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Old threads are no longer bumping. Start a new one's we must, yessss. Or be lazy. No! we've been lazy! But always options to be lazy… Lets just meet half way and draw a quick lazy picture and make a new thread yesss. Yes, lets do that, smeagol!

(deleted the old thread, thanks to the random anons for the welcome back, but i think we'll all agree this is a better image header for the thread :P)


File: 1550532747928.jpg (125.01 KB, 1010x1026, onetrickpony.jpg)

and the old image


Welcome back Jim, very happy to see you again, and have been a fan of your art for years.

I invite all the rest of the fans to take it easy on requests and demands. Let's just let Jim draw what he wants, at the speed he wants; and appreciate his releases as the come out.


File: 1550596953483.jpg (251.35 KB, 1150x770, katttging.jpg)

Was more a few bad seeds being jackasses. Not taking no for an answer, threats, so on, just decided to take a break. Majority of people are fine, those telling me their going to rip my face off for not drawing their things, or sending me 15 pms a month demanding i get to their character, for free, no :P. Gurochan's fairly quiet and was more other sites.


Well hopefully things stay calm, I wanted to see if you'll take a request because I love your art Jim, but only recently followed it when you took your break. since you are slowly getting back from all of this just draw whatever/whenever you want. People can get so entitled for free art, they act like you owe them for their art they are asking for free.


I am very sorry to hear that


No matter what you draw, I believe we will be very grateful about it!


File: 1550621735562.jpg (333.3 KB, 1898x848, grillbutt.jpg)

grill butt idea based off the oban thing. All i got so far cause it takes a ton of focus to try and copy the frames as i rarely try sequential stuff



I know one guy who does a lot of sequential stuff who gets all the props/hardware done first, then copypasta's the scene a few times before drawing in the characters.

Works pretty well to help reduce the strain.


File: 1550676284539.jpg (163.19 KB, 1284x954, touchup.jpg)

<shantae vore
Actually somewhat used that trick for this one, the grills a copy paste using the selection tool to delete most of the first images girl off it.


File: 1550676305445.jpg (141.16 KB, 1284x954, guroshantae.jpg)

And a cartoony skeleton bad end.


Nice touch on the mermaid skeleton.


File: 1550717936171.jpg (338.24 KB, 1097x1080, etnamilk.jpg)

Was gonna be a boob-a-tine but i was drawing the angle wrong so some moo cow transformation.


nice, even if I would've love some boob-a-tine, milking and cow transformation is just as good. Also really love the Shantae images, Monster girl prey and victims is just so hot.


File: 1550790925903.jpg (248.27 KB, 921x877, etnaframe2.jpg)

frame 2


File: 1550790948354.jpg (211.24 KB, 921x877, etnaframe3.jpg)

frame 3 for etna


File: 1550790985470.jpg (197.65 KB, 955x938, etnaframe4.jpg)

and attempt four. Was trying to make it look like her glands were still spurting milk.


She could have made a knot in the nipples first.
Great pictures very funny :D!


What exactly happened here? why her breasts fell off?


File: 1550803303275.jpg (183.63 KB, 782x963, albedo.jpg)

Heh, well the problem was without the pumps they weren't being milked fast enough and would explode.
The locks her breasts in had a guillotine like thing in them. Hitting the button triggered it. Its a magical universe so hammerspace :P?

Nothing to post guro wise so albedo from overlord sketch!


Always enjoy your katt artwork!
Also screw the people who are annoying leaches like that….


That's just wonderful.


File: 1551402522772.jpg (187.89 KB, 1065x755, rukiaidea.jpg)

felt like some debasement after a long day so re-brought up an old idea


File: 1551402539131.jpg (216.62 KB, 1120x768, kiznapunishemtn.jpg)

and then did it too kizna too


File: 1551402594806.jpg (205.68 KB, 1062x968, tetora.jpg)

And some ? gendered microphone use. Big picture in the works as well using the towergirls, so soon on that.



Glad they made sure to clean her insides too!


File: 1551436668654.jpg (266.52 KB, 1545x912, qyuckie-skeyt.jpg)

Liked the idea she had to scrub hard with all those bristles in her. Had mused her punished further with them but not sure if i'll sketch it yet :P.

Was gonna fix this sketch up a bit but its been like, three weeks and not touched it so


File: 1551491259480.jpg (219.17 KB, 849x1006, crapsketch.jpg)

absolutely buggered tonight so tried a sketch of kizna "part 2 of her punishment" The teacher taking out the pussy brush, by using his foot to push in the anal one. Kizna now "only required to take it out" but its quite stuck. Gave up on the idea which would have ended with the washu like girl from the series fisting her and tugging it out with alot of effort. Posing just didn;t work for me and its such an odd idea it was kinda "limited time interest." Not much one for anal stuff anyway :P/ Either way the crap pose I came up with for one bit of it.


