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Finally, I managed to get into Exhentai and read mrsound's post entirely.
Unfortunately, I also had some free time to think about it and the more I thought and the less benevolent I felt.
In the beginning, I hoped there would be a quick and kind way to settle this issue down, but it's clear by now that the guy won't take a step back, especially if he thinks that I am just reaping what I've sown.
Sure, it's true that I've decided to share my darkest side with Gurochan people, a so-called public forum, but is also true that I've asked for discretion in exchange from the beginning. May be I've been too naive but for more than three years nobody here had problems to comply with this little agreement, nobody ever treated my stuff like it was theirs and everybody knew that the best back-ups were the ones people host on their own drives. I guess it's my fault if I took this respect for granted, but our adventure ends here if I can't count on it.
I apologize to those who enjoyed this ride and kindly complied with my whims. To the others, I won't tell words they wouldn't listen to and couldn't understand. To the admins, you can take down my threads. Someone made a pretty nice back-up out there, even if I think that the term gallery-rip would be more befitting.


Could we please keep in contact in some way? It'd be a shame to see you go.


I'm a bit lost here. What even happened? And where can I find your previous work/threads?


I can't find the words to describe how depressing this is, please Don't go.

At the very least please leave a means of contact for those of us who do respect your privacy.


That's a terrible shame. I hate to see you leave, but I respect your decision to. You're one of my favorite artists, you've drawn some of the hottest pics I've ever seen. If you ever feel like returning, we'll all welcome you happily.


I'm not sure what happened but I'm assuming someone made a gallery on Exhentai using your art? If that's the case there's special rules for e-hentai galleries that determine whose gallery has priority.

The highest being that the uploader is the artist themselves. If you uploaded your own works into a gallery there and talked to their admins they'd remove the other gallery in favor of yours.


straitjackit. add me on ps4. squallwindshade. use the previous title to let me know it's you.


>>23911 I don't think you're NicknameHere, your IP does not match. Also, that account doesn't exist.

Nick, add me here.


I fear that's not a suitable solution for my case. Whatever I do now, it would expose me more than I've already been, and I don't want it. What I did here is not illegal per-se, at least not in my Country, but sure brings a huge stigma and I've already gathered a lot of unwanted attentions.

It looks like someone has gone fishing, huh? Listen, the fact that I will stop my activities on this forum does not mean that I will also stop checking things…

And indeed they aren't.

Guys, I am grateful for your concern, but I am going to take all the time I need to think about things. If we ever have to meet again, I will allow you to put me through a little test. You will request a brand new drawing which I will realize, then you will know that's me. After all, didn't you say that I have a pretty personal style? Don't believe anybody who just tells that's me.


I will not remove your old thread, it will eventually be bumped off the board. Still though, it's truly a shame to see you go. Stay safe, we'll all miss you.


Well I was not as big fan of your work as other people here who literally worship you, but it is still was interesting and I was always waiting for updates.

Unfortunately the guy who posted it there can't take the gallery down or even change its tags they are all managed by other people. I was facing same problems myself with my galleries that I uploaded. they where even renamed and I was not even able to change tags.

looks like Straitjackit was trying to solve this issue unsuccessfully, so I can give it a try as well. Maybe if I succeed you will reconsider your decision.
But if not, then I will miss you as well.


Aren't there rules on Exhentai that an artist can request a gallery be removed, and then works by that artist are added to a DNP list? I might be wrong.


I think this issue is more complex that that because our artist does not want to expose himself any more than it already happen.


I guess the guys on Exhentai won't listen to anybody else than the author. I am going to contact one of the admins or a moderator. It seems that you all are way more familiar than me with that forum. In your opinion, to whom should I send a message? Thank you in advance and sorry for bothering.


I was trying to contact Binglo but got no response , Tenboro is admin if that site. So you can try to contact him if you want. He seems to be nicer than other mods from my experience.


you ever thought about pixiv?


I've tried to contact Tenboro as suggested, but I guess it won't be of any use. That place works like that and is managed by people who wanted it that way. However, let me tell that a forum where members can't even decide to delete their accounts and leave is not a forum, but a spider web. And let me tell a last thing. Despite I am a fierce anticommunist, I've been drawing stuff for free for longer than 25 years and I've been always agree to show it for free. I don't really understand the meaning of posting it to a SPONSOR-DRIVEN forum. A reliable back-up? Laughable. A local drive can do that better than anything. However, this doesn't lessen my gratitude for your concern. Thanks!

Look… the problem has never been the reliability of the host, but its ability to guarantee freedom and privacy. Having my stuff exposed on Exhentai thrown me in a mostly hostile environment and made me feel unsafe. Now I wouldn't feel good in any place. I need to take some time to see how things turn out and if it is possible to fix them. Thank you for your concern and suggestion.

I did my best to avoid any rant, but I didn't quite succeeded, lol!


Did you just add me on Steam?


I can't believe it, after so long, and when I just found you again, you're about to leave! I'm really sorry for what happened with the exhentai thing, knowing how much you wanted to keep it safe here of course, just hope this isn't the end of our journey with Lucy and Meddy.

