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File: 1553805317270.jpg (344.33 KB, 1280x714, 2638906_emikochan_sspvicti….jpg)


New Drawthread
Old one


- All artists welcome!
- Only request once.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.

- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.

How do I request?
-Put "requesting" or "/r/" on your request
-Provide references and names in one image/post.
-Don't spam or bump your requests.

(attached drawing done by emikochan)


File: 1553810498466.png (77.65 KB, 250x367, Kneesocksb.png)

Requesting cartoon Kneesocks fully clothed in her school uniform, post decapitation and being fucked whilst in the cowgirl position please


File: 1553813210095.png (443.7 KB, 528x588, F52D66D9-DDD6-4B66-B076-E8….png)

Requesting Trudy Proud being shot, her tits and ass riddled with bullet holes. Maybe her clutching her aching, bleeding tits and pleading for dear life, if it’s okay.


File: 1553814709791.png (646.85 KB, 644x1050, skug_ahsoka_4_by_tourbillo….png)

Requesting Ahsoka Tano as a meat slave being cooked for dinner.


File: 1553847919340.jpg (59.24 KB, 470x335, dcvgje0-26301e42-3d29-4497….jpg)

Well may as well drop my request from the old thread.
Anything with nude dead Carrot from One Piece! Maybe even something like the starting image >>24839 but anything will do! Clean corpse ready for fucking!
If the person who did Nami would do this i would be in heaven!!


File: 1553856288828.jpg (109.27 KB, 1200x1050, D1_Vw-7X4AEuPUs.jpg)


File: 1553857798212.jpg (99.73 KB, 611x1000, sample-9eab95f1801c47fca33….jpg)

Requesting druella from the monster girl encyclopedia as a victim of a meat Grinder with only bits of her tail and legs hanging out of the grinder.There should also be some of her meat having been package with her face on the sticker.


File: 1553869758424.jpg (189.81 KB, 1280x758, jimsugomi_401501_powerpuff….jpg)

I would like someone to do this but with color


File: 1554031052469.jpg (814.7 KB, 1348x1040, Monet Vs Luffy.jpg)

Requesting an angry Luffy impaling a human Monet from the ass to the mouth using his haki enhanced elongated dick.


File: 1554051775760.png (1.59 MB, 1800x1169, 1536595988457.png)

Requesting a loli version of this picture.

Optional: have her installed inside a chastity belt as a "vaginal dildo", with her holes exposed and fuckable. Lockable plugs for her holes should be dangling from the belt on a short chain, their shape is up to the artist.

Optional 2: the belt will also have a catheter and a hollow butt-plug, both of those connected to the girls mouth via tube so the future wearer of the belt can "feed" her. It's up to the artist where to connect her breathing tube.


File: 1554078427138.jpg (542.18 KB, 1280x1813, t9yOFULzVm0.jpg)

Requesting some draenei after being raped and then torn apart in pieces by some monsters/animanls/ect.


So should I post any completed requests from the old thread here now?


Yes. I think I'm right when I say that posts to the old thread are likely to be automatically deleted.


Of course you can! Old one will not update anyway. :)


File: 1554344071087.png (170.99 KB, 510x789, 1552591839428.png)

Well here's hoping the Anon from before will answer here…

Lay out the scene your looking for..
Lots of different ways to get fucked to death by tentacles

What's more do you have a favored tentacle monster? Or generic off screen/bursting out style


OR here, I was thinking of having multiple tentacles coming off screen, thick slimy tentacles that fully penetrates her ass or/and vag and having them erupting out of her mouth - with a surprised and terrified look on her face.

As the artist, I think you have the final say. Draw something that you enjoy. :)


can I second a request? I would love to see horrible things happening to Monet!


File: 1554852638002.jpg (62.72 KB, 720x480, SMREp76.jpg)

Usagi and Emerald from Sailor Moon eating cakes in a three panel weight gain sequence that ends with them bursting


File: 1554872533816.png (294.15 KB, 900x811, 1554872369532.png)

Added enough colors so black lines don't get lost… I suck at coloring

Hope this satisfied your request and while not slimy(given as I couldn't be satisfied by how any of it looked) I opted for something I have seen very little of online, wood


OR here, looks horrifying - but strangely erotic. Would you mind posting an uncolored version? :)

Thank you so much for doing the request! I wonder how different it might have looked if the tentacles were slimey… now you mention it. ;)


File: 1554909707848.png (153.04 KB, 900x811, 1554909670111.png)

Here you go


File: 1554923612085.png (495.55 KB, 1459x777, 278611820-20Outta_Sync20Pr….png)

Requesting futa daisy being jerked off while her heart and lungs are exposed.


