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My old thread doesn't bump anymore, so I'll start a new one with my 500,000 viewers pic. Have some Cake. Enjoy the Party.


A cruel party. Nice!


The meanest little birthday bash I could put together. An entire family line executed by long tongued tree crocodiles in the village bone pit.The lovely girl working your shaft has been spared from the same gruesome fate as her mother, aunts and sisters…. unless she gives poor head.

Have some wine and Cake…and enjoy the sweet music being made from inside the pit. They really hit those high notes.


Snuff families in the middle of dirty incestuos sex! :) and the girl giving head also! :)


Well, I never did a follow up to this image. But if you want to commission a piece with some incestous families being snuffed, and the Redheaded BJ girl finally getting what's coming to her. Then you can shoot me a private message over at Ekas portal, where I have a gallery and commission status.


Thank you for the art with monsters from Beastmaster. They are cool! Waiting for a story about them.


I've actually written an entire work of fiction for that picture. It's nearly 12,000 words long… so posting it here would be a bit painful.


Wow. Probably an epic action.
And you can not put on aryion and here to give a link?
Or publish a passage?


Sadly, it was removed due to tagging on Aryion and wont be available again till they sort out hosting issues.


Speaking from my experience, 12k words is just about the character limit (65k) for a single message on the /lit/ board :)


File: 1548747002328.jpg (795.85 KB, 3508x2480, Darla vs the Winged Devour….jpg)

The story for this one resides on the Literature forum (And it was just too large to post in one piece)… enjoy


File: 1551101870778.jpg (943.56 KB, 3508x2480, beheading01.jpg)

In the World of Bones, there are many gruesome ways that a strong woman might meet her death.. It is a fearful place where people are eaten and digested alive by voracious creatures on a daily basis. Throughout a girl’s life, she will be witness to dozens of her friends and family get taken by monstrosities that savour human flesh.

Even in the relative safety of a large village like Genkysou, you can’t walk down the street without seeing the sloppy remains of some unfortunate woman who’s met a nightmarish end by Swampsac as she took a shortcut through a dark alley.

It was highly desirable among the inhabitants, to meet a nice swift, painless death. When a girl has finally done her duty by spawning all the kids she could for her society, She became eligible for a mandatory retirement. It was considered among the citizens of the World of Bones as the height of honour for a woman to be skillful enough to survive to such an old age that she could no longer birth children. For those who haven’t been lucky enough to bare male heirs, a swift ceremonial execution performed by her husband, is her ultimate reward.

Gianna had been a City Guard, and a devoted mother to dozens of wonderful children. Her eldest, Joy, had just passed her own city guard examination, a source of much jubilation for the family. Now, however, Gianna’s time had come to leave this world forever.

For her entire life she’d longed for this day. When she’d seen the public retirings as a child, and watched the tears of joy as the recipients were gifted with easy deaths, she’d known that it was the way she wanted to go. Even then, Gianna had seen enough girls get nabbed by Hellhounds, and Venus Mantraps, to know that she didn’t want to die in such a horrible manner.

All grown up into a beautiful woman, now, she unclasped her City Guard Pendant and offered it to Joy.
“This is yours now Joy. It was my mothers, and her mother’s before that. Now it’s yours, to give you spiritual protection as you perform your city rounds.” Gianna said with a smile to her apprehensive daughter.

“But mama, won’t you need this for your shrine on daddy’s shelf?” she asked, barely believing that Gianna was entrusting her with the sentimental gift.

“I’ve got spare ones for my memorial… but this one is important.. This one's for you, Joy. May it protect you till you’re old enough to have your own retirement”

She patted her daughter on the head, ruffling her hair as she placed the golden chain around her thin neck. Joy stifled a sniffle.
“I don’t want you to go mama.”


File: 1551101973520.jpg (1.08 MB, 3508x2480, beheading02.jpg)

As part of the ritual, all of the selected women were readied for their departure from the mortal world.

Gianna was ushered by some attending guards into the reserved showers, where she joined her contemporaries under the luxurious hot water and soapy bubbles.
“Oh, hi Gianna. I didn’t realise you were being retired too?” said a perky long green-haired girl.
“Naomi, you too? Guess you didn’t get pregnant this year either.” Gianna smiled as she washed her hair with the smooth Eel Tallow shampoo, and let the refreshing warm water wash down her back.
“Oh is that the girl from Frederick’s harem down the corridor… you know the one… the cute little brown squealer.”
“Oh gods, it IS her” Naomi put her hands over her mouth in surprise. “Frederick only just added her the other year… I thought she’d have more time before she got retired. I still can’t remember her name”
“Hmmm, me neither.”

It felt so good to shower in free hot water. Even in the comfort of her breeding house, they only boiled up enough water for a single short shower… Here in the Village Elders private showers, the glorious warmth seemed to go on forever.

Then Gianna sat for an etching to be taken of her, so that her children and husband will have something to remember how she looked in life. She tried to sit as still for the artist, as she scratched at a piece of parchment, but the chair she was on was hard, and dug into her butt uncomfortably. The picture came out alright in the end, certainly more dignified than Gianna had been in reality. It was the perfect effigy to be remembered by her family, She held the paper representation of her for a while, before handing it back off to her husband, Ricky.

Finally, all the girls were led out into the yard to cleanse their insides too. One of the most important reasons that a girl most desired to be retired peacefully, above all others is that it offers her the opportunity to ensure that she doesn’t dishonour her ancestors by pissing and shitting herself like a coward in her moment of death.

Gianna squeezed out the last long turd of her life, as she pissed in a line with the rest of the lucky girls. She made sure to get it all out. She didn’t want to be that one girl that still shat herself onstage. Each one of them had lived a full life, and raised families of their own. Usually a girl’s bathroom habits were supposed to be a private affair, but with the amount of barren ladies that the village mercy killed every month, it had been deemed more efficient to just have them shit on the lawn, and clean it up later.

Gianna took a leaf from an usher and used it to wipe her ass. She wasn’t sure whether she was ready for this.

She’d wanted to die like this since she was a little girl, but now that the time was rapidly approaching, she could feel butterflies in her stomach.



File: 1551156593599.jpg (907.69 KB, 3508x2480, beheading03.jpg)

As the sun began to descend from its zenith, the girls hopped up onto the central stage of the Village’s main execution square. There were already half stocks set up to hold their midriffs in the traditional style. There was a low buzz in the air. Everybody was excited to witness all the good ladies who’d done their duty to the Village received their reward.

Death was a constant companion in the World of Bones, so an honourable retirement like this one was a source of much jubilation among the masses. This was a festival, something to be celebrated. In the crowd, hawkers sold candied Gourdplant boiled lollies to children, and evaporation chilled beers to the assembled adults. They raised thick glass mugs to their lips and quaffed the ales happily, as they found places with a good view to stand and sit to watch the main event.

All the other girls took their places, bending over their stocks, with their husbands pressed up against their asses. Gianna looked over them all. They were her friends, her colleagues, and her neighbours. Each one of them was here to recieve a blissful end at the hands of her husband.

Gianna took to the stage to meet her husband Ricky with a warm kiss.
“I love you honey” She said seductively, spittle still joining at their lips. “You promise to snuff me quickly like you did to your last mistress? I don’t want to be like poor Annie” she begged.

Ricky grabbed her lovingly around her midriff and pushed her down into her stocks.
“Babe, I’m not like Johnny… You know he gets off on dragging it out. The village elder chewed him out personally for what he did to Annie. She said one more act like that and he’s see himself re-educated.” He shivered. “Besides… this is your big day. I’d never ruin that for you Gianna. You’re my prime wife, the woman of my dreams. You deserve to be snuffed so quickly that you never even feel it.” He reached around for the knife at his belt and touched it with his index finger, drawing a bead of scarlet forth.

