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File: 1548632781308.jpg (265.48 KB, 900x1318, wonder comic pa6g2.jpg)


This is the Zeditor speaking, hi~
I recently found out that gurochan was up again here. So I wanted to share some of the guro commissions I did in the past years. Since I don't post this theme in my other porn galleries. Hope you enjoy.


File: 1548632812627.jpg (308.58 KB, 800x1172, wonderpa6g3.jpg)

Another of WW


File: 1548632853234.jpg (848.71 KB, 900x1329, taki guro c5omic.jpg)



File: 1548632880988.jpg (921.3 KB, 900x1260, guro commission7 succ.jpg)

Oc from my client


File: 1548632903108.jpg (968.41 KB, 800x1183, Naruto p7ag2.jpg)



File: 1548632934251.jpg (678.41 KB, 800x1143, Guro comm7 mk1.jpg)


File: 1548632958188.jpg (284.64 KB, 800x994, sona commissio8n guroo.jpg)

Titie nom


File: 1548632971946.jpg (204.09 KB, 800x967, commission league guro 502.jpg)

More titie nom


File: 1548632997390.jpg (911.39 KB, 900x1281, comm comic taki GU8RO ver.jpg)

More Taki


File: 1548633016802.jpg (860.44 KB, 900x1291, commission 6patreon snake0….jpg)

Taki again


File: 1548633035483.jpg (329.51 KB, 900x1326, commission guro l7ol02.jpg)

League of legends


File: 1548633061238.jpg (941.9 KB, 900x1279, guro commission p8age lili….jpg)

That's it for now :)


Awesome work! Really loved both parts of the Naruto ones you did, and its great to see some more of your stuff.


Awesome stuff, haven't seen some of these before.

Are you still taking commissions?


Wow awesome! Please post more if you have


Yup I'm open, however I have a long list to finish first.


Your prices? Or a link to your page? I tryed to find you but with name like that i get 100k results… :)



This is AMAZING!!!!!


These are very nice. I was trying to see your commission information on your tumblr page but adult tumblr is kinda hard to access these days. Would you mind posting your current commission info here?



Tumblr dropped nuclear bomb to any adult content. You wouldn't find any nowadays.


not really true, especially for guro. Tumblr filters have some problems when the bodies aren't in one piece.


Is there more of this set or it's just a single pic?



File: 1550932697749.jpg (1.15 MB, 900x1228, 1484094606752.jpg)


Nvm I answered myself, this is the before pic from >>15547


Decapitation and bisection….nice!


Absolutely amazing stuff. Some of the best guro i've seen


This is quality, I love it. Hopefully youre able to keep up the good work


I love your work! Do you have a Pixiv account by any chance? Maybe a Hentai-foundry account? I'd love to see more of your work, guro or no.

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