Maybe there's no a reliable way to fix it over there so far, and you may need time as well, but that guy mentioning pixiv has a point, there's something called MyPixiv over there, where you can actually hide your questionable submissions from everyone, and decide if some are trustworthy to let them join to your "MyPixiv" circle.
I know this may don't sound as a definitive solution per se, but please think about it, I'd hate to lose such a talented artist like you for good, all because of this mess.

And for your concerns about some people you know finding your stuff, it might won't ever happen, or they don't really care since it's you, and it's not like a questionable gallery could make them distant or anything, and if this happens, means they didn't appreciate you enough to start with so, why would you want them at your side? If you think you may miss some contacts or business because of it, maybe you could find something better somehow, without restrictions doing whatever you always wanted to try, even if it was too extreme for vanilla tastes.
Sorry if these advices sound pretentious, which is not my intention at all,
but just want to let you know you're not alone and we want to lend you a hand too somehow.


When i mentioned backup it is not exactly personal backup to protect against dive crash, but against situation when it will disappear from internet by some reason. like maybe you get a heart stroke or lose interest and never show up again without any explanation and all your artwork will be lost forever. Lots of stuff was lost that way so that most people are trying to recover it in some ways. So you kinda could think about leaving some legacy LOL

I don't think exhentai is so bad for you because it is not public after all, it is relatively well hidden with only some people having access. It is also not exactly sponsor driven because it has no adds and essentially exists as private site for contributors who upload stuff.

It is just strange that they are so unwilling to cooperate with you never expected that to happen.



Not really surprising, exhentai doesn't give a shit about copyright. Makes it nice for people who want free hentai. They are not going to take one gallery down cause the artist asked or they would have to take down 75% of the galleries on their website.

But you're right It's not that well know and it's private and stable. Feels like a decent place to put your art as long as you don't mind the no deleting policy.

Shame to loose a good artist making some real interesting stuff because of all that though


What i meant is that they take down stuff if artists ask for it and even do not allow any further uploads.

while japanese artists seem to be just unable to talk in english LOL


strait, it's lion, not wind, sorry. also tried to add you on discord and name doesnt exist.


Sleepy Scalie#9792

If you're trying to add me.



I like making places where people can share. Everyone needs to set their coffee down on a table and feel completely welcome somewhere.

If you still want to share your work, or just be around people into guro, find me on discord at reg #6449

I run and am on a number of guro art servers. You can share your works there if you want to, and the people are good. They'll wont repost if you ask them not to.

More imporatntly, these are good places to chill, find artists, enjoy pictures of peoples cats, and generally enjoy yourself. It's also the fastest way to make suggestions for gurochan.

Hope to hear from you soon


File: 1560205471644.jpg (64.48 KB, 894x800, Booored.jpg)

Hello everyone!
I've took the time to drop a couple of answers, just not to be rude to those who probably don't deserve it. The picture on top-left is to show that it's actually me. So, how are you guys?

>>24197 (Straitjackit)
Well, you should know the answer by now, lol! Sorry if I didn't show up for months after that contact, but I had to swallow an extra portion of real life issues. The coming months are holiday time. I hope I can breathe a little.

>>24200 (Gurofan)
Don't worry, you haven't sounded pretentious at all, but this is not something that can be fixed by just choosing a better media. While most of my so-called audience simply turned their backs on me, a bunch of them took the trouble to spit their resentment in my own social media. Now, it's not like I fear to miss profit opportunities. If my love for drawing depended on money, I would have quit aeons ago. And having fans may be fun, but I am basically autarchic about drawings. The fact is that I don't want people I care of to be involved in this. And not because I fear to be treated like an outcast, but because I don't want them to suffer or to worry. That's why I don't know if I'll ever be sure of my surroundings enough to show my "dark side" again. Have I been careless? Sure I was!
Anyway, my Japanese mentor already told me that he doesn't care about this mishap and that he still wants my collaboration. In the next months I will keep drawing my usual stuff and that should allow me to see how far the damage has spread.

>>24284 (Onix)
My dear pal, my experience tells otherwise. You are surely a stinging guy and your opinions are highly debatable, but you can show a remarkable respect when it comes to a fellow artist. Unfortunately, not all people are like you.

>>25753 (Reg)
Sorry but "they won't repost if you ask them not to" makes a nice pair with "they take down stuff if artists ask for it". I'm not doubting your reliability or your honesty, but I've seen how things can slip from your hands when you least expect them. Thank you for your concern, but the solution I want is yet to come.


he he, after leaving us you decided to reveal the secret of Lucy.

But at least now I understand why you got so upset about that leak.

Anyway, nice to see that you did not committed harakiri and even give us hope to see you again LOL.
I am almost sure that everything will be fine for you.


Original person who informed you of the leak here, I really appreciate that you came back to answer us. Really sorry that it happened the way it did, and I hope things turn out for the best. I'd like to use up that request token you gave me to wish you a good day.


You seem stronger than all this, Im sure everything will be alright in no time
Mind to share a colored version of that pic? It's perfect for my Lucy folder, an evil/mischievous look would be also perfect if possible


In what way would your loved ones suffer? Are they aware of your online personas? I don't mean to pry but I am curious what kind of situation you are in that this event put you in such a position.


