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Hello guys. I'll be posting some edits I've working on, I'm want to know what do you think of them and hear recommendations/suggestions. If everything goes well I'll be open to commissions. Hope you all have a good day :)
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First attempt on this kind of short story format. What do you guys think?


Fuck yeah! It's great content, honestly. I would love to see more of this same set, or more. Maybe with Raven from Teen Titans?? Debreasting would be perfect! Or some brutal anal insertions and destruction.


It is quite interesting how you managed to turn single picture into complete story :)
I like it.


As a great fan of debreasting, I'd love to see more of this. Especially a mother slowly and very ceremoniously cutting her daughter's breasts off, eager to please an audience with the show they're putting on.


very interesting great


Thanks for the feedback! >>27198
>>27214 I'll be adding some extra images to this set soon then. I've been trying to improve my drawing skills lately, I may create a fully original work eventually.

I'm glad to read you like this kind of story, you can expect more of them from now on, I'm curious about experimenting with a more complex format (manga/LN).

I'll be posting any progress I make here.


Maybe Renamon being field dressed/slaughtered for meat


please! just cut both of them off.


Wow, I'd love to see this continue with a pic of them both cut off!



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Hello, I haven't been able to work as I should recently. My laptop has died on me at least 4 times in the last 2 months, I've lost some photoshop files of my edits. But well, such is life, here are a few pics to continue the last set. They don't have any text (for better or for worse)but I wanted to show you some progress.


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Great, please keep going!


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Very nice!


Any chance you coups do a version with her legs still on? You do great stuff!


File: 1576307348532.jpg (458.85 KB, 850x1202, 1v2.jpg)

>>27953 Thanks, and of course. There you go.


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New variant set.


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It would have been great if she had a crying face, semen on her body and her genitals were destroyed!


File: 1578161645752.jpg (397.25 KB, 980x834, 6.jpg)


>>28273 Thanks, I'll try to add some of those details soon.


Your works is great!

Will you destroy her other breast too?


Would love to see some with exposed hearts


I had the file with both of her breasts cut, but as I said, my laptop is not in good condition and I had to format it and couldn't recuperate the photoshop file. I still have the file from >>27193 (the first version I uploaded) so I'll need to do everything from that point again, let me think about this and I may continue that set.

>>28335 I'll get some heart props then.


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I have a request, and tons more images of beefy dark skinned girls to alter if you can. I'd love to see this girls ares and legs amputated, her tits and pussy injured/mutilated, and maybe even her head decapitated

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