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File: 1578801035890.png (223.82 KB, 1138x1722, Mospeada Commission AltFat….png)


So I decided to upload fanart Guro–though quite "light" than usual–of dead space crews from Mospeada/Robotech: The New Generation set after the disastrous Second Earth Liberation. Complete with corpses floating among debris.


File: 1578801110090.png (96.46 KB, 874x650, Mospeada Commission Male A….png)

Unfortunate soldiers caught in depressurized sections on starships.


File: 1578801222172.png (70.53 KB, 617x528, Mospeada Hullbreach Scene2.png)

And bridge officers sucked out of hull breach while those "lucky" having to asphyxiate while in the vacuums of space.
P.S.- Due to my rather "sub-par artwork", I am looking for artist that is A. 2d Anime. B. experienced with space-themed.

 No.28616 (Link to the specifications and reply in case anyone is interested.)


File: 1578854270000.jpg (15.34 KB, 320x240, MospeadaReflessRobotechRef….jpg)

Well, I was thinking about a dead bridge bunny floating in space with her panties now exposed.
I did think about few blood coming from her mouth to signify lung rupture.
Inspired by this screenshot and a few from Quake 4 intro.


Fair Enough.
Just that some do commission for Guro.


Yes, mostly for personal use and hobby. Just imagining these drawings in anime-artstyle.



Yeah im kinda busy jizzing for my own… that genre isnt exactly my favorite too

What re you looking to draw again?
Full summary.


Subject being corpses from an aftermath of space battle. Current batches being based on Mospeada, which it doesn't have those scenes but I drew them based on imagination.
Also maybe finding an artist specializing in 2d art and anime-style in case if I want a "refined version" of them.


File: 1578902454091.png (72.07 KB, 1231x642, Mospeada DeadCrews.png)

Also more Mospeada Hullbreach girls.


File: 1578902512895.png (94.71 KB, 1231x740, Mospeada DeadCrews Debris.png)

Along with "accidental strips" due to hullbreach suctions, undone by time, and/or disturbances.


Well, appreciated.
Still wish there is someone with better art skill to “redraw” them.


$10-$30 at least.
But need to see your drawing if you are thinking.


>>28987 for how many things


One character each.
Preferring towards line art or sketch (5-10 dollars) if it is too expensive.
However, I am just looking for artists really. Not asking for commissions yet. I said, only if I had in mind for “refinement”.
I am still indecided.


File: 1579176668724.jpg (101.18 KB, 800x800, Engineered LR.jpg)

I recommend myself, prefer realistic style but I can do mix of anime like face/char (is just simpler to draw and shade) with mix of realistic enviroments. mind that enviroments with lots of debree etc will add complexity to work and price. one char with some extra enviroment details would go about 50 usd in full color and 30 in grey shade. I only accept bitcoin.


File: 1579205735025.jpg (327.41 KB, 1316x930, HaloFemaleSoldierDeadFloat.jpg)

*Sigh* Pass.
I am looking this sort of style, though the artist herself has been inactive.


ehh what u call stye is for me just cutting details. which makes it less work, although looks worse imo. i can emulate it, frankly anybody can, anime is easiest form of drawing, which is why most animations use it.




I want to see a sample of your “anime” art


File: 1579658440603.png (60.93 KB, 812x718, Hullbreach Generic Girl.png)

So posting generic art of hullbreach guro.


File: 1579658474604.png (66.95 KB, 812x718, Hullbreach Generic Girl Gr….png)

And follow up.



You can start by reworking the parts of your drawing


Nah, just sharing two versions of my space death sketch.
Just a generic bridge bunny.


Yeah it seems anime enough.

Cartoon comic.



File: 1581046408961.jpeg (168.12 KB, 600x907, 6EA6FB3A-930B-4526-A2D4-B….jpeg)

I re-edited the first art with not!Marlene with brown hair and headphone along with green undershirt and blue trim (jr. Officer?).

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