“I’ve sharpened my blade specially, just for you. I paid the blacksmith handsomely to do it herself. You know that there’s no finer work than Giselle’s.” he bragged to his wife.
Gianna smiled, Ricky always knew what to say to calm her. Theirs was an arranged first marriage, done for political gain, and not for the love… But true love had bloomed between the two just the same.

Ricky pulled her legs apart, and inserted his rock hard cock inside Gianna’s already wet pussy.
“You’ve given me the best years of your life babe. It’s only fair that I end them the way you want me to.”
She moaned happily as he began to fuck her doggystyle in front of the assembled crowd. He was right… this was the way she wanted to go. They cheered as the line of woman began to rock in motion with the thrusting of a dozen hard cocks.


say…any chance you will have inflation bursting in your future works?


I don't have any inflation bursting planned in my future works, but I do take commissions if its something that you really want to see.



File: 1551186859713.jpg (1.02 MB, 3508x2480, beheading04.jpg)

Ricky took her like he always did at home in their breeding quarter, lively fast and big. Gianna felt her large boobs bounced against the wood grain of her stock as her hubby fucked her pationately in front of the adoring crowd.

Naomi moaned in pleasure as she was satisfied in the stocks beside Gianna. Her cheeks blushed deeply as her own man banged her brains out. Gianna could see that her friend was really into the moment.
“Oh gods Danny… It’s sooo good. I think I’m gonna cum. Keep going. Don’t stop.”

The little brown girl did what she always did when her man had his way with her, she shrieked. It sounded almost like he was already sniffing her, the way she went on… but some girls were like that.

The way that Ricky was restraining her, and piledriving her was making Gianna’s loins feel like fire. She bit her lip and said nothing. It was both embarrasing and exhillerating to be fucking in front of so many people. It was one thing to have sex in front of all Ricky’s harem, and another thing entirely to fucked in front of the entire village.

Lewd cries from the audience suggested all kinds of unusual things they suggested the men could do to the retirees.
“Fuck her in the ass..”
“Bite her earlobes…”
“Roll her over and look into her eyes as you snuff her.. “
But the men, who knew their duty well, ignored the massed women’s catcalls, and did what they’d been trained to do since little boys.

There was something about the whole thing, whether it was her impending death, or the public fornication, but it was making Gianna horny as hell. Gods, it felt like the best sex ever.

Ricky’s dick was pounding into her and making her wetter than she’d ever been in her entire life. Sex juices dribbled out her pussy.with wet queefing noises as his efforts to put on a good show for the crowd were rewarded by her body.

A low moan escaped her lips, joining the chorus of sexy sounds being made by the other women in the row. They were all happy little sluts, eager to feel good one last time before they died.


File: 1551249431283.jpg (1.02 MB, 3508x2480, beheading05.jpg)

Gianna could feel herself approaching the edge.
“Oh Ricky… harder… I need it harder..” She moaned through gritted teeth.
“I’m soooo cloose… Just a little more. Then you can finish me off”

There was a short cry from the end of the line as the screeching brown girl over there finally came, and her husband had started to slice open her throat. A splash of scarlet exited her open mouth as her husband sawed through it. Gianna looked over as a cute little brunette girl’s eyes bulged when she felt the bite of a sharp silvered blade.

Gods, she didn’t know why, it should have been just another ritual execution to her. An quick way to exit the world… but for some reason it was turning her on immensely. Gianna’s entire body ached with passion, the way Ricky held her life in his hands, the way the crowd roared their admiration… It was great.

Naomi was fast approaching her own orgasm…. Danny’s blade held aloft, waiting for the right time to snuff his beloved mistress.
“Danny. Oh god’s snuff me… snuff me now…. I’m about to cum. Blow your thick load in me and take my head. It’s my time. I can feel it.” she shrieked as she came.

Danny obliged her. His knife snicker-snacked as he began to take her head.
Tears of joy rolled down Naomi’s cheeks.

And Gianna’s turn was next.


File: 1551270648615.jpg (900.15 KB, 3508x2480, beheading06.jpg)

“Mmmmmmm” Gianna moaned, as Ricky rode her. His dick rubbed up and down her G-spot just the way she liked. Her cheeks and ears flushed red with blood.
“Uh uh uh uh. Oooooooooohhhhh” she closed her eyes in pleasure.
Ricky’s gleaming knife crept up beneath her throat.

When her own mother had been retired, Gianna had been in the front row watching. She’d seen the tears of joy roll down her face as she was beheaded… and her meat at the festival feast had been the most succulent thing she’d ever tasted. The memories had been a strength to her in the hard times. She had lived a good life, and been a good mother to Gianna. She had deserved her retirement more than anyone in the world.

Ricky’s dick spasmed inside Gianna, spraying her vagina with his potent seed. His warmth brought her over the edge… Her muscles contracted, and squeezed at his cock, just as she always did when she came. Ricky knew his wife better than anyone.

His knife sliced through Gianna’s trachea, and she could feel the tears flow from her face like she’d always wanted them too. Only they weren’t ones of joy like she’d expected.

It hurt so bad, and she could barely breathe. Every gasp was a rattling agony. Gianna didn’t know what she had expected of her quick execution… but it wasn’t this.


what is the back story of this wonderful death world?


You can read more about it on my original thread (That won't bump after the move to vichan)

Plenty more gorey, voracious stories there.


File: 1551315821386.jpg (1006.73 KB, 3508x2480, beheading07.jpg)

The cute brown girl’s head was jammed onto a wooden stake. Blood dripped down from her severed neck, and her tongue still lolled out from where she’d been trying to breathe.

Blood spurted from Naomi’s neck stump as Danny lifted her head by her hair. Gianna could see the awful sight of her friend’s severed head being held aloft. With a wet thunk, Naomi’s emerald haired head was staked on a punji stick in front of her.

God’s this must have been some kind of a sick joke. She’d never felt anything as horrible in her life.
“Oh gods…. Noooo… not like this”, Gianna wanted to say… but the knife in her throat prevented her from doing anything more than struggling futilely, and waiting for her miserable tortured existence to finally end. Unfortunately for her, Ricky was having difficulty cutting through her spinal column. Her quick, painless death was turning out to be anything but.

Gianna squirmed in Ricky’s monstrous grasp as he sawed backwards and forwards trying to behead her. She gurgled in pain… but the audience just mistook her tears as ones of happiness, and her cries as ones of ecstasy.
Gianna wanted to warn them all… to tell them that they were wrong… that it was a living nightmare… for them to stop.

Gods, she wanted to live


File: 1551591151453.jpg (987.77 KB, 3508x2480, beheading08.jpg)

With a final painful twist, Ricky snapped Gianna’s neck off with his bare hands, frustrated by being unable to properly cut through his wife’s neck promptly like he’d promised, he’d taken to pulling her head off manually. There was a spurt of heart-blood, and the head was freed. Holding Gianna’s head aloft for all the crowd to see, he slammed it down hard on the sharpened wooden stake.

Gianna was still living her nightmare, a severed head, still alive, her eyes looking around unfocused. Why was she still alive? Gods, she’d thought this was one of the better ways to die. Why was it still so horrible?

Her daughter Joy walked up to her mother’s head on a stick, and bestowed a kiss to say a final goodbye, just like she’d been taught in school. Gianna still felt the lips of her daughter as they parted to make way for her next eldest daughter. But all Gianna could concentrate on was the sharp circle of pain from her neck stump.
By the time that her youngest partook in the ritual, some minutes later., Gianna’s severed head had finally died. But the time in between had been agony.

