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Hi, I'm Poe. I behead elf girls.

I draw my own characters at my own pace. If you want to request something, check my Piczel; sometimes I take requests while warming up. I often start at around 8 p.m. EST and go till 12. This isn't set in stone.

My finished pictures are free. Support me on Patreon if you want monthly sketch packs, if you want to vote in character polls, or if you just want to help me draw more.

Follow me on Pixiv for finished pictures and occasional sketch dumps, or to find my art when Gurochan's down.

Now let's behead some elves. First up is Sierra--or at least one of her MMO characters. I suspect that's not the reaction her "friend" was going for.


Nice pictures, especially the OP and the last broadcast one! Cute and lighthearted unrealistic guro is always the best.


Love you Poe! And your brilliant works! Already supported


File: 1521867975831.png (157.52 KB, 868x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-24….png)

I have a massive softspot for happy and/or nonfatal guro--

--that said, sometimes it's just so much villainous fun to snuff out feisty, sexy heroines. They make it so hard not to! Have you seen those chainmail bikinis?

I love you too, Anonymous! Thanks for supporting me--hope you'll like the snuff I have in store.


(This is one of several pages of a commission from Ashgale--so more will come in time, as will colored versions in his thread.)

Your main course tonight will be the tender bodies of two excellent chefs, Hisako and Erina. They've cooked so many delicious meals throughout their short lives and emerged victorious in so many food battles.

But all things end.

They forfeit their lives when they staked their heads in a food battle, and grudgingly laid their necks on the chopping block. One swing of the cleaver, and their lovely bodies became juicy meat; their pretty faces, table decorations.

So here are Hisako and Erina, once great chefs, now the main course in a rival's dish. He hopes you'll enjoy the spoils of his hard-fought victory.


File: 1521960385791.png (134.56 KB, 667x898, Photoshop_2018-03-25_02-24….png)

I love a good stage performance, so our heroine this time is a young playwright acting out her protagonist's final scene.

If the headsman is any indication, she's open to input from her actors. How would you append this tragic script of hers?

Will a dashing hero swoop in at the last minute to save her?

Will the headsman have a change of heart and decide to spare her against the king's wishes?

Or will her original ending come to pass, and the headsman takes her pretty little head and body around town as a snuffed resistance sow?


I love your drawings! I really enjoy it when you add little stories to go with them! I hope you will be adding some more necro sex to some of the future projects! Its a shame to leave those bodies to rot or be eaten without proper hard fuck! :D


love these scenes the give a good feeling of set up


File: 1522055783962.png (231.06 KB, 541x661, poorgirls.png)

I'm glad you like the stories! I like writing them, too. Context makes any random picture feel much more complete.

Necrosex is coming. Not today, but it won't be too far off.

Sometimes the setup can be even more fun than the payoff--though knowing the payoff (a good snuffing) is on its way is half the fun in itself.


These poor girls weren't even combatants, nor part of the resistance. Combatants and resistance fighters did, however, frequently purchase drinks from the shop that the father of these two girls owned.

Queen Seren does not sound like a nice lady, does she?


File: 1522123816234.png (164.34 KB, 891x878, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-26….png)

Today's daily decap is commission work for Ashgale. Look for a colored version in his thread soon™.


File: 1522123897189.png (101.16 KB, 891x441, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-26….png)


File: 1522123942441.png (76.63 KB, 891x431, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-26….png)

Chop, chop! They won't be needing those anymore.


File: 1522124130482.png (221.88 KB, 891x887, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-27….png)

A couple alts should be up on Pixiv by the time you're reading this.


File: 1522211230826.png (366.7 KB, 1341x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-28….png)

Today I played some Pokémon on stream, and drew Pokémon girls by request. See some of the results on the left!

Pokémon girls have some of my favorite character designs in video games--I really want to darw more of them. All of them!


my kind of dish


File: 1522298150424.png (276.94 KB, 1425x781, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-28….png)

Siren meat is rare because of how difficult they are to kill, with their haunting songs piercing the ears and minds of even the best of hunters. It has a sharp, exotic, almost forbidden taste--yet this rare meat has one more level of quality.

If you manage to resist or protect from a siren's song long enough to capture her alive, you have a golden opportunity to wait until she's paid for to butcher and serve her. If you do this, her meat will be as fresh as possible while served, and it's then that you can finally taste the hidden potential of this decadent meat.

Some chefs prefer to clip the vocal cords of a siren and serve her alive, waiting until the customers are finished with her to finally chop her head off. The one pictured was not one of those, but the meal is still going to be among the best this restaurant has ever seen.


File: 1522386832931.png (300.44 KB, 1278x733, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-28….png)

Daily decap? Barely! Lillie's head is still attached.


