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Oh hey, I'm back.

I decided to start a new thread since A) I changed my name, and B) I do more than just animation, so the old title was a bit misleading.

To celebrate my newly broadened horizons, here's a minute-long animation of a futa getting fucking annihilated:

Videos with sound:



Story Excerpt:

Stone-like skin fractured as the Golem moved, hairline cracks that glowed as blue as the creature’s eyes. It could feel the Earth beneath its feet – the magnetic torrent coursing through the planet's molten core. A fraction of that power could level a city, but the Golem drew on it anyway.

With an earth-shaking rumble, a titanic lodestone fist burst up through the floor. The sheer force of the two-meter-wide hand rent and splintered tile like glass, sending molten shards careening in all directions.

The mistress was too lost in euphoric climax to notice any of it. Vicious wet fapping was all she could hear, hand pumping her precum-slicked prick as fast as it could. With a guttural moan she started to cum, hard. Back arched and toned glutes flexed, the woman’s monster cock sent a huge rope of jizz a full meter into the air. She moaned again, about to spurt out another load of hot seed when the colossal stone fist took her full in the back.

She didn’t even have time to scream. The full force of the 20,000-pound fist sheered the woman clean in two, blasting through taught muscle, sinew, and bone like they were nothing. With another devastating crash the bloody projectile exploded through the back wall of the building, and then there was silence.


File: 1528345129355.jpg (934.92 KB, 2900x4100, Cover.jpg)

Oh, and here's an 11-page comic of a loli getting decapitated:


File: 1528345165353.jpg (1.72 MB, 2900x4100, p01.jpg)


File: 1528345290549.jpg (2.61 MB, 2900x4100, p02.jpg)


File: 1528345314330.jpg (2.54 MB, 2900x4100, p03.jpg)


File: 1528345347816.jpg (1.36 MB, 2900x4100, p04.jpg)


File: 1528345405823.jpg (1.26 MB, 2900x4100, p05.jpg)


File: 1528345443456.jpg (1.4 MB, 2900x4100, p06.jpg)


File: 1528345472602.jpg (1.88 MB, 2900x4100, p07.jpg)


File: 1528345656238.jpg (2.35 MB, 2900x4100, p08.jpg)


File: 1528345713786.jpg (1.67 MB, 2900x4100, p09.jpg)


File: 1528345777961.jpg (1.39 MB, 2900x4100, p10.jpg)


File: 1528345811996.jpg (1.41 MB, 2900x4100, p11.jpg)


File: 1528345998096.jpg (510.98 KB, 2900x4100, ZeEnd.jpg)


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Same loli. Still missing her head -- but at least someone found a use for the body!


Love your stuff man, keep it up :)


Holy shit, man this was EPIC! >.<

The only way I can imagine to make it even hotter would be someone to kneel next to the legs just as they stop twitching and grab that big cock REAL tight, causing the lower half to jerk wildly and have one secondary, final orgasm :O


Hey Chalk,
Keep up the good work!


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Techincally 3D CGI, but I'm sticking it here for the sake of neatness.

Videos with sound:

Normal version.



Scat version.




File: 1534684910190.jpg (1.35 MB, 2048x1152, Oof.jpg)

Oh baby a triple! Oh yeah!


u made by sfm?


That was made in VRChat. That whole video was just me dicking around with some Vive trackers.


File: 1534817927147.jpg (561.04 KB, 1424x1772, W1.jpg)

This started as a practice sketch that I liked the look of, so I turned it into a short comic.


File: 1534817949747.jpg (765.46 KB, 1424x1772, W2.jpg)


File: 1534817969172.jpg (1017.93 KB, 1424x1772, W3.jpg)


File: 1534818006775.jpg (874.87 KB, 1424x1772, W4.jpg)


File: 1534818028280.jpg (964.99 KB, 1424x1772, W5.jpg)


File: 1534818046647.jpg (877.1 KB, 1424x1772, W6.jpg)


File: 1534818316968.jpg (1.37 MB, 2048x1152, Deathmatch.jpg)

Same character as the aforeposted comic, but in a slightly different style.


Fucking awesome


File: 1538282988822.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1152, Little Sister.jpg)

Where is Mr. Bubbles when you need him?


