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Hello, I'll start this thread by apologizing if this isn't the right section for this.

Since I've noticed a lack of guro art I've decided to commission some works myself, the purpose is to share them to most people possible hoping that they might like them, let's start with this one made by Snipermare25 (, his commission status is always open so contact him if you want a commission for yourself

Also i am open on discussing possible victims and scenarios for my next commissions, just know that my main fetish is Necrophilia, you can discuss here or add me on Discord:



File: 1585019499022.png (2.38 MB, 1723x1510, 15_final.png)

Snipermare 25 still


File: 1585019554296.jpg (180.43 KB, 1600x1036, 10-1_FINAL.jpg)

Forbidden Hornet version 1


File: 1585019604585.jpg (178.23 KB, 1600x1036, 10-2_FINAL.jpg)

Forbidden Hornet version 2 with no shirt


If you are interested ina skinf Forbidden hornet a commission here's his gurochan thread with all the necessary informations:


File: 1585019717034.jpg (70.75 KB, 400x345, 82492.jpg)

I have still another commission that i will share soon featuring Liru


What other particular characters are you a fan of?



My absolute favorite character is Tamamo-no-mae from the fate series, other characters that i like are usually anime girls with animal ears like kitsunes or nekomimis

Recently i was considering doing something with Ren Yakumo from touhou, ch'en summer skin from arknights or Gunnthrá summer skin from fire emblem


OH OH OH! I hope it will be some nice necro! I love that girl!
What kind of death you gonna go with? Decapitation and shot to death is my own favorit :P


I'd love to see some Ran Yakumo. Ch'en looks cute too.



It will be 2 panels of Liru being necrofucked by an huge werewolf, cause of death is a bite on her neck


File: 1585134546420.jpg (214.12 KB, 1016x1200, 500ac6517aad697578fa36d57d….jpg)

Some more Fate stuff would be cool.

Whatabout Jeanne and Martha's heads spiked on their signature weapons while enemy soldiers have their way with their curvy bodies?


File: 1585348281399.png (1.86 MB, 3045x1905, FUTA_YURI_ONLY_.png)



File: 1585348815604.jpg (266.98 KB, 701x588, Atui.Utawarerumono.full.19….jpg)

Hello everyone I hope you will like my Liru commission, The next one will be my friend's choice since we share costs and we alternate commissions themes, his scenario will be judith from tales of vesperia and atui from Utawarerumono getting necrofucked probably.


I like your idea but right now my commission queue is filled with 2 others already planned, still if you want you can add me on discord and discuss more scenarios as I like getting ideas from other people


That one sounds interesting. I love judith


File: 1586318679182.png (704.51 KB, 1363x756, futa_commission_april.png)



a quick work waiting for the next commission :D, i hope you will like it the victim is USS Bremerton from Azur Lane


Wow I really like this characters look, might sketch em up sometime

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