File: 1551574840891.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1200, restaurant.png)

Hello, I make a drawing mix by combining several works by Jim.
I have his authorization to post it here.
I hope you will enjoy.


Where's Waldo?
Very nice was certainly a lot of work.


File: 1551696593558.jpg (474.1 KB, 1182x1689, otherframe.jpg)

>>24445 Heh as in the pm, alot of effort and looks good :).

< Blame drinky for this mlp vore. Random ninja is from log horizon :P.


File: 1551696637352.jpg (339.44 KB, 1619x847, beh.jpg)

and more failed sketches of kizna getting a toilet brush up the ass.


Look like that toilet brush is seriously stuck in her ass.
but it should not be that hard to pull it out.
Probably pulling it out should also end with pulling her intestines as well, leaving her with very horrible prolapse


File: 1551712641815.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1200, restaurant2.png)

In time, it took me several hours, and there were several versions like this one.


File: 1551712693047.jpg (821.22 KB, 1920x1200, restaurant.jpg)

Or this one.


File: 1551712740254.png (1.68 MB, 1512x1361, restauranto.png)

And the last one (I lost the others)


File: 1551750467150.jpg (292.53 KB, 1332x907, minadebreast.jpg)

super burned out now but linework for a mina thing :P I like the idea of deli slicers used on breasts but their hard to draw.Sadly got other things to do so no idea if i'll color.


Love your amazing works as always!


I would like to see you do the deli slicing to their ass cheeks to


How about legs? Arms?


File: 1551817138282.jpg (623.31 KB, 1944x972, towergirlscl.jpg)

towergirls thing for ento, (no comments on above comments just yet as this is a rush post to give to em. so excuse the delay :P.


Superb pictures.
I like the composition edit, too.


File: 1551835162422.jpg (318.38 KB, 1199x816, quickie-colormina.jpg)

not to keen on drawing dicers for little pay off so arms kidna out cause no real hentai benefit, as for the ass :P bit of a problem with the collar bone, why i liked using breasts, no hard stuff.

Did a quickie color tho god the line works shody since it was quick


File: 1551918232546.jpg (152.54 KB, 1016x776, kuma.jpg)

practice piece that turned into a kumatora



Really awesome work.


File: 1552095036136.jpg (153.12 KB, 1674x1132, raven-quicky.jpg)

Was tired so random raven :P/. threw on meat tags cause laaaaazy way to make a picture saveable.


Nice work, I love picture with butcher draw cut :p


File: 1552127921383.jpg (107.02 KB, 739x798, slowbro.jpg)

The joke on stream was it was a pretty pointless piece since nothing was going on, so I cheated and put lines on :P.

< put this here for now, may add more to it later, but I'm notorious for forgetting I even drew things if i let it sit on my harddrive, idea is slowbro transformation with a willing misty helping a "last slowbro in the area that can't find something to use with its tail for a pokeevolution so she begrudgingly inserts its tail knowing she'll transform into this. Basically she's "fused" in that position and can only really move her head slightly now becoming his "Tail."


That's a great development. Or how about Misty and Dawn as guns for Turtok?! ;-)


File: 1552210351877.jpg (130.87 KB, 1072x844, moocowraven.jpg)

Well the fun with that one was more it was a specific evolution with an absurd requirement, just replacing a part isn't as fun. Not sure how many other pokemon have anything that's simply "another pokemon hops on it XD.

< Tired with all the dental stuff going on an now daylights savings but tried to draw a "raven makes a deal with the hive five to be their permanent cow if they don't destroy the city. Failed both poses I tried to draw :P so here's one of them.


File: 1552211177894.jpg (133.9 KB, 860x788, quickiefixraven.jpg)

The other Raven. Was far worse earlier just threw a few extra lines and work together on it tho before work, but still crap XD


Jim, I know you said slivers are hard to draw, but seeing you latest Raven sketch about being a type A meat girl gave me a thought. Put Raven next to a sliver and be asking off camera something like "how thick a cut so you guys want?" So no need to lose her in the slicer, just the peril/ prep.


File: 1552401409394.jpg (724.83 KB, 1611x2238, mistygusion.jpg)

Kinda nixes out the reason for drawing it then XD its just a harder version of a chopping block prop. Rather not draw it less its gonna be used. Boobs are still the easiest to use it for without figuring out the issue of bone and whatever which ends up in my "squick level" saw blades bouncing off bone and scrapping, erk. Can do delimbed stuff off to the side or with the quick thwacks but a buzzsaw is like aaaaugh.

Very rough week so took a shot at just sketching out the rest of the misty idea with some minimal detail. The frame of her backside is supposed to show her limbs are now fused to her side as well.


File: 1552412064262.jpg (153.37 KB, 1187x1022, mimiedit.jpg)

blasted tired drawing :P made some bad decisions. Figured this is in front of yolei's store but too tired to draw a sidewalk which is alot harder to make work with a perspective then you think.


