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My thread just hit bump limit. So I decided to start a new one. :) My old thread is here if you wanna go look at my gallery.

Let's start with this recent pic. You can support me on Patreon
Most pics are sketches of girls getting blown to bits, mostly crazy seductive military uniform girls. I do one colored piece per month, more funding, the better. :) Thanks for this space I have been relying on for years.


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Artstyle's neat. Would you ever consider doing some cooking stuff?


Me either, I want to see some of the cannibalists cooking dead woman soldiers


Hmmm. Interested, will be asking my patrons if they want to see it, they decided, I just have too many ideas. Can't draw everything as I have busy IRL job. :(


File: 1556654670390.jpg (1.35 MB, 1800x1156, TankCrewLines1.jpg)

Last month work.
4 tank crews, yep. Tank crews, lol.


File: 1556654834283.jpg (2.18 MB, 2100x1348, TankCrewLinesA.jpg)

From left to right. 1. Sofia, loader. 2.Sherry, gunner. 3.Clara, commander. 4.Ivy, driver.

Setting in the dark future, a quiet evening in a village then disturbed by tanks battle noise. After their whole battalion was wiped out. Only the command tank is left. They were surrounded by 2 enemy tanks, There is no way out as they would risk getting rocket on their top. So they decided to surrender.
The enemy, being ruthless raider clan, known for taking everything on their sight, don't hesitate. 10 gunmen walk up their turret and drag them out. One by one, they order strip!
Only Gunner, Sherry complied. So they dragged her into a van and begin raping her, taking turn.
Those 3 left struggled, so the gunmen just torn their clothes off then taped their arm into their back. They then get raped on the spot and after they came, a tank ran over their thick legs, crushing them. (minus one leg as Clara, the commander already lost one)

They screamed in pain, begging to do anything and all stopped as they got face fucked as well.
The raider leader, noticed a strange hardness in Clara boobs, start to curious and cut open her left boob with a knife, carefully not to cut outside safe zone indicated on there. He then smiled, seeing what it is, Mk2 implant nuke, this could sell for a lots in black market. Little did he know, it is remote operated one, it would ended up killing lots of raider in a few days.

He then cut open all other suspicious boobs and revealed what was inside. He kept Sherry right implant to charge his phone, it got handy high power battery in it.

Then the execution came, he then order the gunmen to put them on nooses and lift them up one by one. Ivy was the last to go up, she screamed so much the leader then shove a tank shell up her cunt, muffled her. Then they lift her up, ending her life faster than others, as they don't have that much weight on them.

The leader then made sure to kept their uterus secured, for ransom. As the state army don't want them on black market, those strong engineered women wombs are ready to bleed super soldier.

Any more idea or questions about this series?, if you do please support me on Patreon/angurokraken.
There is monthly vote on what I should do, and many more detailed discussion.


My Patreon account is suspended.
Here is the mail I got from Patreon
It started so friendly, then I realised it is like a big F to me and my Patrons.
Hey there,

My name is ______ and I'm on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I'm writing to inform you that your account has been suspended for violating our Community Guidelines.

Per our guidelines, we have zero tolerance for the glorification of sexual violence, and this includes depictions of sexualized minors, non-consensual sex, rape, snuff, necrophilia, and bestiality.

Content glorifying sexual violence cannot be funded by or linked to or from your creator page in any way.

Please remove this type content from your page and let me know when you have done so – if you have any questions during this process, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm happy to help.
All the best,
Patreon Trust and Safety
9am-6pm PST


Here is what I replied.

Does characters getting killed in anyway gory counted as snuff? I have removed all contents related to all those mentioned except only one thing I left is snuff.
I don't get it on how to define snuff? If my character looks sexualized but what is happening or depicted is not a sexual act, is it still count?
Please review my content as I removed what I see as against those guidelines already, if it is not good enough for Patreon standard, I'll consider removing all.


Let's see if they would restore my page or I'll have to leave for good. I have seen it coming, lol.


Sorry mate, but your patreon page is fucked, their "trust and safety" team is so far up there own ass, that most appeals won't succeed.


I have to remove everything now. I will start again somewhere. I have seen it coming, they are really against fringe fetishes, even if it is not violent or having something to do with child, they might still want it removed.



Sorry to hear man, best of luck to you.


You can have a patreon but you MUST NOT post any images containing rape/violence etc. Also, you can not link any social media accounts where they could find such contents, either.

You have to title your patreon something generic like "drawing sexy girls" and only deliver arts with a 3rd party service like dropbox/google drive.

The alternative is to use pixivFanbox since they do not censor contents of any kind.


Thanks bro. Those times I started putting it there was when I didn't think they actually enforce such rules, until I see other artist get banned, I started to worry, but thinking my pay is so little, they might not gonna notice. Nope I was wrong. lol
I think I should just do it that way. Create a new account and don't link anything or talk anything about it. And hope they don't find out.


You can't even have an unlinked twitter or other publicly accessible content or you get banned. Another artist that has an unmentioned discord also got banned. They had a completely vanilla patreon that was rarely updated. Its doesn't matter since people will report you and spill the beans on how you're attempting to avoid breaking patreon rules.

If you look at their rules they're basically treating you like a terrorist. If money from patreon goes towards objectionable content you get banned. Its impossible that it doesn't in some way go toward banned content because you're the same person. Any money they pay you is contributing to your livelihood and thus contributes to all content you produce whether or not its on patreon. The way they phrase it on their site makes its seem less like censorship but its full blow censorship. They're basically saying you're one of those people they consider "not able to use patreon" even if they don't explicitly state it in their policy.