Excellent decaps^^


File: 1522483361196.png (755.7 KB, 1294x886, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-03-31….png)

Thanks, always a pleasure to serve 'em up. In fact, have another!

Now doesn't that albino look familiar? And what cruel twist of fate could have led to the loss of her head, leaving her friend hanging in terror?



was the promise of a salty person kept?

find out....maybe


File: 1522553939333.gif (583.85 KB, 304x560, pokemonsnuffedition3.gif)

Find out soon™ in a thread near you!


May thought she could take on the remainder of Team Aqua at their base on the coast of Lilycove. However, she didn't account for the Grimers they brought along, and didn't have enough antidotes to heal the poison they inflicted upon her Pokémon.

Team Aqua captured May, bound her, and hung her upside down from their ceiling. Leaving her unsupervised, she wholly expected Brendan or Wally or anybody she knew to come and rescue her.

Yet after at least half an hour of trying fruitlessly to swing free and tiring herself out, it wasn't one of her friends who came around the corner, nor was it another member of Team Aqua.

It was a pink blob with a face smiling in the most unsettling way, and it made its way toward her.


Animation takes a long time.


File: 1522646067080.png (442.73 KB, 1223x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-01….png)

"Daily decaps," the archmoron said. "Come to my thread for daily decaps!"

And then he drew softvore instead.


this guys stuff is so good


Is it true your brothers with admachina/chalk


File: 1522754582457.png (269.04 KB, 946x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-03….png)

This guy's comment is much appreciated! Hope you enjoy my future work too.

Yes. We're both the handsome one.


So I got a new Pokémon game recently, Ultra Sun. The female protagonists are always so darn cute. Only thing I'm disappointed in is the lack of bikinis and midriff shirts as customization options in such a beach-heavy setting.

Oh well. The trainers are still cute and confusion is still the most dangerous status effect.


Another great piece - love decaps. But, if you dont mind me asking, how the hell did you find out you both had a guro kink? This story can be a movie i’m sure


File: 1522823250023.png (396.54 KB, 1412x867, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-04….png)

You'd be disappointed in how boring it was. We just recognized each other's art styles and usernames on Pixiv and mentioned it in passing one day while picking blueberries.


Shantae time! But wait, what's going on here? She seems to be dead and cooked up at some sort of banquet in Risky's honor.

Better reload your last save! But before you do, care for a bite?


i wonder if there's any science behind siblings have the same kinks


File: 1522901110022.png (513.06 KB, 1094x867, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-04….png)

I think the science comes down to a movie we watched when we were very young (read: under 5). I remember having guro fantasies about Ariel the mermaid when I was 4. One of these days I'll draw her having a hard time!

For now, here's a guro scene from one of my non-guro books. See how much story you can piece together from what little information is available in the picture!


What movie was it? And please do Ariel decap, that sounds awesome


File: 1522988515842.png (623.16 KB, 861x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-05….png)

I'd tell you if I remembered. I know Jungle Book 2 played a part with Kaa almost eating Shanti (as I'm sure it did for many, many people who are now into vore), but I saw that much later than I remember having fantasies. Perhaps the bit in Little Mermaid where the shark chased Ariel? I know it had to have been a Disney movie.


On a topic entirely unrelated (or perhaps tangentially related?) to Disney movies, we have here a carnival of death--a horribly bloody place so murder-happy that it seems like something straight out of the imagination of a masochistic girl, perhaps one with white hair, a long braid, and far too much free time to spend in her own fantasies. Except this time she seems to have gotten a friend wrapped up in her gory thoughts. And . . . could that be her sister beside her? Couldn't be.


I just love the first picture since I am gamer myself. I like to play on hardcore setting or perma death settings. It was always fun to imagine what could have happened to them when they died and this picture is like watching one of them die.
Imagine her having 4-5 hardcore characters that are hunted down to be murdered raped by the guy she tormented. Anyways I like all your I just like that one the most.


File: 1523072957541.png (475.95 KB, 1432x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-06….png)

You've got a similar imagination to me--I can see a very indecent rivalry forming between that albino bitch and her "friend."


Meet Eira the centaur, who entered a horse race at the same completely fair and balanced carnival featured in >>21662

I wonder what she tastes like.


DAMN! Thats a good one! Can i ask for a drawing futuring her being butchered for a feast? With a nice shot of her horse ass!


Obey the rules people or become meat


File: 1523184298203.png (160.5 KB, 740x759, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-04….png)

You can ask, but you may have better luck elsewhere. I'm not a horse guy, I just like the cute girl attached to the front.

Mermaids are similar, though they feel a little less bestial to me despite just being the same thing with a different animal's ass end.