Finally Ricky said his final goodbyes, kissing his dead wife, and putting in a little tongue. The slightly coppery taste of her blood left a lasting impression on him. He felt sad and bitter, just like her last taste.


File: 1551618866538.jpg (1.08 MB, 3508x2480, beheading09.jpg)

Of course, no Retirement Festival would be complete without a feast. And the food was prepared by none other than the husbands of the slaughtered women. Men didn’t hold any significant positions of power in the World of Bones. Traditionally, A man’s place was at home, making children, or in the kitchen, cooking. So every man was schooled in home economics. They all knew the best ways to gut a girl for the most delicious food.

Ricky picked up Gianna’s headless corpse and pushed two large metal hanging hooks through her feet, swinging the body upside down. A small amount of thick white cum leaked from her floppy pussy, and the blood drained in a stream from her severed neck as she was lifted up to be gutted.

He took his knife in one hand and prepared to plunge it into Gianna’s cooling body.

Joy looked on in morbid fascination. She couldn’t quite comprehend that her mother was nothing more than a piece of meat now.


File: 1551696967646.jpg (981 KB, 3508x2480, beheading10.jpg)

Ricky steadied his blade inside Gianna’s pussy, and with a long practiced move, her splits her belly down to the sternum ad begins to dump her guts into a small metal bucket. At school, when the girls were practicing their spearwork, or combat training, he had been learning the best way to prepare foods for his harem.

Joy moved her hand up her naked torso, replicating the gutting motion her daddy was making on her mother’s. She started under her loincloth, and finished at her chest. For some reason, her nipples hardened as she imagined that sharp knife plunging into her too. It confused her. Why did she want to masturbate to the idea of one day being gutted like a snuff-slave?

Soon, there were a good dozen bodies emptied of their insides and hanging on hooks, ready to be cooked and fed to the hungry crowds.

Joy’s hands wandered under her loincloth


File: 1551782661683.jpg (1.05 MB, 3508x2480, beheading11.jpg)

Gianna’s toned slab of meat was impaled on a spit, and carried to the cooking pits that had been set up near the Genkysou VIllage square. They set her up above the glowing coals, along with the other retirees. It took several hours for them to slowly roast to a perfect golden brown as trained sex slaves rotated them to evenly toast their bodies.

Juices dripped from Gianna’s perfectly roasted curves. A nearby chef poked her in the butt with a cooking fork… It came back with clear juices… She was done.

Women lined up with wooden bowls, waiting for the meats to be rested and served.

Joy didn’t want to admit it - but the smells of her mother’s roast were making her salivate. She was distraught that her mother would never again teach her spearwork, or chase her through the breeding quarter pretending to be a Hellhound Alpha, but the appeal of copious quantities of freshly roasted meat was too much for any girl living in the World of Bones to resist.
At least nobody seemed to have noticed the small wet spot on her loincloth.


hehe, that's nice, but monsters need more action time and are hungry for lewd families


File: 1551846348172.jpg (951.47 KB, 3508x2480, beheading12.jpg)

Prior to serving, the severed heads of the girls were prettied up for presentation by attending sex slaves. Their makeup was redone, lipstick reapplied, their hair combed and styled. Ricky even placed a flower in Gianna’s hair; a daffodil, her favourite. She’d told him that her mother had worn one when she had been served. He just wanted her to get everything she had ever wanted.

The beautified heads were placed on pedestals above their delicate toasted bodies. A wafting aroma of delicious cooked meat made everyone’s mouths water.

Gianna was propped up between Naomi and the cute brown girl. Ricky pulled out his carving knives, and began to slice off bite size chunks of his prime wife. She was well cooked and very juicy. Ricky had been paying attention in Home economics class at the general school.

He picked up a little of her crackling and popped it into his mouth, chewing it loudly as it crunched.
“MMMMMMM” Giana was certainly delicious, just like she’d always told him she wanted to be.

“Come and get it, this roast Bitch Meat is served ladies.”


Don't worry - there are some good monsters coming up in my next sets of artwork eating plenty of unwilling villagers.


Guys should get it too along with their bitches, like Max and his harem!


And horny little boys and girls who are eager to fuck!


Your pics&story combo is getting better and better btw! ;)


Some incest in the carnage mix would be really nice!


They most certainly do. But for every man born into the world of bones, there's thousands of women. But I'm sure that I'll draw some male digestion again sometime. When the right story idea strikes.

Eager and foolish naive youth are often taken by cruel and horrific monsters when they wander too far from safety.They're easy pickings for hungry vore beasts.


Once again, if you want me to draw incest in something, you'll have to have it commissioned from me. It's not a feature in any of the stories that I have currently have brewing away in my mind.


File: 1551890742200.jpg (1.02 MB, 3508x2480, beheading13.jpg)

Ricky dished out some thick steaks to his eldest, Joy. She looked down with a slightly sickened expression. She’d been to so many of these festivals in the past. Spit-Roasted crispy roasted Bitch meat was one of her favourite foods of all time. But something just felt different when it was her own momma., the woman who’d raised her so lovingly… she just kind of felt a little ill looking at the steaming thick hunks of girl-meat.

It didn’t take long for her to get over it though. After the first tasty bite of fatty, meaty goodness, she began to forget her apprehension. Her father was a fantastic cook.

There were so many ugly, and uncertain ways to die a gorey, miserable death in the World of Bones. Joy felt that her mother’s death had been a kind one in comparison. If she could choose her own fate, maybe this was the way she’d want to go out.

A quick knife to the throat while being fucked by a handsome man, being able to have one last goodbye kiss with your loved ones. Not having to worry about accidentally dishonouring her ancestors with a death piss or crap. Being cooked for the benefit of the whole village, and that knife drawn up and sexily disembowling her.

One day Joy wanted to honoured just like her mother had been. After all… she wanted to be just as tasty for her own daughters one day.


Hmmmm, I don't really want to see incest in your stories so bad to issue a comission, it just seemed the next logical step with so many families snuffed, but ur stories are worth a look as they are.


I really don't do requests, only commissions. But the good news is that I'm a cheap art whore. You can get yourself a Daddy fucking daughter line and ink sketch for 20 USD from me. Or a three way with a brother and his two sisters for just 30 USD. Pool some money with likeminded friends, and you could have a whole family orgy eaten alive and digested till bloody messes in a multi part comic with story. Its so cheap, you should jump right on it and commission me by PM here


Once again, im not interested in a comission from you.You might be a cheap art whore, but i don't really like your art style, it's interesting, and some of your stories are worth a look but it's not the kind of art i would pay for.And i found my kinks in many other places.So, no dice!


Well, it was worth mentioning anyway. You never know, maybe someone else will think its a good idea, and commission me. Then you can enjoy the resulting artwork.


Hehe, glad I could help!


File: 1552035032078.jpg (1.01 MB, 3508x2480, beheading14.jpg)

As the sun descended beyond the horizon, and Genkysou was plunged into a pink twilight, Ricky took his daughter Joy in one arm, and the severed head of his wife home as a trophy.

Joy had a big day ahead of her, tomorrow, it would be her first day on the City Guard… the very same platoon as her mother had been assigned to. She had big shoes to fill. Ricky put her to bed, and then went to work, stripping the flesh off of Gianna’s skull with a strong Firesnake stomach acid that he kept in the workroom, and removing her brains with a heated stick, stuck between her nostrils and wiggled around till the entire mess came out. He kept the brains for Joy’s breakfast tomorrow. His little girl needed her energy for her task tomorrow. He was just so proud of her.

