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Donna Diego, known more as Scream, was dead. The knife was pierced directly to her breast, she felt the real agony. The sonic knife killed not only her but her symbiont. When she fell on the cold concrete floor, the dead symbiote left her, and she lay naked. The symbiont grew under it like a puddle, it was cold. She put her hand on the place where she was injured, on her breast near the nipple. But after that she stopped feeling her hand, and after a moment she stopped feeling body at all. She refused to admit this, she did not want to die. "It can not be! It can not be real!" - these were her last thoughts. Her heart stopped and her eyes froze forever. Her naked body lay for about 8 hours, until people from the government came. They took away all that remained of the symbiont, and the cold body of Donna on which the postmortem lividity had already appeared were put in a bodybag and was taken to a morgue in a government laboratory. There she had an autopsy.

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