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New Drawthread
Old one


- All artists welcome!
- Only request once.
- Do not request drawings of real people.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the drawfriends! Remember, they do these for fun.

- Drawfriends, don't hold back, if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.

How do I request?
-Put "requesting" or "/r/" on your request
-Provide references and names in one image/post.
-Don't spam or bump your requests.

(attached drawing done by emikochan)
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File: 1577541070333.jpg (270.44 KB, 850x1076, sample_55ea67c30a2b1f4fa14….jpg)

Requesting Cia having her heart fucked through her chest while getting her huge tits fucked at the same time by Link's huge cock


Requesting that artists start doing requests here. Seriously, this is getting embarrassing


You are funny.

Nobody is forced to do free art here.
If you really wanna get something its simple - pay for it.
I left 4 requests in here in 4 months and not one got picked up.
So i just commissioned two of them.

And on top of it all comments like this -retarded one- from you are making it LESS possible that someone will feel generous enough to do anything for you.


File: 1578326575210.jpg (252.61 KB, 1048x831, youngmaidenvswarlord.jpg)

Drawing - fucked to death/fucked apart, extras can be - dismemberment, head destruction and necrofucking remains.

requests already in thread aren't really doing it for me or have been done before. Feel free to point me to an old request here if you want me to tackle it but tuned more towards what I'm offering. Otherwise, new ideas welcome.

I'm a little picky so no promises, but I'll try my best to do something!


File: 1578331447849.jpeg (26.24 KB, 415x739, images (73).jpeg)

Can I suggest the female knight from goblin slayer getting fucked to death by a hobgoblin. Like lower part fucked by the hob then the top part is ripped off fucked by lesser goblins.
Thanks if you take this up.


File: 1578338583646.jpg (220.16 KB, 850x1202, KirinRequest.jpg)

How about a busty hunter from Monster Hunter wearing Kirin or Odogaron armor getting fucked to death by the deep penetration of a monster like Rajang? I would prefer the victim stay intact and killed by the piercing and crushing of their internal organs, but seeing the hunter split in two or having two halves get necrofucked would be great as well



Can I request >>24841? I just really wanna see any guro of Trudy tbh.


File: 1578368055477.jpeg (95.19 KB, 1200x680, 863074A8-3B10-4AE6-8C20-F….jpeg)

Requesting Lara Croft getting impaled through the navel and out her back by a massive bbc. Preferably have the bbc protruding from the other side and ejaculating.


How about the rancor fucking leia into pieces? He can smash her head in the process. There's also the Geonosis beasts going to town on Padme, or Rey getting her head smashed in by the RoS snake while its tail fucks her body into pieces


File: 1578375881776.png (49.09 KB, 313x560, image.png)

Can I suggest Draco Centauros getting the fucked to death treatment? Preferably with a more mature body of course. And I'd like to see some necrofucking too.


Any chance for any of those girls being rip into half and fucked? Or just rip into sexy pieces? :D




Thanks for the ideas guys. Working on some crappy sketches to experiment with a few of them to see what one I want to focus on.

More suggestions still welcome. even If I don't pick it up, another artist might!


File: 1578937177286.png (3.55 MB, 1626x7431, HandlerRajang.png)

It's not either of the armors requested but I decided to do a rough comic of the Handler with this idea.

Theres a serious lack of Monster Hunter Guro so hopefully >>28346 or
someone else makes your original request. Anyone else feel free to post some ideas related to Monster Hunter and I might make a sketch of it.




File: 1579002524410.png (81.52 KB, 210x451, image.png)

Hey, that's very good!

Can I suggest the yukumo gal being necrofucked by a monster, maybe by a ludroth or a vespoid?


File: 1579079388202.jpg (245.24 KB, 1223x994, michelle-medeiros-cardcapt….jpg)

Requesting a classic Sakura snuff, preferably gutted alive, any methods are welcome.:)


Aaaah omg I love this. There is a serious lack of normal porn and guro of Monster Hunter gals! I’m so glad to see someone finally doing some! Hope to see more characters (though the handler is fine already) and monsters interacting XD


Additionally, since you stated it, Is like to request the handler (and for extra challenge, serious handler too) gathering some materials but then getting ambushed and ripped(or fucked) apart by an Odogaron?


One more idea request. I’d like to request several of the NPCs from Monster Hunter World (I.e Handler, serious handler, third fleet master, etc) to be brainfucked by vespoids. They could be twitching about from the paralyzing juices of the stingers and experiencing amazing yet painful pleasure, causing them to go ahegao. That is all :)


File: 1579151843045.png (757.51 KB, 1650x1017, YukomoGalLudroth01.png)

The poor Yukumo Gal ventured too close to the shore when on a gathering trip to the Misty Peaks. She was ambushed by a Ludroth, which grabbed her by the throat with it's maw and pulled her into the shallows. As her screams drowned out in the water, the predator clenched it's teeth and ripped out a chunk of her throat. Her muffled cries turned into gurgles as her struggling ceased. As she quickly went numb from the blood loss and shock, the Ludroth decided to enjoy it's meal in more ways than one. It tore off her baggy pants and penetrated it's prey during her final moments. She gave one last gasp as the waters around her turned a cloudy red.