File: 1554952127463.png (549.23 KB, 600x933, 1537175566203.png)

Hi, mind drawing another request involving this headless babe plz? This time, have her legs untied, standing up with one hand on her hip while the other pointing to her exposed tits.


Sure… Which of the outfits I've done do you want?


The shiny blue one I’ve just posted.


File: 1555004494643.png (117.92 KB, 400x800, 1555004454827.png)

Here you go


File: 1555005600860.jpg (662.29 KB, 2308x880, file.jpg)

>>24977 Sexy!

Any chances you could do pic with this girl preferably decapitated or her dead body being fucked by some flying dicks(so you dont have to draw guys) :P


Thanks once again!


File: 1555030192491.png (2.06 MB, 1600x1200, Edelgard Booty.png)

Requesting Eldegard from Fire emblem; Three houses in a cooking class, being used as the main ingredient of that day's roast.
I'm alright with just about any part of the prep, cooking or serving being drawn. Thank you in advance.


File: 1555048784675.png (422.22 KB, 1163x541, rwby req.png)

Requesting Ruby, Blake and Yang as futas with the Schnee dust company logo freshly branded on their balls while Weiss stands over them declaring herself the new leader of team RWBY


File: 1555090515841.jpeg (121.73 KB, 1072x848, image.png.jpeg)

Requesting Princess Bubblegum get beheaded


File: 1555188514127.jpg (437.94 KB, 1060x1535, 000.jpg)

Requesting the girl of this hentai
to have her inflated belly burst open gorily,her entrails flying out


File: 1555199080102.png (380.37 KB, 1200x1600, 1555199003811.png)

Futa rwyb sketch branded… Don't know enough about this show to do better than this


File: 1555312733129.png (372.32 KB, 590x480, commander-lorina-full.png)

Requesting Lorina from Epic Seven with her on a pike while her body is displayed post-usage. Big thanks to whoever takes this.


File: 1555538328652.png (892.21 KB, 1347x667, cindy req.png)

Requesting futa Cindy Aurum crushing her balls in a vice


Been hard at work sketching then deleting and resketching and I'm close to having an outline of what you wanted… The feet and hair have been giving me no end of grief


File: 1555693269428.png (183.64 KB, 1300x500, 1555693185504.png)

Here's the sketch, hope its close enough to what you wanted


WoW! Thanks a lot! It looks fantastic! Shame about the tail being cut and stuffed in her pussy(i like tails) but the whole thing and especially the head looks fantastic! You gonna color it (at least the head)? :D Thanks you again! <3



File: 1555796642723.png (103.98 KB, 500x500, 1555796542710.png)

Don't know why the last post didn't load right


File: 1555804647888.jpg (160.12 KB, 894x894, tumblr_messaging_p0ynjjoos….jpg)

Man i dont know how to thank you enough! It looks amazing!
If you ever get a moment to just doodle some more of ther please do! I would love to see her being killed in some way or her headless body being put on display somewhere while her head is being still molested!
You are fantastic!!!
Also here is a bit i got with her a bit ago! Enjoy!


File: 1555824061754.jpg (1.03 MB, 4825x1907, SC.jpg)

Requesting any of these Splinter Cell spies getting killed in gruesome ways spies could get killed. Like a simple neck snap, stabbed/sliced neck, his head blown off, choking from a toxic gas and vomiting blood… any way you'd prefer. Bonus if you have him excited as if he's turned on by knowing he's about to be killed.


File: 1555838075765.jpg (197.18 KB, 1280x1646, 1755654_SpeedoSausage_Unde….jpg)

Can anyone draw a futa undyne with an uncut dick getting it sliced off by flowie using a vine to cut?


File: 1555879780977.jpg (389.14 KB, 1580x500, 1548519160705.jpg)

Reposting this from the old thread.

Requesting to turn Judy into a permanent metal urinal.

It would be great if her "customer" had a hard-on from her attempts at screaming for help, or perhaps if he's jacking-off while telling her that she's officially dead and no one is looking for her.


No offense, but this should go to fur(there’s a draw thread there as well).


Shouldn’t this go to fur?



My apologies, i didn't think this would be an issue. So should i repost my request on /fur/ when it's already posted here ?


Requesting Atago from Kantai collection, with huge tits, naked and getting her boobs stabbed, sliced or impaled violently, any that you wish
(Bonus points if she's being punched in her face, and/or shot in the head).


File: 1555972117307.jpg (1.09 MB, 1620x1753, Illustration8.jpg)

What a weird coincidence, I've been wanting to cut off her breasts for a while so I made a sketch recently.

You're in luck, I guess.


Ok i got a fair bit of this sketched out but i cannot suspend my belief far enough to understand how a potted plant is dangerous.. Can you explain this too me because I cannot mentality conceive this… Is it like Audrey?



Woah! fantastic job man! I like your style
Thanks a lot!

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