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File: 1554626322977.jpg (466.86 KB, 827x1169, firehime p0 cover.jpg)


Needed to giveup the 3 digital no. slot :

Cover image
Fire Hime (2018)

You can read my previous works :
DA :
Pixiv :


File: 1554626394516.jpg (1.75 MB, 1667x1667, fds in circle - group 5.jpg)

Friends in Circle (LoL)


File: 1554626426388.jpg (469.94 KB, 1169x1654, Sacred Sword Princesses 07.jpg)

Empire is fallen!
Hang the luna princess! :P



File: 1555774053511.jpg (274.37 KB, 811x1200, skarlet - v9 resize.jpg)



File: 1555781229510.jpeg (120.2 KB, 595x842, A23623D7-760A-469A-B736-2….jpeg)


File: 1556707246932.jpg (387.72 KB, 994x1600, s7animation 04.jpg)

Super Seven Soylent System
[Pixiv] illust_id=74486851


File: 1556707304747.jpg (441.83 KB, 994x1235, s7animation 08.jpg)

GW Big Sale :D
Delicious Elf Meat

>> No.25078



File: 1557033519989.jpg (418.28 KB, 827x1419, Taimanin Yatsu jpg09b.jpg)

Murasaki Yatsu Torture - Taimanin

[Pixiv] illust_id=74572089


HaveI ever said how much I love your works? A++


Hey love your stuff especially taimanin.
One suggestion though, I think when they are dead and beheaded, they should look lifeless.
Like darkened eyes, expressionless, eyes rolled etc.


Thanks :D

I would do another Taimanin work in future. Someone ask me commission for this title. ^^

This work, I try to keep her alive in beheaded status :D

Hmm… There is lifeless variant. But that one I put into reward sort.

A little bonus for my supporter. :)


Your coloring and details are both pretty good.

Here's how you could improve your art. (imo)

Once in a while, you could try to vary your character poses more (yeah, I know: more work). As long as each poses are consistent with each other and what is depicted to happen, it would give a better feel of continuity than a feel of "time being frozen".

You could also consider looking at lighting techniques. Front lighting tend to flat things up (even with good blending), and some of your shadows could be more consistent with the overall scene lighting and the rest of the subject.

Again, its only the humble opinion of a fellow artist, and its up to you to consider what I said or not.

That aside, keep up with the good work! :)

I really like the Taimanin one, too.

On a side note to

Because eye rolling requires muscle contractions, it can only occurs while dying, not on death. At that point, they usually rest in a 'glazed' or 'dulled' expression… Unless the point is to make things silly on purpose, of course (like a cartoon, or like N.Dofline who does that well).



I want to try more… But looking back to the task list. I can't think too much for this temporary OTL

Sometimes I try to use more light effect. But the final result usually whole picture become so dark… OTL

I hope I can try some more….


Don't worry about that. As long as you don't rush things up, you can take your time and improve bit by bit. ;)


That's a good point on the eye, actually I've been wondering. Lots of drawings portray the eyes darker when dead, is that actually realistic?
Also the mouth tends to be slightly open too right?
I'm working on a drawing of mine as well, not sure how to nail the expression.

So far I have the face relaxed, eyelid 1/3rd closed, eyes looking forward, mouth relaxed with a very very slight opening


Yeah, the darker/duller look in eyes is a thing in real life. Since people who are alive tend to blink, their eyes are kept continually wet. When people die, if their eyes are left open, a film builds up over their eyeballs.


The film will take some time to be noticeable, however. The most immediate reason why the eyes seem darker is because the iris relaxes (it's a muscle), and opens the pupil more as a result.

As for the mouth, it usually opens up because of the gravity pulling the jaw down. Otherwise, its might be the most relaxed expression to whatever facial expression was being made just before death.


