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I'm picky about what I'll draw. Not doing comics any time soon, just pinups (hi-res files).

Rate starts at 100 per pinup and goes up based on content. Standard is one girl, color. A few samples to follow. If interested, click my name and email me.


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To save time:

No underage/loli. Things like braces, cheerleaders, school girl outfits, and pigtails are fine (and common porn niches), but I will not draw blatantly underage content, or anything skirting it.

No scat/ws. Just no.

Those are my two major red lines.

And no, gutting isn't all I do. Stabbing, shooting, strangling, asphyx, etc. - I'm open to most things. Ask me.


Wonderful as-is but ..... behead? (half head with jaw/tongue attached) and throatfuck till cum? Just askin:) Love the male and female models you chose too>:)


Eevee! So glad to see new work from you! You're still by far my favorite artist. If my finances ever manage to settle down I'll definitely commission another piece.


Also is it okay if I post your work to my blog with a link to this post?



Thanks! And sure. :D



Are you commissioning that? :D

Glad you like my stuff!


Sometimes it feels like you are the only person in the world who fantasizes about gutting. And then you discover Eevee.


I posted in the role-playing forum. Looking for RP partners, so if you ever wanted to play something in my style with me, I'm interested in one or two partners for scenes.

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