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File: 1581876046252.jpg (165.33 KB, 1920x1536, 02_jacqueline_pin_up_by_sa….jpg)


Various artwork done for sarkan299's NanoTek series


File: 1581876156825.jpg (208.46 KB, 1280x1582, ashley_s_new_look___cover_….jpg)


File: 1581876686219.jpg (245.9 KB, 1280x1582, ashley_s_new_look___page_1….jpg)



File: 1581876823333.jpg (264.98 KB, 1280x1582, ashley_s_new_look___page_2….jpg)



File: 1581876974881.jpg (283 KB, 1280x1582, ashley_s_new_look___page_3….jpg)



File: 1581877136279.jpg (314.84 KB, 1280x1582, ashley_s_new_look___page_4….jpg)



I wish her boobs or lower body was left but it was still a great alredy classic comics! :D


File: 1581886985385.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2400, curiosity_killed_the_kate_….jpg)

Curiosity Killed the Kate



File: 1581887030830.jpg (647.72 KB, 1920x2400, curiosity_killed_the_kate_….jpg)



File: 1581887427734.jpg (429.79 KB, 1920x2400, curiosity_killed_the_kate_….jpg)



File: 1581887495203.jpg (423.26 KB, 1920x2400, curiosity_killed_the_kate_….jpg)

Teaser 1


File: 1581888043539.jpg (478.1 KB, 1920x2400, curiosity_killed_the_kate_….jpg)

Teaser 2


File: 1581888172452.jpg (449.72 KB, 1920x2400, curiosity_killed_the_kate_….jpg)

Teaser 3


Whoa, the same artist who does Gnosis College; love that series of works.



Yes it is! Erosarts is an amazing artist!

My commissions from him tend to be a little more "explicit" than for Gnosis College ;)



What's this "Gnosis College" I hear about?


I love it but i just wish they played with the leftovers a bit more in the pic or the story…. :| waste of good ass without even a lick…



Long-running online comic that involves the students of said college getting into perilous situations, typically involving mad science.

"At Gnosis, the reckless, oversexed students are taught by a faculty rich in mad scientists, many of whom regard the students as convenient fodder for their experiments, or, as the case often is, sexperiments."


File: 1582165259111.jpg (296.86 KB, 1920x2400, 09a_kate_pin_up_1_by_sarka….jpg)

Kate Applebee Pin-up 1


File: 1582165422943.jpg (210.68 KB, 1920x1536, 09b_kate_pin_up_2_by_sarka….jpg)

Kate Applebee Pin-up 2


File: 1582167301230.jpg (150.15 KB, 1280x1600, claudia_and_jane___cover_p….jpg)

Claudia and Jane (from "Jane's Promotion):


File: 1582167450997.jpg (264.89 KB, 1600x2667, claudia_pin_up_by_sarkan29….jpg)

Claudia Parker Pin-up


File: 1582249614873.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1520, 10005-2.jpg)

Nanobot Experiment Goes Very Wrong by TheBigBrap



File: 1582350055536.jpg (224.38 KB, 1600x2667, 11_serena_pin_up_by_sarkan….jpg)


College, huh? Would love to see some attractive female athletes caught in some perilous situations. Maybe the cheer or volleyball team.


Hello Sarkan, do you have an email I could contact you on, or do you prefer to be contacted via DA or Reddit?



Shoot me a note on DeviantArt:

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