Mimi on the spit, and she looks unguarded! Yummy


File: 1552491279249.jpg (132.19 KB, 1920x1080, mimivore.jpg)

some concepts i was trying


File: 1552491410963.jpg (84.13 KB, 921x827, mimivored.jpg)

internal shot. Mimi's one of the girls I like petite, busty,and super busty and this was kidna the idea of her being sought after for that extra weight on her chest. Was trying to make it seem in this one like her bust was causing its own heavy indent in the stomach but…


File: 1552498267129.jpg (194.59 KB, 1095x1080, mimiagumon.jpg)

an attempt to kinda mimic the idea of breast eating with mimi. kinda failed a bit :P


File: 1552504017317.jpg (182.29 KB, 938x915, maylfactory.jpg)

anatomy failing :P been trying to draw something I like the last few days and just like ehhhhh. Think i'm too tired :P. Mayle from megaman helping meet yai's meat plants qouta.


File: 1552505607087.jpg (135.94 KB, 1050x953, sketchies.jpg)

evil aligned company for meatgirls needs someone to debug their meatgirl processing line, and test parts of it, so the somewhat morally evil tron bonne testing it using herself. some idea sketches.


File: 1552508738034.jpg (167.71 KB, 949x1007, angelicboobs.jpg)

big boobs


How did you come up with the idea?^_^


File: 1552515594823.jpg (285.96 KB, 1104x1786, messignaround1.jpg)

No idea what you mean :P.
(hopefully that joke translates)

<More screwing around, didn't draw the frame of them bathing to explain wet and nude.


File: 1552515624008.jpg (273.37 KB, 1104x1786, messignaround2.jpg)

a non see thru, was gonna have agumons claw on her boob, but his reach is too short.



Well, when the mood strikes you, put it to use on Raven. :) You do good work. I like what your mind comes up with.


File: 1552611245037.jpg (119.73 KB, 1422x779, watamote.jpg)

Heh well, trying to get back to old ideas and refine them so we'll see where that goes. Some attempts at finishing things in one go here of a new one, nothing really guro to post :P < Figure this is her up all night and the lights the morning sun.


The comic about Misty becoming Slowbro's tail is hilarious and weird in the best possible way. I love your content.



Looking good!


Love it!


File: 1552728698649.jpg (76.72 KB, 898x816, selphie-bondage.jpg)

Quickie i gave up on for the moment, but i like the base of. Largely posting so i don;t forget about it :P I do that alot when tired. Had the idea this was some goblins having taken out the other party members grabbing selphie tilmitt to be used for something but the pose I came up with kinda felt in complete. Need to figure out where I;m going with it :p. Maybe its her being dragged or something to their base.


File: 1552780776252.jpg (126.16 KB, 1122x757, batgirl2.jpg)

original issues batgirl still the best if aged forwards a little :P.


I wanna cook and eat that scared ass and pussy!


Great pictures and sketches.


File: 1552993953750.jpg (132.68 KB, 1253x753, akatsukiknotdrag.jpg)

Log horizons akatsuki sketch. I like the idea of girls being dragged around or hung by their pussy (which hardly anyone draws alas:P) so gave it another go though the angle doesn't quite got the drag feel to it i wanted. Probably needed more of a stretch at the end of the cock. Also hard to draw a huge knot in a girl this size and still have room without going the distension route :P. Him dragging her broke her outfit and that's why shes naked now.


File: 1553007065580.jpg (122.12 KB, 1017x881, gaige1.jpg)

an idea i had for gaige replacing her nipples with shield generating augments but i got a head cold so idle sketching :P.


File: 1553007107862.jpg (131.81 KB, 1017x881, gaige2.jpg)

cause gurochan objects to me jsut doing peril :P . If i made an after frame those nipples at the side would be on her with her shooting her guns and the cord running to a clit ring dangling battery box.


File: 1553007123229.jpg (138.74 KB, 1280x1057, why-you-expect.jpg)

and a sketch of buttstallion


It would be better if she cut off her clit and replaced it with a battery. Or maybe her whole pussy


File: 1553030028985.jpg (109.78 KB, 845x899, vanellope-cream.jpg)

I like the idea more of a big heavy thing dangling off the clit XD.

Sketch I may refine, like the idea of van with half frozen tits.


Delicious ice cream breasts!:)
Or how about two candied apples breasts!:P


File: 1553036753310.jpg (65.32 KB, 685x555, bitbetter.jpg)

That just makes me think of how they'd have stems :P.

Another ten minute sketches (pretty much everything i posted today was brief bursts of energy in between Kleenex binges.) Raven with some ham netting.


