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Old threads are no longer bumping. Start a new one's we must, yessss. Or be lazy. No! we've been lazy! But always options to be lazy… Lets just meet half way and draw a quick lazy picture and make a new thread yesss. Yes, lets do that, smeagol!

(deleted the old thread, thanks to the random anons for the welcome back, but i think we'll all agree this is a better image header for the thread :P)


File: 1550532747928.jpg (125.01 KB, 1010x1026, onetrickpony.jpg)

and the old image


Welcome back Jim, very happy to see you again, and have been a fan of your art for years.

I invite all the rest of the fans to take it easy on requests and demands. Let's just let Jim draw what he wants, at the speed he wants; and appreciate his releases as the come out.


File: 1550596953483.jpg (251.35 KB, 1150x770, katttging.jpg)

Was more a few bad seeds being jackasses. Not taking no for an answer, threats, so on, just decided to take a break. Majority of people are fine, those telling me their going to rip my face off for not drawing their things, or sending me 15 pms a month demanding i get to their character, for free, no :P. Gurochan's fairly quiet and was more other sites.


Well hopefully things stay calm, I wanted to see if you'll take a request because I love your art Jim, but only recently followed it when you took your break. since you are slowly getting back from all of this just draw whatever/whenever you want. People can get so entitled for free art, they act like you owe them for their art they are asking for free.


I am very sorry to hear that


No matter what you draw, I believe we will be very grateful about it!


File: 1550621735562.jpg (333.3 KB, 1898x848, grillbutt.jpg)

grill butt idea based off the oban thing. All i got so far cause it takes a ton of focus to try and copy the frames as i rarely try sequential stuff



I know one guy who does a lot of sequential stuff who gets all the props/hardware done first, then copypasta's the scene a few times before drawing in the characters.

Works pretty well to help reduce the strain.


File: 1550676284539.jpg (163.19 KB, 1284x954, touchup.jpg)

<shantae vore
Actually somewhat used that trick for this one, the grills a copy paste using the selection tool to delete most of the first images girl off it.


File: 1550676305445.jpg (141.16 KB, 1284x954, guroshantae.jpg)

And a cartoony skeleton bad end.


Nice touch on the mermaid skeleton.


File: 1550717936171.jpg (338.24 KB, 1097x1080, etnamilk.jpg)

Was gonna be a boob-a-tine but i was drawing the angle wrong so some moo cow transformation.


nice, even if I would've love some boob-a-tine, milking and cow transformation is just as good. Also really love the Shantae images, Monster girl prey and victims is just so hot.


File: 1550790925903.jpg (248.27 KB, 921x877, etnaframe2.jpg)

frame 2


File: 1550790948354.jpg (211.24 KB, 921x877, etnaframe3.jpg)

frame 3 for etna


File: 1550790985470.jpg (197.65 KB, 955x938, etnaframe4.jpg)

and attempt four. Was trying to make it look like her glands were still spurting milk.


She could have made a knot in the nipples first.
Great pictures very funny :D!


What exactly happened here? why her breasts fell off?


File: 1550803303275.jpg (183.63 KB, 782x963, albedo.jpg)

Heh, well the problem was without the pumps they weren't being milked fast enough and would explode.
The locks her breasts in had a guillotine like thing in them. Hitting the button triggered it. Its a magical universe so hammerspace :P?

Nothing to post guro wise so albedo from overlord sketch!


Always enjoy your katt artwork!
Also screw the people who are annoying leaches like that….


That's just wonderful.


File: 1551402522772.jpg (187.89 KB, 1065x755, rukiaidea.jpg)

felt like some debasement after a long day so re-brought up an old idea


File: 1551402539131.jpg (216.62 KB, 1120x768, kiznapunishemtn.jpg)

and then did it too kizna too


File: 1551402594806.jpg (205.68 KB, 1062x968, tetora.jpg)

And some ? gendered microphone use. Big picture in the works as well using the towergirls, so soon on that.



Glad they made sure to clean her insides too!


File: 1551436668654.jpg (266.52 KB, 1545x912, qyuckie-skeyt.jpg)

Liked the idea she had to scrub hard with all those bristles in her. Had mused her punished further with them but not sure if i'll sketch it yet :P.

Was gonna fix this sketch up a bit but its been like, three weeks and not touched it so


File: 1551491259480.jpg (219.17 KB, 849x1006, crapsketch.jpg)

absolutely buggered tonight so tried a sketch of kizna "part 2 of her punishment" The teacher taking out the pussy brush, by using his foot to push in the anal one. Kizna now "only required to take it out" but its quite stuck. Gave up on the idea which would have ended with the washu like girl from the series fisting her and tugging it out with alot of effort. Posing just didn;t work for me and its such an odd idea it was kinda "limited time interest." Not much one for anal stuff anyway :P/ Either way the crap pose I came up with for one bit of it.


File: 1551574840891.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1200, restaurant.png)

Hello, I make a drawing mix by combining several works by Jim.
I have his authorization to post it here.
I hope you will enjoy.


Where's Waldo?
Very nice was certainly a lot of work.


File: 1551696593558.jpg (474.1 KB, 1182x1689, otherframe.jpg)

>>24445 Heh as in the pm, alot of effort and looks good :).

< Blame drinky for this mlp vore. Random ninja is from log horizon :P.


File: 1551696637352.jpg (339.44 KB, 1619x847, beh.jpg)

and more failed sketches of kizna getting a toilet brush up the ass.


Look like that toilet brush is seriously stuck in her ass.
but it should not be that hard to pull it out.
Probably pulling it out should also end with pulling her intestines as well, leaving her with very horrible prolapse


File: 1551712641815.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1200, restaurant2.png)

In time, it took me several hours, and there were several versions like this one.


File: 1551712693047.jpg (821.22 KB, 1920x1200, restaurant.jpg)

Or this one.


File: 1551712740254.png (1.68 MB, 1512x1361, restauranto.png)

And the last one (I lost the others)


File: 1551750467150.jpg (292.53 KB, 1332x907, minadebreast.jpg)

super burned out now but linework for a mina thing :P I like the idea of deli slicers used on breasts but their hard to draw.Sadly got other things to do so no idea if i'll color.


Love your amazing works as always!


I would like to see you do the deli slicing to their ass cheeks to


How about legs? Arms?


File: 1551817138282.jpg (623.31 KB, 1944x972, towergirlscl.jpg)

towergirls thing for ento, (no comments on above comments just yet as this is a rush post to give to em. so excuse the delay :P.


Superb pictures.
I like the composition edit, too.


File: 1551835162422.jpg (318.38 KB, 1199x816, quickie-colormina.jpg)

not to keen on drawing dicers for little pay off so arms kidna out cause no real hentai benefit, as for the ass :P bit of a problem with the collar bone, why i liked using breasts, no hard stuff.

Did a quickie color tho god the line works shody since it was quick


File: 1551918232546.jpg (152.54 KB, 1016x776, kuma.jpg)

practice piece that turned into a kumatora



Really awesome work.


File: 1552095036136.jpg (153.12 KB, 1674x1132, raven-quicky.jpg)

Was tired so random raven :P/. threw on meat tags cause laaaaazy way to make a picture saveable.


Nice work, I love picture with butcher draw cut :p


File: 1552127921383.jpg (107.02 KB, 739x798, slowbro.jpg)

The joke on stream was it was a pretty pointless piece since nothing was going on, so I cheated and put lines on :P.

< put this here for now, may add more to it later, but I'm notorious for forgetting I even drew things if i let it sit on my harddrive, idea is slowbro transformation with a willing misty helping a "last slowbro in the area that can't find something to use with its tail for a pokeevolution so she begrudgingly inserts its tail knowing she'll transform into this. Basically she's "fused" in that position and can only really move her head slightly now becoming his "Tail."


That's a great development. Or how about Misty and Dawn as guns for Turtok?! ;-)


File: 1552210351877.jpg (130.87 KB, 1072x844, moocowraven.jpg)

Well the fun with that one was more it was a specific evolution with an absurd requirement, just replacing a part isn't as fun. Not sure how many other pokemon have anything that's simply "another pokemon hops on it XD.

< Tired with all the dental stuff going on an now daylights savings but tried to draw a "raven makes a deal with the hive five to be their permanent cow if they don't destroy the city. Failed both poses I tried to draw :P so here's one of them.


File: 1552211177894.jpg (133.9 KB, 860x788, quickiefixraven.jpg)

The other Raven. Was far worse earlier just threw a few extra lines and work together on it tho before work, but still crap XD


Jim, I know you said slivers are hard to draw, but seeing you latest Raven sketch about being a type A meat girl gave me a thought. Put Raven next to a sliver and be asking off camera something like "how thick a cut so you guys want?" So no need to lose her in the slicer, just the peril/ prep.


File: 1552401409394.jpg (724.83 KB, 1611x2238, mistygusion.jpg)

Kinda nixes out the reason for drawing it then XD its just a harder version of a chopping block prop. Rather not draw it less its gonna be used. Boobs are still the easiest to use it for without figuring out the issue of bone and whatever which ends up in my "squick level" saw blades bouncing off bone and scrapping, erk. Can do delimbed stuff off to the side or with the quick thwacks but a buzzsaw is like aaaaugh.

Very rough week so took a shot at just sketching out the rest of the misty idea with some minimal detail. The frame of her backside is supposed to show her limbs are now fused to her side as well.


File: 1552412064262.jpg (153.37 KB, 1187x1022, mimiedit.jpg)

blasted tired drawing :P made some bad decisions. Figured this is in front of yolei's store but too tired to draw a sidewalk which is alot harder to make work with a perspective then you think.


Mimi on the spit, and she looks unguarded! Yummy


File: 1552491279249.jpg (132.19 KB, 1920x1080, mimivore.jpg)

some concepts i was trying


File: 1552491410963.jpg (84.13 KB, 921x827, mimivored.jpg)

internal shot. Mimi's one of the girls I like petite, busty,and super busty and this was kidna the idea of her being sought after for that extra weight on her chest. Was trying to make it seem in this one like her bust was causing its own heavy indent in the stomach but…


File: 1552498267129.jpg (194.59 KB, 1095x1080, mimiagumon.jpg)

an attempt to kinda mimic the idea of breast eating with mimi. kinda failed a bit :P


File: 1552504017317.jpg (182.29 KB, 938x915, maylfactory.jpg)

anatomy failing :P been trying to draw something I like the last few days and just like ehhhhh. Think i'm too tired :P. Mayle from megaman helping meet yai's meat plants qouta.


File: 1552505607087.jpg (135.94 KB, 1050x953, sketchies.jpg)

evil aligned company for meatgirls needs someone to debug their meatgirl processing line, and test parts of it, so the somewhat morally evil tron bonne testing it using herself. some idea sketches.


File: 1552508738034.jpg (167.71 KB, 949x1007, angelicboobs.jpg)

big boobs


How did you come up with the idea?^_^


File: 1552515594823.jpg (285.96 KB, 1104x1786, messignaround1.jpg)

No idea what you mean :P.
(hopefully that joke translates)

<More screwing around, didn't draw the frame of them bathing to explain wet and nude.


File: 1552515624008.jpg (273.37 KB, 1104x1786, messignaround2.jpg)

a non see thru, was gonna have agumons claw on her boob, but his reach is too short.



Well, when the mood strikes you, put it to use on Raven. :) You do good work. I like what your mind comes up with.


File: 1552611245037.jpg (119.73 KB, 1422x779, watamote.jpg)

Heh well, trying to get back to old ideas and refine them so we'll see where that goes. Some attempts at finishing things in one go here of a new one, nothing really guro to post :P < Figure this is her up all night and the lights the morning sun.


The comic about Misty becoming Slowbro's tail is hilarious and weird in the best possible way. I love your content.



Looking good!


Love it!


File: 1552728698649.jpg (76.72 KB, 898x816, selphie-bondage.jpg)

Quickie i gave up on for the moment, but i like the base of. Largely posting so i don;t forget about it :P I do that alot when tired. Had the idea this was some goblins having taken out the other party members grabbing selphie tilmitt to be used for something but the pose I came up with kinda felt in complete. Need to figure out where I;m going with it :p. Maybe its her being dragged or something to their base.


File: 1552780776252.jpg (126.16 KB, 1122x757, batgirl2.jpg)

original issues batgirl still the best if aged forwards a little :P.


I wanna cook and eat that scared ass and pussy!


Great pictures and sketches.


File: 1552993953750.jpg (132.68 KB, 1253x753, akatsukiknotdrag.jpg)

Log horizons akatsuki sketch. I like the idea of girls being dragged around or hung by their pussy (which hardly anyone draws alas:P) so gave it another go though the angle doesn't quite got the drag feel to it i wanted. Probably needed more of a stretch at the end of the cock. Also hard to draw a huge knot in a girl this size and still have room without going the distension route :P. Him dragging her broke her outfit and that's why shes naked now.


File: 1553007065580.jpg (122.12 KB, 1017x881, gaige1.jpg)

an idea i had for gaige replacing her nipples with shield generating augments but i got a head cold so idle sketching :P.


File: 1553007107862.jpg (131.81 KB, 1017x881, gaige2.jpg)

cause gurochan objects to me jsut doing peril :P . If i made an after frame those nipples at the side would be on her with her shooting her guns and the cord running to a clit ring dangling battery box.


File: 1553007123229.jpg (138.74 KB, 1280x1057, why-you-expect.jpg)

and a sketch of buttstallion


It would be better if she cut off her clit and replaced it with a battery. Or maybe her whole pussy


File: 1553030028985.jpg (109.78 KB, 845x899, vanellope-cream.jpg)

I like the idea more of a big heavy thing dangling off the clit XD.

Sketch I may refine, like the idea of van with half frozen tits.


Delicious ice cream breasts!:)
Or how about two candied apples breasts!:P


File: 1553036753310.jpg (65.32 KB, 685x555, bitbetter.jpg)

That just makes me think of how they'd have stems :P.

Another ten minute sketches (pretty much everything i posted today was brief bursts of energy in between Kleenex binges.) Raven with some ham netting.


File: 1553048373872.jpg (179.47 KB, 1130x934, quickvan.jpg)

Couldn;t sleep and apparently pain of being sick is a good motivator for sketches so did another van off getting ideas from the icecream one but not wanting to trace anything. Tracing is so boring…

Actually all these aren't the only thing i drew today but most people don't care about oc spiders wearing sleep masks and mermaid chibi sketches :P.

This one was an attempt to make tits burnt and blackened like burgers which still elludes me.


File: 1553048434206.jpg (127.57 KB, 1103x756, gotoworkeko.jpg)

and just cause this is sufficiently freakshow, someone bugged me to draw this :P.


File: 1553061467330.jpg (246.47 KB, 1653x1443, works.jpg)

can't sleep clowns will eat me.


File: 1553086196359.jpg (186.68 KB, 1110x960, giwhale.jpg)

Gi from the planeteers helping a failing water park feed their whale. The gags organic and ediable for the whale and just being used so she doesn''t inadvertently make a noise to alert everyone to the fact the "feeding" normally done live was changed for a reason to behind closed doors. The fish is being used to make sure she smell suitably foodish and to her embarrassment the public nudity and danger is making her nipple rock hard. The public will never know during the next showing the whales swimming around with the planeteer in its gut as it does tricks.


File: 1553089463786.jpg (282.16 KB, 1432x1374, concept-hat-time.jpg)

SPoiler: In seal the deal you have a crusie shipo you do quests for that eventually crashes :P had the idea for the ship crashing with hat girl already served up unable to rescue it and a local killer whale knows a free meal when it slides off the deck.


Productive wednesday! I like the Gi and Vanellope ones a lot.


You draw hathit super delectable looking, Jim! Hope she ends up on your plate again!


File: 1553161274557.jpg (76.15 KB, 731x868, pointlessvan.jpg)

Like hat girl alot but yet to play her game tho i own it so sure once i eventually get the time too i'll get some more ideas. All this was just from a lets play bit i saw that was just the seal the deal stuff with the boat.
Not guro, but did more van after that, tho i did attempt the before of the grill scene with her in the skyrim and 2nd life mods section of the internet geeking out over the devices.


File: 1553161354208.jpg (81.11 KB, 564x753, van.jpg)

Was really tired by this point :P. Basically some place holder text of her talking about "she's actually roasting her titties" and how she'll have "cow udders only good for hamburger" after she installs her mod. Vans always a bit foul mouthed to was trying to work with it.


File: 1553204907790.jpg (125.34 KB, 1056x801, timecapsuile.jpg)

weird idea i had for the snuff club of a college hearing about the college time capsule, meant for less of a "few years later opening" and more for long term distant future. One of the girls was interested in "leaving something from the club" and they ended up asking the college for permission to leave their own special item in the capsule. Using some medical knowledge, and something akin to amber, one girl from the group was filled with the "dna" from many males in the school (either orally or from you know where) with a funnel, and then climbed into a large tank provided by the club which was filled out of the school grounds until it hardened, once it hardened it was removed, added to the time capsule with the rest of the things and buried. The girl's last efforts were largely to make sure her nipples were as hard as possible for a real show when whoever unburied the time capsule and displayed it to his colleagues or the media, her fantasy about the event. Basically shes become a dna and cultural relic for people far in the future, with most of the school knowing about the naked girl now buried near the tree on the land..


I hope you or tvb pit this in a story. And dont skip on the type of males dna she is storing. We cant discriminate in this day and age. Man, dog, horse, pig…


File: 1553246818341.jpg (9.29 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)


Me and tvb don't really do stories together anymore so i'd be on my own for this if i did anything. I did brain storm more frames and a story behind it, but it kinda depends on times energy and so on and since i;m sick at the moment it really sucks for energy at the moment :P. Be fairly easy to write if i had the time but blargh. I barely get a few hours a day of usable time even when not sick.