Im completely at a loss here. What is this all about? Who even is this artist? I recognize the style from maybe one or two other drawings but that's it. I read thro the posts and it seems like it was somone huge on gurochan? ?_?


He's an excellent artist that did futa, loli, shota, and femdom guro content. Someone reposted his art without his permission and put him in an uncomfortable situation in real life. View this thread


Exhentai is possibly going to go down.

I don't know if it's going to be permanent, and if it is permanent, I don't know if someone will reupload everything to a new site or not. But, I wanted to share in case this development may be of interest to you.


yep, exhentai is down because of some changes to netherlands laws. unfortunately though i don't think it will change Nicknamehere's mind


Nick please come back, now exhentai is dead, that gallery is gone for good.


Heres hoping someone saved a backup


That's just insulting to say in this thread, honestly.

If you want a "backup" you can just save his pictures from previous threads, they're still up. Just don't go sharing them.


Update: Exhentai is back up.


File: 1566169355529.jpg (66.15 KB, 766x800, The fuck you want.jpg)

Me?! Harakiri?! If I had a katana, I think I would find a better use for it like… slicing the roast beef!

Thanks likewise, pal!

Sorry, I don't feel like it. However, I won't complain if you try repainting that picture yourself. There are free tools like GIMP which fit the purpose well. Microshit Paint is quite inappropriate, instead.

Oh, come on! Is there really any need to explain?

Huge?! I don't think so. I just happened to share a fetish with some other people.

Thank you for all the undeserved compliments, lol!

More than insulted, I feel saddened because it seems that people hardly learn something.

See? People should never act on a rush and stay calm and collected.

Last but not least, once and for all, all the guro drawings I ever made available are here on Gurochan, among this thread, >>23558 and >>5074.
Have a nice day!


>Oh, come on! Is there really any need to explain?

Actually considering that I wonder if this is the obvious reason or that another reason. ;)

It is unpleasant, but you took it way too serious. If someone will find out your secret you can be sure that person most likely is your fan anyway ;)


>Actually considering that I wonder if this is the obvious reason or that another reason. ;)
Right… people in this board are so sick that it's better to left nothing to their imagination. Lol,look who's talking!!
I'll try to keep the story short. Easy to guess, I'm talking about my closest and most beloved relatives. I know for sure that I am not prosecutable for what I've posted here, still drawing guro brings a huge stigma with it and I want to spare my beloved ones the guilt feeling of having generated or being related to a monster. Of course I am not a monster, but I am not going to check whether or not they can understand. They know to a certain extent that I draw porn, but things was within limits that allowed everyone to just don't mind about. My careless trip in the land of guro changed things. May be you're right about me taking this too seriously and I know the chances of them finding out are few, but they're not zero and I've seen a lot of what thermodynamics can do.
Now it's my turn. Sorry, but my brain is slowing down today. Whatthe fuck were you talking about, lol?!


hope you're alright


I supposed you do not want me to mention that another reason, and probably you do not want tio argue about such thing either but if you really ask it:

The stuff you draw does not make you a monster. You are not the type of artist who draws innocent girls being raped or murdered and gets of on their suffering ad tears. If anyone of your relatives will see your pictures the first thought will be "A girl with the dick bigger than herself stuffing ugly boys into her dick? What the fuck is going on there? Nothing makes any sense at all. The artist must have some screws loose in his head."
Your drawings are no more violent than "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.

However, considering your obsession with Lucy and the way you draw her, is quite obvious that Lucy is actually you yourself and I suppose it would be very awkward if any of your relatives found what is in your mind. Although I highly doubt they will be that smart to notice :)


File: 1572799902095.png (26.67 KB, 800x800, Signature 1.png)

Fine enough, thanks. I too hope you're all doing well.

Interesting reading, but you still prefere thinking about things in the way they look the most fun, not in the way they could actually be, my friend…

>Your drawings are no more violent than "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.

Sure! I can really imagine Lucy adventures broadcasted at lunch time, lol!


You look like a little girl(or maybe like a big girl) throwing tantrum LOL

But no, it is exactly how things are.
Considering my own experience I sort of got exposed as well several times, but nobody even displayed a hint that they found out :)

You have no clue if those people already know everything about you too. And very likely they already do.

>Sure! I can really imagine Lucy adventures broadcasted at lunch time, lol!

If someone offered you a job to do that kind of show would you agree? ;)


I want to have a word with you. I used to think like you did. But everything changed when I found out my friend is also into this stuff. Then suddenly I don't feel like monster anymore, he has a job, I have a job. Everyone are happy, I don't feel awkward anymore, because I know that if people find out, it is most likely because we are into the same stuff, other that don't want to see it won't get to it.

Drawing violent things doesn't make you a violent person, I think it is other way around, you see what can happen and how scary things can be than people that are not constantly exposed to it. More empathy toward others.
I also doesn't separated my guro work from vanilla work on my Pixiv account, people can actually know who I am, if they try. I don't feel like I have to hide, maybe because of the nature of my work in creative industry, if it is art, even erotic art or ero guro, still I make work of arts, I am not terrorist.

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