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Image 1 of ?

This will get gruesome.

(Not done anything manga'ish in style or guro for that matter. So bear with me as I learn as I go along.)
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nice job


I wanna see winston rape widowmaker


File: 1465418663739.jpg (724.68 KB, 1200x1338, se.jpg)

Oooh! Thanks peeps. I'm fairly transient unfortunately you will have to come to expect sparse and sporadic work.

I'll have a play around with Winston x Widow. No promises.

Anyway. Pic attached. Was just drawing this for myself as practice but, I decided to turn her over to you lot. Taking into account the kind of content you normally see from me, what would you like to see happen to her?


Fall into a trap, and get catch in the middle by a metal door or something and get cut in half. Then someone/something strip her pants and fuck her ass while someone/something strip her top half and fuck her face. :P


>>11550 I think it would be pretty hot xP Just a sexy butt sticking out of bloody door. Who wouldn't fuck it? xD


I gess she should be raped and killed, or the other way arround, by a tentacle monster witch will then play with her broken and dismenberd body


You've clearly put a lot of time and effort into this characters design and shading. I feel it'd be a waste to go for the trap idea, as then the focus be on her as dead flesh rather than her unique aspects. You've done quite a bit of tentacle stuff. As she is an elf, earplay is always appreciated. Lastly, she is a warrior. Something to suggest violence and a fight before the scene drawn would be themetically suitable. Perhaps you can draw her kneeling studded by arrows, with the archer roughly forcing her to give him a blow job by gripping her lovely white hair and ears. Her robes, with the split in the front, would make possible a pose with her legs roughly forced apart lying on her back. A POV picture with her in such a position, with battle damage to her clothes and perhaps her own spear staking her hands to the ground, allowing her foe the use of his own two hands would be particularly evocative. I'll leave the issue of what said hands might be doing to you.


While I do like the above idea, it seems a bit...softcore (only on gurochan could I make this claim, haha).

I second the raped/killed/dismembered/not necessarily in that order idea, though my personal preference would be with a dragon or some other large carnivorous creature.


I like the idea of someone grabbing her from behind and quickly slitting her throat before she even has a chance to resist


Fucking awesome. I don't really know how much my appreciation helps you, but for what it's worth you're up there in my hall of fame for the best guro artists and you being back makes my senses tingle in anticipation. I'm kinda late to the welcome back crowd, but yeah-welcome back, your art is 11/10. I assume you've already gotten busy with >>11544 so I won't suggest anything about that. Here are however some other settings about monsters and pretty girls:

-Rengar or Kha'zix preying on Sona, Ahri or any other league character. Perhaps capturing them and offering to Baron Nashor(where they meet a most unfortunate fate) for gold. Ahh, all the possible ripping and tearing (i'm mentioning this because >>11486 and >>9978 look like ahri/leona and you might be into league)

-I haven't jumped on the overwath hype wagon, but there sure are some really sexy characters in there. Perhaps a mix with the alien vs predator universe.

- And finally, about that earlier idea. >>4423 I'd love to see some Mass Effect themed artwork by you. There's krogan, vorcha, rachni, hell even those giant worms on Tuchanka that could turn Miranda or some asari into lovely cocksleeves.

In any case, I wish the best for you. Cheers.


up up


Nice Work


Good job


up up up


File: 1472487989818.jpg (479.9 KB, 800x1635, gtfe.jpg)


Excellent sketches. It's nice knowing you're still into drawing damsels getting repurposed as monster toys.


Nice to see new stuff! Looks great!
I'm looking forward to see more!


Really awesome pictures, hope you do more.



Are you ever planning on making a complete version of this?




Great new works, welcome back ^_^


File: 1479862624185.jpg (188.56 KB, 565x778, nsns.jpg)

Bloop, repost form the "drawthead".


Is this a repost? For me it seems new and i like it


I'm so happy that you were the one that took my request from the draw thread! Thank you so much!!


Your welcome, Just realised you requested her from me before in this thread XD


Yeah but it was worth the wait!


You never posted your Charlotte work here and it's one of the better ones I've seen in the Drawthread. Anyway, bumping you.


What charlote?
Where is it posted please?


There's a thread here called Drawthread. >>15231 if it works


Bump, also do you still take commissions?


No, But ill do requests if I like the idea. I've been having a craving to draw some more guro recently so go ahead.


well the only ideas I have revolve mostly on a single character, Charlotte, and I kinda feel bad if I just milk you on requests. The one you did earlier was just so damn good.
But well if you'd still want to have a go, I was thinking like split in half or post beheading with the both head and body used as cum dumps.
So uh that's what I have. Really, thank you that you've been giving me this chance to share some ideas and giving life to it. Everybody just seems to hate the character somehow when she isn't.
Sorry got carried away haha.

Thanks again Monsterprey <3


What about zelda or samus?


Sounds good to me. Drawing some non gurochan related stuff at the moment. So probably a week or so before I get around to starting it.


Oh thank you! Your work is always worth the wait!


So ive noticed that you like to request guro of Charlotte a lot here. Do you just really hate her? Or is it because you really like her lol. Just curious


Like lol. However I'm the only named account here (I think) repeatedly requesting a character. You'll notice a few anons with the same patterns for requesting characters too haha.
I'm just really pleased when lesser liked/known characters get a spotlight in guro or just the spotlight in general. Like in Fire Emblem it's always Camilla or Lucina - and FE is ripe for guro ideas. Of course there are other games or animes or whathaveyou.
I'd go to lengths to discuss with you but this is Monster Prey's thread and I'd rather not flood it :D


saw these requests here. im curious if you ever did those?






forced stripping and a rape.

Fuck yeah!


How i wish Monster Prey returned to us. I miss this thread very much!!!


me too man. me too.


Your works are perfect. I wish i could see more of them


hopefully we can get some new artwork soon


Bump! I have been waiting for Monster Prey for a long time :(



not see anything new




Does Monster Prey have a pivix or deviant art?

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