File: 1553300706921.jpg (149.71 KB, 1144x932, unique.jpg)

Jotting down another odd idea. Had the idea of a girl who wanted to be "unique" and stand out as much as she could so joined the club due to the low enrollment and chances to do stuff "no one else does." Basically wanted to buy it as uniquely as she could, a total primadonna type for anime girls especially cause she has jumbo sized boobs. One of the guys in the club talks to her about a firing range he rents for rare firearms use (out doors out in the boonies) and that he has something that's not shown up on other videos yet as possible way to buy it. She agrees to come "Ready to maybe snuff it" with mental fantasies of things like miniguns and ridiculous stuff, and he'll show his surprise he has for her when she gets there and she can decide if she wants to do it. Figured plot wise they get some of the cooking clubs anti pain/blisters, negative effects caused by immune system to fire things so if shes burnt she just gets burnt and doesn''t blister up and its not as painful it'll kill her tho if the antidotes not administered after a few hours as it shuts down some reaction stuff, like anti sickness stuff. Figured they'd try it on her tits first after giving her time for it to set in, her finding out they "remain on fire for a bit" cause of the fuel, and freaking out that they almost burn off the tattoo for the snuff club (wanting it intact for any long videos), and then decides to let him use it fully on her boobs (layign down on the stand and a glass plated with her boobs allowed to hang, and then overcome with lust for "being a spectacle" gives em the go ahead for the rest after her tits are largely burnt to ash. Little more violent and idea then i usually go for. I figure the previous girls name was taylor and one of the club founders, and this girl joins after seeing the whole time capsule thing. not sure on name yet for her.


looks like you have some good ideas. hope you feel better soon. Always like your "sequential" stuff, even if its just 2 "pages". The Maori (cant look it up on Eka's with the move) self-cannibalism and the Raven brain fry are stories I like to re-visit when going through your art.


File: 1553455719140.jpg (63.69 KB, 606x727, sketch.jpg)



File: 1553455849698.jpg (135.28 KB, 909x1091, beignlazy.jpg)

and a crappy non color. I might refine it with more later but ran out of steam so just threw on some highlights. Was intended to have sango helping commenting on "man in the future girl's tits are big, but their really swelling up now too, i wonder if we need to poke some holes so they don't burst…" but still fighting off the last of my cold. Pretty much my energy drink wore off midway thru this.


In any case, without the twins, it will be easier to get through the well.


File: 1553477659653.jpg (206.62 KB, 1406x1034, randomrollperileggs.jpg)

quicky roll oviposition peril.


File: 1553626538681.jpg (156.42 KB, 940x1362, blegh.jpg)

kidna blegh sketch day :P.


File: 1553626575059.jpg (107.68 KB, 951x970, kattandcatra.jpg)

some pussies


File: 1553633883802.jpg (154.89 KB, 919x789, delifreshraven.jpg)

she should have known when they went straight for the store deli.


Is that a cleaver about to do what cleavers do?

Sketch or "finished" I'll never complain when you put up new snuf…stuff



File: 1553722128392.jpg (89.67 KB, 1068x1100, ravennude.jpg)

amusingly i pretty much did the same thing before :P somewhere back in the gallery i did her with an alien about to db her with a cleaver too, was just being lazy. Not sure whats with the post with my name on it with no text, think gurochan glitched or something as I saw it when i came on and its not linked to my pass so i can't delete it.


I really am glad to see that you're back. There's just something about how you draw the Titans, especially Raven, that just works with them being meatgirls.


File: 1553734749923.jpg (56.17 KB, 525x855, ravenburgers.jpg)

I have no idea what that might be! I mean i draw them pretty on model… right :P??

< included "on model body ref" yup. This was from a bad drawing night, took three tries to draw one goood picture by the end :P


Still starfire in the background, pointing to Ravens butt and offering this great ham as a main course to another client instead of her breasts. ;P


I wish i had any skill to write or draw the stories that your art outs in my head


File: 1553817133156.jpg (142.75 KB, 1179x741, hookedandcook.jpg)

cause tired long days at work :P.

Also writing is largely just getting stuff done on text files why i never do it :P.
requires work


File: 1553819045913.jpg (150.62 KB, 1394x807, toastymermaid.jpg)

eko fueled (not much into no nethers their big into mermaids so this was a prod at their tastes.)


Awesome :D
How much for two slices? Need them on my toast.


File: 1553905636365.jpg (137.02 KB, 1120x778, ekoaday.jpg)

poking more fun at eko with a centaur being spitted by a minotaur meat shop owner.


File: 1553912925804.jpg (39.46 KB, 446x559, latexandballgag.jpg)

also realized someone might like the bondage mermaid here even tho it was a joke.


Could you draw some futas with cute foreskins being butchered? Some cocks severed in a tray, heads hanging from ceiling, etc


I don't really draw that type of stuff ^^: note the absence of cock almost entirely from my gallery. That's more of a canime thing, tho he'd make ye pay for it :P/.



Canime isn't interested in drawing gore though. So, a fairly limited range of stuff he'll do.

Underrock will do it though, same for Anguro Kraken. But, again, both on a paid commission basis.

Best of luck!


Greetings, Jim
I have always liked your work very much; whether it's a sketch or a finished work, they are always full of creativity. But a lot of your sketches on Tumblr was lost because their change of policy, one of which I had a very profound impression of is a sketch about an Emergency Ration Girl (maybe Misato?) and many other Tifa sketches LOL. If you still have these beautiful sketches, do you mind posting them here?


File: 1554331664007.jpg (184.44 KB, 884x1143, kattpunishment.jpg)

Nini after searchign thru the town finds katt about to get punishment for the typical "evil overlord of the town makes trumped up charges" in a very public setting.


File: 1554331958664.jpg (136.08 KB, 1227x804, shikicooked.jpg)

Didn't catch this till I posted. Those should be on eka's if i miss my guess or in the previous threads I think. I don't think anything on tumblr didn't get posted to one or the other if it was a peril theme. I had a period of severe down time and exhaustion where I was just kinda doing whatever tho so i might have missed one. The non hentai sillies though i haven't really reuploaded.

Also reminded me to uplaod this :P i been intending to color the second of these two but been too tired and works not letting up. so posting before it forget it entirely.


File: 1554332035034.jpg (264.44 KB, 1313x1241, uncensored.jpg)

if no one gets this there's a curry mission in the world ends with you :P. Rhymes intended to be of age, as obviously shiki's been aged up to have that body :P.


File: 1554332164899.jpg (456.55 KB, 1528x1440, kairi.jpg)

and an unfinished kairi


File: 1554334843494.jpg (199.8 KB, 884x1143, schluck.jpg)

quick edit


Hope to see you color this one day.

You do awesome peril, but it is nice to see the end result some times. Thanks for the "quick edit" version.



File: 1554456072178.jpg (270.85 KB, 1065x1060, owisuck.jpg)

Not sure if i'll get to coloring it, hoping to some day, but blarghl. And did the edit cause yeah i don't do alot of after perils beyond some cooking XD.

Also think someones been doing some shenanigans in this thread since we now had a jim sugomi and jim post that's blank that's not from me >>, might just be weird board things for one and a jim trying to post and then not or something but you know what they say about paranoia…

Nothing I got really to post so here's an unrefined thing I had sent to boeserwolf for their girl and had intended to dabble with more but alas the evil work.


Oh man, I've increased in weight! ; P
I try the Seven Days, seven little goat diet!


File: 1554499390590.jpg (325.43 KB, 1355x998, ravenham.jpg)

Wanted to try an "After" of raven;s breasts roasted with the ham binding, resulting in the breasts swelling up enough that the binding cut the patten into the skin. Bit too busy (and lazy) to color it. I got a project I owe someone that i need to do sometime in here and i have zeroooo time. I long ago though made a point of distinguishing between a leisure sketch and working on something for someone.


File: 1554499719658.jpg (84.05 KB, 836x683, noncut.jpg)

the base I used to work with.


Is Raven having "ham" too?



Oh my. I can never get enough Katt.


Is that her panties on top of his tongue in the first pic?

And the second pic - what is that being tugged on? Her womb?


basically its kinda meant at the bottom picture is the first top the second, was gonna make more sense when i had more frames but got none. Basically he sticky tongued her pussy all the way to the womb and drags her in then is eating her after disrobing her, after shoving it in he ripped her panties and shoved them in as well.
Raven's eating too and annoyed cause starfire's shaking her while she's trying to eat.


File: 1554585690542.jpg (118.39 KB, 970x903, tinytina.jpg)

Tiny Tina found before her respawn.


Remembers me to finish the Tiny Tina x Megumin explosive allianz short story.


File: 1554815625598.jpg (404.57 KB, 1920x1440, marinaandperal.jpg)

Tako. Idea I had but to lazy to flesh out so i sketched it.


File: 1554941915524.jpg (131.13 KB, 1062x715, violetroasted.jpg)

Fixed a spelling error. Also figured she just got fished out a of a deep frier and hence the reaction :P. All she knew was her tits had stopped hurting under the oil and then flap onto a plate and its like !!!.


Man, Pearl should think twice about what she's doing. Stuffed squid is another popular recipe.


I know it is only a sketch, but the mid air dice sketch reminds me of those documentaries where they "explode" something so you can see how it all fits together.

Someone mentioned stuffed taco. Diced and stuffed in the cunt for "flavor". Probably easier to draw than that one turducken pic you did. I remember you said it was hard to draw, but that idea was a good one.


Is that her filet carved out and in the bowl? I don't have the best monitor or eyesight. :(


File: 1555408790657.jpg (257.48 KB, 1920x1080, edits.jpg)

Yeah with a bit missing from it that the other girls eating.

Thought of the slow motion with a bullet thing in the past using someone like seras victoria but been lazy.

Always liked the idea of pearl trying to counter her pygmy squid status with boobs and boob milk.

<A little in progress thing. Tomoko and her fantasy version of herself.


If the boobs grow back I wonder if it is possible to cut them off and surgically attach them for instant boob upgrade?


File: 1555462499960.jpg (140.13 KB, 944x789, ravehams.jpg)

Tho' now with two skin tones i'd assume :P. Imagine that'd be interesting watching her try and walk with those,

Quite tired still so tried a sketch or two this is the one gurochanish, Figured her tits had heated up so much her nipples were spurting from the pressure.


File: 1555469346485.jpg (186.16 KB, 1013x891, bleppignaroundiris.jpg)

I call a sketch with no "omph" pointless :P so pointless sketch here, was messing with a pose due to insomnia but i don;t got the brain to make it good Xd. Another iris irene.


File: 1555552307812.jpg (178.14 KB, 1080x1007, meat-start.jpg)

Idea i had i decided to just quick jot down. Not the best dialogue :P but i;m so tired at this rate i forget these ideas in a day.


File: 1555552334922.jpg (204.3 KB, 1281x999, meaty1.jpg)

part 2


File: 1555552374054.jpg (197.44 KB, 1281x999, meaty2.jpg)

part 3. Annoyed i been so tired lately that refining ideas just seems exhausting beyond measure.


Don't make yourself too tired, Jim!Take care!Get some rest, love your works as always!


File: 1555621270437.jpg (89.38 KB, 1316x689, random-raven.jpg)

random raven things


File: 1555803986991.jpg (154.66 KB, 922x954, beinglazy.jpg)

being lazy quicky sketch of
ikumi mito, still not seen the anime.


Looks sweet!


Very nice sketch, but now the real topic.
You have not seen the anime yet !!!?
Immediately look there is enough inspiration for you!


File: 1555849935085.jpg (139.01 KB, 949x941, quickyperi.jpg)

I tend to get a bit bored of those type of animes. I more like action/ weird powers animes.

<nothing really to post gurowise so peri sketch of her with blood.


File: 1555853331443.jpg (168.88 KB, 991x956, kagomeboobs.jpg)

blowing off some stress. Honestly refining these things and coloring them = tiring, while sketching tends to be relaxing so if anyone ever wondered why i have like 1,200 (literally) of these damn crappy sketches and so little color :P. Well blame me jub.

Had the idea for larger breasts then what was used before in a bigger basket, but i ended up with less then intended whoops, but big pale boobs ended up making me think of kagome, so i figured a shot of her with a wicker basket full of boobs and a bandaged up chest.


Whatever works for you is fine. I'd rather have new sketches than nothing, so if that's what helps you out, by all means go for it.


I quite like your sketches, so if doing them rather then full pics is relaxing, please keep on going.


File: 1555890456347.jpg (68.51 KB, 751x860, witchslayer.jpg)

sadly shortly after my pen broke XD so no art for me for two days while i wait for the new pen to arrive, was in the middle of this on stream when it happened. Just having nooo luck.



I'm also more into action, sport or adult animes. But i also like to watch a well feel anime from time to time. War is love as example was a nice watch. You don’t have to commit into it. One episode at a time works well. Chika and Kakuya are both cute girls too:)
At the moment i watch hitori Bocchi. Cute shy girl try to find friends. Sometimes it is relaxing to watch animes like this.


File: 1556415177407.jpg (116 KB, 915x752, borednowdone.jpg)

pen came a few days ago but been to busy so just did some idle doodles, this is about the only thing here=y



Yes, or Ishtar


Yay!New art works from Jim!


File: 1556488756072.gif (273.86 KB, 814x957, genderbender.gif)

mal was streaming fate and i was trying to get anyone to react :P Not even weaponized pussy and genderbending could sway the crowd to even go "!" Mal was the only one to even notice XD.


File: 1556621030409.jpg (125.95 KB, 906x1080, weirdlightsaberperil.jpg)

was screwing around :P Theres a rope tied by the button so if she moves her legs it;ll activate the saber but the entire picture felt half ased to me, cause really it was it was a ten minute sketch where i just couldn;t figure out what i wanted to do with it and wound up with a kooky pose :P.



Thanks for explaining the peril. Interesting idea.

If you are ever in the mind to just do Ashoka in a pose (no perils/guro) like you sometimes just draw Raven, please add those tats to the drawing. :)


File: 1556649218946.jpg (141.31 KB, 1012x822, ahsokaprep.jpg)

Tends to be how i draw ahsoka Xd i tend to make ahsoka more of an alien exhibitionist. Less that shes one counter to her culture and more this is more normal for her (so pantiless upshots so on.) So some tattoos to show her alliances seemed appropriate when i draw her, as its all jsut free billboard space. (Though then i also give some to the other girls from the series so XD.)

Anb idea i was toying with but ran out of time due to unexpected crap. This was kinda the middle image idea. Idea being shes in a lake taking bath when ewoks ambush thinking shes a creature not a sentient cause of lack of clothes (with her possibly masturbating and reacting to a noise to cover herself up just to end up naked like this and exposed :P), this one of the prep i decided i wanted to try "guroish" with with her being gutted and them like "wtf are these things" considering the rarity of breasts with mammals and wondering if they should leave em attached, and the final would have been her roasting in some way.


I love that Ewok in the top center of the second Ahsoka picture. Kind of looks like he's a scientist trying to figure out the mysteries of whatever the hell this creature is. I can just picture him in a lab coat and glasses pouring over his research data.


File: 1556658850929.jpg (142.96 KB, 916x903, quicky-cooked-ahsoka.jpg)

quicky attempt at the end of it, though doing this with like 10-15 minutes to do it in so its scratch :P


File: 1556750086890.jpg (112.54 KB, 1022x904, steambot.jpg)

steamworld bot for chao. Little outside my interests personally :P


Roast your robot? Okay Roll looks Kind of tasty. But steam robots are more interesting for robot cannibals i think:)


File: 1556759529896.jpg (125.69 KB, 901x1040, larthingy.jpg)

Actually passed up drawing a roll idea I had of her being swallowed by one of snake mans pipes, but felt I owed chao for a delay in something. Lifes been hitting me over the head daily to the point my two days off this week became half a day thru shennnnnnaigans :P.

< I got nadda to post as again getting hammered with stuff.


That actually looks really good and funny, good work making me want to eat a robot.


My doctor says that I should eat more iron, but that's too much! XD



Thanks once more for this one Jim XD

You can make everything looks tasty, even Robots =P

I'm happy other seem to like this piece ^^


File: 1557270909447.jpg (119.21 KB, 860x932, mona-andplague.jpg)

may try and fix this up later as its showing my tiredness a little too much but since it was made cause of a drawing someone posted here figure what the hey :P.,


File: 1557324881702.jpg (329.65 KB, 1626x1328, abigial.jpg)

out of energy to color at the moment.


I hope they will put this into the game!
I think Emily would have been better she was always so helpful and a little crazy?


Hell yeah, glad I'm not the only one who wants to eat the Stardew Valley girls.


File: 1557359901649.jpg (170.09 KB, 947x900, bad-pose.jpg)

>>25391 heh emily was a little to in the wrong type of crazy for me so i ended up with abigail as my characters wife. So she comes first to my mind when i think of the game. I also wanted to experiment with a few things involving a heavier set body though it kinda failed along that lines.

This was the original sketch I did based off some reference I found tho I heavily changed the pose their nearly different in every regards.


Lovely Abigal, jim, she was always my favorite wife, but yea, if this was an option, my farmer would do this to all her wives, they're just all so tasty looking!
Hope some more Stardew vally sows end up on the table~


Love your newest works! Many thanks!


File: 1557370755062.jpg (213.63 KB, 1001x1087, quickieiris.jpg)

I'm kinda erratic at the moment, so no guarantees on anything. Trying to get too much done and just been venting thru art so doing ideas as they come to me and I got the drive.
>>25399 and >>25395
Glad yah liked it

And something random of iris irene as i tend to try and post a picture with any text i post.


I think pretty much everyone was into abigail:)



Any chance of a mother/day at the university, ya know if the idea came to you? ;o)


File: 1557622211109.jpg (185.47 KB, 1800x1013, workprogrestomoko.jpg)

>>25411 I;m not really a fan of helen, violet so hit my "sodoka/ring girl" love (hated they made her go to "normal" at the end. But yeah helens just naaaah for me. I tried even thinking of something like unbirht or shape shifted arms into dildos (even odd idea for her head thrusting into violet and sucking on her cervix) but yeah nadda interest wise.
>>25408 Heh i think more would have taken the redhead that's married if not married, but married. Abigial was defiently the geek bait tho

On that note tomoko progress, this is beign done for chao but life is beating me to death and had to throw a wendy idea under the bus to finally make progress. was either line work or a sketch i did the line work while i let swag and sorcery run.