So unfortunate that all the girls I draw are so chronically disobedient.


Was planning something bigger for today, but I didn't finish it. So the new thing's coming tomorrow, and here's a sketch of a piece of meat.


File: 1523245622904.png (3.75 MB, 3090x2000, barmaidmeal.png)

Here's the bigger thing I mentioned yesterday.


File: 1523681178479.png (332.46 KB, 1404x908, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-10….png)

Boy, downtime on Gurochan. Who could have imagined?


File: 1523681211787.png (422.67 KB, 1371x904, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-11….png)

And they're dead.


Damn that's hot. Would like to see that tease dangle at the end of a rope and maybe roasted again.



I know how that maid feels...happened to me during a DND once


File: 1523766570666.png (389.76 KB, 1439x740, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-14….png)

I have more of that girl planned. Dunno how long it'll take me to get to her, but she'll have to respawn a few more times yet.

I'm very curious what sort of DnD campaign would have you cooked on a table with a half-orc fucking your severed head and eating your tit as a result of a poor choice of words.

Please give context, I'm interested.


Today was a lazy day; I did a ton of physical activity, but almost no art. So here's some Sierra from the end of yesterday's stream. Will be back to normal productivity levels soon™!


File: 1523953547217.png (498.84 KB, 589x908, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-15….png)

Drawing the character of an artist I admire. Same girl as in >>21575

Peril is fun sometimes too!


File: 1524465849241.png (409.04 KB, 1404x908, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-10….png)

Gurochan's back? Gurochan's back. More cute girls dying, then.


can't have enough of them


File: 1524550741298.png (216.53 KB, 1056x683, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-13….png)

Nope! We always need more.


File: 1526117224806.png (389.76 KB, 1439x740, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-14….png)

Back up? More daily decaps, then. Once more, a familiar face is detached from her shoulders.


File: 1526130807421.jpg (69.12 KB, 1366x768, WoWScrnShot_012017_025354.jpg)

What you think about World of Warcraft setting? 3 types of cute elves, cute spacegoats for deadly fun...


File: 1526130836502.jpg (69.12 KB, 1366x768, WoWScrnShot_012017_025354.jpg)

What you think about World of Warcraft setting? 3 types of cute elves, cute spacegoats for deadly fun...


File: 1526178769827.png (1.63 MB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-04….png)

As it so happens, I played a lot of WoW (and drew quite a few pictures of it--mostly non-guro sketches) while Gurochan was down. Long queue times and flightpaths make it easy to draw during downtime.


Love consensual stuff like this, hope to see more of it from you.


Very nice!! Can you do masked ninja elves?


File: 1526252106567.jpg (53.82 KB, 509x700, Evil_rogue.jpg)

Your pic is really nice, mizerable attempts of Alliance's female group to break Horde base defences led them to spike.
What you say about execution for night elf rogue, who was captured in Orgrimmar for reskilling auctioners?


File: 1526271319908.png (192.26 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-02….png)

There will be many, many more like this in the future.

I thought about it when Dorumeka started their game project--doing masked girls like that. But I like seeing their full faces too much. Especially when I can stick little fangs in their mouths, it's so cute. I'll leave that to the really good artists like Kisirian.

While it might not quite hit the mask fascination, I do have characters with their mouths covered in certain outfits, either with scarves or veils. Gotta draw 'em sometime.

I'm mostly drawing my own characters and the characters of friends I'm leveling with, as well as random space goats. Though I haven't drawn a nelf yet, might do it with a rogue.


File: 1526330291486.png (338.79 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-02….png)

Whoops, I'd already posted this one. I'll make it up with [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] [For the Children].


Well in terms of the masks, it is all up to you. I'd like it if you posted veiled or scarves tho!


legendary gankers XD


File: 1526448585599.png (1009.29 KB, 1215x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-05….png)

None today, but soon™.

The best use of legendary weapons.



this both amuses me and makes me sad cause it reminds me of my own sister


File: 1526521982419.png (377.19 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-08….png)

Sounds like your sister could use a bit of fantasizing in her life.

This isn't technically a decap, but my "daily decap" has largely turned into a "daily thing that's at least tangentially related to guro."


Just gonna throw out some idea's for some art. If you like any of them I would love to see them myself :P. If not oh well XD
1. Have a girl who is streaming a mmo to be decapitated/killed live and turned into a trophy in front of all her veiwers.
2. Have one of those girls who post pictures of their naked bodies or their avatars for cum tributes attract the wrong kind of tribute. After the killer finds her he beheads her and covers her head in cum before posting it on her profile as a cum tribute. It would be even better if the screen behind her jizz covered head showed her avatar behind it.
3. Maybe have the dungeon party punish the tank or healer for being unable to do their roles? This leaves many creative idea's.



