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Hey everyone,
It has been a long time since I've posted anything on here but recently I started drawing guro again for a friend and decided to share this with you.

Constructive criticism is very welcome.


I like it! :)


Nice concept and compositions here. If it is me, I would add a small panel of how her head got cut off.
And on that part zooming penetration, maybe an x-ray view might give a better feeling as we can see the action inside. Practice different stuffs and keep posting, I'll comment from time to time.


Great! You could make others with different bodyparts hooked to computers and being used as sex toys!


Your drawing is technically fine, but speaking about constructive criticism something could be made better:

the detached head should be a bit bigger because of perspective and because it looks better that way ;)
the expression on the head also should match what she is saying
In the fist picture if you say she is nervous it would be better to make her eye look right-up or down to show that she is nervous-shy.
On the second picture, maybe some ahegao expression would be appropriate.

I personally think that free head would look better than head stored in the glass tank, it also needs a bit more attention ;)

The idea is interesting but just one picture is a bit waste of effort if it has no story behind it
so you may consider adding more story to it which will make everything far more enjoyable.


File: 1574804152827.jpeg (694.47 KB, 1440x1033, B5DEB970-6D93-4F31-9B01-D….jpeg)

much like this from kraze’s original



Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. My mentioned friend is a fan of Krazes work, hence the inspiration for my drawing.

I will definetly look into some of the suggestions for future drawings but at the moment I'm quite busy so I probably wont post anytime soon.


File: 1577300183425.jpg (294.38 KB, 2084x1768, Corpsechan_1.jpg)

Here's remotely connected sketches of Corpse-Chan, a character I came up with recently because I was too lazy to draw arms.


File: 1577300210370.jpg (492.02 KB, 2808x1772, Corpsechan_2.jpg)


Awesome I’d like to see more of corpse-chan with her servered head and arms(optional)


File: 1578085116728.jpg (1023.21 KB, 2640x2272, Machinery_1.jpg)

Here's something completely unrelated to the title of this thread.

A sort of hanging / torture machine.


File: 1578085142787.jpg (535.28 KB, 1236x1662, Machinery_2.jpg)


File: 1580495926315.jpg (396.56 KB, 1295x1232, Couple_Colored_Cropped.jpg)

This one was requested, or rather inspired by a request, from a friend.

My thread doesn't seem to get any traction but oh well


More… I finger my clit to this


File: 1584096298467.jpg (39.41 KB, 561x623, Pear.jpg)

We stray further from the original topic of this thread.

The pear of anguish is a supposed medieval torture device. According to Wikipedia "the devices were used either as a gag, to prevent people from speaking, or internally as an instrument of torture, although these accounts have been disputed as implausible."

Whether real or not, here's a demonstration of its usage.

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