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First of my series using the sketches of Pandora/PBX.

They have been totally redrawn and coloured, I hope they meet with the original artists approval whoever they are...


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Too bad the young men won't be losing their dicks any time soon~


That's a job for his older Sister to do, chop, chop...

Idea for a future series though...


God, I hope you don't go down the penectomy route.


If they will be interrupted by killers, monsters, mutant dogs, the husband or something similar that will result in gore/snuff then this will be the perfect threat!



Yep, if some one comes and snuffs them this will be the bomb!


Needed to have one of the boys fist fucking his mom! So hot!


Oh, yes son fist/arm fucking his mom's anus and making her tummy bulge aka 'Hot kinkyJo' is a definate for the next series and his base ball bat and a cactus plant and...


More like GRANDmom...


The greater the age difference the better....., hence all the wrinkles...


i wanna bang my mom


or watch someone fucking her



Oh man! Can someone delete this shit? It´s not even pain in it!
This is "Gurochan", not "Normal-Incest-Chan" XP


Yes your right 'no Pain', but my next series the dark side of the sons start to appear and poor mom has just has to put up with her tortures at the hands of of her perverted young sons...

Any ideas what son can do to mom?


If you could do some consensual stuff, that'd be great.


I would like to see killers torturing and raping both the mom and the son and snuffing them in the end!


You've done some great pics of girls cutting off their breasts and/or vaginas in the past, why not have the sons do some of that?


File: 1533312164273.jpg (532.91 KB, 1754x1240, HM_01.jpg)

New Series 'Hurting Mommy #1'

Well Mom is not going to have so much fun anymore, from now on it's pain, torture & mutilation by her young perverted son...

She just has to grin & bear it...

More suggestions please.


Oh yes! Now we're talking! I love it!! More please!


More on the way 'Hurting Mommy #2' already started...


Think one of them can be pregnant by her son?


Perhaps her giving Birth?



Maybe something along the lines of opening the mother's chest, "he wanted to see mommy's heart"


Nice work, but I also like your non guro stuff as well

maybe it could be better if instead of that pose she would be pushing the skewer forward with her hands holding it from both sides and stretching her tits while experiencing orgasm.

As for other ideas here, we have quite a lot of possibilities.

1 let her son nail her tits to the table with very big thick nails

2 split her breast in half as a picture where one breast is already cut in half vertically dripping blood while her son is holding the knife piercing another breast from the bottom pulling it forward in the process of splitting.

3 boy burning her nipples with lighter while breasts are all stuffed with pins or another kind of needles also how about boy holding a cigarette in his other hand and her breasts also have some burn marks.

4 the body sewing her mother's pussy with the thread and needle and for better looks, she has a very bilg dildo in her ass.

5 boy fingering a hole in the breast of his mom while her breasts were recently stabled multiple times with the knife which he is holding in his other hand


Nice..., thanks Onix...


File: 1533920183918.jpg (470.17 KB, 1754x1240, HM_02.jpg)

'Hurting Mommy #2'

I want to hurt the mommies not kill them, just torture and mutilate their erogenous zones only. Thanks for your ideas though.

#3 Mom gets a good kicking you can guess where!


File: 1534257143542.jpg (544.24 KB, 1754x1240, HM_03.jpg)

Hurting Mommy #3, A good kicking...

#4 next, Bamboo skewers, lots of them...


File: 1534608654904.jpg (455.89 KB, 1754x1240, HM_04.jpg)

'HURTING MOMMY #4' Bamboo Invasion.

Maybe one more, what don't know yet then that's it for awhile...


very nice! :)


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