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Image 1 of ?

This will get gruesome.

(Not done anything manga'ish in style or guro for that matter. So bear with me as I learn as I go along.)


looks great so far, looking forward to more :D


I like your style. Guro is an aditional characteristic that is highly appreciated. But I would not mind if this picture turned out to be a vore or just a tentacle rape.

I really like the way you draw the body and you did an amazing job with her expression. Both the more important things to me.

I hope to see some more pieces when you get the time to share them.



If you are going to be an artist you will need a name.


File: 1430176908071.jpg (436.62 KB, 2400x2000, Redblob2wip.jpg)

Thanks for the Comments! Criticism strongly encouraged, Please!

Hmm, Why don't you give me one? :D

WIP for Frame 2 of ? (though I'd Show this as I didn't get as much time as I wanted.)


Loving where that's going. The expression on her face is great.


Already a sketch?? amazing. The art of naming is hard. But soon will give some names for you to choose!


File: 1430430457667.jpg (610.57 KB, 1980x1276, Redblob3.jpg)

I got impatient and skipped to the last frame. I should stick to 1 or 2 frames in the future... lol

I have a second piece in mind but after that I'm up for some requests in a similar category to this.


This is awesome. I love heavy gore, and there can never be enough of it.


love it ! would really like to see more like it, maybe some slicing^^ the detail you put in it with the guts is amazing


Can we get a girl getting impaled throe ass all the way to mouth with a monster tentacle dick?
If i can request a specific girl it would be Neferpitou from HunterXHunter. :D Pretty please ~^_^~


I'll have a try.

Thanks all for the comments. Though seriously. Id love some serious criticism!


Thanks for the positive comments all. However I'd love some serious critique!

I'll have a looksie. :)


Ok criticism.
You got a bit lazy or hasty. if you look at first image its line-art is more round and detailed ignoring the 2nd image and going to 3 the quantity of details remain the same but the details them-self are a bit hmm... lower quality? Its hard to explain its like you wished to make very detailed image but got hasty with the finish.
There is not much i can point out. But for sure you should clean up the lineart a bit the not erased lines stand out in the 1st image.
But its all a bit pushed criticism your art look quit good. Maybe its just your style. :)


God dam it. I thought my phone had eaten the first post.

Thank you this is all very helpful.


File: 1430522982638.jpg (283.04 KB, 1153x1780, Neferpitou.jpg)

WIP for ya ;)

For a character I know literally nothing about I'm quite enjoying her... in my own kind of way.


Also, don't worry there will be a Tail. I have just forgotten it so far XD


Yey! It look nice. But just the pants look a bit strange on the wip. xD Hmm look at this
Its a nice reference for the "pants" . Plus that way you can shove "more" of her. But of course if the wip is to your liking its good for me to. And for a WiP it look very good. :) Cant wait for full version.
And im happy you like her! There is just not enough love for her and there is just something very sexy for me in how she look. (and in the anime she die in a Very GORE way you may like to look that up :) )


>>4218 Its Christmas !
If you finish this and if you take commissions that are cheap (im out of job right now) i may request her spitroasted. :D



Hey you really did it!!!! Fuck this looks amazing!
thank you thank you thank you. I'm soooooo happy.

Tentacle and death are the best mix, and you added some decapitation and impale, all my favorites. I haven't come out with a propper artist name for you i'm sory. But if you continue to do this fantastic work i'll put you in my list of top guro artists.

I disagree with the other guy, i really like the line art, it adds character to your art.



Just a suggestion, i find very interesting when the characters have names and the artist put those very same character in different situations, in that way you can make histories with no text. i find that very cool.

Take the blue hair girl, you could name her jessy or something and do fun stuff with her, sometimes she survivel, other whe won't.

Its just a suggestion and i would like to know you oppinion.


You could have the same name as her. It would be fun i gess.


File: 1430607676576.jpg (710.08 KB, 1145x1780, Neferpitou2.jpg)

I'd rather not take commissions, I feel it might take the enjoyment out of it.
Give me a bit of detail about what you'd like and I take it on if I like the sound of it.

