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Old threads are no longer bumping. Start a new one's we must, yessss. Or be lazy. No! we've been lazy! But always options to be lazy… Lets just meet half way and draw a quick lazy picture and make a new thread yesss. Yes, lets do that, smeagol!

(deleted the old thread, thanks to the random anons for the welcome back, but i think we'll all agree this is a better image header for the thread :P)
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File: 1564105124411.jpg (163.75 KB, 1081x903, bitemarks.jpg)

remidns me of the "all my friends are dead" book on oil as told by a dinosaur. Quicky concept sketch for an idea. Shantae rewarding rotty with soem roast tits to allow the zombie to finally get to eat soem of her without the risk of zombiedom, but ends up upgrading to letting her "eat her pussy" literally. Rotty takes the oppurtin ity to have soem butt as well as her pussy turns half way, and shantae is left as a new rotting zombie with some fairly hard to hide (or explain) damage.


Would love to see the lead up to this~ Love the way you draw Shantae stuff, looks great!


Do you ever do any breast torture stuff? There was a comic I saw once where a girl had her tits nailed to a table though her nipples and then they pounded on her tits with big mallets until they were nearly mashed flat. Seems like a kind of thing they would go well in your style


Probably thinking about "Guro Miko Breast Offering"

Can find it on e-hentai.



Love the concept!


Goddamn, that's the one. Thank you, I saw that years ago and hadn't been able to remember the title since.


File: 1564220266924.jpg (123.56 KB, 1139x1032, gosyln-crap-slketch.jpg)

It kinda depends on whats and hows, i;m not really into large amounts of pain and blood, so often times I more go off of the girls having an intense feeling then abject pain. Torture stuff tends to be along that lines so usually is out of my range limit. The breast festival ones kinda less on the torture and more consensual so its kinda mixed concept along with alot of nanashi (i think the artists name was) work, though was considering a deep fried raven boobs thing that was her going beyond her comfort range to try it. Its often tiems more the concept behind the idea, like had thought of a girl takign damage to her boobs that leaves a large hole so she just makes it so her boobs have large dumb ell sized piercings, with a shot of her looking thru the hole (similar to that ahsoka pussy shot thing a long while back.)
Augh I hate i'm so over worked right now, had to throw so many ideas out and can't even draw right anymore i;m so tired.
Course obviously sometimes i get in a different mood now and again and do something else. So get odd ideas like the wasp larva munch idea, so who knows.

I got nadda to post cause i been too busy, so random sketch from an old folder. Doing this comment right before i leave so can't knock out a joke sketch or anything..


Honestly that's one of the things I love about your pictures, that it isn't really torture and the like. Even the ones being cooked and carved up seem more annoyed by it rather than being in pain.


File: 1564353640650.gif (604.89 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m2cuxfJhJV1r621gdo1….gif)

I also prefer pictures without excessive suffering, the best thing in your work is that you make them quite funny.
But considering large amounts of blood, you kinda could try to do that In "Excel saga" anime style. Something like a fountain of blood when limbs get cut.

It is sad to hear that you are so tired. You know, robots still can't draw even as good as your lousy sketches ;) so please continue your work.
let's hope that is just temporary, I also totally don't have any time now because it is summer.


I think blood doesn't improve erotic art. In many cases it is more of a downgrade.

Good guro art is unrealistic and cute. Real torture is never cute. Bondage porn as examble is also more sexy as a real kidnapping. Or the delish media cannibal vids are trashy on popose. Because it doesn't should look realistic.

Good erotic art is like cartoony fantasy. Even if a girl is cut in half or died. It alwals is more sexy, if they don't seeam to be in pain.

I have seen good pictures with blood… but not often.:)


File: 1564442878925.jpg (213.04 KB, 1203x921, matoiroastfinal.jpg)

My thing for blood is i associate it with fatal and also messy, you'll notice i tend to avoid mesyy (no organs, brains, eyeballs etc :P.) Fatal for my works always is about it being the end game of like a pose, so a lopped off limb doesn't do much for it.

Never posted this concept apparently so no art to post i;ll post dis crap :P further adventures of matoi turkey


File: 1564442919592.jpg (127.94 KB, 989x830, stuffing.jpg)

oops out of order


File: 1564594037360.jpg (116.43 KB, 932x1094, may-practice.jpg)

One of my biggest problems art wise is if i;m feeling I can't finish something i grab something of "low value" sketch it and then complete that instead, so here's my waste of time today :P. Should have least drawn something interesting done to her. Least i did something but could have done just about anything else T_t; but so tired.