Pretty sure Poe has done all those before XD

What about another consensual Pokemon piece?


Do you take requests?


File: 1526666828172.png (181.94 KB, 685x444, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-06….png)

Might take you up on a couple of these. Already done similar stuff, but not quite the same.

More Pokewhores are coming soon™

Rarely. I'm drawing the things I want to draw right now. Requests and commissions often have me draw things I don't want to draw. That's not to say you can't influence me with suggestions, but I won't directly take most requests.


File: 1526694639624.png (458.13 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-18….png)

What nice girls. What could possibly--


File: 1526694694279.png (258.22 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-18….png)

--oh. Oh no.


File: 1526694760940.png (302.47 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-18….png)

. . . it seems we've been pranked. It was all a middle school stage play!


insert filthy frank joker


Until a maniac with a machete dont run to them to make the prank into reality with one strong swing of the blade! xD

Damn i love the decapitation pics. here i just hope you will include more reverse and normal blowjobs with the heads! <3


File: 1526793267017.png (342.15 KB, 1341x868, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-03….png)

This one's a month old and sketchy, but I didn't draw guro today. Good thing I've got a bit of a buffer.

That is what I had in mind.

Coming soon™!


File: 1526947151912.png (929.88 KB, 1405x910, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-21….png)

Lilith the demon princess, making a meal of Cierva the dryad. Characters belong to a friend.


File: 1527040037921.png (205.82 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-21….png)


it is cute


Does your brother still do art


File: 1527184563676.png (251.53 KB, 892x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-24….png)


He burnt out. Same as I did when I started taking commissions for the first time. He'll probably be back, and inexplicably better than before.


File: 1527212897638.png (167.33 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-24….png)

Elf girls smell good, are soft on the outside, and are nice and juicy on the inside. No wonder monsters like to eat them.


Elves are great.
Ever considered Eldar from the Warhammer40k setting? Basically space elves. They have precious little guro content :(


I love your cute ladies and cute style.


I still do art. My thread here on Gurochan is for animations, and most of the stuff I've been doing lately is illustrations/comics. That's why I haven't posted in a while; maybe I should make a new thread for all my other stuff?

Poe is right though, I did burn myself out by taking way too many commissions at a time. Once I get around to finishing those things will pick back up.


we glad to hear from you. keep us updated and maybe do a new thread for both.


File: 1527394121681.png (1.24 MB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-27….png)

Been back to my roots with elves lately. Also, new cum-drawing method.

Dunno, I've never looked much into Warhammer. Too many buff dudes in huge armor, too few cute ladies in bikinis.

Thanks! I love drawing cute ladies in a cute style.

Personally I'd just make one thread for everything, but one for animations and one for illustrations isn't a bad idea.

Also stay on top of art. Even if you burn out, still draw a bit. If you burn out and play video games for several months, it'll be much harder to go back to doing creative things regularly because games give you similar rewards for much less effort.


File: 1527482662053.png (699.1 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-28….png)




File: 1527559255699.png (128.41 KB, 503x667, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-26….png)

All pretty fantasy girls should be hunted. Elves and space goats alike!


Can I request more hanged giros please
Your art is awesome


Girls* goddamit autocorrect


File: 1527569279685.jpg (351.93 KB, 1679x936, Eldar Necrons.jpg)

>Too many buff dudes in huge armor, too few cute ladies in bikinis.

Maybe not bikinis, but there's plenty of cute ladies if you look in the right places.


File: 1527732380800.png (317.75 KB, 568x900, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-04-21….png)

I've been slower lately. Will speed back up in the near future, but I may not have something guro to post every day for next week or so. I'll post sexy fantasy girls instead. But for today, roast albino and an uncooked friend. Older pic, but sequel to >>21575

Yup, it's on the list.

Might give 'em a shot in the head or two. Dunno when. They're not exactly up my alley, but a certain somebody I live with is pretty into Warhammer. I may yet be convinced.




Can I request a character for a hanging?


File: 1528160919489.png (117.69 KB, 605x905, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-19….png)

I've put a guro project in the works, but no spoilers till it's done. Till then, I'll just post what else I've done during the day.

Suggest away. No guarantee I'll do it, but worst-case scenario, your character's on my radar.


In that case it would be nice to see these two witches hanging from a noose ht tps://
ht tps://


I would just love to see Nami or Carrot from One PIece. killed in anyway you like!


Oooooh maybe one day seeing Sierra hanged to death by her own hair would be hot since it’s so long but yeah keep doing what you enjoy Poe I always enjoy your art no matter what you do!


File: 1528196171574.png (871.06 KB, 689x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-05-28….png)

They're on my radar! Never heard of their IP before, but they're pretty cute.

