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just beginning 2 sketch. Pls be patient. open 4 feedback X-)


Nice! So far it looks great! I hope it will be snuff ! :3


thanks. i take requests X-D
never drew snuff but always open für new ideas and wishes hehe


Oh. If you take requests how about something like this - Zoe and Annie hxxps:// - executed in some way, like decapitation or hanging. Theirs nude little bodies throw in a pile…

But honestly anything with those two would be great! Just hoping for some cute stupified faces and sexy butts. :]


Do you draw humans only, or also cartoon animals?


File: 1577308786010.png (59.87 KB, 240x240, 987B9800-EA6B-4D93-BACE-3A….png)

Could you do Trudy Proud from The Proud Family dying? Anything would be perfect. Always wanted to see this dumb cunt get her shit kicked in.

Reference pic attached.


Can we get some cock and ball destroying loli up in here? The girls need to fight back!


Oh, just mention that you are taking requests LOL

But this actually looks pretty good
very nice and cute style.

I will not bother with my request because i have no clue what you like
anything you draw that cute will be fine.
also i like when girls enjoy what is happening to them


thanks onix. by the way i luv ur work ! yeah im not that snuff guy…i like it too when the girls have fun and are cock-hungry u know X-D


yeah why not…but i only draw black/white…i luv 2 shade. what type of murder do you prefer ? X-D


always open 4 ideas…what are you thinking about…my little pony ? =) just kidding…tell me


zoe and annie are these little cunts from LOL right ? they are smokin hot. Cause im not that snuff guy…how about the two getting raped in her little butts =D open 4 discussion


First rape than fighting back =D fun. i never tryd 2 sketch ball destroying but ill see what i can do


>>28143 I do prefer snuff but that's ok. We all have our own kinks.

How about at least them being raped while unconscious? So they are nice and limp. :D After they lose theirs fight and got beaten! :3



Since ponies are best girl's friends how about her being fucked by the pony ;) maybe someone from MLP series, not a real one.



Mind doodling her being shot or beheaded?


Would you draw any drownings?


never draw that kind of stuff..what do you have in mind ? X-)


my little pony? why not. Whats ur favourite pony and what kind of girl ? are there any kind of humans in the series ?


I'm just gonna wait for at least one request to be done. No offense but so far it's just talking about lots of different things and nothing more.


I am not asking about specific MLP character just that you can draw pony in simplified MPL style with a cute human girl ;)


where da goods op?

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