This is just so good!


File: 1564596690153.jpg (176.34 KB, 1080x997, adult.jpg)

also random girl wanting to do a bet over a videogame, but didn't quite hit the pose i wanted, was also trying out some different anatomy (harder and bigger boobs)


File: 1564614945469.jpg (350.81 KB, 1674x1094, sketchymayknight.jpg)

some crappy sketches, a knight meeting a guillotine and may trying for some smoked tits on the beach.


File: 1564694936169.jpg (78.58 KB, 600x722, mercentuar.jpg)

best use of time.


MLP Meets the signs of the Zodiac? :)


File: 1564785501861.jpg (608.21 KB, 2520x1080, other.jpg)

was inspired by a pivix thing i sent eko of a mermaid getting pregnant via a horse.

Some concept sketches :P. Trying to fore thru my lethargy. Decided to wing an alternate way satsuki trys to enter matoi from that one scene with all the "ass is to large" issues.


This looks like a transgender Discord from MLP



File: 1564866168439.jpg (152.69 KB, 860x958, quickykattdraggo.jpg)

Idea for katt deciding to further the repopulation of the dragon race. With ryu marrying off nina, Katt decides to offer to be breeding stock for the next round of dragon kind, he fucks her, knocks her up, she takes care of the kids while he goes back to nina. Repeat until shes too old to breed anymore.


File: 1565303796874.jpg (251.61 KB, 1398x1080, gazcandy2.jpg)

Not really on subject but some boob usage, involving some glued on tops from some pumpkin pails, taped on handles, and paint, and a small bit of candy (cause there ain't much room in there :P.)


I would never guess who is she if not the filename but she looks quite right :) A bit out of character but I also liked Invader Zim series.

Very clever Guro subversion. Fits well your series.
also, it is very pleasant to see the finished picture at last after all that time.



File: 1565627575877.jpg (159.75 KB, 1205x821, failedieea.jpg)

was trying something and it failed and didn't feel like finishing it so i made it something else :P.


File: 1565728386982.jpg (175.02 KB, 1159x818, attemtbreastnuggets.jpg)

some breast nuggets, takes an hour to cook so they start them an hour in advance.

There's heat lamp over them to help them cook evenly as freckled tits that size tend to not cook fast or well enough without help.

Figured it was a limited run thing, with the girl being made sure to be healthy (physical check over, blood work test), and only took girls with very large breasts to make up for the lack of available production. As such very few were available Each girl had a breast branded to mark them as legitimate fda approved meat sold by the restaurant after their examination as both non removable proof and also as a test of the girls willingness to deal with intense heat on their breasts.


I wonder what character is she?
kinda reminds me Pippi Longstocking
Looks pretty cute.


It's wendy from Mac donalds i think:)


Oh yes, you are right.
But here she looks better


Its kinda supposed to be a dime store knock off of her. So i didn't use my usual design for her. More teenaged girl working for a fast food joint.


File: 1565793513541.jpg (328.18 KB, 1503x1626, deepfry.jpg)

beh been stuck with a sinus headache for three days, been able to draw a bit but trying to do anything too big makes my brain go ouchie, so putting this on hold, see if i want to resume it later.

Basically the girl again being used for deepfried chick sandwhiches, intending to carve of slices after the parts needed are cooked with one lucky person getting the whole pussy as part of the marketing gimmick (had envisioned a shot of her pulled out on the counter, with the girl carving off slices of ass commenting on shes done and guess she can carve out the pussy now, and maybe a second with the pussy out in a bun, but liek i said head is toast right now). Figured space allotment at the place means tits and ass go in, but nothing else, leaving her to keep her stockings and rolled up dress on and survive as heart, lungs, head, etc are above it. Meanwhile her cookers just glad she didn't volunteer and has only c cup tits. figure rest of her parts would be taken off later to cook single.