Fair enough, Helen doesn't necessarily do it for me but the mother daughter angle makes work…

IF I were being honest, a crossover between Vanellope/Violet both aged forward to where you have done things in the past would be more to my preferences personally (It's a personality thing)


Oh, that's a very lovely pic so far, jim! good work.


File: 1557872942559.jpg (50.46 KB, 682x754, artofbullshti3.jpg)

soem attempted color work with raven as practice


File: 1557881487086.jpg (172.72 KB, 1275x1004, messing-with-choa.jpg)

Decided to be lazy and steal one of Chaotiquos works to mess with his head.


File: 1557888492065.jpg (160.99 KB, 1091x893, whychange.jpg)

Some more practice for the day, I had the fun idea of Yoko being embarrassed as a crew ration so she opted to "least keep her underwear on" which when you consider her usual outfit is actually a down grade for trying not to make people look somehow (specially since all she had was lingrie for a bra, cause when does she ever usually wear some :P. Her nipples of course are showing thru the lace a little.)



Sadly clothes prey is underused. I think the not fully nude style works especially well with shy or forced prey. It also is more funny if the predigen just undresses the pantys to make it easier to spit his prey.


i always like a huge breasted girl in a bikini especially when they're g-string is around they're thighs and they're pulling open they're top so they can be spitted, always had a fantasy about vonsweets being spit roasted consensual in a bikini as she bares her tits and bends over to take a spit up her ass while her g-string is around her thighs


File: 1558467672530.jpg (380.73 KB, 2160x1215, tomokosfantasy.jpg)

dead now :P. Lotta work.


File: 1558493045941.jpg (133.32 KB, 797x884, bah.jpg)

Raven done to cool down after the tomoko picture. Obviously broke my skill as its awful XD.


Poor Raven doesn't look too comfortable in that pot. She doesn't have the room to stretch out like she does on a spit.


Everybody alwals says that oven or pot roasting is way more comfortable as spit roasting… I think this pic proves them wrong :)


File: 1558562359471.jpg (153.57 KB, 1083x941, minahunt.jpg)

I figured she was more glaring over being made to do it XD.

Mina spoon again off to find ingredients for her dish. made the line work waay to thick. was trying to experiment a bit


Wow! That's a real beauty.
I wonder how much time it took to draw it.



Great coloring work.




File: 1558691418628.jpg (153.05 KB, 1427x866, pose.jpg)

>>25581 Not really sure i kinda ended up dragging it out due to worrying about doing the oven scenes lightning. So it was probably like 6-7 hours but spread over 3 weeks and a few days, tho I drew some other stuff in the meantime for chao who this was for.

Glad yah guys liked it!

<< Current thing i was dabbling with still in the "oh god its sketchy as hell phase." Been doing my art more like this recently where I do a quick sketch of the general pose and then re-go over it to iron it out. IN this case I was so tired I could barely figure anything out and jsut wanted the idea down for later so I gave up on where that foreground leg is :P.

Basically a continuation of mina spoon there, post hunt, doing her very public display cooking contest and reaching for her stuff to baste herself (figure someone else serves her but she has to do the cooking.)

Had some ideas for more to this but as usual work is keel hauling me and I'm kinda an whatever idea of the moment chaser. Why its hard for me to get around to coloring XD I have to not sketch another idea to do so. Had like 7 wendy ideas I threw out to do tomoko for instance XD.


File: 1558691655779.gif (203.93 KB, 1143x941, quickmina.gif)

Was the original sketch for mina. Sadly kinda lost some of the junk in the trunk in the edit :P. I was having issues getting the anatomy i wanted right and this was like, ten re-edits before the final. Sleep deprived drawing at its finest. I'm also not that good with hips :P so when tired I tend to not be able to figure out all the connections so been trying to practice them… just to have problems with all the connections.


File: 1558692065731.jpg (100.8 KB, 850x669, dere.jpg)

Might as well post this as well incase i decide to ever go back to it ( i often forget what i drew like… two minutes later) an idea for wedny selfies, first her with her tits on the grill complaining about how boring it was that late at night and saying people should come in an order the "double d burgers" and she might make something of it" then the idea of this as an after with no one having come in the absrudly short time limit taunting them about the locked door and using the pop machine, with a bunch of ice, to cool off her tits. Had also envisioned a last one of her with her drinking a shake made with her milk from the heat causing them to start spurting but again ideas and not enough time :P. Trying to also take old works and fix them up as practice.


always great to see more new stuff from you Jim. even unfinished sketches are super damn hot.

im especialy fond of the battle chef brigade works. never enough of mia, and would love to see more of the other girls from that game cooked.


File: 1558864839184.jpg (151.89 KB, 1348x954, sketches.jpg)

Some sketches. I'll probably try and refine but posting largely cause well, i;ll probably forget i drew this in a few days time XD.

The top one though was a long running idea of her posting a tweet of "its soooo boring here at night, and I was bending over cleaning, and these things just happened to fall out… So I figured I'd take a picture to dull the boredom"

and then moving onto "You know, I guess i'll try and keep thigns interesting, if soemoen shows up in the next oh.. 5 minutes here before we close and asks for the double d burger maybe I'll "make something of these" Along with comments of she was sweaty at work so it "really makes it so the sizzling noise is loud" and so on. Its kinda hard to see in the picture but shes bent over quite a bit with her butt in frame there a bit too. This was also the prequeal to that drinking fountain thing as she was a "jerk" and didn't give them anytime to show up and knew it keeping with the snarky wend motif.

The bottom was an idea for advertising using face covering, but I ran out of steam before drawing the third "intro girl" so its more part two and three without a part one. I was too tired to some up with another burger girl and thought up a few after.


Breast burgers what could be better!


File: 1559639773578.jpg (153.05 KB, 1427x866, pose.jpg)

I been pretty tired as well as playing a bit of fallout 4 to make it thru the tiredness so not much to show but since I actually got a private message asking if I was alright cause I hadn't posted anything anywhere I figured i;'d post this mina spoon sequal picture i had on hand I just can not get the energy up to complete at the moment. Idea was this her in the arena having to cook herself with someone else doing the final serving. She's reaching for the baste and stuff behind her making her boobs jiggle for the crowd in the background with her pussy protruding up from her legs bent back. Most of the rest of my sketches of late aren't really gurochan or anything :P its been idle mermaid stuff for eko and jokes.


File: 1559639810479.jpg (143.14 KB, 934x904, ribbons.jpg)

such as the twin tail mermaid.


File: 1559639824224.jpg (104.84 KB, 934x904, happy.jpg)

told to cover her shame :P


File: 1559639868900.jpg (76.49 KB, 607x681, random.jpg)

and an idle nude intended for a girl on display but i got the angle wrong (as it was meant to be viewed from the front from more of a distance this is more a shot from "above" and close by.


These look nice.


File: 1560100059132.jpg (233.45 KB, 1047x1473, pussycanned.jpg)

No idea if this will upload as gurochan's waaay slow right now. Been to tired and unmotivated to draw, so tried to force a sketch intending to refine it but ran out of steam anyway.

Anyway, three specific girl's help out a meat plant with their new product during its testing phase and are allowed to keep the results. unfortunately they put it in a backpack together and now are having to eyeball who's is who's.

I figure the process was a machine thing that worked similar to tvb's story with garrus without much heating elements and more on a mounted machine, so why their still walking around minus these is up to the persons imagination, specially since all three of them go on long walks.


I love Pokemon pics! Which girl is which?


File: 1560367511371.jpg (262.44 KB, 1108x1041, maymiosty.jpg)

May hears about how Misty originally lost her bike and signs up to pay for it in full, plus extra, with enough time to help her pick it out first.


File: 1560367536620.jpg (173.74 KB, 959x940, zinng.jpg)

May helping brock make pokemon food mixed with meat, berries, and rice.


File: 1560367626725.jpg (172.75 KB, 1062x905, misty-snorlax.jpg)

A snorlax has been blocking a dam that a village has been trying to finish around it, with the usual time the snorlax goes off looking for food before going back to bed coming up they enlist the help of misty to help keep the water blocking snorlax in place.


Oh my, Mind if I ask what made may so willing to go to the extreme to help Misty out?


File: 1560386551807.jpg (187.25 KB, 917x1080, argent.jpg)

I always see the girls as "helpful to a fault." So it was just she heard misty lost her bike and wanted to help. I mean they walk into every town in the show an do insane stuff to help when most people would be like "gang of squirtle's assaulting people, imma out, go get more cops."

Nadda to post image wise so random image from past.



A hand slicer? That is some dedication on May's part.


File: 1560724293678.jpg (170.81 KB, 972x930, somethignyuffie.jpg)


I wonder if this will repay all the lost materia… And if Aerith and Tifa (remake) will become meals too:)



These days whenever I see Yuffie pics I'm reminded of a doujin I read where Yuffie's vagina and asshole have amazing materia growth rate and so she's stuffed full of materia as the party goes to fight. Materia maxes out and doubles quickly after that for quick inflation and objectification…




She must be getting oxygen in there, so will she starve herself before the snorelax is hungry enough to digest her?

At least her hands are free and she can "entertain" herself while she waits.


File: 1561771939335.jpg (161.82 KB, 1224x978, fgish.jpg)

barely had any time off for the last twenty days and been exhausted so been just doing fallout here and there and not drawing much so forced myself to do a little doodle of raven but still being slow and tired for the moment. Figured I'd share that as the image post i make whenever i comment while finally getting to replying to things.

>>25854 I remember that manga, almost doodled something similar once but think i tossed the idea for the yuffie follow up to the farm cow tifa.
I still remember the absolute rage the internet had that she took your materia and also rearranged it on you. Wonder if the remake wil be programmed to reput it back or not if she still does that XD. Or presuming materia even works the same way anymore.
MY internal thoughts on it was that she'd be around long enough for him to at least start but that might be awhile.>>25856


File: 1561858214371.jpg (91.76 KB, 757x512, GQ0ADS4M6A9XY9KYMGRHSY5WHT….jpg)

I was testing if AI can be used to turn sketch into good quality picture but it can only somewhat colorize it
This is how
>>24563 picture looks like


File: 1561886243219.jpg (204.55 KB, 1280x720, took-our-jobs.jpg)

Welp the robots have learned to much. I'll pack my box.



There a program that did this? A website?


I used this tool to color that picture. You need to provide some hints what colors you want to use for coloring regions like hair or skin
But it is not very good.

This program should do it way better but it is not yet finished
looks very promising I hope it will be free when released.

Maybe Jim could use it as well to color his sketches ;)


I think art loses soul if done by machines.


Funny enough I'm watching Star Trek TNG now and just had the episode where Data is painting various pictures.


File: 1562029607367.gif (492.17 KB, 240x184, ShabbySociableArizonaallig….gif)


File: 1562054199136.png (1.82 MB, 1348x1080, Raven test.png)

Had to try that too, I mean it's not perfect, but damn good for being automatic…


I think the program is taking drugs!;P
I prefer to paint in the normal way.


File: 1562206190632.jpg (366.44 KB, 1351x1728, ideathingy.jpg)

Since everyone seems to be interested in raven. Did jsut a quick thing still way overworked and barely functional so jsut the idea jotted down more then done right. Figured cyborg and beatboy got a super grill that can roast even a 300 pound piece of meat, and of course they looked at a specific 150 pound piece next to them to try it out.


Super sexy! I love it!


Everybody loves (eating) Raven!



Maybe give you an idea for a story? The cheese filled tits was a great read.



As much as BB eats Raven, can he even call himself a vegetarian anymore?

Looking forward to the next way BB gets Raven on his plate. :)


File: 1562620115446.jpg (416.72 KB, 1989x1021, fallotucampinion.jpg)

Still extremely exhausted and it kinda shows what my stamina's at with this :P. This was originally an idea for a girl running a shop but i was watching fallout trivia vids and had the idea for this as a "random event" to recruit a follower. If this was a mod figure she';d show up with a "seller" that would sell her to you to be used for food, but could drag her around butt naked with her doing lines like

"Hey if you still intend on roasting these you better make sure they don't shoot my tits off!
"great, jsut what I need, a rocket up my cunt"
"maaaaan, why do you keep having to bring me into enemy territory, you know how BIG a target these things are"
Or commenting on codsworth "oh one of thsoe cooking bots, know any long pig recipes" and so on. and when the cooking stations interacted an option to "cook companion" would be highlighted which would result in the end of this :P. With the farm able to restock you a "new companion" for another 500 caps.

Amuses me to think of piper wandering into sanctuary with one of these girls on the spit and her like "Really blue, another one, you must have depopulated the farm by now" or going "you know it feels wrong to say so, but after all the rad meat i've eaten, those boobs are looking awfully juicey….

Had mused using the girls from abernathy (the non shopkeep sister) but was too lazy to change the design so this is random girl from random settlement.


>>26113 Oh yes, Fallout cann! There's a surprising lack of it considering how often cannibalism comes up in the games.



Blue approves of this food source. Much better than cannibalizing a raider or Atom forbid a ghoul.


This is legit!


Now that's a fun Idea, quite like it jim!


File: 1562798065085.jpg (135.1 KB, 1148x670, squid-on-a-stick.jpg)

suuupah tired and trying to knock out soem sorta sketch so heres a ten minute thingy just tryign to get anything down. Squid on a stick of a squid that didn;t take her own advice and got hooked and cooked.


File: 1562798933321.jpg (130.95 KB, 700x953, hooked.jpg)



File: 1562804365819.jpg (271.27 KB, 1418x1080, cantdraw.jpg)

can't draw worth shite


This is genuinely adorable.


File: 1563213175454.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1200, restaurant-dialog.png)

Hi Jim, even if I don't comment much, I'm still your job, and my God, he's good.

I did a little work on the super mix image again.
Even if it is still in progress, I have changed some details and added dialogues (well only one for the moment) but I find it a little long, if you have ideas to reduce it without losing the spirit of the dialogue. And if you want me to do other dialogues on it, tell me too.


File: 1563240268387.jpg (479.86 KB, 1170x1999, 139793078283.jpg)

I found this old art piece you did a while back any chance you might revisit it


File: 1563362158899.jpg (156.97 KB, 1135x855, all-igot.jpg)

Sorry no real intent to go back to that one actually for the reason I never finished it. I kept redrawing it to update that one and after the like 3rd or 4th time i kept getting stopped in the middle of it it was like argh and i moved on. unfortuently now I can barely get around to finishing sketches due to my irl workload and havign to retrain myself to push myself to even draw so I am way to "weak" at art right now to even attempt a coloring project that big.

I actually kinda liked how opened ended it was without the text before though sure others will say the opposite Xd. The last version just made it look like she was getting off at being there.

< I don;t got anything really to post on theme, been so exhausted this was my one attempt at drawing and pretty well botched it.



Creators are always more critical of themselves.

Whether you share them with us or not, the important thing is that you just do something everyday, or as often as your schedule/health allow.

I can't think of a better way to phrase this, so please understand the gist and not the literal wording: You cannot "take care" of us (the fans) if you do not take care of yourself first.


Exactly, take care of yourself first. We're happy with whatever you put out, but don't wear yourself out on our account.



Maybe we should start a change dot org petition to get you a better job with more money and fewer hours.


File: 1563837993350.jpg (217.33 KB, 1392x852, crappysketches.jpg)

some sketches, I tried to touch up a failed thing i did earlier but i kidna give up on it, couldn't get what i wanted out of it and the oc characters i made come off as bad romance manga characters (aka big eyes and they suck :P.

just had the idea for soem girls at a deli setting up stuffing in a full roaster volunteer.




I love a good stuffed bird. Even better when they volunteer to get stuffed.


File: 1563981864786.jpg (135.9 KB, 923x700, try33333.jpg)

crappy sketch of an idea i was trying to do but alas :P I think i need to stay away from trying to draw ocs while i;m still over tired XD. But had seen underrocks bug picture thing and had the idea for some of my own, with ninja girls becoming bug breeding grounds for pussy eating larva.

Had two idea, this the latter, the former was jsut a ninja girl knocked out of a tree and then filled with larva from a big wasp monster and then waking up just to react with shock at hearing the munching coming form her inflated belly.

The latter which i was trrrrrrying to do with this one but could not get a decent face or angle for it (was way over tired and trying too hard to look at VOLVOX (O.p/com)'s Kunoechi ninja) was a ninja girl on an island where the giant wasp monsters are the main creators or the flowers and stuff and without them the island will stop beign special and everyone will have to leave. The problem is they go after clams on the shore and inject them with the larva, as the wasps themselves are useless hunters with weak venom, unfortunately the clams themselves are special and got over hunted, so now the wasps are low on breeding grounds this year and facing extinction. The ninja girl knows they also like pussy (as they harass the local girls but are too weak to do anything to them) and decides she has to save the island the only way she knows how, which is to offer a nice pussy buffet for the wasps larva. So had this image of her going into the cave and offering, figured shed get stung in the ass (with the wasps so weak one of the stingers breaks off in an ass cheek), and play unconscious let them fill her up, then flip over and look at her bulging belly as she hears the things starting to munch on her. She saves the island but ends up pussy larva chow.

But yeah i am so fucked up lately trying to design a lolish style ninja girl with a big ass just failed last night and heading into a 6 day work week with one day off :P.

Which sucks as i got a bunch of ideas but can't seem to draw them XD.


File: 1564010733600.jpg (85.95 KB, 881x887, boobsbookse.jpg)

Something I attempted to try and get back in the game (honestly whats more basic then boobs on "etc". Idea was a baseball girl saying she'd roast some boobs if the team one and grabbing some books after they did for the recipes. Was at a loss for dialogue due to exhaustion after popping this one out so I might update this later. Side sketch shows how bad my anatomy was on the first run and how i had to dig up :P.


