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Hello “friends”, I'm pretty new at this whole "art" thing but wanted to have a place to share some stuff I'm working on. Mostly drawings, might try my hand at some 3d stuff at some point. Advice and criticism is very welcome, I'm trying to improve and don't tend to take things personally. Hopefully my stuff will get better with every new attempt.

Themes will largely involve extreme trauma, torture, and disembowelment with heavy non-con themes, but I'm open to doing other things too. Feel free to make suggestions if there's something you'd like to see. I'll do it if I can and if it interests me.

I will likely throw in a short several paragraph story to go with each pic. The rate at which I can produce drawings is slow but might get faster with time. Expect several weeks between updates.

Enough disclaimer, lets get to the senseless violence!


File: 1528760691977.png (201.65 KB, 1200x2242, Morgan.png)

Morgan was alone in the abandoned parking garage doing her normal late night run. She loved this location because there was never anyone else around. A perfect place to get some alone time and some steps in simultaneously.

She probably could have been a bit smarter about her choice of locations though. She heard the car coming and started to make her way to the stairwell, but got caught in the headlights suddenly. High beams. They were nearly blinding, preventing her from seeing who was exiting the vehicle. Realizing she might be in trouble, she started to panic, but before she could begin to run he was on her.

She felt the knife before she saw it. A sudden agony radiating from her stomach. Morgan found herself pushed up against the corner of the wall, his hand on her throat and the other working her abdomen over with the cruel instrument. Pain unlike anything she had experienced before followed the path of the blade right up the center of her belly.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK!” she shrieked, struggling and watching in terror as he unzipped her in a few quick but precise sawing motions. As soon as she was fully opened, he released her, sat on the hood of his car, and watched her scream and cry, eyes filled with tears and still blinded by the light, desperately trying to gather the messy coils of her gut back into her. He lit a cigarette and leaned back to enjoy the sight.

30 minutes passed of her frantically scrambling with her entrails like an idiot before he finally decided to put her out of her misery. Focused entirely on her horrible wound, she never even saw what her killer looked like, but even in her distracted state she was unable to ignore the feeling of the knife sliding gently through her throat. She died laying on the concrete several minutes later, one hand clutching her entrails, her other grasping at her neck as it bled out. Poor thing.


Are you willing to do loli?


Eh, I'm on the fence. What kind of age range are you thinking, and what sort of scenario?


Well, I had a couple of different ideas. Mostly between 8-16 as far as the character. And being mutilated below the belt for some reason or other. First idea would be a father forced to shoot either his wife or young daughter in the pussy, and fuck the other.


I have a couple other pieces to finish up and then I can give that a try, though I'll probably lean toward the upper end of that age range just due to personal preference. I prefer young but mature girls, hopefully that's ok, I'll try my best to find a middle ground.


Would you mind doing anything of Sunako Nakahara gutted like Morgan?


Yeah, that sounds great! Might take me a bit of time to get to it, but if there are any details you would like to see in it (clothing/scenarios/pose/etc) let me know.


If possible, I'd like the ones for my idea to be blonde, maybe the mother is a little chubby and both are naked and bent over


File: 1529028213433.png (243.93 KB, 1136x2584, Olivia.png)

Olivia Part 1 ---

Olivia had no idea where she was. Last thing she remembered was passing out having some drinks with friends. She awoke to find herself strung up by her wrists in some dark basement. When someone finally came to her, she recognized the dirty blonde hair and boyish features as being Rick, someone her friend Lisa had brought along that night.

“Rick.. Rick? What the fuck is going on?” Olivia asked, having trouble masking the rising panic in her voice.

Rick simply smirked at her, and then disappeared into the basement’s storage closet.

“Rick… please, whatever it is you are doing, just stop. Please let me go.”

No reply. Olivia basically assumed she was going to be raped at this point. When he emerged with knife in his hand, she became more frightened. “Rick… no. No. Whatever you are doing, you don’t have to do this!”

He approached, waving the knife around and chuckling at her. She had to remain strong. She would find a way to talk him down from whatever he was thinking.

“Rick.. what are you going to do with that?” she asked, almost not wanting to know. She noticed she was starting to tremble. He looked her straight in the eyes and without saying a word, moved the knife near her stomach and drew a line in the air down the center, winking and making a clicking noise when he reached her shorts.

It took her a moment to register. Then suddenly her eyes grew wide.

“Oh. Oh no. Oh Rick no you don’t have to do this! We can have sex or whatever it is you want!” she said, her voice growing more intense and tears starting to swell in her eyes. When she was in the Marines, she had seen how horrible abdominal injuries could be. Not this. Anything but this.

Rick simply shrugged and then put his arm around her back, bringing the knife closer until it pricked her sternum, sending a single tiny drop of blood running down her abdomen.

He held it there for what seemed like an eternity, and then suddenly the fear and anticipation became too much. She began to weep and beg. “Please Rick, please don’t, I’ll do anything! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” she started to shriek.

He finally replied. “There’s only one thing I want with you.” as he pressed the blade in a few millimeters more. Another drop of blood dripped out. She let out a pathetic moan. She was so frightened.

Olivia knew at this point she was going to suffer and die here and there was nothing she could do. But she was a soldier. She could be brave. She had to be brave. She steeled herself despite her tears and her shaking, determined not to give him the satisfaction of hearing her screaming in agony. That would be her last stand, her last shred of dignity.

"Please... just make it quick." she managed to eek out.


Fuck. She was screaming in her head in terrible anticipation and clenched her eyes shut. She didn't want to watch.

"Just do it then you fucking asshole! JUST GET IT OVER WITH!" she shouted, her voice shaking in terror.

