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File: 1560226558667.png (120.86 KB, 514x851, IMG_20190610_220504.png)


Please.. EnJoy this first draw…. I Will be gift you more


Better than my first draw by far. Love it, keep practicing!


File: 1560299959388.png (133.35 KB, 555x808, IMG_20190611_183721.png)

EnJoy this beatiful little Girl of Liberia, Costa Rica




Stupid machine of shit!!!! I was buy this cellphone in El Salvador fr this? XD


File: 1560387034741.png (129.21 KB, 575x899, IMG_20190612_184303.png)

This is the Last time that i presenta my art, this is a little Girl of 12 years. She was crucificated be cause she defent the ulmecaz territories, and now, the goberment need to show to the all Guatemala, the price of the oposition and goodness.


Good bye, i enjoyed this experience… Is time to take a New rute… Good bye comrades… And see you later.


This feeling, of quality advancement, is impressive, my works surely enchanted many, others were excited, many relatives should be asking, what sick mind is capable of so much detail and creativity ?, I say, I am not a sick mind , I'm … A growing artist, this was my beginning, and it's time to go in search of greener pastures, Thank you Gurochan Community, for being … The place where an artist is born today


Care to shoot several in the pussy?


File: 1560468524387.png (119.4 KB, 720x961, IMG_20190613_172619.png)

This is for you pussy shooter


File: 1560483838441.png (148.73 KB, 590x961, IMG_20190613_214217.png)



File: 1560483865646.png (150.16 KB, 506x928, IMG_20190613_214235.png)



And now… Good bye for every Gurochan,


File: 1560612950414.png (177 KB, 499x958, IMG_20190615_093345.png)

Oops, I forgot this


Very nice. I like it.


File: 1560695276617.png (213.57 KB, 720x1098, IMG_20190616_082340.png)

Not only the little Girls suffer, this child of 12 years was fucked, killed and abandoned in the San Juan river be cause his was homosexual

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