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Saw it on pixiv before, but man that animation is SO HOT


File: 1545015111406.jpg (884.13 KB, 1800x1800, 1(words).jpg)


File: 1545015145193.jpg (1.04 MB, 1800x1800, 2(words).jpg)


File: 1545015184540.jpg (1.08 MB, 1800x1800, 3(words).jpg)


Can i just drop a small request here ?If you would like to - do something with girls from One Piece. D - Carrot or Nami. :P


File: 1545067054254.gif (956.96 KB, 560x560, FSketchprvw.gif)


Oh yeah, forgot to post that :p


Your art is awesome, nice brainfuck!


The inkling one is amazing, although seeing that raises some questions about their anatomy. Would something like that actually kill them or would their body just warp around it like a squid?


File: 1549152883960.jpg (1.91 MB, 3200x1800, PKvsValk.jpg)

Been playing a lot of For Honor lately, did a bit of fan art.


File: 1554009767861.jpg (1.22 MB, 2681x1668, Table.jpg)

Chop Chop


fucking great


File: 1554614143142.jpg (1.51 MB, 3200x1800, 1(w).jpg)

New set.


File: 1554614169723.jpg (1.63 MB, 3200x1800, 2(w).jpg)


File: 1554614208488.jpg (1.59 MB, 3200x1800, 3(w).jpg)


File: 1554614249853.jpg (2.67 MB, 3200x1800, 4(w).jpg)


File: 1554614285410.jpg (1.07 MB, 3200x1800, 5(w).jpg)


These are great, are there versions without side text and speech bubbles?



File: 1554944988065.jpg (487.28 KB, 1367x1916, Cover.jpg)


File: 1559290806534.gif (411.36 KB, 560x315, Miyabi DecapWIP.gif)


Man this series was awesome.Can you make one where the death happens after they start fucking eachother? Not necesarly with the same chars.Awesome stuffX2!



File: 1564026430509.jpg (6.73 MB, 2000x10000, Comic Commission 1 (Public….jpg)


File: 1564198508573.gif (300.12 KB, 560x315, Onion Decap Gif.gif)

If you're one of the 4 people who likes shota, beheading, excessive ejaculation, and over-sized wieners all at the same time, boy do I have the animation for you!

Video with sound:



Love it! Wouldn't mind seeing that in a futa version or even with his cock flopping around flaccid at the end.

Is it creepy that I watched it several times. Nope, not at all. =D


Just incredibly done! If I may make a request, do you think you'd ever be interested in going even more extreme with the excessive ejaculations? Hyper cum out of a (relatively) normal-sized cock is just amazing, I love how sloppy and wet you animate it to be.


saw your animations and drawings,I wonder if you made any belly inflation bursting guro stuff.


holy fucking shit, this is literally one of the sexiest animations I've ever seen on this site.
more like this would be awesome!
(also, i know it's a shota but i like to image its a flat chested futa since that's more my taste)


I would love to see "Ghost Busting" with the character positions reversed (and preferably non-futa Bea), there's not enough art of sexy girls getting a huge dick straight through their skull


Best one so far, I'll second a request for more futa and hyper cum, you do a great job with both.

Would also enjoy seeing a consensual snuff, it's been a while.


File: 1566615823079.jpg (1.74 MB, 2400x1500, Lunette.jpg)

Not porn, but I suppose it counts as guro.


File: 1571029782895.jpg (1.17 MB, 2400x1500, EveCommission.jpg)


File: 1571207900951.jpg (4.99 MB, 1900x7200, Full Comic Public Uncensor….jpg)


File: 1571289681862.jpg (1.47 MB, 3200x1800, Chloe Pinned.jpg)


File: 1573296912293.jpg (885.71 KB, 2000x1200, Headless.jpg)


File: 1573354251688.gif (75.46 KB, 560x315, SS Prvw.gif)


Been catching up on your work, it's lovely and has been getting better.


Omg Chalk I love that animation it's is really amazing!~. love the shota/mature themed, you really have good skill to make a game out of it if you want nice job lad :D


really loved the shota animation, kind wish i could talk you into doing one with a shota talking a busty bikini bimbo into a fuck and then shoving a spit up her ass to cook and eat her


File: 1573610645465.gif (70.96 KB, 560x315, FDC Prvw.gif)


File: 1573637370400.gif (91.97 KB, 560x315, ACRprvw.gif)

If you liked my last shota animation, this is pretty much just more of that.