With it's victim no longer resisting, the Ludroth was able to pleasure itself in peace. Once it was finished with it's toy, it dragged the corpse deeper into the water where it would feast until it had it's fill. Her remains were found on the shore by a passing Hunter days later, putting a quick end to the search for the missing Yukumo Gal.


File: 1579151910417.png (680.85 KB, 1650x1017, YukomoGalLudroth02.png)


A version without the water.


I dont play MH so dont know any character beside the girl from into cinematic.

But how about a scene with a BIG monster killed and his belly cut open to spill out few sexy dead hunter girl corpses? Failed rescue :3 (hopefully not chewed TOO much. xD )


Wow, that's super good. Love the little story attached to it too, really adds to the piece! Thanks so much!


Dang, another great one. Ah darn can more people request more Monster Hunter stuff please?


File: 1579195188321.png (1.73 MB, 1974x1079, request.png)

requesting Tamamo no Mae (lancer) with her wet shirt tied up (like in the pic on the left) being necrofucked like the girl on the right, if possible tamamo being all wet.

Also an obligatory appreciation to the fact that this post is spawning a lot of OC of quality, I am glad we have such a lively community of guro artists


File: 1579198587054.png (3.69 MB, 3401x2512, 73732963_p0.png)

That is fucking awesome, do you have a artist name or do you want to stay anonymous?

Either way i want to request a female hunter getting paralyzed by a Vespoid. The vespoid (or any other insect in the game) then proceeds to fuck her ear with the intent to lay his eggs in her brain. After some struggling by the hunter, and thrusting from the insect, the female hunter dies by her brain being too scrambled and filled with eggs to function.
I really like this because it's such a weak creature that can still strike a very serious blow to any hunter.


File: 1579420991817.png (7.13 MB, 2475x8325, HandlersVespoid.png)


The Third Fleet Master made a special request for a private escort to the Rotten Vale with only two of the Commission's finest Handlers. Since sector of the Vale they aimed to research was recently cleared of large monsters, the beautiful Wyverian wanted to avoid any potential distractions a Hunter might cause. Confident in the survival skills of the Handlers to evade smaller monsters or unexpected predators, they set off alone with excitement for a major potential in the studies of the Vale's infamous effluvium.
Unfortunately for the researchers, a Gajalaka Tribe planned to take advantage of the food chain vacuum to expand their territory. Without a hunter to aid them, the women were helpless to the horde of tribesmen assaulting them. Quickly overwhelmed, the trio were taken captive.
After their tools, rations, and valuables were taken as prizes, the Gajalaka decided to leave their victims bound and helpless to whatever would find them first. Terrified of the horrors living in the Vale, the Handler in the yellow garbs screamed for mercy as the Gajalaka moved on. Holding on to the faint hope someone else was nearby, the Handler continued to scream and struggle as the rope bindings tore her skin. Unfortunately for the researchers, her constant calls for help had only caught the attention of three male Vespoids nearby.
The Vespoids pierced each of the researcher's skulls with their penile stingers, causing the victims to scream and shudder as their brains were penetrated. Unable to handle the shock and deep insertion through her forehead, the Handler dressed in green was fortunate enough to have a quick death. Her body fell back limp against the rock wall moments after a final yelp of pain. Blood quickly drained from the fresh hole above her brow. Her glazed eyes stared emptily with her mouth slightly agape as her head shook with each thrust of her killer. The other two were given no such mercy.
The Handler in yellow was pierced directly through her ear. A blood curdling scream echoed through the cavernous halls so loud even the long gone Gajalaka tribe could hear it. As her left side went instantly deaf, blood drained from her eyes and down the sides of her neck. As if the fresh whole in her ear canal to her cranium wasn't painful enough, a stream of paralyzing venom shot through her bloodstream. She gagged and spasmed uncontrollably, her eyes nearly rolling back into her skull from the overwhelming pain. Thrust by thrust her mind went more and more blank, but the pain persisted. Before all that was left of her memory was erased forever, she thought of her partner, dreaming that they would save her from this hell.
Lastly, the Third Fleet Master had a fresh hole made from the back of her scalp. In her final moments she tried to maintain the aloof yet confident composure all her colleagues expected of her. Eventually the fear of anticipation and the guilt of knowing her overconfident expedition had resulted in all of their deaths broke her facade. Her mascara just began to stream down her cheeks as her anticipation finally ended. The stinger had pierced so deep it came out slighty through the back of her mouth. Blood splattered from her lips across the floor. However unlike the Handlers the Vespoid's venom caused a different effect. While still suffering greatly with pain, the Wyverian couldn't help but feel a stronger sense of overwhelming pleasure. She bit lower lip and raised her brow, seemingly forgetful of the terrible fate she had caused for herself and her friends.
Once the Vespoids were ready, they finally unloaded a massive stream of sperm to fill the skulls of their victims. The Handler in green was still motionless as spunk burst from her forehead and slowly dripped across her face. The Handler in yellow was finally given a merciful end as what little life and memory she had left was washed away as her skull flooded with cum. Her rolling eyes finally relaxed into an empty forward gaze as she drew a final gasping breath. The Third Fleet Master was given one final surge of pain and pleasure as her tongue hung from her gaping mouth. Cum burst from her lips and flooded her bloody throat. Her eyes looked on in opposite directions after one final spasm that finally signaled the end of the brilliant Wyverian beauty.
With their preparations complete, the male Vespoids left the corpses of their victims to find suitable females. Once the females were led to the motionless bodies, they began to lay their eggs through the holes made by the males' stingers. With their craniums filled with sperm, the eggs would be fertilized and incubated in the grey matter of three once revered and intelligent researchers of the Commission. For days the eggs rested in the skulls of the corpses, the foul stench of the Vespoid sperm warding off any passing scavengers. Once the eggs began to hatch, the maggots would feast on the remains until they reached maturity.

