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File: 1570314569757.jpg (103.39 KB, 712x1100, breathless-by-m-03.jpg)


I am an artist (illustrator) and an asphyxionado. Combined that results in drawn erotic hanging scenes.


File: 1570314765217.jpg (410.94 KB, 1277x1800, breathless-by-m-01.jpg)

When she was asked to do a photoshoot with some kinky asphyxia cosplay, she never thought that 'going all the way' could turn out to be this taxing…


File: 1570315364750.jpg (518.03 KB, 1200x1764, breathless-by-m-02.jpg)

After she was properly prepped and placed on her knees facing the crowd, she had little time to feel ashamed or frightened. When the wheel of fortune turned up the ace of spades, the trapdoors opened and her intense orgasm began.


File: 1570315501133.jpg (6.48 MB, 4375x5315, xh-scene-11-hanging-utu-00….jpg)

Scythian amazons do not think lightly about fellow amazons fraternizing with males… Utu was tempted and payed the price… her precious braids cut of, hanged by her neck and being used as target practice afterwards…


File: 1570315640436.jpg (6.82 MB, 3661x5079, xh-scene-04a-hanging-utu.jpg)

Utu, a young Russian soldier of an all female batallion during the siege of Berlin in 1945, got herself too far behind enemy lines and was caught by a group of German SS_soldiers and BDM-girls. The group of young Germans were fighting to the death and were not expecting any mercy, so they were not giving any themselves. After they caught the young Russian girl, they looked for the first intact streetsign post and immediately hung her, having some fun with eachother during a break in the fighting…

Drawing made for utugirl, my sweet hanging girl…


File: 1570315802554.jpg (4.39 MB, 3504x5315, xh-scene-02-lena.jpg)

When she encountered _M_ she instantly new that he was the one to own her and to do with her and her body whatever he wanted. She finally found someone to die for…


File: 1570315904990.jpg (6.41 MB, 3660x5125, xh-scene-01.jpg)

Before the girls can join the hanging they need to be properly prepped.
They receive their own barcode tattoo, get the required tagging in their ear(s) and a haircut so their hair wil not interfere with the noose. And they get branded with the mark of their owner. This service was provided by one of the veteran hanging girls, a survivor of at least a dozen hangings.


File: 1570316357923.jpg (7.99 MB, 2586x3752, xh-scene-03-LR.jpg)

Before a hanging party can really start, the soon to be hanged cuties have to be prepped in the right manner. First they have to be undressed, pierced, branded and inked. The veteran hanging girls, these ones have survived at least a dozen hangings, give them a personal tag to show that they truely are their owners lil chokers, and in the case of their demise they can be easily sold to the meat factories. Then they will be cleansed on the inside with a prolonged enema before they get to show their skills on the rope. Fun!


File: 1570316551119.jpg (143.66 KB, 569x800, misc-asphyx-art-ii-1309021….jpg)

The new girl had told them of the games she played before she was send to this boarding school… they were all completely baffled and they wanted to know all about it! So Utu showed them… Linda was the first and the other girls were very aroused as they saw here body got hoisted up… hearing hear moan and gurgle…


File: 1570316630490.jpg (129.25 KB, 562x800, misc-asphyx-art-ii-1238637….jpg)

Ever since Lena mentioned 'breathplay' in the dormitory, Utu wondered what it would feel like… Now they sneaked out into the gym and they were going to do it! Finally she would know…


I love your work!


Ozomashidesu, I know! Thanx for your support! Love your work as well.


Very nice! I think I like the softer pencil look of the first three images more.


Thanx for you reaction!
Glad to hear you like my work.
I get you prefer the softer pencil look. It is a matter of time and energy. The pencilwork takes a lot more time, what often is not available…
But good to know!

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