File: 1553048373872.jpg (179.47 KB, 1130x934, quickvan.jpg)

Couldn;t sleep and apparently pain of being sick is a good motivator for sketches so did another van off getting ideas from the icecream one but not wanting to trace anything. Tracing is so boring…

Actually all these aren't the only thing i drew today but most people don't care about oc spiders wearing sleep masks and mermaid chibi sketches :P.

This one was an attempt to make tits burnt and blackened like burgers which still elludes me.


File: 1553048434206.jpg (127.57 KB, 1103x756, gotoworkeko.jpg)

and just cause this is sufficiently freakshow, someone bugged me to draw this :P.


File: 1553061467330.jpg (246.47 KB, 1653x1443, works.jpg)

can't sleep clowns will eat me.


File: 1553086196359.jpg (186.68 KB, 1110x960, giwhale.jpg)

Gi from the planeteers helping a failing water park feed their whale. The gags organic and ediable for the whale and just being used so she doesn''t inadvertently make a noise to alert everyone to the fact the "feeding" normally done live was changed for a reason to behind closed doors. The fish is being used to make sure she smell suitably foodish and to her embarrassment the public nudity and danger is making her nipple rock hard. The public will never know during the next showing the whales swimming around with the planeteer in its gut as it does tricks.


File: 1553089463786.jpg (282.16 KB, 1432x1374, concept-hat-time.jpg)

SPoiler: In seal the deal you have a crusie shipo you do quests for that eventually crashes :P had the idea for the ship crashing with hat girl already served up unable to rescue it and a local killer whale knows a free meal when it slides off the deck.


Productive wednesday! I like the Gi and Vanellope ones a lot.


You draw hathit super delectable looking, Jim! Hope she ends up on your plate again!


File: 1553161274557.jpg (76.15 KB, 731x868, pointlessvan.jpg)

Like hat girl alot but yet to play her game tho i own it so sure once i eventually get the time too i'll get some more ideas. All this was just from a lets play bit i saw that was just the seal the deal stuff with the boat.
Not guro, but did more van after that, tho i did attempt the before of the grill scene with her in the skyrim and 2nd life mods section of the internet geeking out over the devices.


File: 1553161354208.jpg (81.11 KB, 564x753, van.jpg)

Was really tired by this point :P. Basically some place holder text of her talking about "she's actually roasting her titties" and how she'll have "cow udders only good for hamburger" after she installs her mod. Vans always a bit foul mouthed to was trying to work with it.


File: 1553204907790.jpg (125.34 KB, 1056x801, timecapsuile.jpg)

weird idea i had for the snuff club of a college hearing about the college time capsule, meant for less of a "few years later opening" and more for long term distant future. One of the girls was interested in "leaving something from the club" and they ended up asking the college for permission to leave their own special item in the capsule. Using some medical knowledge, and something akin to amber, one girl from the group was filled with the "dna" from many males in the school (either orally or from you know where) with a funnel, and then climbed into a large tank provided by the club which was filled out of the school grounds until it hardened, once it hardened it was removed, added to the time capsule with the rest of the things and buried. The girl's last efforts were largely to make sure her nipples were as hard as possible for a real show when whoever unburied the time capsule and displayed it to his colleagues or the media, her fantasy about the event. Basically shes become a dna and cultural relic for people far in the future, with most of the school knowing about the naked girl now buried near the tree on the land..


I hope you or tvb pit this in a story. And dont skip on the type of males dna she is storing. We cant discriminate in this day and age. Man, dog, horse, pig…


File: 1553246818341.jpg (9.29 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)


Me and tvb don't really do stories together anymore so i'd be on my own for this if i did anything. I did brain storm more frames and a story behind it, but it kinda depends on times energy and so on and since i;m sick at the moment it really sucks for energy at the moment :P. Be fairly easy to write if i had the time but blargh. I barely get a few hours a day of usable time even when not sick.


File: 1553300706921.jpg (149.71 KB, 1144x932, unique.jpg)

Jotting down another odd idea. Had the idea of a girl who wanted to be "unique" and stand out as much as she could so joined the club due to the low enrollment and chances to do stuff "no one else does." Basically wanted to buy it as uniquely as she could, a total primadonna type for anime girls especially cause she has jumbo sized boobs. One of the guys in the club talks to her about a firing range he rents for rare firearms use (out doors out in the boonies) and that he has something that's not shown up on other videos yet as possible way to buy it. She agrees to come "Ready to maybe snuff it" with mental fantasies of things like miniguns and ridiculous stuff, and he'll show his surprise he has for her when she gets there and she can decide if she wants to do it. Figured plot wise they get some of the cooking clubs anti pain/blisters, negative effects caused by immune system to fire things so if shes burnt she just gets burnt and doesn''t blister up and its not as painful it'll kill her tho if the antidotes not administered after a few hours as it shuts down some reaction stuff, like anti sickness stuff. Figured they'd try it on her tits first after giving her time for it to set in, her finding out they "remain on fire for a bit" cause of the fuel, and freaking out that they almost burn off the tattoo for the snuff club (wanting it intact for any long videos), and then decides to let him use it fully on her boobs (layign down on the stand and a glass plated with her boobs allowed to hang, and then overcome with lust for "being a spectacle" gives em the go ahead for the rest after her tits are largely burnt to ash. Little more violent and idea then i usually go for. I figure the previous girls name was taylor and one of the club founders, and this girl joins after seeing the whole time capsule thing. not sure on name yet for her.