He held the knife in place for another long moment, relishing her panic and anticipation, and then finally began his terrible work.


Alright, lets see the stuffing!


Will probably be a week or two but don't worry, you will ;)


File: 1529179395102.png (233.68 KB, 1109x1520, Sunako.png)

Something like this what you had in mind?



Holy shit, thank you! <33333


Damn your writing is amazing!


Thanks! I have a story I'm working on in /lit but I haven't added to it in a while as I've been busy with work and drawing in my free time.


File: 1531958648658.png (499.11 KB, 1500x1500, Luna_blended.png)

Part one of a request. No gore in this one, but part two will feature a self debreasting. While I usually prefer non-con, this one is entirely consensual.


Looks great!


I think it would be a place for her to gut herself and pull out her intestines then de-breast herself.

Keep up the good work...


File: 1532121467484.png (1.96 MB, 1500x3305, Bailey'sBowels.png)

Bailey, shuddered. Her breathing heavy and loud, her chest was rising and falling at an accelerated rate. She watched the blade is it began to press into the soft spot just below her sternum.

“No, WAIT!” she shrieked as knife went in. Her flesh sizzled; she had watched in horror as he had slowly heated the blade with a blowtorch until it was glowing hot. Her eyes rolled back and she began to scream louder than she had ever known she could as a terrible pain ripped through her.

Her breathing picked up even faster, her eyes wide and her mouth wrenched in a perpetual scream as she watched the red-orange blade glide down the front of her abdomen in one quick but steady slice. The blade cauterized the wound as it went, keeping bleeding to a minimal, but she nearly vomited when she saw the sides of her abdomen part and fat pink tubing blossom out.

“OH NO, OH NO! OH GOD PUT THEM BACK!” Bailey screamed as her gut popped out under it’s own weight. “OH SHIT OH SHIT”. She could taste the tears which streamed down her face.

Her dismay only intensified as she helplessly watched him reach under the lump of spilled bowel and grab them. Bailey wretched as she felt a gentle but unthinkable tug coming from deep within her abdomen, and her wet eyes fluttered as she saw even more of her intestines being slowly pulled out of the horrible vertical slit down her belly. She felt something wet and warm trickle down her thigh and realized she had just wet herself.

Emotionally defeated, she just began to sob uncontrollably as he slowly masturbated, his cock pointed right at her gut. After several seemingly unending minutes, she clinched her eyes shut and moaned in total loss as he blew his load all over her wiggling innards.

As she cried, she wondered if she would die now: disemboweled, alone, made a sex toy for some psychopath. In her heart, she knew the answer.


That is just awesome, great short story with a very good drawing, well done.


Nice, can't wait to see the debreasting!


how about inflation bursting?


I will give an inflation scenario a shot, might be a while before I get to it but I'll eventually try it!


File: 1533000024799.jpg (4.47 MB, 4510x3551, lisa_-_raptor_bait (1).jpg)

Commission done by Mortal Shinobi. Excellent and quick work, highly recommend. If you want to commission something from him, you can reach him at


I just can't wait for part two of that request


Are you interested in hanging?


File: 1533174261758.png (3.97 MB, 2984x1605, Experiments.png)

Another one without gore, so please forgive me, though she is dead. I may revisit this one in the future and do an alternate version where either her throat or stomach is slit, but I am trying a new style and I wasn't sure yet how to approach the blood (or her face for that matter, which is why it's cropped the way it is. I may expand it to include her face too eventually).


Can you draw takao from aoki hagane no arpeggio being slowly hoisted up by the neck while she kicks desperate


Also can you add her to that last request btw?


File: 1533201575321.jpeg (434.29 KB, 1591x2160, F8828430-384E-4D00-8FB7-4….jpeg)

Can you disembowel this Succubus? Her name’s Druella and she’s from the monster girl encyclopedia.


I do a hanging involving at least one of them. If you had to pick which would you prefer? Keep in mind it might be a while until I get to it.


Oh that sounds like an interesting challenge, never done anything like that style of armor before. Might be a while before I get to it but I'll add it to the list.


In that case the second girl, hands free please, and don't worry take your time


Would you be willing to do a hanging with the adult version of Nanoha Takamachi as well? Or anything with her in general?


Just checked out some examples, I can likely work her into something.


File: 1533574731151.jpg (1.7 MB, 2142x3228, gut.jpg)

A commission from Underrock. Excellent work, if you want to commission something from him you can find more on his Hentai Foundry profile: ttps://


File: 1533768651600.png (1.48 MB, 3866x4021, jill_guts_spill_surprise.png)

Another commission from Mortal Shinobi.


Great artwork, thanks so much for posting...


File: 1536888284095.png (154.6 KB, 1324x1782, Hina1.png)

A couple new rough pieces, these were just quick and dirty practice doing anime style drawing.


File: 1536888325644.png (139.93 KB, 1324x1782, HinaB.png)

... and after



Hey Qexet, what happened to Luna part 2 with the debreasting?



I'm actually working on it now, just haven't had much time to do more then a few rough doodles lately. Should be done within a week or two!


Great! Looking forwards to it!


Great pic you put up with him cumming on her entrails as the ooze out of her belly!



Anything ever come of this?


Love your work Q


I've got 5 pieces which are nearly done, including that one. Unfortunately I haven't had time to draw in months. But I'll eventually get them finished up and posted.


File: 1555948590088.jpg (1.79 MB, 2100x3300, Abigail.jpg)

Still haven't had much time to wrap up the stuff I'm working on so I'm posting this commission from EeveE in the meantime.


Holy shit new Eevee!









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