I wonder what is heavier, the breasts of the books? XD


The Breast or the books.
Damn car correction:(


My vote is the boobs. There is enough to feed both teams on her.



Fsck, i wanted to add I was in the bookstore and saw a children's book about a TRex that goes to school and eats her classmates on the first day because children are "delicious".

No "action" or gore, but plenty of humour and it reminded me of some things Jim posts. I think the title was along the lines of "we dont eat our classmates"


File: 1564105124411.jpg (163.75 KB, 1081x903, bitemarks.jpg)

remidns me of the "all my friends are dead" book on oil as told by a dinosaur. Quicky concept sketch for an idea. Shantae rewarding rotty with soem roast tits to allow the zombie to finally get to eat soem of her without the risk of zombiedom, but ends up upgrading to letting her "eat her pussy" literally. Rotty takes the oppurtin ity to have soem butt as well as her pussy turns half way, and shantae is left as a new rotting zombie with some fairly hard to hide (or explain) damage.


Would love to see the lead up to this~ Love the way you draw Shantae stuff, looks great!


Do you ever do any breast torture stuff? There was a comic I saw once where a girl had her tits nailed to a table though her nipples and then they pounded on her tits with big mallets until they were nearly mashed flat. Seems like a kind of thing they would go well in your style


Probably thinking about "Guro Miko Breast Offering"

Can find it on e-hentai.



Love the concept!


Goddamn, that's the one. Thank you, I saw that years ago and hadn't been able to remember the title since.


File: 1564220266924.jpg (123.56 KB, 1139x1032, gosyln-crap-slketch.jpg)

It kinda depends on whats and hows, i;m not really into large amounts of pain and blood, so often times I more go off of the girls having an intense feeling then abject pain. Torture stuff tends to be along that lines so usually is out of my range limit. The breast festival ones kinda less on the torture and more consensual so its kinda mixed concept along with alot of nanashi (i think the artists name was) work, though was considering a deep fried raven boobs thing that was her going beyond her comfort range to try it. Its often tiems more the concept behind the idea, like had thought of a girl takign damage to her boobs that leaves a large hole so she just makes it so her boobs have large dumb ell sized piercings, with a shot of her looking thru the hole (similar to that ahsoka pussy shot thing a long while back.)
Augh I hate i'm so over worked right now, had to throw so many ideas out and can't even draw right anymore i;m so tired.
Course obviously sometimes i get in a different mood now and again and do something else. So get odd ideas like the wasp larva munch idea, so who knows.

I got nadda to post cause i been too busy, so random sketch from an old folder. Doing this comment right before i leave so can't knock out a joke sketch or anything..


Honestly that's one of the things I love about your pictures, that it isn't really torture and the like. Even the ones being cooked and carved up seem more annoyed by it rather than being in pain.


File: 1564353640650.gif (604.89 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m2cuxfJhJV1r621gdo1….gif)

I also prefer pictures without excessive suffering, the best thing in your work is that you make them quite funny.
But considering large amounts of blood, you kinda could try to do that In "Excel saga" anime style. Something like a fountain of blood when limbs get cut.

It is sad to hear that you are so tired. You know, robots still can't draw even as good as your lousy sketches ;) so please continue your work.
let's hope that is just temporary, I also totally don't have any time now because it is summer.


I think blood doesn't improve erotic art. In many cases it is more of a downgrade.

Good guro art is unrealistic and cute. Real torture is never cute. Bondage porn as examble is also more sexy as a real kidnapping. Or the delish media cannibal vids are trashy on popose. Because it doesn't should look realistic.

Good erotic art is like cartoony fantasy. Even if a girl is cut in half or died. It alwals is more sexy, if they don't seeam to be in pain.

I have seen good pictures with blood… but not often.:)


File: 1564442878925.jpg (213.04 KB, 1203x921, matoiroastfinal.jpg)

My thing for blood is i associate it with fatal and also messy, you'll notice i tend to avoid mesyy (no organs, brains, eyeballs etc :P.) Fatal for my works always is about it being the end game of like a pose, so a lopped off limb doesn't do much for it.

Never posted this concept apparently so no art to post i;ll post dis crap :P further adventures of matoi turkey


File: 1564442919592.jpg (127.94 KB, 989x830, stuffing.jpg)

oops out of order


File: 1564594037360.jpg (116.43 KB, 932x1094, may-practice.jpg)

One of my biggest problems art wise is if i;m feeling I can't finish something i grab something of "low value" sketch it and then complete that instead, so here's my waste of time today :P. Should have least drawn something interesting done to her. Least i did something but could have done just about anything else T_t; but so tired.


This is just so good!


File: 1564596690153.jpg (176.34 KB, 1080x997, adult.jpg)

also random girl wanting to do a bet over a videogame, but didn't quite hit the pose i wanted, was also trying out some different anatomy (harder and bigger boobs)


File: 1564614945469.jpg (350.81 KB, 1674x1094, sketchymayknight.jpg)

some crappy sketches, a knight meeting a guillotine and may trying for some smoked tits on the beach.


File: 1564694936169.jpg (78.58 KB, 600x722, mercentuar.jpg)

best use of time.


MLP Meets the signs of the Zodiac? :)


File: 1564785501861.jpg (608.21 KB, 2520x1080, other.jpg)

was inspired by a pivix thing i sent eko of a mermaid getting pregnant via a horse.

Some concept sketches :P. Trying to fore thru my lethargy. Decided to wing an alternate way satsuki trys to enter matoi from that one scene with all the "ass is to large" issues.


This looks like a transgender Discord from MLP



File: 1564866168439.jpg (152.69 KB, 860x958, quickykattdraggo.jpg)

Idea for katt deciding to further the repopulation of the dragon race. With ryu marrying off nina, Katt decides to offer to be breeding stock for the next round of dragon kind, he fucks her, knocks her up, she takes care of the kids while he goes back to nina. Repeat until shes too old to breed anymore.


File: 1565303796874.jpg (251.61 KB, 1398x1080, gazcandy2.jpg)

Not really on subject but some boob usage, involving some glued on tops from some pumpkin pails, taped on handles, and paint, and a small bit of candy (cause there ain't much room in there :P.)


I would never guess who is she if not the filename but she looks quite right :) A bit out of character but I also liked Invader Zim series.

Very clever Guro subversion. Fits well your series.
also, it is very pleasant to see the finished picture at last after all that time.



File: 1565627575877.jpg (159.75 KB, 1205x821, failedieea.jpg)

was trying something and it failed and didn't feel like finishing it so i made it something else :P.


File: 1565728386982.jpg (175.02 KB, 1159x818, attemtbreastnuggets.jpg)

some breast nuggets, takes an hour to cook so they start them an hour in advance.

There's heat lamp over them to help them cook evenly as freckled tits that size tend to not cook fast or well enough without help.

Figured it was a limited run thing, with the girl being made sure to be healthy (physical check over, blood work test), and only took girls with very large breasts to make up for the lack of available production. As such very few were available Each girl had a breast branded to mark them as legitimate fda approved meat sold by the restaurant after their examination as both non removable proof and also as a test of the girls willingness to deal with intense heat on their breasts.


I wonder what character is she?
kinda reminds me Pippi Longstocking
Looks pretty cute.


It's wendy from Mac donalds i think:)


Oh yes, you are right.
But here she looks better


Its kinda supposed to be a dime store knock off of her. So i didn't use my usual design for her. More teenaged girl working for a fast food joint.


File: 1565793513541.jpg (328.18 KB, 1503x1626, deepfry.jpg)

beh been stuck with a sinus headache for three days, been able to draw a bit but trying to do anything too big makes my brain go ouchie, so putting this on hold, see if i want to resume it later.

Basically the girl again being used for deepfried chick sandwhiches, intending to carve of slices after the parts needed are cooked with one lucky person getting the whole pussy as part of the marketing gimmick (had envisioned a shot of her pulled out on the counter, with the girl carving off slices of ass commenting on shes done and guess she can carve out the pussy now, and maybe a second with the pussy out in a bun, but liek i said head is toast right now). Figured space allotment at the place means tits and ass go in, but nothing else, leaving her to keep her stockings and rolled up dress on and survive as heart, lungs, head, etc are above it. Meanwhile her cookers just glad she didn't volunteer and has only c cup tits. figure rest of her parts would be taken off later to cook single.

Like the idea of the girl alive thru these things, or even surviving just debreasted but cloning and regen always seems forced for survival so this would definitely be a snuff ending in my head canon, but she sticks along for awhile (figured to the point that everything cooked could be removed as long as a stretch of cooked part was left at her torso to keep everything blocked. had even been tempted to do jsut a hip bone and some leg connectors left with her looking back, but blargh that's REALLY tough to draw.) Sadly not alot of this style stuff or the above out there *guess i get to be a gimmick artist :P) even looked it up on pixiv which does have a cannibalism tag and most of its more the more gorey/snuff route. Basically just me and boeserwolf with a few people doing one shots, afew more things on ekas (though most of the people i followed bopped off,) tho if your looking for similar canime, lordstorm, latroma, mr freindly, emikochan and Scaylid00d all do their own variations most of those are more of the butchered or captured type things tho similar enough (tho lats done a few along my lines and friendly does 3d variants of similar). Sadly casual cannis where the girl survives or is around for the serving is just not that popular XD.

Not gonna count thevistorblack tho as we traded XD so I bribed for those, so i guess it slipped me brain to even mention, check out his writing on there or hentaifoundry or dolcett if you want those.

Which really means i've only corrupted boserwolf thevistorblack and a bit of lat so far :P. I fail as a virus.

Also headaches make me drone on apparently :P.

If yah want to see this stuff tho pixiv does have a few as well, but too lazy to name all the good ones, maybe raid boserwolfs favorites tab on there :P.


ehhh and brains fried, forgot masterchaos, go bug him on ekas too though much of its over my limit so why i forgot when my brain was doing the like vs like calcs, i'm fried okay dangnabbit. :P Sure i;ve forgotten like 2 other people. Also raid chaos and entos commission gallery, there :P.


File: 1565811160521.jpg (214.09 KB, 1159x818, quicky-edit.jpg)

also try Splyf (dolcettgirls / bdsm library tho i heard the former was having viral warnings back in the day) for exhibitionist large world dolcett), victim girls by spiral ttps:// and friction by bill (mostly know he;s on dolcettgirls) for stories i guess :P tho friction tends to off his girls after debreasting them and spiral does regen mechanics to the plus or negative of people interests (I think it works well with the tina stuff he does.)

Got interesting in seeing this verbal exhange, i like boob roasting for the girl "loses control of what happens to their tits after their laid down, as they can't move them while their stuck in that pose without using their hands, so at the mercy of their thing their on or person nearby. As well as basically this being advertised and visible in the environment, the more "interaction with the environment the image causes, people, talked about etc, funner it tends to be, so her having her tit steam vented for the neighborhood to smell like so many restaurants do and just now realizing it cause the other girl could "smell them even in the supply room" works well. just the idea the girls embarrassed to find out her roasting breast smell was being sent out for others to smell is a fun touch.

Also realize the lack of communication from me tends to not spread my ideas :P but i find it hard to write things out and chat with people over pms and haven't streamed much :P. .


File: 1565813931769.jpg (179.18 KB, 1080x818, reveal.jpg)

the boob roast one would be this with the dress just unbuttoned instead of rolled up.


Great sketches, I like them a lot.


I also like that kind of art, but you are kinda cheater here ;)

You draw a picture in the most important moment but say nothing about what happens later.
If you want to make a story you kinda need to tell what happens next.



It's an author job to finish stories. That's why I do not write surviving girls often. Because it not feals finished^^

But pictures don't need a closure. They can show the end, start or the between. This is the advantage of drawings over stories. ;)


File: 1565925548810.jpg (97.89 KB, 900x601, 414163-1152-preview.jpg)

But have to look :)P or at any of the stories I wrote XD or well half the stuff i made vistorblack write :P. With breast stuff its pretty easy XD. Even wrote that old wendy fict with her using her breasts for nugget meals! ttps://



My second problem is that I love cute girls with small tits. This pretty much prevents breast related stories.

However I find Chika Fujiwara of love is war very cute and she has big tits.

I actually plan to write a story about her and Kakuya for month. But not started yet…
However a breast roasting story may could work here. Kakuya is very jealous on Chikas breast size. And Chika is shown to be kind of naive sometimes. Kakuya could trick her in getting rid of her breast. And maybe also roast her own smaller breasts because the president shows interest in roasted breasts. And I guess she would get jealous once more. :)

I think the most dificult part would be to catch the comedic tone of the anime. Because I and Kakuya need a very good explanation why she doesn't do it for the president:)


File: 1565945257969.jpg (69.6 KB, 755x983, gaz.jpg)

I wouldn't go and start changing stories on my account :P. Never even seen that anime anyway, i tend to avoid slice of life schoolgirl stuff.

One full way cooked idea i had been floating was gaz at a con being head hunted for not having showered for the last like week as a odd concept for a dish that made use of "smelly girls" like one of those weird dishes like leaving cheese out purposefully to get it funky, with gaz complaining about do you really want a girl like this cause she can smell her own pussy just taking her clothes off. Figured her cooked in such a way the sweat is steamed so her body is one of those odd gourmet recipes with her pussy out thrust for display and purposely meant to be smelled as soon as the food approached. Was an odd idea and involved snuff and small boobs :P.


You are right, but what I meant is that if you want to continue the story you are facing consequences so you need to reset things somehow. Unlike in the single-shot picture where you just end it abruptly. So single shot pictures have an advantage here but only if you use new characters every time.

Jim, for example, already debreasted Raven so many times that we may start pondering how she comes back every time as if nothing happened.

I think "Groundhog day" scenario is most appropriate, where everyone wakes up the next day when their body is destroyed as if nothing happened but they do not retain the memory about the day when they died so they don't know how it feels to die.



Well, I did a breast roasting story with my hero academia once. I like the core concept of breast roasting. And I actually love to experiment with different styles. As an example, I'm close to finishing a Megumin x Tiny Tina explosion story. I can be very spontaneous with making up stories and I have at least 20 not finished stories on my pc because I lost interest halfway trough^^

And Chika Fujiwara is very cute:)


File: 1565990101153.jpg (200.57 KB, 1289x828, mermaid.jpg)

Got more then a few myself tho the thread with all of them is long gone and their everywhere on my harddrive. I'm less motivated to write then to draw.

- Wall of text begin

As for the whole opened endedness of pictures that goes for ficts too XD (and why is this all about ficts when i talked about this stuff in general i meant pictures too :P! Actually like, literally primarily pictures, but i;d like some stories too of busts in burgers with no snuff, regen or not :P) i mean i've debreasted wendy AND had her fucked by a dog for the next story :P just not the same canon (i do not think of all those raven pictures as the same canon by the way :P, when raven roasts on that grill its meant to be she was entirely roasted, eaten and snuffed it, someone else had their head canon that was all one raven :P I draw her different styles on purpose to purposely make her different ravens, why else would she have to first time confess so much :P)

Basically all i want to see more of is basically happy situational guro rather then neck slit blood pouring out or intestines ripped loose of their mooring as tears stream down their face or they cry in agony :(. Its way over my limit and tastes so cna;t get into it. Basically was all that sleep deprived not quite a rant but definite ramble was about. Sexy nudes and pussy insertions with girls squirming over fires, but that seems to not be the primary focus for most of what i found on pivix outside the aformentioned group of people (master chaos goes a tad to violent for me fyi, and not a fan of loli so why my brain ommitted em initially when i was tired, so its taste thing there on the over my limit comment, to clarify, but they do the same thing, different bent and had several stories that fit the bill on limits, tho not much recently I could handle, so just the last batch put it out of recent memory (latroma had a picture on my page of ekas so was an easy reminder despite not writing much, they did a raven in an oven.)).

Either way :P and this is already too long, I like peril, nude bodies and pussy full of stuff, porn with peril, not really guro, pain, or snuff for snuff, just snuff to emphasize risk kink, maybe a bad end here and there but you'll note i also avoid hardcore bondage for the same reason… the fact me and boesrwolf pop out so much for doing what we do says alot about how rare that is for kink stuff of this genre that's expanded a ton lately thanks to mukis, canntoons, dolcett etc. Most of the stuff i find for canni tho is still so bad end as to feel bad for the girl which is jsut not for me :/. Why i drew dime store wendy there willingly doing it :P. Head cannon would be a carve up below the waist, boobs off, then succumbing to it after giving an eyeful and them needing another girl, all with her more "oh lord that's hot can barely stand it instead of pain (ignoring it cause of anime rules, fuck real life rules on that :P), and then cooked insensate to watch the carving, switching to more exhibitionism, pussy on display, then you know not going oh god i'm dyyyying and instead fading out in some way.

For futher elaboration, Seriously check thevistorblacks early stuff compared to anything recent on dolcetgirls :P i helped him plot alot of his earlier stuff, shows alot XD. Sometimes they snuff it, sometimes their cartoonishly debreasted. Newer stuff is all on his own though, he wanted to branch out in a different direction and me another and our trades kept misfiring.
Friction by bill does it too, somewhat, but tends to end every girl with a neck slice or a gutting so i uhh… just kinda skip large sections of that.

So yeah not saying avoid the bad end in your own stuff, just not "girl gets gutted and crys over fire while her neck bleeds out style bad end type of guy myself :P. If yah want to mimic my stuff go nuts, if its to flowery and you want deep fried head stuffed in a carcass uh go nuts but don;t show me XD. Anyway this is getting kinda defensive sounding on both sides and not how I want it to sound :P so you know if yah see fun stuff along this lines encourage it, so i can get more :P.

Nothing to post so have a ponymaid.


True there is a lot of hard can stories. With pain and blood. I not often too gore myself. Most of my victims pretty much enjoy the whole getting roasted alive part. But true I mainly do loli stuff. I mainly write adult prey for the pulptoon/dolcett comunity. And they wish forore blood and pain…
Also comission often asks for sex and unwilling victims.