He would have to think very hard about setting her up with Johnny’s eldest boy, now that Gianna was no longer able to make the arrangements on Joy’s behalf. It was the least he could do for his late wife.

When he was done, he had yet another trophy for his bedroom shelf. Only his favourite wives and mistresses got to be displayed there when they died. Gianna was going to occupy the best position, closest to the window, where it would be best lit.

Ricky carefully set up her shrine, placing a bound lock of her hair, some shells, a spare ruby City Guard pendant, the preserved daffodil she wore as she was on display, and the sketch she had taken to be remembered by. He placed Gianna’s cleaned trophy skull on the shelf behind a name placard. Even in death, she would watch over Ricky and his affairs.

He chose a favourite mistress, and some nameless snuff slaves to share his bed that night. He felt saddened by the loss of his Prime wife. He had truly loved her. But it had been his duty to snuff her. Better she die by his hand, than that of some vile beast like so many did. However, he could still feel nothing but a deep and overwhelming sadness at the hole her death had left in his heart.

So he consoled himself by drinking copious amounts of Gourdplant whiskey laced with Bloodflower dust, and fucking his favourite living mistress. She was a poor substitute for his beloved Gianna, but she fucked like a demon, and was still very fertile to boot.

Gianna’s skull looked out lifelessly over the scene. One day Ricky would remarry a new prime wife, and new skulls would appear beside hers as he found new women to love and share his bed.

In the World of Bones, having your skull placed in the most respected place on your husband’s trophy shelf is the best death any girl can hope for. Still, it can be a rather unpleasant experience for even the most willing of victims


File: 1552224898057.jpg (901.93 KB, 3508x2480, heatherandthefrog_1mb.jpg)

Heather’s scout squad moved through the thin treeline at the edge of the Screaming Forest and the swamplands to the north of Genkysou village. They moved slowly and cautiously. These lands were well travelled, but in the World of Bones, that still meant they were exceptionally lethal. One wrong step, and they could put a foot in a scalding pool of springwater, or worse, get entangled by one of the voracious Venus man-traps that littered the Screaming Forest.

It was only Heather’s second ever sortie. Her leader had already successfully led them on a raid on a Helhound nest the other week. This time they’d be coming back empty handed. They’d been pushed back to safer lines by a horde of Miedo Mosquitoes in the foggy swamplands. Thankfully they’d been able to blend back into their environment like they’d been taught to. Otherwise they’d all be sacks of flesh covered bones littering the shores of the bog.

She mused on the day as a good one. With all the ways that a scouting mission could go wrong, survival was considered its own form of success. She felt like one of the brave warriors of old, bold and confident: A force to be reckoned with… even though she was still only a rookie. Heather sighed as she felt the aches in her muscles. A long soak in some of the more temperate heated rock pools on the way back to the village would do wonders for how she felt.

She was about to ask her leader, when she realised that she’d lost sight of the scout leader in the messy underbrush. A small spike of fear shot through Heather. A separated scout was easy pickings for most all of the monsters in this area. Her spear was a very good weapon for keeping things at bay.. But it was better utilised with a group of other spearmaidens. It would do Heather little good if she ran into a Hellhound pack out here.

For a moment, she thought about retracing her steps and looking for where the tracks of the group split from her own, just like they’d learned in school. But then somewhere in the jumbled green foliage up ahead, she heard a human shout. Her heart rose in her chest… They must be searching for her. Thank the God’s - she was saved.

As she ran through the brambles and tropical pines, and the pervasive mists of the sub-tropical rainforest, she could hear the environment come alive with the singing of birds, and the croaking of frogs. It just sounded so good, and alive.

Heather had always liked frogs. Her junior scout school books had said that adult frogs reached sizes large enough to eat a large woman. But when she was younger, during the rainy season, when the tadpoles washed through the river and into Genkysou village, she’d seen baby frogs emerge from the streams and pools of water. Some girls thought they were slimy and icky, but Heather liked the cool, wet sticky feeling as a frog leapt onto her. The tiny things tried to eat her… but she was simply too large for the tiny predators, and they gave up quickly, hopping away to search for something to eat.

They weren’t without danger.. Newborn babies often disappeared without a trace during the wet seasons. But Heather thought they were cute little things. She’d wanted to keep one as a pet, but her mother had turned white when she raised the prospect, and given Heather an hour long lecture about responsibility, and danger. Maybe the lessons had sunk in, after all Heather had graduated from Scout School. Not every girl survived the harsh training and education to become a full fledged Scout.

Heather’s feet pounded the rotting detritus and muddy rocks as she approached a small clearing where her group’s cry had come from. The Croaking seemed louder here. Maybe there’d be some cute little frogs here?


Something pink, fleshy and sticky slapped between Heather’s tiny pointy breasts.


“Huh?” said Heather stupidly, as she looked at the slick sticky appendage that linked her to the largest frog she’d ever seen. The thing was just a couple of inches shorter than she was… Surely, it wasn’t large enough to devour her?…

Then her eyes wandered to the other amphibians hopping and climbing the branches in the clearing. Each of them had a wriggling belly bulge in the shape of a horrified screaming woman.
It only dawned on Heather what had happened, just as the pink tongue yanked her off her feet and into the open wide pink mouth.

Her spear clattered on the rocky floor. And the beast sucked her in head first. It rolled its eyes back into its head, using the great orbs, to push Heather deeper into its tight wet maw.
“Nooooooooooooooooo!” she squealed as she pissed her loincloth. Her ancestors would be ashamed.
Somehow the sticky, cool wet froggy ick that she liked so much as a child, didn’t feel as comforting to her anymore.

Heather cried and kicked, and pushed… but nothing seemed to work. The Frog balled her up into its mouth, and swallowed with its eyes again. Her loincloth fell to the ground as frog lips slid around her buttocks. She slopped down into the constricting pink flesh of a froggie belly.
“Get me out of here… I don’t want to digest…..please” she begged.

But the slick pink walls didn’t answer her. They just groaned and glorped as the frog lept and hopped up into the branches of the trees, where it could digest they young scout in peace, and at its leisure. Heather just swung and screamed in the tight belly.
“Help me… Help me…:”

Heather had seen the bones, and shit covered skeletons that lined even Genkysou’s safe streets. Out here in the wilds, it seemed like sometimes the ground could be carpeted with human bones. But somehow the naive girl could never imagine that she’d become one of them.
She didn’t want to be converted into a froggie turd… She didn’t deserve that. Nobody did.

Soon the frog settled in the safety of the upper branches of a tree. Its stomach gurgled and rumbled, and then gave Heather something to really howl about. The linings of the stomach began to excrete a stinging liquid, that gave her a painful red rash wherever it contacted her skin.
“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” The young girl shrieked in shock.
The stuff got everywhere, even up her cooch.
“God’s it’s Burning meeeeee!!!!!!” Heather became more energetic, jerking in the tiny belly uselessly.

With an ugly wet blorping, a shower of thick mucus like digestive fluids sprayed over her head and dripped down her flat body, instantly turning it a shade of bright crimson. Blood spurted from her sizzling eyeballs, and her tiny tits fell from her chest in a goopy red mess.
“Uuuuh?” she moaned, surprised by the sudden increase in pain.
Her tummy popped open like a squeezed grape, spilling her rich pink guts into the frog stomach.
“Uuuuh… Puuuuuh.. Thhheeee… baaaackkk.. Iiiiin muuuuuuuuhhhh…” she moaned brainlessly as she farted into a soup of her own intestines.