File: 1558349836487.jpg (195.29 KB, 827x1169, kallen 06.jpg)

Final Kallen Fantasy - Honkai Impact 3


I always think if you put their head as decoration. We should try some makeup for her. Make them looks alive. :P


File: 1560146039096.jpg (319.13 KB, 1000x1375, Frozen Reina 04.jpg)

Ultra Reina into pieces



File: 1560146049224.jpg (469.67 KB, 1000x1375, Frozen Reina 06 ex.jpg)


Cool :)


Thanks. This looks liked FATALITY :D


File: 1561516165668.jpg (235.13 KB, 827x1169, 03 sansa ayra - 01.jpg)

Sansa part is still in draft stage. :D

[Pixiv] illust_id=75395887


File: 1561516709937.jpg (306.29 KB, 827x1169, 03 sansa ayra - 03.jpg)


File: 1561516764633.jpg (1 MB, 2480x3508, 03 sansa ayra - 04.jpg)


File: 1562640700425.jpg (206.53 KB, 827x1169, oc gal 0.jpg)


File: 1562640727275.jpg (438.94 KB, 827x1169, oc gal 2 pixiv resize.jpg)


File: 1565923828474.jpg (216.2 KB, 660x1200, annie - 01.jpg)

St. O'Niku College Open Day


File: 1565923843988.jpg (469.42 KB, 1920x1080, annie output effect - fina….jpg)


File: 1566230805481.jpg (246.33 KB, 827x1169, damage pixiv 1.jpg)

Peace, Love, No Ultrawoman

[Pixiv] illust_id=76344388


File: 1566230814983.jpg (281.79 KB, 827x1169, damage pixiv 2.jpg)


File: 1566230828805.jpg (381.56 KB, 827x1169, damage pixiv 3.jpg)


File: 1567912661381.jpg (374.45 KB, 818x1059, Last Descendants_03 pixiv.jpg)

Last Descendants (P3)


File: 1568548141511.jpg (435.08 KB, 994x1169, repulse - Certificate of ….jpg)

Oath of PON (Azur Lane)

[Pixiv] illust_id=76793904


File: 1568548170353.jpg (509.84 KB, 994x1169, repulse - Certificate of ….jpg)


File: 1569150989462.jpg (299.73 KB, 827x1169, OC character eaten 1.jpg)

[OC] Cat Girl got eaten


File: 1569150999818.jpg (372.43 KB, 827x1169, OC character eaten 2.jpg)

[Pixiv] illust_id=76911758


File: 1570993609241.jpg (1.01 MB, 900x1879, rita 01.jpg)

Oath of Rose - Honkai Impact 3rd



File: 1570993632046.jpg (884.97 KB, 900x1879, rita 05.jpg)


File: 1570993665936.jpg (882.62 KB, 900x1879, rita 07.jpg)


File: 1571563845243.jpg (527.62 KB, 842x1191, QB - 01 pixiv.jpg)

Airi Games - Queen's Blade P1



File: 1573468878875.jpg (711.99 KB, 1098x1933, elf hunt 01 da.jpg)

Elves Hunting


File: 1573468896191.jpg (300.04 KB, 732x1667, elf hunt 02 - story.jpg)


File: 1573468913064.jpg (415.44 KB, 732x1667, elf hunt 04 - story pixiv.jpg)


File: 1576922968857.jpg (560 KB, 827x1169, GMA 01 - pixiv cover .jpg)

[Ryona Manga (KoiKatsu)] GMA night cannibalism (22P)

[Pixiv ; Gore Caution]


File: 1576923014252.jpg (514.62 KB, 827x1169, GMA - 01.jpg)


File: 1576923027242.jpg (341.24 KB, 827x1169, GMA - 18.jpg)


File: 1576923061220.jpg (384.2 KB, 827x1169, GMA - 19.jpg)


File: 1578144641674.jpg (527.83 KB, 842x1191, QB - 02 pixiv.jpg)

Airi Games - Queen's Blade P2


File: 1578848027832.jpg (597.8 KB, 848x1200, sasara - pixiv.jpg)

Natural Female Fighter Sashimi - Sasara Kusugawa


wingr's new discord channel…. everyone is invited to join…. Cheers!


File: 1582378564986.jpg (521.16 KB, 1169x827, aurea_sex 2020 3c ex-01.jpg)

Prontera Orgy - KoiKatsu


File: 1582378640444.jpg (416.25 KB, 827x1169, aurea_sex 2020 4b.jpg)



File: 1582380077132.jpg (441.74 KB, 750x1169, aurea_sex 2020 alt.jpg)

Thanks bellrog promote

[Discord Server]

The remain pictures… please read it through

It keeps blocking me posting images.


File: 1582403772822.jpg (530.07 KB, 827x1169, aurea_sex 2020 7.jpg)

At least post back the final picture of this set. ^^"

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