There are mainy stories I never finished with adult prey and idears with surviving girls I not finished. Like mainy of my game ideas I just drop them at one point and not rwturn to it…

Its a pitz.


I'm waiting for a story about the time capsule girl. I've no idea where to look to pay someone to write it.

I just want more to go with that sketch. :)


A colored picture again :) Nice.

I also like happy guro and it is nice to see that gurochan accumulated quite a lot of people with this taste.
but we need more communication and feedback.
To make it feel more casual I also like when character worry about something insignificant like the smell of cooking breasts or being embarrassed for being naked LOL

You say you dislike lolis but actually, your drawings are more or less also loli stuff according to their looks ;)
they just happen to have big boobs.

I wonder how do you manage to escape thinking about what will happen next because I always think about consequences even if you don't show that. So it is nice to know that it is not going to the bad end.
Logically you can't have different Ravens. They will be different characters. But you can make independent episodes as usual, where something happens in one episode and everything gets reset in the next episode the story still manages to progress.
Maybe I will try this kind of approach myself too. In that case, it does not really matter if characters die because you know it is not the end ;)


Deleted my post due to it being too angry. I'll leave the input tho on this in shorthand, "lolis elementary school or younger and most of my stuff is purposefully late teens to be of LEGAL AGE with the exceptions of a misdrawn sora and mimi up there where i made them look too young trying to merge season looks even tho i was shooting for older so was still intended to but came off as not.
Yes i did draw loli in the past. I no longer purposefully after laws changed in connection to it, all arts intended to be 18 and i always use college, or even maybe late highschool if i feel the story needs it. Because of this my own tastes changed quite a bit and am fine with things like etna or tatsumaki, lolish body but not, but not really interested in "10 year old canon guro" for that reason. And if i find a theme that uses it its usually against that bit that I would find it interesting. Don't fault others for using it in fantasy just not my thing because of this. I did used to blind eye it when I drew gwen and penny back in the day.

And incanon there are different ravens, like red raven in the series from an alternate reality, in the canon itself, there are different ravens. so logically, no I totally can.

I really hate being told what my art can and cannot be. I mean to the point of anger. Hence why I deleted my old post. Think i'm going to take a few days away from gurochan to cool off, Not going to reply to anything or post for a bit till I can not wind up writing a half page long post. I can deal with people prodding on purpose to get a reaction, but people who actually argue that I can't have my own art concept stories and not intentionally trolling… gets under my skin in the worst way and I was already having a hard time wanting to draw cause of my work.


Dam it , why it has to end that way
I did not intended to say anything offensive.
I like your pictures and your concept and make no demands to change anything at all. But it still ended with this misunderstanding.
So sorry, I will not talk about anything of that again.



Nice coloring. I don't recognize the character, but that has never stopped me from enjoying your work.

kudo's for recognizing that you were starting to go on tilt and walking away. See you when you return.


This does it: I will write a story jim has to love.

A inocent Kh 3 kairi and more adult version of Xion and Namine breast burger story. (They are Kairis nobody and Soras memory of kairì. Why the look younger as Kairi anyway?)

As said I wanted to play around with funny breast roasting devices. And even if kingdom hearts doesn't have a Phoenix dawn. Vita can fix all problems:)

Besides I never used Kairi yet. And she was one of my first waifus.

I hope this will improve jims mood. Then I pretty much alredy know exactly what I want to write and you can't stop me:)


File: 1566389431705.jpg (314.73 KB, 2386x1169, lines.jpg)

Heh do what you want masterchaos, though reminds me of that very old kairi thing i drew back in the day of the bust on the grill. Thevistorblack and me once talked of a story where she roasted her tits on a random grill found in the nobody tower, but their attacked by nobodies so she had to fight them off, all the while her tits leaking juices from bouncing and having to be kept dangling so as not to touch her, and having to make sure the hot tits didn't bounce into any uncooked stomach. or chest. The end joke was donald casting cure on her out of habit and undoing half of it to her like dammit cause it had taken a half hour of tit pain to get that far.

Onix I would jsut say that far as all this goes if you stay away from :i have to haves" for my art i won;t bite at yah. I just have a serious seeeerious pet peeve after being harassed about it the last 16 or so years of drawing when someone comes at me with their vision of my art or their interpretation or wants and tells me it has to be that way and my own opinions are wrong. I prefer people to have their own interpretations and wants I can hear about i just don;t want them foisted on me as i must obey :P. I'm still touchy after someone sent me death threats last year about it as well, and its made me hate seeing the pm message on ekas still. Suffice to say my trigger is very much if someeones not trying to troll me (where in i just tell them to fuck off) and their still trying to force their idea on me of what my art was, I get really truly angry.

So yeah yah can share ideas and what not but if i say nah not my interpetation can be yours but nah, don't try and push it and your fine.

<I got sick over my "vacation" that was supposed to be these last three days, kinda expected, anyone that works their ass off then takes days off knows the body kinda jsut gives up :P. Luckily it was more head cold and sore throat then a flu or something but still sucks. Took the time tho to watch some she-ra and forever twelve. Drew an idea for an more adult (note the hips, bust, and structure has been aged from lanky to lanky but curvey and more adult then her standard model) twelve. Had the idea tht the characters into disgusting, so saw collin there eating and thought it;d be awesome for a hot girl like her to be eaten by something so gross. Unfortunately she hoped for more of a wild ride :P.

Had thought of drawing some modified frames of her looking excited before goign sad, or a shot of her with her ass and cunt in his mouth asking him to lick her pussy but you know the usual :P.


File: 1566389526197.jpg (125.21 KB, 824x843, roastravenmeat.jpg)

And decided to practice some hips and torso stuff and made it guro to allow lack of limbs, consider this a different timeline sequal to that fishnet in the store raven that didn't even up thanksgiving.


Without limbs, it looks better.
Although the boobs will burn.


Nice to see more grilling and color images, though I love like 99% of your work and the rest I just like ;)

I am sure someone can turn her tasty bod when needed.


File: 1566400146633.jpg (48.96 KB, 688x650, ghostgirl.jpg)

I always figure they flip her or remove the boobs after a certain point. I've designed modified versions of grills to give them more space but in this case i figured they'd get cut off. Had made plans a few times to do ones where its slowly carved up to allow each bit to cook evenly allowing the girl to be alive while steel laving the boobs served. But lets face it i break cooking physics alot too XD, wether i choose to use them or not tends to be 50/50.

Got nadda to post so have a ghost.


well, I still very inexperienced in describing tit roasting. But I hope my end result is not too bad.

I really should do more not fatal stories. it's fun. Because the girls have more reasons to play along if they survive the whole process.

I don't like the simple "clone" style many dolcett writers uses. But I like magic like using a phönix dawn or doing it in a nonfatal environment like a game.


File: 1566409145576.jpg (128.18 KB, 925x944, ravenvolunteer.jpg)

I bounce around, sometimes i like the fatal ending cause it kinda drives home the risk of the rest of the stuff that's not. Peril get boring if you know everyone makes it out everytime right. Adnd for the most part i tend to find for breast roast and cooking stuff its more whats going on around the girl added to whats done to the girl. Such as the whole wendy girl there for awhile in plain sight and having to deal with the smell. Still way to tired from sickness to really do a whole "how to" recommendation.

<also shown in my attempt to sketch the guro raven up right, i could not do dialogue :P. Wanted somethign more clever to comment on her tits, was originally going to have a girl with her and her being asked about being embarrassed since she can't hide those things but after the fifth attempt failed at hips i kinda gave up and did this :P.


File: 1566415872114.jpg (237.58 KB, 1568x930, gurgleraven.jpg)

People wanted another frame to that raven hippo thing, so decided to quick sketch it.


I really love quick digestion with fantasy creatures. Fun fetish.


File: 1566428975200.jpg (225.13 KB, 1292x965, quickie.jpg)

>>26567 Idea for a prequel to this. I always really liked the idea of boobs wagered on a table so i gave it a try quickly with my waning hours. Basically figured Raven wagered too much and only had one thing left to wager.


That Raven headless torso is soooo hot!
You are awesome!


So this is how most of her perilous situations start :D

Nice to see more Raven and follow-ups and pre sequels. Always been one of those weirdos that like a decent amount of storytelling in my porn ;)


File: 1566465782713.jpg (114.82 KB, 951x796, matoiguts.jpg)

Yeah I been slow to do it cause of energy limitations, mainly why i tend to sketch so much is i;m doing it cause i;m exhausted and trying to relax so that extra push tends to put me into deep exhaustion mode after. Thevidtorblack basically harassed me into putting more wording into my stuff cause of that :P. So blame him for having to put up with my dsylexic engrish spelling :3p

Got nadda to post so here something i'll never finish.


Okay, yeah sometimes it is easier to do something new and simple then work on a bigger project.
Haha yeah, could guess that he prefers that too.
Hehe ah I'm a dyslectic too so I don't really notice bad spelling xD

What a good little dog. I guess this is why some men go out to doggy walking parks… It could always be something fun to see.


Do you have an idea for a cute adult character who is very lazy? I know some younger characters with the property. But I at least would need a late teen for the idea.

Because I want to write a story in which the main heroine prefers to be roasted instead of working. But I can not think of a character.


Well if I could make a suggestion then either.

Rangiku from Bleach (big boob lady)

"Rangiku tends to be a slacker who dislikes paperwork and loves to drink. She is not the slightest bit modest about her appearance, frequently referring or complaining about her large breasts in normal casual conversation, much to the embarrassment/amusement of anyone around at the time. She is not above using her considerable feminine charms to get her way, as shown when she tries - albeit unsuccessfully."


Brandish from fairy tail (big boob villan) (already has brand in her name like a good cattle)

"Brandish has been shown to have a very calm, but waspish attitude. She has stated that she dislikes troublesome affairs and has shown a desire to avoid conflict when possible, she occasionally can be quite irritable, moaning in annoyance or sighing in displeasure when it comes it to anyone, or anything she dislikes. She is without fear of death or torture,"


File: 1567116705299.jpg (174.58 KB, 1280x653, stevenuniverseishorrible.jpg)

I got nadda :P no one i;d like to see anyway i mean mermista from she ra fits but its like blargh :P

< cause i tortured vistor but not really, have some bill cosby


Usagi Tsukino?
Shego from Kim Possible?
Wendy from Gravity Falls?



The problem is that I not really know much about all the charakter you suggest.

Sailor moon and bleach are to far in the past. All I remember of bleach is that Rukia was kind of cute and Orihime breast define the laws of gravity;)
And I remember that Sailor moon herself was very naive and stupid.

I lost interest in fairy tail long ago. (But the cutes adult char is levy without contester)

Never seen gravity falls. No interest in Wendy at all.

Wasn't Shego a sarcastic Villain site kick? I not remember her to be a lazy girl.


File: 1567254087214.jpg (266.6 KB, 1259x1080, allyehget.jpg)

Think if your gonna nitpick each character that someone suggests as don't know + complaint your not gonna get much more volunteered :P. Also trying to pick a specific character you do know without knowing anything you've seen (since yah just poopoo'd a large amount of mainstream there in one go) think your asking for a needle in a haystack. Best use google and "lazy anime girl." till you see one you know.



True. But I not feeling it yet with the chars. I guess Rangiku could work out.

But I try to find a perfect match. As an example, Konata of lucky star, would be a fitting char. I think she would choice roasting over study. But she is too loli.

I also do chars i not know, for request. In my loli tf series. I allow every girl.

But for this story, I want to write funny but also a good plot. And not just a little cute erotic story as usual. Maybe I have too high demands here.


You can age characters up, it's pretty easy. Just mention how old they are and maybe give them some more tits and curves (though those are not necessary).

And Sailor Moon got rebooted 3 years ago, so you're making me feel really old telling me that that's too far in the past.

If you're asking for suggestions? You're probably going to get stuff you don't know (that's honestly kind of the point of it, since if you knew them, you wouldn't need suggestions).



Sailor Moon is very popular i know. But isn't she kind of a coward, like many magical girls? (If she not fights against evil)


Sailor Moon was a bit cowardly at the beginning of the first season until she met the other girls.
Usagi and Minako are both lazy and sluggish, which is why they are best for a story!


File: 1567288975386.jpg (254.76 KB, 1356x1004, shantaeforeko.jpg)

We can age characters up now????

Just had to point out how silly this was to point out in my thread XD i read it and ended up laughing.

But seriously lets not making this thread into a long discussion about what masterchaos might write next :P. I appreciate the story but this might be better done at the ekas board, the lit section, or something XD. There is a writing help forum there on eka's, and think anyone here that's been chatting also habits there so, a pm of the link to said thread would fit. These threads do cap off after a certain number of posts here tho, :P. Be silly to eat them all up on a "who's laziest" debate. Why i always try and post an image with my comments.

Oh hey, look speaking of which < *shameless plug*

For the record the stomach digesting movements wiggling the carrot in her.


File: 1567289018418.jpg (187.3 KB, 1356x1004, bwshaantaeforeko.jpg)

and bw cause crappy color is crappy color


File: 1567297363731.jpg (131.8 KB, 839x1056, middle.jpg)

also more for me to remember i even tried it to maybe fix it up, an attempt at trying to do a seuqal image as practice for a very old image i did for friction by bill back in the day who has it up on his blogspot it is very old and very anatomically bad :P. Figured least if i redrew it it'd get an improvement. not sure that turned out true.


Well the anime says Konata is 18 years old alredy. Its not age forwarding. It's more like unlolifying. ;)

Actual unlolifying would make a even better story. I know some girls that would choice to become meat in order to look more adult.

I mean the "envy on big breast clice is pretty much in every anime"

Akari Akaza would work perfekt in this kind of story. She would do anything to get more attention.

This is how my brain works. I search for one thing and your answears inspire me for another thing;)


Hard for me to to tell if the anatomy is better or not with the lines not inked? You definitely have the style down for it though.


File: 1567377778236.jpg (227.36 KB, 1081x881, yaemeal.jpg)

Old idea i had i tried and failed at (too tired and too many references looked at) where Yae awards the guys for saving japan after they try again to get food and are too poor, so she decides to "Spot them." Just this once for obvious reasons, though in game meat bun healing item might change that.

Decided to try the rice cause boeser just did his rice :P. But jsut did a 9 hour work day so tired and fucked up boob shape and size and ai yi yi



Ah yes - I really liked this image when you did it.

And, speaking as one of the artistically-clueless here, I can't spot any of the anatomical issues you're talking about.

I'd love to chat with you about a sequel to *either* of the images on the blog page you linked to. Pardon while I try out all the contact info I have for you to see if any are current. Feel free to ping me at mine if you'd like to chat.



File: 1567467958136.jpg (119.86 KB, 881x885, milkyhex.jpg)

I am so tired and exhausted i can't do any projects ^^:. I just am doing whatever i can to *try* and draw and failing pretty hard. Why my arts gotten slower and scragglier. Don't really intend to do any trades, commissions or requests cause the pressure would crush me right now T_T. And i start a stint of overnight in a week cause our stores doing a full rehual for the season change so whee.



Better not do pokemon now^^
I bet you will get endless request for pokemon girls after Pokemon Shield arived.

(and no one will ask for Lilly :(^^)


File: 1567617028592.jpg (102.75 KB, 1151x1181, practiceraven.jpg)

Practice Raven


File: 1567617058656.jpg (109.51 KB, 1151x1181, gurochan-version.jpg)

And cause no one wants any of my art unless its got a meat marking :P gurochan version.


File: 1567617181279.jpg (110.98 KB, 1151x1181, ravenposelines.jpg)

Had originally intended this to be a wide hipped raven, but the boobs over took :P was trying to get her smol stature, big boobs thing but didn't work out in the pose,


Nice Meat Marketing!


File: 1567632673376.jpg (193.1 KB, 1038x903, ring-girl.jpg)

Had an odd idea for the ring girl ending up ringing into a canni shop and ending up a soruce of infinit meats (tv too small for her ot enter, so ass and cunt stuck out, tits stuck out, etc, cooked, then the tv turned off and tape rewound, but was like blargh tired, and so on so just drew her flaunting and went with a less cutesy version. I figured the alt would have been her doing it willingly.


File: 1567635062969.jpg (169.47 KB, 1073x843, ignroe-your-reality.jpg)

why not



But be careful! If you watch this tape you will be roasted in 7 days. Especially if you are a cute girl. And the curse roast you even more tasty if you have nice boobs^^


Well that's one way to deal with a pesky ghost girl coming after you. I approve.


File: 1567792784153.jpg (365.31 KB, 1111x1136, convience-store-quickie.jpg)

Bento box boobs from the local convenience store. The cashier girls breasts are by the stores policy, open for purchase for an obscene sum just to drum up business thru word of mouth, not really to actually be sold, while cold cut woman meat bits and so on are available for a much cheaper sum at the store. Unfortunately some of Maries's class mates found out her boobs were up for sale and used a large sum of cash they all got together for the boob sushi bento box to her chagrin.


File: 1567800566236.jpg (211.22 KB, 1046x782, after.jpg)

sketched this while i waited for my pizza to cook, had more idea for the person having a plot to see more of her doing stuff, so what they did was brought it to school with the intention of "oh everyone gonna see it, i'm gonan eat it so slow, unless… you eat the evidence" with them making her eat her own breast to keep everyone from seeing it.


File: 1567805825675.jpg (149.66 KB, 919x855, ravensharpie.jpg)

Raven doing some costume play with a sharpie marker.


No.26800 is frickin hot. Nothing quite as nice as a girl reluctantly eating her own naughty bits. Awesome work! Hope you continue the story!


"Mirror, mirror on the wall; Who's the tastiest one of all?"


File: 1567899717622.jpg (547.44 KB, 1187x1967, tomokos.jpg)

Some legal aged, but still shortstuff tomoko (you can tell cause i made her boobs bigger! 2 cm! :P) Someone complained I didn't do large objects anymore so i figured what the hey i had no ideas.


