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File: 1577929368629.jpg (352.74 KB, 720x450, First Group.jpg)


I'll just put this right here…

Took a brief break from a huge commission I'm working on to make this.


File: 1577961512283.jpg (391.57 KB, 720x450, First Group.jpg)



Can't wait!


Yes! Welcome back!!
Very much looking forwards to this!


Yay! I have two whole fans! XD


i've always like lolis guro but i have a preference for oppai lolis with the extremely large breasts esp with them being spit roasted and eaten which you seem to abhor both. your more into the flat chested and slashed apart coup de gra. which just seem blase to me


There's not a single flat chest in this image…


biggest one there is a c or d cup which is rather small, when you start getting into dd and larger then your talking busty


Dude. Just because I'm not particularly into a thing you are doesn't mean I 'abhor' it. Nor are B and C cups 'flat chested'. Exaggerate much? I get it, I don't draw what you're into.


I for one welcome anything new Eevee related.



Someone's never seen a real human girl


Woohoo! Welcome back EeveE, can't wait to see some new stuff from you!


File: 1578646023429.jpg (2.28 MB, 1890x1238, Prelude01.jpg)

Don't expect more for a bit as I'm finishing up a commission, but here's the fist page to the prelude.


Nice! :D

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