Another squirt of acrid goo issued over her ruined body, and Heather began to thrash blindly like a trapped wolf, even as her body disintegrated. She wracked her body so hard, that her skeletal arms tore from her body, and her skull snapped off at the neck and plopped into the gorey soup that she used to be.

Her head drowned screaming in bloody sludge.

It took only a few hours to complete converting Heather into a little froggie shit.
The frog explosively sprayed her wet brown remains onto the forest floor below, where it joined those of all Heather’s compatriots.

Heather was frog crap. In the World of Bones, even cute amphibians can fuck you up.


File: 1552313011403.jpg (926.67 KB, 3508x2480, Steamers.jpg)

The story's fantastic - but a bit too long for the /art thread

It can be found here


File: 1552556830873.jpg (899.49 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream01_comp.jpg)

It’s a beautiful morning in the World of Bones, the air is crisp, and the birds sing lovesongs in the trees of the Screaming Forest as Madeline cuts a swath through it.

The red shoulder pauldron she wears with pride is a badge of honour, and a warning to the enemies of the Village of Genkysou. Madeline was a Mercenary in the employ of the Village council, employed to keep the thin paths that wound to Zarful and the imperial city, clean of beasts, plants, and occaisionally desperate bandits.

Today had been a good day of hunting. She had been clearing out some Venus Mantraps that had encroached over the merchants path, and already claimed some poor traders. As she set fire to them, and they expelled their gorey meals wetly to the forest floor, Madeline had heard another sound… one that didn’t belong in a place as lethal as the Screaming Forest; human voices.

Creeping around, through the underbrush undetected, Madeline, found a spot and listened to the two down on their luck bandits planning an attack on a shipment of tea that they were sure was going to come down this road shortly.

Madeline knew better, there was no shipment of the sort on the manifest today. But bandits were bandits, and the VIllage leader always had spare shells for the heads of bandits camping the trade routes, so long as there was a good story to accompany them.

Madeline had pulled into an expert silent sprint, and was already beside the blonde one. She didn’t even know the mercenary was there till the razor sharp machette had bisected her at the midriff. Two halves of a pathetic bandit fell to the ground twitching.

Seeing the fate of her friend, the purple haired tan bandit fell to her knees and started to beg for her life.
“Please don’t kill me - I surrender!”
She only ceased her desperate pleas when the blade entered her belly and out her back..
“Uuuuuuugghhh” she groaned disbelievingly.
Madeline grabbed the little bitch by the throat to prevent her from screaming. It wouldn’t do to have other predators attracted by the commotion.

Madeline took her time with the bandit, flaying her alive slowly till she died. She made sure that the traitorous wench dishonoured her ancestors as she died, taking pleasure in the fact that she had ensured a torturous afterlife for the defiler..

Her machete sang as she decapitated the dead bodies and hung them by their hair in her loincloth, and set out back for home.

The winding trail led past the thickest copse of killer plants.. Most would stick to the path like Swampsac glue… but Madeline was a badass among badasses. Things like Venus mantraps poses little threat to a goddess of war like her… so she took a shortcut.

She’d be home before she knew it… she always took this way back. All she had to do was be quicker with her machette than the Plants were with their tongues, and to hold her breath when she passed the Bloodflower saplings that had bloomed this season. The pheremones they released had taken her partner unawares last season. Madeline missed Janie so much.

She severed a few pink appendages as they tried to nab her. Madeline had seen her fair share of her fellow scouts fall prey to the voracious plants in the years she’d been a member of the corps, and so she’d learned to be alert at all times, and never let her guard down.

She swung at a slimy pink tongue that had darted down to grab her… but as she did, it darted back out of range. Strange, she thought, she’d never seen a Venus Mantrap exibit such behaviour before. They were usually dumb plants that acted on instinct, and reflex… but this seemed… intelligent?

Madeline looked up to see what kind of strange mutant plant was trying to grab her, but she couldn’t see it through the thick foliage.

And then the tongue struck again, this time from an oblique angle, It came from in front of her, but at the blind spot in her vision that all people have at 15 degrees from the front, the scotoma. She didn’t even see it till it was wrapped around her throat.
Madeline tried to cut at it with her weapon… but the castle forged steel was swiftly batted aside as if the tongue was some kind of trained martial artist.

Choking painfully, she was lifted up into the boughs of the trees, and above into the heavens themselves to meet the most dangerous creature in the entire world.


File: 1552605389239.jpg (909.31 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream02_comp.jpg)

The Histscream is a colossal eating machine. Though very rarely encountered by humans because of how long its hibernations last, when the two species do meet, The Histscream is always the victor.

The giant bugs are literal genocide machines. Capable of eating entire villages to the last woman, and leaving behind a sea of sloppy bones.

Sometimes Madeline would hear the merchants tell stories about how they would turn up to deliver a shipment to a town, only to find the final resting place of all of its citizens. The imperial capital would send out soldiers to sweep the bones into the city’s bonepit, and then settlers to recolonise it.
It has been noted by many scholars that Histscreams appear to be extremely intelligent, despite their lack of written language, cities, or tools. Any attempt to outwit a Histscream has generally been a failure. Armies have marched seeking to bring kill just one of the beasts, and vanished without a trace every time.

The tongue lifted Madeline up towards a chitinous armoured exoskeleton and evil red multifaceted eyes. It’s mouth armour opened wide, revealing a pink sucking oriface capable of stretching and consuming vast volumes of food, or larger predators. Everything was food to this vile bug.

Including Madeline.


File: 1552720252989.jpg (1.07 MB, 3508x2480, Histscream03_comp.jpg)

The opening loomed large and deep above her, as she rose to meet its sucking wet gap.

The lithe tongue pulled Madeline deep into its sucking oriface. She tried desperately to keep herself from slipping down into the slick maw, her hands grasping at the rim of the pink flesh, but nothing she did made any difference to what the huge long muscle was doing to her.

She screamed as it swallowed her and burped after she went down. Her echoing screams could be heard until the mouth closed its armoured carapace around the opening, sealing her in.

Madeline slid through twisty, claustrophobig passages of buggy guts, until light shone from above her, and she was excreted into some kind of translucent sack on the underside of the beast.

She fell headfirst into the bubble of tight, stretchy organ. She could barely move in the limited space it offered.

Out, she wanted out… she tore at the thin clear walls of the creature, but didn’t even make a scratch.

For the next few days, this would be her home.


File: 1552877500735.jpg (1.07 MB, 3508x2480, Histscream04_comp.jpg)

Madeline wasn’t the only unfortunate soul to have ended up in the holding sacks of the Histscream. Thousands of men, women and children filled sacs that stretched all the way along the abdomen of the creature. To Madeline’s disgust, some of them were filled with skinless goopy bodies, writhing in agony, and all too large a number were filled with digestive fluid, or littered with jumbled skeletons.

With nothing to do but wait, Madeline turned her attention to one of her neighbours, a big tittied blonde. Nothing they said seemed to be able to reach through the thin casings they struggled to escape… but with hand signals they’d both learned in scout school, they managed to communicate enough. It was a rudimentary military hand language, rough and incapable of detail. They couldn’t tell each other their names, or their life stories… but still they tried to eke out basic ideas.
<12 Middays>

The handsigning took a long time, not having been invented for anything other than conveying simple concepts to other units in the field silently. But soon the two women were forming a kind of close bond. Almost a friendship.

The mercenary tried to scratch and bite her way out of the case… but it was no use… if only she still had her prized machette. The Village elders had complained that she was wasting valuable steel that could have been used for the construction of a dozens of spears… but Madeline had the shells to spare, and the Blacksmith had needed the work. Now Painbringer was mouldering in the detritus that covered the Screaming forest’s floor. It wasn’t fair… she’d worked so hard for it.

