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File: 1569438694188.png (4.07 MB, 5000x4504, sheva mind fuck.png)


I have some Guro posts but I don't really want to post em on twitter so I'll leave them here along with my other mind fuck posts


File: 1569439001620.png (6.94 MB, 1785x9913, Stip.png)

Poor Claire searching for a way out of the garage attempts to squeeze through a vent but ends up wedging her self inside. Its shitty luck though as a Zombie dog has found its way to the side of the wall Claire's head is…


Your work keeps getting better! I'm eager to see what you have in store for us here.


File: 1569478758857.png (1.03 MB, 2000x2800, sky.png)

Theres not much hentia of sky around but this one seems to resonate with people!
aww thank you :)


gosh I love sky's face of shock


All this stuff is amazing! Though I wonder if you have anything bloody and gorey?


I sure wouldn't mind, but it's his vision.


File: 1569637962039.png (1.89 MB, 2000x3200, sherry mind fuck shade.png)

Sherry is about to test the extent of her regenerative abilities.

>>26985 - So many people like this one! its personally one of my favorites for that same reason

>>26987 - Naw, I dont think I have the skill to pull off gore, and I also just find cum far more appealing then blood LOL! just in case you haven't seen OP, check him out! OP has some amazing gore mind fuck content.


File: 1569696376469.png (3.48 MB, 2455x3543, page 1.png)

Yang had lost the battle with the Gorilla Grim. Before the last blow could be dealt, the grim had imagined a more sinister way for Yang to meet her doom


File: 1569696430458.png (5.74 MB, 3000x5679, page 2 guro.png)

part 2


I love yang face!


Speaking as someone with this particular fetish these are really good! I can't speak for others, but for me the most important aspect for this scenario is the contrast in the face before and after the deed. So showing their live expressions beforehand, shocked/pained during, and empty expressions after really add to the overall impact of the drawing. Again it might be different for others but I feel like you can't go wrong if you draw in this general pattern.


File: 1570958935101.png (2.17 MB, 3960x3246, misako d.png)

Ive been enjoying river city girls! cant you tell?


Oh yes! That's so good! Can we see some necro action with Kyoko too?


The picture is really good, love the necksnap. It's really nice to see that you have improved at drawing different angles.



I love the game as well and I love to see you take on Kyoko.

It's good to see the various different faces she makes during each angle.


File: 1571719846460.png (820.14 KB, 2666x1583, misako d.png)

I really liked this pose, heres a colored version


File: 1571797966210.jpg (3.6 MB, 4160x3120, 15717978203583851061669736….jpg)

I dont know if ill do one for kyoko but we shall see… My love for the game kinda dropped after witnessing the ending.

>>27111 thank you :3


Goddamn this one is absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to animate something almost exactly like this but I'm not a big fan of any Grimm or Yang SFM models. You did a great job with her expressions, it really makes your work stand out for me

These ones are great too, wasn't expecting a necksnap necro piece from you but I love it. Since you aren't too interested in bloody gore it would be great to see you do more necksnaps or maybe even draw a girl being deepthroated to death


I love the way the Kirin piece is coming along so far, especially seeing her get double teamed by the Gajalaka. If I'd ask for anything to change though I'd love to see her chest more on the side to get a better look at her breasts. Keep up the great work!


I'm really happy that i commissioned a situation that you like. Hopefully in the future you can do a scene like this, i only chose Yang because i love the RWBY characters but i feel like this situation can be applied to a lot of media.


Excuse I'm new and was wondering if there could be a Futa on Female mind fucking version either in video or art format characters for futas can be Noel Vermillion and squirrel girl from blazeblue fantasy and 9 the phantom is d 1 dats going to get mind fucked by d two futas I prefer video format though but it's ur choice plus I love ur work😍😍👍👍



You are so good at drawing facial expressions!


File: 1572185945542.png (4.69 MB, 5000x5000, mariah.png)

"Once between us, your luck ran out!"
"she cant hear you Mr Joe star, it looks like she passed out! She is being crushed between our force"

spit roast resulting in a back breaker is my favorite but its such a limited thing to work with when drawing, so if anyone see's anything like it to recommend, please do!

>>27239 Thank you! it really was a labor of love TBH, especially the commissioner who put up with the time it took to make and me completely restarting the entire comic!

Oh I have been a fan of neck snaps for a long time but I just never really felt comfortable sharing, I usually always delete any kind of art like this shortly after making it.

Yea for sure the boobs of kirkin are sweet in the crop top, cant wait to get something more concrete to show you!

>>27005 >>27015 >>27312
that seems to be everyone's favorite thing about my drawings, thanks! (sorry for late reply)

>>27281 Thanks for the love :) ! I love blaze blue, no promises tho, but if I get to it it'd be safe enough to put on my twitter.


get her star dust crusaders


File: 1573147884467.png (1.6 MB, 3000x2968, kirin mf.png)


Fantastic Work ! I especially love Yangs fate !


I love the new pose, that's also a very fun way to hold up her head for easy access by using her armor.
The way you draw tits is always very satisfying, they have good volume and you obviously take into account how boobs interact with the clothing and gravity thats present. Like the boob squish here against her clothing and the floor is sublime stuff.


uvu much thanks!


Blushes :)

Also I mayyyy have some ashely garham stuff cause ive been playing RE4 on switch


File: 1573971449076.png (2.23 MB, 2000x1588, sheva n fuck.png)

She was agile and quick but this fairy tale soon came to an end once she stepped on a hidden bear trap. As the majini closed in she tried to defend herself but their numbers were to great and her once brimming agility was tucked away in the jaws of a bear trap. Many majini had there way but somewhere along the ordeal 1 of the majini was far to aggressive with shevas mouth and forgot to let sheva breath. Sheva had died with a penis in her mouth, drowning in cum. It made no difference to the other majini as the struggle was less then ideal and they continue along with her corpse.

I was watching a bunch of boondocks today, so I kinda modeled the face of sheva with the killer kungfu wolf bitch :p I actually like this type of face and i might keep it for all my drawings


She looks lovely, good work :)


Shame we didn't get to see the act that killed her and only the aftermath, but it looks great. Wouldn't mind seeing more characters with her face model, love the defined lips


File: 1575280050316.png (687.24 KB, 2500x1213, sheva d2.png)

managed to combine em. I'm sort of proud


I didn't think that earfucking could have so many different positions, yet you continue to prove me wrong. I'm pleased and impressed


File: 1575359095591.png (1.21 MB, 2500x2449, sheva d alt.png)

Sheva getting filled up before a game over - colorized

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