looks like you have some good ideas. hope you feel better soon. Always like your "sequential" stuff, even if its just 2 "pages". The Maori (cant look it up on Eka's with the move) self-cannibalism and the Raven brain fry are stories I like to re-visit when going through your art.


File: 1553455719140.jpg (63.69 KB, 606x727, sketch.jpg)



File: 1553455849698.jpg (135.28 KB, 909x1091, beignlazy.jpg)

and a crappy non color. I might refine it with more later but ran out of steam so just threw on some highlights. Was intended to have sango helping commenting on "man in the future girl's tits are big, but their really swelling up now too, i wonder if we need to poke some holes so they don't burst…" but still fighting off the last of my cold. Pretty much my energy drink wore off midway thru this.


In any case, without the twins, it will be easier to get through the well.


File: 1553477659653.jpg (206.62 KB, 1406x1034, randomrollperileggs.jpg)

quicky roll oviposition peril.


File: 1553626538681.jpg (156.42 KB, 940x1362, blegh.jpg)

kidna blegh sketch day :P.


File: 1553626575059.jpg (107.68 KB, 951x970, kattandcatra.jpg)

some pussies


File: 1553633883802.jpg (154.89 KB, 919x789, delifreshraven.jpg)

she should have known when they went straight for the store deli.


Is that a cleaver about to do what cleavers do?

Sketch or "finished" I'll never complain when you put up new snuf…stuff



File: 1553722128392.jpg (89.67 KB, 1068x1100, ravennude.jpg)

amusingly i pretty much did the same thing before :P somewhere back in the gallery i did her with an alien about to db her with a cleaver too, was just being lazy. Not sure whats with the post with my name on it with no text, think gurochan glitched or something as I saw it when i came on and its not linked to my pass so i can't delete it.


I really am glad to see that you're back. There's just something about how you draw the Titans, especially Raven, that just works with them being meatgirls.


File: 1553734749923.jpg (56.17 KB, 525x855, ravenburgers.jpg)

I have no idea what that might be! I mean i draw them pretty on model… right :P??

< included "on model body ref" yup. This was from a bad drawing night, took three tries to draw one goood picture by the end :P


Still starfire in the background, pointing to Ravens butt and offering this great ham as a main course to another client instead of her breasts. ;P


I wish i had any skill to write or draw the stories that your art outs in my head


File: 1553817133156.jpg (142.75 KB, 1179x741, hookedandcook.jpg)

cause tired long days at work :P.

Also writing is largely just getting stuff done on text files why i never do it :P.
requires work


File: 1553819045913.jpg (150.62 KB, 1394x807, toastymermaid.jpg)

eko fueled (not much into no nethers their big into mermaids so this was a prod at their tastes.)


Awesome :D
How much for two slices? Need them on my toast.


File: 1553905636365.jpg (137.02 KB, 1120x778, ekoaday.jpg)

poking more fun at eko with a centaur being spitted by a minotaur meat shop owner.


File: 1553912925804.jpg (39.46 KB, 446x559, latexandballgag.jpg)

also realized someone might like the bondage mermaid here even tho it was a joke.


Could you draw some futas with cute foreskins being butchered? Some cocks severed in a tray, heads hanging from ceiling, etc


I don't really draw that type of stuff ^^: note the absence of cock almost entirely from my gallery. That's more of a canime thing, tho he'd make ye pay for it :P/.



Canime isn't interested in drawing gore though. So, a fairly limited range of stuff he'll do.

Underrock will do it though, same for Anguro Kraken. But, again, both on a paid commission basis.

Best of luck!


Greetings, Jim
I have always liked your work very much; whether it's a sketch or a finished work, they are always full of creativity. But a lot of your sketches on Tumblr was lost because their change of policy, one of which I had a very profound impression of is a sketch about an Emergency Ration Girl (maybe Misato?) and many other Tifa sketches LOL. If you still have these beautiful sketches, do you mind posting them here?


File: 1554331664007.jpg (184.44 KB, 884x1143, kattpunishment.jpg)

Nini after searchign thru the town finds katt about to get punishment for the typical "evil overlord of the town makes trumped up charges" in a very public setting.