Same goes for anyone else who might be interested in anything else.


Its an interesting Artistic trope to explore. however I think I would enjoy the variety in other characters more. Ill consider it as a side project. ;)

Also its cool to see people enjoying what I put out. Thank you.


WoW it look great( still you forgot the tail xD )! Must save in the event of site going down again...

Also i was going to ask abut a commission of the same character but in this situation I imagined her being catch by a hunter, tied then a metal pole thrust thru her and her being spitroasted for him to eat.

I dont expect you to do a comics of it but the last scene with her ass in a nice view would be sweet (maybe with the hunter already take one leg for a bite). I will not ask for anything more of you! But i already saved this thread to my favorites!!! Love you and im all HYPE for more!


Ass to mouth looks great!! Maybe another f Orchid from Killer Instinct 2?


aww FUCK! lol.

Ill Fix it tomorrow...


File: 1430655280560.jpg (727.14 KB, 1145x1780, Neferpitou3.jpg)

Tweaked the eyes a bit and added the twice forgotten tail!


Can I request nurse Joy from pokemon brutally ravaged by a tentacle monster? I'll leave the details up to you.


Request/idea: My favorite loli Roll from megaman ref: all broken, striped and dead forced to do a blowjob.


Hello there. I agree with >>4212. Most of it is smooth, but you tend to use more lines when it comes to limps, which shows as little splinters here and there. Just cleaning those up will make your drawings a lot better. Otherwise, play around with varying thickness of your lines when doing line art, if you are going for the manga style. Know where your light is coming from and use thicker lines around areas where the shadows would be. This will help pop up your drawings more.

Otherwise, I like the end scenario in you tentacle pic. Keep practicing :-)


File: 1430954794761.jpg (399.14 KB, 800x1333, fbjstrip.jpg)

Ill play around with some ideas, however the scene doesn't immediately pique interest, so no promises. :)

I do like that character. Can you describe the scene to me?

Same category as my fist reply, I struggle to get any investment in that character visually and I have never watched Pokemon.
A character I can invest in, either as a visual/persona of an existing one or one of my creation is an important part of my thought process.
(I apologies for my prissy 'artist' mini rant. I realize I'm not that good, its just an important thing for me and I figured I'd be honest in explaining my reasoning)

Loli is not something I am willing to draw sorry.

Thank you for the specifics. My creation process is slow and I only have a certain window of interest in an image before it will reach a point of not return, lol. As I get faster I can fit better quality into that window hopefully! The things you have pointed out I will pay attention to however. ;)

Now, onto what I'm working on. WIP of course, when its finished I shall post it in a higher resolution with the last frame/s (from the little you have seen from me already I'm sure you can see where this is going).

Again some critique on my structuring of the comic and anything else will be very much appreciated.


File: 1431039400145.jpg (1.2 MB, 1400x2521, fbjstrip.jpg)

I felt it need an aftermath frame, so... more to come!


I feel like this could use another panel depicting her head bursting between the third and fourth panels. As it is, the flow seems strange going from the giant holding her to having crushed her, with no "crushing" stage.

Loving the art, though. The little detail of her spine showing in the last panel is really nice.


I think so to, shall work on adding it. Thanks for pointing that out.


File: 1431472378765.jpg (1.69 MB, 2233x4099, fbjcomicstrip.jpg)

Put about as much as I can muster into this one. After the first panel it got rather to clustered, next time I think I should plan the entire page in advance :D.


Also I still don't have a name!


Looking really good!

You have some HentayFoundry or Pixiv account?


Its nice. For my liking the light is a bit unneeded at the last panel. And your intestines look like spaghetti (you could make them a bit bigger and less of them xD )
Beside that its all good.

Maybe next one will have some more pussy and necro play? :D
(im the guy same guys >>4229 )


Your improvement is so consistent it's scary. Keep up the good work OP!

Also yeah, composition and such are incredibly important once you start going to these paneled images and even just for sequenced CG sets. Even if your plan changes drastically once you start drawing, just having one and an idea of what each panel will look like goes immensely far. I don't suppose it works the same for everyone, but if you find yourself losing interest in your work, knowing exactly what needs to be done and where helped me stay on and get over the hump, so to speak.


