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File: 1557572929517.gif (206.82 KB, 512x512, EYEless_OC_BYKoutaru.gif)


Just here to share some of my guro artwork because idk this is the only place where I can upload this kind of matrial, too I might change my name later on, I make commission too if ya interested.


File: 1557573233016.jpg (682.07 KB, 1280x720, 001.jpg)

Requested Draw is the same as the old one but colored


File: 1557573253765.jpg (678 KB, 1280x720, 002.jpg)


File: 1557573267591.jpg (687.16 KB, 1280x720, 003.jpg)


File: 1557573280845.jpg (680.15 KB, 1280x720, 004.jpg)


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File: 1557573309088.jpg (688.06 KB, 1280x720, 006.jpg)


File: 1557573326093.jpg (689.89 KB, 1280x720, 007.jpg)


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File: 1557573391145.jpg (689.19 KB, 1280x720, 011.jpg)


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File: 1557573466661.jpg (703.98 KB, 1280x720, 100extra_00.jpg)



File: 1557573617378.jpg (696.79 KB, 1280x720, 100EXTRA_01.jpg)



Wow. OR here. I wasn't expecting you to go all the way and with extras too. I hope good things for you man in the future.


Neat style. You do cooking or that not your thing?


File: 1557644152610.jpg (338.88 KB, 1280x720, 04.jpg)

Sketchy one


File: 1557644195797.jpg (214.79 KB, 1280x720, out.jpg)

Sketchy 2


File: 1557646961254.jpg (909.92 KB, 1280x1020, 00.jpg)

This is a reupload of wraith Blowjob I did since I mess the other one xD


File: 1557646988827.jpg (906.65 KB, 1280x1020, 01.jpg)


File: 1557647000169.jpg (911.19 KB, 1280x1020, 02.jpg)


File: 1557647024560.jpg (918.78 KB, 1280x1020, a00.jpg)


File: 1557647035899.jpg (904.19 KB, 1280x1020, a01.jpg)


File: 1557647048679.jpg (920.04 KB, 1280x1020, a02.jpg)


File: 1557647075352.jpg (911.98 KB, 1280x1020, b00.jpg)


File: 1557647089202.jpg (903.82 KB, 1280x1020, b001.jpg)


curse wraith and her small hit box


How do we contact you for commissions?


File: 1561530769274.jpg (2.3 MB, 2560x1440, COMM-Guro-CodeGeass00_ByKo….jpg)

Kinda of a late upload sorry those days had been crazy for me I had been working and haven't got any time to be active just too tired for it anyways here is a commission I made for a cool guy It was a pleasure working with him I hope you guys like it, too I'm working on a one week Game project it wont be finished like I'm just doing so because it was a crazy Idea that gotten into my mind but it driving me insane all the work I had done so far and need to be done it had been 3 days already and I need alot of stuff big L xD just wanted to share that with ya comment below if you wanna know what is about it


File: 1561530798158.jpg (2.06 MB, 2560x1440, COMM-Guro-CodeGeass01_ByKo….jpg)


File: 1561530818681.jpg (2.15 MB, 2560x1440, COMM-Guro-CodeGeass03_ByKo….jpg)


File: 1561530850544.jpg (1.95 MB, 2560x1440, COMM-Guro-CodeGeass04_ByKo….jpg)


File: 1561530894917.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x1440, COMM-Guro-CodeGeass05.jpg)


File: 1561530969941.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x1440, COMM-Guro-CodeGeass06.jpg)


Wow very big improvement, good job!!


I can't say much for the 2d aspect but i like the framing and collor pallet chosen. The fan in me is always happy to see a guro art of Code geass girls.



File: 1562410027294.png (521.37 KB, 1632x1248, Wip01.png)

I was not going to upload this one but why not.
thanks you Ykvr and anon guy I'm glad that you guys like my work :D


File: 1562410913378.jpg (924.98 KB, 1632x1248, WIP03.jpg)

I know it not my best work but I was not going to upload it was part of a game I wanted to do log ago on rpg maker I even made couple of stuff in there and later on was about been a ninja on kohoda in were you could do lewd stuff to your death opponent including many on the series were you could Kill, knockout,recruit,Affections and other stats, I did those and a kitchen for the corpse but doing all that got me so tired that I dropped even thinking all the thing I needed to do and the mechanics that was not working correctly it was too much so she was one of those ninja who fell kagero the girl which takes her hearth out in orden to kill Naruto, she is not bad it is was Orochimarufault.


Sooo…. X-ray version?


File: 1562579120372.jpg (1.2 MB, 1632x1248, Kagero01ByKoutaruLove.jpg)

X-Ray version Here xD
Haven't even thinked of that one.this is a good one :D


File: 1562658191278.jpg (429.52 KB, 2066x1440, HonkaiGuro.jpg)

Guys which one of this Wip look better? I know the changes are not that dramatic but at the end it will slightly affect the quality If I decide to do it after I finish.


the change is just on angle and size I just wanna know which one is better and to not spam I will just put a link with the two draw here:
too I'm open commission if any one is Interested


Ooh, nice, liking the latest pic.


I think they're both fine, with a slight preference for the more zoomed out one.