The worst part is they don't even justify their double standards. The specifically mention game of thrones and state that related fan works are ok; but apparently not original works. I guess if you're not commercially viable and have gained mainstream acceptance there is a different set of rules for you.

I for one second the move to fanbox as most other's that got banned have moved there.



Thanks for advice. I get the point now on why many people are now boycotting Patreon.

Fanbox is appealing to me as well. I'm looking into finding way to receive payment from Pixiv, they threat me much better as I put works there all the time for many years. There is also mo such rules on Pixiv, much much more open community and freedom of expression. Just anything that do not break the Japanese laws are allowed. There are no SJWs moderating things in double standard way.


You know this reminds me one idea, mentioned by someone.
That you can get your money back if you report content as inappropriate.
so it is pretty big incentive to do such things even on innocent artists.


I got my account back now, they now suspended my page. I still need to find an alternative, if everything are set up, I will remove my account from Patreon, but for this month I still need to get the pay from there.
I'll open a google survey vote and links sending out to my Patrons. If I don't find a new place, someone might report the link to this Gurochan page or my Pixiv and get me really banned some time later.


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Anyway, this is from last month.


File: 1558464512115.jpg (227.26 KB, 893x1302, milkk4_resize.jpg)


File: 1558464653427.jpg (273.87 KB, 893x1302, milkk9_resize.jpg)


Uploading all of it take forever.
Anyone that want to see full set, please go to this link. Thanks.!6DAQSIYY!BDgyZ3-GusBf4BWaqJqNoQ


I love the one where her arm gets blown off, but tries to hold onto her one surviving breast regardless. ♥


Trust and Safety! That wicked organisation is asking for serious fanart!


I'm back from vacation and I have closed my Patreon, please go to my Pixiv instead. I'll sau more when I'm ready to put more pics here.


Are you from Japan? I know that if you are planning to use Pixiv's FANBOX. There is one problem - they can only pay out to your japanese bank account. Which is impossible to get without moving to Japan.


File: 1560312178821.jpg (706.39 KB, 1200x744, Anguro126b.jpg)

Nope, I just use Payoneer to do the work for me. Here's a pic for you.


File: 1562868510639.jpg (1.06 MB, 1273x900, woimbbbbbbs.jpg)

This month pic. I'm going to do more of organs harvesting and body mechanisation.


I like pictures like this, if there is more then it is good


I love this one


File: 1563300383429.jpg (1.39 MB, 1239x1743, pilessquad.jpg)

More sketches.


File: 1563301029799.jpg (1.68 MB, 2100x1446, pilessquad2.jpg)


File: 1563817532003.jpg (1.74 MB, 3449x2355, woimbbbb.jpg)

Trying out the catalogue.



love this one so much. a little backstory would be nice.


Agreed. I wanna know more about the girls that these wombs once belonged to!


fleshlight from another level and awesome sketch :)


Actually it does have story.
Forgot to put it here.

-Freya was shot many times before, but this time, her brain exploded, those marks on her uterus were scar of great battles.
-General Claire got killed in an ambush, her convoy was not destroyed, so her companion were able to deliver her fresh remains back to our facility.
-Sharon is a comfort woman, despite her womb was penetrated many time before, she is still fit and has a penis restraint install to prevent further cervix penetration.
-Jene is a skilled radio girl, so she was targeted by the enemy and got captured, tortured and killed.
-Erika was returning from school, about to graduate and join the air force, she was killed by a large piece of shrapnel from the air strike.
-Aika was on a mission to lecture some new cadets, she is an expert in biology, while it was going well, the air strike made her panic and ran out the window.

Any more caption or suggestion from your guys are welcome.
I love to draw pic with captions. :D
You can leave you caption or character info for me, I'll choose what I like. Thanks for all comments.


File: 1565067037652.jpg (3.73 MB, 3449x2355, woimbbbbgg2.jpg)

Automated mating machine.


breeding more soldiers? love the concept. why bother with artificial wombs if you could reanimate sex organs? ;-)


File: 1566617869085.jpg (1.38 MB, 1449x1000, Defeateeds.jpg)




nice scene! do you do requests/commissions?


File: 1567016085030.jpg (1.29 MB, 1726x2048, jetgirl.jpg)

I do commission. :) Mail me at or talk to me on my Pixiv id=3820163 .
Here's a sketch for you.


File: 1567016143254.jpg (1.42 MB, 1726x2048, sticksoldes.jpg)


Do you do girls with more "modest" breasts?
I love your art and your themes, but the H+++ cup sizes are a bit of a turn-off for me.


I do. :D Not preference, but not a dislike.


Please don't go small. Small breasts are a HUGE turn off for a lot of us. You fill a niche- I can look through the catalog and there is 1 H-cup plus artist for every 100 there. And even fewer who do implants.


File: 1567452310724.jpg (704.28 KB, 1000x772, 2Zakoss.jpg)

Someone commissioned this. :D


File: 1567453202587.jpg (1.76 MB, 1500x949, 2Zakossjpg.jpg)


File: 1567597184989.jpg (1.51 MB, 1600x948, piles3s.jpg)

Here is last month Fanbox pic. Support me on my Fanbox and see latest work and sketches.


File: 1567965242327.jpg (1.99 MB, 2068x2893, bins3.jpg)

Someone commissioned this. :D


File: 1567965338273.jpg (1.58 MB, 1357x1920, 4PanelSarah3s.jpg)

Also this. Thank you so much. :D

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