Like the idea of the girl alive thru these things, or even surviving just debreasted but cloning and regen always seems forced for survival so this would definitely be a snuff ending in my head canon, but she sticks along for awhile (figured to the point that everything cooked could be removed as long as a stretch of cooked part was left at her torso to keep everything blocked. had even been tempted to do jsut a hip bone and some leg connectors left with her looking back, but blargh that's REALLY tough to draw.) Sadly not alot of this style stuff or the above out there *guess i get to be a gimmick artist :P) even looked it up on pixiv which does have a cannibalism tag and most of its more the more gorey/snuff route. Basically just me and boeserwolf with a few people doing one shots, afew more things on ekas (though most of the people i followed bopped off,) tho if your looking for similar canime, lordstorm, latroma, mr freindly, emikochan and Scaylid00d all do their own variations most of those are more of the butchered or captured type things tho similar enough (tho lats done a few along my lines and friendly does 3d variants of similar). Sadly casual cannis where the girl survives or is around for the serving is just not that popular XD.

Not gonna count thevistorblack tho as we traded XD so I bribed for those, so i guess it slipped me brain to even mention, check out his writing on there or hentaifoundry or dolcett if you want those.

Which really means i've only corrupted boserwolf thevistorblack and a bit of lat so far :P. I fail as a virus.

Also headaches make me drone on apparently :P.

If yah want to see this stuff tho pixiv does have a few as well, but too lazy to name all the good ones, maybe raid boserwolfs favorites tab on there :P.


ehhh and brains fried, forgot masterchaos, go bug him on ekas too though much of its over my limit so why i forgot when my brain was doing the like vs like calcs, i'm fried okay dangnabbit. :P Sure i;ve forgotten like 2 other people. Also raid chaos and entos commission gallery, there :P.


File: 1565811160521.jpg (214.09 KB, 1159x818, quicky-edit.jpg)

also try Splyf (dolcettgirls / bdsm library tho i heard the former was having viral warnings back in the day) for exhibitionist large world dolcett), victim girls by spiral ttps:// and friction by bill (mostly know he;s on dolcettgirls) for stories i guess :P tho friction tends to off his girls after debreasting them and spiral does regen mechanics to the plus or negative of people interests (I think it works well with the tina stuff he does.)

Got interesting in seeing this verbal exhange, i like boob roasting for the girl "loses control of what happens to their tits after their laid down, as they can't move them while their stuck in that pose without using their hands, so at the mercy of their thing their on or person nearby. As well as basically this being advertised and visible in the environment, the more "interaction with the environment the image causes, people, talked about etc, funner it tends to be, so her having her tit steam vented for the neighborhood to smell like so many restaurants do and just now realizing it cause the other girl could "smell them even in the supply room" works well. just the idea the girls embarrassed to find out her roasting breast smell was being sent out for others to smell is a fun touch.

Also realize the lack of communication from me tends to not spread my ideas :P but i find it hard to write things out and chat with people over pms and haven't streamed much :P. .


File: 1565813931769.jpg (179.18 KB, 1080x818, reveal.jpg)

the boob roast one would be this with the dress just unbuttoned instead of rolled up.


Great sketches, I like them a lot.


I also like that kind of art, but you are kinda cheater here ;)

You draw a picture in the most important moment but say nothing about what happens later.
If you want to make a story you kinda need to tell what happens next.



It's an author job to finish stories. That's why I do not write surviving girls often. Because it not feals finished^^

But pictures don't need a closure. They can show the end, start or the between. This is the advantage of drawings over stories. ;)


File: 1565925548810.jpg (97.89 KB, 900x601, 414163-1152-preview.jpg)

But have to look :)P or at any of the stories I wrote XD or well half the stuff i made vistorblack write :P. With breast stuff its pretty easy XD. Even wrote that old wendy fict with her using her breasts for nugget meals! ttps://



My second problem is that I love cute girls with small tits. This pretty much prevents breast related stories.

However I find Chika Fujiwara of love is war very cute and she has big tits.

I actually plan to write a story about her and Kakuya for month. But not started yet…
However a breast roasting story may could work here. Kakuya is very jealous on Chikas breast size. And Chika is shown to be kind of naive sometimes. Kakuya could trick her in getting rid of her breast. And maybe also roast her own smaller breasts because the president shows interest in roasted breasts. And I guess she would get jealous once more. :)

I think the most dificult part would be to catch the comedic tone of the anime. Because I and Kakuya need a very good explanation why she doesn't do it for the president:)


File: 1565945257969.jpg (69.6 KB, 755x983, gaz.jpg)

I wouldn't go and start changing stories on my account :P. Never even seen that anime anyway, i tend to avoid slice of life schoolgirl stuff.

