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I posted some images on the old gurochan a few years ago. I have a few more things to share that I've done over the last few years. They are from different times and their quality varies.

First ones are just updates of some that were already posted. Mainly just the exposed breasts have been reworked to look more natural.


File: 1567654653778.jpg (711.59 KB, 990x755, trws02.jpg)


File: 1567654721478.jpg (710.57 KB, 990x755, trws03.jpg)


File: 1567654744026.jpg (712.82 KB, 990x755, trws04.jpg)


File: 1567654851654.jpg (621.61 KB, 745x1141, jogger.jpg)

There was originally going to be more of this, but it ends here.


File: 1567654895086.jpg (629.65 KB, 1089x1080, CheerS.jpg)

I don't think this one was posted here before.


File: 1567654966543.jpg (705.85 KB, 726x1080, HGames.jpg)

Don't really like this one, but here it is anyway.


File: 1567654990516.jpg (770.26 KB, 1092x886, trm01.jpg)


File: 1567655058662.jpg (755.44 KB, 1092x886, trm03.jpg)


File: 1567655087192.jpg (776.17 KB, 1092x886, trm04.jpg)


File: 1567655108329.jpg (742.5 KB, 1092x886, trm05.jpg)


File: 1567655127188.jpg (741.07 KB, 1092x886, trm06.jpg)


File: 1567655187846.jpg (451.37 KB, 696x1080, Alien.jpg)

This one is old.


File: 1567655204091.jpg (491.22 KB, 864x1119, sturn.jpg)


File: 1567655223972.jpg (548.21 KB, 1052x810, ODVib_Color.jpg)


File: 1567655318657.jpg (750.86 KB, 834x1278, Lass_Pg00.jpg)

Tried a manga style for this set with varying levels of success.


File: 1567655334091.jpg (746.88 KB, 834x1278, Lass_Pg01.jpg)


File: 1567655363586.jpg (751.71 KB, 834x1278, Lass_Pg02.jpg)


File: 1567655382539.jpg (782.12 KB, 834x1278, Lass_Pg03.jpg)


File: 1567655403084.jpg (809.28 KB, 834x1278, Lass_Pg04.jpg)


File: 1567655430810.jpg (572.95 KB, 1328x1080, Dungeon.jpg)

This one is a little rough.


File: 1567655469555.jpg (839.34 KB, 1506x1080, Slip.jpg)



File: 1567655490087.jpg (966.19 KB, 908x1290, BurglarB.jpg)


File: 1567655954455.jpg (927.16 KB, 1096x839, beach_s.jpg)

This is the last one I have to share now.

I don't have any more of this type of stuff planned in the future, but if I make anything else, I'll post it eventually.


These are great, dude.


Great work! Thanks for sharing! Really expecting to see more of your decapitation artwork.


Nice work man. Where can we see more of your work please?


I'm really glad to se you back!!!

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