File: 1554331958664.jpg (136.08 KB, 1227x804, shikicooked.jpg)

Didn't catch this till I posted. Those should be on eka's if i miss my guess or in the previous threads I think. I don't think anything on tumblr didn't get posted to one or the other if it was a peril theme. I had a period of severe down time and exhaustion where I was just kinda doing whatever tho so i might have missed one. The non hentai sillies though i haven't really reuploaded.

Also reminded me to uplaod this :P i been intending to color the second of these two but been too tired and works not letting up. so posting before it forget it entirely.


File: 1554332035034.jpg (264.44 KB, 1313x1241, uncensored.jpg)

if no one gets this there's a curry mission in the world ends with you :P. Rhymes intended to be of age, as obviously shiki's been aged up to have that body :P.


File: 1554332164899.jpg (456.55 KB, 1528x1440, kairi.jpg)

and an unfinished kairi


File: 1554334843494.jpg (199.8 KB, 884x1143, schluck.jpg)

quick edit


Hope to see you color this one day.

You do awesome peril, but it is nice to see the end result some times. Thanks for the "quick edit" version.



File: 1554456072178.jpg (270.85 KB, 1065x1060, owisuck.jpg)

Not sure if i'll get to coloring it, hoping to some day, but blarghl. And did the edit cause yeah i don't do alot of after perils beyond some cooking XD.

Also think someones been doing some shenanigans in this thread since we now had a jim sugomi and jim post that's blank that's not from me >>, might just be weird board things for one and a jim trying to post and then not or something but you know what they say about paranoia…

Nothing I got really to post so here's an unrefined thing I had sent to boeserwolf for their girl and had intended to dabble with more but alas the evil work.


Oh man, I've increased in weight! ; P
I try the Seven Days, seven little goat diet!


File: 1554499390590.jpg (325.43 KB, 1355x998, ravenham.jpg)

Wanted to try an "After" of raven;s breasts roasted with the ham binding, resulting in the breasts swelling up enough that the binding cut the patten into the skin. Bit too busy (and lazy) to color it. I got a project I owe someone that i need to do sometime in here and i have zeroooo time. I long ago though made a point of distinguishing between a leisure sketch and working on something for someone.


File: 1554499719658.jpg (84.05 KB, 836x683, noncut.jpg)

the base I used to work with.


Is Raven having "ham" too?



Oh my. I can never get enough Katt.


Is that her panties on top of his tongue in the first pic?

And the second pic - what is that being tugged on? Her womb?


basically its kinda meant at the bottom picture is the first top the second, was gonna make more sense when i had more frames but got none. Basically he sticky tongued her pussy all the way to the womb and drags her in then is eating her after disrobing her, after shoving it in he ripped her panties and shoved them in as well.
Raven's eating too and annoyed cause starfire's shaking her while she's trying to eat.


File: 1554585690542.jpg (118.39 KB, 970x903, tinytina.jpg)

Tiny Tina found before her respawn.


Remembers me to finish the Tiny Tina x Megumin explosive allianz short story.


File: 1554815625598.jpg (404.57 KB, 1920x1440, marinaandperal.jpg)

Tako. Idea I had but to lazy to flesh out so i sketched it.


File: 1554941915524.jpg (131.13 KB, 1062x715, violetroasted.jpg)

Fixed a spelling error. Also figured she just got fished out a of a deep frier and hence the reaction :P. All she knew was her tits had stopped hurting under the oil and then flap onto a plate and its like !!!.


Man, Pearl should think twice about what she's doing. Stuffed squid is another popular recipe.


I know it is only a sketch, but the mid air dice sketch reminds me of those documentaries where they "explode" something so you can see how it all fits together.

Someone mentioned stuffed taco. Diced and stuffed in the cunt for "flavor". Probably easier to draw than that one turducken pic you did. I remember you said it was hard to draw, but that idea was a good one.


Is that her filet carved out and in the bowl? I don't have the best monitor or eyesight. :(


File: 1555408790657.jpg (257.48 KB, 1920x1080, edits.jpg)

Yeah with a bit missing from it that the other girls eating.

Thought of the slow motion with a bullet thing in the past using someone like seras victoria but been lazy.

Always liked the idea of pearl trying to counter her pygmy squid status with boobs and boob milk.

<A little in progress thing. Tomoko and her fantasy version of herself.


If the boobs grow back I wonder if it is possible to cut them off and surgically attach them for instant boob upgrade?


File: 1555462499960.jpg (140.13 KB, 944x789, ravehams.jpg)

Tho' now with two skin tones i'd assume :P. Imagine that'd be interesting watching her try and walk with those,

Quite tired still so tried a sketch or two this is the one gurochanish, Figured her tits had heated up so much her nipples were spurting from the pressure.


File: 1555469346485.jpg (186.16 KB, 1013x891, bleppignaroundiris.jpg)

I call a sketch with no "omph" pointless :P so pointless sketch here, was messing with a pose due to insomnia but i don;t got the brain to make it good Xd. Another iris irene.


