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File: 1534762201958.png (439.37 KB, 3529x3581, Zelda, ready for dinner! (….png)

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I will also adjust my pictures here!
You can also find me here:
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Very nice! But I am a male Wolf!


File: 1551832970297.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1500, Red Riding Hood2 3D.jpg)

If you insist on participating in that story as male wolf, here. (Maybe you want to see some other scene as well?)

By the way, how long it takes for you to draw a picture?



4 to 5 hours divided into two days.


File: 1551979288896.png (2.64 MB, 5225x3569, Mangle Dinner!.png)

Mangle Nekomini was a little catgirl, who wanted to be fried!


File: 1552411288699.png (1.21 MB, 3125x4573, Gardevoir.png)


Looks like a certain chao got a hold of ye :P


File: 1552497504522.png (469.4 KB, 5201x3545, Angewomon, Ladydevimon tit….png)

A digimon sketch that I will finish.


Heh, looks like deviwoman's got a little edge in size. There's some room for a bit of butt there to off to the sides if you felt adventurous :)


File: 1552576339001.png (1.65 MB, 5201x3545, Angewomon, Ladydevimon tit….png)

>>24609 Finished
>>24625 Now with ass! :P


File: 1552866907410.png (4.37 MB, 3537x5189, Hotaru's Greatest Gift.png)

Hotaru's Greatest Gift!
A picture to Thevisitorblack story!


File: 1553122387640.png (426.79 KB, 3537x5189, Pizza time!.png)

April brings the Turtles a special pizza to eating!


Heh, must have flashed most of the street bringing those in in that box : ). Reminds me of some gaz from invader zim ideas I had chatted with tvb on but we never did.


File: 1553211537949.png (1.67 MB, 3537x5189, Pizza time!.png)

>>24770 Finished
>>24774 That fits, just press firmly!


definitely looks better with color to help show how far she went, though does make for some interesting "how they'd actually eat that" ideas. Deep dish pie slices comes to mind :P.


The Turtles have enough knives, swords and other weapons to cut it into bite sized pieces!
360° Pizza Szene


File: 1553433073083.png (351.18 KB, 3537x3801, Zero Two´s Breakfast!.png)

Zero Two´s Breakfast!
Everything tastes better with honey!:3


File: 1553453816070.png (646.51 KB, 3537x3801, Zero Two´s Breakfast!.png)

>>24801 Finished


Awesome job!
Pizza and a nice dessert girl. Sounds like a good after noon. :D


Cute idea: Link getting his uncut cock and balls chopped off by a Moblin or Bokoblin from BOTW, with him screaming in an almost denial look, that this couldn't possibly be happening to his precious boyhood :)


File: 1553981052939.png (1.02 MB, 3217x4333, The ice cream Queen!.png)

As summer comes, Elsa tries something new to refresh Anna and Kristoff!

That's not my case.
As Jim already said, take a look at Canime!


File: 1554223737755.png (377.43 KB, 5181x3533, Samus Rosting.png)


File: 1554303388798.png (2.56 MB, 4717x3537, Samus Rosting.png)

After Samus was landing on an unknown planets, she was invited to eat by the locals spitzies.
Unfortunately there were some problems with the translation!


Interesting, I love the idea but got to be honest, I am not the best artist.
Question would you want it already being roasted or raw?


File: 1554712781781.png (3.05 MB, 5193x3545, Darjeeling in the oven!.png)

Darjeeling in the oven!


File: 1554802121779.png (3.07 MB, 5193x3545, Darjeeling in the oven! - ….png)

On demand, now without text!


File: 1555107357103.png (286.25 KB, 4181x3537, Mito Meat!.png)

Mito Meat!
Mito Ikumi cooks her breasts!


File: 1555155136774.png (976.38 KB, 4181x3537, Mito Meat!.png)


File: 1555525439361.png (424.56 KB, 3533x5185, Happy Easter.png)

Happy Easter


File: 1555606332279.png (1.07 MB, 3533x5185, Happy Easter.png)

Happy Easter to all!


File: 1555938261750.png (300.18 KB, 4277x3537, High Elf Spit(goblin slaye….png)

High Elf Spit(goblin slayer!)


File: 1555957716249.png (626.83 KB, 4277x3537, High Elf Spit(goblin slaye….png)

High-Elf-Spit(goblin slayer!)


File: 1556043367316.png (346.82 KB, 4545x3537, Roasting Priestess (goblin….png)

Roasting Priestess (goblin slayer!)


Nice, I love the Goblin Slayer art you are drawing! Any chance Sword Maiden or Witch were captured too?


Let's see, the anime is just coming out in my country and I'm only in the fourth episode.


I'd advise the manga first over the anime honestly, the art styles really good, and the comparison between certain things is really no contest (especially high elf archer). Been collecting both that and overlord myself, though yet to hit sword maiden in the manga's, I got to see a little of the witch and used her for practice.

Won't clog your thread with images, but i recommend looking up some of the manga art of high elf archer at least, girls got a backside : ). Was half tempted to draw her with shalltear clanking their anvils together but then my art pen broke and only got it back last night :P.


File: 1556112882587.png (1001.47 KB, 4545x2473, Roasting Priestess (goblin….png)

Roasting-Priestess (goblin slayer!)

Yes, I read the mang in English.
There are always differences between manga and anime!


File: 1556305655319.png (1.48 MB, 4429x2841, Sword-Maiden-Pig (goblin s….png)

Sword-Maiden-Pig (goblin slayer!)


File: 1556729671921.png (1.65 MB, 3533x3717, Witch Soup (goblin_slayer!….png)

Witch Soup (goblin_slayer!)


Hello Boeser, do you take requests?


I like to accept suggestions!



If suggestions are allowed, why not reliving the classic Breath of fire 2 scene at the Wildcat Restaurant ? Katt is quite the tasty gal after all ^^


File: 1556861084621.png (2.06 MB, 1600x1200, Edelgard Booty.png)

Thank you! How about Eldegard from the new fire emblem taking a cooking class… as the main course?
It can be solo or include other gals fro, three houses as the ones actually learning how to cook.


File: 1556863712948.png (192.58 KB, 548x674, Exorcist princess.png)

Mind if I suggest exorcist princess from towergirls having run afoul with a failed demon hunt?


Thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look!


File: 1557076665137.png (1.25 MB, 3537x4465, Asuka's cooking-day.png)

Asuka should bring meat for barbecue!
Since she had forgotten that, she must serve herself as meat!


File: 1557575518077.png (1.53 MB, 4209x3197, Katt Dinner!.png)

Katt Dinner!



Yummy ! Glad my suggestion was considered and especially drawn so deliciously <3


Like the way her butt turned out in that, its got some nice weight to it.


File: 1558028620809.png (1.28 MB, 4365x3533, Candied-Breast.png)

Makoto and Usagi have found at a folk festival, a shop where you can buy candied breasts.
Unfortunately, the two did not have enough money to buy two.
But the shopkeeper made the offer that she they can canditate their own breasts at half price.


File: 1558304076448.png (1.25 MB, 3529x4297, Kay's Breast-Burger.png)

Kay's Breast-Burger

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