A loud hiss emanated from her new friend’s sack, and steam escaped from a sphincter at the top of the prison. The girl inside suddenly became frantic, and desperate. And her screams could suddenly be heard piercing through the bowels of the beast. She was terrified of something that was about to happen to her.

A spray of clear steaming liquid sprayed over her body, and melted her face and bosoms right off her in a gorey sauce that splattered and filled the bottom of her sack almost immediately. In a matter of seconds she went from being a living breathing human being, to being a screaming bloody skeleton, to collapsing into a pile of dead bones.

Looking at the gruesome sight… Madeline decided that screaming was an appropriate response too.


File: 1553001387465.jpg (1016.52 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream05_comp.jpg)

Madeline pissed herself in fear as the acids cleaned off the bones of the other girl, leaving them floating in a soup made of her flesh. The urine pooled at the bottom of her sack.

It was a gross sight, that turned her stomach.

As the beast moved out over farmlands, Madeline realised just how high up she was… even if she escaped from the Histscreams digestion sacks, she’s likely plummet to her doom anyway.

Far down below, she could see pretty farmhands being slurped up to the thing’s mouth orifice.
They ran, hid, barricaded themselves in houses… but none of it mattered. The pink flicking tongue found ways to pull thm from under wagons, sift through tall grasses and reeds to pluck out hiding children, and to lift latches, and unlock doors to get at the delicious meats inside.

Madeline, being a soldier herself, couldn’t help but appreciate how effective this thing was being. With a slow, stomach churning horror, she realised just how superior this predator was to her in every respect.

There was never anything she could have done to escape it. Once it had seen her, she had been done for.

New girls sloshed into sacks beside her… and Madeline realised that the first time her new neighbours were going to realise how hopeless their plight was, might possibly be when she herself was digested alive in front of them

She wanted to throw up..


File: 1553049196408.jpg (911.9 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream06_comp.jpg)

The Histsream stands tall over Farmlands now devoid of anu human life. It has cleaned out every last girl and turned them into a snack.

The last one is hauled up by its prehensile tongue, and swiftly popped into its mouth to join the rest of her friends.

Histscreams wipe out all animal life in their immediate area when they pass through. Only Dragons escape their hunger, and only because Dragons are too smart to land anywhere close enough to and adult Histscream for there ever to be a confrontation, and too large to be easy prey, even for the gargantuan bugs that eclipse the size of the fire breathing lizards.

The Histscream is unfazed by its trawling leaving none of its prey left to breed. It knows that there are humans elsewhere, and that they will return to this area given enough time. The new ones will be unaware of what has transpired here… and will make easy pickings when the Histscream returns here in another century or so.

Histscreams lead long lives, the oldest of them are millenia old… so ancient, that even they may not remember what their first prey tasted like.

For the entirety of their existence, there have been soft humans to feast on… and no matter how many the Histscreams eat… they breed like… well humans… and there will be more to feast on next century, and the one after. Generations of the pink and brown food creatures will be there for Histscreams like this one to devour alive well into the future. There is no need for them to fear wiping out their food sources.

The Histscream knows this as a fact, and will splurge, eating as many of the little things as its tongue can capture… which is a lot. When its digestions sacks are filled, it will return to its decades long hibernation deep in a burrow under the earth.

Any humans still alive in its digestion sacks when it digs.down underground to sleep, will be in for a nasty shock. Rather than the swift digestion they might encounter on the surface, the Histscream will put them in a slowed state of being too, and digest them all alive slowly over the period of a decade while it sleeps. Their horrible agony will be prolonged for the entire duration, fueling the beast’s meagre needs while it hibernates. When the tortured souls inside are finally all digested, it will wake again, and repeat the cycle.


File: 1553081649621.jpg (926.95 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream07_comp.jpg)

Two Farmhands, stored in the same digestion chamber, with the remains of a previous occupant, bored with the long wait, use the time wisely. They entertain themselves in ways that their society frowned upon greatly.

Madeline was disgusted by their behaviour… How dare they…cavort in a manner that a man did with a woman? It was unnatural, the mercenary thought to herself..

They were kissing, and rubbing their breasts… and putting fingers in each others pussies will they orgasmed in each other’s embrace.

Gods, the two whores had no decorum. It was disgusting… They were breeding traitors. Everyone knew that … sex was for procreation… not for other women.

She recalled how they killed lesbians in the city square execution grounds. It was always a brutal death, to one of the more agonising creatures that the the village had managed to capture. That way it could be a warning to others to avoid such temptations.

Love making between two women was an affront to the gods, and everything her society stood for… Madeline knew that to be the truth in her heart…

So why was it that looking at the two of them made her wet? Why was it that her hand had snuck down to her delicate folds and was now stroking her clit… Why did she want so much to be in the same sack as the two of them… to join in? Why did it feel so good to watch something that her entire society said was so bad?

Gods, the two of them were so hot… what was wrong with her?

Madeline didn’t have much of an opportunity to find out… before she could reach an orgasm of her own… there was a loud hissing sound, and the two lovers were sprayed with stomach acids.

Their faces melted together and they convulsed into each other, boobd shaking wildly as he acid turned them into an angry red mess.

Madeline covered her eyes with her hands, still wet with her vaginal fluids. She didn’t want to see any more..

Gods, why wouldn’t this thing just kill her already… why did it make her wait like this? Why did it make her watch all these other girls die horribly before her. Was it just cruel?

The Lesbians screamed as one, as they were melted into a mixed bone pile.
Madeline couldn’t block out the sounds.


File: 1553166311737.jpg (962.82 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream08_comp.jpg)

Madeline was alone now, surrounded only by pools of red liquids, filled with human remains. She didn’t know how long she’d been stuck in the sack for. It had been a few days now… Her stomach, and parched lips told her that alone.

But somehow, it felt like an eternity was passing… a long drawn out terror with no end.

Madeline gave up… she accepted her fate…
“Just take me now…Kill me… just don;t make me wait any more” She screamed…

And in a serendipitous turn… the Histscream obliged her.
There was a loud hissing sound, as steam was released from the hole above her head.

Madeline looked up into the opening sphincter only to see a round pink tunnelway, slowly filling with a clear sticky liquid, dripping down towards her.

The last thoughts that went through her head before the Histscream sprayed her, weren’t of her friends, or family.. They weren’t of home, or growing up.

Her last thoughts were of her new friend in the sack next to her…

.. and how loud she’d screamed when the acid touched her skin.


File: 1553268841458.jpg (791.16 KB, 3508x2480, Histscream09_comp.jpg)

Madeline pissed herself as the acid was pumped out over her, dishonouring her ancestors. Her screams were loud, and the chamber echoed it, so that all the girls in other pouches could hear its terrifying sound. They watched as Madeline disintegrated into a red pile of guts and bone.

Her organs plopped out of her opened chest, and burst into gibbets of scarlet gore and she shook violently, before collapsing into a soupy red drink filled with her disassembled skeleton.

Madeline was dead. Steam wafted from her liquid remains.

Dozens of wide eyed girls and boys hanging in their own orange sacks watched her die like an ancestor defiling cunt, and understood what their own fate was going to be like.

Of course, the Histscream had different plans for most of them. Some of them would be digested slowly, others fast… some would wait for weeks… others would be digested immediately. Whatever raised its victims to the most delicious amount of fear, was what the Histscream doled out to its victims.

Worst of all, some of them would join it for its descent into hibernation. Over the course of the next dozen years, they’ll look back on Madeline’s death, and feel that by comparison to their own misery, it was a swift and merciful one.

Madeline was in no position to disagree.