She's a pirate, and pirates do often end up hanging. It's possible!

I'm not sure why I haven't done that yet.


I still say she needs fennec ears


Those are good news (well except for them :p)
Their names are Erika and Ange and they're fom umineko no naku koro ni. If it doesn't bother you, could you draw them with their hands free as they are hoisted up?


I'm not so much asking for anything specific so much as I am trying to put them on your radar, but have you considered doing anything to the Disney Fairies? I'm really not that picky on which girl from that series, so I hope you'll forgive me for not naming any names.


File: 1528941711695.png (107.28 KB, 587x733, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-13….png)

Raven with boobs. Drawn because Jim draws her a lot and I got tempted. She's sexy.

I'll add them if I ever draw her again, because I agree.

Ah, I have heard of Umineko. Knew it was connected to Higurashi when I was younger, just never saw it. No promises on the request, I'm mostly just sketching whatever the heck I feel like lately.

Yup, considered it several times. Perhaps not specifically Disney fairies, but I've always wanted to do something mean to them.


Do you plan make an alternative variant of this pic with "Aliance win"?



boob raven best raven


File: 1529188982013.png (113.12 KB, 584x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-15….png)

Inevitably I'll do something like it next time I sub to WoW. But I just jumped back into OSRS, so that may take a bit.

It's all Jim's fault. Praise Jim.


File: 1529189979468.png (227.47 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-16….png)

Prequel. Where'd her ears go?



Looking good Poe :)


File: 1529627271829.png (168.16 KB, 669x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-21….png)

Thanks. Will continue to improve and draw cuter meat!

I mean girls.


File: 1529627351916.png (171.05 KB, 669x908, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-21….png)

As it happens, Draenei Destroyer is a title in WoW, gained from killing 500 draenei around Draenor.

I have it.


Well if you want to add to that kill count then I know that my Draenei is asking to get decapitated!
ht tps://
ht tp://
Regardless I love your work, I think it's rare that someone can implement both cuteness and gore into their art and you pull it off perfectly. So keep up the good work!>>22461


Well if you want to add to that kill count then I know that my Draenei is asking to get decapitated!
ht tps://
ht tp://
Regardless I love your work, I think it's rare that someone can implement both cuteness and gore into their art and you pull it off perfectly. So keep up the good work!


File: 1531997809223.png (89.1 KB, 588x753, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-28….png)

GC's security cert's back, which means elf time.

May give her a look if I do a large bg/raid death scene

As an aside, I don't consider any of my WoW characters "OCs" except maybe Chloria. So if I draw WoW girls who aren't teenage-looking goats with long, curly hair, odds are they're just generic WoW races, or friends' characters.


File: 1531997854479.png (99.58 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-06-28….png)

And now she's meat.


>>22564 >>22565
Nice! Good to see artists too were waiting for the certificate to be renewed.


meat is what she's supposed to be :)


File: 1532084786837.png (196.95 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-07-13….png)

I know this isn't quite the only place I can post, but it is the only public place I can finish a guro picture and just upload it immediately without worrying about setting filter options and tags and content warnings and such.

Sub out "elf" and replace it with "meat" every time I write; the results and treatment will be the same 95% of the time.


omg i love how suprised she looks as her head gets chopped off.. id probly look just as confused lol


File: 1532215555740.png (216.98 KB, 846x900, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-07-21….png)

Depends on how prepared you are for the chop, no? This girl clearly didn't expect it.


This one does, though! Pose very clearly "influenced" by Iken's unfortunate elf (



She's cute! Will we ever see more of her?


File: 1532398091435.jpg (422.59 KB, 1000x1000, inica_hair2.jpg)





Nice! I'm curious, is there some sort of setting you use for inspiration? I love your cute adventurer girls like the above and >>21714. And of course I enjoy the bad ends they meet as well!



lolim guessing id be suprised and shocked even if i knew it was about to happen! i love your art!! :)


File: 1532558592928.jpg (383.76 KB, 675x1200, hangingInica_small_text.jpg)

Cute is best.

I make up my own settings, but I can trace the inspirations to a combination of Wakfu (TV show), Mistborn (book series), and Game of Thrones (both of the above).

You'll rarely see any Mistborn/Sanderson influence unless I actually get another story out, but the Wakfu and GoT influences should be pretty clear. Also Dark Souls is probably in there somewhere.


Older picture, but more of this girl.


File: 1532562031834.png (676.22 KB, 759x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-07-04….png)

Whoops, missed your post. Thank you for enjoying my doodles!



Do you have a link to any of the old queenslayer stuff? i can find an archive of the first half of the story but nothing else :(


You should do more hangings. These are some of my favorites.