Loving your artwork so far, the last sequence was amazing. I'd like to make a suggestion for a future series: Miranda from mass effect, caught in a krogan/rachni ambush *and I leave the details to you* or perhaps Sonya from mortal kombat, getting executed with a brutal fatality.


That Miranda Idea definitely gets my interest!


I imagine it will plateau soon enough! Thank you though.

Questions to the artists here. What rates would you expect for this kind of work?


In a comic page, consider each panel a full picture and charge accordingly. For example, if a page has a panel of two characters, three headshot panels, and maybe a medium, then charge what you would for two characters, three portraits, and a medium shot.

I recommend adding a page discount on top of that (25% or so), but if you feel extremely unmotivated to finish a project, you've probably charged too little. I learned this while I was taking $10 per page once.


DUDE i loved the posing of the last panel, it is the best part for me. Losing interest in pieces is quite normal so do not worry too much about it.

So far you draw some of my favorite fetish, tentacle with guro, body disposal and oral sex. Amazing, i wish i could draw this good to make some one else so happy as i am right now.

Now about the name, it is really hard to come out with one out of the blue like that. Lets make one together what are your motivations?


so your suggestion is 'out of the blue'?


Hey i got one idea! Why not one big panel with all those characters and just make it one big Necr-gangbang party? :D From the cat girl to the mass effect gal. Well i know its a lot of work but it sound like much fun XD



Out of the blue is a nyce idea, maybe an anagram with those words.


>>4400 is unreal.. I think you have done a marvelous job.. I hope you continue on this type of "monsters destroying babes"'s perfect. I gotta hand it to you, if we could get more of these same types of comics with several images in one and you started a series I'd gladly pay to support this :D


also I think that same Giant dude in >>4400 could destroy another babe from behind as he strangles her to death eventually popping her head off.. ahahha would be epic.. or for some truly dark stuff he could take her from behind and drowns her in a barrel or lake .. yea I'm into some dark stuff but it seems everyone else is here too! anywho food for thought if you are into that type of thing?


Thanks for the name suggestions. But I think I'll just take the name of the thread. At least its obvious what I'm about then ;).

Thank you for the positive comments! I'm not going to be able to be in front of my tablet for a few weeks but if you want to send me an email (any of you) to discuss some ideas for a commission ill be able to talk about it. Email is in the email field.


Are you still there? :)


I was hoping I could score your email monster prey so we can further discuss ideas and commission


I hope you still wish to continue this !


File: 1435340668231.jpg (253.55 KB, 935x1017, fih3.jpg)


Yes I'm here! - I had an outlook one but that got blocked immediately for some reason...

Working on something for you guys ATM, hopefully done in the next few days.

Small sample in image.



Oops, maybe not so "small" XD



It is glad to know you are still active. I can't wait to see what happens to this fair lady.



File: 1435360187472.jpg (1.24 MB, 1600x971, fih3.jpg)

Finished earlier than I thought.

When an unstoppable penetrating force meets the end of the lower abdominal cavity, something had to give way. ;)


woah..she got messed up..whatever that thing is..can it please not be done with her? ahahha I mean other than the fact that she's been ripped in half.. the monster could squash her top half with it's limbs or or fists whateve rit has? or just stomp on the rest of her if it has feet if not roll over her cause whatever this thing is could be monstrous!


I have been having ideas for a series I might produce. Let me know what you think.

>Dystopian future/cyberpunk theme where cybernetics are prevalent. Law enforcement consists of mostly private security firms with the only common law handled by bounty hunters operating from a government run bounty system.

>For unknown reasons (because fuck a scientific explanation, this is fetish porn) cybernetics fail/get rejected by the body or cause extreme mental issues in the overwhelming proportion of the male populous. Only one in a million are successful.
>This means the majority of soldiers, bounty hunters, gang muscle, etcetera, are cybernetically enhanced females.
>Our male protagonist (more of an anti hero) is a serial 'cop' killer. And I shall detail his encounters with the (perhaps overconfident) female cyber enhanced bounty hunters and PMCs that come after him.


