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File: 1576052863328.png (566.02 KB, 1684x1412, groundbeef1.png)


Is this of interest to anyone? Should I post more?


Hell yea post more


I love this, any plans on boyfriends who make there lovers into livestock?



That sounds like fun :)


Definetly great stuff,please post more :]

Farm more girls together,let's make agriculture great.


File: 1576137908355.png (546.66 KB, 1680x1510, groundbeef2.png)


Agreed! Here is my contribution to Agriculture ;) Part two~


I always wanted to know what happens to non A++++ grade girls because there is never anyone below A+ in any story ;)
And now I know.

Although I also see why she is C grade too.
and also why I rather prefer A+ LOL

By the way, this sort of reminds that accident when a woman was sucked into escalator machinery with pretty much same results


I'm loving it. Do you have a spot where we can see more?


File: 1576220023992.png (528.32 KB, 1158x1562, hobbyfarm1.png)


Haha agreed! 941719-12 wouldn't be worthy of your consumption. She was probably fed to one of those A+ girls you really deserve

What grade do you think this one will get?

>>27936 Here is some more lol You're not missing anything, I'm just making this up as I go along


File: 1576233412178.jpg (2.14 MB, 1375x1466, belen follando chartter.jpg)

His art is great, my God, I love it!

Could I draw my decapitated cat girl in any of her drawings?

I would like to see her at least being a background character with huge pink melons!


I think she is OK for B+ Not enuogh for live spit roasting, but perfect for fresh meat to be butchered live on demand right in the meat shop ;)


Can we get more shredded girls? But less "consent" i wanna see them scared!

I remember the video that this idea was taken from (i think thats the case) like that horse butt that were the last thing to go down xD


File: 1576291556794.png (587.24 KB, 1132x1562, hobbyfarm2.png)

Test time, hope she hangs in there.

Sure she'll fit right in

That sounds like a great show to me :)

Gotta be honest my friend I have no idea how I pulled off the first two :D I'm very much an noob with drawing but im hoping to get better with anatomy and expression so i can pull of that really fearful look you're hoping for.

I'm for sure interested in more fear and more grinders lol I've seen a lot of those kinda videos and have to admit it's one of my favorite ways to die :)


Well i must say you are doing mighty fine for "noob at drawing".


File: 1576295691116.jpg (59.24 KB, 470x335, 1553847919340.jpg)

Wooo!!! Lovely drawings! And if i may try my luck as well - any chance to include this girl? Even if just snuffed somewhere in the background. :3


File: 1576320900023.png (365.37 KB, 1132x1562, hobbyfarm3.png)

What piece are you bidding on?

Thank you, this is fun practice!

I can see her fitting I'll add her to the list:D


I suspect that it is this bunny from Monty Python

So she is already on display
I will take her right leg and Left breast ;)
It will be very interesting to see her face after that. ;)


I bid for the head! Not for meat but for fuck-toy and as a trophy to put on a wall!

I bet that tongue will feel nice even after she is dead! :3


Looks like you guessed right btw ;)


I keep thinking about this comment so get ready for a big wall of text of me just thinking out loud.

I don't think there is any consent in any of these stories/picture. There is for sure blissful ignorance and calm(or enjoyable) acceptance of fate, but I don't know if that should be taken as consent.

I like the "eager/willing to die" and especially the "turned on while dying" concept and some future stories I have planned might touch more on this, but as for everything so far I'd argue has been devoid of consent. I'd be interested to know specifically why you feel otherwise just for my own curiosity.

Here is my reasoning. I don't think any animal, real or fictional, consents to being farmed. But I do think just like real farm animals, my farm fresh girls can't escape their fate as food. However, I don't think it's a fate any of them would willingly choose. The problem is they are just simply not given the choice.


oh thank you very much I am sure that my pink cat loved to be food and happily accepted a very large pair of breasts to eat!


Well why i said it looked like the girl was "consent" is mostly her face expression on the 1st image.
If you give them animalistic intellect then of course it can be explained by ignorance. But even a real cow or horse put in front of scene like this would freak out just from the smell of blood alone.

As you said the fact that the girls looks like they are willing to die give the whole scenario a consensual setting "You wanna kill me? Ok, i wanna die!" - consent.
For it to be difrent the girl even if blissfully unaware of her fate should at least fight for her life at the end when she is make aware of what her fate is.
Sure - she could still be turned on by the proces, but also be terrified of it end result.

But in the end its just my opinion! You can of course like it and draw it as you prefer!

But more as a request i would like to see one girl kicking, screaming and fighting for her survival until some sexy and fatal end. :]

PS >>27937 i LOVE the bodies in the background! Its so nice to see difrent types of girls! From petite and small chested to thick and busty! I do love it when the girls look difrent from each-others! <3


Agreed, probably the biggest breasts ive drawn but it'll be a good challenge

All great points. I can totally see that. I think a struggle for me is expressions in general, so I hope to be able to evolve that skill and put more fear into their faces :)

I think the next story will be better, and also include the request from

I'm glad you appreciated the girls on the rack, which one is you fav tho? I like the curvy one with spots myself.


The smallest one in the middle. 89147 I just ADORE petite girls with pointy small boobies! And she loo like she would be super cute and TIGHT.

Any chance that in the next set you could include some necrophilia? Or examination(like prodding/spreading pussy or mouth) of a dead girl?


File: 1576482634592.png (1.01 MB, 1700x2948, impailed1.png)

Yup I think I can do that

Not exactly what you asked for but about as close as I think it's gonna get


I really wanted to see 54-312-4 meet her end, especially having her brain scooped out!


Don't worry friend I plan to finish her off :) I just need to figure out the perfect ending


Yeah that's what it means A++
stupid sluts are the best ;)
but I think she should stay alive after all. At least for some time.
Just pretend being impaled or gutted using intestines of goat girls ;)


File: 1576557136809.png (164.87 KB, 927x803, lol.png)

well stupid sluts are for sure the biggest teases ;)

I always keep a thumbnail of my previous piece while working, so I can try to keep the characters on model and I laughed when I drew in that knife because it made me realize I made her watch herself die lol


File: 1576564101381.png (341.67 KB, 1358x1494, hobbyfarm4.png)

Part 4 - might be a part 5 ;)

Also a song you guys might enjoy:



My kitty will surely die happy and stupid for transforming into food.
We could even keep his head as a smiling trophy! X3




She got quite a lot of attention, even 3 butchers :)

I suspect that seeing entire butchering process in detail will be a bit too much ;)
but I wonder what will be left of her after all that auction?

probably just upper torso with the head and pile of guts? because her butt cheeks seem to be petty tasty too to be discarded.


Mind if I ask what it takes for a girl to be whole roasted, ether on the spit, grill or in an oven? Like your style and intense but not overly mean spirited worldbuilding, but not really one for meat that goes out before they go over the flames.


somestupidslut seems like a prime candidate for a live(ish) spitroast


Bump. Looking forward to more.


File: 1580460335042.png (196.01 KB, 691x1060, tent.png)

Sorry I have't posted for awhile :(


Well now you are back. :p I just hope you still plan on doing the few requested characters from so long ago. :)


Oh well see it again
You were part of my impulse to be able to publish my drawings to you Thank you very much
  So well I hope my pink kitten is still in her plans

she is dying fliz ciendo food

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