File: 1555552307812.jpg (178.14 KB, 1080x1007, meat-start.jpg)

Idea i had i decided to just quick jot down. Not the best dialogue :P but i;m so tired at this rate i forget these ideas in a day.


File: 1555552334922.jpg (204.3 KB, 1281x999, meaty1.jpg)

part 2


File: 1555552374054.jpg (197.44 KB, 1281x999, meaty2.jpg)

part 3. Annoyed i been so tired lately that refining ideas just seems exhausting beyond measure.


Don't make yourself too tired, Jim!Take care!Get some rest, love your works as always!


File: 1555621270437.jpg (89.38 KB, 1316x689, random-raven.jpg)

random raven things


File: 1555803986991.jpg (154.66 KB, 922x954, beinglazy.jpg)

being lazy quicky sketch of
ikumi mito, still not seen the anime.


Looks sweet!


Very nice sketch, but now the real topic.
You have not seen the anime yet !!!?
Immediately look there is enough inspiration for you!


File: 1555849935085.jpg (139.01 KB, 949x941, quickyperi.jpg)

I tend to get a bit bored of those type of animes. I more like action/ weird powers animes.

<nothing really to post gurowise so peri sketch of her with blood.


File: 1555853331443.jpg (168.88 KB, 991x956, kagomeboobs.jpg)

blowing off some stress. Honestly refining these things and coloring them = tiring, while sketching tends to be relaxing so if anyone ever wondered why i have like 1,200 (literally) of these damn crappy sketches and so little color :P. Well blame me jub.

Had the idea for larger breasts then what was used before in a bigger basket, but i ended up with less then intended whoops, but big pale boobs ended up making me think of kagome, so i figured a shot of her with a wicker basket full of boobs and a bandaged up chest.


Whatever works for you is fine. I'd rather have new sketches than nothing, so if that's what helps you out, by all means go for it.


I quite like your sketches, so if doing them rather then full pics is relaxing, please keep on going.


File: 1555890456347.jpg (68.51 KB, 751x860, witchslayer.jpg)

sadly shortly after my pen broke XD so no art for me for two days while i wait for the new pen to arrive, was in the middle of this on stream when it happened. Just having nooo luck.



I'm also more into action, sport or adult animes. But i also like to watch a well feel anime from time to time. War is love as example was a nice watch. You don’t have to commit into it. One episode at a time works well. Chika and Kakuya are both cute girls too:)
At the moment i watch hitori Bocchi. Cute shy girl try to find friends. Sometimes it is relaxing to watch animes like this.


File: 1556415177407.jpg (116 KB, 915x752, borednowdone.jpg)

pen came a few days ago but been to busy so just did some idle doodles, this is about the only thing here=y



Yes, or Ishtar


Yay!New art works from Jim!


File: 1556488756072.gif (273.86 KB, 814x957, genderbender.gif)

mal was streaming fate and i was trying to get anyone to react :P Not even weaponized pussy and genderbending could sway the crowd to even go "!" Mal was the only one to even notice XD.


File: 1556621030409.jpg (125.95 KB, 906x1080, weirdlightsaberperil.jpg)

was screwing around :P Theres a rope tied by the button so if she moves her legs it;ll activate the saber but the entire picture felt half ased to me, cause really it was it was a ten minute sketch where i just couldn;t figure out what i wanted to do with it and wound up with a kooky pose :P.



Thanks for explaining the peril. Interesting idea.

If you are ever in the mind to just do Ashoka in a pose (no perils/guro) like you sometimes just draw Raven, please add those tats to the drawing. :)


File: 1556649218946.jpg (141.31 KB, 1012x822, ahsokaprep.jpg)

Tends to be how i draw ahsoka Xd i tend to make ahsoka more of an alien exhibitionist. Less that shes one counter to her culture and more this is more normal for her (so pantiless upshots so on.) So some tattoos to show her alliances seemed appropriate when i draw her, as its all jsut free billboard space. (Though then i also give some to the other girls from the series so XD.)

Anb idea i was toying with but ran out of time due to unexpected crap. This was kinda the middle image idea. Idea being shes in a lake taking bath when ewoks ambush thinking shes a creature not a sentient cause of lack of clothes (with her possibly masturbating and reacting to a noise to cover herself up just to end up naked like this and exposed :P), this one of the prep i decided i wanted to try "guroish" with with her being gutted and them like "wtf are these things" considering the rarity of breasts with mammals and wondering if they should leave em attached, and the final would have been her roasting in some way.


I love that Ewok in the top center of the second Ahsoka picture. Kind of looks like he's a scientist trying to figure out the mysteries of whatever the hell this creature is. I can just picture him in a lab coat and glasses pouring over his research data.