Sound interesting and if i may suggest the female cops could be a characters from games/mangas/comics that you chose. That way you can satisfy our need for "my favorite character getting riped to pieces" I would like to see more of that cat girl or other girls with a tail (my fetish)!



It won't be an exclusive avenue for everything I produce. I will make art outside the 'series' that can cater to everything else. I'd prefer if the series stayed internally consistent.


Well that was just my opinion. I just think that killing of random characters that we have no emotional attachment to is less exciting then killing characters we know and care about. If you create a series you should think of making at last two or three panel introduction of the female victims, if you jump into something like >>4400 we wont care much if the girl die or not, it will be just another body on a pile of "mehh". The best guro comics are made with a bit of a story behind the victim and killer if the victim is just a random person that we see in 3/4 panels getting murdered right of the bat,you must have very unique and detailed style to make it interesting. And as much as i like your works, your style isn't as good or unique to keep random gurochan visitor interested for more then one viewing. So i know i sound as an ass but you asked for a opinion and thats my. If you feel like committing time to the series in it guro and nonguro part go for it if its gonna be another of the artist "project" that take 1 month to produce one low-quality image, save yourself time and draw something random.



You are not coming across as an ass. It's just your cut an dry opinion and I appreciate that. I apologise for shooting down your suggestion so immediately because you are absolutely right. you captured the idea of what I want to go for with Set up art and background for characters. I'm basically a gore hound that's what interests me most but I appreciate a lot of people want that initial investment first, that's what I want to achieve, hopefully I will. But as you have correctly pointed out and I have said it myself in this thread. I'm not that good. We can see how it turns out. :)


Did... did he crush his own dick?

(Apart from that: great work and thanks for contributing.)


File: 1437420814654.jpg (286.02 KB, 1500x1499, Lucinaimpaled.jpg)

Hah! No, Its Down her throat XD.

Attached: A distraction from a commission I'm working on also a part of the Smash Girls project.


The way your art improved is fantastic. As aways the expression is flawlless.

Thank you!


File: 1438007015845.jpg (955.5 KB, 800x800, samustile-.jpg)

Another for the Smash Girls project.


What is smash girls?


See >>5441


File: 1438817907163.jpg (740.77 KB, 1920x2070, Ogre.jpg)

An ogre inspects a new potential cock sleeve.


woah... that's hardcore. good job man I dig it.


woah... that's hardcore. good job man I dig it.


woah... that's hardcore. good job man I dig it.


woah... that's hardcore. good job man I dig it.


Keep doing elves. PLEASE!!!!!


I hope you're still around, your work is amazing.


File: 1445374717564.jpg (287.8 KB, 621x1523, SL.jpg)

I went into lurk mode. Decided to do some more however!

Have another two images in this sequence to post when they are finished. Only going to go for spot color on these.


Glad you're still around!


File: 1446940165186.jpg (395.33 KB, 912x1600, SLS.jpg)


File: 1446940204675.jpg (1.03 MB, 1898x1889, SLF.jpg)




Monster, thank you for sharing. I really liked that new character. Thank you for showing aggaim. I missed you very much!


Bump. Haven't seen this artist post in a while. Are you still active? Do you do commissions?


File: 1449280791858.jpg (95.78 KB, 1000x1000, blankfig.jpg)

Tried it, commissions didn't work out. I'd rather stick to fulfilling requests that gain my interest. Sorry.

However, maybe this is your chance? (open to all)
See attached. I'm attempting to further stylize anatomy and posing in my figures. I would like for you guys to suggest a character this could be, and perhaps more importantly what happens to them!? Please try to propose a character that will fit aesthetically with the body type in the fig sketch I have got so far.

Thank you Ykvr, your continued enthusiasm every time I post is inspiring.



Sempai noticed me!! hehe

But thank you, since i'm too poor to support the artists with monney i support them with all i have.