MEGA (1080p)!ANchTSoL!7coosOK81EdqUEpnUt3WFq4m7kSQlF8oxxdm8TVXWII

Dropbox (720p)


File: 1573948962120.gif (94.98 KB, 560x315, Futa Doubleprvw.gif)

Interrupting two dickgirls while they're stroking off. I wonder how they'll react.

MEGA (1080p)!QFMTCaoC!bbUAKGAM2XYgArDqZtH4_Jui4lDot_5twv3nojnBtNw

Dropbox (720p)


Would you consider doing gay stuff, like shota on shota?


….I love me some headless Futas


File: 1574480198921.jpg (875.71 KB, 2126x1800, Chokeout.jpg)


Love that you put the sound of her neck cracking in.


do you take commissions?



Where can I reach you


On Discord at Chalk#4613, or you could just message me on pixiv:

Either works.



File: 1579013576399.jpg (6.54 MB, 4272x2511, Squirmer.jpg)

It's chjøping time!


The human village had been torched. Just shy of the horizon, a wave of inky smoke could be spotted pouring into the sky at a glacial pace. The black pillar slowly boiled and rolled as it ambled itself aloft. Lit from below by countless fires, it took on a certain morbid beauty in the eyes of the saboteur.

A lazy smile crossed Velandra's face as she regarded her handiwork from a safe distance. The humans had been as dull and slow as ever, the alarm only being raised after a few of the guards turned up dead, and by then it was far too late. The crudely built homes of thatch and dry wood went up like so much kindling, and amid the panicking townsfolk it was a breeze to escape unnoticed. Or at least it should’ve been.

Vel’s smile dropped upon remembering that little snag. One of the bloody half-wit tin cans they called guards had tackled her and some wide-eyed human brat out of the way of a collapsing storefront, dirtying Vel with soot in the process. She had of course butchered the fool for that, along with the stupid mewling girl, but the thought of a human getting the drop on her like that still irked the elven woman to no end.

Vel turned her back on the immolation and began to make her way North. It had been the second time a human had taken her by surprise, although the first time had born far graver consequences than a mere dirt bath. She would need to be more careful in future.

A clatter of steel on steel shook the elven woman from her reverie. She whirled, drawing her blade and peering at the source of the noise. There was a man jogging after her, perhaps 50 paces back. One of the guards, a captain judging from all that crude metal strapped to his body.

Vel smirked and flourished her long, ornately crafted sword. Did this idiot man seriously think he could match her in a fight? She advanced to meet the oncoming guardsman.

“Stop!” the armored man shouted, “You’ve violated the . . .” he trailed off, jogging to a stop and looking Vel up and down.

After a moment’s pause he drew his blade and slammed his visor down, “You knife-eared bitch. I’ll see you dead for this!”

The elven woman couldn’t help but laugh. The poor dullard thought he could kill her.

“So be it,” Vel sighed, then leapt at the man.

Immediately she went for the eyes, thrusting toward the gap in the man’s visor with supernatural speed. Sparks spat across the ground as elven steel skipped off the guard’s helmet.

Vel snorted and danced back, fending off the man’s riposte with ease and settling into Fool’s guard. The bastard had raised his head at the last moment, a subtle motion, but more than enough to move the eye slit out of the way of Vel’s thrust.

“Luck won’t –“ Vel started to taunt the guard, but was cut short when he advanced without warning, sword flashing as he delivered a flurry of strikes and feints.

Cursing, the elven woman retreated further, arms moving in a blur to keep up with this madman’s onslaught. She could see plenty of openings, but kept having to fend off another blow before she could pull off a riposte.

A second passed, and there it was – the opportunity she needed. The half-witted human had overcommitted to a downward slash aimed at Vel’s head. Moving into the attack, the elven woman raised her sword into Ox stance. Stepping in, she blocked the incoming strike and thrust through the bind directly into the man’s eye socket.

But it didn’t work. The thrice-damned guard had raised his chin slightly and deflected the thrust, just like the first time. Only now she was in grappling range.

Vel had no time to react. The guard was already in motion, offhand shooting out to snag her sword by the blade and twist. Vel grunted in pain. She knew she wouldn’t win if this devolved into wrestling, so she dropped her sword and swiftly disengaged, jumping back and hastily drawing her backup weapon – a sleek masterwork dagger with a wide, leaf-like blade and cruciform hilt.

