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I love this site, even if get down sometimes. Want to show some of my drawings in other site than Pixiv. I hope you like it. Thanks~


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not too good doing explicit contect ^^'


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All I have until now


The best ever! Share your pixiv! I love you. Please marry me. I will even forgive you if you’re a man. Thank you.


Are you willing to destroy some cunts?


love your work! i follow your pixiv, hope you do more guro stuff!


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My pixivID is 12965411 (cant post links ;_;)
Thanks but my heart belongs to Kafuu Chino~
Yeah why not
Thank you very much, I think gonna upload more frecuently now


Damn its amazing! I followed you on pixiv for a long time now but you rarely did any guro/snuff. Im very happy that you say you will do more now! And that little dragon girl body is a perfect start!
Any chances you would kill Zoe from League of Legends next? I wanna fuck her cooling butt! <3


that kanna one is great!


Excellent work, just followed you on Pixiv.


i love situations like this, a box or something destroying a girls head. anymore like it? can you explain what's going on in your words?


her head is being desintegrated by acid

thanks everyone~


That's so hot. Hope you make more unconventional deaths like that.


Will you do Tohru from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon to accompany Kanna in sexy death? :D


thanks, Im always thinking on that
defenitively more kanna death pics <3

Planning to do a short comic about my waifu Kafuu Chino


Hopefully Kanna and Tohru! <3 n_n


File: 1532545078261.jpg (3.12 MB, 4005x3200, 69822618_p0.jpg)

a new pic ~~

If anyone interested commissions are open, send me a mail to


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