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some pics
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you are the fucking man


I' ve waited for this ... Oh yeah ! ^_^

Thanks a lot for the repost of your last comic and for the new page :3


you are welcome guys


Amazing work Luffy! Great to see all the comics together :D


Finally, the ending! I have been waiting to see that image for 5 years!

It is a beautiful as I hoped it would be!


File: 1425942028173.jpg (505.44 KB, 890x1326, EXTRA RITA 01.jpg)

here begins a short extra chapter about the swa girls


swa gaiden? my anticipation is real <3


File: 1426537210726.jpg (491.71 KB, 890x1326, EXTRA RITA 02.jpg)



File: 1435083840203.jpg (406.18 KB, 1113x1658, EXTRA RITA 03.jpg)


Amazing dude! Next put it in her skull and fuck her brain to mush.





put another 1 in her heart, let it pump come thru her hole body


how's that even possible? even her internal organs can be fucked also?


it is possible in the world of manga =o

the next page in 1 o 2 weeks =P


Hi ^_^

Thank you for these nice and hot pages :3

You rock and your art has gained in maturity again ;) Keep the good work, please.




File: 1441479920743.jpg (508.6 KB, 890x1326, EXTRA RITA 04.jpg)


gosh that's mean :p Welcome back luffy :)


its good to be back =P


File: 1446155169814.jpg (355.45 KB, 779x1160, EXTRA RITA 05.jpg)

final page


i little experiment X_x


File: 1446264201732.gif (287.66 KB, 750x750, RITA-RAPE-ANIMATION-C6-lit….gif)


File: 1446265006375.gif (213.66 KB, 750x750, RITA-RAPE-ANIMATION-C4-PEQ….gif)

another version


File: 1446401502633.gif (1.79 MB, 700x700, CHUN-LI-ANIMATED-04-small.gif)

chun li =o


File: 1446901810328.gif (1.24 MB, 960x960, CHUN-LI-SUCK02HSMALL.gif)

not guro...but related to the previous gif

chun li, tied, a gun pointed at her


File: 1447272873547.gif (370.23 KB, 616x603, CHUN-LI-TALADRO-01.gif)


File: 1469042078455.gif (298.96 KB, 902x557, BATGIRL-TWIST-04.gif)


if anyone its wondering, i have a pixiv account:


Your comics are some of the best I've seen. In my book you're up there with Tsurugi and Kisiran.


awesome! glad to see you're trying some animations too!


thanks...when it comes to animation i am a NOOB, but i will try my best =P


File: 1480900420736.gif (250.03 KB, 1000x1000, Rita-24.gif)


File: 1493330469966.gif (206.05 KB, 1000x563, new swa 25.gif)

some new animations...

if u want to see them check out my pixiv:

if u want to support me or to choose some girl frome upcoming pictures or animations, visit my new patreon:

(replace the xx in the web adress)



File: 1493330515025.gif (291.64 KB, 1000x1000, Rita-26.gif)


File: 1493330566558.gif (245.86 KB, 1000x563, new swa 26.gif)


Do you do commissions? If so, what is the best way to contact you?


not right now...
however, patrons in my page can help me decide what to draw ...(check my patreon website )


File: 1509761961057.gif (926.04 KB, 1000x563, SWA 09 e LQ.gif)



With Gifs like those, you just made personal rank with me right under Pudzuz>:) Very,very nice work indeed>:)


File: 1509905907460.gif (1.1 MB, 1000x1280, one piece 03 lq.gif)

glad you like it!

here is a fan art of one piece.. technically not guro, but...

you can check out my stuff in patreon (/luffyr18g)


any more fuck animations like 17242 17244? (any more gonna be headless?>:))


File: 1520551654026.gif (585.38 KB, 1000x1333, supergirl gore lq.gif)



File: 1543950365030.gif (651.24 KB, 800x1026, Cassie Cage lq censor.gif)


For your patreon, each month do you email out just what you did that month, or do you send out a collection of all your works?

If not, is there a way to get your collected works so far?

Also, do you do commissions?


Would love to see more of these >:)


"For your patreon, each month do you email out just what you did that month, or do you send out a collection of all your works?"
that month.

"If not, is there a way to get your collected works so far?"
you can buy it via pay pal. E-mail me if you want to know more

"Also, do you do commissions?"
not doing right now, maybe when i finish the current series (swa assault)

"Would love to see more of these >:) "
i am glad!


File: 1549655106732.gif (292.23 KB, 624x800, 2b lq censor.gif)

Commissions open… check out my patreon web


commission from overwatch: clementine


File: 1551744007858.gif (546.28 KB, 624x800, Clementine lq censor.gif)


File: 1552444049264.gif (580.09 KB, 800x1026, Aurora lq censor.gif)

Aurora from the webcomic "US angel corps"


Dear god, your work is amazing.

Please, if you take requests:

I'd love to see an animation loop of a futa castrating factory, all of their cocks with foreskin, and they're standing on a conveyer belt, cock is sliced off by a machine, we see it harvested, then she's carried off screen by the belt, that would be amazing.

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