Have you read the Stormlight Archives too? Cause I'd love to see Shallan getting executed.


File: 1532730885127.png (620.41 KB, 1099x900, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-….png)

I might have a PDF sitting around somewhere, will post it if I find it. If not, I have a revision in the works that's much, much more competent.

Taking heads off is my favorite thing, but hangings are a lot of fun from time to time. I'll do more soon™.

Working on it! Is a long book, though.


File: 1532731199561.png (105.57 KB, 573x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-07-17….png)

Also guro pic.


nice head piece


File: 1532909875498.png (412.56 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-07-29….png)



Quick draw for a friend.



I love your art and thank you for sharing it with us. I especially love the ones where their heads and feet have been severed and displayed.


File: 1533492109996.png (233.17 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-08-04….png)

Trophies are one of my favorite things.


I’d love to see more of Sierra she’s definitely the cutest OC I’ve ever seen!!



Agreed. Sierra is definitely my favorite of Poe's girls.

I hope to see more of her, but don't really have proper funds to support him on Patreon


Do you have more consensual stuff? It's my jam, but hard to find. Great work by the way!



Agreed, I'd love to see more consensual stuff from you, Poe. :)


File: 1536789149401.png (327.15 KB, 1217x733, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-08-26….png)

Sierra is my own favorite. It makes me happy that you guys like her too.

More consent coming soon™. I've come to like it more lately.

Pictures like today's could go either way, though.


File: 1537238936276.png (804.16 KB, 681x910, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-09….png)


File: 1537238954558.png (208.38 KB, 978x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-17….png)


File: 1537238979624.png (157.98 KB, 847x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-17….png)


File: 1537238995972.png (208.54 KB, 854x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-17….png)


File: 1537239009603.png (227.55 KB, 854x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-17….png)



I would do the same


Nice sequence.


File: 1538366377238.png (290.09 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-26….png)

It's time I got back to posting something fun every day.

The noncommittal rebels have their priorities straight, no?



File: 1538432253477.png (154.66 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-09-30….png)


This is a powerful image.


File: 1543779103131.png (440.92 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-11….png)

Thanks. I should do more pictures like that with an implied narrative.


File: 1543820320623.png (251.18 KB, 662x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-12….png)

Everything's better with a friend.

Including butchery.


File: 1543908953599.png (289.8 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-01….png)



File: 1543908989415.png (300.08 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-01….png)

… and the crunch. Poor Shantae.


File: 1543972923105.png (1.29 MB, 1102x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-07….png)


Hey Poe, couple of questions. If anything should happen to this thread, do you have any place to get all these pictures? Also, you do requests right now? Anyhow, love ya mate.


File: 1544005002272.png (249.58 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-09….png)

Good questions. I don't currently do requests, but I'd like to start doing request days on stream, or something similar.

I've started uploading my stuff to Baraag:

Baraag is nice because I can mark posts as guro, loli, etc. on the same feed without segregating each type of content to different sites. I recommend this one; it's my favorite.

I'm on Pixiv as well:

Pixiv's good, but I don't post sketches there, and it requires Japan's standard black bars or mosaics. Some people get away with not having them, including me, but we all know it's a risk.

I'm also on Newgrounds, but don't expect much more than peril there:

I'm on Eka's Portal as well. Mostly vore there, though I mostly draw the bloody variety anyway:

And Patreon, of course:

I appreciate support, but I know most people can't spend lightly. Be wise with your money.


File: 1544082847011.png (135.5 KB, 588x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-11-26….png)


I don't get it, what's happening here? :P


In the previous pic, she's inside the mouth of a vore noodle, who normally spit out their victims naked and unharmed while they get an extremely smug look on their face. This vore noodle apparently didn't get the memo and just bit Shantae in half (I wonder if it's the human or genie half…)


Mmm, mermaid sashimi sounds real nice.


File: 1544584967818.png (438.35 KB, 1088x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-12-10….png)

This is correct.

I'll draw that someday. Dunno when.


File: 1544704792125.png (605.95 KB, 505x908, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-12-12….png)

Comm work. This is Katina, a duelist who came up against somebody she couldn't quite take. But don't worry. Her opponent put her to good use.


File: 1544841269192.png (723.79 KB, 519x909, CLIPStudioPaint_2018-12-12….png)

Royal parade.


Just discovered your work. Love it. Great stuff.
Keep it up


In the old thread you'd mentioned doing more consensual stuff, I thought I'd see whether that was still a plan or not.


File: 1548000584966.png (201.21 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub1.png)

This is Eliya. I've taken the liberty of transplanting her from Queenslayer into a snuff set. Hooray!


