd hound.


File: 1501791537981.jpg (471.3 KB, 2598x3543, coJnDfe.jpg)

Added some fills here.


File: 1501858235519.jpg (548.7 KB, 2657x3461, ddK8O1N.jpg)

Page in progress.



Yay ! Awesome work on this page :3 Sairia's face and expressions are greatly made and she's extremely hot and sexy here ^_^

You said recently that you need more practice if i'm correct ?
Sir, your art rocks, be sure of that. And you reached at least one more level ;)

If you still take commissions in the next weeks/months, i take an option.
Thank you again for these pictures.



File: 1502053712551.jpg (624.01 KB, 2657x3461, SaiCowC1-P04-4.JPG)

thanks, I'm doing some comissions on these days so I'll be a bit busy for the time being.

Here's the most finished page.


will we get to see more ear fucking? xD mind fuck...


I drew a thing of your girl Liz.


File: 1502136117861.jpg (584.34 KB, 2550x3303, HeleSayuG1-1.jpg)

I saw the pic, Fractavius, thanks a lot! It reminds me a lot of the Eldrazi I described you the other day we talked. :D

Made a quick mockup of a page with this sketch, but I hope to expand this to a comic.


File: 1502136590711.jpg (614.46 KB, 2657x3461, uuh8Jfo.jpg)

I hope I can doodle something in that line when I complete some other pics I'm doing first, heheh.

For now, I post a sketch for the following page of the comic, the milf might try to appear strong and willful, but the imp simply said "SHUT THE FUCK UP, COW" and rammed his dick in her mouth, now she'll be writhing and trembling while the imp throatrapes her.


File: 1502414372138.jpg (328.74 KB, 1456x1900, T1XPlLY.jpg)

Liz found some hellhounds during her travels.

This one seems specially interested in her ass.


File: 1502414528925.jpg (350.12 KB, 1456x1900, e2ek1qK.jpg)

But this dog knows a bitch when it meets one.


File: 1502414968349.jpg (348.14 KB, 1456x1900, DWbCE1d.jpg)

The bitch recognizes the hound's authority and submits her ass.


great stuff, get going doggo


File: 1502729072665.jpg (962.07 KB, 5023x3000, JS4uxc9.jpg)

Moar cowslut.


File: 1502783131647.jpg (453.43 KB, 3189x2460, HeleDog1-1.jpg)

More doodling, Helena getting her pussy stuffed with dog dick.


File: 1502831188183.jpg (609.11 KB, 1531x3129, 004.jpg)

Slimy slut


File: 1502997071213.jpg (557.39 KB, 2296x1569, Auction1-1.jpg)

Another sketch, sluts ready to be sold in an auction.


File: 1503082823493.jpg (718.19 KB, 1663x2550, 001 (19).jpg)

Folloup to this one.



Nice pictures ^_^ And i'm offering 10 gold coins for the slut on the left as a gift to the crowd firstly, nicely tied up and on display for a good use :3



Gotta say how much I love your anatomy style. Even your sketchiest girls have just the most perfect bodies, keep up the good work. Hope to see even more brain stuff soon


Great work as always, also


my kind of woman!!


I love your artwork!


Your art is excellent!

It's a massive turn on seeing these sluts get used and turned into submissive fuck toys!


File: 1505744548896.jpg (483.78 KB, 2550x3300, 6Z0QMN7.jpg)

Thanks for the feedback, folks, it motivates me to continue :D

Another sketch in the works.


oh those tentacle


File: 1506711273210.jpg (618.54 KB, 3600x2600, b9XX0XP.jpg)

Liz invited Sayuri to go streetwalking, but she also wants to bring Sayuri's girlfriend Helena to have some fun too (and so she can earn more money too)


File: 1506712535318.jpg (331.78 KB, 1233x2011, 001 (45).jpg)

Liz and Sayuri spent a while getting fucked when Helena found them, she wasn't exactly pleased.


File: 1506712738361.jpg (686.9 KB, 2905x2003, 001 (44).jpg)

But before she could do anything, she was reminded of her place.


Oh wow, this entire thread is amazing!

Great artwork Stunticon - I'm loving the brain-eating!

Speaking of which, I did up a brain-eating-vore story a while back that I think you might enjoy: http://frictionbybill dot blogspot dot com/p/story-dzgiths-underdark-diner.html

I would *love* to talk to you about adding some art to that project.




Love this kind of situation ^_^ and Helena's bum is yummy :3

Thank you for these pictures ;)



File: 1507333477344.jpg (814.82 KB, 3600x2600, NF-2-2.jpg)

Liz is a loose slut, she's getting all worked up just freom being groped, while Sayuri who's still new at this is kinda surprised by the other guy's reaction..


Hey mate I saw your stuff on Hentai Foundry I never knew you made gore art here as well, that's kind of a surprise!

I don't judge, but I was actually trying to contact you about making a story on Hentai Foundry, which is something based on your ice mage, nothing so gorey and more pervy. I'd send you a draft when I get it done up.


