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File: 1551598596289.png (592.33 KB, 912x848, reqsample.png)


Hi, we're new here. Never drawn guro before and want to try it. If anyone has a request just post it along with a pic of your girl. We're a blank slate so anything goes.

We'll choose based on how much we like the girl and how fun the idea sounds. May or may not be colored.


Fine print: fan art is more likely to be accepted, but OCs are OK too.




File: 1551606236789.jpg (493.14 KB, 895x1352, mirage.jpg)

How about Mirage Jenius from Macross Delta?


Oh, and maybe her getting sliced up by laser fire for an idea?


File: 1551608333493.png (88.63 KB, 222x350, 222px-Widowmaker-portrait.png)

How about Widowmaker decapitated and forced to lick her headless body's pussy by Mercy?



File: 1551609771682.png (1.34 MB, 1410x1965, Litchi_Faye-Ling_(Centralf….png)

Faye Ling from Blazblue, cut in half at the waist with both halves being fucked.


File: 1551616215347.png (170.99 KB, 510x789, kraehe.png)

Kraehe, tentacle fucked to death.


File: 1551617883509.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1200, x15cyx7 (1).png)

t and her skin drying after it was flayed off.


Chang'e from Smite as a skin rug on the floor


didn't mean to double post


File: 1551627059214.png (77.65 KB, 250x367, Kneesocksb.png)

Could I ask for cartoon Kneesocks, fully clothed in her school uniform, having just been beheading and fucked in the cowgirl position please? Thanks


File: 1551629154746.png (376.1 KB, 531x1100, 7D2CE0DE-9123-431F-BBE8-18….png)

Can you draw a headless Christie in her dominatrix outfit as shown (only with gloved hands as shown in DOA4) rubbing her exposed breasts plz?


File: 1551629971387.jpg (626.61 KB, 640x1200, 71039207-fef63bcf8e68156b6….jpg)

How about Zoe from League of Legends? Im open to ANYthing, but my own suggestion would be maybe "aftermath" of this scene. Lets say she got captured while going thro the portal and they pulled her pants/panties down and her shirt up then holded her until the portal closed cutting her sexy loli body into two! Now she lay down on the ground dead or squirming ready to be necro fucked!


Any kind of vampire chick, staked and looking all shocked right before she turns to dust.


Can I request something of Trudy Proud and Susan Long getting killed by Ladybug (who’s got the Jagan eye from Yu Yu Hakusho)? Bonus if both Trudy and Susan have perky tits and amazingly juicy asses.


File: 1551644213886.png (208.75 KB, 453x994, 102642366483112.png)

here come the first oc,i guess.i do hope she got chosen :P getting shot right in the head while being shocked by taser,then the killer do some 'fun' stuff with her body :P


Thanks for the ideas so far. We'll try Kraehe and Zoe, maybe one more if there's further suggestions.


Mind doing anything of Sunako Nakahara being cut up?


File: 1551663790298.jpg (1.97 MB, 1600x2100, Madelyn02.jpg)

Maaaybe you could draw my oc Madelyn, impaled from cunt to mouth?


File: 1551679329698.jpg (155.98 KB, 850x1200, horo.jpg)

Horo from Spice and Wolf with two men fucking her brain through her ears as it leaks out with a braindead expression on her face.


File: 1551683619434.jpg (110.46 KB, 894x894, 3_by_arcan18_dcts2l4-pre.jpg)

How about something less human ? Maybe a dragoness?(my favorite is this one here hxxps:// ) Something with necrophilia maybe? Never saw an actual necrophilia with a dragoness. :D <3


Even got her nice and ready for you! hehe xD


File: 1551689903871.jpg (231.09 KB, 735x990, 72336306_p13_master1200.jpg)

Welcome to Gurochan!

How about Temari sliced to pieces by garrote wires?


Shota with a cute foreskin gettin his genitals sliced off


File: 1551714465777.jpg (3.33 MB, 2555x3600, 1543067752967.jpg)

How about this pharaoh from the mge having been chopped up and her body parts put into a meat grinder?


If you are looking for requests the drawthread is practically full of them.


File: 1551739361681.jpg (128.31 KB, 751x1063, knives_chau_on_the_apartme….jpg)

How about Knives Chau, after having an auto erotic asphyxiation accident?


Erza or Rias with their chest opened up and their heads shoved inside while being fucked, extra points for the heart and/or lungs lying on the side


File: 1551759603995.jpeg (606.57 KB, 1240x1753, 08F642BD-20D0-4172-A795-2….jpeg)

Violet Parr fucked to death through her ears in front of her horrified mother?


Vote this !


File: 1551779390928.jpeg (25.33 KB, 300x576, images - 2019-03-05T16481….jpeg)

Arcee getting impaled and decapitated with an ahe gao expression


File: 1551899868522.jpg (127.8 KB, 1280x905, 1a.jpg)

Cattleya and Rana attacked by bandits as they fuck and snuffed!


Troll? It's literally only been 4 days. It takes a lot of time to make quality art especially if it's colored. And if it's just something they're doing on the side and only spending 15-30 minutes or so a day on we might wait weeks to see something.


File: 1551979518122.png (306.54 KB, 500x375, 16 - 1 (3).png)

These two getting shot in the pussy


File: 1552096013031.png (360.85 KB, 640x480, Camilla-VI_(1).png)

How about her decapitated and skull fucked through her neck while her stump is being fucked by someone else


File: 1552526111062.jpg (167.59 KB, 850x1455, sample_d36263eda299036a575….jpg)

I'd love to see Pearl impaled on a huge dick up to her chest or even her collarbone while in the cowgirl position. It would bulge her insides out a bit of course but no ridiculous bulge that streches out of the body, one that slips under her ribcage would be much hotter.
Expression wise she could find her fatal insertion arousing or she could be horrified about it, your choice. Truth is I'd love to see any of your lolis in this situation…


File: 1556844932196.jpg (87.36 KB, 736x794, 0db42980c8c558e670cd22984a….jpg)

How about Lina Inverse from Slayers (not the Dota version, the original from the anime) being roasted for dinner after being unable to pay another tavern tab.


I thought I'd commented here before.

Your art styles great, your works look amazing. If you come around again, post a patreon or something, it's really inspiring so I'd love to see more.


File: 1556860531115.png (399.27 KB, 568x827, Aaravi (The slayer).png)

How about Aaravi/The Slayer from monster prom roasting impailed on a spit over a fire?


File: 1556864104793.png (1.04 MB, 710x1000, Mona Sketch page Bikini ….png)

Mona from Shovel knight as a meatgirl, willing or no, in any part of the cooking process or being served up. Anything ok here for me, loge as its sexy.


File: 1556923801255.png (567.22 KB, 800x998, Changling princess shot.png)

If they're still open, changeling princess from towergirls being prepped/cooked for a feast after being hunted? Preferably she's still alive.


File: 1557053334735.jpg (264.74 KB, 850x784, sample_23c9a0884e930e2262c….jpg)

How about cooking Lina and Crystal Maiden who from DOTA2?


File: 1557536484907.jpg (428.8 KB, 1280x1758, tumblr_o84carFkQW1snepxto1….jpg)

Would you do some decapitation of this slut?



File: 1557744553358.jpeg (97.1 KB, 899x1200, 5662f20141c37983fb80815f8….jpeg)

I'd love to see Kino get strangled and fucked to death.


I ask something simple to the superpowerful girls like pieces of meat yes. hands or legs and without their heads only their torso about to be cooked


Well, this thread certainly went nowhere. Good troll post OP. 10/10

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