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File: 1534762201958.png (439.37 KB, 3529x3581, Zelda, ready for dinner! (….png)

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I will also adjust my pictures here!
You can also find me here:
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File: 1563035997286.png (5.01 MB, 5193x3533, Diana Cooking.png)

Diana Cooking


File: 1563715810705.png (3.1 MB, 3537x3809, In the Oven.png)

A picture from the ego-perspective!


File: 1564236011211.png (1.37 MB, 3537x4301, Maho's breast steak with b….png)

Maho's breast steak´s with butter and french fries!


File: 1565445216333.png (1.77 MB, 5189x3537, Haruka's Forest Bbq!.png)

May's Forest Bbq!


May I suggest once more a character ? I'm currently (finally) playing Bayonetta 2 and I do think this meaty witch could make a great main dish. I'd like to know what you think of her =P


Hmm, that's a hairy affair! :D


Unless we have hair in the soup, should be alright =P At worst we can make cotton candy of it !


File: 1566049032412.png (2.1 MB, 5193x3537, Usagi Spitroast..png)

Usagi Spitroast.
Usagi visited a new restaurant with her parents.
The shopkeeper asks her parents if he could fry them and that would make the food costless.


Love it, a real meaty dish :D
(Makes me want to play skyrim again with the meat replacers xD)


File: 1566417847315.png (397.66 KB, 5193x3529, are.213.png)

A sequel to my Usagi Spitroast image!
I just do not know which Chibi-usa head to take?


I like 2.


Then I am going to be annoying and say number 1. So now its a tie…

But follow your heart it knows what choice is right… xD


Not really sure the differences too much, i'd say the wider mouth if your gonna have a speach bubble, though maybe widen the mount open, otherwise the closed probably works, less yah had a tooth pick or something between her teeth. The open mouth more seems like shes doing an action with her mouth.


The first face should look like a bad smile. But I better take the second.


File: 1566491296496.png (1.47 MB, 5193x3537, Usagi Spitroast 2.png)

After Usagi has finished roasting, all the guests are allowed to eat their meat.
Her family is allowed first and Chibiusa grabs the filet to anger Shingo, who was looking forward to it!


File: 1567351621633.png (1.15 MB, 3537x4305, Shizuka´s Curry Rice Breas….png)

Shizuka´s Curry Rice Breast´s!



File: 1567767366007.png (199.03 KB, 5193x3537, are.217.png)

An idea for a picture of an elf or fairy who gets a filling in the pan!


Not so sure about barfing food :P but like how the rice has the breasts sinking into em on the other one, tho not familiar with most of the characters recently for some of the boob roasts liked your burgers, the grill, and breast balls ones the most out of the last couple. Liked the actively cooking bit on the grill happily using herself.


File: 1567853346680.png (1.58 MB, 4393x3121, Cooked Fairy (With-Wings).png)

Cooked Fairy (With-Wings)

These are all commanders of Girls und Panzer´s


File: 1567853382378.png (854.41 KB, 4393x3121, Cooked Fairy (No-Wings).png)

Cooked Fairy (No-Wings)


File: 1568735085127.png (419.63 KB, 3541x5197, Ami's Last A 1.png)

I'm trying to make a comic / manga from the new story of TheVisitorBlack!


File: 1568735108197.png (750.09 KB, 3537x5189, Ami's Last A 2.png)


File: 1568735127083.png (413.98 KB, 3545x5201, Ami's Last A 3.png)


File: 1568735148197.png (486.23 KB, 3537x5189, Ami's Last A 4.png)


File: 1568735174753.png (825.53 KB, 3537x5193, Ami's Last A 5.png)


File: 1568735197004.png (387.75 KB, 3533x5189, Ami's Last A 6.png)


File: 1568735229794.png (436.21 KB, 3541x5189, Ami's Last A 7.png)


File: 1568816335741.png (438.96 KB, 3541x5197, Ami's Last A 8.png)


Awesome work!


Wow! That's a big project. Very nice.
(And ended in the most important moment as usual LOL)


File: 1568873347436.png (304.5 KB, 3537x5193, Ami's Last A 9.png)

Thanks, it's not finished yet!


File: 1568910742409.png (330.46 KB, 3537x5185, Ami's Last A 10.png)


File: 1568910761359.png (271.99 KB, 3533x5197, Ami's Last A 11.png)


File: 1568910777166.png (866.97 KB, 3537x5189, Ami's Last A 12.png)


So that was the end of Ami ;)

I liked this picture most of all ;)


Just want to say, I love your and TheVisitorBlack's series about Ami being butchered. Just want to express my admiration.


You saw the whole comic? Or just the two pictures that Boeser posted here?

Either way, Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!



He's since posted the rest here, but I also saw them and read your story on eka's


File: 1569449933124.png (470.1 KB, 2957x3537, Raven breast sale.png)

Also wanted to try if I can draw Raven.


Heh some nice boob physics going on XD. Its always fun to use her big grey bust for things.


File: 1570126570210.png (1.62 MB, 3541x5193, Zelda's fried breasts!.png)

Zelda and Link are on adventure together!
After a long time, when they finally arrived at a tavern, they noticed that they did not have enough money for food.
Zelda whispers something in the ear of the innkeeper and disappears into the kitchen.


File: 1570369919079.png (1.13 MB, 5185x3529, Mimi & Sora Bbq..png)

Mimi & Sora Bbq.


Pretty tasting looking.



They look so good! I love the little detail of the apple falling out of Sora's mouth.


File: 1570815914456.png (1.48 MB, 3533x5181, Girls und Panzer! Die Diät….png)

I found a manga and expanded it with a new image.
I tried to keep the character style!


haha, that was funny :) Nice idea but now I wonder what was in the original story. Or it was just 4 panel ?

The problem with your extra picture is that it is looks way too good in comparison to the rest LOL


It was only 4. That's why I expanded it.


Way to fitting a theme. Go figure XD.


File: 1571095218714.png (735.37 KB, 3537x5197, Elf Milk.png)

Elf Milk!

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