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I don't know if I should technically be posting this in /fur/, but I wanted to share some recent work. I've always wanted to be a Guro artist, though I obviously have a long way to go. Considering taking requests sometime soon.
also my b if the quality is kind of shitty


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I left a bit out: I don't know if should technically be posting this in /fur/ since I mostly draw furries—


File: 1582514422067.png (890.25 KB, 799x1000, Untitled28.png)

considering on doing a second version of this, it'll probably be human


U are not half bad!
And its /art so you can post furry in here as long as they are your drawings. But if you feel like posting in /fur you can alweys have 2 topics one here one there.

I hope you will draw more sexy corpses ! :D


File: 1582593402922.png (127.74 KB, 799x1000, Untitled28.png)


Thank you!! and I may consider doing that. Also new/finished draw.


File: 1582593557148.png (146.6 KB, 799x1000, Untitled28-1.png)

I hope on getting an art tablet soon so it's easier for me with the larger surface area instead of just ibispaint and my finger.

Anyway here's an alt version of vocaloid name Fukase. I added more damage since he's really pale and it looked a little bland with the same amount of injuries as the previous one

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