The guardsman was idly bouncing Vel’s sword in his palm, checking its weight when he spoke.

“The Knights Sovereign use elven blades, you know. Perhaps I’ll be squired if I present this to them,” he said without humor, then tossed the finer blade aside and sauntered forward, spinning his crude tipless sword in a slow, casual flourish.
Vel wanted with every fiber of her body to strike at him while he showboated, but she had to be defensive. He had reach on his side now, on top of armor and brute strength. It should still be easy enough to kill him, she just needed to wait for the perfect opening.

She didn’t have to wait long. After probing her defenses for all of half a second, the guardsman struck. It was an obvious opener – feint low, go high – and Vel read it like a book.

“Gotcha,” she smirked as the guard’s attack swished over her head and . . .

Vel hit the dirt and rolled, arms flailing as she tried to catch herself, but for some reason she couldn’t get a purchase on the ground. Rolling to a stop, the elven woman blinked in confusion. What had happened? She’d ducked under his swing and stabbed him in the armpit, hadn’t she?

Vel was on the ground, looking up at a man in armor – the guard – head cocked as he watched a busty woman wobbling upright.

Only, the woman had no head. And she wore Vel’s clothing.

The elf woman’s mouth went slack when she realized what she was looking at. The bloody bastard guard captain had decapitated her! Vel was livid, refusing to believe what her eyes were showing her, but she physically couldn’t look away.

Vel’s confused headless body stumbled to the left, arms flopping and twitching as if groping for something in the dark. Briefly stopping, her corpse shot a huge gout of blood from its truncated neck, then staggered diagonally, bumbling straight into the vaguely amused guardsman.

“Hey knife-ears. How long till your stupid bimbo body figures out that it’s dead?” the guard sneered, holding the corpse up as it twitched and jerked mindlessly, full breasts bouncing and swinging with the erratic movements.

Even if she could speak, Vel would be at a loss for words. The filthy human was touching her! She wanted to scream when the man’s gauntleted hand moved up and started squeezing and groping one of her breasts. She gritted her teeth when her body bucked and spasmed, hips swinging and butt grinding against the damnable guard, making it look like she was enjoying it or something.

“Not a very dignified way to go,” the guard said idly, chuckling as he moved his hand to massage the other bouncing tit like so much bread dough.

Eventually the guard must’ve gotten bored molesting her corpse’s chest, because he dropped Vel’s still- squirting body, letting it crumple to the dirt where it kept doing it’s humiliating post-mortem dance of bucking hips and jolting limbs, albeit a bit less vigorously by now.

Vel was almost grateful when darkness started to creep into the edges of her vision, but she was still forced to watch nearly a minute of what transpired after her beheading. The elf woman’s mind flooded with embarrassment when the guard silently hiked up is mail skirt and undid the lacing on his hosen.

There was no way he was about to do that! Vel’s eyes bulged in protest as the man pulled free a huge, veiny erection and got down next to her weakly twitching corpse. He didn’t even hesitate, lining his weird-looking human penis up with Vel’s gently spurting neck stump and stuffing it down her gullet.

Vel’s curvy headless body lurched, legs going stiff and hips raising off the ground where they stayed, shuddering and dripping with . . . was that piss? It was hard to tell, her vision was starting to blur and the darkness now covered about half her view, leaving a slowly shrinking tunnel of light for her to see.

Wet slaps reached her ears, along with grotesque sloshing gurgle-like noises and the occasional quiet grunt from the guard. He was rutting Vel’s dripping wet neck hole right in front of her, and although she didn’t quite have the energy to be angry anymore, she definitely felt ashamed that her helpless decapitated carcass was being used so – and by a human no less.

Finally, the pinpoint of light in the middle of Vel’s vision went out, and she drifted off to the rhythmic sound of her dismembered corpse being savagely raped by its killer.


File: 1579725240049.jpg (766.73 KB, 3200x1499, Cover.jpg)


Your work is amazing! Please make more with shotas killed together with their moms or other sexy milfs!



Neat. I don't see the uncensored version and some of your other art in the Patron MEGA though. Also, any chance you'll do more loli art in the near future? Those are definitely my most favorite from you.


It should be there - just loose in the pictures folder.

More loli stuff is on the way.

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