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Here's my containment thread, since most people don't want to look at my drawings, but I still want to post them for the people who do, and to get feedback so I can get better. That way everyone can just ignore it if they hate it lol.

I've been working on this since yesterday, and I know the panels in the bedroom lack detail, the second to last one should be cropped at the sides, and that the coloring on the grass and various objects in the first panel could be optimized a bit more, but I'm anxious to start working on drawing the fairy thing.

This was supposed to be a simple color job for that old retarded comic I did (fan request), but I was so dissatisfied with the original, I couldn't help but attempt at redoing it in the process. Hopefully other people consider it to be a worthy investment of time.

For those that don't know, I'm deciding which project to work on based on the results of strawpolls. Not much point to linking it in the OP since it'll be over in probably a week, or two when I've finished the current thing and make a new poll. Just check my tumblr if you care.

Right now the thing people voted for was a fairy hyperscatting a room up. I'm about to do a bunch of sketches of the fairy on a wide canvas for practice, and then I'll make the final thing an animated gif.

My gay blog:
h xx ps // doctorchasenchubbys tumblr com


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It looks interesting I kinda like scat too, but in your pictures, it looks somehow wrong. Can't tell exactly why.

Maybe this remark will sound stupid but one thing which I suspect is that shit in your pictures has very sharp ends and it looks a bit too soft and irregular.


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Really dig your talent and creativity


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