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Old threads are no longer bumping. Start a new one's we must, yessss. Or be lazy. No! we've been lazy! But always options to be lazy… Lets just meet half way and draw a quick lazy picture and make a new thread yesss. Yes, lets do that, smeagol!

(deleted the old thread, thanks to the random anons for the welcome back, but i think we'll all agree this is a better image header for the thread :P)
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File: 1557270909447.jpg (119.21 KB, 860x932, mona-andplague.jpg)

may try and fix this up later as its showing my tiredness a little too much but since it was made cause of a drawing someone posted here figure what the hey :P.,


File: 1557324881702.jpg (329.65 KB, 1626x1328, abigial.jpg)

out of energy to color at the moment.


I hope they will put this into the game!
I think Emily would have been better she was always so helpful and a little crazy?


Hell yeah, glad I'm not the only one who wants to eat the Stardew Valley girls.


File: 1557359901649.jpg (170.09 KB, 947x900, bad-pose.jpg)

>>25391 heh emily was a little to in the wrong type of crazy for me so i ended up with abigail as my characters wife. So she comes first to my mind when i think of the game. I also wanted to experiment with a few things involving a heavier set body though it kinda failed along that lines.

This was the original sketch I did based off some reference I found tho I heavily changed the pose their nearly different in every regards.


Lovely Abigal, jim, she was always my favorite wife, but yea, if this was an option, my farmer would do this to all her wives, they're just all so tasty looking!
Hope some more Stardew vally sows end up on the table~


Love your newest works! Many thanks!


File: 1557370755062.jpg (213.63 KB, 1001x1087, quickieiris.jpg)

I'm kinda erratic at the moment, so no guarantees on anything. Trying to get too much done and just been venting thru art so doing ideas as they come to me and I got the drive.
>>25399 and >>25395
Glad yah liked it

And something random of iris irene as i tend to try and post a picture with any text i post.


I think pretty much everyone was into abigail:)



Any chance of a mother/day at the university, ya know if the idea came to you? ;o)


File: 1557622211109.jpg (185.47 KB, 1800x1013, workprogrestomoko.jpg)

>>25411 I;m not really a fan of helen, violet so hit my "sodoka/ring girl" love (hated they made her go to "normal" at the end. But yeah helens just naaaah for me. I tried even thinking of something like unbirht or shape shifted arms into dildos (even odd idea for her head thrusting into violet and sucking on her cervix) but yeah nadda interest wise.
>>25408 Heh i think more would have taken the redhead that's married if not married, but married. Abigial was defiently the geek bait tho

On that note tomoko progress, this is beign done for chao but life is beating me to death and had to throw a wendy idea under the bus to finally make progress. was either line work or a sketch i did the line work while i let swag and sorcery run.


Fair enough, Helen doesn't necessarily do it for me but the mother daughter angle makes work…

IF I were being honest, a crossover between Vanellope/Violet both aged forward to where you have done things in the past would be more to my preferences personally (It's a personality thing)


Oh, that's a very lovely pic so far, jim! good work.


File: 1557872942559.jpg (50.46 KB, 682x754, artofbullshti3.jpg)

soem attempted color work with raven as practice


File: 1557881487086.jpg (172.72 KB, 1275x1004, messing-with-choa.jpg)

Decided to be lazy and steal one of Chaotiquos works to mess with his head.


File: 1557888492065.jpg (160.99 KB, 1091x893, whychange.jpg)

Some more practice for the day, I had the fun idea of Yoko being embarrassed as a crew ration so she opted to "least keep her underwear on" which when you consider her usual outfit is actually a down grade for trying not to make people look somehow (specially since all she had was lingrie for a bra, cause when does she ever usually wear some :P. Her nipples of course are showing thru the lace a little.)