File: 1508788519895.jpg (380.5 KB, 2550x3300, Kraken1-2.jpg)

Moar krakengrill.


File: 1508788567345.jpg (206.54 KB, 2056x2550, TyraSlut1-1.jpg)

Imperfect Seal.


File: 1508793873544.jpg (471.94 KB, 2550x3300, Liz-Bitch1-1.jpg)

Liz likes to be a good and obedient bitch.



my type of ladies!


File: 1508966100542.jpg (656.88 KB, 4134x2550, TyraSlut2-2.jpg)

Glad to see you like those, heheh, here's another sketch with Tyrana.


File: 1508966468028.jpg (432.21 KB, 2550x3300, Liz-Bitch1-3.jpg)

After barely a couple of days in Mareth, Liz had been creampied several times, one of the imps that fucked her ass even stuck a buttplug there so her ass wouldn't leak the semen.

She hated it at the start, but for some reason, she didn't remove the buttplug...


File: 1508966662080.jpg (424.78 KB, 2550x3300, Liz-Bitch1-2.jpg)

...After two weeks, Liz had fully embraced her new life as an obedient breeding bitch, always in heat and willing to accept any dick that came close to her, her hands were replaced with useless paws and she grew an additional set of tits, not counting the changes to her personality, she went from feisty and bold to submissive and slutty; when a male comes near and shows her his dick, she knows that she must present her ass to be mounted and impregnated.


File: 1509043937763.jpg (845.17 KB, 6142x2550, TyraSlut2-3.jpg)


File: 1509044054959.jpg (493.16 KB, 6142x2550, TyraSlut2-4.jpg)

The perfect seal snuffs her insides out, the imperfect seal turns her into a fuckable woman.

She hates both.



favorite girl


File: 1509343633717.jpg (301.04 KB, 6142x2550, TyraSeals2-1.jpg)

Glad to see you like her, here's more of her.


File: 1509343679117.jpg (289.93 KB, 2550x3300, UraCoCBnd1-1.jpg)

Another one with Uranus the four-armed hybrid.


File: 1509427994483.jpg (328.39 KB, 2550x3300, UraCoCBnd1-2.jpg)

Some tweaks to the sketch.


File: 1509428033095.jpg (407.97 KB, 2550x3300, UraCoCBnd1-3.jpg)

Eventually she got tired.


Yay, about time, Uranus best gurrrl! Hope she has some truly 'guro-channy' fate to look forward to ^^


File: 1509549814499.jpg (307.83 KB, 2550x3311, UraOna1-1.jpg)

How about turning her into a more useful form, such as a pretty onahole?
She retains all of her personality and mind, but as you see, she won't be able to move more than her eyes or head to suck and won't be able to make any sounds past moaning.


File: 1509553590108.jpg (152.76 KB, 2550x3311, LizOna1-1.jpg)

Liz got the onaholification treatment too, contrary to Uranus, she seems to be okay with it.


File: 1509558992955.jpg (612.76 KB, 3543x3543, LizOna1-3.jpg)

Non fuck-nugget version, but still, when the imp is done with her, she'll be an onahole


File: 1509563481299.jpg (677.22 KB, 3543x4134, UraOna1-2.jpg)

Put both together in the same pic.


File: 1509800598875.jpg (871.18 KB, 2550x3300, AnHele2-2.jpg)

Helena thought she could take on this demon by herself.

She found out that she would be taking only load after load of jizz in her womb.


>>19857 and previous
==> Nice pictures and drawings, as usual ^_^ Your heroines are gorgeous and the onaholification treatment is a great idea. Thank you again for sharing ;)



File: 1509956085979.jpg (623.46 KB, 2743x2400, UraOna1-3.jpg)


Glad to see you liked the pictures, dude :D

Here's another one, Liz and Uranus find these off rubber things durign some treasure hunting.


File: 1510252079287.jpg (394.53 KB, 3311x2550, UraOnaHo01-D.jpg)

Yay! The site's back! :D

I'll post the followup of the last sketch I posted, after the girls found the onaholes that resemble them among some loot, Liz decided to tease Uranus a bit about it, by fingering the girl's ass, heheh.


File: 1510252252203.jpg (618.42 KB, 3311x2550, UraOnaHo02-C.jpg)

But it turns out that the onaholes were cursed, and when they detected the sexual energy coming from the two women, the onaholes slipped from their grasp and lunged straight to their faces.


liz reminds me of close kinky friend XD


Well that sure looks interesting. Hope those onaholes have something horrible ins torage for them ^^


File: 1510609237288.jpg (695.36 KB, 1647x2524, 001 (50).jpg)

Helena underestimated these strange shiny black humanoid foes, one jet of black ooze was sprayed from its tits and landed on her bossom...


Really love Helena's fate here ! Please, if you have some more pictures with her, don't hesitate ;)

Nice drawings, and i hope those onaholes have something horrible in storage for the heroines too :3



File: 1510782467506.jpg (355.95 KB, 3780x1535, HeleLatex1-2.jpg)

Thanks, dude, I want to refine a bit more my sketching technique, heheh.