File: 1553319907287.jpg (1 MB, 3508x2480, Histscream10_comp.jpg)

The Histscream emptied its bowels of all the remains, leaving behind a trail of steaming skeletons that fills a forest clearing edge to edge with its bulk.

Having emptied itself fully, it would resume its feasting.. This time though, it won’t digest anything it catches… They’ll all be joining it on its long hibernation.

Somewhere in the pile is Madeline’s bones.. Identification, of course, will be impossible. The mercenary has mixed in with all the other prey. Indistinguishable from any other person that had been horribly digested by the Histscream.

One of the shit covered skulls will be hers though, a disgraceful final tombstone for a great warrior.

In the World of Bones, it doesn’t matter how skilled, careful, or well armed you are. There is always something smarter, stronger, and hungrier out there just waiting to use you to fill its belly with live squirming prey…

…That thing is usually a Histscream.


Just thought I'd let you know that I have a pixiv page now,
And of course, if you liked the story, let me know.. and consider donating to my patreon.


File: 1553614653364.jpg (1006.4 KB, 2480x3508, vixensheads.jpg)

A quick sketch I did of some vixens after their heads were blown off by explosive collars


I think it could be cool if you did a mix of species of girls in one of you stories! It would be something difrent and from the look of the heads it would look good! <3 I wouldn't mind some cat/wolf/lizard furry girls mixed with normal girls…


Once again, I don't really take suggestions or requests. I mostly just draw what I want, when I want to. Please don't request free stuff from me - I don't work for free.

I do take commissions though, and I give consideration to anything my Patreon subscribers ask for. so if you want some more cat/wolf/lizard girls from me, you know what to do.


What a reaction… wow. There should be a big msg under each pic


you can comment on any of my pictures. Tell me what you like about them, what works in them, what doesn't (and please add why, because criticism is a dime a dozen, constructive comments that lead to introspection on the way I approach art, are a true rarity) I love receiving comments on my art.

wasn't a comment. that was a request for me to draw things that more closely fit to an individuals personal kinks.
I only asked politely that people refrain from asking me to work without compensation.

I share everything that I draw, and I even attempt to get every commissioner allow me to upload images I draw for them in my public galleries so that you all get to see them here, or on Pixiv, or on Eka's portal.

This stuff takes a lot of time, and dedication to do, so I don't think its entirely unreasonable to ask for equal compensation, when somebody asks me to do bespoke work that they want to see drawn.


I dont really see this comment as request no meter how i read it. It was a suggestion. There is no "Please do this and that". It was basically me suggesting you that you do nice fury girls and it would benefit some stories to mix in some difrent girls for variety. Maybe at the end i suggested some specific species but i didynt say "you must add those!!".
And if you are basically going to go all ballistic every time someone sugest something you may as well block comments under any of you gallery image on any page you post stuff. Because people WILL alweys sugest or request stuff from an artist.

If i asked you now "hey i like your hard vore work can you do more?". Would you stop drawing vore and ask me to pay you to start doing it again instead?

I totally agree with you that if someone wanna you to draw something very specific you can sugest commissions "Hey that's a great idea but i dont have time to do it as im working on the current story BUT my commissions are open and i alweys prioritize those! So feel free to contact me about them if you are interested!"
Instead of "If you wanna me to draw this PAY ME or dont request stuff!"
I think you see difference in those two ways of saying basically the same thing?

With how little interaction i see in every galery you have i would think being a bit more lay back toward people who show interest in your art could help you in the long run…
And sometimes i think people may have good suggestions especially if an artist do the same story over and over again with little to no changes without even realizing it…

As for your commissions this is just my poor ass opinion but not giving even a 1$ off from buying multiple character is a very bad move… like 40$ for one and 80$ for two characters? Not really appealing option for commissioning larger pieces from you.

As for patreon- i was considering throwing 1$ at you each month as i like to have a place where i can be informed about new art by mail but setting the lowest tier to 5$ with basically no benefits? No thanks. Same for higher tiers.. you could at least offer a % discount on commission the more someone pledge… like 60$ for a sketch? I think most people would prefer a sketch and an option of getting lets say 15%/20% off from commissions or something…

Nothing of the above is there to insult you but i think you should think about some of it. You have a very specific "style" of drawing and as much as i can appreciate some aspects of it you still have way to go. You improved a lot since i 1st saw your art long ago but you still draw very specific faces and bodies and you seems bent on never trying difrent things.


File: 1553681383034.jpg (4.5 MB, 2480x3508, VampireOC comp_hatless_v02.jpg)

Look, you're basically trolling or flaming at the moment. (whatever your intentions.)
My answers to all the above are
I do not take suggestions, nor requests.

If you want to continue this conversation PM me on Eka's Portal. Otherwise, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from posting on this thread again.

Here - have a picture that was commissioned by someone, on the house.


Dude, this is hilarious. But if you want to write comedy, I would suggest you put it in the /lit/ section.

More seriously, the only one going "ballistic" here is you. Riraito's been nothing but polite, and has taken time to explain his principled position with clarity and patience. When you grow up, hopefully you'll learn that people don't have to cater to your every whim. If you can't afford his rates, then that's tough luck.

Sadly, I don't have money to spend on commissions either, but would never dream of displaying the arrogance and petulant self entitlement that you do.

I really hope you have the balls to do a little self reflection and consider what people are telling you. Good luck.


Could you please draw some futas getting their genitals sliced off, but all their cocks are uncut?


At the risk of sounding like a broken record,
No, i do not do trades or requests.

If you really want something made, you can commission me here



Ah, I'm sorry about that. Riraito's right. Jumping into a thread and asking for requests isn't allowed unless the artist makes it clear that they're taking requests. You can request things in /req/ Be sure to check out everybody!

Anyway, love the work that you're doing here Riraito. You're improving really fast, if you don't mind me saying, and really expressive stuff like >>24418 is awesome, hope you keep it up!


Oh, it looks like there was a longer discussion about this, so I'm going to add a little more.

If you think a post is against the rules or irrelevant to your thread, use the little check box beside a post and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to click "report."

It won't get the user in trouble, and it will let mods quietly remove unrelated posts from your thread.

(Try reporting this post once you've read it to see how it works. Hope this helps!)


File: 1554429494308.jpg (1.8 MB, 3508x2480, Cheerleadercamp bags_v04.jpg)

A commission that I made for Vorelover81 of some cheerleaders getting doggy bagged for later consumption by a voracious pitcher slug


i'm sure you'll find this funny


File: 1554711102117.jpg (916.83 KB, 3508x2480, Eve_unbirth01_v2.jpg)

An Unbirthing pic that was commissioned from me

Full story can be found here


File: 1554800397175.jpg (1.05 MB, 3508x2480, Onsen01_v4.jpg)

A commission I made for PharoahAnon, of some monster queens about to take a nice hot private bath together. Little do they know that some of the kitchen staff have been using the baths as temporary holding for some Zombie Clams.
Apophis in the foreground is the first victim.. Already digested, the clam shits out her skull. Pharoah Serget and Otohime, unaware of the commotion, begin to take what will be their last ever dip.

Soon the clam-shells will close around their heads too… and the torturous pain will begin.


File: 1555329686682.jpg (973.53 KB, 3508x2480, Cheerleadercamp showerrunn….jpg)

A Follow up Commission to Terror at Cheer Camp, that I made for Vorelover81 wherein A girl is chased from the showers by the slug. She runs into the forest, and meets some nasty carnivorous plants. Some of her fellow cheerleaders are already settling in to be digested by the plants.