This wasn't a bad idea, but damn was it hard trying to think of multiple good expressions for all the victims. Plus I spent way too long writing what was supposed to be a short story to go with it.

I'd prefer to stay anonymous. I'm willing to try that idea eventually but I'm probably going to try and take a break from Monster Hunter requests for now (unless a new idea REALLY gets my interest) and maybe try to do some of the other requests.


Holy moly this is amazing!!! Thanks so much for doing this request!!!



Well does this request peak your interest? >>26098


Another amazing image and story! It's understandable that you want to be anonymous if this is something you draw on the side, but if you ever open your commissions here i would love to pay you for your great work!


File: 1579446872040.jpg (242.32 KB, 952x1000, AquaRequest.jpg)

Requesting a busty Aqua (or any of the girls really) from Konosuba either on her back being choked to death from a deepthroat, having her mouth be used as a cumdump after a strangling or neckbreak, or getting a necro titfuck. Preferably with the killer trash-talking their victim's corpse.



I second that.



Wow this feels kinda sad

I cant
The canon was too fun




Wow you dont really mean this right omfg

This is so fucking sad

It s for the money rite(


What does this even mean?


Just someone who forgot to take their meds before posting.


File: 1579757772894.jpg (2.17 MB, 3321x4666, 525794.jpg)

Req anything with a beheaded and raped Ranka Lee


File: 1579813354956.png (353.04 KB, 917x904, Shiori.png)

Going through the old unfinished requests and doing the ones that catch my eye.

Thanks for the offer but this is a definite side thing for me, dont want to get money involved.


File: 1579825925562.png (1.5 MB, 2475x827, Konosuba_DecapA.png)


File: 1579825997144.png (1.47 MB, 2475x827, Konosuba_DecapB.png)

A version without blood for Wiz, considering she's a lich and might not actually have any blood.


File: 1579826422408.png (1.48 MB, 2475x827, Konosuba_DecapC.png)


File: 1579827064825.png (1.44 MB, 2475x827, Konosuba_DecapD.png)

And versions without cum.

I suppose I'll make another one of my own requests while I'm here. I'd love to see a busty/curvy version of any of the female Pokemon Trainers (preferably May, Lillie, Bea, Female Team Skull or Yell Grunts, or Marnie) being skullfucked through the back or top of their heads, or being pinned with their backs to a tree and facefucked until they suffocate to death.


Request: Carrot or Nami from One Piece being executed or necro-fucked! :)


Niiiice! Hope the original requester is happy with it.


File: 1580048859420.jpg (935.42 KB, 1529x1000, 1504510460979.jpg)

Requesting to turn Penny into the pic on the right. Limbless, hooked to a life-support, fucked by machines with massive dildos and forced to endure one orgasm after another for who knows how long.
Optional: give her dildo gag, blindfold and earplugs and attach them directly to her skull with piercings.


File: 1580080446071.png (704.25 KB, 1240x1754, request.png)

Any tips for a beginner?


File: 1580086680726.jpg (905.16 KB, 2165x1378, 40k.jpg)

A Warhammer Sister of Battle decapitating or bisecting a Dark Eldar wych with a chainsword. Not enough space elves getting their just desserts around!


File: 1580130661782.jpg (199.91 KB, 2261x1349, EL2CuVGXYAAgTOe.jpg)

Requesting Nuclear Wasabi's character Command Grab getting a necro titfuck or gangbang by shotas that have had enough of her tantrums.

Some references/inspiration


Nicely done on the delivery

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