Sadly clothes prey is underused. I think the not fully nude style works especially well with shy or forced prey. It also is more funny if the predigen just undresses the pantys to make it easier to spit his prey.


i always like a huge breasted girl in a bikini especially when they're g-string is around they're thighs and they're pulling open they're top so they can be spitted, always had a fantasy about vonsweets being spit roasted consensual in a bikini as she bares her tits and bends over to take a spit up her ass while her g-string is around her thighs


File: 1558467672530.jpg (380.73 KB, 2160x1215, tomokosfantasy.jpg)

dead now :P. Lotta work.


File: 1558493045941.jpg (133.32 KB, 797x884, bah.jpg)

Raven done to cool down after the tomoko picture. Obviously broke my skill as its awful XD.


Poor Raven doesn't look too comfortable in that pot. She doesn't have the room to stretch out like she does on a spit.


Everybody alwals says that oven or pot roasting is way more comfortable as spit roasting… I think this pic proves them wrong :)


File: 1558562359471.jpg (153.57 KB, 1083x941, minahunt.jpg)

I figured she was more glaring over being made to do it XD.

Mina spoon again off to find ingredients for her dish. made the line work waay to thick. was trying to experiment a bit


Wow! That's a real beauty.
I wonder how much time it took to draw it.



Great coloring work.




File: 1558691418628.jpg (153.05 KB, 1427x866, pose.jpg)

>>25581 Not really sure i kinda ended up dragging it out due to worrying about doing the oven scenes lightning. So it was probably like 6-7 hours but spread over 3 weeks and a few days, tho I drew some other stuff in the meantime for chao who this was for.

Glad yah guys liked it!

<< Current thing i was dabbling with still in the "oh god its sketchy as hell phase." Been doing my art more like this recently where I do a quick sketch of the general pose and then re-go over it to iron it out. IN this case I was so tired I could barely figure anything out and jsut wanted the idea down for later so I gave up on where that foreground leg is :P.

Basically a continuation of mina spoon there, post hunt, doing her very public display cooking contest and reaching for her stuff to baste herself (figure someone else serves her but she has to do the cooking.)

Had some ideas for more to this but as usual work is keel hauling me and I'm kinda an whatever idea of the moment chaser. Why its hard for me to get around to coloring XD I have to not sketch another idea to do so. Had like 7 wendy ideas I threw out to do tomoko for instance XD.


File: 1558691655779.gif (203.93 KB, 1143x941, quickmina.gif)

Was the original sketch for mina. Sadly kinda lost some of the junk in the trunk in the edit :P. I was having issues getting the anatomy i wanted right and this was like, ten re-edits before the final. Sleep deprived drawing at its finest. I'm also not that good with hips :P so when tired I tend to not be able to figure out all the connections so been trying to practice them… just to have problems with all the connections.


File: 1558692065731.jpg (100.8 KB, 850x669, dere.jpg)

Might as well post this as well incase i decide to ever go back to it ( i often forget what i drew like… two minutes later) an idea for wedny selfies, first her with her tits on the grill complaining about how boring it was that late at night and saying people should come in an order the "double d burgers" and she might make something of it" then the idea of this as an after with no one having come in the absrudly short time limit taunting them about the locked door and using the pop machine, with a bunch of ice, to cool off her tits. Had also envisioned a last one of her with her drinking a shake made with her milk from the heat causing them to start spurting but again ideas and not enough time :P. Trying to also take old works and fix them up as practice.


always great to see more new stuff from you Jim. even unfinished sketches are super damn hot.

im especialy fond of the battle chef brigade works. never enough of mia, and would love to see more of the other girls from that game cooked.


File: 1558864839184.jpg (151.89 KB, 1348x954, sketches.jpg)

Some sketches. I'll probably try and refine but posting largely cause well, i;ll probably forget i drew this in a few days time XD.

The top one though was a long running idea of her posting a tweet of "its soooo boring here at night, and I was bending over cleaning, and these things just happened to fall out… So I figured I'd take a picture to dull the boredom"

and then moving onto "You know, I guess i'll try and keep thigns interesting, if soemoen shows up in the next oh.. 5 minutes here before we close and asks for the double d burger maybe I'll "make something of these" Along with comments of she was sweaty at work so it "really makes it so the sizzling noise is loud" and so on. Its kinda hard to see in the picture but shes bent over quite a bit with her butt in frame there a bit too. This was also the prequeal to that drinking fountain thing as she was a "jerk" and didn't give them anytime to show up and knew it keeping with the snarky wend motif.