File: 1567942594525.jpg (252.23 KB, 1223x1148, linework.jpg)


File: 1567968246334.jpg (114.26 KB, 740x801, raventrace.jpg)

practice silliness


Your drawings are still as crazy as ever, even if I don't comment much, know that I'm always here to look at them.
You've probably already been asked the question, but there is a way to make a participative donation to you? for example on Patreon or on tip platforms ?


File: 1568419233778.jpg (206.06 KB, 880x1335, b-ettermaybe.jpg)

I never really feel comfortable taking tips and kinda stopped wanting to do commissions after one to many angry unreasonable people made me just be like augh. SO thanks but i;ll pass on ever making patreon ^^:.

Misty idea I had, her using the standard pokemon porn technique of keeping pikachu while she was watching him for ash in a pokeball stuffed up her pussy, but we all know how much pikachu hates those things. Popping out he found a hole he promptly knotted to misty's displeasure.


File: 1568419277337.jpg (177.31 KB, 880x1335, nonx-ray.jpg)

and the non x-ray. She really has no idea what is going on in there other then he's cumming and anytime she tries to pull him out she's tugging on her own cervix.


File: 1568507412936.jpg (432.26 KB, 1350x1080, RAVENSUPERMARKET.jpg)

attempted sketch of raven being readied as a supermarket for being the titans turkey. Her breasts are being injected with gravy into her lactation ducts (to avoid it in the blood stream) while the deli girl stuffs her using a speculate. Was very tired and headachey so best i could do right now for a sketch.


File: 1568677440206.jpg (432.08 KB, 1045x1800, hexandwhitney.jpg)



File: 1568708594389.jpg (265.42 KB, 1221x1199, hexwhitframe1.jpg)

some line work practice


And don't worry about the uncooked bits hanging out. We'll just cut those off and roast em separately.


File: 1569056256859.jpg (167.55 KB, 1131x1035, aishavc.jpg)

Not guro in the slightest but tried to color something :P. So there, i made some progress past ^$%^%$ line work. Stupid jerb.


File: 1569112301614.jpg (207.42 KB, 858x762, quickysilly.jpg)

meatbuns idea sketched


File: 1569275259902.jpg (305.89 KB, 1287x966, furry-butworthit.jpg)



That's some quality ninja nonsense right there.


File: 1569334419318.jpg (181.46 KB, 1101x718, ravengrill.jpg)

Crappy color


Well, breasts are just a handicap for a sneaky ninja.


File: 1569361077450.jpg (211.24 KB, 1054x1120, ravenemal.jpg)

Had the idea of Raven with a meal kit like you see where you get the custom box with the ingredients in it and just coming in the door. Had intended to have her still have the bottom half of her uniform but couldn't get the thing to look right while still showing her nethers thru it.


I like it a lot.


Your Raven is THE BEST!


File: 1569595015600.jpg (978.2 KB, 1920x1200, restaurant.jpg)

Your work is still as good as ever, your coloured drawings are really insane.

too bad for tips, but I understand the fact that some people (even if they're a minority) can behave badly under the pretext that they've financed you, and that you want to avoid that.

Otherwise I worked on the mix of your drawings again and think I've improved it quite a bit, even if I still have a doubt about the layout, the content and the font of text


File: 1569626294434.jpg (272.72 KB, 976x1350, worksrav.jpg)

Interesting idea that she turned to one before the other went on sale resulting in a longer wait. Looks good, sorry for a not longer post but been out all day for two days straight and am tired as heck but didn't want to post my sketch here and leave ye hanging.

<< Last minute attempt to sketch some on an idea for raven being used as "interstellar currency" with starfire as the seller. IDea being they want world saving tech, or an engine for the ridde home but the aliens don;t want their tech, or money, or anything really they have that they can make cause its below their own, but rare "alien" meatgirls make a penny on the market as people buy them for the novelty (even tho they could jsut clone them). Figure lots of mtv spring break style broadcasts of bikini babes reaching the aliens on long term delays made them adjust their wants for a "good female" to hips ass and breasts like the channels teach. Aka. Big breasts, tiny waisted, and wide hipped raven is big. Starfire familiar with alien economy is helping to make sure they get a fair trade.


File: 1569938078905.jpg (457.58 KB, 1887x1347, skethcestings.jpg)

long week so threw together some sketches.


File: 1570228649649.jpg (108.16 KB, 400x1070, gaz-ting.jpg)

tired. idea. hypnosis. bloaties.


Just gonna chime in, since I keep seeing people intermittently demanding things of Jim, and Jim getting understandably irritated about this…

Jim, you rock. People can bitch all they like about wanting more pain and non-con and blood and bone, but the whole eager-to-dubcon range is _what I'm here for_. Your style is great, your art is hot, your creative choices rock, and anyone who disagrees is welcome to either go to another thread or jump in a grinder.

You're here sharing incredibly sexy art of cute girls eagerly or reluctantly getting torn up, and doing it for free. I'm pretty sure we have exactly zero right to bitch.


File: 1570440533612.jpg (188.34 KB, 972x943, crapjapensezombie.jpg)

Appreciated ^^:. Honestly okay right now just dead as a door nail. Have some irl outside of work workload stuff keeping me busy (and tired as hell) right now and now the holidays are coming up. Kinda annoyed it all hit full scale in october :/ figures the month i like to draw holiday stuff for and best I get around to is zombie bait here and a quicky gaz :P now THAT'S driving me nuts.


File: 1570823830167.jpg (284.79 KB, 1337x749, nooneknowsdernames.jpg)

Farris, lenna, iris and katt sketch. Idea the three adventuring parties ran out of cash and had only between all three the ability to pay for a meal cooked, but would need to provide their own main food. So all three parties get to watch this and leave supplied with mixed breast meat for their travels.


Nice. FFV girls don't get enough screen time.


Yeh there are a lot of girls that doesn't get the cooking times they deserve. Sadly no one ask me for trades…
I don't have the skill to draw and only a few artust like jim draw the casual roast art I like:)


File: 1570871942351.jpg (38.22 KB, 625x552, flat.jpg)

I barely get sketches out with my irl workload lately :P Large scale color pictures, I gave up on trades ages ago, or pretty much any form of social life involving getting out of a chair. Once I'm home I'm dead, then peeling myself out of bed to go work myself to death again the next day. Why the number of full color things have sharply declined. Did some math and I lift over a ton of product a day, on top of a bunch of extra jobs I gotta do.

Been trying to stream more but that's been meh. Keep being too tired.


I think it also hard to focus on commissions if the costumers always ask for sex with the same lolis…
I like lolis. But I dislike loli sex.
I love to use loli's as prey because they look cute enough to eat and not as fuck toys. I love adult chars that offer an attractive body or nice tits for roasting.

But people always want me to insert rape and pain into my stories and I really don't like to write about it.

Except if I feel very sadistic^^

It is a pity thats there are only a few fans of soft cannibalism. In which the prey is rather annoyed by the process than having pain.


It is at least nice to know that internet is available in hell LOL


Love your works as always!
Have some good rest, we all hope you well!


I like soft cannibalism and I think we have quite a lot of fans of that here.
although some symbolic pain won't hurt occasionally especially if your character is masochistic

However, I think there is a lack of communication because people should be more active in making comments for each other work. or otherwise, it looks like nobody is interested at all.


File: 1570917832331.jpg (274.1 KB, 1800x806, slurp.jpg)

being lazy :P. Sheila.


File: 1570921168622.jpg (162.21 KB, 1183x773, pepperpotts.jpg)

more lazy with pepper potts


I like automatic processing. Especialy if it isn't blody. It's just cute to transform girls into food without much work.
Maybe I should use a machine like this for my little Zelda cattle story I write.:)

Malbe you like the story:
Zelda wants to do a little favor for Malon. She thought she should help with the cattle care. Not that she should work as cattle. But of course she plays along because she made a promise to help. First she hates it's but after some time she starts to feel like cattle and forgets that she actual is a princess.

The story should contain: milking, way to big pleasure devices, and of course painless processing into meat at the end.


File: 1570957829461.jpg (238.7 KB, 1872x905, ass.jpg)

Might be a bit to high tech for a zelda thing XD. They always have zelda during periods of technological decline. I was talking with thevistorblack about how i had figured the machine would work (anesthetic shot to the ass reducing pain, probably de limbing, put on a pussy mount dildo, and roasted before parted or served out the back.) Had talked about how technovore (the villain) could work for taking it over as well for a whole her working as bait cause she was gonna do it anyway but trying not to get tentacles into its "maw" as logn as possible while runnign around naked. But it was bedtime by then :P.

<Nothing really to post so some stream doodles.


Well in "breath of the wild" they have some magical killer robots. But true stark Industrie maybe would be to advances. Maybe it could be water-powered and fills the meat into bottles (because everything is filled into bottles in the Zelda universe^^). I want to avoid the typical spitting and gutting device everyone uses in cattle stories.

I like the idea of boobs in bottles (with much too small openings, so that they should not fit in actually^^ But it's magic!)


File: 1571008334883.jpg (189.02 KB, 957x820, badcolrything.jpg)

failed attempt at drawing tings


File: 1571008356309.jpg (162.64 KB, 957x820, failureting.jpg)

no crap color


Looks great so far, can't wait to see those fat tits chopped up and served!


File: 1571167296971.jpg (186.22 KB, 1116x964, whyishouldn'tdrawwhileiskc.jpg)

Dealing with a lowgrade head cold but its my day off so wanted to draw so behold the most stupidly "this is a jim random basic girl" pictures known to man. Couldn't get either to work with me :P. Had the idea for a halloween girl with one "spooky hex maniac" type that's unkempt and slightly overweight but kept fuxxing it. I was using [Amazon] Itou-san (Kairaku Ochichi) [English] for reference on e-hentai. Nothing similar :P.


File: 1571168213384.jpg (172.68 KB, 1388x852, laser.jpg)

My other fark up :P. This was gonna be an idea of another kinda emotionless looking but not really inside girl, where a group of college students had invested in setting up a deli dolcett style thing. She was agaisnt it and got dragged in, it did badly as no one was coming in, so they figured they needed exposure, and brought some custom grills, a laser cutter (that cauterizes the meat) and so on and talked (read pretty much forced her cause shes to demure to protesT) into roasting her tits on the beach as trhe girl with the most obsence body (figured also why they wanted her as co owner of the shop, as having her boobs and hips flopping around even clothed were good advertising) and having them lasered off to drum up business :P. Figured she was quite proud of her tits so shes kinda half in shock at them gone and also dealing with the cauterizing still leavign the stumps smoking.


File: 1571267665349.jpg (145.14 KB, 860x803, ad-orc.jpg)

A sketch idea of Sheila beign used for an idea I had a few times, which is breasts beign fat are bad for most forms of "food" but fat can be used for broth. SO had the idea of tits beign boiled, for like an hour or so, to have the fat melt into a broth, then the remaining bits of the boobs lopped off and chopped up for it. In this case while the orc waits for that he makes use of other things. There's cuts n her boobs to let the fat run out, and the boobs are tied off so she won't bleed out.


File: 1571303820018.jpg (205.36 KB, 1249x933, tomokoperverted.jpg)

A quicky draw (even by my standards) as i was trying to mark down an idea as possible for later cause i been foergetting them, had originally jsut drawn it as a nameless girl with no hair or anything other then a guidelines and thought i;d post it here and just go i got no idea who this would be… then a google search for perverted school girl popped up the candidate that was obvious. Anyway watamote tomoko being a crazy pervert. Using a weight set, some string and some quarters to act as cusioning from the string, she managed to tie off her cervix, and drop the weight (causing a huge amount of noise) to hang herself upside down inside one of the lockers of the girls locker room. Shes now spying on them getting dressed doing the standard hope they find me/hope they don;t find me thoughts of an exhibitionist while at the same time barely withstanding being hung by her own womb and cervix. Once their gone she can cut the string with her scissors and escape, but for now shes at the mercy of them seeing the slightly open door, or if one of the girls decide to use the supposedly open locker, or (maybe worse) spotted cause of her own noises as the strain starts getting on her as she approaches the ten minute mark (she did need to set this up before they arrived).

Again my need for unique setups :P.


Might you do some artwork of The Loud House in the future?


File: 1571354573368.jpg (42.5 KB, 366x881, messing.jpg)

Fraid I never got to see the series, tho i'm aware of the goth girl i really know nothing about her sadly. A Lot of my art tends to rely on playing off the characters personality a bit to decide poses and such so its like blargh. Needs to be on netflix or something, but you know disney.

Nothign really to post, was watching marvel hq on youtube with some of ultamite spiderman full eps up so was trying my hand at a white tiger thing but only got this far (was a quicky placeholder sketch for the pose and was messing with boob types but very very not a full idea.)


I wounder if the new Sabrina is hot? There seem to be at least some dolcett related themes. But I not watches the show yet.


The Loud House is actually a Nickelodeon property so maybe try Hulu if you know anyone how has it Nick tends to post some of their shows there but I'm not sure if it is there


File: 1571408054789.jpg (226.64 KB, 1245x1080, ajna.jpg)

I got no one irl i hang out with. Work kinda kills all my free time so I hang with the art group on discord and never really leave the house, or even do much mroe then watch youtube, occasionally game. :/ netflix subber (tho neen thinking of suspending it cause their stuff is kinda blah at the moment and theres that new dc comcis streaming site) too so no hulu. Kinda on the poor end so don;t got much for many stream servies as well as a total lack of energy to sit down and watch stuff, an occasional game like code veins all i usually got money for (that and a few comics and a hope lantern flash figure is the months budget this month due to some expenses.

Kinda why my arts been so hard to get to beyond sketches and stopped streaming as much recently :/ just to damn tired cause of the job and its eaten all my free time for a nice, oh, 22,000 a year minus student loans, room and board, utilities…
Yeah at best like an extra 100 to spend on things :P Its getting better due to raises but keep having t pay for stuff or sit on cash (dentist, so on)
Yay america :P.

Was trying to draw anja from indivisble as I was watching some of that on youtube (but lets face it we all know who i was oggling and shes into fur) . Unfortunately her face is a bit harder to draw then i thought and my pose broke down for what I wanted.


File: 1571420965830.jpg (371.02 KB, 2279x1226, mariesketch.jpg)

Idea for a rescue animal crew finding a giant squid thats unable to swim while its healing, its weak and malnourished, and there's really only one thing big enough on hand for it to eat that won't possibly hurt it. Technically not how squid eat :P. would rip her to shreds and swallow the chunks but i wanted to go with comic rules for vore.


it seems like you start alot of stuff but seldom finish anything anymore we seldom see any postings of completed work


squid really do look like chicken when you just see them beak on…


File: 1571443677621.jpg (69.65 KB, 750x653, naddaskill.jpg)

Just explained that n_n;. Look up for the rest of the explanation. Sketching is my leisure activity I do in my very very short time and usually takes like a half hour or so (I find it relaxing, and easier then gaming), finished works takes like 3-5 hours of hard work (and i kinda hate tracing/relining stuff), or pretty much all my free time I'm awake and able to do something for the entire week. Picture your worse work days and then going "eh i;ll do this activity on par with difficult homework for five hours :P." eyyuuup. I try but not gonna kill myself over it ^^:. I usually rely on some form of inspiration to get me thru the work but i been too beat up lately. Mostly just tryign to practice basics thru sketching as well.


Still think the poses you gave Anja look great, especially the roasted one, Looks appropriately plump, and razmi looks cute too~

I really quite enjoy your sketches. Finished work is nice, but I understand too well why those arn't common. I'd rather you relax and get a few sketches out then not hear from you for a month to get a full color work.


File: 1571472474362.jpg (164.14 KB, 863x1075, tief.jpg)

Kinda how I was treating posting on eka's. Wound up being like, those ravens a bit back and the shantae mermaid thing just for topic ^^:. Eventually made allowances to mangaish style pages or bigger ideas (which is also why more things like that have popped up, its the next level up my bodies allowing) but its still pretty dotty. My main issue is no matter how much i want to draw in the morning, after doing my full days work i'm usually too tired and in pain to want to move much, much less draw (and getting up early enough to do that would be going to be obscenely early and up obscenely early, and my days off end up being condensed that :/. Sadly no break coming with christmas and thanksgiving coming up.

Ontop of that also I kinda got myself stretched thin :P. I got the goofy stuff I draw with my drawing online group thats generally not gurochanish (no one here wants to see the hampster-centaur-mermaid eating popcorn clogging up the thread :P.) so the few times I've posted less guroish things is just to accompany my comments. Take the feed from this thread, double it, and you got what else I'm doing for that group, plus whatever little non guro things I do (largely ecchi stuff.) ttp:// Contains full color stuff I haven't posted here but its trickled down there as well but its all non-guro.

<example of the silly non adult stuff from that group. Tho more prone to stealing other people's oc's.


File: 1571765734541.gif (353.97 KB, 809x941, nina2.gif)


File: 1571765782789.gif (462.48 KB, 809x941, fixedkatt.gif)

Was feeling dragged down and after color comments actually was less inclined too motivation wise :P so i messed with this instead.


File: 1571765800533.jpg (143.93 KB, 930x1080, breast-hang-katt.jpg)

its a trap


File: 1571765851936.jpg (78.68 KB, 669x845, katt2.jpg)

and all started with this. Got a raven i worked on as well but not wanting to post right now.


Gonna make any more Kylie in future, Jim? There's sadly so little guro of her.


File: 1571780353447.gif (307.88 KB, 736x755, badselphidedogs1.gif)

more animations cause tired and stubborn.

Had thought on kylie earlier but no immediate plans. mean it is halloween month :P but was pussy used as ghost trap with inflation and the headless horseman and his horse (think preg belly with horse hooves kicking) that i ended up not doing, actually had forgotten it entirely


File: 1571780575855.gif (343.2 KB, 736x755, badselphidedogs2.gif)

slightly edited for longer clean


Lovely Katt pics. I greatly enjoy the animation too.