File: 1449326720437.png (265.76 KB, 317x905, Narika.png)

*people might hate me for doing this again buuut maybe Narika Shina from Conception 2? She has, I believe on first glance, maybe the fit on your model? And, of course, being tentacle raped/torn to pieces. To imagine, say, like the first image set you made - titillating mind you. And thanks if you do notice this <3


lol, no problem. i just want to see more work of yours. I second the post above me - but include eyesocket penetration. That's the best.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Just somestuff of Mrs. Blank Figure.
Brainstorming or brainlessness, maybe? The convulsions and loss of intelligence, reason, and all that stuff get to me.


Fuck, I'm really bad at this system.
Is there a way to delete posts?


Check the box at the left of the post header and use the delete button at the lower left of the whole page -- there's an autogenerated password there that will work as long as you haven't cleared cookies or changed your IP address since posting.

Consider adding a password that you actually know when posting.

Then read the rest of the FAQ.


Just out of curiousity, how did this happen? What did you do?
I always get redirected to the main page after posting, so I don't know.


I've multiposted before. There's no hard cooldown on posting, and the mobile site bugs out sometimes in chrome and sends a new post every time you hit submit without reloading the page or showing any sign of posting.


bump in the hopes he comes back


Same here. Still hoping eh.


Working on something. going to start a new thread. This one got a little messy!


Can't wait to see


Awesome◑v◐greeting from China,can't wait for see more.


Ohhhh you make me so giddy!!


Did he disappear again? D:


Anyone know what happened to this guy?


File: 1456967497038.jpg (1.12 MB, 1500x1625, wvc.jpg)


Apologies for my transient nature. WIP of part 1 of 3/4. I think I have set a fairly clear standard for how this goes. So... you know whats going to happen next.



Holy shit, welcome back. It's nice to know you're still working, at any pace that may be.



He lives! Welcome back!
Really excited to see more of your work.


So happy you're still posting, welcome back.


File: 1458174260526.jpg (620.19 KB, 1500x1500, wvc2.jpg)

Slow as fuck unfortunately.


Next "page" I Think I might tie these together as a sketchy comic page when I have the rest of it done.


File: 1465087409592.jpg (574.1 KB, 775x2000, nomercy.jpg)



Awesome, nice job.


Goddamn fantastic
Would love to see it coloured


Oh my freaking god!! Your return makes me happy


Sweet! Thought you were gone for good...glad to see Overwatch's inspiration for hentai artists has trickled down to guro as well lol


Good work fam. You're by far my favorite artist on year.


nice job


I wanna see winston rape widowmaker


File: 1465418663739.jpg (724.68 KB, 1200x1338, se.jpg)

Oooh! Thanks peeps. I'm fairly transient unfortunately you will have to come to expect sparse and sporadic work.

I'll have a play around with Winston x Widow. No promises.

Anyway. Pic attached. Was just drawing this for myself as practice but, I decided to turn her over to you lot. Taking into account the kind of content you normally see from me, what would you like to see happen to her?


Fall into a trap, and get catch in the middle by a metal door or something and get cut in half. Then someone/something strip her pants and fuck her ass while someone/something strip her top half and fuck her face. :P


>>11550 I think it would be pretty hot xP Just a sexy butt sticking out of bloody door. Who wouldn't fuck it? xD


I gess she should be raped and killed, or the other way arround, by a tentacle monster witch will then play with her broken and dismenberd body


You've clearly put a lot of time and effort into this characters design and shading. I feel it'd be a waste to go for the trap idea, as then the focus be on her as dead flesh rather than her unique aspects. You've done quite a bit of tentacle stuff. As she is an elf, earplay is always appreciated. Lastly, she is a warrior. Something to suggest violence and a fight before the scene drawn would be themetically suitable. Perhaps you can draw her kneeling studded by arrows, with the archer roughly forcing her to give him a blow job by gripping her lovely white hair and ears. Her robes, with the split in the front, would make possible a pose with her legs roughly forced apart lying on her back. A POV picture with her in such a position, with battle damage to her clothes and perhaps her own spear staking her hands to the ground, allowing her foe the use of his own two hands would be particularly evocative. I'll leave the issue of what said hands might be doing to you.


While I do like the above idea, it seems a bit...softcore (only on gurochan could I make this claim, haha).

