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File: 1576998525536.png (1.09 MB, 1255x888, help i need a life.png)


help i need alife


File: 1576998697467.jpg (2.98 MB, 4128x3096, 20190513_140211.jpg)





what the hell r u trying to say


File: 1576998933342.jpg (112.24 KB, 1200x675, 1574959552738.jpg)

trap card


all for content broh >>28064


maybegetoutfromhere??? waste of space 0v0


i need to artdump




what a やろおポタートh


r yu on FBI mostwantd or 。。。え、ちがう 
plsmaybe udont belong here

get a blogger or something easier lel


blame the pickles
and the goats
and the cats lel[[[
cant go wrong




maybejust overdose man also cant go wrongwith that


come on it's ART where's the ART

all i see is fart


need a blueballer

society dont actually evolve that well.
otherwise tis wont be here, none nothing.

nice try potato
use some actual latin or arabic ha


wtf r u on about
r u 5

act like a godddamn educated gentlemen if you are gonna say something even moderately logical


Anulledfrom historical correctness



>>28076 butuh viagra???
mau tahu apa itu viagra??
apa itu viagra???
nak pakai viagra??


actually LEFT BEHIND for minor theft

except if you are jasmine
not a good conversation or even topic>>28061



copy paste life



stop bringing kids here!!!

dat one language dont even doh

feeling holiest yet??


if you withhold for a decade or two maybe something will come down.

welcome to the freakshow.


face it. it's destiny

just like your friends, your beliefs, your environment. your choices, your preferences.




Have some comedy
Respeccc your elder. If they dont want to change anything…then you dont change

Get some sacrifice and burn it all

You know it is a matter of importance. In the end…it s a short one. Get some potato.

And maybe have a life of debt and worthlessness and laugh it off.
It s part of a test. Dying and suffering is all within your capacity.

At the end of they…shake your fist to the sky and realize… you are completely invisible?


What a wrecc



Some things are only affordable in first class flight.

It s not communism.

Sorry but the bus is not waiting


>>28087 pardon me i just wanna finish lust lol


>>28088 you mean finish "last"



>>28089 gimme a brekkk


Empower ur friendssss


These r ur only friends

The rest r too lethal for you


>>28092 got lucky?

Nah cuz i am working hard for it

Even tho dont know what the fuck is "IT" or maybe "IT" doesnt exist…so just flush my life out of me because i am kinda in pain now.

Life is ephemereal anyway so i honestly

Fuck i dont have charisma

Relying on people's piss ass pity because i cannot carry two penny of dignity or even a tune for sake lel

Maybe the whole world can please drop dead for me?

I am abit low on tricks to handle the varieties


>>28093 should i fail it just to let others to prove superior program

Actually they wont let it slip.

And really…yer smol.
Best to beg and even that wont win you potatoes.


I'll post something on topic,
Where is this from? What manga?

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