The bottom was an idea for advertising using face covering, but I ran out of steam before drawing the third "intro girl" so its more part two and three without a part one. I was too tired to some up with another burger girl and thought up a few after.


Breast burgers what could be better!


File: 1559639773578.jpg (153.05 KB, 1427x866, pose.jpg)

I been pretty tired as well as playing a bit of fallout 4 to make it thru the tiredness so not much to show but since I actually got a private message asking if I was alright cause I hadn't posted anything anywhere I figured i;'d post this mina spoon sequal picture i had on hand I just can not get the energy up to complete at the moment. Idea was this her in the arena having to cook herself with someone else doing the final serving. She's reaching for the baste and stuff behind her making her boobs jiggle for the crowd in the background with her pussy protruding up from her legs bent back. Most of the rest of my sketches of late aren't really gurochan or anything :P its been idle mermaid stuff for eko and jokes.


File: 1559639810479.jpg (143.14 KB, 934x904, ribbons.jpg)

such as the twin tail mermaid.


File: 1559639824224.jpg (104.84 KB, 934x904, happy.jpg)

told to cover her shame :P


File: 1559639868900.jpg (76.49 KB, 607x681, random.jpg)

and an idle nude intended for a girl on display but i got the angle wrong (as it was meant to be viewed from the front from more of a distance this is more a shot from "above" and close by.


These look nice.


File: 1560100059132.jpg (233.45 KB, 1047x1473, pussycanned.jpg)

No idea if this will upload as gurochan's waaay slow right now. Been to tired and unmotivated to draw, so tried to force a sketch intending to refine it but ran out of steam anyway.

Anyway, three specific girl's help out a meat plant with their new product during its testing phase and are allowed to keep the results. unfortunately they put it in a backpack together and now are having to eyeball who's is who's.

I figure the process was a machine thing that worked similar to tvb's story with garrus without much heating elements and more on a mounted machine, so why their still walking around minus these is up to the persons imagination, specially since all three of them go on long walks.


I love Pokemon pics! Which girl is which?


File: 1560367511371.jpg (262.44 KB, 1108x1041, maymiosty.jpg)

May hears about how Misty originally lost her bike and signs up to pay for it in full, plus extra, with enough time to help her pick it out first.


File: 1560367536620.jpg (173.74 KB, 959x940, zinng.jpg)

May helping brock make pokemon food mixed with meat, berries, and rice.


File: 1560367626725.jpg (172.75 KB, 1062x905, misty-snorlax.jpg)

A snorlax has been blocking a dam that a village has been trying to finish around it, with the usual time the snorlax goes off looking for food before going back to bed coming up they enlist the help of misty to help keep the water blocking snorlax in place.


Oh my, Mind if I ask what made may so willing to go to the extreme to help Misty out?


File: 1560386551807.jpg (187.25 KB, 917x1080, argent.jpg)

I always see the girls as "helpful to a fault." So it was just she heard misty lost her bike and wanted to help. I mean they walk into every town in the show an do insane stuff to help when most people would be like "gang of squirtle's assaulting people, imma out, go get more cops."

Nadda to post image wise so random image from past.



A hand slicer? That is some dedication on May's part.


File: 1560724293678.jpg (170.81 KB, 972x930, somethignyuffie.jpg)


I wonder if this will repay all the lost materia… And if Aerith and Tifa (remake) will become meals too:)



These days whenever I see Yuffie pics I'm reminded of a doujin I read where Yuffie's vagina and asshole have amazing materia growth rate and so she's stuffed full of materia as the party goes to fight. Materia maxes out and doubles quickly after that for quick inflation and objectification…




She must be getting oxygen in there, so will she starve herself before the snorelax is hungry enough to digest her?

At least her hands are free and she can "entertain" herself while she waits.

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