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Hi, I'm new to computer art here. And here are the very first pics I've created ever.
My style might look a bit weird because I'm trying to transfer my skill on real painting directly to computer art.


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When Reanne finally arrived at the meeting point, what he saw was not Laura's squad but only a shocking artifact lying on the ground: a beetle on its back, still twitching its legs…well a "Human Beetle", exactly.


In UBW route, if Lancer failed to save Rin from Kirei & Shinji, this is highly likely to occur.

Kirei needs only Rin's heart to summon Holy Grail, while her body is actually not necessary.
Meanwhile, Shinji is dreaming of Rin's body for a long time, especially her sexy legs, so he makes use of Rin's dead body and preservative magecraft to create his personally customized furniture:

Rin's legs on armchair (kept warm & fresh), Rin's body as private masturbator, and finally Rin's arm and head (filled with magic circuits) as wands & catalyst.


Not sure if you take requests, but would you mind doing anything of Sunako Nakahara dying?


Falcom should have implanted the instant kill graphic effect on petrified characters like this.

The idea originates from Sub Zero fatality moves in Mortal Kombat.


so great!


I'd love to try something with one of my favorite drawings.


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In Trails of Cold Steels, if a character got petrified, there is a 30% chance of instant-kill upon receiving any attack.


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The lovely poor girl knight is split and beheaded by killer tentacles.


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I would like someone to do this but with color


welcome Yomi! I love your ideas :)


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Tri-force (power, courage, wisdom) sacrifice is essential to revive the abandoned wizard.
The captured Luminous Knights exactly fit the positions.

Luminous Knights (from Shining Wind/Shining Blade)
Power (Green): Xecty Ein
Courage (Red): Kanon Sheena
Wisdom (Yellow): Touka Kureha


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Nino and Miku failed to flee out of danger zone in Battle Royale. They tried to stay as close with each other during the last moment of their lives, and the explosion from necklace finally brought them into afterlife together.


Not bad stuff, dude, you ever consider cooking a girl?

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