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i guess there was a naming conflict between me and the other YS, which would explain why my thread might have been deleted. no biggie, sorry to him if that was the case.


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loli/heartbeat stuff. ill put one more update into it later, adding more to her xray.


Amazing Duper Awesome!!!!


Eyye I knew you wasn't Goin OwO This is quite nice :D


says the link is broken




shall we ... um,






If you are not allowing anyone to repost the lost dropboxed swf file? why not you do it again yourself?

We are disagree that all your dropbox link from the previous thread to today exdpired.
many of us lost chance to get that file!


Bro, you should attack offensively. No. Not swearing.
Anyone have the files shall engage somewhere.
It can't be those 3 kingdom
I think Kingdom ZS was a good choice, or... FD?


Are you insane? we can't go that crazy!
those all are underage depiction, despite being fiction, But could be dangerous and hindered by earthling's societies!
watch on:


Seriously. Haven't we understand I and we got hugely disappointed from what was happened there?

We got to tell anyone who holds it here!

And also, I regret myself that I have been ignored his scat thread, because I don't like scat. When I return and saw his personal trouble message, I read, and while, I found there is more cardiophille content, inside scat! F**&! What have I done to him!? How do I alologise? I tried all dropbox link, all is gone! I am so sorry guys! I shouldn't have done this!


What a touching story, anon number unknown.

I believe he was almost or being aprehended by someone. either police, or related.
Somehow now dropped soon and here in no matter of time, like >>21758 this one.

The case that his project is about underages. Doesn't make any sense to aprehend if that's a fiction. Or, perhaps there are stereotypes.


He is not real life focused or something.
So you listen to me? How do we do this?


Someone above would like to repost. bad idea though.
but if the world is unfair, like he said. We must attack with offense. not swearing but violate.
Anyone would this suggestion?


I raise my hand!


anyone else?


Guys, If you think that we blamed YS, well, we apologise.
but look at this!


As far as I know, He uses shared folder system, not public.
I have not enough experience in public folder.

so far, in shared folder, you can see the person name who shared it.
Oh yeah, Dropbox cannot notice the fake name YS did put. you know, it says

Juss Vizzitin

something like that. rhymes alot when you think about it. lol!


You can keep blaming him as you would like since he did not set redundancies.


Yes! Just like >>21759 one!
Too bad it also gone.

Oh c'mon! Why we were talking about this? We were suppose to discuss the problem and sooner have the solution!


Then you should make the new request thread. Operation name be like that!

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