One full way cooked idea i had been floating was gaz at a con being head hunted for not having showered for the last like week as a odd concept for a dish that made use of "smelly girls" like one of those weird dishes like leaving cheese out purposefully to get it funky, with gaz complaining about do you really want a girl like this cause she can smell her own pussy just taking her clothes off. Figured her cooked in such a way the sweat is steamed so her body is one of those odd gourmet recipes with her pussy out thrust for display and purposely meant to be smelled as soon as the food approached. Was an odd idea and involved snuff and small boobs :P.


You are right, but what I meant is that if you want to continue the story you are facing consequences so you need to reset things somehow. Unlike in the single-shot picture where you just end it abruptly. So single shot pictures have an advantage here but only if you use new characters every time.

Jim, for example, already debreasted Raven so many times that we may start pondering how she comes back every time as if nothing happened.

I think "Groundhog day" scenario is most appropriate, where everyone wakes up the next day when their body is destroyed as if nothing happened but they do not retain the memory about the day when they died so they don't know how it feels to die.



Well, I did a breast roasting story with my hero academia once. I like the core concept of breast roasting. And I actually love to experiment with different styles. As an example, I'm close to finishing a Megumin x Tiny Tina explosion story. I can be very spontaneous with making up stories and I have at least 20 not finished stories on my pc because I lost interest halfway trough^^

And Chika Fujiwara is very cute:)


File: 1565990101153.jpg (200.57 KB, 1289x828, mermaid.jpg)

Got more then a few myself tho the thread with all of them is long gone and their everywhere on my harddrive. I'm less motivated to write then to draw.

- Wall of text begin

As for the whole opened endedness of pictures that goes for ficts too XD (and why is this all about ficts when i talked about this stuff in general i meant pictures too :P! Actually like, literally primarily pictures, but i;d like some stories too of busts in burgers with no snuff, regen or not :P) i mean i've debreasted wendy AND had her fucked by a dog for the next story :P just not the same canon (i do not think of all those raven pictures as the same canon by the way :P, when raven roasts on that grill its meant to be she was entirely roasted, eaten and snuffed it, someone else had their head canon that was all one raven :P I draw her different styles on purpose to purposely make her different ravens, why else would she have to first time confess so much :P)

Basically all i want to see more of is basically happy situational guro rather then neck slit blood pouring out or intestines ripped loose of their mooring as tears stream down their face or they cry in agony :(. Its way over my limit and tastes so cna;t get into it. Basically was all that sleep deprived not quite a rant but definite ramble was about. Sexy nudes and pussy insertions with girls squirming over fires, but that seems to not be the primary focus for most of what i found on pivix outside the aformentioned group of people (master chaos goes a tad to violent for me fyi, and not a fan of loli so why my brain ommitted em initially when i was tired, so its taste thing there on the over my limit comment, to clarify, but they do the same thing, different bent and had several stories that fit the bill on limits, tho not much recently I could handle, so just the last batch put it out of recent memory (latroma had a picture on my page of ekas so was an easy reminder despite not writing much, they did a raven in an oven.)).

Either way :P and this is already too long, I like peril, nude bodies and pussy full of stuff, porn with peril, not really guro, pain, or snuff for snuff, just snuff to emphasize risk kink, maybe a bad end here and there but you'll note i also avoid hardcore bondage for the same reason… the fact me and boesrwolf pop out so much for doing what we do says alot about how rare that is for kink stuff of this genre that's expanded a ton lately thanks to mukis, canntoons, dolcett etc. Most of the stuff i find for canni tho is still so bad end as to feel bad for the girl which is jsut not for me :/. Why i drew dime store wendy there willingly doing it :P. Head cannon would be a carve up below the waist, boobs off, then succumbing to it after giving an eyeful and them needing another girl, all with her more "oh lord that's hot can barely stand it instead of pain (ignoring it cause of anime rules, fuck real life rules on that :P), and then cooked insensate to watch the carving, switching to more exhibitionism, pussy on display, then you know not going oh god i'm dyyyying and instead fading out in some way.

For futher elaboration, Seriously check thevistorblacks early stuff compared to anything recent on dolcetgirls :P i helped him plot alot of his earlier stuff, shows alot XD. Sometimes they snuff it, sometimes their cartoonishly debreasted. Newer stuff is all on his own though, he wanted to branch out in a different direction and me another and our trades kept misfiring.
Friction by bill does it too, somewhat, but tends to end every girl with a neck slice or a gutting so i uhh… just kinda skip large sections of that.