File: 1571981411211.jpg (237.26 KB, 1199x985, irisss.jpg)

Was messing with this old piece while i had some insomnia and cursing the code vein "trial of blood" thing. Frigging yakumo rolling over my corpse instead of healing :P. (Fyi if your playing that game, switch to louis, he actually chain juggles alot of things keeping the hordes down.)


File: 1572386273058.jpg (178.74 KB, 1070x1434, matoivore.jpg)

After her adventure Matoi's been exposed to way to much vore and has found herself unable to deal with it anymore and gives into her wants. Figure she used senketsu's enhancement powers to make herself as ero as possible, but then quickly got out of him to beg for it.


File: 1572389013515.jpg (139.43 KB, 884x760, sketchtruck.jpg)

meat truck sketch


File: 1572479951117.jpg (145.93 KB, 954x943, kattmummy.jpg)

not guro but mummy costume katt


File: 1572479970332.jpg (173.69 KB, 1315x959, quickykattvore.jpg)

katt vore


File: 1572547257171.jpg (137.79 KB, 1170x1297, hexvore.jpg)

Idea for a hex maniac over population resulting in attempts at making use of the girls before they take too much resources, by turning them into resources. Kinda the dolcettgirls female over population idea. Figure their trying to get rid of either a few hundred thousand or a millionish, and pokemon food is the first try.


File: 1572547304655.jpg (106.31 KB, 1012x887, muckhex.jpg)

more of that, figured maybe having put down "1,200 hex out of a million used" or something as a counter but was very tired.


File: 1572547363387.jpg (184.75 KB, 1128x1079, sketchies2.jpg)

And eventually going to the point of it going too slowly so they okay'd them for human consumption as well. (as well as a god eater sketch cause to tired to mess with the sketch right now.)


File: 1572557794956.jpg (101.96 KB, 856x654, godeatereater.jpg)

more god eater


Love the Poke-chow logo. Really fun touch.


File: 1572902192468.jpg (179.6 KB, 1346x1082, breakmina.jpg)

Sick from overexerting myself so made it half way thru this and then the constant pain in my throat became to much, so i decided to use it as an exercise on experimenting with colors and stuff, may finish it another time with real colors but for now kicking back with tea and misery.


File: 1572916797204.jpg (176.87 KB, 1346x1082, mina-messing.jpg)

continueing with messing with it, the lack of shading tho really drives it out of looking right


i don't comment often but i absolutely love this latest piece and hope you come back to it


Hope you feel better soon


Nice work, Jim!
I hope you feel better soon!



That sounds like a fun idea.



File: 1573075930410.jpg (98.17 KB, 838x927, mayafey.jpg)

Again with the weird not me post.

Was messing with a maya fey being used as a court room show of a boob-o-wave working or not working, hadn't figured out which. Her nipples were pushed against the glass here and was debating the back where her boobs are going in being glass to but no idea. Either way hadn;t gotten around to modifying it or fixing it up but not got really anything else to post :P. This was just me dabbling while half out of it from being sick.

Just wanted to post a comment so people didn;t think i was ignoring the comments, thanks for the well wishing, i just gotta force thru it, gotta work and let the head cold pass thru.


File: 1573170871571.jpg (65.51 KB, 450x754, gurochanaprilver.jpg)

quicky color april


File: 1573170884513.jpg (56.49 KB, 450x754, quickyboundapril.jpg)

minus the marks


File: 1573174943480.jpg (110.9 KB, 1002x930, entrapta.jpg)

ran out of steam. Entrapta trying out a new cooking device. Guess shes leaving notes for someone else on how to improve it.


So Hot….


File: 1573242419817.jpg (236.19 KB, 1446x1256, aprilburgers.jpg)

april burgers


File: 1573244238868.jpg (247.36 KB, 1446x1983, skethhhy.jpg)



File: 1573244292388.jpg (203.61 KB, 1499x1080, cmns;tdraw.jpg)

azumanga turkey sale, can tell which one my tiredness hit on for the sketch. Those are turkeys and boxes of turkeys, as their doing a sale for school fundraising, their jsut the more expensive turkeys.


I really like the pose and expression here, definitely unique and fun among spitroasts~


Superb pic, I love this idea.
Nice, I love the varying levels of enthusiasm on the girls.


File: 1573601207173.jpg (103.51 KB, 892x865, ihhihi.jpg)

entrapta's unique that's for certain and too bad i kidna messed up sakkaki's head there, or however you spell her name XD been forever since i read azumanga.

No one will probably be too into this one had the odd idea of yumi from hihhi puffy ami yumi running into one of those weird Japanese forests with where you have to watch what you say or do. Unfortunately for directions from fairies she agreed to give them food. Bad idea P they don;t take candy bars. Had the mental story idea that she was forewarned about going in or doing deals with fairies especially with "Those things" jiggling about.


Def need to finish the Yumi one. Need more debreasting. Always more.


Looks great. Reminds me not so much of fairies, but more of those little plastic Christmas elves and saws that traditionally decorate "Yule log" cakes…
Plus it's in season soon (or probably already in some stores, since those start Christmas earlier each year).


File: 1573945245492.jpg (222 KB, 1565x950, cowsraven.jpg)

I might get back to yumi, but on another big change at work this week and still the last bit sick so gonna wait til I can actually focus.

< Odd idea I tried while having issues drawing cause tired/sick. Had the idea of raven talked into a taco palce that used girl meat for stars birthday and one of the big things was to have a cardboard cut out of a cow on the wall, and the girl milked like their breasts are udders before debreasting (then the rest of the girl heading back to the kitchen in the back.) Figured tits vaccumed sucked out of fat, and maybe glands removed then ground up for breast tacos, cause stars into weird things, with maybe extra bits added in (like the pussy) and the rest being sold to other restraunt goers.) Had the bad idea of one of the stock girls for the restaurant (that encourages bringing your own if you want) talking about how surprised that the biggest tits in jump city ended up in their stocks.

It turned out badly cause I'm tired.



File: 1574190303082.jpg (126.58 KB, 878x918, ravencomics.jpg)

practice and cause someone asked, comic raven.


File: 1574295500900.jpg (126.56 KB, 817x1080, ravesvdlct.jpg)

cause someone asked for her. non marker version here.


No matter the version, Raven is always a good choice for the menu.


File: 1574448321228.jpg (347.11 KB, 2083x1111, uncolored.jpg)

Short on supplies due to getting lost/plot element, they have to turn to another source of food and ezra dons the only outfit she has with a decent apron….


File: 1574448353614.jpg (364.55 KB, 2083x1111, ezraroast.jpg)

too tired to color it so i just threw on some quicky stuff.


File: 1574809821043.jpg (131.21 KB, 1065x893, mayboobs.jpg)

may made a bet to brock if she lost a match with him he could use her boobs for dinner. Clear wrap to keep her remnants inside and provide a show. Brock left a bit left on her chest to allow her some figure still with her shirt on.


File: 1574809878648.jpg (156.46 KB, 1128x889, tingstr.jpg)

Top one was a sketch i forgot to remvoe the extras of, also an idea i had for a girl seeing a note for her school needing a home ec meat girl at her shop, and they had no meat girls open, soooo…


Pleeeaaaase color this one


Seriously I would like a drawing where you pray to Junketsu satsuki deborada be very similar to the drawing echo ryuko not I bother it was the same picture but with Satsuki


Hey JS, glad to see more from you.

I'm wondering, how do you get breasts to look plump and perky without looking fake?


File: 1575189126858.jpg (178.61 KB, 1486x1224, lillymoncum.jpg)

i;m gettign my ass kicked for the net three weeks (probably longer) cause of christmas, blackfriday, cyber monday etc, so keep that in mind when I say:

I'll consider coloring may if i can survive at all XD.

Probably not gonna do satsuki but i;ll keep in it mind, actually wanted to do a second one matoi buuut.

Sag XD, literally. If they don't sag and squish a bit their clearly fake.

<< quicky sketch I did (note the over sized lines) I picked up cyber sleuth to play while i did a 50 hour work week this week so i;d not have to move much (typing this while taking some aspirin just to make my arms move again for work :P. Trying to keep linework and colors coming in the coming weeks so i don;t backslide like i did last year and have issues doing anything more the sketches but man my work kills me. only get four waking hours outside of work this entire week of work days cause my trip back and forth is an hour (24 hours -10 work hours, two hours round trip, plus 8 hours sleep T_t;


File: 1575189383278.jpg (116.1 KB, 836x1023, snakepot.jpg)

huh i didn't post tuki, those on eka's portal saw this like a week ago. Musta got distracted.


Jim, I saw on ekas that you are considering creating a Katt folder, that is completely fine with me, as Katt is one of my fav videogame characters.


This is oddly adorable. Never knew I wanted Shantae to be a pred until now.


I think it would be very helpful sometimes for storytelling purposes to have an own strong pred;)

Do you think a small innocent looking goddess who can create anything she wants except cute girls, would be a nice pred?


File: 1575324978977.jpg (100.26 KB, 1059x705, wendy.jpg)

Sounds like a girl out of that darkness anime, or haruhi. more depends on keeping the girl going to make her a full liked ocs, one shots usually tend to not pick up much interest in people.

Shantae canonically is quite the pred :P the eggs in there are naga eggs, and other health pick ups (including fruit from her tree form.) I thought of throwing pork from those pigs as well but forgot in the end.

Nothign really to post :P so a sample of what i do off camera/off thread, when tryign to brain storm. I really like the idea of girls boobs as burgers wrapped in that tinfoil wrap with logos and all that and keep rolling the idea around. This was me trying to figured out how i liked it.

Had a few ideas, like the boxed boobs i've used, wrapped and in bags, even one of a girl with ehr tits wrapped, and the fries ontop of them, but the boobs are medium rare, so as they walk home the much hotter deep fried fry grease is leaking and making her squirm from it being so hot as most people who ever held a bag of fried would attest.


Well,j actually, I could help you with the drawing

The one mentioned before satsuki if he is willing to make a sketch could finish it or help him with any other that he likes in the past has already inspired me to draw some drawings and I would really like that!


jim, i really like the wrapped up tit burger idea! i always imagined paper wrapping, not foil, but I hope to see you accomplish it some day!

also, do you work retail or shipping? i work retail so i feel you about the holidays


File: 1575364610718.jpg (57.05 KB, 815x582, happytree.jpg)


currently? Both ;T:_:T;


As someone who has worked multiple jobs in both retail and shipping, I feel for you. This time of year is especially rough in that line of work. Stay strong.


File: 1575654239338.jpg (111.92 KB, 1011x766, seierrabommpsh.jpg)

headlop for poe/ash


File: 1575654285597.jpg (180.47 KB, 1179x769, quicky-color-shark.jpg)

shark roast for chao, rejected blaster masters 2 character that was repalced with kanna


Much appreciated. The heads must roll.



A beheading pic of you?
I actually love it if the head stays alive and the girl has to endure some embarrassing stuff as a head.


Same!Love beheading girl with living head!


Decap is the best!


File: 1575851166504.jpg (238.42 KB, 1117x1272, quickygogo.jpg)

Was a gag so don;t expect much more of it :P. quicky gogo, was feeling frustrated after a week of two hour off time days, so i forced this.


I suppose those are not her own boobs :)


File: 1575941749093.jpg (217.78 KB, 1469x882, ravegaz.jpg)

the point of the whole text is they are :P. So not sure how yah got that idea XD.

Random late night sketches. gaz and rav, was messing with some ideas in my head.


Yay! More amazing Raven stuff!


>So not sure how yah got that idea XD.

Because it would be too obvious otherwise LOL
So I thought it can be that she just bought those breast burgers along with other groceries and carrying then like her own boobs LOL


But where should she found another girl with tasty tits at the grocery store?
A girl can only trust her own melons.;)
Except if she is a little goddess who doesn't have melons.


I think all Jim's girls have huge melons and very willing to donate them for food ;)
So they definitely agree to help ;)


File: 1576090419704.jpg (268.7 KB, 1800x741, ponypotionmaking.jpg)

fairly off for the day so having issues drawing, tried two things, one was this idea for pony boob used for magic potions, but as a non watcher of the series no ideas came to mind that would make them put their boobs thru this :P. Figured it forms a potion of pony fat for a viscous potion used for… something, no ideas what. MAgic might have been used to give them the boobs in the first place. My anatomy is just bad at the moment.


File: 1576090585312.jpg (135.38 KB, 1358x821, reproter.jpg)

Also a reporter for a school fundraising idea (18+ only) where the school reporter got aLOT of requests in to sing up as one of the meat girls, with her being flushed out here in the first frame, then inserted of the inflating "hook" then hung up upside down for auction pussy exposed. was really struggling with anayomy all day so everything is hyper choppy. Had mused doing a frame of her looking thru the mailed in requests but blargh, trying to figure out an outfit for her was beyond my brain.


File: 1576367284807.jpg (159.24 KB, 1058x917, gumboobs.jpg)

quickly idea down. too tired to finesse the dialogue tho' liked the idea of her calling her boobs jugs in the same mention as milk.


File: 1576454871290.jpg (218.21 KB, 879x1037, dusktent.jpg)

No one will know who this is :P. No its not raven XD.



File: 1576616590469.jpg (185.54 KB, 1455x1274, ubermatoi.jpg)

a traced matoi this morning, not too on topic but :P.


File: 1576657023342.jpg (188.67 KB, 1310x1147, matoikillakillauberboober.jpg)

Still not on topic :P.


File: 1576711322649.jpg (195.18 KB, 1229x993, sorameal.jpg)

random sketch


File: 1576714844198.jpg (339.73 KB, 1954x1080, weridnatuidea.jpg)


File: 1576714860851.jpg (76.7 KB, 754x1170, pointless-raven.jpg)


Very nice Raven, and great sketches.


beautiful raven <3


File: 1577003935659.jpg (318.92 KB, 1719x1406, vanandduckhuntdog.jpg)

Sorta on topic :P! Working on something else more on topic but having issues figuring out the dialogue.


Wow! I really like her expression and face ;)
Very arousing ;)

And the picture itself makes me think that you started taking LSD :) Totally insane, just as I like.


File: 1577486568634.jpg (208.29 KB, 1203x1289, nothingbooby.jpg)

Heh, barely awake in life right now so similar :P? trio of images i;m starting to doubt my ability to figure out dialogue and wants for so.


File: 1577486623256.jpg (117.98 KB, 694x956, figures.jpg)



File: 1577486700827.jpg (99.64 KB, 1064x1080, rachealroth.jpg)

Figured either christmas present for someone who gave her only one want, or the odd idea of her figuring out without her on earth, no trigon portal, so happy christmas cow to the next dimension.


File: 1577486749289.jpg (139.25 KB, 1016x845, shopgirls.jpg)

some shopgirls, had the idea they "know your hear for some large tits and rumps" etc.


File: 1577488688894.jpg (100.49 KB, 829x803, kumatoraburgers.jpg)

Quicky, knowing her luck they'll suffer from too good to use syndrome and she;ll be lugging them around all adventure. Her dress is pulled up and she was going commando.


File: 1577668877050.jpg (72.67 KB, 1066x835, mm.jpg)

A quicky attempt at coloring. Actually drew this with a certain girl in mind (not raven) but leaving it up to the viewer.


File: 1577698552976.jpg (72.83 KB, 1066x835, minrocolorchange.jpg)

tried editing the color a bit. Can be hard to see colors right after staring at a white screen tracing for awhile :P.


Real tasty work~



File: 1577979697368.jpg (336.59 KB, 1912x1784, guilegrowl.jpg)

Get alot of complaints about not drawing more old style stuff so :P Figure she was knotted and him about to cum and a short digivolve later shes staring at balls above her bigger then she is. Kinda farked up a bunch of things on this and was like eh to continuing it. Had ideas of her inflated and him having to watching his footing as he fought.


But he has a small one, because of his height rika actually had to look like a condom!


File: 1577991415444.jpg (197.08 KB, 2245x1254, octogirl.jpg)

Pretty much XD. Little color practice. I cheated like hell in my opinion using the guassian blur to help off set some of the problems i tend to have with roundness in shading.


File: 1578064417472.jpg (111.96 KB, 1271x1004, ravendeboobed.jpg)

quicky raven deboobing. Wanted to try somkething a bit different so i figured her still fighting after her boobs got lazered off causing her outfit to come off as well. Figure she could reattach them later with her power minus a few inches lost.



Out of curiosity whi DID you have in mind?


File: 1578274584619.jpg (131.96 KB, 1043x1103, embiggen.jpg)

Matoi :P. Random art i did in stream, not really guro but since i do few colored.


File: 1578358204327.jpg (201 KB, 1061x1267, breastsravencooler.jpg)

No tawawa but a similar scenario i'm sure that winds up ending up happening before half the raven scenarios i drew.


File: 1578407617878.jpg (172.71 KB, 1964x1232, gothspit.jpg)

quicky goth mounting a spit


File: 1578614414137.jpg (303.28 KB, 1252x1076, roasttittiesmakotoblaz.jpg)

Makato while traveling, ends up having Kokonoe Mercury pop up and scare her. Apologies ensue with the small amount of stuff she has on hand (and in such a hurry she never even put on shorts.)

Too lazy currently to draw the panels for who this is for so just enjoy the subtext :P.


File: 1578614434521.jpg (243.47 KB, 1252x1076, makboobs.jpg)

also the old drawing that gave me the idea.


File: 1578780290600.jpg (224.11 KB, 1400x1511, muffetbooburger.jpg)

double stacked muffet burgers.


File: 1579635059326.jpg (169.74 KB, 960x1079, targetgirlgunclub.jpg)

snuff club girl gets asked to be a target for the arms club. Arrows, shotguns, snipers, hand guns, club has it all. Figure she got her breasts filled with ballistics gel, and had envisioned her having half a boob blown off originally to show the gel but having a hard time doing anythign right now art wise. Had also thought them having something liek a high grade explosive bullet they show her for the final "headshot" which makes her cum at just the idea to their delight.