I second the raped/killed/dismembered/not necessarily in that order idea, though my personal preference would be with a dragon or some other large carnivorous creature.


I like the idea of someone grabbing her from behind and quickly slitting her throat before she even has a chance to resist


Fucking awesome. I don't really know how much my appreciation helps you, but for what it's worth you're up there in my hall of fame for the best guro artists and you being back makes my senses tingle in anticipation. I'm kinda late to the welcome back crowd, but yeah-welcome back, your art is 11/10. I assume you've already gotten busy with >>11544 so I won't suggest anything about that. Here are however some other settings about monsters and pretty girls:

-Rengar or Kha'zix preying on Sona, Ahri or any other league character. Perhaps capturing them and offering to Baron Nashor(where they meet a most unfortunate fate) for gold. Ahh, all the possible ripping and tearing (i'm mentioning this because >>11486 and >>9978 look like ahri/leona and you might be into league)

-I haven't jumped on the overwath hype wagon, but there sure are some really sexy characters in there. Perhaps a mix with the alien vs predator universe.

- And finally, about that earlier idea. >>4423 I'd love to see some Mass Effect themed artwork by you. There's krogan, vorcha, rachni, hell even those giant worms on Tuchanka that could turn Miranda or some asari into lovely cocksleeves.

In any case, I wish the best for you. Cheers.


up up


Nice Work


Good job


up up up


File: 1472487989818.jpg (479.9 KB, 800x1635, gtfe.jpg)


Excellent sketches. It's nice knowing you're still into drawing damsels getting repurposed as monster toys.


Nice to see new stuff! Looks great!
I'm looking forward to see more!


Really awesome pictures, hope you do more.



Are you ever planning on making a complete version of this?




Great new works, welcome back ^_^


File: 1479862624185.jpg (188.56 KB, 565x778, nsns.jpg)

Bloop, repost form the "drawthead".


Is this a repost? For me it seems new and i like it


I'm so happy that you were the one that took my request from the draw thread! Thank you so much!!


Your welcome, Just realised you requested her from me before in this thread XD


Yeah but it was worth the wait!


You never posted your Charlotte work here and it's one of the better ones I've seen in the Drawthread. Anyway, bumping you.


What charlote?
Where is it posted please?


There's a thread here called Drawthread. >>15231 if it works


Bump, also do you still take commissions?


No, But ill do requests if I like the idea. I've been having a craving to draw some more guro recently so go ahead.


well the only ideas I have revolve mostly on a single character, Charlotte, and I kinda feel bad if I just milk you on requests. The one you did earlier was just so damn good.
But well if you'd still want to have a go, I was thinking like split in half or post beheading with the both head and body used as cum dumps.
So uh that's what I have. Really, thank you that you've been giving me this chance to share some ideas and giving life to it. Everybody just seems to hate the character somehow when she isn't.
Sorry got carried away haha.

Thanks again Monsterprey <3


What about zelda or samus?


Sounds good to me. Drawing some non gurochan related stuff at the moment. So probably a week or so before I get around to starting it.


Oh thank you! Your work is always worth the wait!


So ive noticed that you like to request guro of Charlotte a lot here. Do you just really hate her? Or is it because you really like her lol. Just curious


Like lol. However I'm the only named account here (I think) repeatedly requesting a character. You'll notice a few anons with the same patterns for requesting characters too haha.
I'm just really pleased when lesser liked/known characters get a spotlight in guro or just the spotlight in general. Like in Fire Emblem it's always Camilla or Lucina - and FE is ripe for guro ideas. Of course there are other games or animes or whathaveyou.
I'd go to lengths to discuss with you but this is Monster Prey's thread and I'd rather not flood it :D


saw these requests here. im curious if you ever did those?






forced stripping and a rape.

Fuck yeah!


How i wish Monster Prey returned to us. I miss this thread very much!!!


me too man. me too.


Your works are perfect. I wish i could see more of them


hopefully we can get some new artwork soon


Bump! I have been waiting for Monster Prey for a long time :(



not see anything new




Does Monster Prey have a pivix or deviant art?

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