File: 1562756302583.jpg (352.5 KB, 1334x829, CliffSnuffKoutaru.jpg)

So I was browsing over the art section and I saw one person that requested a character on another art post and I get kinda interested on the character so I click on the link he provided and I have to say I don't regret it, there is so much potential in cliff side serie and it so funny I don't really understand why they didn't continue, but since I like so much I accept the request and here is a wip of the work this is my first time doing this cartooning style so bear with me guys xd I hope u guys like it.


Too thanks you for taking your time to tell me about which one to take Idk I will do as you said made the normal one completely and then zoom it in If I see it's needed even if the quality drop a little.



That's looking great so far! I was the one who requested that in the drawthread though this one wasn't exactly what I requested but it's amazing regardless! Guess you're the first artist to make Cliffside guro.

Also have you considered making a Pixiv account to share your works? Pixiv is one of the best place to share guro artwork.


Wow, always wanted to see guro of cordie


File: 1563182431912.jpg (801.24 KB, 1334x829, CliffSideSnuff-Koutaru.jpg)

Thanks you ^^, I have a pivix but I wanna change my artist name to be able to upload gore art I identify here as koutaru but that my vanilla artist name from twitter/amino and my follower aren't used to guro so I was thinking of changing my name to something else or maybe I stay like this that why I haven't upload any gore on my pivix I still don't know what to do but probably I will just stay as Koutaru.

I should ed just made two separated draw of them now that I see how it went I honestly like it and I hope you guys love it as well xD


File: 1563182507133.jpg (794.77 KB, 1334x829, CliffSideSnuff-Koutaru_var….jpg)



File: 1563182602878.jpg (807.69 KB, 1334x829, CliffSideSnuff-Koutaru_var….jpg)

I changed her mouth but I still have the sketched one done and painted.


File: 1563182771878.jpg (799.31 KB, 1334x829, CliffSideSnuff-Koutaru_var….jpg)

Guys if you want a dead recolor like I had done before, you can tell me and I upload them I just don't know if you guys don't like to much variation or progressive artworks of the same piece.


Wow, it turned out much better than I expected! Amazing job. As for the dead variations, why not?

Though I do have a bit of a request for vartions if it's alright with you. Can you maybe have the heart eye expression on Cordie be carried over on the cum alt and add x-rays of Cordie's heart and Jo's Throat being fucked and filled with cum? It's fine if you don't want to of course.


I be down for the dead recolors. Also I need more Cliffside


kotaru awesome artworks man is there any way to contact you for a commission and what are the price range?


Hey thanks you Draken, Sorry for the late reply, you can contact at my email I send you my commission price there.


alrighty then i’ll contact you


I second this, especially on the heart x-ray


File: 1564130421361.jpg (1.46 MB, 2200x2875, Shantae-Mermaid.jpg)

Does someone know how to so cut-off animation I did Shantae Mermaid if someone is interested.I have never done something like this so the planning is kinda of hard that why I haven't painted her yet so if someone with some animation knowledge want to give me a hand I will really appreciated any help would be good tbh xD.

Too I will do the x-Ray version of the Cliff-side haven't forget about it guys. I been really busy this days helping out with a project so I haven't have the time to do just yet but I will.


Krita has a very basic animation timeline within. Theres a free animation program called Opentoonz. It has both vector and raster workflows but I have no experience how the rasters work in that one.

If you're not going for actual animation but just want to create a sequence of images with 2-3 seconds inbetween before it changes to another image, you can do that with editing programs like Premiere pro or After Effects, or whatever free versions of those are floating around.

Last but not least theres free browser GIF makers like ezgif:


File: 1565602920750.jpg (797.75 KB, 2024x2024, mkSNUFF.jpg)

Hello guys I have bad news to share with all and it the reason why I haven't uploaded so much nor worked on the x-ray you guys wanted of Cliff-side about 3 weeks ago I was on my computer Painting the shantaee Mermaid when suddenly my mouse started moving by it own and writed you had been hacked if you want your PC back pay us 0.4 bit coins I knew I was getting Remote controlled by someone and turned off my pc cause I didn't knew what he was doing on the background then I rapidly turned off my laptop opened up take my WiFi out close it made a backup of my files and started a new Windows when I did this I went to check and reset my router and I saw multiple scan from almost 16 days ago that day I was getting port attack and even with the reset changed the DHCP number to a new one he went to port scan me on a weird IP address that do not belong to me but my router for some reason recognize it as and attack, he could find my IP again and not just that but any IP of any computer device I have now I have port attack every day and I feel so unsecured I don't I Even know what to do by now, I'm kinda of scare to use the internet because I feel I'm kinda been watched or in anytime he can take control again, and he is doing this to the wrong person if he want money I'm in a financial crisis earn less than a hundred per month and this is affecting me I can't even draw nor do anything without feeling anxious or nervous checking all time for any port attack, scanning for virus doing netstats commands Is stressing me I want to draw in peace is the only thing I want welp I hope you like the WIP I made it was hardly done I don't know when I can finish it eighter I hope things go better I don't know a way to solve this. if you read all this, thanks for taking your time reading all this, it means a lot to me.

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