Also figured shes on pain killer injections to make it so she can "enjoy it" getting to watch her nipple take an arrow and so on and seeing what can actually make it thru a j cup or whatever they are of ballistics gel and fat. She's basically become a test run for two different clubs.


It reminds me a little of the fifth element,
where this super weapon is demonstrated.


One cute girl and some arrows are all you need to survive.



Oh hell yes! I love her enthusiasm for getting shot up. :D


File: 1579690185564.jpg (67.8 KB, 705x701, batlle.jpg)

Yeah the whole fun of the snuff club concept was the girls gung-ho about it. Instead coming up with half the situation themselves : ).

<pressure cooker sketch, figured this was her testing it out and reacting to her boobs being squeezed by the pressure making her nipple bulge. Was having a hard time doing anything yesterday in full cause of the cold and a stomach bug.


File: 1579690456759.jpg (126.64 KB, 1445x903, tings.jpg)

and some other crap i tried, iris as a new recipe, and an idea for raven and a fair booth thing i might try and ad more too but was just trying to mess with boobs.


File: 1579741690480.jpg (123.24 KB, 943x987, triplets.jpg)

Idea for ahsoka stopped at a checkpoint trying to pose as a pregnant girl with smuggling in more then a few things. Light sabers in front, a blasters along the right side, and a few other things, lots of explosives, and shes more then a little worried about where the robots poking seeing as she kept most of the buttons pointing out so they wouldn't push each other. Always like the girls wombs used to smuggle or store things angle.



Would love if one of your writer followers put a story to the snuff club girls.


Who is the girl on the left, and what is "Fair both"?


File: 1579774766544.jpg (76.1 KB, 792x819, van.jpg)

iris from final fantasy, and like a fairground booth, figured it was selling female meat and cooking stuff and she threw her boobs down to harass beastboy and asked for what to cook them with.

<got nadda o post


File: 1579907953756.jpg (198.93 KB, 1410x998, elfgazboobs.jpg)

some sketches, some 774 house (nanashi) elf and gaz.


I really hope you're able to refine the Gaz one in the near future


Hope you do more of this!!! Shame to have it end so soon.


5 days and no Jim? Hope you are ok, Bro, and not hit with cold or flu. Pics or not, we care about you.


Great art, hope to see more!


File: 1580585187151.jpg (133.71 KB, 973x916, 1111.jpg)

just busy work week like hell. Been to tired to draw, so I did something today on my day off tryign to use simplified art. I am NOT coloring this don;t ask.


File: 1580585202831.jpg (74.28 KB, 1065x931, a1.jpg)



File: 1580585232070.jpg (94.39 KB, 1065x931, a2.jpg)

a2 this is gonna be slow to post cause post flood detection!


File: 1580585256868.jpg (82.21 KB, 1065x931, a3.jpg)

a3. Naming these to keep myself sane :P


File: 1580585284957.jpg (82.83 KB, 1065x931, a4.jpg)

a4. burk


File: 1580585315894.jpg (120.48 KB, 1065x931, b5.jpg)

b5. boobs


File: 1580585329952.jpg (133.35 KB, 1065x931, b6.jpg)

b6 finale


File: 1580585341743.jpg (81.05 KB, 1065x931, b1.jpg)

b1 alt


File: 1580585353708.jpg (100.69 KB, 1065x931, b2.jpg)

b2 alt again


File: 1580585377389.jpg (90.98 KB, 1065x931, b3.jpg)

b3 alt 3 and flood detection againnnn.


File: 1580585423437.jpg (91.89 KB, 1065x931, b4.jpg)

b4 final alt. Annoyign had drawn a face behind those tines so of course I noticed i covered those eyes and had the worse "quick edited closed eye :P


File: 1580585458289.jpg (67.64 KB, 1065x931, 1.jpg)

was the covered background


File: 1580586189421.jpg (130.35 KB, 1065x931, burk.jpg)

farked up and cause it too late, double layer on the last two damn things, so


File: 1580586266429.jpg (118.14 KB, 1065x931, burk2.jpg)

other fixed frame


Its Magic! XD


Pleeassee do more like these! This was absolutely AWESOME! PLEASE do more!


Wonderful series Jim, absolutely beautiful! Glad to have you back and good luck with your work.


Love your amazing works as always!Watch out for recent epidemics,wish you good health!


God damn, these are fucking great. I love your sequential stuff.


Holy shit, she is so adorable, who is she?


File: 1580725475265.jpg (155.55 KB, 1061x1002, ibukibed.jpg)

Glad you guys like it, sadly been doing super bowl prep for retail work so i am damn tired :P. So much so my laharl is now level 200 cause i been vegging to disgaea so much without using any of the uber grinding spots or tricks.

As for who it is, just a random design, the hairs kinda my "defualt draw" thing i do for some reason" though i looked to Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!" for soem reference on how to cute her up a bit (i thickened her eyelashes and used a mouth ref after looking at how i was doing her "fangs" started reminding me of her.

I had intended to have her be black haired with a strip of purple or pink thru one of her bangs but i was havign a hard enough time sorting the layers on the damn thing by the end which is why i had to repost two of the frames :P. I had done it all in one sitting to make use of my one day off there.

< nothign to post really so random sketch of ibuki.


Oh my, this sequence was simply awesome.


File: 1580836504697.jpg (97.07 KB, 1260x839, etnapractice.jpg)

random practice


File: 1580836564582.jpg (77.75 KB, 1208x787, etna[racticebase.jpg)

the base


File: 1580848474098.jpg (217.17 KB, 1220x936, pervertedpenniporked.jpg)

Perverted penni porked.


This is sooooo good!


Nice magic tricks and fire crackers :D


Do you looking forward to ff7 remake?

I'm kind of pessimistic about it.


File: 1580987141307.jpg (88.68 KB, 842x906, sketchy.jpg)

Don;t have a playstation so i largely am ignoring it. Tho expecting more porn to pick up again so there's at least something :P.

I got nadda to post, been tired as hell :P.


>>31123 Well I have a PS, but I am also going to wait for the pc release. Since then we can fix the great fails of the remake. I am of course talking about the decision of giving Tifa a bra and less bouncy boobs. Broke the whole game.

Yeay, more porn images, wonder what she is waiting for.



Tifa has no Tits. She has weapons. Maybe she will show a real dolphin blow this time. Maybe Sephirot will learn to aim proberly and use his schword for a clean impalement.

But I guess we not even will see Aerith death in remake part 1…


I never got past that. Was so mad I put all the time into making her my healer only to lose her. So, I never finished that game.


Hmm this left me a bit confused if this is magic trick or culinary cooking show/advertisement?


File: 1581111627266.jpg (73.21 KB, 562x993, teaburgerboserwolf.jpg)

I really got no knowledge on the remake, was gonna wait till it came out then look it up. I did have a level 99 aerith in the original game, twice. Hated the insta death cutscene tho :P seemed stupid to die to one hit when you take planets to the skull, needed better explanation cause it really came off as cloud just going "eh" and dumping her in the water rather then wasting a revive. Least with that final fantasy with the old man in the group they explained why he stayed permanently dead.

Always been a couple of pictures of boserwolf's that I figured would make good sequels and feeling worn out and crappy so I looked up one of the ones I kept thinking on but figured he'd shrink the boobs on if she stood up, so = <- Gave it a shot on keeping her boobs as big as they looked on the grill, even tried to make it so their cooked from the angle they were (you'll notice she goes less brown the farther they are from the front. Had mused their still medium rare in the back end. Other one I had thought was the ladybug one with the dangling buuuut this one was easier. Clear and concise what an after would be, rather then figuring out marionette in the oil up to her boobs looking freaked out or a cooked after with the head still pale and a darkened body.


File: 1581116949567.jpg (167.96 KB, 1055x799, bikegirl.jpg)

random idea i had sketched, has the idea of a college shop project to raise funds with a auction, a girl from the group is converted into a motorcycle, the organs are largely removed, a seam with a zpper runnign up the neck to acess things like gas and light support, bones are replaces with poles and shock absorbers, and things like the wheels cunnect thru the limbs, but with a pole running thru the pussy to the wheel to send shock to the pussy which still is feeling. Girl can be turned by turnign handle bars run thru her pigtails, and a battery in her chest provides electircity for starting and the headlight. Figure girls broguth in naked, has a quick "insert" take over the part of the spine in her neck connectign her to a short term life support, removes all abiltiy for the girl to move, then the group taxidermies her, keeping the skin and so on living with the life support so its a "regenerating leather seat" etc. then when shes done shes brought out into the college school yard to be auctioned, full aware but not longer able to do much then move her eyes and feel it when they gun the motor. Figure a drawback is the motortends to run hot, and when shes stored she gets bored in someone garage till they take her out for a spin to her embarassment till she gets used to it. Its a crappy sketch I jsut did on a whim. Not the first bike girl out there obviously, been done before.



As I said. He should aim proberly with his 100 km long schword. If he would stab trough her whole body from one end to the other it would made way more sense.


Great continuation!
These are definitely Big Macs! XD


File: 1581379620834.jpg (162.36 KB, 1107x787, newunifrom.jpg)

really tired so jsut a drop post of crap sketch


File: 1581551408968.jpg (252.11 KB, 1304x921, wandy.jpg)

because i'm tired i traced :P.


That’s OK so long as her meat is hot and ready!


Still can't wait to see the final product when those titties get turned into nuggets and the look on the customers' faces.


File: 1581782076027.jpg (120.02 KB, 711x640, crapkylie.jpg)

crappy quick thing of kylie not able to draw well today.



Stuffing to make Slimer happy/willing to ingest?


File: 1581812221672.jpg (90.73 KB, 746x750, babeinwaitingharle.jpg)

yeah there was a number of issues with it. I am extremely tired and headachey today so everything i drew came out half thought up. my other attempt was babe in waiting harley from the emperor joker comics. If i cna;t even do hanging bobos right i;m tired XD.


File: 1582161379999.jpg (299.05 KB, 1413x1367, kattgrillinn.jpg)

katt being grilled at an inn when the adventurers are low on money and food. girls are like "i can't believe the adventurers would roast one of their own!" "and a girl with such, uh, impressive assets too…!"

Figure it was katt's idea :P.


But they need money quickly if they shave them on the grill. XD.


File: 1582248683980.jpg (304.52 KB, 1426x999, followup.jpg)

katt follow up idea if she was intended to be cured back to full needing to be kept above 0 hp.


Oh, I quite like that, Only roasting her medium well so they can still have their back up rations/teammate later.


File: 1582505030733.jpg (255.96 KB, 1440x1300, illfitted.jpg)

poe gift, don;t ask fer more :P I don;t normally do this level of guro. Their doe girl


You're the best, Jim. I love everything about this picture and I appreciate your effort.


File: 1582679560558.jpg (253.97 KB, 1249x1719, whenyahcna;ltdraw.jpg)

when yah can't draw after wasting all your energy on something else.


File: 1582751982212.jpg (410.7 KB, 2008x1154, Mareanieroast.jpg)



Do you think she can accidently spell herself to blow up and burst?
I don't watch pony.


File: 1582769003697.jpg (112.59 KB, 1239x1038, whytea.jpg)

probably not something I;d probably draw for it tho as that was a picture i was just fooling with. I don;t watch mlp either XD. Just like messing with the colored skins.


File: 1582939642389.jpg (169.83 KB, 1431x1017, elfy.jpg)

elf archer being stuffed


File: 1583010400956.jpg (217.3 KB, 1431x1017, highelfarcher.jpg)

updated and fixed


File: 1583194434554.jpg (406.07 KB, 2288x1350, doemaid.jpg)



File: 1583199860557.jpg (394.23 KB, 2164x1350, intheworkswish.jpg)

not exactly guro buuuut


File: 1583199873018.jpg (399.45 KB, 2164x1350, granted.jpg)



Just wanted to check up on you Jim, haven't heard from you in a little while. I hope everything is going great.


File: 1584172811730.jpg (215.98 KB, 1277x1145, teapeppered.jpg)

I work retail and we had our first couple virus pop ups in the state. I am soooo tired right now. Got a few projects in the works and some other stuff just busy and working a long work week so not posting much.


File: 1584229219273.jpg (299.27 KB, 1337x987, alice-lidellroast.jpg)

Attempt at coloring. I had envisioned two panels of her talked into it a bit with her nipples going from soft to rock hard to her ending up in this but i got so many irons at this point the blacksmith is charging me for rent. So focused more on adding a bit of background to this


File: 1584320313926.jpg (192.3 KB, 1505x972, minaquicky.jpg)

Seeing boeser get so many colors out made me want to try and do something so i forced myself to draw and color something in an hour. So Mina spoon from battle chef brigade in the process of making stir fried breast meat in the forest map (tho i changed the log to a marble counter cause it just didn't look right for the fire to be on it XD.


Actual you manage a lot in a short time.
I on the other hand not manages to finish storys anymore^^


File: 1584401838885.jpg (386.41 KB, 1800x1047, batttlechef.jpg)

Its funny you mentioned that since i was checking people favorites on ekas who had commented on my recent stuff and looked at your maya fey thing which was funny cause i was looking at my maya fay thing above with the court case boob microwave XD. So just funny timing and luck.

nothign really to post so concept sketch of mina buyign stuff for her own roast. figure she sold her clothes for all the money she could get, and has a speculum like device in her to stretch her out (as the recipe wants her stretched out) and it needs to make sure shes kinda stuck gaping. Kinda intended as a precursor of her in the wok from earlier.


File: 1584409127076.jpg (133.36 KB, 1006x1126, vored-jess.jpg)

another quick from start to color, done in about an hour twenty.


File: 1584486769926.jpg (154.13 KB, 1049x1067, kattforcefeed.jpg)

hero is ill and stuck in dragon form, he;ll recover, but needs food or will starve, so its up to katt to force feed him (herself.)


File: 1584837872876.jpg (260.05 KB, 1731x1413, betwonhippoebeastboyraven.jpg)

another quick sketch to color in an hour twenty.


Nice, guess this is panel 3.5? Always good to visit Rae and food.


File: 1585007745733.jpg (177.89 KB, 1143x1003, sabinewrtenspitroast.jpg)

Honestly which ever yah want tho i personally think of it as an alt story cause of the huge boobs :P. The other was more modest figured.

Which speaking of which, when someone brings up wanting more spit roasts and small chests <
Another quickie sketch to color, like an hour thirty? no idea my chat accidentally closed so I have no idea what time stamp i had. I figured jabbas or jawas on the sand planet.


I love it!


There are many girls I would like to see as a spit roast;)

Lillie (Pokemon) I would love to see.
Illya (fate) if you want to go loli chest.

But I think Uraraka (My hero academia) would be best suited for your taste. Because she has big tits and is cute;)


File: 1585186308850.jpg (283.58 KB, 1080x1436, mavis-stuffing.jpg)

Heh, i just been winging things again, my works changed my start time three times now, i've worked several long weeks with like one day off (stuff like 6 day work weeks, drop an hour for daylights savings, then droppign two hours earlier to 4 in the morning, mid week on that) and now doign pretty much the opposite hours as they try and keep us from contact with possibly sick guests and its just like @_@;. I have stuff i been trying to work on but at the same time just being awake is kinda pain right now :P.


File: 1585186371134.jpg (97.01 KB, 835x698, gurgle.jpg)

a couple of sketches I jsut been sitting on trying to get around to refining but fuuuuark


File: 1585186423776.jpg (239.64 KB, 2052x968, cocneptsketch.jpg)

(probably not gonna work on this one more, couldn't get it to look right, had the idea of them running afoul the boxing glove goblins on one of the island in game.)


File: 1585186457932.jpg (114.47 KB, 1036x884, hatgirlsketch.jpg)

hat girl burgers, was trying to make use of tits so hot they melt the cheese as its laid down on it.


File: 1585186529409.jpg (135.61 KB, 777x1377, irisvore.jpg)

and so on, not gonna post everything :P. Also been playing an bit of borderlands 3 to unwind but barely got time or energy to do that. So jsut now on the second planet, not even unlocked class mods yet.


Just take your time and enjoy drawing. You don’t need to force yourself.


File: 1585532443834.jpg (323 KB, 2130x850, dbzgals.jpg)

some sketches, an idea for all the db milfs having to put out dinner, with the theme "lactating" and also "low grade breast meat" from being milfs.


File: 1585532541550.jpg (272.29 KB, 1560x915, linka-concept.jpg)

and linka zapped by blight into a future where duke nukems "radioactive bug killer and fertilzer" causes mutated radioative trantuala wasps to cause the human race to go extinct using them to breed after all the other insects go kaput, had idea for a pen l of the wasp doing her clarifyign they get "really desperate" for a egg host cause other wise they wind up as it.


Very nice. The DBZ ladies would make for a good selection of meat. Especially 18 and Videl, both of them look especially tasty.


When I first read that I assumed Duke Nukem the video Game character. then I remembered he was a 4 fingered rock man with a weird red mohawk.


File: 1585596605562.jpg (210.5 KB, 1326x1266, wendything.jpg)

wendy quicky


Do you have a special wish for a tit roasting that involves a spit?
So far I have sketched 7 parts for my new story. And I need an idea for Ikumi Mito;)


tits roasting spit ? not sure i understand the question.




It's a story about a cooking contest beetween all the shugeki no soma students. With the single rule that a spit must be a part of the preperation. For izumi mito I plan to only roast her boobs. But I need a preparation method that used a spit.

Ps: I would like to suggest uraraka ochako as a spit roast. (Only if you like her too)


File: 1585692116794.jpg (152.7 KB, 945x1261, jessiecook.jpg)

Not sure how you'd do just the boobs with a spit roast other then simply having the spit roast with her boobs over a small fire which kinda seems like that's kinda the only way yah could do it. I mean a spit roast is kinda a pinned in place body… there's not much else you can do with it. that's why i don;t understand the question ^^: its kinda like "hey any ideas how to do fire, but not use fire?"


Nice pic;)

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