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I don't really know how to post on here but I make lots of art so I figured I might as well eventually post. Just bear with me.


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I'm not really into furry stuff but you do a great job on the entrails.


Are you willing to take requests?!


This stuff is amazing, send us more!


I like your sexy spirit of visceral beauty and suffering. More!


You do commissions?


Love consensual guro, I'd gladly pay for some of your work or trade commissions if you'd like a story. Posted some of my stuff on /lit/, you can find more on inkbunny.


This is awesome!!! Do you have an account on Furaffinity or Inkbunny? If not, you should make one and upload this!!! (And if, please link so I can fav all of this!)

There's already a small number of artists who draw similar things, but this has an inspiring quality. Especially the Taur is so hot. Would be neat to have one or two followup images where she tries to stand up and then it all falls out.


This is fantastic stuff!! I agree with blackraven, need more of the tour, would loved see her stand and her guts all fall out!
Keeping up!


File: 1533443367960.jpg (131.21 KB, 1054x1975, delete.jpg)

Ahhh thanks guys! Wasn't expecting such a positive response! As for commissions possibly, but I can only really draw this stuff when my Bf isn't around, would like to preserve my perceived sanity lol. So I couldn't guarantee they would be done in a timely manner. I might be able yo do a few in a few weeks or so.


File: 1533446834854.jpg (154.36 KB, 1160x1479, delete.jpg)

Not quite as gory as the rest but follow up of the skinned eevee.


File: 1533449592903.jpg (84.94 KB, 968x984, delete.jpg)

Just going to draw everything out of order I guess.


File: 1533451777267.jpg (137.78 KB, 1523x852, delete.jpg)




Have you ever done stuff with humans?


File: 1533541699361.jpg (112.16 KB, 1014x1301, delete.jpg)

For the person who wanted more of the tuar


Love it! Taur gore is super rare, and this is a great addition!


WoW this is fantastic!
Im not sure if you check /furry but i asked there if you are willing to draw an umbreon girl being skinned and her skin having its pussy stretched or fucked? It dont have to be umbreon it can be Twilight sparkle or Dash as i see you like mlp or honestly any character! I would just love to see a skinn with all naughty bits attached being molested or fucked. I know strange :P <3


if you're still taking/doing requests then...

would you be okay with doing decapitations? because I wanted to request that you draw some seppuku that ends in a decapitation or something.

Well, I wanted to request that you draw like, a cocker spaniel girl getting gutted, but having them get decapitated as well would be neat too.


well not necessarily a cocker spaniel, a KC spaniel or a springer spaniel will do as well, I just like their ears


That centaur pic is amazing, I have more ideas for snuffing centaurs, just need someone who can draw them!


Holy evisceration! That is awesome. Please, please, open a gallery on FA (, so I can FAV this and put you on my +watch list.


>>22905 A splendid effort!

Poor girl, she's made quite a mess. Fortunately, I know some hungry scavengers who will be more than happy to help clean it up for her.

>>22877 If your BF is open minded, honest and trusting he will understand an extreme kink without having to share it. My GF understands mine; I knew I would not be able to keep it a secret from her and I made my ability to distinguish fantasy from reality very clear, so she's cool with it.


I concur; Gurochan has an unpleasant habit of suddenly becoming unreachable for weeks a a time and it would be nice to be able to find your page on a gallery site somewhere else, just in case it happens again (and it seems entirely likely to happen again.)


File: 1533928529583.jpg (272.2 KB, 1609x1738, delete.jpg)

I'm on a Pokemon kick I guess.

And I not really up for requests at the moment. And no I don't post anywhere else. I just prefer to post here.


File: 1533931160326.jpg (245.31 KB, 1626x1489, delete.jpg)


Would love to see a Gatomon wearing goggles/flippers/air tank underwater with air regulator out of mouth, ran out of air and drowning.


Guts, if you'd like to have an artists channel on a small but friendly discord server I help moderate, shoot me an email, we'd love to have more artists like you!


File: 1544715260479.gif (148.99 KB, 500x615, Untitled-1.gif)

Choppy attempt at animation. No pun intended.


This animation is extremely good. If you're up to do a request at all, I do have a pretty good idea.

Hows about a futa anthro pony with an uncut package having it ripped off? Animated or not, but animated would be truly amazing.

Side note, I'm amazed people are still into MLP.


mlp was always destined for snuff and guro. Nowhere else for it to go.


bump for this.


I still admire your efforts and would enjoy seeing more some day.


bump for this.


File: 1564624313601.png (723.73 KB, 2000x2000, vMlpJCm.png)

Commission for someone who requested their manokit tied up and eviscerated.


A very nice guro with tasty guts you have here;3 Need more! Do you still have no galleries somewhere?



No not yet. I actually made a Tumblr finally but it was RIGHT before the purge lmao. So it got nuked. I was considering FA and inkbunny. But I wasn't sure what rules the sites had or how much backlash this kind of art would have. What would you reccomend?

(But I'm a huge fan of your stuff, found you through derpibooru. Same with Preykill. Both big inspirations lmao!)


FA and IB both allow gore and i have gore galleries on both without any problems. The only difference is: FA allows humans but not cubs and IB allows cubs but not humans. Also IB is much more comfortable to use so me personally more prefer IB.

(And yay thank you^^ I very love your arts too! Also if you like - you could add me in discord(SlowDerpyGuy#6551) or in telegram(@SlowDerpy), i have something to share and would love to talk^^)


Alright I've chosen Inkbunny! Thanks for the recommendation! Username is "Labolas" now lol. And ehh discord is a Maybe, it's under my main usernames and id rather keep them seperate.


Not usually my preference, but this is beautiful stuff

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