A Plant vomits lubricant all over the struggling girl, in anticipation of its meal… but then the slug catches up.
The plant and the slug struggle over the cheerleader's nubile body, but eventually the slug wins, and the Cheerleader is slurped up, crushed down into its maw and slowly digested alive over the course of a few days.

She screams the entire time.


File: 1555481339754.jpg (1.12 MB, 3508x2480, Mira and the dragon_v2.jpg)

Here - have a cute dragon with a futanari elf resting on her stomach, filled with cultists she's eaten.


File: 1555681276225.jpg (1.17 MB, 3508x2480, Alien_Processing_01_v04.jpg)

A Commission for Vorelover81.

In the future, our brand new alien overlords have a new use for the homeless and poor. Humanity is divided arbitrarily into the have's and have-not's.

These poor girls have been taken from the slums, and are being prepared and having their insides cleansed.

They cry as they crap themselves in their restraints, and are then efficiently bagged and moved to the Feeding Chamber hanger line to await a monstrous fate..


File: 1555681413858.jpg (934.07 KB, 3508x2480, Alien_Processing_02_v05.jpg)

The girls move slowly down the hanger line towards the automated Liquefaction device.

The bags of girl after girl end up under the vat of Alien digestive slime.

It doesn't matter whether they're old, young, pretty, ugly, or even pregnant. All of them die the same way, screaming as they are covered in the viscous green acid goop.

Their bodies are liquefied, and collapse in gelatinous agony as they are turned into a bloody soup filled with bones

At the end of the line in the feeding chamber is an alien overlord, busy sucking the girl goop out of a nutritious bag


File: 1556617383371.jpg (1.04 MB, 3508x2480, Motherand daughterpicnic_v….jpg)

It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a picnic.
So a mother and daughter went out to find a nice picnic site.
There was a nice cool spot by the lake, sequestered among the bushes and trees that many villagers from Genkysou liked because it provided a little privacy.

It seemed like a good idea, getting a little food and sunning themselves on such a lovely day. So they left their home in the early afternoon and made their way to the lakeside, searching for just the perfect spot to set up.

Approaching the site, the Mother spotted some villagers, already setting up their picnic site. It seemed to be another mother and daughter, setting up their own picnic site. They spread out a checkered gourdplant weave blanket on the ground and set out their loaves of Gourdplant bread in a nice reed basket.

The mother motioned to her daughter that they should join the other pair in their feasting.

Their lunch went down a treat, still wriggling and screaming as it entered their bellies.
The mother, noticing some leftover food on her daughters’ mouth, lovingly cleaned it off with her tongue.

They then trotted off to find a nice sunny rock to sleep as they digested their delightfully squirming prey.

After all, a lazy afternoon lunch and nap is just the greatest.

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File: 1559459849692.jpg (1020.48 KB, 2480x3508, Tangleweedx01.jpg)

Marissa had been tasked by her mother with keeping an eye on her younger sister Chrissy for the day. She really didn’t want to do it, she’d rather be hanging with her friends over at the gates to the Breeding houses, ogling the boys through the windows as they ploughed their harems. Her friend Janey had found a nice tree overlooking the east wing where the prettiest boys lived. If you climbed up to the top branches, you could see all the way into their rooms.

Chrissy was as stupid a little bitch as Marissa could ever imagine. It was a wonder the little airhead had managed to survive as long as she had. She was always daydreaming and walking too close to the Venus Mantraps by boiling girl alley. A lithe tongue had almost grabbed her sister just the other day. But for some reason Marissa still loved her little sis.

Marissa decided to take a walk outside the gates with Chrissy - maybe some free time in the open expanses outside the main compound would do them some good. Chrissy would get to run and play under the brilliant blue sky, and Marissa could take a short nap under a nearby tree.

Marissa had heard that vicious predators rarely ever came this close to the wooden fences of Genkysou, so it should be reasonably safe to take a kip in the shade. She let Chrissy go off and play on the nearby grass.

Her fingers wandered down to her clit and began to stroke herself as she imagined getting pounded by a pretty boy. Soon she was a moaning, drooling mess nestled under the boughs of the oak. Once she’d brought herself to a pleasurable climax, she found her eyes fluttering closed, and drifting off to sleep.

Her dreams were pleasant and ethereal.

She awoke with an unladylike snort. It was already midday now, and probably about time that they were getting back to their apartment in the mass female barracks. Their mother had promised them a nice haunch of roasted bitchmeat for their dinner that night, and Marissa was hoping to get the lion’s share of the delicious crackling.

She looked around to gather Chrissy, but the younger girl couldn’t be seen anywhere around. Marissa rubbed her bleary eyes.
“Chrissy? Chrissy? Where are you?”
She looked left and right, everywhere for any sign of her sister.

Thankfully, she caught sight of her sibling. Unfortunately, she’d wandered over towards a thick patch of Tangleweed. Marissa had read about it in class. It was very nasty stuff. Quick as a Hellhound in heat, she raced over to Chrissy and grabbed her arm, trying to yank her away from the parasitic plant.

But it was already too late… the girl had been penetrated all over by the plant’s haustoria. She was crying, begging for the pain to stop.
“Marissa… Help me.. It hurts so much… make it stop.” She squealed as patches of her skin turned a sticky brown colour.

Fearfully, her older sister tried to release her grip on Chrissy’s hand, but found that orange roots had already punctured through her own palm, and bound them together in an unbreakable clasp.

“What’s t doooing tooo meee?” she wailed. Marissa gulped as she tried in futility to escape from the Tangleweed herself. Marissa knew exactly what it was doing to her. They’d taught her in school that Tangleweed was a most virulent breed of parasite. It would burrow its roots into a girl, and slowly absorb the nutrients from her body, leaving behind only a stinky brown pile of shit

Around them, she could see the plant fertiliser that had been other foolish girls, still wrapped in orange tangleweed.

Vines punched through Marissa’s body, leaving bloody rivulets as they went. One even entered the jelly of her eyeball. The entire process was slow, taking hours to wrap her entirely, but there was no freeing herself from its iron grasp.

Chrissy had gone silent by now, her flesh entirely turned into a gross poop. Only her frantic twitching could let you know that the little girl inside was still alive, and being still being digested alive.

Marissa screamed.
“Noooooooooooooo.. No No No No NO.”
But there was nothing she could to to prevent her own skin from being transformed into a thick brown sludge.

The layer of goop travelled along her breasts and up towards her neck. Her breasts sagged as they were converted to Tangleweed shit. Everywhere that the Tangleweed took root in her burned like acid.

Tears rolled down Marissa’s eyes as the Tangleweed continued to consume all the vitamins and minerals from her, sucking them all up into its fleshy pod body.

Marissa never even noticed when Chrissy stopped moving, so concerned with her own plight, she was. Unable to control her bladder anymore, she sprayed urine out into her loincloth as it fell down her legs.

It wouldn’t be long now. White bones slopped out the back of the pile of shit that used to be Chrissy, as Marissa’s skin finally was fully engulfed by the blight. She shuddered as the pain covered every fibre of her being. She could feel the tangleweed digging into her organs, and through her ears into her brain, sucking out her blood and grey matter. What little muscle fibre she had left spasmed automatically. Bits of crap fell from her bones as her brain became a mass of stinky shit inside a skull casing.

Soon Marissa too was no more, just another skeleton covered in crap, holding the brown lumpy hand or a smaller girl shaped turd, fertilizing their murderers.

The towering piles of plant feces stood in the open field, slowly crumbling as they dried in the summer heat, an unpleasant smell attracted small insects that carried their pollen from one Tangleweed to another, propagating the weed aver the entire area.

All in all, It was a pretty shit way to die.

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