File: 1548000602477.png (247.93 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub2.png)


File: 1548000727472.png (220.66 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub3.png)


I like this very much


>>24043 definitely agreed



Always good to see talented consensual artwork. Saved!


File: 1548068035527.png (260.11 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub4.png)

Eliya's not done dying yet.


File: 1548068052480.png (232.61 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub5.png)


File: 1548068142805.png (297.4 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub6.png)

Seems 2 pictures at a time is still the limit before Gurochan detects a flood. That seems incredibly low for an image board.


File: 1548068175738.png (262.18 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub7.png)


File: 1548150812181.png (197.93 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub8.png)

Head chopped in half, brain removed, and now …


File: 1548150838569.png (235.57 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub9.png)


File: 1548150907659.png (443.04 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub10.png)

… slicing her face and boobs off.


Nice series!


File: 1548218755950.png (202.23 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub11.png)

Thanks. Eliya hasn't had nearly enough yet, though. Let's continue!



File: 1548218771396.png (245.75 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub12.png)


File: 1548218885642.png (226.67 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub13.png)

The "flood detected" warning is unappreciated, but appropriate.


File: 1548218914048.png (306.34 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub14.png)



File: 1548218958760.png (264.92 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub15.png)

What a good onahole.


Just dropping this message to give you my support and encouragement! Great work!

Might you have possibly had an idea of a shooting one where chunk after chunk of her gets blown off?


File: 1548319125484.png (227.49 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub16.png)

I appreciate said support and encouragement–thank you.

Yes, that's something I'm considering. I already the first set finished, but I plan to expand it slightly.


File: 1548319178572.png (221.8 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub17.png)

Accidentally a word.


File: 1548319199590.png (223.31 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub18.png)


File: 1548319298329.png (271.71 KB, 526x1000, eliyasub19.png)

And that's it for this set. Tune in next time as I proceed to snuff Eliya's friends and her sister too.


Fhuk yes. This is amazing!


Amazing image set! If you ever feel inspired to do more alterations, or just more consensual snuff in general, I think it's always nice when we can see the girl enjoy it as she dies as well as before, like >>24080 and >>24067



Aw, loving this thread so much!


Your skullfucking drawings are awesome!


File: 1549220080849.png (164.5 KB, 587x906, CLIPStudioPaint_2019-02-02….png)

Thanks, guys. I'm definitely going to do more scenes where the girl's enjoying her end. Is one of my favorite things.

… but not this picture. Luna, Inica, and Jin died in tears on the chopping block after hours of rape and abuse.

Speaking of which, revised version of Queenslayer coming soon™.


I'm much partial to girls enjoying their demise, but that's still some nice skewered elf meat.



We need highly detailed evidence of what happened to them before they wound up in that state. For um, justice of course.



Great job with these hanging drawings!


File: 1550811623913.png (452.28 KB, 1000x647, 2019-02-21-tony-akomeat100….png)

There'll be more of those soon.

Story coming soon™.



Another wonderful piece, and I can't wait for soon to be now.


File: 1550992165865.png (228.85 KB, 615x1000, 2019-02-23-m-madelyncons.png)

The time is here.




is she farting or pissing
because if she's farting this may be my fav piece from you


It's whatever you believe it is lol, did you really have to ask


File: 1551231854260.png (609.42 KB, 1000x884, 2019-02-22-ash-riverlastse….png)


I'm not too good at depicting fluids and effects yet. Getting better with blood, but anything else needs some work.


Any chance you can do one of a cute girl in a magic trick gone wrong?


File: 1554611360235.png (444.7 KB, 702x897, CLIPStudioPaint_2019-03-04….png)

I've thought about it more than once, but never committed to a picture.


File: 1554611379448.png (522.17 KB, 702x898, CLIPStudioPaint_2019-03-04….png)


Ouch, that looks like it hurt.


I'd love to see more of your character Ily. She's really cute. Maybe something of her getting beaten, or post-beating.


File: 1555092011255.png (520.41 KB, 1000x647, 3.png)

It's all right, she won't feel it for long.

I've stopped doing explicit guro of Ily, but she'll be beaten down anyway in her story, as all underdog hero(in)es should be. So you'll very likely see deergirl beatings.


File: 1555092042235.png (508.27 KB, 1000x647, 4.png)


File: 1555092124400.png (456.74 KB, 1000x647, 5.png)


File: 1555092198439.png (576.37 KB, 1000x647, 6.png)


File: 1555222114645.png (527.38 KB, 587x907, CLIPStudioPaint_2019-04-14….png)


Never get tired of cute girls losing their heads.


Holy shit I got to say I just love the rune scape one so damn much. If their really was a game where you could collect heads of your victims I would not every play anything else >.>… This is my favorite followed by your first one. Just love the game genre I really hope you do more.