I also want to do some corruption sequences for my other girls too :D


File: 1510855129613.jpg (383.51 KB, 3780x1535, HeleLatex1-3.jpg)


File: 1510882208573.jpg (715.09 KB, 3780x3071, HeleLatex1-5.jpg)

More lore on the latex slime.


File: 1511305352173.jpg (347.46 KB, 3300x2550, MinoKCowSlt1-2.jpg)

Sairia thinks she has to defeat the minotaur before its scent overpowers her in lust.

The Minotaur King just found a new cow for his harem.


File: 1511374408550.jpg (375.68 KB, 2215x957, MinoKCowSlt1-3.jpg)


File: 1511587513767.jpg (526.72 KB, 3300x2550, Uranus4-2.jpg)


File: 1511625152291.jpg (383.15 KB, 3311x2550, UraOnaHo02-D.jpg)

It begins by swallowing them whole.


woohoo, that looks promising, can't wait to see how this continues ^^

Go onaholes, murder them bitches!


please can you do more brain fucking, love it so much. this one was amazing




File: 1512720817680.jpg (449.6 KB, 3827x2550, Mimic1-1.jpg)

Been busy with some stuff, but here's another sketch.


yes! I love mimics so much <3 great work!


File: 1512828017556.jpg (609.94 KB, 5102x3543, 200-2-1.jpg)

Heheh, glad to see you like.

Here's another sketch.


>>20463 booty



Very nice picture :3 Love your great heroines here with Xmas boots, and as always with gorgeous bodies and cute faces. Thank you again for sharing.



I love your art!


File: 1517678314824.jpg (1.11 MB, 5102x3827, 200-2-C.jpg)

Thanks, dude, here's the finished picture.

The girls have to pay the damages caused to a city after they stopped a monster that threatened to destroy it, heheh.


File: 1517678388315.jpg (527.94 KB, 2550x3300, Ladrona1-1.jpg)

Here's another one, this imp is going to learn that not all chests can be looted, heheh.


File: 1517678494452.jpg (658.83 KB, 2550x3300, Ladrona1-2.jpg)

When she opens the chest, she's puzzled to what she finds inside, an onahole.

A detail that I liked when drawing her is that she doesn't mind going half naked.


File: 1517678601704.jpg (661.72 KB, 2550x3300, Ladrona1-3.jpg)

After several squelching, sloshing and some crunching noises later, the chest goes back to its disguise, and then its owner appears, another imp, who's more than pleased with his new toy.

Femimp will have to be an onahole for a long time...


File: 1517678940230.jpg (550.23 KB, 8333x2000, Lag1-1.jpg)

This is not exactly a mimic, but the result is the same, she let her guard down for a second, and the next thing she knows is that she's become worm-chow.


File: 1517679008977.jpg (601.44 KB, 3300x2953, Before-after1-6.jpg)



File: 1517679043533.jpg (521.38 KB, 3300x2953, Before-after1-7.jpg)



File: 1517720251487.jpg (890.74 KB, 3543x3118, NewYSluts1-A.jpg)

After the girls were caught, they are properly trained by their captors.


File: 1517720335600.jpg (617.76 KB, 4529x3500, NewYSluts2-9.jpg)

And now they all serve a new purpose.



my kind of catch


File: 1518785144755.jpg (213.29 KB, 1500x1800, Teacher1-1.jpg)

Terys giving out lessons...


File: 1518785191012.jpg (535.85 KB, 1500x1800, Teacher1-4.jpg)

...But her students were interested in other stuff...


File: 1518785239871.jpg (228.12 KB, 1500x1800, Teacher1-2.jpg)

...And then she was taught her proper place.


File: 1519652173139.jpg (698.93 KB, 2650x3300, ZorraKuro1-B.jpg)

A comission I finished recently.



Nice one :3 Thank you for sharing your art ;)


File: 1527554582567.jpg (806.14 KB, 2550x3300, Eiji-Liz01-1.jpg)

More sketchs


File: 1527554618511.jpg (565.26 KB, 2550x3300, Eiji-Liz02-1.jpg)


File: 1527554676829.jpg (667.15 KB, 2550x3300, Eiji-Liz03-1.jpg)

Mmm, I guess his hips came out kinda wide in those sketchs, I'll fix that later...


File: 1527613399652.jpg (512.71 KB, 3300x2550, Androgyn1-1.jpg)


File: 1527684475183.jpg (763.85 KB, 3300x2550, Androgyn1-2.jpg)


Heyyy, you're back, great to see you with more stuff here!~


File: 1527919200536.jpg (565.31 KB, 2550x3300, BlackCat2-2.jpg)

Thanks, dude :D

Here's a bit of Marvel's Black Cat, that white-haired hero who has the hots for a certain wall-crawler.


Hey does Stunticon have any other places where he posts his artwork? I mean all of his art? Because the site keeps going down and I like his stuff, but if he posts new things and the site goes down, is there some kind of place to go to find it besides here?


Ay, welcome back!


Holy fuck this thread is a goldmine! Im hoping you return to it someday.

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