File: 1556658850929.jpg (142.96 KB, 916x903, quicky-cooked-ahsoka.jpg)

quicky attempt at the end of it, though doing this with like 10-15 minutes to do it in so its scratch :P


File: 1556750086890.jpg (112.54 KB, 1022x904, steambot.jpg)

steamworld bot for chao. Little outside my interests personally :P


Roast your robot? Okay Roll looks Kind of tasty. But steam robots are more interesting for robot cannibals i think:)


File: 1556759529896.jpg (125.69 KB, 901x1040, larthingy.jpg)

Actually passed up drawing a roll idea I had of her being swallowed by one of snake mans pipes, but felt I owed chao for a delay in something. Lifes been hitting me over the head daily to the point my two days off this week became half a day thru shennnnnnaigans :P.

< I got nadda to post as again getting hammered with stuff.


That actually looks really good and funny, good work making me want to eat a robot.


My doctor says that I should eat more iron, but that's too much! XD



Thanks once more for this one Jim XD

You can make everything looks tasty, even Robots =P

I'm happy other seem to like this piece ^^


File: 1557270909447.jpg (119.21 KB, 860x932, mona-andplague.jpg)

may try and fix this up later as its showing my tiredness a little too much but since it was made cause of a drawing someone posted here figure what the hey :P.,


File: 1557324881702.jpg (329.65 KB, 1626x1328, abigial.jpg)

out of energy to color at the moment.


I hope they will put this into the game!
I think Emily would have been better she was always so helpful and a little crazy?


Hell yeah, glad I'm not the only one who wants to eat the Stardew Valley girls.


File: 1557359901649.jpg (170.09 KB, 947x900, bad-pose.jpg)

>>25391 heh emily was a little to in the wrong type of crazy for me so i ended up with abigail as my characters wife. So she comes first to my mind when i think of the game. I also wanted to experiment with a few things involving a heavier set body though it kinda failed along that lines.

This was the original sketch I did based off some reference I found tho I heavily changed the pose their nearly different in every regards.


Lovely Abigal, jim, she was always my favorite wife, but yea, if this was an option, my farmer would do this to all her wives, they're just all so tasty looking!
Hope some more Stardew vally sows end up on the table~


Love your newest works! Many thanks!


File: 1557370755062.jpg (213.63 KB, 1001x1087, quickieiris.jpg)

I'm kinda erratic at the moment, so no guarantees on anything. Trying to get too much done and just been venting thru art so doing ideas as they come to me and I got the drive.
>>25399 and >>25395
Glad yah liked it

And something random of iris irene as i tend to try and post a picture with any text i post.


I think pretty much everyone was into abigail:)



Any chance of a mother/day at the university, ya know if the idea came to you? ;o)


File: 1557622211109.jpg (185.47 KB, 1800x1013, workprogrestomoko.jpg)

>>25411 I;m not really a fan of helen, violet so hit my "sodoka/ring girl" love (hated they made her go to "normal" at the end. But yeah helens just naaaah for me. I tried even thinking of something like unbirht or shape shifted arms into dildos (even odd idea for her head thrusting into violet and sucking on her cervix) but yeah nadda interest wise.
>>25408 Heh i think more would have taken the redhead that's married if not married, but married. Abigial was defiently the geek bait tho

On that note tomoko progress, this is beign done for chao but life is beating me to death and had to throw a wendy idea under the bus to finally make progress. was either line work or a sketch i did the line work while i let swag and sorcery run.


Fair enough, Helen doesn't necessarily do it for me but the mother daughter angle makes work…

IF I were being honest, a crossover between Vanellope/Violet both aged forward to where you have done things in the past would be more to my preferences personally (It's a personality thing)


Oh, that's a very lovely pic so far, jim! good work.


File: 1557872942559.jpg (50.46 KB, 682x754, artofbullshti3.jpg)

soem attempted color work with raven as practice


File: 1557881487086.jpg (172.72 KB, 1275x1004, messing-with-choa.jpg)

Decided to be lazy and steal one of Chaotiquos works to mess with his head.


File: 1557888492065.jpg (160.99 KB, 1091x893, whychange.jpg)

Some more practice for the day, I had the fun idea of Yoko being embarrassed as a crew ration so she opted to "least keep her underwear on" which when you consider her usual outfit is actually a down grade for trying not to make people look somehow (specially since all she had was lingrie for a bra, cause when does she ever usually wear some :P. Her nipples of course are showing thru the lace a little.)



Sadly clothes prey is underused. I think the not fully nude style works especially well with shy or forced prey. It also is more funny if the predigen just undresses the pantys to make it easier to spit his prey.


i always like a huge breasted girl in a bikini especially when they're g-string is around they're thighs and they're pulling open they're top so they can be spitted, always had a fantasy about vonsweets being spit roasted consensual in a bikini as she bares her tits and bends over to take a spit up her ass while her g-string is around her thighs

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