File: 1558036253808.png (3.06 MB, 1810x2050, elfroastsmall.png)


I've started making games with head collection several times, but haven't stuck with it long enough to start assembling the game beyond design doc and concept/character art. Maybe someday.


What a lovely piece! I like it a lot.


god i'd love a game like that, collect the heads and rape the bodies.
fetish material to the max.


Honestly It would be just amazing to play if you had hardcore features or the like in it. Finally get your elf to level 100 only for her head to end up on someones mantle. Stuff like that in a game would just be so great


File: 1562758354813.png (468.33 KB, 699x1080, eshebj.png)


I'd like to sit down and make that game someday. Programming is always the stopping point for me, so maybe I could use Game Maker, or even Ren'Py. Or Twine.

But in the meantime, here's a small Arab girl having her last meal.


File: 1562758486802.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, eshedecap.png)

Bait and switch. The gallows will have to be used another day.


Would've loved to see a new Poe hanging but great to see your artwork regardless :) .


Any chance of a repost of Queenslayer? i've been trying to hunt down a copy of the story forever


File: 1563551773199.png (437.93 KB, 1169x834, CLIPStudioPaint_2019-01-19….png)

There'll be more before too long.

I want to say "wait for the revisions, it'll be better," but I've been saying that for quite a while and my revisions have not been quick or consistent.

So I converted the original drafts of Summermount, Queenslayer, and all of Queenslayer's companion stories to PDFs and uploaded them here:!uNMx2a5T!nP_5J22AQDeT1dnP2fXaoA


File: 1568084288798.png (477.94 KB, 542x1080, 19-09-04 madelyn taxidermy….png)

New comm.


File: 1568084340322.png (472.24 KB, 542x1080, 19-09-04 madelyn taxidermy….png)

Clean version.



This is great! Fun presentation idea and good execution.


Great as always. You, Chalk, veiled616 and EVMC are the best guro artists here.

It's very strange to say, but your pictures aren't creepy, but somehow wholesome and cute. I guess it's the cartoonish lighthearted vibes, unlike some realistic body horror from another artists.


File: 1571110618421.png (1.09 MB, 1854x1200, ako.png)

Thanks. I've been getting more into taxidermy lately, so there may be a bit more of this on the way.

Thanks. I do aim for cute over realism, at least for guro. It's more fun.

As promised a long time ago, here's another hanging, commissioned by the poor drow's owner.


Lovely art.


Oww your art is very lovely~ Nice work


Just took the time to read Queenslayer. I think I’m broken now :(


File: 1571933853167.png (76.27 KB, 479x509, CLIPStudioPaint_6lO1fSFpWP.png)

Thank and thank.

I'll have to finish that revision one of these days.


Aaand now I'm broken again. Is good picture though.

Honestly it's like that Charlie Sheen gif, "I don't know what I expected"

Holding out for some kind of alternate storyline, mayhaps a bit less… well… heartbreaking.

Gome to gurochan for gore, leave for the feels I suppose.


Beautiful picture, you sure love your characters


This. Always good to see an artist/writer have genuine care for their characters.


File: 1573899371015.png (347.47 KB, 1030x667, CLIPStudioPaint_Ns3FCnHq5W.png)

I'm working on a new story in the same universe, but it takes place a generation after Queenslayer ends. Inica and friends are not (directly) involved, but you may pick up a few hints as to where I'm going with the revisions.

It'll also have illustrations like this one from chapter 2, because if I can draw and write, why not do both?


File: 1573899548463.png (168.03 KB, 546x652, CLIPStudioPaint_GACgrKWeZG.png)

Also have one (1) dead Nessa. SwooSh are the first Pokemon games in years I'm not interested in playing, but the characters are cute as always.


That'll be nice.
Its rare to have an artist be decent at both drawing and writing.


File: 1576409933046.png (313.17 KB, 763x910, CLIPStudioPaint_bgEAo29D6g.png)

Careful who you trust.


Poe, did you play this:

I think you gonna like it as a gamer and a writer


File: 1584524607999.png (604.62 KB, 1404x909, CLIPStudioPaint_keIWeq6SoL.png)

Yeah, I played it. The potential for something like AI Dungeon is incredible, but its limitations are pretty clear for now. I tried a dozen or so snuff scenes, and one ended up semi-readable.

The first I tried was vaguely similar to this picture–I tried playing a cannibalistic, villainous witch, but the AI seemed absolutely determined to railroad me into something else whether it made sense or not.

That witch eventually warped into Emi in my mind, and this is the result. Probably less influenced by AI Dungeon than by something Emi said on stream, but is relevant enough to post.



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