So yeah not saying avoid the bad end in your own stuff, just not "girl gets gutted and crys over fire while her neck bleeds out style bad end type of guy myself :P. If yah want to mimic my stuff go nuts, if its to flowery and you want deep fried head stuffed in a carcass uh go nuts but don;t show me XD. Anyway this is getting kinda defensive sounding on both sides and not how I want it to sound :P so you know if yah see fun stuff along this lines encourage it, so i can get more :P.

Nothing to post so have a ponymaid.


True there is a lot of hard can stories. With pain and blood. I not often too gore myself. Most of my victims pretty much enjoy the whole getting roasted alive part. But true I mainly do loli stuff. I mainly write adult prey for the pulptoon/dolcett comunity. And they wish forore blood and pain…
Also comission often asks for sex and unwilling victims.

There are mainy stories I never finished with adult prey and idears with surviving girls I not finished. Like mainy of my game ideas I just drop them at one point and not rwturn to it…

Its a pitz.


I'm waiting for a story about the time capsule girl. I've no idea where to look to pay someone to write it.

I just want more to go with that sketch. :)


A colored picture again :) Nice.

I also like happy guro and it is nice to see that gurochan accumulated quite a lot of people with this taste.
but we need more communication and feedback.
To make it feel more casual I also like when character worry about something insignificant like the smell of cooking breasts or being embarrassed for being naked LOL

You say you dislike lolis but actually, your drawings are more or less also loli stuff according to their looks ;)
they just happen to have big boobs.

I wonder how do you manage to escape thinking about what will happen next because I always think about consequences even if you don't show that. So it is nice to know that it is not going to the bad end.
Logically you can't have different Ravens. They will be different characters. But you can make independent episodes as usual, where something happens in one episode and everything gets reset in the next episode the story still manages to progress.
Maybe I will try this kind of approach myself too. In that case, it does not really matter if characters die because you know it is not the end ;)


Deleted my post due to it being too angry. I'll leave the input tho on this in shorthand, "lolis elementary school or younger and most of my stuff is purposefully late teens to be of LEGAL AGE with the exceptions of a misdrawn sora and mimi up there where i made them look too young trying to merge season looks even tho i was shooting for older so was still intended to but came off as not.
Yes i did draw loli in the past. I no longer purposefully after laws changed in connection to it, all arts intended to be 18 and i always use college, or even maybe late highschool if i feel the story needs it. Because of this my own tastes changed quite a bit and am fine with things like etna or tatsumaki, lolish body but not, but not really interested in "10 year old canon guro" for that reason. And if i find a theme that uses it its usually against that bit that I would find it interesting. Don't fault others for using it in fantasy just not my thing because of this. I did used to blind eye it when I drew gwen and penny back in the day.

And incanon there are different ravens, like red raven in the series from an alternate reality, in the canon itself, there are different ravens. so logically, no I totally can.

I really hate being told what my art can and cannot be. I mean to the point of anger. Hence why I deleted my old post. Think i'm going to take a few days away from gurochan to cool off, Not going to reply to anything or post for a bit till I can not wind up writing a half page long post. I can deal with people prodding on purpose to get a reaction, but people who actually argue that I can't have my own art concept stories and not intentionally trolling… gets under my skin in the worst way and I was already having a hard time wanting to draw cause of my work.


Dam it , why it has to end that way
I did not intended to say anything offensive.
I like your pictures and your concept and make no demands to change anything at all. But it still ended with this misunderstanding.
So sorry, I will not talk about anything of that again.



Nice coloring. I don't recognize the character, but that has never stopped me from enjoying your work.

kudo's for recognizing that you were starting to go on tilt and walking away. See you when you return.


This does it: I will write a story jim has to love.

A inocent Kh 3 kairi and more adult version of Xion and Namine breast burger story. (They are Kairis nobody and Soras memory of kairì. Why the look younger as Kairi anyway?)

As said I wanted to play around with funny breast roasting devices. And even if kingdom hearts doesn't have a Phoenix dawn. Vita can fix all problems:)

Besides I never used Kairi yet. And she was one of my first waifus.

I hope this will improve jims mood. Then I pretty much alredy know exactly what I want to write and you can't stop me:)

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